Dr. Eowyn, NZ mosque shooting ‘hero dad’ caught texting in rehearsal video

Dr. Eowyn

On March 14, 2019, New Zealand sustained its deadliest mass shootings in modern history when a gunman, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, killed 50 people and injured another 50 at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The media immediately identified Tarrant as that most noxious of all monsters — “an alt-right affiliated white supremacist”. (Wikipedia)

We are told the shootings began at the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at 1:40 p.m., and continued at the Linwood Islamic Centre at about 1:55 p.m.

For an analysis of the gunman’s video of the shooting at the first mosque, which is banned by the New Zealand government with threats of 10-14 years in prison for those who possess or share the video, see “The Christchurch mosque-shooting video banned by New Zealand government” and “The NZ mosque-shooting post that got Tony Mead banned from Facebook, again“.

This post is about the shooting at the second mosque — the Linwood Islamic Centre.

Martin Fricker reports for the (UK) Mirror, March 18, 2019, that a victim of the Linwood shooting is “hero dad” Zulfirman Syah, who saved his 2-year-old son by shielding the toddler’s body with his own. Fricker writes:

A toddler clings to his dad to check he is alive, after his father was shot several times while shielding him from the Christchurch terrorist.

In a tender moment after Friday’s brutal shooting, little Averroes, two, clambers on top of Zulfirman Syah’s chest, places a hand on his heart and looks into his eyes for signs of life.

The image is from a video taken after the assault, which shows victims strewn across a blood-splattered carpet as cries ring out.

Zulfirman, known as Jul, who arrived in New Zealand with his family from Indonesia just two months ago, saved his son’s life by leaping on him as shooting began at Linwood Islamic Centre….

Zulfirman’s wife, Alta Marie, 33, said both her son and her artist husband were recovering.

She wrote on Facebook: “My husband shielded our son, which caused him to receive most of the bullets and much more complex injuries than our son. He is in stable condition following extensive exploratory and reconstructive surgery. While the road to recovery will be long, his condition has only improved since he arrived at hospital.”

But wait!

I’ve seen hero dad before!

Yesterday, in a comment, FOTM reader Keep up the good work had alerted me to a picture of a mosque-shooting victim texting (source: 12160.info):

The above pic is a screenshot from a video of what appears to be a rehearsal for the second mosque shooting:

Did you catch hero dad at the beginning of the video?

I had a GIF made of hero dad, which shows his moving hands texting on his cell phone:

Below are side-by-side images of “texting dude” and “hero dad” showing the two to be the same man — same red-and-black checkered shirt, same black pants:

But wait, you say.

Maybe hero dad was texting, after he had been shot.

Look at the video again.

From the Mirror‘s account: “The image is from a video taken after the assault, which shows victims strewn across a blood-splattered carpet as cries ring out.”

Do you see any blood “splattered” across the carpet, or hear any cries ringing out?

Instead, what we see are a pristine carpet, people casually standing around, no bullet holes or blood spatter on the walls, no shattered windows, and fake wounded victims, including texting hero-dad and the guy at the 0:26 mark who miraculously sat up after being shot in the head, leaving a pool of blood on the carpet.

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23 thoughts on “Dr. Eowyn, NZ mosque shooting ‘hero dad’ caught texting in rehearsal video”

  1. I agree the videos look suss. I agree that it is anomalous that the government wants to censor access to them. But I do have a friend who knows a guy who’s father was killed there. And another frined in New Zealand who reports that injured are in hospitals.

  2. I have seen the entire video and it is so fuckin fake. No wonder they don’t want people to see it, and no wonder they are threatening to put people in prison for uploading it watching it and sharing it. They don’t want people to know the truth. Anyone who has seen the video knows that it is fake. There are so many things about the video that make it so obviously fake.

  3. From Australia: The whole B grade move is an insult to our intelligence. Any wonder the NZ and Australian Governments want it banned. Any viewer with half a brain would know immediately it is a sham. I am a shooter of game for 50 years. The 5.56mm round is devastating on flesh at close range. Travelling at more than 3200 feet per second the 55 grain projectile has a small entry wound but a devastating exit wound particularly if the bullet hits bone. The ‘victim’ with the phone seen texting in no way has been hit with a 5.56mm round anywhere on his body. Even if hit in his big toe he would be in terrible pain and bleeding all over the place. Any body hits and he would have died within minutes. I hope the kiwis keep their semi-autos and tell their communist government to go to hell.

    1. So, there is no, or little blood (fake), no bullet holes, no blood splatter…no gore. 50 some odd humans gunned down with a high caliber weapon…the place should be covered in blood and body parts. To believe otherwise is fantasy.

      At one point in that vid, he fires into a pile of folks (most, if not all with their faces to the floor) at what appears to be about point blank and all we see is a movement of clothing. How damn ridiculous can it get? I would speculate, as many have, THIS is the actual reason they do not want the video to go viral….just about everyone who watched even peripherally would see the hoax.

      Shame on NZ officials AND the population for not demanding the truth and exposing this outrageous lie.

      1. 5.56 NATO is not large caliber, it’s the same as a .223 Remington.
        .003 bigger then a 22LR
        Much higher velocity then a 22LR.

        Prey for peace on earth, for the destroyers are here.

      2. Allow me to amend that statement:

        So, there is no, or little blood (fake), no bullet holes, no blood splatter…no gore. 50 some odd humans gunned down with a MEDIUM caliber weapon…the place should be covered in blood and body parts. To believe otherwise is fantasy.

      3. i’d say .50 is large .308 is medium .223 is small.

        high velocity rifle ballistics are quite different then pistol cartridges.

        zero blood at the scene means zero injured.

  4. The problem is not clear to me. We see one video where a clean-up is allegedly in effect. And another video where an alleged victim is using his phone but you say, \’caught texting.\’

    If I were not terribly injured I would allow for others to be removed before me, and I would phone or, yes text, family.

    Is it known that this guy was terribly injured and so would have been among the first to be evacuated? Is it known that he would have been unable to use phone? You don\’t say this article but you should, or it makes no sense.


      1. I watched that today Willy, went back to have another look not long after, and it’s disappeared.

    1. But the texter’s wife said he received most of the bullets and had extensive reconstructive surgery. “Most of the bullets” implies many. Many bullets from a high-powered rifle and he is able to sit up and text? Come on! And the son was not hit by one of the “many bullets”?

  5. well Jim… the idea is so cemented already the NZ shooting took place, one of our local businesses here in Colorado is donated their profits to the victims! Imagine stopping by this brewery and telling them the shooting never happened! It would be the same reaction I got on the ski lift when I said Sandy Hook never happened… near violent reaction. No one questions the shootings but distrusts the NEWS in general. Go figure

  6. No wonder the NZ authorities don’t want the locals to see the shooting video. Its because they will immediately realize it was made by a totally certified idiot and that the whole thing is a huge HOAX.

    Yes Daniel you are very correct…..you have learned that dead people can send texts.

  7. I love the days following these staged events. That’s when the real meat and potatoes come out. In Newtown it was Robbie Parker and then the helicopter footage showing crisis actors going in circles in and out over and over again in the firehouse.
    Here we have people with high powered bullets inside of them. yet still manage to text their BFF. I’m just sitting here eating my popcorn and enjoying this B-movie fall apart at the seams!

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