SANDY HOOK Pozner’s Problem: How do you discredit a Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus?

Jim Fetzer

So if you are the man who calls himself “Lenny Pozner” and have played the role of a (fake) parent of a child who died during a FEMA drill, which was presented as a LIVE event to promote gun control, what are you going to do with a guy who is (1) a former Marine Corps officer, (2) a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, and (3) has a record of publication and of achievement–including receiving the first Distinguished Teaching Award ever presented by the Student Government of the University of Kentucky to 1 out of 135 assistant professors to endorse their candidacy for tenure on behalf of the students?

What do you do when the guy has published dozens and dozens of books on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, of computer science and of artificial intelligence and on the evolution of the human mind from its animal precursors? who has received both MacArthur Foundation and McKnight Foundation distinction for his research and teaching? who was awarded the Medal of the University of Helsinki for his contributions to the philosophy of science? and who was one of the first  ten (10) faculty to be made a Distinguished McKnight University Professor by the University of Minnesota?

Well, if you are incredibly stupid–which we know you are not!–you might play the gambit of attacking his service as a Marine Corps officer. Claim that you cannot find his DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, that you can’t find anyone who recalls serving with him, and that there are no photographs of him in uniform (even though he claims they appear in books, but that remains unverified). You might even question whether he could have had a son when he had served in the Far East (conveniently omitting the dates that would put the lie to these absurd insinuations)! And, by all means, make no effort to verify or falsify his claims to have photos in a book, even should it be easily accessible! (The Index to White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin: Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer & the American Resistance includes references to the Marine Corps on pages 26, 49, 57, 60, 78–80, 85, 121, 145, 146, 148, 150, 175, 242, 245, 252, 310, and 366. But what good is a smear if your own evidence refutes it? The point is to make outrageous allegations and hope that nobody bothers to check.)

You might even cite a South Pasadena newspaper article reporting that his son, Bret Lee Fetzer, was baptized at St. James Episcopal Church, where Jim Fetzer had served as an acolyte, sung in the choir, delivered a sermon on Youth Sunday and (even) attended the 14th World Convention on Christian Education held in Tokyo during 1958 as a representative of the Young People’s Fellowship of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. You might even question the identities of those who were present for the baptism, including the identity of Bret’s grand parents, when Jim’s mother had died when he was 11 (as though the author has never heard of step-mothers and step-fathers). This is not simply absurd but actually sadistic.

And yet this is not a figment of the imagination but has actually taken place, where the challenge has been issued for anyone to prove that Jim Fetzer actually served as a Marine Corps officer–with a $10,000 reward or $20,000 donation toward his defense against Lenny Pozner’s lawsuit, which is a nice touch since no one would have greater motive to attack him than Lenny Pozner himself! What is the probability that anyone other than Lenny Pozner would want to discredit the Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at this point in time? Discrediting Alex Jones, after all, turns out to be a piece of cake. Wolfgang Halbig as a former Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent, school principal and nationally-recognized school-safety authority was more difficult–so when the time came to do a video deposition, Lenny was a no-show and withdrew his suit. This guy, however, represents a far more prominent and credible source, which means that discrediting him poses a major challenge.

When there’s an easily available book about him and Kevin Barrett authored and edited by Mike Palecek, with whom he founded after their first book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015), which has thirteen (13) contributors, including six (6) current or retired Ph.D. professors, had proven that the school was closed and there were no students there, where they even included the FEMA manual for a mass casualty exercise involving children as its Appendix A, how could they not consult the book to see if he is right or wrong? After all, if there were no photos of him in uniform to be found there, that would only strengthen the case and make him out to be a liar as well as a Marine Corps officer poseur!

But when you go to page 440 of White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin (2016) and you can see what I have said is there, including a couple of Princeton-related photos (of me with Carl G. Hempel, the world-renowned philosopher of science for whom I wrote my A.B. thesis on the logical structure of explanations of human behavior, which won The Dickinson Prize; and a shot of my roommates freshman year, including my dear friend, David Zielger, who would die in an automobile accident that summer, where we were in the NROTC program together; and other photographs of me with the Regimental Staff at the USMC Recruit Depot in San Diego; being promoted to Captain, USMC, where my first wife was pinning on my bars; and following graduation at Princeton where I was commissioned a 2nd Lt., USMC, with my father and step-mother):

Since the absurdity of the attack upon me for faking my history as a Marine Corps commissioned officer was blatantly bogus, I played along and claimed the benefit offered, knowing full-well that this source, who called himself “Mike Lewis”, was as fake as the man who calls himself “Lenny Pozner”. But it’s an opportunity to expose the sham status and the utter fraud and fakery of the Sandy Hook event, where none of it was real. Download the 1st edition as a pdf for free or come to and pick up the 2nd edition. While you are there, if you are so inclined, we are open to those who want to support the good fight for truth and justice. “Mike Lewis” offers to extend $20,000 toward my legal expenses, which no doubt will not be forthcoming. But we are entering the stage where public support might make a difference.

But of course he might come back and say, “Well, OK. So you served in the Marine Corps. I may have been wrong about that, but this ‘Distinguished McKnight University Professor’ stuff has to be a crock. That was only given to only the most outstanding professors at the University in their first years as full professors and came with a $100,000 research grant. I will double my offer to a $20,000 reward or $40,000 toward his legal defense against Lenny Pozner’s lawsuit!” After all, this was a highly-significant honor only bestowed upon the most distinguished University of Minnesota faculty–where he was (and may still be) the only member of the faculty not on the Twin Cities Campus to receive–what was then being called, in the national press, “the Minnesota Genius Awards”–or to have had this distinction bestowed upon him:

Once again, however, the record speaks for itself. In White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin (2016), on page 168, you can find photographs of Jim as a professor, including one with some of the 10,000 volumes in his own professional library in the background, and–lo and behold!–receiving his Distinguished McKnight University Professorship, including the award of the medal that accompanies the distinction (center photo wearing the medal at the time), which he regards as the greatest honor of his academic career: Other references thereto occur on pages 59, 236, 238-239, 314 and 453.

Other images include (from top-left across and down), Jim at a JFK conference; participants in the Zapruder Film Conference (2003), which he organized and moderated (with funding from the University of Minnesota); with David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., in Dallas doing research on the Moorman photograph; speaking at a JFK-book-signing event in Duluth; speaking at a 9/11 conference; with Jesse Ventura; the McKnight presentation; speaking again on 9/11 or JFK; and in his office on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He would welcome support for his defense in the suit brought by Pozner, because it’s not going to come from “Mike Lewis”, who is just as phony as “Lenny” himself.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder of

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8 thoughts on “SANDY HOOK Pozner’s Problem: How do you discredit a Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus?”

  1. James, I truly appreciate your work! Thank you! Are you aware of Wolfgang Halbig’s research into S.H.? If so, is he authentic & truthful? Personally, I believe he is. Because of this, I’m taken aback at what appears to be a smear campaign against him by Jake Morphonios (Blackstone Intelligence) in this video.
    In this video he goes on to call folks, such as yourself who have done countless hrs. of research “Sandy Hook Hoaxers.” Thanks for your time.

  2. James, I truly appreciate your work! Thank you! Are you aware of Wolfgang Halbig\’s research into S.H.? If so, is he authentic & truthful? Personally, I believe he is. Because of this, I\’m taken aback at what appears to be a smear campaign against him by Jake Morphonios (Blackstone Intelligence) in this video.
    In this video he goes on to call folks, such as yourself who have done countless hrs. of research \”Sandy Hook Hoaxers.\” Thanks for your time.

  3. Get ’em Jim!! These 2nd Amendment grabber morons are most probably tied to the exact same idiots that pulled three or more buildings down from two or less airplanes… and aren’t smart enough to invent a highly-profitable new/working demolition company based on their own official story… if that official story is actually true and actually works in real reality… right? LOL

    But they will accuse you/everybody of this and that… with zero logic/references behind anything… right? I want to see real proof of funds (POF) behind their unsubstantiated attacks/challenges upon reasonable outlined facts.


  4. Hoax poser sued Alex Jones during a bitter kangaroo divorce court trial….Jones copped out for $10K and a retraction….now a swarm of hoax posers are sueing Jones for the same slander….when hoax poser sued Wolfgang Halbig, the Wolf fought back and poser ran….Fetzer needs to clean this clowns clock….

  5. Jim….These attackers don’t care for one second about your personal history. They do a number 2 on anyone who opposes them and works to reveal what fakes ”they” are.
    All of this is a form of internal warfare and is exactly what Thomas Jefferson predicted in 1776. Its happening before our eyes.
    I never thought I would live to see this. Its appalling…. grisly, monstrous and nightmarish.

    Thanks for your upload of personal photos….

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