Jim Fetzer, More Propaganda from The New York Times: What else would we expect?

Jim Fetzer

For good reasons have I described The New York Times as “The Langley Newsletter”, which has been powerfully confirmed by their most recent story about the Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” lawsuit, where they claim that Mike Palecek and I asserted that “Lenny” had faked his son’s death certificate, when what we asserted instead was that the death certificate was fake, not that he had faked it. Were you to read The Times story, however, it would appear that we committed the stronger offense, which makes for more effective propaganda:

“Liar, liar pants on fire!” does not quite capture the egregious insult to the American public perpetrated by The New York Times, because the author, Sharon Otterman, contacted me and Dave Gahary yesterday for comments about the lawsuit, where I explained to her in clear and unmistakeable language that the case had been wrongly decided, that we had proven the death certificate we addressed in the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015; 2nd edition, 2016), was in fact a fabrication, as we had proven in our pleadings. I wrote her:

Notice I even attached the reports of two forensic document examiners, Larry Wickstrom (of Minnesota) and A.P. Robertson (of California), to substantiate my assertion that these death certificates–including, of course, the one that “Lenny” gave to Kelley, which was published in the book–are fabrications. Read that again: Not only is the death certificate we published in the book a fake, but all of the others in this case are fakes as well! And the proof is straightforward and simple. But The Times, like the Court, could care less.

No where would we learn that the book had 13 contributors, including 6 (current or retired) Ph.D. professors and that we had established that the school had been abandoned by 2008, that there were no students there, and that it had been a FEMA drill presented as though it had been mass murder to promote gun control. Or that one of the other contributors, Paul Preston, who is a school administrator, was so troubled by what he saw broadcast from Newtown that day that he reached out to his contacts in the Obama Department of Education, all of whom confirmed that it had been a drill, that no children had died and that it was done to promote gun control.

The author, who cannot properly qualify as a “journalist” but only as a “propagandist”, repeats the false allegation that we had claimed that “Mr. Pozner had faked his son’s death certificate to promote the conspiracy”! Since she has to know better–given the statement I sent and the proof that I provided–she did not simply make a false assertion (multiple times) but has to have done so deliberately, which means that Ms. Otterman has qualified as lying for The New York Times!  There is a real story here, which would no doubt fascinate the American people, but the role of The Times is to conceal the truth, not to reveal it.

Over my strenuous objections, Plaintiff’s attorney introduced two copies of properly certified death certificates he claimed Plaintiff had obtained for “Noah”. But those were not the copy published in the book (above), which I had described as a fabrication. And, because it is an uncertified copy, my characterization was correct. In Connecticut, not even parents are allowed to possess an uncertified copy of a death certificate. The copies he introduced were irrelevant and immaterial to the case. Truth no longer matters in America, whether in the Courts of Wisconsin or in The New York Times. They understand: who controls the news, controls the culture. 

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-found (with Mike Palecek) of moonrockbooks.com.


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85 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, More Propaganda from The New York Times: What else would we expect?”

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  2. The owner of Crisisactorsguild.com filed a FOIA request for documents about Sandy Hook moving to Chalk Hill. Here is a preview.


    “Agreement for the use and occupancy of Chalk Hill Middle School by the town of Newtown and the Newtown Board of Education”, dated December 17th, 2012.

  3. Can somebody give me the 50k if I show them my DD214? I am extremely deserving of this and hope I can be on the receiving end very soon. When we establish contact, I’ll gladly submit my address.

  4. Exhibit 6 in Chapter 8:

    “Unmarked FEMA vehicles making back-door deliveries”

    These are the vehicles pictured:


    Saying those are FEMA vehicles making deliveries is speculation. Saying they’re unmarked is just wrong. Each truck has what looks to be round decals on their doors. The photo is from the Farr scene photos. The pavement is wet, it rained on 12/16.

    The seal of Newtown CT just happens to be round as well. Imagine that.


    1. @bob

      Why doesn’t the link you posted for imgur work ?

      How come you have yet to assert your actual thesis ?

      Why even after we have established through your own assertions that your thought process is illogical and therefor cannot be rationally held do you continue to hold it ?

      How is it you are unable to stay focused on one thing and randomly throw minute useless links with unfounded claims ?

      1. imgur.com/NokcWAi

        The Google link isn’t really unfounded. The book says those are unmarked FEMA vehicles. When in fact they are marked with a decal that is similar in shape to the Newtown seal.

        Is there any specific evidence that those a FEMA vehicles?

        It’s all part of the easily debunked claims in the book.

        The funniest one is where the book says a condensation puddle in the parking lot is proof the car was recently moved there for staging. Nice theory, except the “puddle” is on the left side of the car, while the exhaust pipe is on the right. PhD Jim Fetzer, who edited the book, left that in.

        This is the photo that was used in the book to show a “puddle”


        Same car different angle:


        And here is something else. Chapter 7, Exhibit 36, the book says we see Adam’s New England ID card. The book wonders why Adam would have a New England ID. A better photo of the one the book used can answer that.


        It’s not an ID card, it’s a prepaid Amex card. Even in the small photo in the book you can see the Amex logo.

        Jim Fetzer PhD left that in as well. It’s in the 2nd edition, which means he had the chance to correct the errors, but didn’t.

      2. You seem to think people with PhD’s can do wrong and should be believed. I just gave two examples of a man with a PhD leaving in things in his book that are obviously wrong.

        Here is more on Jim Fetzer PhD. There is a video on Pozner’s Youtube channel of Noah talking about Spider Man fighting the Green Goblin. The 2002 Spider Man movie. Fetzer wrote this at least two years ago and reblogged it April 25th this year:

        “At the time of the event at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012, however, Noah was supposed to be 6 years old. He cannot have been 4 years old in 2002 and only 2 years older in 2012. He would have been around 14 at the time of the alleged shooting, which would better fit Michael Vabner, not Noah.”

        Do you see anything wrong with what Jim Fetzer PhD wrote about the Spider Man video? Shouldn’t take a PhD to figure that out.

      3. Why don’t you read anything I say ?

        Why do you continue to just parrot shill Murray ?

        Refer to responses below .

        Isn’t it true I have purported endless evidence and flaws in your logic that you just ignore ?

        Isn’t it true that I can no longer converse with you due to the lack of logic you perpetuate?

        Isn’t it true that after this comment you will make an unsubstantiated claim most likely based on pure speculation than continue with your ad hominem phallacy against James Fetzer ?

        If you feel he is such a fraud why spend countless hours listening to him and reading his book ?

        If you had good intentions wouldn’t you be able to reason your own falliblilty

        Haven’t we already established you are a conspiracy theorist?

        Haven’t we already established it is highly probable you are a paid shill ?

        Haven’t we spoken on a YouTube thread before ?

        Isn’t it true that no matter what assertions you make you can’t and will not make this go away ?

        Doesn’t that frustrate you ?

        Haven’t I been trolling a troll this whole time ?

        Isn’t it a little humorous ?

        Does it bother you anyone who reads your comments sees right through you ?

        Does this comment bother you so much you will most assuredly comment arbitrary links making unsubstantiated claims of speculation and giving the worst excuses to refute pieces of evidence I have ever seen ?

  5. If you want to see defamation of Fetzer and Halbig, you should visit this Twiiter:


    That person not only believes Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, but that the Sandy Hook conspiracy is actually a conspiracy. He/she believes Wolfgang doesn’t even exist and is a “media creation”. and that all the lawsuits going on are phony.

    June 20th tweet:
    “No one won anything in the #sandyhook court cases. The people lost. These Defendants are all SHILLS and it is phony court. The Plaintiffs #DoNotExist”

    1. @Will

      (According to this it came from blog quoting bob so legitimacy is questionable )What do you think of the fact neither of the parents are natural U.S. citizens ?

      Has anyone done any digging on parents birth certificates ?

      Know if it’s possible to get foreign birth certificates ?

      1. As far as the parents being foreign born, the best I can say is it’s suspicious.
        I seem to remember hearing something in passing re the ‘digging on the birth certificates’, but nothing I could bring forth in detail.
        Copies of foreign birth certificates?…feasible, but I would imagine it would be one helluva process. I have tried here (NYS, to be exact) to get a TRUE copy of my own COLB to no avail….they continue to send me those ridiculous certificates. I remember having the original at one time and it was actually a photo negative…which is all they could produce back in the day.
        Wish I could be of more assistance….but I will continue to inquire.

      2. Something else to consider VERY SERIOUSLY is that all this attention on the ‘Pozner’ family could easily be a ploy to stop researchers from looking at the supposed 19 other families that lost children. I cannot say I have heard this mentioned to any extent.

      3. @will

        That’s an excellent point .

        Definitely a place to look.

        It is very interesting the focal point seems to be the n.p. anomaly I.e. the stories of his picture popping up in a foreign shooting these cases

        Very magnetic. Could also be pulling away from the case in its entirety.

        Do you know more about the “suicides” and deaths officials steppsurrounding this case .

        I recall a parent a 911 operator . I know there’s more !

        Thanks will cheers !

      4. I find it quite synchronous that after I put up Matt’s most recent video (thinking I was putting up the previous one dealing with his idea re the JFK (un) assassination), that it has to do with levels of conspiracy theories….totally unplanned….quite interesting. Again, a really great channel.

      5. Are all interested people satisfied with the utter and extreme secrecy of this case? Laws were passed, in this case, that “protected” the privacy of people more than ever before. These laws often were passed before the “event”. Additionally, along the period following the sham, er, event, laws were being altered and invented as never before. Sandy Hook overtly was centered around the purported deaths of people, yet I get the feeling it was also a massive diversion from things pertaining to the freedom of speech and further rape and pillage of our legal bodies. The Boston Marathon ruse is case in point. It overstepped the legalities of the 4th amendment and trampled posse comitatus. Sandy Hook trampled the First Amendment and was aided immensely by the braying jackasses of the MSM. Without the propaganda arm of the media, Sandy Hook goes nowhere.

      6. There are always at least three levels of truth in this and many other ‘events’….what the general public knows or can figure out (and, yes, that includes us)……what the CONgress or other affiliates of the corporation know (and within this, is where some of we theorists overlap from the first truth)….and the third truth known only by the few who are the MANIPULATORS (and even we theorists rarely figure out the true motives within this group. I would speculate it’s based on future events that are planned to which we have NO ACCESS AND/OR VERY LITTLE UNDERSTANDING).

      7. Keefer…There are times I feel everything is a diversion to keep us from the real agenda which is total enslavement far beyond the prison in which we already exist. Nothing is set in stone. Whatever these powers may be, they are diabolic and intelligent beyond our wildest speculation. I stay on the periphery of investigation because after so many years of following one rabbit hole after another I have come to realize it’s endless….and has been orchestrated to be just that.
        You may be familiar with one of my favorite channels…(Matt’s latest https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3tbHe2O7q0ryWamx696fA )
        Quantum of Conscience….He’s seems to be closer to anyone I have come across to having much of it figured out. This is not to disparage what we do here or certainly not Dr. Fetzer’s efforts. I would dance in glee if the dominoes started to fall. But all research has many echelons and I think it’s important to at least to delve into more than one possibility. This could be an unending conversation (rightfully so)….just not the p;lace to do that.
        Suicides and murders are legion when one looks into ALL these events from JFK until now. Again, I have caught a mention of suicides in passing but did not make any notes of anything specific.

  6. Ran into an attorney and a FEMA employee last night ! How random . The motion for summary Judgement is indeed a game of procedure.

    The Attorney we will Call “Brian” informed me “procedure trumps fact” if Fetzer doesn’t use the right lingo when introducing his findings of fact they will go ignored .

    He stated an I quote “what is true does not matter, if I more correctly follow procedure I will win 80% of the time “

    Jim’s evidence clearly was true and valid . Pozner’s findings were ridiculous and vague . Pozner simply had someone who followed the rules more correctly .

    How obvious and widely known the Sandy Hook scam is . Simply bringing it up most people just laugh at how dumb the media seems to think the American population is.

    Everyone I talk to is fully aware it was a scam . How poorly it was pulled off and how hard the media is trying to push there narrative .Simply makes it more obvious !

    This is pure pure speculation. I honestly feel like it was planned from the get go. The event so fake of course people will question it . Make N.P.s (as his father so lovingly refers to him ) Death Certificate look ridiculous.

    Than try to peg down on some technicality years later in order to control human consciousness and thought processes . It’s just so obviously fraudulent it seems like it almost had to have been purposefully bad ! But also it is FEMA and their execution is poor all over .

    ^ again there is no basis of fact for that claim just a thought .

    Keep your faith up Jim the American people are predominately awake . Cheers

    1. Why would they make Noah’s death certificate look so fake though? It was supposedly a drill make to look real. To do this they had to create a school from a closed one. Then create school records for everyone. School district budget reports that included Sandy Hook. Create a newsletter for the school to make it look open. Write news articles about the school.

      So they do all of that, but they fake Noah’s death certificate? The state would have just created 27 real certificates for all of Lanza’s victims since they wanted to make it look real.

      1. It all looks fake because they have to use amateurs crisis actors. Plus, the fakers don’t care because the CIA Mockingbird media cooperates and officials of CT and the PRESIDENT of USA are involved.

      2. Fetzer said Wednesday that he ordered other victims certificates as well and one of a friend of his. Fetzer said, in his opinion, only the Noah one looked different. So he thought the other victims death certificates looked authentic.

        So again it makes no sense for Noah’s to be fake. Why would only the Noah one be forged? The state would make Noah’s look at real as the others.

      3. @Bob

        How come you make assertions with never answering questions ?

        If your so convinced of the narrative and it’s so spot on why would you follow a blog which clearly disagrees with you ?

        Why are you so afraid of people questioning things ?

        How do you make an assertion about a birth certificate looking real or false ? Do you have credentials which would allow you to make such assertions ?

        What is your exact assertion towards the narrative ?

        Have you read the final ct report ?

        Do you know anything about the case details ?

        Have you read the smith mundt revision act ?

        Have you seen the foia request Halbig recording where ct commisioner asserts all mainstream media is heresay ?

        Have you ever heard of propaganda ? Are you a propaganda expert ?

        Do you have journalist credentials?

        Do you know what the CIA is and does ?

        Have you ever heard of espionage and political hitman ?

        Have you ever read the constitution in regards to rights of free speech ?

        Why did Lenny Pozner drop the first case against Halbig in Florida and no main media covered it ?

        Why does the New York Times have a clear bias , improperly writing defamatory stories ?

        Didn’t you assert Jim Fetzer doctored a document with no evidence of this claim ?

        Isn’t this defamatory ?

        Are you saying Fetzer made this up for no particular reason without any evidence to support that claim ? Isn’t that defamatory

        Shouldn’t under this same logic you get sued for defamation ?

        Why did you argue a point I said was clear speculation for which I had no evidence to support ?

        How come you have no ability to maintain a consistent view point and stream of thought ?

        Aren’t thirteen contributors with 6 current or retired doctorates opinions more valuable than a random voice on a blog post whose real name we don’t even know ?

        Does it scare you that most of America knows this is a hoax ?

        Are you aware of the ratings drop mainstream media has had in the last few years due to its tremendous unreliability ?

        Did you know media outlet reports are considered heresay and not permissible as evidence in court ?

        If I told you there was an elephant doing a backflip in my living room would you believe it without a single photograph ?

      4. I have not said Fetzer doctored a document. Another poster said Fetzer altered the photo of the death certificate that appeared in his book, was not me who made the accusation. I did say the FEMA manual that is in his book is fake, don’t think Fetzer himself faked it. It was allegedly found by someone named Justin Lewis on a deep web search. No other info has ever come out about the origins of the manual, but is taken as fact by some.

        TV ratings are down for just about everything, not just news. People can get their entertainment and news from other places now.

        Of course the NY Times is biased, all news is in some way. Get your news from different sources and make up your own mind.

        The problem with Fetzer is a lack of integrity. When the book was coming out Fetzer stated one of the co-authors, Allen Powell, was leaked all the crime scene photos. Now if that were true, that would be a big thing. However, it turned out Powell merely found them in the report . Fetzer has since said they didn’t know at the time the book was published where the photos came from. Now why would Powell lie about the photos? What purpose did it serve for him to say they were leaked to him? There is a reason, if you want to tell a story about the photos being taken one or two days ahead of time, saying the photos were leaked is a good way to start. Why would Fetzer work with someone like Powell, who blatantly lied like he did?

        . “Does it scare you that most of America knows this is a hoax ?”

        Any data to back up that claim?


        Pozner sued Halbig because Pozner claimed that Halbig had posted personal info on his websites. Halbig shut down his sites, once he did that, Pozner dropped the lawsuit.

        Because someone has a PhD, does not mean the always get things right.

        In the book, Dr Eowyn comes to the conclusion that Sandy Hook was usaed for storage. she bases that on this photo:


        That photo is the 2nd to lat photo taken in the Walkley scene photos in the report. Now if that photo were leaked, like Allen Powell at first wanted people to believe, then it would be a bog deal. But other photos in the report and a statement in the report debunk Dr Eowyn’s claim.

        This is another Walkley photo, taken earlier:


        This is why the stuff was in the hallway. CFS 1200704597, 00118939.pdf in the report:

        “On Sunday 12/16/12, following photograph and sketch map documentation the furniture from Classroom #10 and #8 were systematically moved into the north hallway in an effort to conduct a more thorough search of the classrooms for any evidence. Newtown police officers Paula Wickman and Richard Merkton, in addition to the already mentioned Newtown police officers, assisted in the moving process.”

        Now Dr Eowyn could have easily looked through the report for other hallway photos and looked for the statement about them moving items on the 16th. Either she did and ignored it or she didn’t, both are not doing your best research.

      5. @ bob

        How does a picture in a classroom have anything to do with the fact there isn’t a single photo or video of over 400 kids evacuating a school ?

        Do you know what an ad hominem is ?

        Do you know what strawmanning is ?

        What does stating ratings are down everywhere have anything to do with questions I asked about media outlets being heresay and not admissible as evidence in court ?

        Did you just cherry pick one part of a question than choose to ignore the rest for which you didn’t have an answer ?

        Are you stating phds are more often incorrect than you ?

        Do you have evidence contrary to the fact most of America knows sandy hook is a hoax ?

        Isn’t saying Fetzer had a fake document the same as saying Pozner had a fake document which he is being sued for ?

        Isn’t that defamation of character ?

        Shouldn’t you be sued for doing the exact same thing ?

        Isn’t it great we have this discourse here ?

        Isn’t it great we have the right to ask question ?

        Shouldn’t everyone have the right to ask questions ?

        If people get sued for asking questions about someone’s narrative “Fetzer getting sued by Pozner “ than you ask questions of Fetzer and infer he’s lying without concrete findings of fact aren’t you doing the exact same thing you appear to be upset about ?

        Should anyone be silenced for there thoughts views ideas ?

        By that logic shouldn’t you be pushed off of this platform ?

        Why do you cherry pick questions to answer ?

        Why have you yet to make an assertion for what you actually believe ?

        Is there any evidence that you and the other poster aren’t in fact one in the same ?

        Does it matter weather or not a photo is leaked if it leads to the same conclusion?

        Isn’t it possible for someone to get something leaked and than consequently the leaked photo is used in a report after ?

        By your implied assertion that multiple people Dr. Eowyn James Fetzer Wolfgang Allen Powell are all conspiring to push a narrative aren’t you than a conspiracy theorist ?

        If evidence to support your conspiracy theory comes from what other people said and wrote aren’t you basing your conclusion on bias heresay ?

        If phds can be wrong and lie as you assert and imply than can’t police and a different PhD also be wrong and lie ?

        By your own assertion Doesn’t that mean the sources you attempt to cite are not credible sources granted they are less than phds and experts and phds are highly intellectually fallible by your own valition ?

        If highly educated and trained individuals are not credible than by your own assertion bob aren’t all human beings not credible .

        Is it not more reliable to establish motive as a lawyer would in a murder trial ?

        Isn’t 100 million dollars a very good motive to create and sell a fabrication ?

        Is getting sued and mocked a good motive to create and GIVE AWAY a fabrication ?

        Isn’t than your conspiracy by weight of motive less probable and therefor irrational to assert ?

      6. You said ratings were down for mainstream media and I pointed out TV ratings are done most TV in general due to people being able to get entertainment/news other ways.

        By the time news helicopters were at the scene, the children were already evacuated.

        Just because someone has a PhD does not mean they are infallible, they can get things wrong.

        I have asked Fetzer about the FEMA manual many times, he can’t seem to answer why it has a .gove email listed. His questions have been answered about the Noah death certificates. Mr Fetzer just didn’t like the answers.

        I have never said no one has the right to ask questions. Everyone should be asking them, but when you ask questions you need to be able to accept the answers. For over 5 years, Fetzer, Halbig etc have said they wanted to get parents in court. Once it happened and it didn’t go their way, they immediately say the court/judge was corrupt.

        Yes, a leaked photo can be used in a report as well. However, Fetzer is the one who said on his show that Powell told him the photos were leaked. Not long after that Powell was on Fetzer’s show and changed his story, saying he “stumbled” upon them on the internet. Fetzer can confirm all of that.

        Read Fetzer’s book chapter by chapter, after each chapter go here and get both points of view:


    2. Are all interested people satisfied with the utter and extreme secrecy of this case? Laws were passed, in this case, that “protected” the privacy of people more than ever before. These laws often were passed before the “event”. Additionally, along the period following the sham, er, event, laws were being altered and invented as never before. Sandy Hook overtly was centered around the purported deaths of people, yet I get the feeling it was also a massive diversion from things pertaining to the freedom of speech and further rape and pillage of our legal bodies. The Boston Marathon ruse is case in point. It overstepped the legalities of the 4th amendment and trampled posse comitatus. Sandy Hook trampled the First Amendment and was aided immensely by the braying jackasses of the MSM. Without the propaganda arm of the media, Sandy Hook goes nowhere.

  7. Why are the documents always so poorly faked? Whether it’s a death certificate at Dandy Hoax or Obama’s birth certificate right around the time of Bin Laden’s simulated murder. I think it is part of the mocking of the Awake population. Just like the laughing survivors of mass shootings. The laughing is mocking us since the asleep masses just accept the authenticity of the latest mass shootings du jour.The asleep instantly fill in the gap of logic with non-sense. Like when I showed an old roommate Wacky Wayne Carver’s stand-up act at Dandy Hoax. He just didn’t see it and it was plane as day to me that “The Carver” was no where near 20 dead children. No way in hell. My pal said oh, he’s just not used to public speaking, that’s all. Just nervous laughter. Pathetic. BTW… Uploading jpegs to the comments are getting an error message again.

    1. I’ve seen long time friends of mine discard me like an old pair of shoes when we start talking politics. What I see most often is sheer laziness on the part of people who are often given credit for cognitive dissonance. While talking to them about heated subjects, I often say, “wanna put a sawbuck on who is right about this”? Nobody ever takes me up on this offer and when I was ready to lend a fellow my copy of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, he flat out refused. Said he had bigger fish to fry, but would not take me up on my offer. I had a recent brouhaha regarding the cumulative record of Obama’s accomplishments and boy, did I find out what this guy’s politics really were. Perhaps those first contacts with talking heads on CNN on a specific subject make an indelible imprint on some peoples’ minds. Do people have different ways of analyzing data or do they just accept what “sounds good”.
      On a brighter note, I caught Dr. Jim’s Raw Deal last evening and remain convinced he will prevail. Been there, seen that, I’m only too familiar with the off kilter machinations of our so-called court system. Jim found out that once you enter a courthouse, you need to play certain games and that includes having a counselor close at hand. Jim realizes, now more than before, that the Deep State absoutely cannot lose this Sandy Hook case as once this first domino falls over, the rest will follow suit. If SH tips over, Boston Marathon will follow, then it becomes a rout as the rest are exploded into their component lies.
      Lawyers like to play tough-guy, but they usually keep their mounts shut, collect their fees, and go on to other cases to perpetuate the ruse of their courtroom largesse. They are paper tigers playing a game with our lives. Then again, let’s realize that Jim Fetzer’s case is going to be asterisked in the history books some day.It’s that critical an event, it’s a dividing line between total anarchy and our futures as free Americans. Jim’s a walking data base and it sounds like the judge knew that beforehand, thus his avoidance of necessary discourse with both parties in the case. The proprietor of the Raw Deal got his own raw deal…….Stay tuned.

      1. Bahmi..I tuned in to the RD last night and Fetzer was not on…he must of come on later and I missed it. Dachsie recorded the one before that…did you by any chance or is there a way to access it?

      2. I did not record the Raw Deal last nite. I was rather spellbound listening to how Jim described the courtroom shenanigans. A case this important and the judge was having an off day……yeah, right. Some folks called in with truly pinpoint questions to Jim’s acknowledgement. Jim’s got a lot of support, let’s hope he can counter the wrongs he’s been stymied with.

      3. I’m curious….since his usual replacement came on first….was Jim just late?
        Darn…I should have waited.

    2. You are very correct Dave……when the government AND media is corrupt, there is NO one you can turn to for help.

      The USA is nothing more than a rich and powerful BANANA Republic. If people think that the USA is a nice place, they need to think again. The USA is a type of h e l l.

      1. When a 40 year forensic typewriter font expert examined the fonts on the Obama Birth Certificate he discovered that the type had been lifted from SIX different typewriters. Imagine a Birth Cert. made on SIX different typewriter machines. Sloppy fakes were the hallmark of the Obama Admin.


      2. I believe the Obama wife is an XYY female. That means she has male aspects to her body….like large frame and male-like muscles. XYY females are infertile…..can’t have babies. Therefore the ”daughters” are not hers. The Obama WH generally did not allow her to be in photos next to normal females….the difference is shocking. She’s a real giant next to a normal female.

      3. For sure….next to Obama, she looked like an amazon….not what I might call pretty, either.

    3. @Dave Kraft

      It could be that . It’s feasibly deeper again this isn’t an actually assertion/claim

      Pure speculation.

      These type of events seem to cause division , On a lot of different fronts .
      It just almost seems to easy to figure out . To obvious to just be a gun grab .

      The age of free information and internet threatens the status quo the ruling class and economy of old seems to be drastically shifting . I feel that’s the real fear and push to squash free thought .

      Maybe I’m being overly confident here but this just seems like a last ditch attempt to maintain relevance. These false flags are So poorly executed it just seems purposeful. Like it’s begging to be noticed .

      Although this is speculation and clearly you could be right . Could just be a slap in the face .

      Out of theories and back to the land of facts

      Ahhh man that Carver interview !

      “I hope this doesn’t come crashing on there heads !”

      “ there wearing shoot idk kids stuff just kids stuff”

      “That’s why we have unmarked vans to fool you people “

      Concurred the oddities are abound . Nervous wierd laughter aside his statements were just incredible .

      Dave Kraft the rare case I meet people who don’t see right through it . I just say hey man

      My assertion is extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      A 120 lb kid with autism (whose afraid of metal and can barely dress himself but somehow really really good at ddr ?)carrying 150 rounds and three weapons having the skills of a mercenary near 100 % kill rate .
      Randomly deciding to mass slaughter people for no reason .

      That alone is an extraordinary claim . One that there is zero evidence of other than people who got paid a ton of money just saying it happened

      Not only that doing it in under ten minutes !
      Than all the whole the police marked the call as unwanted person !

      Than 12-16 police storm in through a tiny hole in a window without obstructing any furniture (and an un named officer on the phone with somebody whose coaching them how to confirm people are dead ?

      All of this and Confirms everybody dead in 8 minutes than has the authority to stop any and all
      Emts and responders from entering the building

      No thinking person could hold this as a rationale belief .

      . Reading the final police report (what you can of it it’s practically all redacted )
      Proves how ludicrous and inconsistent the narrative is .

      People are smarter than you may think Dave Kraft . At least the 90 percent of people I run into that know this was a hoax.

      @Dave Kraft . Love conversing with you man . Do you know if anyone’s done any digging into the parents birth certificates?

      1. Keefer…..As inclined as I am to give anyone the benefit of doubt, I would almost bet the farm Bob is here to distract and impede a legitimate discussion in regard to SH. The evidence he presents is shallow and ignores the OVERWHELMING proof that Sandy Hook was an exercise made to look like a real event. IF he was here objectively, he would acknowledge what is true instead of constantly presenting minute UNSUBSTANTIATED details against the obvious HOAX of Sandy Hook.
        In short, he’s a shill.

      2. So good to realize someone is paying attention.
        I look forward to a response from those two characters, but of course, I am not holding my breath for anything that might be decisive or logical.
        I admire your patience and attention to detail and wish you the best of luck in your inquiry.
        In the meantime, I await Fetzer’s next move. It should be very interesting and hopefully, powerful. I do not think it’s appropriate to approach this from that ‘sovereignty’ perspective, but I do think the Dr. will make his next move from a more offensive and less defensive position. Despite what these black robed
        magicians wish us to believe, they are our servants and WE are their masters.

      3. Small, blurry, cropped photos of the Room 10 window would not be overwhelming evidence. i have asked Fetzer many times for a clear, up-close, unedited photo of the undamaged Room 10 window. That would be overwhelming evidence. He has yet to produce one.

        A few days ago he responded with this:

        “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” This guy is so blatant in his falsehoods that it smacks of desperation. Of course we have “close ups”. Look at the book, where the key photo is Exhibit 26.”

        Notice he put close up in quotes, since he knows exhibit 26 is not a close up of the room 10 window. This is exhibit 26 from the book:


        The window is likely 50 yards away and at an angle. Certainly not a close-up.

      4. @bob

        How come you can’t answer any questions ?

        Why do you randomly assert claims with no credentials ?

        Are you a photo expert ?

        Are you a ballistics expert ?

        Have you read the final police report ?

      5. I have answered questions. I’m not here 24/7 you know. I have never claimed to be a photo or forensic expert. I asked Fetzer for a close-up, clear, unedited photo of the undamaged room 10. He proceeded to show a photo with the window 50 years away and at an angle.

        Go look through the parking lot photos of the report, there are no close-up, clear, unedited photo of the undamaged room 10. The closest Fetzer has gotten is cropping one of the Meehan parking lot photos.

        Fetzer’s whole theory that the crime scene photos were done the day before hinges on there being a photo of room 10 before the shooting. If he can produce a clear, up-close, unedited photo that shows the room 10 window, then he has proven it was staged. So far he has not produced it. since all his photos come from the report, he won’t be able to produce one.

        You don’t need to be a photo expert to see that the eyes of Urbina and Richman do not match.

  8. She is assuredly one of the reporters that was booked at the Crown Plaza Hotel near SH days before the shooting event. According to the manager, the hotel was completely booked including conference rooms for the Sandy Hook shooting. She’s a liar, spews propaganda and has her pockets lined. Pictures alone of SH tells on itself…it was in horrible condition and not an operating school, however, the fake media reported the school to be in pristine condition. Wake-up America.

    1. “According to the manager, the hotel was completely booked including conference rooms for the Sandy Hook shooting”. No, according to Wolfgang. he says he has recording with a hotel employee stating that the media was there two days before, but he has yet to play that recording.

      Part of the reason Halbig believes the media was there before the 14th is this ABC News IMDB page:


      Its the 12/12/12 broadcast of ABC News World Tonight with a listed cast that includes many familiar Sandy Hook names. Halbig emailed a screenshot of this page to ABC News, asking them to comment. I doubt they commented, since they were probably laughing to hard. Anyone with a free membership can edit an IMDB page, Wolfgang Halbig is listed among the cast making it obvious that isn’t a real listing.

      1. Bob is incorrect again. He spoke to the Hotel Manager, not an employee. Wolfgang is not going to play the recording at this time. You are a blatant liar and I’m sure you are part of the Pozner the Imposter team. You know nothing about Wolfgang.

      2. A manager is still a hotel employee you know. Halbig won’t be playing the recording at all.

  9. This step in our efforts to obtain truth and justice can be used to the fullest right now. Shine the light of right questioning and solid facts and data. Expose every action and every deliberate choice to not act in every circumstance.

    All we have left is what is left of the First Amendment and free speech which is the only way this sovereign Constitutional republic can work.

    We need to confine our work to pro-active contributions to fact and truth and justice and exposing evil. No longer respond to those who wish to destroy. No longer respond to those who selfishly betray. Do business with and only buy from honest people. Only contribute dollars directly, by check or money order or cash, to worthy recipients. Do not be fooled by marketing, set-up words. Follow the money and use what you have responsibly for the greater good.

    I think it would be interesting to gather and save all videos of “Leonard Pozner” and every audio of “Leonard Pozner” and the dates of each. I remember a video of “Lenny” from about six or seven years ago. He looked to be in late 40s or early 50s, moderately overweight white male wearing white open collar shirt. All video records of Lenny are being forever lost to the memory hole. So also are all the Internet records of the many false events on U S soil for the last 70 years.

    God can use even Donald Trump and those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit to bring down our globalist empire masquerading as the USA. God can use even the CIA and the DOJ and the FBI and every employee thereof to work His sovereign will.

    The people’s minds, all over the world, are moving from dark to light. We won’t back down.

  10. I’m confused. The article said the judge found that defendants defamed Posner and is allowing a trial for damages.

    I thought the hearing was on Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment. It appears however, that the judge denied Defendant’s motion and in the same proceeding magically gave the Plaintiff a final judgment.

    What am I missing here? Is this allowed under Wisconsin’s rules of civil procedure?

      1. Why does Jim keep repeating that no one can obtain an uncertified death certificate from the state of Connecticut. He’s not a very good researcher as it’s in their general statutes, section 7-51:

        Sec. 7-51a. Copies of vital records. Access to vital records by members of genealogical societies. Marriage and civil union licenses. Death certificates. Issuance of certified copies of electronically filed certificates. (a) Any person eighteen years of age or older may purchase certified copies of marriage and death records, and certified copies of records of births or fetal deaths which are at least one hundred years old, in the custody of any registrar of vital statistics. The department may issue uncertified copies of death certificates for deaths occurring less than one hundred years ago, and uncertified copies of birth, marriage, death and fetal death certificates for births, marriages, deaths and fetal deaths that occurred at least one hundred years ago, to researchers approved by the department pursuant to section 19a-25, and to state and federal agencies approved by the department. During all normal business hours, members of genealogical societies incorporated or authorized by the Secretary of the State to do business or conduct affairs in this state shall (1) have full access to all vital records in the custody of any registrar of vital statistics, including certificates, ledgers, record books, card files, indexes and database printouts, except for those records containing Social Security numbers protected pursuant to 42 USC 405 (c)(2)(C), and confidential files on adoptions, gender change, gestational agreements and paternity, (2) be permitted to make notes from such records, (3) be permitted to purchase certified copies of such records, and (4) be permitted to incorporate statistics derived from such records in the publications of such genealogical societies. For all vital records containing Social Security numbers that are protected from disclosure pursuant to federal law, the Social Security numbers contained on such records shall be redacted from any certified copy of such records issued to a genealogist by a registrar of vital statistics.

      2. Will,

        Suggest you use your good time optimally and responding to 1bighawk, Lewis, Bob, etc.. is a waste of your time.

        Dr. Fetzer also needs to no longer respond to these people. They have already established that they are not well intentioned.

      3. Please don’t try to complicate a black and white issue. I’ve heard Jim repeatedly say “in Connecticut, not even parents are allowed to possess an uncertified death certificate”. The statute says otherwise.

      4. Dachsie…Point taken…but sometimes it’s fun, like in this case (if indeed, IF it’s a real question) to point out their quite deficient reading comprehension.
        But you are right, and I took Bob-o off my list yesterday. These characters will join that list fairly shortly.

      5. (c) For deaths occurring on or after July 1, 1997, the Social Security number of the deceased person shall be recorded in the “administrative purposes” section of the death certificate. Such administrative purposes section, and the Social Security number contained therein, shall be restricted and disclosed only to the following eligible parties: (1) All parties specified on the death certificate, including the informant, licensed funeral director, licensed embalmer, conservator, surviving spouse, physician and town clerk, for the purpose of processing the certificate, (2) the surviving spouse, (3) the next of kin, or (4) any state and federal agencies authorized by federal law. The department shall provide any other individual, researcher or state or federal agency requesting a certified or uncertified death certificate, or the information contained within such certificate, for a death occurring on or after July 1, 1997, such certificate or information. The decedent’s Social Security number shall be removed or redacted from such certificate or information or the administrative purposes section shall be omitted from such certificate.

      6. When it comes to statutes and legal proceedings….words are spells…they are used against those who are not accustomed to not coming under the spell they create. Real researchers like the Dr. have learned this through the years and knowingly or unknowingly have learned to see through the spell. The Dr. has made an important distinction here that you are missing…or maybe I am looking TOO closely and the Dr. is incorrect. Nah..not really….
        Read it again and read the third article carefully presently posted on this site.

      7. Will,
        I am able to get a certified copy of a death certificate from the state of Connecticut if I am over 18 and provide them with a money order for $20 and this order form: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/Departments-and-Agencies/DPH/hisr/VR/vs39dpdf.pdf?la=en

        I am coming into this conversation with an open mind, and I am being polite with my requests and questions. However, as a researcher myself, there are glaring issues with some of Jim’s comments that simply can’t go ignored.

      8. I understand.
        Now, tell me exactly and precisely where it is you disagree with Dr. Fetzer.

      9. Jim’s argument is that the death certificate is fake. He keeps repeating “in Connecticut, not even parents are allowed to possess an uncertified death certificate”. Article C that I posted states:
        “The department shall provide any other individual, researcher or state or federal agency requesting a certified or uncertified death certificate, or the information contained within such certificate, for a death occurring on or after July 1, 1997, such certificate or information. The decedent’s Social Security number shall be removed or redacted from such certificate or information or the administrative purposes section shall be omitted from such certificate.”

        This is just one example I have found in his book (and other comments) that show poor research and/or misleading information. I am not looking to start a conversation about the other things at this time; I am simply making a point in that Jim seems to keep repeating the same information over and over to make it seem like it’s the truth.
        For what it’s worth, I found a better copy of the certificate that Jim had posted in chapter 11. It does indeed have a seal stamped near the signature in the bottom left corner. The copy that Jim has in his book shows a bit of the stamp, but it appears to be altered to hide it. I have asked for better copies of the images he posted, but he has not provided them.

      10. Fetzer stated the other day that one of the reasons he thought the death certificate was fake he no longer believes. That reason was because it was typed, the book questions why it was type and not done on computer. Also different type faces were used.

        He no longer believes it was fake because it was typed, but that shows the poor research done for the book. You can easily find info on how death certificates are done, one person doesn’t fill it out. And you could easily find that typewriters are still used for death certificates.

      11. These statements are the essence of his case: (If you are still unsatisfied, the Dr. MAY be on the RAW Deal tonight and he MAY be taking calls….540-352-4452

        The story correctly reports, Pozner’s primary attorney, Jacob Zimmerman, also submitted an official copy of the death certificate, with the required embossed seal, to the court and argued that Fetzer and Palecek had not asked for the original but had instead relied on “copies of copies of copies that they found somewhere out on the internet.”

        But those were not the copy published in the book, which I had described as a fabrication. And, because it is an UNCERTIFIED copy, my characterization was correct. In Connecticut, not even parents are allowed to possess an UNCERTIFIED copy of a death certificate. THE COPIES HE PRODUCED WERE IRRELEVANT AND IMMATERIAL TO THE CASE

        I did indeed acknowledge that the original reasons he called the death certificate a fake were mistaken, as the story reports,  but claimed other deficiencies with the document proved it was fabricated. He said Pozner’s lawsuit was an attempt to silence him and other Sandy Hook “truthers.”

        The death certificate that I received from Plaintiff via Kelley Watt is NOT CERTIFIED by Newtown’s Registrar of Vital Statistics, Debbie Aurelia (now) Debbie Aurelia Halsted.

        What matters is what is on it—and what is not, because it does not have the Town Registrar’s certification on the side, it is therefore illegal and a fabrication, precisely as I maintain.

        In his latest gambit, moreover, the Plaintiff attempts to prove too much. If the border makes a difference and the death certificate is ON THAT VERY GROUND not bona fide, then the certificate that I described as a fabrication In the book is in fact a fabrication by Plaintiff’s own contention. How ironic that Plaintiff thereby admits that I am right and my statement truthful, in which case I cannot be found guilty of defamation for my true affirmation. If the death certificate published in the book were not the same as the one that “Lenny” published on a web site, then the suit filed against me and my co-defendant, Mike Palecek, on 27 November 2018, would have had an entirely different character. The Complaint does not deny this is the same document that “Lenny” provided to Kelley Watt but instead attacks me for declaring it to be a fake and a fabrication. The appropriate passages from the Complaint read:

        The second edition of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” accuses Plaintiff of issuing and/or possessing a forged copy of N.P.’s death certificate. In particular, page 183 of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook states: “Noah Pozner’s death certificate is a fake, which we have proven on a dozen or more grounds.” At page 232 the book states, [Mr. Pozner] sent her a death certificate, which turned out to be a fabrication.” At page 242, the boostates, “As many Sandy Hook researchers are aware, the very document Pozner circulated in 2014, with its consistent tones, fonts, and clear digital manipulation, was clearly a forgery.” 

      12. “The second edition of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” accuses Plaintiff of issuing and/or possessing a forged copy of N.P.’s death certificate. ”

        According to Fetzer, Sandy Hook was a drill made to look real. If they were trying to make it look real, why would they use a forged death certificate? The state, who Fetzer believes was part of the hoax, would just create a real one for the state records.

      13. The image in the book is altered to make it look like the seal in the bottom left corner is not there. I have a better copy that I found on a different site that is identical to the one in Jim’s book (other than the altered seal). At the same time, it is possible to receive a certified or uncertified copy from the state of Connecticut as mentioned in article C in my previous citation.
        My main point is that Jim was a professor, and if a student were to present information in a research paper that was similar to that in the book, the paper should receive a failing grade. Further, Jim could have easily purchased the certificate from the state, to try and push the investigation. If he did order one from the state, what if it was different than the one sent from Pozner? THEN, he would have a really juicy piece of evidence.

      14. Ah Ahahah @ will

        He literally doesn’t understand what he posted !


        Read what you posted a few . Very slow.

        It would make sense for Lenny to have an uncertified copy .

        If he’s an approved federal agent.

        Not to mention uncertified copies have to have uncertified stamped on them in big clear letters ….. so there’s that too.

      15. AND, it’s no that he didn’t get it…it’s because he may be here as a distraction…THAT is WHY I no longer respond to him.
        And if he is legitimate and not a distraction, I am not here to give remedial reading comprehension lessons. I am here to engage in an intelligent exchange of ideas with at least someone who has some ability to READ.

      16. @ 1bighawk

        What exactly is your thesis here.?

        First you state anyone can get an uncertified copy. Than post something directly disproving that.(please read it again) “on top of that are you an attorney qualified to interpret Ct. statutes if you aren’t a licensed Connecticut attorney you have no idea what you are talking about “

        Are you a practicing lawyer in Ct ? Where are your credentials ?.

        Than post a second sec (mind you we have zero citations for claim source)

        Saying the social security number will be removed from anybody that requests a certificate (besides approved persons “next of kin ect”)

        Than you go onto say the document In the sandy hook book is doctored to remove the seal ?

        Also saying the Doctor never ordered a certified copy ? So why would he have to alter the seal ?

        What evidence do you have to suggest he edited the seal ?

        How are you certified to make that assertion ?

        What is your overall thesis or assertion ?
        Towards the sandy hook narrative ?

        What exactly would the motive be to alter the certificate to support the idea of a narrative which has clearly caused Jim nothing but difficulties and mockery . To sell a book ? He gives it away for free

        How is asking a question then answering it yourself open minded ?

        Why are you asking a question here if you think you already have the answer ?

        What exactly are your claims/assertions vs your questions ?

        If your a researcher what are you researching for ? Why would you be asking questions to people in a blog comment section for research ?

        Wouldn’t you be researching documents like reading the official largely redacted report ?

        Don’t good researchers go to sources like the town and police report itself and ask questions to first hand accounts ?

        Don’t good researcher ask unbiased questions without any pre suppositions ?

        Isnt making a claim without evidence that Jim doctored a document defamation of character ?

        Isn’t that same accusation the one Jim is being sued for ?

        By this same logic should you be sued for the same unfounded assertion for defamation ?

        Does making these defamatory claims aid a research effort ?

        Have you read the official final report ?

      17. Previous questions were in response to bighawk and bob

        Blending them may be confusing to a reader .

        My apologies

  11. The truly funny thing about all this . The more the mainstream narrative of this being real is pushed . The more people wake up .

    Besides the random seemingly paid shills . No one believes or cares about msm garbage.

    Doctor Fetzer there are more of us that have your back than you could ever know .

    What your doing is amazing ! Please email me

    Anything myself or my family can do to help let us know .

    We are praying for you !

  12. USA courts at all levels are an ugly place to be. In previous centuries, ”justice” has been delivered by other means. The end result has often been blood left at the scene.

    Justice in a USA Court is usually successful if we’re talking about an illegal lemonade stand. Anything more serious that that has little chance of a fair hearing in 2019.

    I’ve made covert tape recordings in Court, in order to memorialize exactly what Judges might say.

  13. Sounds like the case was decided by a stunt pulled by Plaintiff at the last minute.

    Whatever. Now there is even more fraud in the record to be exploited in the appeal .

    But the appeal needs to make the news everywhere because the court of public opinion all that’s left.

    Dr Fetzer needs to immediately make himself as judgment proof as possible.

    1. As good a suggestion as it is, I’m going to guess the Dr. has that covered.

      Could be the best any of us can do is spread the word on other blogs and when/if a fund gets set up, to spread that info as well.

      If Alex Jones has an cajones, he could help tremendously.

      And pray the right lawyer at the right price (zero) comes forth.

  14. Obviously, the judge’s decision is unacceptable and very likely influenced by those who have much too much too lose…. including those in the highest echelons of the US, INC..There is no doubt an appeal is necessary and that would require a high end attorney. Is there anyone with the courage?

    Being as deficient as I am in legal procedure, my question is if an appeal does not happen is there any recourse at the trial itself or is that ONLY to determine the amount they intend to steal?

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