Dave (“DC”) Martin, YouTube’s Complete Corruption Revealed

Dave (“DC”) Martin

In July of last year, we published an article entitled, “YouTube Censorship Really Hits Home.”  In that article, we told of our discovery that some of our song parodies had been taken down from YouTube.  I had collaborated first with the Cheverly Brothers to set four political parodies of Everly Brothers’ songs to music and then with Gary King, the video maker for Jim Fetzer, to make them into videos.  Those videos turned out to be collateral damage in the taking down of Fetzer’s video channel by YouTube.

One show after another taken down for talking about Parkland: to watch, click here.

Something good came out of the experience, though.  Fetzer, as described in the article, had turned to the independent video platform, 153News, to carry his video channel. King had used his own software to produce his Cheverly Brothers videos, so it was a relatively easy matter for him to put them up at 153News.  If you want to find those videos at 153 News now, just go to the bottom of the pages, respectively, for DronesYou Won’t Fool MeBibi’s Clownsand Devoted to Truth at my DCDave web site.  The hyperlinks that used to take you to YouTube now take you to 153News.

It was a close call, and I have to admit that I felt some degree of distress that the effort that had gone into making those videos could have turned out to be all for naught.  Then I began to think of the potential danger faced by the videos that I had done with other collaborators.  Should the new standard announced by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg be adopted by YouTube, a number of them might at any time be deemed too “dangerous” for the tender eyes and ears of the viewing public, and they, too, could fall to the censor’s axe.  In the case of those videos, I had no confidence that there were saved copies that could simply be transferred to 153News after the YouTube axe had fallen.  It occurred to me that I had better hasten to get all of them up on 153News as well as a precaution, which is what I did, with the generous assistance of Jason Boss at 153News.

Those other videos can now be found on the DC Dave channel of 153News.  That page, unfortunately, only displays six of the 17 videos when you first call it up.  If you want access to all 17, you must click on “Videos” in the menu across the top, between “Home” and “Playlists.”

Just recently, my fears for the fate of several of those videos have come close to being realized.  Eleven of them were made by a fellow Southerner who advertises himself as a “redneck” and uses the screen name of “Buelahman.”  About a month ago, Wordpress, which had hosted his web site, beat YouTube to the punch and unceremoniously, without warning or any sort of adequate explanation, took down his colorful and informative web site.  Go to Buelahman’s Twitter page and click on the buelahman.wordpress.com supposed link that you find there and see what you get.

To access DC Dave’s video page, click here: DC Dave’s Videos.

It was a continuation of a Wordpress political purge that I first became aware of when they wiped out the equally provocative and informative web site of Scott Creighton, known as American Everyman.  Now if you want to see the great illustrations and read the comments on the articles of mine that had been posted on Buelahman.com, where they had been posted for a number of years up until we parted company a couple of years ago, you’ll have to use the hit-or-miss method of the Internet archive known as the Wayback Machine.

For the time being, though, Buelahman’s excellent video channel is still up on YouTube.  The videos might be up there, but that is not to say that they are completely uncensored.  One will discover in the first place that they are hard to find, sometimes even if you know the exact title.  The best example I found of that sort of censorship was “A Song for 9/11.”  I couldn’t find it even when I put the title in along with the name of the channel, “Abuse Productions.”  I could locate it only by going to the Abuse Productions channel and scrolling laboriously down until it eventually came up.

This is not the most egregious form of censorship that YouTube employs, though.  Now that we have 153News with which to compare it, what we had long suspected is now obvious.  YouTube clearly lies about the number of views that “unapproved” political videos such as these receive.

As video platforms go, tiny, obscure, shoestring 153News probably compares to YouTube like the population of the smallest county in the United States compares to that of the entire country.  Considering YouTube’s near monopoly on videos and the virtual obscurity of 153News, one would expect that any video of mine that is up on YouTube would receive many times the views that it would receive on 153News.  Furthermore, each time I had a video of my work posted on YouTube, I sent it to Rense.com, where it appeared as my weekly submission to that very popular site.  I have a column there, and regular visitors to that site know where to find it.  For a period of a few days, my submissions also appear on Rense’s time-sensitive center column.  When I later put each video up on 153News, Rense didn’t put it up again, since the YouTube version was still up.  Consider as well, the fact that the videos have all been up at YouTube for a much longer time than they have been up on 153News.

So, let’s see how the announced viewership compares:

Video                 YouTube           153News
Months Views Months Views
Carl Sandburg Updated 60 101 10 7,117
Crazy Uncle Michael 61 295 10 7,003
We’re the USA 61 447 10 7,068
A Song for 9/11 59 578 10 7,062
The Federal Security Scam 51 682 9 6,772
Putin Never Quits 55 854 9 6,875
Presstitutes: A Literary Toast 57 988 5 5,358
When the Roll Is Called by AIPAC 61 990 10 7,281
So What? 54 1,528 10 7,002
DC Siege Decorations 53 2,073 9 6,782
Waxing Indignant over 9/11 Truth 54 2,223 9 33,272
Somebody to Bomb 55 2,206 10 7,160
Falling to Pieces for Israel 59 3,011 10 7,556
At What a Cost? 82 3,635 10 8,192
Interview of John Spalding 19 4,241 9 6,878
The Lunatic Fringe 2015 47 6,380 10 7,031
Obama, the Song 82 14,069 10 7,063

We observed the number of views on May 6 and May 7.  Over that one-day period, the views on 153News increased on an average by a little more than 40.  For YouTube, the usual increase was one.  We can assume that that was the recording of my visit.

Could there be any better evidence than these measures of accumulation and these measures of change that the YouTube viewer counts are completely fraudulent? Just from observing the change over one day, we can expect that by the time most people read this article, the count given here for 153News will be considerably below what readers will see when they visit the video sites, but the YouTube numbers, you can be sure, will hardly have increased at all.

Our rulers, our molders of public opinion, who clearly control Google, which owns YouTube, recognize the power of the bandwagon effect over public opinion, and whatever the reality might be, they are determined not to let the public know that a video that conveys too much forbidden truth has “gone viral.”  One can only wonder how many viewers have actually watched “Waxing Indignant over 9/11 Truth,” “Falling to Pieces for Israel,” and “At What a Cost?” on YouTube.  It’s for them to know and for us never to find out.

As a final note, should we update our comparisons of YouTube and 153News videos some months in the future, the table could be much larger than the one you see here.  The seven political song parodies on the list above are only a small percentage of the ones that I have written, and, God willing, I am not through writing them.  I have collected almost all that I have written so far at my Heresy Central blog.  YouTube awaits further testing and exposure, and perhaps there is a musical reputation waiting to be made.

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25 thoughts on “Dave (“DC”) Martin, YouTube’s Complete Corruption Revealed”

  1. Have you’ll seen the press conference for the “Hero” of the Stem School Shooting? It’s beyond belief guys. The comments swallow this non-sense hook, line and sinker. I slow motioned the “blissful glee” portion of the “program” and it’s beyond surreal. last time I tried to attach it … it gave my MAC a brain hemorrhage. So I just linked the full “program” below. My take away? Crisis acting on steroids. 1. The Hero looks to be older than high school age. 2. Doesn’t every hero rally include the family? 3. The kid seems more like he quarterbacked his team to a championship than being involved in a mass shooting. 4. There was not much of an interview, more of a monologue. Let me what you guys take away from this… is it real or total BS ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNQ6c7Th1Y8&feature=em-comments

    1. Watched 4 minutes and would stake my life that it is absolute BS…..no emotion…laughing…too much talking from that kid….He just lost his closest friend…yeah, right!

      Going to try to watch the rest…it’s painfully fake.

    2. With 8 wounded and one dead at Stem School I would expect at least some blood but a week later I see none. No photos of the ”shooting” scene or room. There should be many posted photos of the wounded…ambulances…etc., but there are none on google images. Its all much like other hoaxes….a lot of bla bla bla but no evidence that it happened. Your imagination is required to fill-in the missing gore.

      Colorado and Florida appear to be the go-to locations for many hoax shootings. The Pulse hoax is an example. Most of the fake victims were flown in from Puerto Rico and returned by plane the same day.

      Brendan the ”hero” has been a ”youth actor” and wants to be a Marine, he’s already signed up.

      One wonders if the scene of the ”shooting” will soon be demolished like they did in CT with the Sandy Hook school. It was turned into sand and ruble….therefore no one will ever know what that room looked like.

      1. You should hear people fill in the gaps of logic. It’s maddening. There’s a segment of the population that simply can’t acknowledge what’s going on. You can point out how out of whack people’s emotions are. You can show them how inappropriate the behavior is and it just does not register. Especially the jovial light hearted hero and the old guy sitting next to him. Grinning from ear to ear. I think it’s the mocking of the awake population. Check out this picture and ask is he mocking us or are mass shootings just his thing?


  2. Something strange happened to my last attempt at posting here. As soon as I hit the post button, the window locked up, then went blank to an all white screen. The window is still blank. I wonder if others have has the same problem?

  3. Jim… the more I dig into this the more outraged I become. Outraged at the gullibility of people accepting these stories on face value. One of the most useful bullshit detectors is the snapshot reaction of people around a story being told. That’s why I freeze frame reactions. This is just one. Incongruent facial expression just keeps rearing it’s ugly head over and over. If you had to caption the picture without any context, what would it be? These people talking about school shootings would not come to my my mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNQ6c7Th1Y8


  4. Picture of a distraught father who found out his daughter was next to a mass shooting. I just tried to do a youtube search using stem school shooting hoax. Nothing comes up that doubts it. That’s a big change from the Sandy Hoax era when plenty of doubting viewpoints would come up. Here’s the youtube interview of the dead hero boy’s parents at Highlands Ranch. Even though the videos that doubt it are MIA, the ones that do come up have already shown me plenty of odd behavior. one guy who’s son was shot three times is being released from hospital? The reporter never asks how in the hell he recovered so fast? If my son was just shot three times, I’d be at hospital, not giving interviews. Watch this interview with the dead hero’s parents. Decide for yourself if it’s believable before youtube takes it down. Anything that is marginally credible or suspect is disappearing from youtube. Many of the Sandy Hook family interviews are MIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEDLu9wcqF8


  5. DK….all of the shootings you mention are no-dead-people hoaxes about gun control.

    The State CT is panic desperate to keep the Sandy Hook Hoax alive for the next 100 years or more. The Governor of CT was deeply involved and a participant in the hoax. Even movies are planned about the ”event”. They have to keep this fresh in people’s minds. I hear about it everyday on the radio news.

    The CT chief coroner really gave it away when he flippantly said: “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later”? When I heard that, my eyes popped out of their sockets.

    Why do so many of the victims’ family members appear to be acting, smirking, giggling, snickering and outright laughing after the event, such as Robbie Parker?

    YT is part of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird or whatever nutty name they now use.

    That Charleston Bible Study room hoax was a good one because there are or were photos of the church JANITORS cleaning the “blood” from the carpets and chairs…which is illegal. Blood is a toxic bio danger and must be cleaned by Licensed hazmat companies.

    1. “Blood is a toxic bio danger and must be cleaned by Licensed hazmat companies.”
      Not by law, but if you don’t want to be sued you’d better have OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen trained workers and provide masks, goggles and hefty gloves at a minimum. I was in large hospitality property management not so long ago. We held BP training annually.

    1. Not to take away from DC Dave’s remarkable work….but I just happen to come across this a few days ago, so I may as well post it…I’m pretty sure I wrote it, but don’t hold me to it….

      Sing it to the tune of “My Way”…..(a few here may remember there was a point at which we were calling for Bush Jr.’s impeachment and the rumors were running rampant that he was looking for ways to cover his ass)

      And now, impeachment’s near
      And so I face my fate for certain.
      The People have made it clear…
      My ass is grass for certain.

      I’ve lived eight years of lies,
      And done it quite insanely;
      As have Rove and Rice and Rummy
      And most of all Dick Cheney.

      Regrets, what do I know?
      I have no morals I can mention.
      They told me what to do
      And evil’s my intention.

      I blew each charted course;
      PNAC’s plans along the byway,
      But more, much more than this,
      It was really only Dick’s way.

      Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
      Dick bit off more than I could chew.
      And through it all when there was doubt,
      I called them up and threw them out.
      I hid it all; the Congress knew;
      They decided MY way.

      With no pride, I lied and lied.
      You see, it’s just psychosis.
      And now with Justice nigh,
      I’m sure I know what toast is.

      Don’t think I did Iraq
      In my usual dirty sly way,
      No, oh no not me
      I did it Dick’s way.

      For what am I, but just a puppet; they pull my strings just like a Muppet.
      And so, I won’t go down alone;
      I have the calls on each cellphone.
      The court will show, I ran the show,
      but did it their way.

  6. I’ve noticed a huge change at youtube. Lots of videos are disappearing like the Charleston Church shooting interview Don Lemmon did with the freshly murdered Pastor’s grand children. The best way to describe them was glowing cheerfulness and positivity-on-steroids right after their grand father was savagely gunned down in church.I can’t find it anymore. It was so in your face. Same with the robbie parker scene. The part were he is clowning around has vanished from youtube. Another Sandy hook interview with smiling, ebullient parents is also MIA now. I can’t find anything doubting the latest school shooting du jour at highlands ranch. The dead hero boy’s parents did an interview just days after the murder of their son. The questions I have is how does a mother not break down into inconsolable sobbing ? My neighbor was far more distraught after his dog died. How about this guy saying his son is being released from hospital after being shot three times. How likely is that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F55zNldJb-Q

    1. “How about this guy saying his son is being released from hospital after being shot three times. How likely is that?”

      ‘Bout as likely as Stumpy Bauman getting both legs blown off on April 15th but being out in time for the Bruins playoff game on May 4th. USA! USA! USA!
      (Note: knee replacements take so much longer to convalesce… just cut ’em off!)

      1. The sleeple are addicted to sound-bytes…no thought involved…give me the info and let me go to the next lie. Logic and the ability to reason and discern are TOO INCONVENIENT.

        So, in a way, I relate this to that vi and radio technique of which we ‘spoke’. I can now see why that method is so addictive and easy to hear. I’ll take the uhs, ahs and ums…and know I am hearing a human and not a cross-breed. I may be older than many here, but I prefer the time I have be more human than high tech interlaced. But, that’s me…I pride myself in being an anachronism in a world that is moving far too fast for my liking.

      2. If you see a graph of attention spans in the digital age, I believe tech has now rendered the aggregate somewhere behind the goldfish. I am not making that up.

      3. No surprise whatsoever.
        Remember that theme from Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’?

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