John W. Whitehead, American Idiocracy: 50 Years Later, We’re Still Stranded in the Twilight Zone

We’re developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.”—Rod Serling

Have you noticed how much life increasingly feels like an episode of The Twilight Zone?

Only instead of Rod Serling’s imaginary “land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas,” we’re trapped in a topsy-turvy, all-too-real land of corruption, brutality and lies, where freedom, justice and integrity play second fiddle to political ambition, corporate greed, and bureaucratic tyranny.

It’s not merely that life in the American Police State is more brutal, or more unjust, or even more corrupt. It’s getting more idiotic, more perverse, and more outlandish by the day.

Somewhere over the course of the past 240-plus years, democracy has given way to idiocracy,  and representative government has given way to a kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves) and a kakistocracy (a government run by unprincipled career politicians, corporations and thieves that panders to the worst vices in our nature and has little regard for the rights of American citizens).

Examples abound.

In Georgia, political organizers posted a “Black Media Only” sign outside a Baptist Church, barring white reporters from attending a meeting about an upcoming mayoral election.

In Arizona, a SWAT team raided a family’s home in the middle of the night on the say-so of Child Protective Services, which sounded the alarm after the parents determined that their 2-year-old—who had been suffering a 100-degree fever—was feeling better and didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital.

In Virginia, landlords are requiring dog-owning tenants to submit their pets’ DNA to a database that will be used to track down (and fine) owners who fail to clean up after their dogs poop in public.

In Texas, a police officer who allegedly gave a homeless man a sandwich with dog feces won’t be held accountable for his actions.

In Illinois, Chicago police used a battering ram and a sledgehammer to crash into a family’s home with weapons drawn, terrorizing the young children gathered for a 4-year-old’s birthday party, only to find that they were at the wrong house.

In Kansas, a 61-year-old back man in the process of moving into his new house found himself held at gunpoint and handcuffed by police, who refused to believe he was a homeowner and not a burglar.

If you’re starting to notice a pattern here, it speaks to the fact that nearly 50 years after Serling’s creative brainchild, The Twilight Zone, premiered on national television, we’re still fumbling around in the dark, trying to make sense of a world dominated by racism, cruelty, war, violence, poverty, prejudice, intolerance, ignorance, injustice and a host of other social maladies and spiritual evils.

The Twilight Zone was an oasis in television wasteland: a show that captured imaginations; challenged moral hypocrisy and societal prejudices; and railed against inhumanity, racism, prejudice, the mechanization of human beings by way of their technology, tyrants of all shapes and colors, a passive populace, war, injustice, the surveillance state, corporate greed.

Fifty years later, with so much having changed legally, technologically and politically, so much still remains the same. Fear is the same. Prejudice is the same. Ignorance is the same. Hate and war and tyranny are unchanged. Police officers are still shooting unarmed citizens. Bloated government agencies are still fleecing taxpayers. Government technicians are still spying on our communications. And American citizens are still allowing themselves to be manipulated by their fears and pitted one against the other.

All of these themes can be found in The Twilight Zone.

Serling, a truth-teller who pulled no punches when it came to calling out the evils of his day, channeled his moral outrage into storytelling. As his daughter Anne explained, “The Twilight Zone was more than just the strangest show on TV, with the best theme song, but back in the 50’s Rod Serling was serving up social commentary through science fiction.”

That social commentary disguised as entertainment tackled some of the most pressing issues of Serling’s day. “It dealt with human issues which I guess is why it’s lasted so long, because it dealt with racism and mob mentality and scapegoating and things that are still very, very prevalent and relevant today sadly,” said Anne. “We don’t seem to be able to move ahead and change.”

Serling would have no shortage of material to draw from today, given the government’s greed for money and power, its disregard for human life, its corruption and graft, its pollution of the environment, its reliance on excessive force in order to ensure compliance, its covert activities, its illegal surveillance, and its blatant disdain for the rule of law.

“I can tell you [my dad] would be absolutely apoplectic about what’s happening in the world today. And deeply saddened,” said his daughter Anne Serling. “There are moments that I’m glad he’s not here to see.”

It boggles the mind how relevant The Twilight Zone and its unique brand of truth-telling are to an age in which truth has become a convenient fiction for those in power, what researchers refer to as “Truth Decay.”

As a report from the Rand Corporation explains, “Truth Decay is defined as a set of four related trends: increasing disagreement about facts and analytical interpretations of facts and data; a blurring of the line between opinion and fact; an increase in the relative volume, and resulting influence, of opinion and personal experience over fact; and declining trust in formerly respected sources of factual information.”

Serling would have had a lot to say about the lies that masquerade as truth today.

I’m not sure that Serling would have been surprised by current events, though. After all, this was the man who concluded that people are alike all over: that was the kernel of truth in one of Serling’s episodes about a pair of astronauts who journey to Mars only to find that while they may have landed on an alien planet, inhabited by alien creatures, the ignorance, fear and prejudice of the “foreigner” was the same.

So many truths, packaged in 156 episodes that aired from 1959 to 1964.

Serling took pride in the writing, penning 92 of the 156 episodes himself. For the rest, he enlisted some of the best writers of the 20th century to lend their talents to Zone episodes: Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, Earl Hamner, to mention a few. As such, the Twilight Zone became the embodiment of great story-telling.

If you want to watch something that fuses time and space into reality by way of a fictional setting, then I suggest that you tune into The Twilight Zone.

Director Jordan Peele has taken Serling’s material out for a new spin in a reboot airing on CBS All Access, but if you haven’t experienced the original series, do yourself a favor and spend some time with them.

There are so many to choose from, but the following are 12 of my personal favorites:

Time Enough at Last: Mild-mannered Henry Bemis (Burgess Meredith), hen-pecked by his wife and brow-beaten by his boss, sneaks into a bank vault on his lunch hour to read. He is knocked unconscious by a shockwave that turns out to be a nuclear war. When Bemis regains consciousness, he realizes that he is the last person on earth.

I Shot an Arrow into the Air: Three astronauts survive a crash after their craft disappears from the radar screen. They find themselves on what they believe to be a dry, lifeless asteroid. Only five gallons of water separate them from dehydration and death. And temperamental crew member Corey (Dewey Martin) goes to great lengths to ensure his survival.

The Howling Man: During a walking tour of Europe after World War I, David loses his way and comes to a remote monastery. He is turned away but passes out, and the monks take him in. David regains consciousness and hears a bizarre howling. He eventually finds a man in a jail cell who the monks say is the Devil himself, kept in his prison by the “staff of truth.”

Eye of the Beholder: Janet lies in a hospital bed, her face wrapped in bandages, hiding the hideous face that has made her an outcast all her life. This is her eleventh hospital visit and the last allowed by the government. The faces of the doctors and nurses are also hidden by shadows and camera angles. Janet’s bandages are finally removed, and the medical staff retreat in disgust.

The Invaders: A haggard woman (Agnes Morehead) hears a strange sound on the roof. She climbs up to see a miniature flying saucer and tiny spacemen who invade her home. Their small ray guns sting, but she fights back.

Shadow Play: Adam (Dennis Weaver) is on trial, and the judge gives him the electric chair. Adam chortles that it’s all a joke, a recurring nightmare in which all the participants are bit players in a scripted play. But will anyone listen?

The Obsolete Man: Romney (Burgess Meredith) is a God-fearing librarian in a totalitarian state in which books and religion have been banned. Romney is judged obsolete by the government chancellor but is granted several requests before he dies. He chooses to have a television audience watch his execution. Forty-five minutes before he is to die, he invites the chancellor to his room and locks them both inside.

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet: Robert (William Shatner) boards an airplane after having been discharged from a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown. He looks out his window during the flight and sees a weird creature on the wing. Alarmed, he alerts others. However, when they look out, the creature disappears. Robert eventually realizes that what he sees is a demon trying to dismantle the plane so it will crash. Robert decides to act.

Living Doll: Erich (Telly Savalas) is angry at his wife for buying his stepdaughter an expensive doll. Erich has a nasty disposition and soon discovers that the doll has a life of its own and it dislikes him. In fact, the doll tells him so. Talky Tina says emphatically “I hate you” and “I’m going to kill you.”

The Masks: On his deathbed, Jason Foster calls his four heirs to his side on a Mardi Gras evening. Each heir has a character flaw—self-pity, avarice, vanity or cruelty. Foster demands that each wear a mask he has fashioned for them. If they refuse to keep the masks on until midnight, they will be disinherited. The masks are hideous, and the heirs do not want to don them. But out of greed, they slide them onto their faces.

It’s a Good Life: Peaksville, Ohio, a small community, has been “taken away” from the so-called normal world—ravaged by 6-year-old “monster” Anthony (Billy Mumy). By mere thought and/or wishes, Anthony can make things and people disappear or turn into hideous creatures. All of the adults kowtow to his every desire.

To Serve Man: The Kanamits—nine-foot-tall, large-headed creatures—come to Earth from outer space, bringing gifts, spouting peace and promising to end famine. After some initial resistance by earthlings, the world relents and humans become entranced by the visitors. However, government agent Mike (Lloyd Chambers) soon discovers a sinister and shocking plot being hatched by the Kanamits.

The Twilight Zone was a paradox.

Although the series is often seen as science fiction, ultimately it was not science fiction.

Whatever weird or far out setting may have been involved in a particular episode, the focus was always on the angst, pain and suffering we face in the so-called “real” world. As author Marc Scott Zicree writes:

The Twilight Zone was the first, and possibly only, TV series to deal on a regular basis with the theme of alienation—particularly urban alienation…. Repeatedly, it states a simple message: The only escape from alienation lies in reaching out to others, trusting in their common humanity. Give in to the fear and you are lost.

Fifty years after the original The Twilight Zone series questioned whether we can maintain our humanity in the face of authoritarian forces trying to reduce us to mindless automatons, we’re still struggling with the demons of our age who delight in fomenting violence, sowing distrust and prejudice, and persuading the public to support tyranny disguised as patriotism.

Yet as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we don’t have to be stranded in this alternate universe, this twilight zone of tyranny, brutality and injustice.

We still have the power to change our circumstances for the better.

However, overcoming the evils of our age will require more than intellect and activism. It will require decency, morality, goodness, truth and toughness.

As Serling concluded in his remarks to the graduating class of 1968:

Toughness is the singular quality most required of you… we have left you a world far more botched than the one that was left to us… Part of your challenge is to seek out truth, to come up with a point of view not dictated to you by anyone, be he a congressman, even a minister… Are you tough enough to take the divisiveness of this land of ours, the fact that everything is polarized, black and white, this or that, absolutely right or absolutely wrong. This is one of the challenges. Be prepared to seek out the middle ground … that wondrous and very difficult-to-find Valhalla where man can look to both sides and see the errant truths that exist on both sides. If you must swing left or you must swing right—respect the other side. Honor the motives that come from the other side. Argue, debate, rebut—but don’t close those wondrous minds of yours to opposition. In their eyes, you’re the opposition. And ultimately … ultimately—you end divisiveness by compromise. And so long as men walk and breathe—there must be compromise.”

John Whitehead

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37 thoughts on “John W. Whitehead, American Idiocracy: 50 Years Later, We’re Still Stranded in the Twilight Zone”

  1. Whitehead says that Rod Serling “channeled his moral outrage into storytelling” in the Twilight Zone. I’m sorry to say that the same does not appear to be true for Jordan Peele’s reboot of the series. I watched the first two episodes last night, both of which are populated by the usual SJW types and ideas.

    The stories are built around successful people of color, which sounds fine, right? The villains, though, are white guys. In the first episode, one is a comic who drives drunk and kills a mother and child and still hangs out across the street at the comedy club.

    In the second episode, he’s a well-intentioned but confused passenger who has foreknowledge of the plane crash and tries to stop it, but is blamed for it himself after wrongly suspecting, in his racist white guy way, all the usual stereotypes. He inadvertently helps the real hijacker take down the plane, who is, of course, white.

    The new Twilight Zone’s easy resort to these character types is disappointing, as they are derived from the socially-engineered media, and are hardly challenging to the status quo in the way Whitehead envisions.

    A bigger disappointment for me is the shortchange done to art: against such a SJW background, character nuance is lost. Each is simply a collection of identitarian badges.

    Also, it’s not very creepy.

    Which makes me wonder how much Jordan Peele is involved. He seems so much smarter than that. Not many people make a perfect movie their first time out, but that’s what “Get Out” is.

    “Get Out” was taken up by the SWJ crowd and touted as an expose of white racism. But Peele’s opening joke seems to have escaped them; the street in the Upstate NY neighborhood where the black city-boy protagonist is so apprehensive is probably the safest place he’s ever been.

    Another joke missed: the evil people who seek to possess the protagonist use familiar white liberal platitudes to make him feel at ease. Peele has made a satire, the way “The Stepford Wives” is a satire of male hegemony. Duh.

    Personal anecdote: I know someone who worked with Jordan Peele on one of the promo shoots for “Get Out.” The producers had written some copy which went into how this was a revealation of white racism and a new era and all. And Jordan read through it first and quietly was like, “Just get rid of all this.” He wanted to talk about the movie.

  2. Tech info from PC magazine:
    “What Is a VPN?
    When you connect to the internet, you probably assume that your activities aren’t being observed. But that’s an unsafe assumption, and it’s especially dubious when you connect to the web from Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, the airport, or even at work. When you use a VPN, on the other hand, your traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel to a server controlled by the VPN provider. Nothing can penetrate a VPN’s encrypted tunnel, so no one snooping on your local network (be it at home or at the office) can see what you’re up to. It also prevents your ISP from monitoring your activities. Because your data is emanating from the VPN server, and not your home router, your IP address—and therefore your geographic location—is hidden.”

    PC Magazine has reviewed the best vpns for 2019. Though there are many free vpns that would probably work for our commenting purposes, they still collect your data and are not completely safe. Here’s the one I use for less than two dollars a month: Private Internet Access. It’s very secure.


    It’s really simple to use. It has this huge two-inch “ON” button, which is kind of silly, like it’s made for toddlers or the elderly, “Before you went on the dark web, did you click the big button like I showed you, great-grammy?” or “Tommy, you know better than to illegally download stuff without pushing the big button first. Now get to pre-school.”

    Just kidding. Toddlers don’t illegally download stuff; their parents do. And it’s no business of yours what great-grammy does on the dark web, ok?

    Be all that as it may, our purpose for using a vpn here, and maybe in other blog forums, is that it may prevent the diabolical vanishing of comments. This usually gets blamed on Dr. Fetzer, but no one seems to know what the machinations really are. Perhaps a third party is interested in blocking commenters’ ip addresses. If that’s the case, using a vpn will circumvent the interference.

    1. Thanks for info about VPNs. I know you are having success with your VPN, but I guess I do not think I need it yet.

      “…our purpose for using a vpn here, and maybe in other blog forums, is that it may prevent the diabolical vanishing of comments. ”

      I have read pros and cons of VPNs and I think I will stay away from them for now as I am seeing it is usually my fault when my comment does not post. I do not see much evidence of “bad guys” spying on us and not allowing our comments to post, and that means too that I do not see much evidence for a rotten censoring algorithm like YouTube playing havoc. Knock on wood.

      I notice that if the comment does not immediately post, then it never is going to post.

      The more I look over what I submitted for posting, the more I can identify what may be making the system mad — like links / urls . Again I am only talking about my experience on and only referencing whatever program rules here. THAT is the kind of info we could share that would be helpful to others here, but probably most helpful for those of us who tend to do slightly longer posts.

      I keep on observing and resubmitting until I get it to be immediately accepted.

      I always save my comment into a Word file BEFORE pressing Submit button. I learned the hard way and lost forever some of my carefully constructed comments. That tends to get me vexed and then I go into paranoid thoughts about some guy out to kill my comments.

      The reality for me is that I just need to figure out what “offends” the program.
      If I do not get the Captcha thing, I know my comment will not immediately post, but even when I do get the Captcha, my comment will not always post but in that case it is usually something like my fault in not putting a url with leading and trailing x’s

      I really am seeing less and less evidence that my comment just MYSTERIOUSLY poofs into thin air.

      I have come to the conclusion that IF there is a moderator other than Dr. Fetzer, that moderator is not responsible for the problems we seem to experience. And it does not appear that Dr. Fetzer is mainly concerned with how smoothly things work in the comments area, though he does stay tuned to comments to a good degree.

      This is a blog that allows comments and replies to comments. To my knowledge, that is not the same thing as a FORUM with topic threads and notifications when someone replies in a thread you have posted in. A FORUM in that sense requires helpful, respectful and fair human moderators to make the thing work. Real forums always seem to go bust for various reasons, and unfortunately it usually seems to be caused by bad human actors. I miss a couple of good ones I used to post a lot in years ago and some of the threads contained so much good solid information with complete references.

      1. I take back what I said about
        if I do not get the Captcha then I know comment will not immediately post,

        as this one just did.

        Funny, thing, it automatically fills in my email address now when I used to have to at least put the first letter and then choose my email address from a drop down menu. This just started today.

        1. OK. this new thing is not new but I just noticed I was in Internet Explorer rather than my usual Firefox browser for that post so that is the reason for the “ew thing.”

      2. I’m posting this in Firefox without a vpn to see if it disappears.

        Dachsie, I don’t understand any of it. Comments used to go into moderation or a spam/junk container and then you wait for them to be released by whomever’s blog it was. Because we can’t see, we don’t know.

        Tell me if this corresponds to your experience. I never get the regular capcha thing anymore, where you pick out cars or traffic lights or whatever. Instead, I get a white page with a box to type in a non-sense word which is represented in graphic. If I see that, and type in the ‘word’, my comment is certain to disappear. I don’t see this sequence, or the regular capcha thing, when I use a vpn and the safari browser.

        I wish Purposo, who initiated the vpn idea, would come back and comment.

        Also, Willy, whom I just miss in general.

        1. Hi Toni…and all…I was down in Tampa helping my friend get his house ready to sell while the market is still viable…way over-due for a bust. Yich…too congested down there for moi!

          So, catching up with the articles and comments.

        2. I guess I will make an effort to fully observe the different way the comment submission is handled in Firefox compared to IE. It just amazes me that there are substantial differences which just dawned on me today.

          Another factor is that there have been gradual changes in Firefox interface here over the last year or so, and we never now when a new change has just been initiated on a browser.

          I guess browsers can do censoring too, just like video and text platforms. I am reluctant to use IE because I always think of Bill Gates and Windows and all that bad spying-on-us type bad news.

          What is so odd is that there are times when i go to one forum-type site and discuss a certain subject, not long after there will “recommended” youtube videos for me on the same subject. There is a spying on my activities across platforms.

          I would be surprised if no nefarious “spying” and censorship were happening on this site and I only hope that there are good firewalls and that this site is as secure as is possible. This is only one of maybe about five websites that do quality “false event” coverage and discussion. When we stop striving for good investigation and discussion of what appears to be a false event, we are no longer based in reality and then it is all twilight zone.

  3. Google is being talked about on this page.
    Google is very dangerous. Its nothing more than the mouthpiece of the corrupt US government. Google reports that all of the hoaxes and frauds of recent decades were real events.
    Hijackers and planes for 911. Twenty six dead people at Sandy Hook….etc., its sickening.
    Google then says that any alternative ideas are ”conspiracy theories”.

    Google is good for pie recipes and dog training references but for real information you can trust, Google is nothing but junk.

    If you like lies, go to Google.

  4. I can’t help but notice that nobody here is willing to defend Professor Fetzer’s false claims of military service. Has it occurred to none of you that he may be lying about other topics as well? For truth seekers, you’re certainly a trusting and gullible bunch.

    1. Egad! He has already refuted your fake claim in a blog and welcomes your promised $20,000 donation to his legal defense for the malicious Sandy Hook lawsuit for defamation from the man who calls himself “Leonard Pozner”. How could you miss it? There are the photographs of me (in my whites) at graduation from Princeton in 1962, when I was commissioned a 2nd Lt. USMC. Then we have a photograph of me (in my kakis) as a 1st Lt. USMC with the Regimental Staff in 1964-64, and then (in my greens) when I was promoted to Captain, USMC, and my (first) wife pinned on my bars at You can contact me via to send your generous donation.

  5. Whitehead, how aptly he was named, identifies by race the one Black victim of state over-reach, but neglects to mention the inevitably White race of all the others.

    That is the only waycism he exposes in this article that bitches about racism: his own waycism, and the waycism of all the other politically correct race-liars in the alt-media.

    Waycism is hoax racism, false racism, anti-White racism. It is not the racism that actually exists demonstrably in our Western societies, namely anti-White racism.

    And where Whitehead *needlessly* – please note that – invokes the spectre of White supremacism, he will tend to turn his readers against a change toward toward White control of media rather than the status quo of Jewish anti-White control. It just happens to be the fact that Whites are the most live-and-live ethnic group, and the least likely to try and control politics in their own ethnic interests. Jews stack the other end of the scale. Therefore: War on Terror, 9/11, Palestine, White Genocide.

    Whitehead is an ideas for ideas sake man so probably does not understand that self-interested men gave him his ideas for their sake, and at his age is too old to convert to simple sense.

  6. The Truth Decay report mentioned in the article displays the Rand Corporation’s usual rats-in-a-lab view of the public. “We recommend that social controls be administered to the general public.”

    The explanatory Truth Decay graphic at the Rand Corp site begins with a member of said public afflicted with cognitive bias, being over-loaded with information by a changing society, before leaving the person suffering in a state of confusion. It’s clear to Rand that such an individual is in need of intervention, and cannot be left unattended to ingest information willy-nilly.

    The Rand report says, “Truth Decay presents a vital threat to American democracy.” They warn that “a growing number of Americans view the U.S. government, media, and academia with new skepticism.” Repeatedly using vaccines as an example, the report laments that anyone can challenge “even objective facts and well-supported analyses.”

    Contra to its limited view of the human mind, Rand’s report is quite revelatory of its own fear for itself and its collaborators. For Rand, Truth Decay is really the Decay of Authority.

  7. “British Monarchy Attempted Overthrow of Trump” > hour long documentary

    Aim4Truth YouTube channel !

    In a previous European revolution, fresh chopped elitist heads were placed into cannons and fired over the cheering masses. Time to use their ‘history repeats itself’ trick on these demonic feudalists.

  8. John Whitehead says we live in “an age in which truth has become a convenient fiction for those in power, what researchers refer to as ‘Truth Decay.’”

    Truth Decay is also a convenient fiction for the researchers to whom Whitehead refers, in this case the Rand Corporation, whose founding goal is to create convenient fictions for those in power.

    But then, this isn’t surprising. Whitehead is the same kind of player. Ever notice the Big Civil Rights Warrior offering advice or assistance to anyone around here or at Memoryhole blog? Nah.

      1. Hello, Nick Dean!
        I think people may be have trouble posting in this forum. People say that their comments disappear which can put you off writing them, that’s for sure. I’ve had it happen to me; now I use a vpn to comment.

        There was this guy, Purposo, who was here a week or so ago, who said that he had been unable to comment here for a year. It was like his ip address was blocked by a third party or something. He was finally able to comment using a vpn – a false ip address.

        I know these issues can constrain debate in comment sections, which is most probably their intent.
        Otherwise, I don’t know if “people actually read the posts and think.”

    1. D. Lady:
      Well, let me say this. In the last 5,000 years of recorded history, every nation state that tolerated corruption at the Top, eventually became a failed nation. Sad to say it but the USA is headed in that direction.

      President Jefferson in 1776 said it succinctly….to paraphrase, ..” The USA has no real enemies across the oceans….its the internal enemies that have the influence to destroy this new nation.” These nefarious internal enemies are well on their way to eradicate the USA.

      What’s being done about it? Basically nothing.

    2. One most important field of battle is saving the Internet and Internet privacy and security and freedom of speech. Its preservation is the only way we can share and work together, and having done all, to stand.

      There can be no increase in facts and truth and knowledge without a truly secure First Amendment Internet.

      I think, to some degree, “alternative facts” websites like this one have exposed the censorship of those who want to destroy our republic and hasten the One World Death and Slavery System for ALL.

      Here is a positive bit of news from Michael Hoffman

      April 5, 2019

      Attempt to Censor Michael Hoffman Online Fails

      Good news! As many of you know, our scholarship is repeatedly targeted for censorship and deplatforming online by the enemies of knowledge and freedom.

      With all the complaints about Twitter in this regard, let’s give Twitter credit for declining today to suppress our April 2 tweet or deplatform us, because we dared to publish an accurate citation from the Talmud.

      Today Twitter e-mailed us as follows:

      “We have received a complaint regarding your account, HofmanMichaelA, for the following content.

      Tweet ID: 1113143468514205696
      Tweet Text: How much truth can you handle?
      TALMUDIC DOCTRINE “If a grown man has intercourse with a little girl less than three years old, all agree that it is not a significant sexual act…”
      “The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition,” Ketubot 11b, vol. 7 (NY: Random House, 1991), p. 145. #metoo

      We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules ( or applicable law. Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time.”


      (end quote)

      Our enemies endeavor to instill in us despair, defeatism and paralysis, with the objective of removing us from the field of spiritual and intellectual battle. To succumb to this psychological warfare is a sin against the virtue of Hope. God is in charge, not the powers of darkness. If we have faith in Him, then we will sit tall in the saddle and continue to charge, trusting in His Sovereign Will.

  9. Mr. Whitehead blithely writes in the above article….\”However, overcoming the evils of our age will require more than intellect and activism. It will require decency, morality, goodness, truth and toughness.\”

    He is basically correct but……….

    ……please sir, tell us WHO do these lofty virtues realistically apply to? He does not have the nerve to name them? Is it the mass of little people at the bottom of society or some other person or group?

    The US is a black hole of corruption at the Top and will remain so until there is a drastic change from the top….down. So far that has not happened.

  10. Marcus, if you’re still reading, I replied to your comment in the Christchurch Attack Decoded thread but it never appeared. I have no confidence that it will, but I don’t want you to think I ignored your comment, so I’m posting the exchange here. Sorry for the late reply.

    Toni says:
    March 30, 2019 at 12:09 pm
    “Why is it perfectly acceptable to show video footage of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich torturing and killing Jews in concentration camps?”
    If only there was a link to this incredible footage.
    And I do mean incredible.

    Marcus says:
    March 30, 2019 at 9:31 pm
    I second the motion. The wider argument here was about the internet. Unfortunately there are very few people who can simultaneously hold many levels of truth at the same time, including WW2 revisionisn, 911, moon landing hoax and all the rest. It is just all too much. Some people have sucked on and tasted, but never swallowed, the Red Pill. They have one foot in and the other foot out of the Matrix.

    I have read David Irving, Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson and the other revisionists. No Jews were gassed in concentration camps. Irving’s estimate is that perhaps 100K were shot on the eastern front by Himmler’s henchmen, about the same as died in the fire-bombing of Dresden.

    4/3/19 10:40am
    Thanks, Marcus. Point taken about the wider argument of your comment. And thanks for the WWII commentary.

    I agree with you that most people are, at best, half in and half out of the matrix. They choose historical events, cafeteria-style. Take one, leave the other.

    The problem with viewing these events as discrete is that their direct connections to each other are obscured. For example, if you are willing to question the JFK assassination but not Sandy Hook, then you will miss many inferences, in particular with regard to motive and perpetrator.

    This problem can be observed in the area of 9/11. There are many optional truths from which to choose just within the Inside Job narrative. Almost all are partial truths that obscure and deflect from the perpetrators and their ideological motive.

    Perpetrator and motive are both easier to see when taking the long view from the 20th century. Just as we have educated ourselves to recognize the features of a falsely presented event, we will learn to recognize the features common to all falsely presented events. This is how we’ll see it coming. We won’t get fooled again.

  11. Obama and the politicians who supported his fake presidency, gave all Americans permission to flout the Law.

    When you have a felony criminal at the top and no one does anything about it, then you have criminal corruption all the way down to the families and the children of Sandy Hook and Newtown CT.

    1. Toni, I just posted a comment in this thread and it poofed. I always save my comment to a Word file before pressing submit. When I do not get the Captcha thing, I know my comment poofed.

      After checking over my comment to see what culprits preventing posting may exist, I will submit the same comment over in another thread here.

      1. Just a note to remind all to put x’s before and after links / url’s in your comments before submitting.

        My bad.

        I failed to put x’s before and after a URL and after doing that and resubmitting in another thread, it posted.

      2. From your beautiful comment in the other thread, Dachsie,
        “One most important field of battle is saving the Internet and Internet privacy and security and freedom of speech.”

        Do you think practical information about this would be helpful here? Like, how to use a free vpn and stuff? This is not my area of natural interest lol, but I will research it if no one else wants to.


        1. Yes, this would be good but here that information will just have to be sprinkled in here and there and not organized into a “thread” or “playlist” which we do not have because that is not the format of this platform.

          But in a way that kind of sniper, urban warfare, hit and run strategy in dropping good information about using the Internet effectively has many advantages.

          I would like to have a little help in learning how to construct search terms optimally. I can share info regarding a few search engines. Google is gone. DuckDuckGo is sinking fast. Bing is working pretty well for me last few days.

          1. Good observation.

            I don\’t know much about search engines. Without going into its other evils, Google has a whole stable of helpful shortcuts that are never replicated in other engines, unfortunately.
            GoodGopher, which searches independent media and academia, can be glitchy.

          2. I was working at a large university administrative office back in about 1999 and we employees were told Google was absolutely the best search engine. Indeed, that was my experience in its early years. Absolutely the best in many ways. Truth is it is still superior in many ways, and, as a last resort, I still go there.
            Unfortunately the algorithms have become politically corrupted. Google is now just funny in how “politically correct” it is.

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