Jack Mullen, On the Mockeries of America’s New Pearl Harbor 9/11

It wasn’t even physically possible for a Boeing 767 to enter a Twin Tower, given their design: to watch, click here.
These planes were intersecting with eight (8) floors (in the case of the South Tower), seven (7) in the case of the North), where each floor consisted of 4-8″ of concrete on a steel truss, connected at one end to the massive core columns, at the other to the external steel support columns, which were formidable in themselves. At 208′ on a side, each floor represented an acre of concrete on a steel truss. No aluminum tube, no matter how fast it may have been flying, could have penetrated either building but would have crumpled during their collision,  Yet, as Jack White demonstrates in the featured image (above), Flight 175 passes its whole length into the building in the same time it passes its whole length through air,  which is impossible unless a massive 500,000-ton steel and concrete structure poses no more resistance than air. Most of the public, alas, has yet to consider the problem.]


Jack Mullen

One of the side components of the 9/11 story is the enormous planning period that began in the late 1970s.  This long term approach to creating a crime enabled the ghouls hatching the scheme to build in large amounts of signature mockery – mocking the gullibility of the American public and exploiting the lemming like belief in costumed authority.

Evidence of Foreknowledge 

The number of foreshadowing television or movie productions is astounding culminating with Chris Carter’s pilot for the “Lone Gunman” X-files series, which outlined the entire idea just a few months earlier. And let’s not forget the Simpsons, Neo’s passport in the Matrix and even wayback with the 1978 Hollywood production, by Senior Mossad operator and  Zionist ‘insider’, Arnon Milchan’s “The Medusa Touch.”

Scattered with the liberal use of 11 through out the event, flight 11 for example and the 7*11 flight 77  (which did not actually fly that day), while Bush Jr. sits reading “My Pet Goat” upside down to kindergarten students (a hat tip to occult deity worship) in Florida  – without even getting up after receiving the news.

For more occult My Pet Goat messages, check out I Pet Goat 2.

But one of the biggest pieces of mockery was the decision to blame the event on former cave hiding Muslim’s armed with box cutter “shanks” (think Shanksville), who had taken a few hours of flight training at a Florida Jeb Bush CIA friendly airport and then flew the world’s most sophisticated airliners in a flight pattern, which even the best of the best could not accomplish into 4 targets. What follows is the spectacular and physically impossible collapse of World Trade Centers due to kerosene fires caused by the airliners’ — full domination mockery bravado!  Clearly the work of psychopaths flouting their ability to mock in ‘plane’ site.

This is mockery at its finest, but the final ‘kicker’ with a snicker is the fact that NO Airliners were actually involved AT ALL! These jokers had left their mockery card while the inside traders made a fortune on big bets placed days before, without even a proper investigation (Also See Michael Ruppert’s book “Crossing the Rubicon” ) ..

Here ya go below .. see the truth and share, the video below makes the case very well for the fact that no Airliners hit the WTC on September 11, 2001.

“From secrecy and deception in high places: come home America.” George McGovern, 1972

2019 Documentary

The Documentary everybody needs to watch :)A video by Hibbeler Productions

Posted by Flat Earth on Saturday, April 27, 2019

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54 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, On the Mockeries of America’s New Pearl Harbor 9/11”

    1. So, as usual, there is some good info here and some dis-info…exercise discretion.

      Dawson actually believes planes were involved and cell phones were used in regard to flight 93.

      “take what you need and leave the rest”….

      1. I’ve looked at this much closer now and can only believe Dawson is extremely naive having followed what Matt of Quantum Conscience calls ‘pissed on bread crumbs’ or an agent of the Empire. For Dawson to actually believe there were planes on 911 and actual hijackers aboard these planes with passengers making cell phone calls is simply unadulterated BS. AND to believe anything crashed in Shanksville is total madness OR calculated dis-information.

        In a way, I am sorry I put this up…but, it can serve as an example of the controlled opposition that is out there and the extent to which they will go to throw us all off the track.

        That Israel was involved in 911 is beyond question….although, not in the way Green and Dawson present.

      1. Musk is not as he is presented…little doubt. BUT, I take much of what Mathis says with quite a bit of salt.

      2. A Tesla orbiting the earth?…give me a break. “it looks so fake, it must be real.”..Musk’s words.

      3. Musk is NASA’s current resident faker. Gotta keep it going or Congress will stop the endless flow of money. NASA is not about space diddle daddle….its about JOBS.

      4. That many believe there was/is an actual off the lot Tesla orbiting the earth with no alterations…regular tires, seats etc. is more than disappointing….bordering on ridiculous. Also likely those same folks accept the ISS being up there traveling 17,000 MPH for what?…twenty years now? Can anyone imagine what that thing would look like inside after all those years…..?…not a pleasant sight or smell.

  1. The average person knows nothing about jet airplanes and how they fly. The skin or outer shell of the plane is aluminium about as thick as a Dime. They think that it can penetrate steel that’s 8 inches thick and can fly acrobatics in between buildings in lower Manhattan at 500 MPH.
    Operation Mockingbird media made 911 possible. Until a President dismantles the CIA, the USA will continue to be a very sick failed state nation. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, signers of the Constitution, had a hunch that the new nation, the USA, would eventually fail and be destroyed by INTERNAL enemies. Were they correct? Time will tell.

    The process of destruction has already started and has been underway for over 70 years now. One President tried to stop it and he had a very bad day in Dallas….66 years ago.

      1. I guess my math was off…..matters not, the USA is now under a blood coup government. The USA is a rich and powerful banana republic.
        When I served in the military I was proud of my country. Now I look at my military service as a waste of time and effort. The US government has thrown me and all vets in the trash.

        Washington DC is a steaming pile of ……

      2. It’s a total joke.
        We can thank Dr. Fetzer for exposing a lot of the lies and treachery.
        But nothing can save USA at this point.

        Who can we thank for our destruction?
        All roads lead to the City of London.

      3. Don’t know about London but your first paragraph I tend to agree with.

        For the past 56+ years the USA has been in a slow motion downfall. The only thing that keeps it going is the momentum of its economy. Its moral and ethical standing is deader than stone cold dead.

        Is the USA a great nation? Historically yes but in 2019 its once golden crown has turned to black corrosion and rust.

  2. Those mini nukes that brought down the Towers could have been delivered by taxi and taken to the lower basements …then detonated by remote control. The little nukes came from Israel in diplomatic cargo which is NOT checked at US Customs. The nuclear part of the mini nukes were sold or given to Israel by…..the US from their stocks of old nuclear munitions.
    Yes, there were NO planes on 911. But there were a few crisis actors swearing they ”saw” planes.

    Bush in that FL classroom had the look of OMG, they’ve actually done it on his face. He sat frozen in fear and confusion before he finally, after several minutes, came to his senses. Any normal person in his position would have left the room immediately.

      1. I’ve read all the Khalezov and Judy Wood books. Lots of facts and truths there.
        I’ve exchanged email with Khalezov a few times in Thailand.
        Sometimes he misunderstands me but that matters not. Basically we’re on the same page.

      2. THAT is excellent to hear. Few will take the time to read a 1096 page book. If they would realize it’s an education in itself, they might make the effort. Dmitri was pretty much at odds with Wood and that is where we differ a bit. I tend to believe it was a combination of many things….not only to confuse the situation and create controversy, but to make damn sure there was little left. Wood had an answer for the burned cars…Dmitri did not…he said they were torched by hand. I could never accept that…..just too many. BUT, who really knows.

        I treasure some letters he sent me from the Bangkok prison. At that time, he was threatening to expose that the Thai king was an imposter and the letters were to friends who were to release the info if he was not released. That threat did not work and as it turned out, a benefactor paid off some guards. Long story not to go into here.

        Last I checked, he was still kicking around on his YT channel. I asked him about a mutual friend who had edited his book and unfortunately, he told me he had passed on.

        Darn brave man and remarkably intelligent.

      3. The Toasted Cars on 911?
        That’s what a fission nuke can do. The fission radiation is a form of nuclear ”heat”. It can do several things. I call it ”heat” but it is not heat as we know it.
        1. It can vaporize the paint on a car. But only where its directly exposed.
        2. It does not affect gasoline in a tank.
        3. It can ”age” and rust steel within seconds.
        4. It can cause cast iron [engine blocks] to experience molecular disassociation [turn to gas and dust]. Many toasted cars and trucks were missing their engines.
        5. It does not affect paper.
        6. Plus other bizarre and weird things.
        7. It acts on steel depending upon the chemical makeup of the steel. 80% of the steel of the WTC towers turned to dust within seconds.
        8. It can vaporize marble with a direct hit.
        9. The Towers contained 100’s of toilets and sinks. Not one was ever found.
        10. Thousands of file cabinets disappeared but the paper contents were found. See 5. above

      4. After reading Khalezov, do you disagree or agree with his placement of the nukes and the way the explosion worked to destroy the towers? If you do, I don’t understand where the fusion came from to randomly toast cars as far as eight blocks away…….if I remember correctly.

      5. There are two basic types of nukes……Fission and Fusion…..they act in Different ways!!.
        Yes, I agree with Khalezov. The mini FISSION nukes were placed in the sub-basements and the blast went up and out. The nuke FISSION effect goes outward [where it can find a path] for a few blocks….that’s how it came into contact with those parked cars and a few trucks on other nearby streets.

        Judy talks and talks about a Directed Energy weapon which is a load of BS. She’s trying to sound smart but she ends up sounding half smart and the other half goofy.

        Nukes can do things that boggle your brain. Firefighters even encountered blue colored ”fire flames” but it was not hot.

      6. I am very sure Khalezov does not write about mini-nukes as being the type of devices that were set off (he was very clear in the book they were of a multi-kiloton size.and he never wrote of the blast going lateral…just up. Is it possible you have confused him with someone else? If not, if you can quote where in the book he does, I would appreciate it, as I do not remember that at all.

      7. As I stated before, Dmitri and I disagree on some points. He does not cover every aspect of the blast effect and what happened that day.

        I’ve made my points and they stand. I’ve read and studied this issue from many angles by many authorities…over 25 articles, books and websites.

        I”m not going to get into a pissing match about who said what or wrote what and where on what page and paragraph. The evidence speaks for itself.

        What happened to all those toilets and urinals?

      8. I’m not getting into any pissing match. You are simply wrong about Khalezov regarding the size of the nukes and any lateral release of energy. The book is clear about that. I was simply asking for you to back up that info. It may well be that info was from someplace or someone else, but it was not from Khalezov. I doubt I am wrong, but if so, I will happily stand corrected

        This has nothing to do with your hours of research and the number of books you have read. I respect that.

        I am quite sure that in this particular case you are incorrect.

        Nothing more to be said from my end.

      9. If Khalezov’s notion is that multi kiloton nukes were used, he’s the one who’s mistaken.

        Generally speaking he has a lot of good insight into what happened but neither of us were there.

  3. There is no doubt we were mocked, made fools of and degraded. To what end?…who knows….to make us feel powerless? That’s part of it for sure. I fell for it until I read Ruppert’s book and then started to use my common sense…..how the hell could a plane melt into a building like it was a stick of butter? It would have been crushed…accordioned….with major wreckage falling all over the streets…not just one unconnected engine. Ridiculous!

    The first video I watched in regard to the no plane theory (which I think still has validity even though the originator has been called controlled opposition) was September Clues.

    Next, I read Wood’s book, ‘Where Did the Towers Go?’ and then 911-Thology by Dmitri Khalezov. Each one had something to add. I do not believe the towers came down as a result of controlled demolition….although I do think some form of demolition was used possibly as a distraction.

    1. As am I….and you might consider reading Khalezov’s tome, 911-Thology..The Third Truth……long but incredibly informative on many subjects….not the least of which is how pre-planted nukes brought down those towers.

      Does this happen to be the Stephanie I ran into last week at Panera’s?

      1. Were you the guy I met that wanted to take me out but told me we would have to share an entree and share one glass of wine? Maybe… 😀

      2. The world often condemns the US for nuking Japan 2 times… to end WW II.

        Israel did it, with the help of the CIA and others, TWICE in ONE DAY on 911. How’s that for Chutzpah .

      3. I for one am sick of that bull. What we did to Japan was far more humane than what the Allies did to Dresden. Intentionally waiting for rescue operations to begin after a bombing raid before coming back hours later with the incendiaries? That was sadistic.

      4. Marko,

        Those bombings were all of a piece. We were the Allies. USAF, along with the British, bombed Dresden.

        During WWII the American people were duped into bombing civilian populations from one side of the world to the other. How many millions? Untold.

        One might call it a holocaust.

      5. Toni…Apologies for interrupting this exchange, but it’s the most expedient way to get your attention. I want to attempt to clarify that exchange from the 4th in which I somehow came between you and Don…All I can do is clear up my own comments. If Don has something to say, he will have to have a separate conversation with you.
        Something got lost because I could not scroll up 26 or so comments any longer, so I inserted a reply at the end.

        The last question you asked ME was:

        If you’re right then, there would be an objective reason for anti-semitism, correct?

        My answer was out of place and you may not have read it, but I will re-state it and re-do it a bit here.

        The Zionists would have you believe objective anti-Semitism is real because it works for them. It’s their ploy. Any criticism of Jewish behavior can be met with the label of anti-Semitism in lieu of examining or correcting or confessing to their own behavior; allowing them to continue to be the perfect victims. In reality, most if not all (I know that’s a sweeping statement, as there are always those who like to hate just to hate…but I say they are on the fringe and in the minority) criticism of Jews is pretty much subjective depending upon a particular situation and/or behavior. Although, I would say, their treatment of the Palestinians is pretty much abhorred by all except the Israeli Zionists running that policy (and possibly the Trump……sadly so).

        And here is my original reply which was out of place:

        Toni….NOT necessarily. IF I understand Don correctly, he is basically saying Jews are their own and societies worse enemies. BUT, that in itself would be a subjective (that is opinionated) statement. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to prove all Jews are troublesome and their own and societies worse enemies and therefore everyone
        is anti-Semitic (again, if we could prove they are Semitic).

        As an aside, this entire anti-Semitic thing is just a ploy to make the Zionists into victims (everyone loves a victim, eh?). Do you know any other culture, race, religion…whatever that has turned criticism of anything they do into a hate crime. It’s preposterous.

        You may have read it, but I would recommend a great book by Schlmo Sand….”The Invention of the Jewish People”.


      6. Will, thanks for being so nice about it, and wanting to clear up the conversation.

        The contested quote of Don’s says, (parentheses mine):

        “There is no objective reason PEOPLE (not jews) are anti-Semitic, THEY (not jews) do it to themselves everyday.”

        In other words, non-jews have no outward, real-world reason to be anti-semitic. They do it to themselves.

        You and Don are arguing after the fact that, contrary to the rules of grammar, no, no, it’s the JEWS that are doing it to themselves.

        While that proposition can be debated, I think in Don’s case, he’s being disingenuous.

        That’s the crux of the matter for me.

      7. Toni…I just typed a long comment that disappeared into the ether. And I am not inclined to re-write it.
        So, I consider the matter closed.

      8. Oh, man! I hate to hear that about the disappearing comment. That wasn’t supposed to happen anymore.

        The matter with Don’s comment is closed. I want to read your disappeared comment as I was thinking about some of the great points you have made and how to address them.

        In the meantime, if you’d like to read something gossipy, but disturbing, I wrote a medium long comment at Fellowship of the Minds about Anjelica Huston. Emphasis on disturbing, so be forewarned.


      9. Did you not say is was ‘gossipy’…? I have no interest …telling truth from reality in normal articles is bad enough. Knowing you, I am sure it was well written.

      10. Toni, if you had not added ‘whatever’, I would not have responded with an explanation that you consider a lecture. Words have meaning…

      11. Does the word ‘cuck’ have meaning? Because, Marko just called you that. Maybe you should attend to that instead.

      12. Toni…just out of curiosity, have you reached maturity yet?
        Your responses say NO.

      13. (Admin: I didn’t mean to report that post. I hit it by accident and can’t undo it.)

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