Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill is so Hysterically Restrictive that PEPPER SPRAY is a Felony

by Daisy Luther

A new gun control bill introduced in the Oregon State Legislature added 45 pages of draconian amendments the night before the vote. SB978 passed the Judiciary Committee yesterday and now heads to the Oregon Senate.

It’s a good thing that some parts of this state have vowed to be 2A sanctuaries because Oregonians are going to need them. If the gun owners – and even pepper spray owners – in other parts of the state hope to defend themselves, they could be facing a vast new array of felony charges.

The battle for the right to bear arms is rapidly spreading across the country. In February,the House of Representatives passed two sweeping national bills.  New Mexico has passed 6 outrageous new laws that sheriffs are refusing to enforce, and sheriffs in Washington state are also rebelling. On the other stand, two states have introduced invasive laws requiring would-be gun owners to hand over access to years of personal social media.

What’s in the unconstitutional bill, you ask?

Well, let’s get started.

Raising the minimum age

They want to raise the minimum age to buy a gun to 21 in certain cases.

The following may establish a minimum age of 18,19, 20 or 21 years for the purchase of firearms, firearm accessories, firearm components, ammunition or ammunition components, or for the repair or service of a firearm:
“(a) A person transferring a firearm, a firearm accessory, a firearm
component, ammunition or an ammunition component at a gun show;
“(b) A gun dealer; or
“(c) A business engaged in repairing or servicing a firearm

Keeping your gun locked up

Residents will be required to keep their guns locked up at all times that they are not being carried. These rules will render guns all but useless in the event a person needs to access them to protect themselves and their family.

A person who owns or possesses a firearm shall, at all times that the firearm is not carried by or under the control of
the person or an authorized person, secure the firearm:

“(A) With an engaged trigger lock or cable lock that meets or exceeds the minimum specifications established by the Oregon Health Authority under section 10 of this 2019 Act;
“(B) In a locked container, equipped with a tamper-resistant lock, that meets or exceeds the minimum specifications established by the Oregon Health Authority under section 10 of this 2019 Act; or
“(C) In a gun room.
“(b) For purposes of paragraph (a) of this subsection, a firearm is not secured if a key, combination or other means of opening a lock or container is readily available to a person the owner or possessor has not authorized to carry or control the firearm.

Failure to follow these rules is a Class C Felony. Also, don’t get excited about the phrase “gun room” because your bedroom doesn’t count.

‘Gun room’ means an area within a building enclosed by walls, a floor and a ceiling, including a closet, that has all entrances secured by a tamper-resistant lock, that is kept locked at all times when unoccupied and that is used for:
“(a) The storage of firearms, ammunition, components of firearms or ammunition, or equipment for firearm-related activities including but not limited to reloading ammunition, gunsmithing and firearm cleaning and maintenance; or
“(b) Conducting firearm-related activities, including but not limited to reloading ammunition, gunsmithing and firearm cleaning and maintenance.

I know that the time I had to protect my daughter with a gun, if my firearm locked up, had on a trigger lock, and had to be loaded, it would have delayed my potential to do so to a horrific degree.

Gun owners are liable for the acts of gun thieves

If your gun/guns are stolen, you must report it. Failure to do so is a Class B felony per weapon. And if the thief hurts or kills someone with the stolen firearm, the owner is liable for two years.

If you have kids, look out.

Any adult who transfers a firearm to a minor is responsible for any actions taken by that minor with the firearm. And if you want to take your kids shooting or hunting, they must be “directly supervised.”  And if a young person gets ahold of a parent’s gun, the parent is liable for the young person’s action. If the gun isn’t secured as per the rules above, then the adult is charged with even more crimes.

“(b) Unlawful storage of a firearm is a Class A violation if the minor who obtains possession of the firearm intentionally, by word or conduct, attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.
“(c) Unlawful storage of a firearm is a Class A misdemeanor if the minor who obtains possession of the firearm injures or kills a person by means of the firearm.

Oregon wants to crack down on unregistered guns.

The next section deals with “ghost guns.” Pages 11-19 offer a lengthy list of rules, restrictions, requirements, and record-keeping for the transfer of antique guns, gun parts, and much more. If you have them, you’ll be a felon upon the passage of this bill.

And as everyone knows, registration is only one step away from confiscation. Here’s an article by Selco, explaining how gun confiscation could go down.

Watch “The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control” (Memorial Day, 2018): compromising personal and family security, community and societal security, and national security

The next section makes it more complicated to transport a gun.

If this passes, gun owners who are not concealed-carry permit holders will have to jump through all sorts of hoops to transport a firearm in a vehicle, including locking it in a box in a “secure” are of the vehicle.

Concealed carry permit fees will go up.

The next section deals with CC permits and the related fees, increasing them in another effort to put an undue burden on law-abiding citizens.

And then there’s the stuff about “public buildings.”

In this bill can find a massive list of restrictions regarding having a gun on the premises of or “near” public buildings. To me, this is the scariest part because it’s so incredibly arbitrary.

In section 25, Local Authority to Regulate Firearms in Public Buildings,” airports, ports, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities probate courts, city halls, homes of officials, and other “public buildings” – and even their grounds – can restrict not only guns but also the following:

“(10) ‘Weapon’ means:

“(a) A firearm;
“(b) Any dirk, dagger, ice pick, slingshot, metal knuckles or any similar instrument or a knife, other than an ordinary pocketknife with a blade less than four inches in length, the use of which could inflict injury upon a person or property;
“(c) Mace, tear gas, pepper mace or any similar deleterious agent as defined in ORS 163.211;
“(d) An electrical stun gun or any similar instrument;
“(e) A tear gas weapon as defined in ORS 163.211;
“(f) A club, bat, baton, billy club, bludgeon, knobkerrie, nunchaku,
nightstick, truncheon or any similar instrument, the use of which could inflict injury upon a person or property; or
“(g) A dangerous or deadly weapon as those terms are defined in ORS

Public places as defined in the bill need only to “post a sign, visible to the public, identifying all locations where
the affirmative defense described in ORS 166.370 (3)(g) is limited or precluded.”

And if you ignore the sign and get caught?

You’re guilty of a Class C felony. Even if your gun is unloaded.

Any person who intentionally possesses a loaded or unloaded firearm or any other instrument used as a dangerous weapon, while in or on a public building, shall upon conviction be guilty of a Class C felony.

Go here to read the insanity in detail.

Gun grabbers are overjoyed

Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s anti-gun foundation was delighted with the bill even before the super-secret amendments were added. In a statement, spokeswoman Robin Lloyd said:

“Gun violence hurts hundreds of Oregon families each year. The proposed provisions in the bills heard today are the critical next steps that Oregon should take to save lives. For example, homemade, untraceable ghost guns pose serious threats to law enforcement and communities impacted by gun violence. A commitment from lawmakers to stem the flow of these firearms will ensure criminals aren’t able to easily get their hands on an undetectable weapon. Today’s hearings highlight a serious commitment by the legislature to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in Oregon. I applaud Attorney General Rosemblum [sic] and the Oregon legislature for prioritizing these lifesaving measures.”

SB 978-1 includes commonsense efforts to reduce gun violence like requiring safe storage of firearms, holding gun owners accountable to make sure kids don’t get their hands on a gun, requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms, and providing increased regulation of 3D-printed guns and unfinished frames or receivers, parts used to produce ghost guns. (source)

If it passes, it will spread.

Gun control laws are like a virus – if they pass in one place they’ll spread to other places. And there’s little reason to believe that in this era of anti-gun hysteria, the legislature will strike down this unconstitutional bill. Thankfully, 13 of 36 Oregon sheriffs have already vowed to make their counties Second Amendment sanctuaries.

But heaven forbid an Oregonian gets caught driving out of their 2A sanctuary county with a usable firearm.

Hat tip: Kris
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7 thoughts on “Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill is so Hysterically Restrictive that PEPPER SPRAY is a Felony”

  1. There are a lot of places on your maps with low gun ownership and low homicides. But America fits your theory, that is what you should stick too. There are other factors, like culture, aggression etc. Not everybody likes guns, they kill.

  2. I sympathise with your plight, you have a second amendment , the right to bear arms. That was to stop an unjust government, and you have an unjust governemnt trying to stop you bearing arms. Yet, your government has gone all over the world shooting people in the name of their right to bear arms, when you were never supposed to have a standing army, only a militia. The only thing that is worse than a standing army is a federal bank, which you are not supposed to have. It is bleeding you finances.
    That is the map the shows Australia has fairly low gun ownership and even lower homicides, your theory that guns stop crime is flawed to a level in that there are too many exceptions like Australia, New Zealand, asia, very north of africa. Also how many countries like Iraq and libia have had many people killed by USA Australia France Libya etc troops invading their countries with guns and killing people.

  3. The meaning of this bill is much deeper than just “morons at the helm.”

    This bill illustrates the degree to which those who must disarm the population before doing them harm are willing to go to get this job done. Gabriella Giffords (Jewish) is not the slightest bit concerned about the safety or security of Oregonians or Americans at large, that’s clear by the nature of her mission which is to disarm people in the midsts of a progressively more hostile environment. It is an axiom: you can be made safer by being disarmed; remove a Cat’s claws and it will not last long in the wild.

    Giffords is following the Talmudic plan to make the world safer for Jews, who will remain armed, in a world populated mostly by Goyim. The late Rebbe Schneerson, a self-proclaimed Jewish Messiah, and promoter of Chabad Lubavitch, and celebrated in United State’s Law (public law 102-14,) with the deceptively named “Education and Sharing day,” had this to say about the non-Jew, Goyim :

    “This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … The difference in the inner quality between Jews and non-Jews is “so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species.”

    “An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

    “As has been explained, an embryo is called a human being, because it has both body and soul. Thus, the difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish embryo can be understood.”

    “Gun Control” is just precursor steps toward gun confiscation and elimination from the hands of the few remaining goyim that MIGHT be able to challenge the Jewish Talmudic plan to destroy Western Civilization and create a religious-based world government, headquartered in Jerusalem. After which the disarmed goyim which remain, very few, will be forced to live as slaves under the so-called ‘Noahide Laws”, see Public Law 102-14, wherein being charged with anti-semitism will result in your decapitation.

    This stuff may sound crazy to the dangerously uneducated, but these facts are available still, for a limited time, if you care to look. The Talmudic Jews are already constructing parts of their 3rd temple and will soon destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a sacred site for Muslim’s and then build their temple on top of the ruins.

    American Christians and those of European ethnicity must outright refuse to surrender their weapons, and they MUST do so as a group in large numbers, else these ghouls, Giffords and her agenda, will take your weapons piecemeal and those remaining with weapons will drop below the critical number required to survive what is coming next.

    According to the Talmud (which recently ((((((Netanyahu)))))) said will be the new Law of Israel)

    [Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D]: “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

  4. Gun free Mexico is now leading gun murder capital of the world, Obombie helped with ATF Operation Fast & Furious. But previous BATF gunrunning ops were Wide Receiver, Too Hot to Handle and Castaway.

    Disarming Oregon will have same effect as disarming Chicago or NYC. Criminals don’t obey laws.

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