SANDY HOOK:  Gene Rosen Identified as Official FEMA Employee

Archive Link provides positive ID for Rosen in the Description box beneath the photo

[Editor’s note: Gene Rosen was a key player on 14 December 2012 with the absurd story that a Sandy Hook Elementary School bus driver had dropped off 4, 5 or 6 children (the number varying with the telling) at his home adjacent to the Firehouse near the school. According to Gene, he took them into his home and gave them orange juice and stuffed animals to play with until they finally relaxed enough to tell him that their teacher was dead. Not the least of the absurdities of Gene’s narrative is that no school bus driver would drop children off at the home of someone who was not their parent or guardian. Gene turns out to have been a long-time FEMA employee who was “just doing his job”!]

“This image is a work of a Federal Emergency Management Agency employee, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties.” (Source “Licensing”)


Gene Rosen Identified as Official FEMA Employee

Harlinger, TX August 19, 2008–FEMA representatives participate in the 25th National Law Enforcement celebration in Harlingen, Texas. FEMA is working with local and state agencies to bring services to residents affected by Hurricane Dolly. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

Recent page (2/26/2019) contains no ID for man in photo (HERE) or (HERE)

Archived page from 1/30/2013 contains positive ID for Gene Rosen (HERE) and (HERE)



Article:   13 Ways to Talk About Tough Topics With Kids

This article was posted only 6 days after Sandy Hook and contains a scandalous photo exposing Gene Rosen as a FEMA employee.



Is Gene Rosen the “Lolita” Connection to Sandy Hook and Obama’s Gun Control?

Unidentified female minor in Gene Rosen 2008 FEMA photo could be standing next to Biden at Obama’s Gun-Grab signing in 2013

7c27123457c8cdd14806fa1b944606e3.jpgThe caption below appears under the 2013 pane. If the girl dressed in red in 2008 and 2013 are the same person it could provide more evidence of a mass casualty false flag that was years in the planning. See: The strange purchase date (2009) and price of Sandy Hook homes [HERE]

President Barack Obama, with Vice President Joe Biden, signs executive orders initiating 23 separate executive actions, after delivering remarks to unveil new gun control proposals as part of the Administration’s response to the Newtown, Conn., shootings, and other tragedies, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Jan. 16, 2013. Joining them on stage are children from around the country who wrote the President letters in the wake of the Newtown tragedy expressing their concerns about gun violence and school safety, and their parents. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)



Inspect the likenesses of the 2 remaining images in this article [HERE]

8bb7d3f619961328b8b062d85e7a5c54.jpgInspect the likenesses of the 2 remaining images in this article [HERE]


Gene ‘s Trusty Pet Service – March 9, 2004


Gene Rosen – Retired Psychologist and FEMA Employee involved in Community Theater and Public Access TV.  Also Reads to Elementary School Children.

bbb0a5790fc63d1f78981a4f25e1e970.jpgLink:  Gene’s Trusty Pet Service/About


Home of Gene Rosen – 22 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT  06482


Gene Rosen Worked at the Fairfield “INSANE ASYLUM” in Newtown

Gene Rosen is a retired psychologist who lists the infamous Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Newtown as a former place of employment. Fairfield Hills treated the mentally ill with electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosurgery and frontal lobotomies early on, resulting in a few suicides and “mysterious” deaths. Stories of abuse and cruelty were rampant.

All 16 buildings were connected by underground tunnels allowing opportunities for occult rituals, ritual sex abuse, child sex crimes and cult activity. The fact that Gene Rosen worked in the “asylum” raises a huge red flag(More)

Whispers of Fairfield State Hospital

fairfield hills hospital

Images of Fairfield State Hospital


VIDEO:  SLEEPERS – The Revenge Scene (Gun Violence)


MOVIE: Sleepers Bar Scene – Filmed at Fairfield Hospital in 1996 (Gun Violence)

GENE ROSEN a FEMA Employee in 2009 – File:  FEMA – 37563 – FEMA representatives talking with children at a Law Enforcement celebration in Texas[HERE]

On July 23, 2012, FEMA announced the formation of its first Youth Preparedness Council. [HERE]

FEMA representatives talking with children at a Law Enforcement celebration in Texas [HERE]

My Sandy Hook Family Fund [HERE]

Catalogue of Youth Disaster Preparedness Education Resource  [HERE]

Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital Emergency Preparedness Patch Program [HERE]

Readiness and emergency Management for Schools  [HERE]

Emergency Planning Office of Safe and Healthy Students  [HERE]

This page provides information that can help school leaders plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts. For more information about what families and communities can do to be ready for an emergency, please visit [HERE]

13 Ways to Talk About Tough Topics With Kids [HERE] or  [HERE]

Gene Rosen Trusty Pet Service and Mug Shot 3-9-2004 [Archive]

Gene Rosen the Actor:

Gene Rosen the Actor:

Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook: Rosen Plans to alert the FBI

Gene Rosen Sandy Hook Hoax


Newtown Community Center and Senior CenterGround Breaking To Begin Monday, November 6, 2017

Sandy Hook, CT – Childrens Adventure Center

Sandy Hook, CT – Childrens Adventure Center
NAEYC Accredited Preschool Located in Sandy Hook Section of Newtown, CT
Licensed by the State of Connecticut Our History

The Children’s Adventure Center was established in Newtown in 1969 by a group of concerned community leaders, as a non-profit organization, to provide early childhood education for local families. While researching a place for the Children’s Adventure Center, the school opened in a barn on the property of the United Methodist Church in Sandy Hook, CT. Volunteers came and helped repair and prepare the center for the children and staff. In 1971, the center relocated to a contemporary building on 14 Riverside Road.

The Center is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually.

10/12/2012: Masonic Lodge Opens Its Doors to the Public
On Saturday, Oct. 20th, Hiram Lodge #18 located on 3 Washington Ave, Sandy Hook will be participating in the New England Masonic Open House Day. Freemason Open House schedule for October 20th from 10am to 3pm. All welcome!!

3/24/2006 – Masons Celebrate 100 Years In Sandy Hook Lodge (Shannon Hicks)

Sandy Hook Hoax: The Freemason connection

Sandy Hook murders, coincident or conspiracy?

PAY 2019 Dues NOW <<< Click! Welcome to Hiram Lodge No. 18

Buried Child Summary – Sam Shepard

12/14/2018: Sandy Hook School Evacuated After Threat

Newtown Masons Honor Their Founder – Hiram Lodge No. 18 pays respect to its founder, Peter Nichols.

HIRAM (Word Meaning)
Probably of Phoenician origin, though it could be from Hebrew meaning “exalted brother”. This was the name of a king of Tyre in the Old Testament. As an English given name, Hiram came into use after the Protestant Reformation. In the 17th century the Puritans brought it to America, where it gained some currency.

Phoenicia (/fɪˈnɪʃə/;[3] from the Ancient Greek: Φοινίκη, Phoiníkē) was a thalassocratic, ancient Semitic-speaking Mediterranean civilization that originated in the Levant, specifically Lebanon, in the west of the Fertile Crescent. Scholars generally agree that it was centered on the coastal areas of Lebanon and included northern Israel, and southern Syria reaching as far north as Arwad, but there is some dispute as to how far south it went, the furthest suggested area being Ashkelon.[4] Its colonies later reached the Western Mediterranean, such as Cádiz in Spain and most notably Carthage in North Africa, and even the Atlantic Ocean. The civilization spread across the Mediterranean between 1500 BC and 300 BC.

Hiram Lodge Historical School Connection
Captain Nichols was born March 1, 1732. The epitaph on his tombstone reads: “This monument is erected in Memory of Capt’n Peter Nichols who exchanged this life for Immortality on June 15, 1799 at the age of 67.

The following dates show a few of the activities he was involved with:

1/30/1761- Responsible for setting up a school in South Center Kettletown (part of Southbury today). As a subscriber, he selected a suitable person to teach and direct children in learning.

3/1/1769 – Served on a committee for the Tinkerfield School.



Proof! ‘Gene Rosen is an actor.’

The news media presented Gene Rosen to the world as just a retired “psychologist,” pet-sitter, and good Samaritan. But when Rosen was accused of being a crisis actor – and the news media went into attack mode against the sceptics while continuing to hide his involvement with acting, television production, and broadcasting.

What a despicable farce! Sodomite CIA intern Anderson Cooper should be locked up for fraud.

One of videomartyr’s links is to Flag Pole Radio Cafe, a community theatre in Newtown affiliated with two Sandy Hook parents. Flag Pole Cafe states that, “Rebroadcasts of the show are carried on WPKN radio and Charter Community Vision 21” – i.e., the same cable station Gene is affiliated with.

(Curiously, Rosen claims to belong to “Flagpole Photography Club”??)

Francine and David Wheeler are actors at Flag Pole Radio Cafe – they allege that their son Benjamin died in the shooting. Francine Wheeler is also a member of a psychedelic “Dream Jam Band” that is aimed at children – their famous producer is Rick Chertoff.(Whether he is related to the other Chertoffs is unknown.) (By the way, another known performer parent in this farce is Mark Barden.)

They Newtown’s “Flag Pole Radi0 Cafe” is run by Flag Pole Productions LLC which is owned by Martin Blanco and Barbara Gaines.

When Martin Blanco was quoted by USA Today as viciously attacking the NRA they hid his true work and described him as a “stay at home dad.” The context of the article implies he was part of a spontaneous “grass roots” anti-gun group that formed in Newtown after the alleged “tragedy.”

Who ever Eugene Rosen is, he sure loves being in the newspaper.

A brief history of Public Affairs programming at CommuniTyVision 21:
“Over the next 3 years we asked, and searched local media for potential hosts, and experimented with different community members. To those that took the invitation and helped us over the rough spots – We Thank You (Dick Cronin, Eugene Rosen, John Bell).”

9/11/2009 Gene Rosen posts a Comment on anniverssary of 9/11. His post suggests he held a private pilot license in the “early eighties”.

Newstimes – Perennial favorite, The fantastics,” blooms again in Brookfield
“If there is an element in the show that seems to have faded – perhaps comedy does have time limits – it’s the routines of Henry, the old actor (Gene Rosen), and his second banana, Mortimer (David Tuttle). The guys are funny but the humor now seems lame.”

The MackQuigley Report – 100% Proof Gene Rosen is an Actor

The MackQuigley Report – Gene Rosen: Patsy or Perp?

Newstimes – Newtown pharmacy ‘old school’
“Yes,” said Newtown customer Gene Rosen. “It’s a locally owned business. They’re qualified pharmacists. They’re willing to take the time to have a useful and informative conversation with you about your medicinal needs.”

“And,” he added, “they’re terrific people to deal with. I’ve had very good care there.”

Mark Barden, here unabashedly lying in front of the American flag, was masquerading as a FBI sniper at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14th 2012, when his son Daniel allegedly was shot dead there in that already closed due to asbestos contamination.



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50 thoughts on “SANDY HOOK:  Gene Rosen Identified as Official FEMA Employee”

  1. Having gone through this peripherally, it’s a remarkable find. How much more evidence do we need?
    I pray Dr. Fetzer gets his day in court.

  2. This theory has been around 6 years.

    This looks to be the FEMA “Gene Rosen”

    The name Eugene Rosen was added in January 2013:

    1. Why would someone in Jan ’13 add Eugene Rosen to the text of a photo? Only reason would be to spread disinfo that Sandy Hooks Gene Rosen worked for FEMA.

        1. This article is wrong though, no confirmation Rosen worked for FEMA. The original text of the FEMA photo:

          Harbinger, TX, August 19, 2008 — FEMA representatives participate in the 25Th National Law Enforcement celebration in Harlinger, Texas. FEMA is working with local and state agencies to bring services to residents affected by Hurricane Dolly

          Jan 2013 edit:

          Harbinger, TX, August 19, 2008 — Eugene Rosen a FEMA representative participate in the 25Th National Law Enforcement celebration in Harlinger, Texas. FEMA is working with local and state agencies to bring services to residents affected by Hurricane Dolly.

          1. Bob, why would that pervert looking rosen have stuffed animals laying around in his house? As you appear to be rosen’s twin, I’m sure you will know.

          2. So Bob, do you believe this event was real? If so not much hope for your fluoride soaked brain, OR, are you just another shill?

      1. The editing of the Wiki adding Rosen’s name debunks it. Fetzer put the original text of the photo in his article, but did not mention that info was later edited.

        The IP of the person who edited is from CenturyLink cable in Vegas

        The Wiki was edited Jan 2013, that is right around the time the the theory surfaced. Not a big stretch of the imagination that someone saw that photo on the FEMA site and had the idea to claim that it was Rosen. Edit the Wiki, then post it on Youtube and some conspiracy sites. If you search some sites, you’ll see people pointed out the edit, once the edit was found the theory died out.

        The Summary image from the article was from an edit done in Feb 2013 by bigtime951:

        1. All you have proved is that an edit was added to the original photo. That does not definitively prove Rosen is not the man in the picture.

          1. Bob, Lots of photos were taken on 14 December 2012. The sign was there and so was Gene. It was a FEMA mass-casualty exercise involving children. But, of course, you know that: you were part of it! Keep on trucking’! Love having you here.

          2. Fetzer’s confirmation is the text saying it’s Rosen, but we know that it was added five years after the photo was taken.

            A side view of the FEMA guy in Texas is hardly proof that’s it’s Rosen.

          3. Only FEMA had access to edit. A white hat or guilty perp with some conscience. Rosen is toast may have to be accidented

          4. Bob, you are doing what you always do….choosing one item from an extensive article and using it to discredit the entire report. That is a typical strategy of you and your ilk. To me, it looks like Rosen, title or not.
            You know you are not welcome here and never add anything but distraction to this site. Your feeble attempts to discredit Dr. Fetzer are but a drop in an ocean of irrefutable proof that SH was an horrendous false flag involving local, state and federal agencies.
            Why not leave…I for one will not miss you in the least.

          5. Mr Fetzer, the sign is now where to be seen on any photos taken on the 14th, first site of it is the evening of the 15th. CBS was there live the morning of the 15th and it was not there.

            Do you still believe Rosen worked for FEMA? Your only confirmation is an edited FEMA Wiki entry.

            Morning of the 15th:


            Afternoon of the 14th:


            Evening of the 15th from Reuters, the sign is there:


        2. The article is about Gene Rosen working for FEMA. The evidence to prove that is a photo of a FEMA employee from the the side, so can’t see if his face matches Rosen. The we have a an image of photo data that says it’s gene rosen. That text was added to the photo in Feb 2013, other text saying it was Eugene Rosen was added in Jan 2013.

          Why would someone in 2013 add Eugene Rosen’s name to that photo?

          1. You’re so blatantly obvious nobody could/would ever believe you. Your obviousness is typical of all shills. All sorts of answers, but nothing fits. You have changed no minds here, schlub. Just what do you expect to do with your harebrained “suggestions” anyway? Is there a slot on your 1099 form for “shilling activities”? Or, are all shills guilty of IRS violations? Or, are you a “consultant”?

          2. Bahmi, when a Wiki is edited the persons IP is recorded. So it is a fact that the FEMA Wiki was edited and the name Eugene Rosen was added.

  3. Why in the world were several kids dropped off, from a school bus, at Gene’s house for an impromptu party when the Fire-station was a few feet from his driveway, surrounded by cop cars, ambulances and many dozens of people? I have never read any answer to that question anywhere.

    If you can believe this happened, isn’t is VERY disturbing that Rosen would even consider inviting several little kids into his home for juice and playtime with stuffed toys?

    Any normal person would have taken or directed the kids to the Fire-station where by all appearances they were having a party with pizza, yogurt, juice, bottled water [required by FEMA ] chips and other goodies.

    When Gene was asked about this a few days later, his comment was …”Get the f- – – out of my face”.

  4. You know I’m getting pretty f’in tired of this country trying , and accomplishing it, to turn everyone into sheep. And our children and Grandchildren into lambs. Most people believe everything they read or watch on tv. And will not use reason or consider any evidence. In a discussion of sandy hook, a guy told me he saw the blood and the bodies. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What kind of person is rosen? Or for that matter, all of the other actors in this sham. Do they realize what they are doing? Just let me have my smart phone and other things that make me more lazy and I will bend over for you whenever you like. And everyone is an expert these days and they base it on conjecture spiced with bullshit. I’m done. And sadly too old to do anything about it.

    1. Then, VP Biden said on video that he had seen photos of the dead kids. Biden is a lifelong LIAR.

      Rosen also said to a reporter…” I guess this is up to the kids to solve. [ meaning the gun control agenda]
      Gene is a bad actor.

  5. Hey, Don, remember when you said, “Maybe toni will answer my questions and my comments about the holocaust. Most people like toni flee the scene when we get down to specifics.”

    But I haven’t fled. I have replied in detail, as Willy has, to your questions and comments. And yet you avoid our responses and pivot to other subjects as if you haven’t been addressed. It seems you are the one who is fleeing.

    I really think you need to defend your position on this. After all, you’re the one who said that denying the Holocaust is:
    1) a disgusting lie
    2) wackadoodle
    3) an insult to the millions murdered
    4) mind boggling
    5) a sick idea
    6) and very nauseating.

    And that was just to me.

    So let’s hear it, Don.
    You get so worked up, you’d think it’d be easy.

    1. The Post is about Gene Rosen and they bring up the Holocaust. What a tired broken record. This creature hits the loop button over and over.

      We’re discussing GENE ROSEN and bunny pivots back to the Holocaust.

      “toni” lurks on every thread to ambush me. What a colossal bore.

      1. Toni is not ambushing you. He replied on the holocaust thread and received no response, so he came here. YOU accused Toni of “fleeing the scene” (Most people like toni flee the scene when we get down to specifics.). Toni and I gave you specifics, so the ball is in your court.

        NOW, don’t flee the scene, eh?

        And cease the ad hominem attacks (colossal bore). No place for that nonsense here.

        1. Hey Willy , Calling someone a [colossal bore] is not an ad hominem attack.

          (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

          The ball is in my court and it can stay there.

          1. You just proved my case. IF you had said what you say is boring or your stance is boring, it would NOT have been ad hominem…but you said, “colossal bore”…which is very obviously a personal attack.

            Excellent, let the ball stay there…exactly what I expected from someone who refuses to debate or have their position challenged with fact.

        2. Thanks, Willy.

          Don actually thinks he’s making real witticisms.
          “The ball is in my court and it can stay there.” Ha. He’s never even touched the ball.

          (By the way, I’m female, not a he, so… no big deal lol))

      2. Really? More half-formed ad hominem? That’s what you got?

        I wouldn’t have to bring it up here, Don, if you’d respond where I replied, in good faith, to your comments.

        I realize at this point that you are incapable of defending your position, let alone absorbing new information, forget about changing your mind. Yet you keep howling your feelings about it.

        If you are unable to engage on the subject of the Holocaust, then maybe you should refrain from interjecting your emotional outbursts into a subject about which it is obvious you know nothing but propaganda.

        1. Sometimes I get too involved in these distractions. Shills and dis-info agents are good at what they do. It’s rare we can win against them because they will just keep coming regardless of any moral or ethical issues. BUT, I am want to respond simply out of my nature.
          I will do my best to focus on the issues Dr. Fetzer presents rather than getting involved in these side issues.
          I sense that James’ motives are clear and unadulterated, unlike some commenters who seem to have one agenda or another and serve only to dilute the conversation.
          Good to have you here, Toni….yep, I knew you are a female…but those masculine pronouns just have a way of sneaking in….
          Rosen may or may not be that person in the FEMA hat (I did send an email to FEMA, but doubt I will get a response), but there is NO doubt, he is NOT the person he presents himself as in those post SH “exercise” interviews.

  6. Now I have 2 people are assailing me with their flak. The shills are on duty.

    Flak comes when you’re over the target….

    As Jim says…more and more of your posts reveal your agendas.

    Keep at it.

  7. I wonder where this idea of off-topic comes from – the Self-Police? They are like sooooo fascist.

    Sometimes people like Don use the ‘off-topic’ objection to try and claim a ‘safe space’ in which they can avoid conversations they themselves started.

    But the conversation goes where it goes.

    There’s a direct connection between Holocaust propaganda and the Sandy Hook event, and it’s not through a date calculator. They both depend on a tide of lies to inspire reactive outrage in the populace through which inquiry is drowned in a backwash of opprobrium.

    These are not side issues. These are the Real Deal.

  8. Toni & Willy …our new shills. Before there was basically just Bob. Now we have 3.
    I call all three ”shills”….is that ad hominem? Nobody has complained when James F. uses the word ”shill”.

    I called Toni boring and Willy was offended and inferred I was being naughty to Toni by being so harsh on her.

    In the future I will not use such an offensive word as ”boring”… or the more odious ”colossal bore”….how about tedious, dull, monotonous.

    [ Hey Target Toni, are you trying to call me a fascist? ]

  9. Shill:

    A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization. A shill will often disseminate false information.

    1. And who, or what, is it that you suspect Willy and I of not disclosing?

      I’ve been as plain as I can be.

      You, as usual, have accused me of something for which you have no evidence.
      You can’t point to a single piece of false information which I am supposed to have disseminated.

      Just give up, Don. You’re not doing yourself any favors.

  10. When I was a hippie kid growing up in Danbury, CT (in ~1975) my friends
    and I actually launched “The Official Search for Sandy Hook”. We were
    not really able to find it, but the “village” was apparently created as
    the result of a dirty land deal. This seems to have very little to do
    with the strange events at the school there, but we did turn up some
    very strange oddities. Might be of some interest.

    I have relatives and old friends in the area, including Newtown itself (who are now oddly afraid to discuss the recent school thing). We did a thorough search for this often mentioned village but could not find anything but trees and the occasional old mill. We took Riverside Road to the Housatonic River and came upon something beyond strange. It was a skimpy dirt road right up against the river, which served as the only access to several nice houses elevated only about 6 inches above the water line (and there had been floods there). With this tiny road flooded, there would be no way out, even with an off-road vehicle, since there were dense saplings everywhere. It was a pure Twilight Zone experience!

    Surely every state is corrupt in its own special style. Connecticut looks all neat and tidy, but when it does go rogue there is no half-way!

    We do not have any “democracy” — it’s all a pure dictatorship of the psychopathic security apparatus/aristocracy. That is why I am active in voting reform, specifically for simple score voting. “RCV”/”IRV” is coming, and that will be the end of our absurd “democracy” conceptual illusion.

    Please do not trust the courts too much — they are under the control of the psychopathic dictatorship.

    1. Blues…That’s an incredibly interesting post. WHY, in those years, did you decide to investigate that town? AND, please explain RCV/IRV.
      The courts are done…it’s all corporate and has nothing to do with God’s Law or Common Law.
      We need some kind of “re-start”.

    2. Sandy Hook was morphed into a Potemkin village for the purpose of the fake massacre. The Lanza home was a stage setting that was filled with CT State Police props. Two years after the fake event it was destroyed to hide evidence as was the school itself. Both demolition events were crimes of destroying evidence.

      CT is a total rogue state and should be expelled from the United States as a criminal enterprise with no loyalty to the USA.

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