Paul Craig Roberts, A Catalyst for Hate and Division: Whiteness is The New Evil

Paul Craig Roberts

New York Public School Teachers Ordered to Favor Black Children Over White Children

The assault on whiteness is now part of official educational policy.  In New York City the head of the education department, Richard Carranza, a son of Mexican immigrants, is conducting a campaign against toxic white supremacy culture.  His training program for teachers identifies objectivity, individualism, belief in meritocracy, and Protestant work ethic as manifestations of white supremacy that have to be rooted out of the education system.  Carranza says these white values constitute a deep-rooted bigotry.  Carranza dismisses whites, who object to his portrayal of their values as racial biases, as defensive of white supremacy culture. To get rid of whiteness, Carranza has fired numerous white education department officials. 

Clearly, white liberals are once again the victims of their delusions.  They took a Mexican immigrant, gave him a public school and university education, made him superintendent of Houston public schools, and then put him in charge of New York City schools at a $345,000 annual salary only to have him dismantle their policy of “colorblindness” and replace it with Identity Politics. Carranza intends to liberate people from the inherent insidiousness of white culture and replace fact-based knowledge with emotion-based knowledge. 

In other words, the diversity and multiculturalism for which white liberals were advocates have now turned against the white culture that welcomed them. White kids in New York public schools are to be herded to the back of the bus.

The attack on whiteness doesn’t differentiate between white genders.  All whites are the enemy.  But white males get a double dose of hate, because women have turned on them also.  Thus there is disunity among the white genders, leaving whites unable to present a common front against their opponents. 

Illinois state representative Dianna Pappas says the solution to unwanted pregnancies and abortions is to castrate men.  The men would have the option prior to castration of having their semen stored so that when there was a decision to have children the semen could be taken out of storage. 

Laura Carlsen, a gender consultant and women’s advocate, writes in CounterPunch (Vol. 26, No.1) that  “‘White’ describes the racism directed at all non-white peoples” and “‘nationalism’ refers to the territorial aspirations” of whites for their own country.  White males, Carlsen claims, have a “meticulously cultivated sense of entitlement” to women and their wombs to pump out blue-eyed babies.  “Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, Christian Identity, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant” are characteristics of white nationalists.”  It is OK for Jews, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics to have their own countries, but not for the white gentile.

The insanity that has taken over in the United States is also ensconced in Canada, Australia, New  Zealand, and Europe.  For example, the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker has denounced British, French, German, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, and other Europeans as “stupid nationalists who are in love with their own countries.”  Instead of this ethnic selfishness, Europeans should welcome massive non-European immigration and cease to exist as unified ethnic nationalities.  

In France, as in most of Europe, it is dangerous for a person of French ethnicity to utter a critical word about a black or Arab migrant.  The fact that the white governments have taken the side of non-white migrants against their white citizens has emboldened non-white migrants in acts of violence and hatred toward European whites. For example, in France, the black rapper, Nick Conrad, has made a video of himself rapping “I fuck France, I burn France” as he symbolically strangles a white woman representing France. 

Try to imagine this in racial reverse with a white man symbolically strangling a black woman. According to this report——the video preaching racial hatred has not been taken down by Facebook, YouTube, Apple, or Twitter, which proves the often made point that in the New World Order of Identity Politics only white people can be guilty of hate speech.

It is a most amazing thing that the “exceptional people” of the “indispensable country,” who according to the Zionist neoconservatives deserve to exercise hegemony over the world, are unable even to exercise hegemony in their own country.

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3 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts, A Catalyst for Hate and Division: Whiteness is The New Evil”

  1. Testing to see if my comment will just bounce into never neverland. War on whiteness? The Latino in the picture looks pretty friggin’ white to me if we are going strictly by skin color. Paul held up Europe as a model for what’s coming to America. Try South Africa instead. I have been following the war on whiteness there for a couple years. When I write letters to the Vail Daily, I have never been questioned factually on any of my opinion pieces prior to publishing. But they did not believe the on going White Farmer murder story. So I sent the editor a clip of President Jacob Zuma leading a crowd singing “Shoot the Boer”… kill the farmer as his sidekick Julius Malema acted out the machine gunning parts in mime. It was surreal. The ANC was simply not anti-white enough for Julius Malema so he formed his own party called Economic Freedom Fighters EFF. This party came out of nowhere and managed to have matching red uniforms with berrets. They reek of Soros funding. This is a direct quote you can look up on youtube “we are not calling for the slaughtering of white people… at least for now”. For verification go to 4:14 mark of this link.

    1. Well what do you know, my 1st comment did not bounce! I continue my take on Paul’s War on Whiteness from the South African angle. Because that’s what is coming to America. If you want a picture of what it will be like when Whites become a minority, look no further.

      If it’s midnight in South Africa, somewhere a White Farmer’s family is being raped, tortured and murdered while the father is forced to watch. The attacks are typically downplayed as random robberies gone bad. One sure sign you are about to be attacked is cell phones stop working. These attacks are cooridinated and organized and they use cell phone jamming equipment. Sometimes they steal very little.

      The war on Whiteness in South Africa is encoded into law with affirmative action on steroids and crack. Whites are effectively shut out of the workforce by law. As a result, a half million Whites now live in squatter camps of the most horrible squalor you can imagine. The ANC didn’t lift anyone out of poverty, but they did manage to drag down 500,000 Whites now living in unheated shacks without plumbing. Every government and police force has coruption somewhere. It’s a matter of degree. The police force is so corupt, most people don’t bother reporting crime. One lady went to a police station to report a rape and was was raped again. By the Police. South Africa is the rape capitol of Earth. Witch Doctors have a novel cure for AIDS… rape a white virgin, how can you sure they are virgin? That’s easy, rape one as young as you can find.

  2. I sit here perplexed as to how to react to such an article of this nature. ANY reaction just furthers the chasm between left/right, black/white, privileged/unprivileged and any other pair of opposites that have been so constructed as mis-direction AWAY from those that could be the focus of our attention. It’s a masterful plan, well orchestrated and one must give the conductors their due….as diabolic as it is.

    It may be too late.

    But I remain optimistic.

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