Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of Zionist Master Plan to Orchestrate War between the Muslim and Christian World

By Sabtain Ahmed Dar


Kevin Barrett

In my recent article Sorry Ilhan, Jews HAVE Hypnotized the World I mentioned the five-century-old Zionist plan to trick Christians and Muslims into destroying themselves in an apocalyptic war, from whose ruins the “fake Jewish Messiah” a.k.a. the Antichrist/Dajjal would arise to rule the world from Jerusalem. As if on cue, the Christchurch attack exploded into world headlines, offering more evidence that this heretical messianic freemasonic-Zionist plot is very real. The article below confirms that impression. [Editor’s note: Bear in mind that, as many reports published here confirm, these appear to be staged attacks where nobody died.]

Zionist Master Plan to Orchestrate War between the Muslim and Christian World

By Sabtain Ahmed Dar

The terrorist attack on Muslims by a white supremacist terrorist has produced depression and confusion. It is time to explain this subject critically to eliminate uncertainty about what is happening at the global level in the context of white-supremacist terrorism. If decoded and analyzed properly, the mysterious signs and symbols involved in this attack reveal the involvement of those benefitting from the war on terrorism and other radical ideologies resulting in more division among the people. Despite confusion and uncertainty among the masses, one thing is plain and clear to the casual eye: this terrorist attack serves to incite violence between the Christian and Muslim worlds.

Firstly, why would an Australian white-supremacist terrorist would go all the way to New Zealand and choose a city named “CHRIST-CHURCH” to attack “MUSLIMS”? There is no coincidence involved here; it was a carefully planned operation to send a clear message to the Muslims. According to the first investigative report by the New Zealand authorities there are no international agencies involved in the attack. But if one carefully and logically raises the question, “Who will benefit if there is more division and hatred among the Muslims and the Christian countries?” The answer is: The Zionists. With that being said, it must be clear to readers that not all “Jews” conform to the principles and the ideology of Zionism and not all “White People” in the world comply with the manifesto of “White Supremacists”. The current anarchy among the masses is the result of a global campaign based on “divide and conquer strategy”  implemented by the Zionists for their New World Order to rule the world from Jerusalem. This article will attempt to prove this point by decoding signs and symbols.

According to my thesis, this terrorist act is part and parcel and a manifestation of the long planned master plan to divide the Christian and Muslim world to the advantage of the Zionists. The covert nature of state-sponsored terrorism and secrecy involved at the international level must not restrict analysts from providing new knowledge into the field of international relations. An investigative attempt posing logical questions coupled with interpretation of signs and symbols is all the analyst needs to decode state-sponsored terrorism.

Odin: God of “White Supremacists” and the Cosmic War between Good and Evil

Brenton Tarrant before leaving for the attack left a message online on 8chan saying, “It is time to do something practical… if I did not come back safely… I will meet you in Valhalla”. Q: What is Valhalla? A: In mythology, Valhalla (Hall of the Slain) is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death.

If we talk about in the context of Jewish kabbalah (based on Egyptian mythology), Odin is KETHER of KABBALAH, also known as Wotan (Father of the Gods) and the Father of the “Glorious Dead”. In Hindu scriptures a deity Shiva is also known as the “God of Death”. In Egyptian mythology, “God Anubis” is also known as the “God of the Dead”. Anubis is the son of “Goddess ISIS”. ISIS does not represent the Islamic Civilization in the Middle-east! The acronym “ISIS” is itself a sign for those who can see beyond the veils that there is a cosmic war going on in between Good and Evil. Who decided the acronym for the so-called Islamic State? According to me, those who have created the ISIS project in the Middle-east are mocking the one-eyed people, whose hearts have been corrupted and eyes blinded through deceit and lies by the Zionists. It should be noted here that the modern freemasonry and Talmudic-Judaism followed by the Zionists is based on the satanic Egyptian mythology and worship of the same Egyptian gods.

In many engravings, God Odin is represented with a single eye. Odin doesn’t hesitate and sacrifices one of his eyes to be able to drink from the fountain of wisdom. He discovers ineffable things and obtains Wisdom (Mastery), but he needs more: to obtain power over life and death in an attempt to reject the notion of judgement and afterlife. In Christianity and Islam this one eyed deity is known as “Anti-Christ” and “Al-Messiah Al Dajjal”. The role of Dajjal and Anti-Christ in Christianity and Islam is to corrupt the heart of true religion of the Lord most high and deceive the people into deep materialism based on Satanism.  The truth of the matter is that these satanic secret societies have infiltrated and manipulated the true heart of Christianity replacing truth with falsehood based on evil mythological scriptures to perpetrate the evil agenda of Satan.

When Brenton Tarrant was brought by police during a court hearing he was noticed by everyone making a so-called “Okay Sign”; it must be clear that he was not making an okay sign rather making “666—the sign of Satan (Odin)”. One of the secrets of signs and symbols used in Satanism is “Secrecy”. According to me “Secrecy” is the religion of Satanism. Because Satan operates in secrecy; as it is said, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he does not exist”.  Because if the people are led to believe that the Satan exists, they will also come to the conclusion that God also exists and that his divinely ordained messages are true.

Tarrant was also found carrying three lockets during the attack; those lockets have insignia of “Order of the Black Sun”. If you take twelve “Swastikas” and merge them into a one diagram it becomes the symbol of the order of the Black Sun. Swastikas are used as a symbol by the Nazis (Third Reich), Zionists and Brahman-Hindus (RSS-BJP) to represent their fascist evil ideology and pride. Readers must not be surprised about those on social media who applauded the terrorist activity of Brenton Tarrant. This is proof of an invisible cosmic war in the language of signs and symbols. The plain meaning of the Swastika in so-called sacred geometry is “As above, So Below”—which means it is a sign of the allegiance in between those who live above the surface of the earth and those who live underneath the earth (the Valhalla – The slain hall (hell) of the dead who died fighting for their cause). But a deeper meaning of Swastika in the context of the study of Bible and Quran reveals that it is a sign of “Sun” and allegiance in between those Humans who rejected the true message of Lord most high and the Satan. The swastika if converted into triangular shape becomes what we commonly known as the six pointed so-called Star of David on the flag of Israel. This six pointed star has nothing to do with Prophet David (peace be upon him); it is merely a satanic symbol to mock the prophet of Lord Most High.

In a nutshell, the earth has changed… one can feel it in the water… one can feel it the air. Man has rejected the call to submit himself to the word of Lord Most High. Sovereignty no longer comes from the Lord; Man has become sovereign. Man himself has become God; and when man attempts to become God his words also become “sacred”. This is the prime reason behind the current anarchy in human knowledge of modern civilization: we have rejected the “Divine Law” as a principle to function in the society and formed our own laws based on our own vested interests.  Therefore, humans have fallen prey to Satan and his schemes, as they have since the beginning of history. This is the prime reason behind groups in the world order who have either unintentionally or intentionally sided with Evil, thereby destroying the natural order of peace.

“The Great Replacement Manifesto” Decoded

The credibility of this document is still questionable but “The Great Replacement”, a 78-page document written by the alleged killer of almost 50 Muslims in Christchurch, contains poetry and illustrations which provide a catechism about the sinister intentions of its author, as if to preempt the usual questions that follow atrocities of this kind. I was able to read the whole document before it was taken down by the authorities from the internet. Certain lines are written in an ironic, messing-with-you tone, but they are easy to detect if one is aware of the study of signs and symbols in international relations. Not all manifestos and ideological documents are this mediocre or written in such a repulsively casual tone. For instance; “Q: You are a bigot, racist, xenophobe, islamophobe, Nazi, Mossad agent, fascist! Brenton Answer: Compliments will get you nowhere.” Brenton wishes to hasten a civilizational war. His model is Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian neckbeard who murdered 77 people, mostly liberal teens at an island retreat, in 2011 and Oswald Mosley (overtly a leader of British Union of Fascists during the inter-war period and covertly a freemason who worked for the Zionists to Second World War).

The civilization that most offends him is Islam, because of its so-called attempt to colonize the West through immigration. He hates those Muslims who are peaceful; he hates those who are not white. “The unarmed invader is far more dangerous to our people than the armed invader,” he says. “We have no real idea on how to deal with them, we are unable to attack them or fend them off in any meaningful way.” He is ideological but satanic like Breivik, and comes close to denying that he is even Christian. His locket showing the insignia of the “Order of the Black Sun” (a satanic secret society) is a proof that he is not a Christian.

The Great Manifesto resembles with the ideology of the ISIS and their operations against the Muslims in the Middle-east. Both “White Supremacists terrorists” and “ISIS terrorists” are ideologically driven to kill everyone in their way who does not conform to their radical ideologies. Even if we rejected the notion that they are being secretly armed, funded and aided by the Zionists to wage deceptive hybrid warfare against peaceful people, they would still be indirectly or unintentionally implementing the Zionist strategy of divide and conquer.

Christchurch Suspect Sent a Symbolic Message to Turkey and Pakistan

Authorities in Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and some journalists in Pakistan have confirmed that Brenton Tarrant, 28, had been to their countries in 2016-18. Hungarian counterterrorism authorities also suggested that Tarrant had visited but revealed no other information, and local media in Bosnia reported a 2017 trip there. While the details of Tarrant’s travels are sketchy, authorities in those countries said they are investigating his movements and any contacts he might have had with local people.

The countries who attacked Muslim Syria but defending Muslims in New Zealand are pure Hypocrites, real Perpetrators. His soundtrack as he drove to the Christchurch mosque included a nationalist Serb song from the 1992-95 Bosnian war that tore apart Yugoslavia. The song glorifies Serbian fighters and former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic — the man jailed at the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague for genocide and other war crimes against Bosnian Muslims. The gunman’s rifles contained the names of legendary Serbs and Montenegrins who fought against the 500-year rule of the Muslim Ottomans in the Balkans, written in the Cyrillic alphabet used by the two Orthodox Christian nations.

The Western media claim about Brenton being psychopath is far from the truth and an attempt to stop the masses from pursuing questions which are still unanswered. It was a carefully planned operation and a deep-ideological driven attack to send clear message to Islamic civilization. Turkey is one of the last powerful Muslim nations in the contemporary world. Recently, Turkey has successfully protected its borders from the Zionist-led “Kurdistan Project” aimed at Balkanizing Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

According to me, the message is clear to Turkey in the context of the work for “Neo-Ottoman Empire” in the aftermath of the end of “Treaty of Lausanne” in 2023. This neo-ottoman empire project is allegedly being sponsored by the CIA to balkanize Asia Minor and Eastern Europe to restore former Ottoman territories. In reality, it is merely a scheme by the Zionists to engage Turkey into new wars against orthodox Christians and repeat the history of wars of 18thand 19thcentury between the Ottomans and the orthodox Christian civilization in Eastern Europe. So readers should not be surprised in the future if they read the news of Muslims attacking churches or Christians attacking  mosques in Asia Minor or Eastern Europe. The future conflicts between Turkey and Easter European countries are part of the Zionist strategy of fomenting wars between the Christian and Muslim world. Erdogan is of aware of this coming anarchy which is why he has been portrayed as a would-be dictator of the Muslim world. Erdogan played an intelligent double game with the US and Israel by overtly acting against Syria and covertly sustaining Bashar Al Assad. He not only destroyed the Zionist scheme to overthrow Assad but also destroyed the Ralph Peters “Blood Borders Strategy”. Most analysts who study only the face value of political developments will not believe this; but I will leave you two hints here: the secret lies in the surprising resignation of “Ahmet Davutoğlu” in 2016 and later in the artificially created “Turkish Lira Crisis” in 2018.

As far as Pakistan is linked, Brenton Tarrant before leaving for the attack said “Remember Lads subscribe to PewDiePie (YouTube Channel)”. Felix Kjellberg, alias PewDiePie is not the name you would normally link to a terrorist attack or extremist behavior of any kind, so why would Brenton said subscribe to PewDiePie? These far right extremists and recruiters move from definite statements to ironic references. A few days ago during the Pakistan-India tensions over Kashmir, Felix uploaded a video supporting Pakistan after Indian T-series (YouTube channel) removed tracks of Pakistani singers from their channel.

There are reports from Pakistani senior journalists such as Sabir Shakir and Zafar Halali that Pakistan may have an Israeli pilot in its custody after it shot down two Indian jets in Budgam, Kashmir. One of the jets with its pilots fell into Pakistan’s territory. It was reported earlier that two pilots have been arrested by Pakistan’s security forces. Brenton’s ironic statement about PewDiePie before killing almost 50 Muslims (including Pakistanis) clearly suggests that Brenton has sent a symbolic message to Pakistan. And the decoded message is loud and clear: “hand over the Israeli pilot or otherwise bear the consequences”.

If we talk about New Zealand, it is a peaceful country with a soft society living in harmony with the natural order. I also suspect that New Zealand was deliberately framed in this terrorist activity to punish New Zealanders who voted recently at the United Nations against the United States’ move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Concluding Thoughts: The Zionist Master Plan and the Clash of Civilizations

The wars in the Middle-east are wars for the state of Israel. The US strategy (influenced by the Israel Lobby) of war and regime change in the Middle-east is gradually enhancing the security of the state of Israel at the expense of millions of Muslims being slaughtered and being displaced from their lands. I have been saying this for years: the issue of deceptive war on terrorism cannot be understand without studying the role of the Jews and the Talmudic ideology of wars against the goyim (non-Jews). Since 2001 they are at war with Islam. The war on terror is in reality is a war against Islam.

The migrants immigrating from the Middle-east to Europe and other continents are being framed by the Zionist controlled media as rapists and murderers to incite violence among Muslims and Christians living in harmony with each other. A division or civil war between Christians and Muslims in Europe offers the Zionist Jews (who control the power structure Israel today) strategic advantage. This simultaneously serves their objective of disintegrating the European Union back to the point of being a balance of power system. A balance of power system in Europe is essential for the Zionists to foment future wars for not only profits but also for their Middle-east project. I will not be surprised if the European Union gets disintegrated in the next 10 years. Framing Muslim refugees as rapist and murderers is part of their strategy of predictive-programming to foment future conflicts and wars.

The studies and research in top global universities promoting the “Clash of Civilizations” have been deliberately funded and aided by them. This “Order out of Chaos” has been long planned by the Zionists. But the question arises why would Zionists want a clash of civilization? A: The current map and the security arrangement of the Middle-east do not allow Israel to expand its territory to complete its biblical mission of “Greater Israel” (From the Nile to the Euphrates). Thus, a civilizational clash in that region is required to redraw the map of the Middle-east to the advantage of the state of Israel. Surprisingly, the war objectives of ISIS, White-Supremacist terrorists, Hindutva and Zionists are in complete harmony with each other in their promotion of this  “Clash of Civilizations”.

The failure of the ISIS in the Middle-east will not put an end to the larger ISIS project. The start of a new mode of hybrid war is around the corner, where we will see ISIS fighting against the White Supremacists terrorists around the globe, resulting in more anarchy and chaos in the world. The spread of ISIS militants from Levant to South Asia and from South Asia to Far East leaves plenty of clues for investigators. The security agencies who work for the cause of the Zionists have made ISIS a global phenomenon. Both of them will work as pawns for the global domination of the Zionists and their New World Order—or, as they say, “Order Out of Chaos”.

Sabtain Ahmed Dar is a Pakistan-based political analyst and a research fellow at the Department of Political Science, Punjab University. He specializes in Pakistan affairs and geopolitics, specifically the US strategy in the Middle East and South Asia. He also writes for several online journals and his analysis can also be found at the public portal of the Belgrade based Center for Syncretic Studies.

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40 thoughts on “Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of Zionist Master Plan to Orchestrate War between the Muslim and Christian World”

  1. Now, April 1st, in a livestream with chat on Youtube, Vinny Eastwood is claiming that the New Zealand mosque attack was real, and that people were killed, and Vinny is repudiating anyone who says it’s a hoax.

  2. Marcus says:
    March 30, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Willy, I agree with your views of the internet. Here is a long post from a zerohedge discussion, right on topic.

    “(Natural News) This is an emergency alert concerning, the free speech video platform alternative to YouTube.

    I realize this is a discussion between Willy and Marcus, but I must say that Brighteon started off on the wrong foot and pretty much got what they invited.

    I want no part of Mike Adams’ definition of “free speech.”


    1. Dachsie, side comment: include the comment number in the address to go straight to the comment you want. You can do it by clicking on the date beneath the user name on the comment and then copying the address at the top, like this:

    2. Must say I can only agree with you.
      Owen Benjamin is a comedian who criticizes all nationalities….but recently, when he criticized Jews, his channel was de-monetized.
      The power the Zionists wield is way the hell out of proportion…especially considering the percentage of the population they represent.
      They use their victim hood as a weapon.
      I have to give it to them, tho…..they are tribal and stick together….in a way no other group can match.

  3. Willy, I agree with your views of the internet. Here is a long post from a zerohedge discussion, right on topic.

    “(Natural News) This is an emergency alert concerning, the free speech video platform alternative to YouTube.

    I’m writing this at 12:45 am, March 21st. The Brighteon platform is now under extreme threat by upstream infrastructure providers over users posting footage of the New Zealand Christchurch shooting. We are being threatened to remove all the videos or face complete annihilation online, starting with being de-platformed from infrastructure providers, followed by legal action from none other than the nation of Australia (not even New Zealand itself, but Australia and it’s “Office of the eSafety Commissioner.”)

    We anticipated this exact scenario many months ago, and we have been feverishly building alternative internal infrastructure to eliminate any dependencies on upstream infrastructure providers, to the extent that such a configuration is possible. However, we are still several months away from completion of that build out phase. Sadly, over the next few hours we are being forced — essential “at gunpoint” (the irony being completely lost of the fascists who now control the ‘net) — to delete all videos containing footage of the New Zealand shooting.

    Make no mistake: We are facing extreme online fascism, censorship and authoritarian speech police who are exploiting the New Zealand operation to roll out a totalitarian police state across the ‘net. The excuse we are being given is that hosting or sharing the videos is “promoting violence” — an absurd claim on its face. If videos that depict violence are so harmful to the public, then why did the entire mainstream media play the 9/11 twin towers attack videos a million times over, burning the imagery into the minds of the American people? In that attack, over 3,500 Americans died, yet no one claimed that showing the video was promoting violence.

    If violent action sequences are “promoting violence,” then why isn’t every Hollywood action movie banned? Why aren’t the million other violent YouTube videos banned? Why is it perfectly acceptable to show video footage of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich torturing and killing Jews in concentration camps? Have we really reached the point where videos that show Jews being mass murdered are perfectly okay, but videos that show followers of Islam being murdered are criminalized? I thought all genocide was evil, and burying it through censorship is not going to make the hatred go away. If we are to recognize the source of these conflicts and acts of violence, we must be willing to see what actually took place. But today, even viewing certain particular videos is now essentially considered a multi-national crime.

    Somehow, this New Zealand shooting video — in which rifle brass disappears mid-air, by the way, like magical ammo — is being invoked to justify the ultimate free speech crackdown across the ‘net. Anyone who dares examine the forensic video evidence, ask intelligent questions about the shooting or question the official narrative is now being threatened with internet-wide de-platforming and possible legal action.

    We have reached the state of “total censorship” on the ‘net. This is the beginning of the end of humanity, since no voices, views or opinions that contradict “official narratives” are going to be allowed anywhere online.

    As InfoWars also covered earlier today, the next escalation of censorship will involve banning URLs from browsers, meaning Chrome, FireFox, etc. will not even allow you type in “” or “” or any other site the globalist controllers don’t want you to see. They will use another false flag shooting as justification to ban any URL they want, always in the name of “public safety.”

    In truth, globalists believe that anyone who thinks for themselves is a threat to public safety. Therefore, all non-conformists, dissenters, independent thinkers or outspoken voices of truth must be systematically silenced by all the tech giants, including: Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and others. Together, they now operate a global cabal — an online mafia — that demands absolute obedience to irrational demands.

    Sadly, unless either the Trump administration or We the People rise up and overthrow these techno-fascist monstrosities, humanity is now enslaved under absolute online tyranny. No independent thought is allowed from this day forward.

    In terms of practical actions, we have been building an “underground” information hub for many months — a new solution that will make content available to human eyes but invisible to all search engines and computer algorithms. Sadly, human truth is going to have to move to “underground” status to evade de-platforming efforts by totalitarian fascists.

    I will record a strong video follow-up message in the coming days and post it on Brighteon, unless the internet tyrants annihilate it first. We are working hard to protect free speech, but the globalists are now holding loaded guns at our head and saying they will pull the trigger if we do not comply. For the moment, we are forced to comply in order to save all the other videos on the platform. However, in the long run, we have no intention whatsoever to comply with tyranny and authoritarianism.

    as of this second (5:13 am march 30) it is still up on

    Go to, there is an emergency video announcement by the owner.

    1. “Why is it perfectly acceptable to show video footage of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich torturing and killing Jews in concentration camps?”

      If only there was a link to this incredible footage.
      And I do mean incredible.

      1. I second the motion. The wider argument here was about the internet. Unfortunately there are very few people who can simultaneously hold many levels of truth at the same time, including WW2 revisionisn, 911, moon landing hoax and all the rest. It is just all too much. Some people have sucked on and tasted, but never swallowed, the Red Pill. They have one foot in and the other foot out of the Matrix.

        I have read David Irving, Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson and the other revisionists. No Jews were gassed in concentration camps. Irving’s estimate is that perhaps 100K were shot on the eastern front by Himmler’s henchmen, about the same as died in the fire-bombing of Dresden.

    1. To be clear, Jim was busy and didn’t think he had moderated off our comments, so was going to check with his “webmaster.” I let him off the hook (pun intended) in case it was his own zealotry, and he didn’t realize I was going by the new name and deserved to be allowed to criticize Barrett and “Achmend the Author” for acting like NZ was real. I will keep his feet to the fire. You let us know if something else gets taken away.
      I have seen Jim be the target of some pretty sophisticated ways of shutting him off from some of his best supporters, like Chance George. Jim is so prolific and busy he can get a tad myopic also, bless him. It is entirely possible that someone else is dipping in to this blog that he doesn’t know. He didn’t realize Goldstein and Apsterian were what they were for a while till we pointed it out, and still disagrees with us when we say we don’t think Goldstein was Judy Wood. In the end, I know that Jim will support our free speech.
      What was the link you posted that got removed? Do you remember? Let’s have it again, I want to go to it now!

  4. Ok “moderator” or “webmaster” or whoever you are, I just spoke to James Fetzer and he says you are NOT to remove comments without explanation. I speak for other good people in this comment section.
    I will repeat what you removed in a shorter version.
    There is no reason to give any credence to anything Kevin Barrett or this Achmed fellow he is promoting have to say.
    None of us are happy with “Zionism” etc, but this long winded diatribe about Norse Gods and all sorts of fanciful “scholarship” IGNORES the blatant fact that most or all of this “attack” was staged, with a video presented as evidence that is so utterly fake it has to be scrubbed as hard as possible from the internet with jail time for people who even possess it.
    I HAVE THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE people like “Kevin Barrett” and “Gordon Duff/Bob Foote” IN THIS COMMENT SECTION.
    IT IS NOT MALICIOUS TO DO SO. They are hypocrites of the highest order, and “Duff” is such a liar he has to admit it blatantly. If they are not aware, or unwilling to admit that this attack and it’s video were fake, what bloody good is anything they have to say? It’s discredited rather than disseminated, in my opinion.
    No amount of “Zionist exposure” and ” long winded additions of semi related information” justifies giving these people a platform on the site of a man like James Fetzer. I have had three comments deleted from this blog so far, and I’ve only been back a week. I also have a fellow commenter complaining about their comment being removed.
    DON’T DO IT AGAIN. Free speech is a hallmark of James Fetzer, and if you are deciding to remove things that criticize someone you don’t want criticized, then you are harming Jim, not helping him.

    1. will try again to post, did not take the first time

      I listened to the show and want to thank Purposo Anonymi for his excellent insights and commentary.

      I have been a researcher of false events, mainly 9-11 since 9-11-01, and have followed Dr. Fetzer’s work since 2004 and, of course, still do. I have participated in various Dr. Fetzer’s “forums” fairly actively over the years. I am what you could call an “old timer” when it comes to 9-11.

      The coolest and most helpful comment Purposa made during the show was
      “Jim, you’re doing your ‘encyclopedic evidence’ thing again.”

      I know that encyclopedic evidence is Dr. Fetzer’s forte, and how very much we appreciate that and is what has made him endure in his work, but the audience and subject for this particular show was not about the evidence. We got that already. We wanted to see if we can find a better forum set-up wherein we can move forward in seeking for better and new evidence that is still coming out regarding all these false events.
      At least, that is my purpose in still following the forums. New information and evidence is still coming out about very old false events. We cannot just drop discussion of false events, no matter how fast and furiously they are being shot at us.

      I am not sure that is the best platform for the ideal forum for such important discussions, though the articles that are regularly presented there are what we should respond to and discuss, but perhaps only briefly and not deeply on this site.

      That’s my two cents on the radio show of yesterday.

      Now on to commenting on this article about New Zealand event.

      Purposo said regarding Dr. Barrett and Achmend,

      “If they are not aware, or unwilling to admit that this attack and it’s video were fake, what bloody good is anything they have to say?”


      Thoughts about the Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting
      51 Share

      Published on Mar 22, 2019
      I give you my thoughts on the NZ Mosque shooting and talk about the political situation here in Australia and NZ.

      I basically feel the same way. If from the beginning, a priori, the commentator takes for granted that the event was real, not much good solid information or insights can come from him.

      Now, here is a small exception that starts out with the speaker accepting the New Zealand event as true, where “a gunman went into a mosque and shot fifty people and injured many more.”


      Thoughts about the Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting
      51 Share

      Published on Mar 22, 2019
      I give you my thoughts on the NZ Mosque shooting and talk about the political situation here in Australia and NZ.

      Later in this 23:37 video, “Ozzie” tells us that the training manuals of law officers in how to handle mass shooting scenarios so as to use them to promote gun control and laws, the manual says to take full advantage of the time when the public’s outrage and emotions are at their peak. That is when you can really further gun control laws. Ozzie said he has covered that important information in his earlier videos.

      So maybe we, as truth seekers of a false event, can also take actions to dampen or quash the ensuing of the public emotional reactions so as to avert the fast tracking of new gun restrictions.

      I would also point out that THEY knowingly can put out ridiculously sloppy videos of the event in progress and then put on a big banning campaign against the phony video and threaten incarceration for viewing the video, and all of that increases the believability of the content of the video by the masses. The more something is verboten, the more true it is made to appear, ergo, the entire official narrative of the false event is made to be accepted in the public’s mind.

      A little off topic, but what I have observed about Dr. Kevin Barrett from his earliest beginnings in the world of false event research and commentary is that he always accepted Dr. Steven Jones’ work and all the subsequent people and groups that were spin-offs of the thermite theory and concomitantly always avoided like the plaque commenting on the NPT – No Planes Theory of 9-11.

      Another observation I would make in regard to Dr. Barrett’s always in knee-jerk fashion pumps up, takes the side of, any false event take of any Muslim person or group about any event, ostensibly always against Israel and “the Jews.” It is very clear to me that those of the “Jewish revolutionary spirit” have infiltrated top Saudi government / monarch operatives and these Muslim entities are infiltrated and ruined by “the Zionists” just like the USA.

      1. D-Lady…Very little to disagree with here…maybe some clarifications and opinions…

        You state that this forum, blog….or whatever we wish to call it…may not be the best platform….
        Well, it’s a good place for those of us “in the know” to share our views, for sure…BUT it does little to bring in the sleeping masses…especially in the numbers we need to reach some sort of critical mass. What we really need is the kind of rallies we had in the sixties. They worked and our masters know they worked. That”s why they had to eliminate leaders who had the capability of bringing the masses together…JFK…MLK…RFK…

        In regard to 911……..any fool who still believes real planes played some role is not a friend of mine or the cause. After my initial trauma was over and I took a second breath, the idea that a plane “melted” into the WTC like it was a tall stick of butter became ludicrous. AND, four planes virtually disappearing that day leaving obviously planted pieces of debris was pretty much the final straw. A closer look at building 7 put the icing on that cake.

        As far as thermite and thermate go, best I have learned is they are incendiaries, not explosives,
        and in no way could they turn steel and concrete to dust or cause granite to melt as shown in that famous underground shot. So, A&E’s idea this was all controlled demolition is controlled opposition. As I said in a previous post, the number of charges for each tower would be prohibitive…bad timing with one or a few and the whole process would fail. Those towers were incredibly strong and few speak of the immense columns at the inner core supporting the entire structure. Khalezov is very clear and detailed in that regard.

      2. “You state that this forum, blog….or whatever we wish to call it…may not be the best platform….
        Well, it’s a good place for those of us “in the know” to share our views, for sure…BUT it does little to bring in the sleeping masses…especially in the numbers we need to reach some sort of critical mass. What we really need is the kind of rallies we had in the sixties. They worked and our masters know they worked. ”

        This forum most certainly has its value and its place. However, because I am concerned about quality discussion to give valuable new ways of looking at data and discovering new solid evidentiary data, it does not seem that this forum is the right place for that, at least as to how the forum is set up at this time. The goal is facts and truth as best we can find them. We are operating under the most extreme censorship ever in the life of the Internet so discussion of the quality kind is first to be knocked down, a la machinations of “Lenny” et al.

        As was stated by you or someone early on in the show, we really cannot reach the “sleeping masses” through reason and logic and facts. That does not work on them anymore. Their minds have been molded and I feel it is only the grace of God that can move individuals to seek out and support truth.

        I have to a moderate degree participated in rallies and street actions. I stood out in front of the state capitol building for one full calendar year for promoting 9-11 truth. I am glad I did that but even back then I could see that the state elected reps and senators going in and out of the building had nothing but animus towards me and my message. The ordinary people on the street passing by were much more open to 9-11 truth, but still nothing like “critical mass.” I also participated in marches and rallies on other issues but I could see that they were becoming infiltrated by trouble makers, trouble makers for pay, rent-a-mob.

        For this time, I feel that the Internet is the best hope for alternative media and those who want to search for and find truth. The street actions have become very dangerous for peaceful well-intentioned people exercising their First Amendment rights.

        Basically, I think the outcome of this is in God’s hands. I can only do what God has given me the grace to do and I will keep on in that vein.

      3. There was a time I would agree the internet was a valuable venue. No longer. It has become so infiltrated with trolls, shills, fake new et al that it’s almost impossible…even for the seasoned surfer/truther…to tell truth from lies.

        Few look into each others eyes and communicate directly any longer. Therein is the truth and to me, it’s obvious that has been purposefully orchestrated.

        I thank you for all that time you spent in the street. I still know that is where the answer is…NOT in front of our screens. Actual human contact is a necessity.

        But, right now, we all have to do what we can until that critical mass is reached. One way or another it has to be reached and when it is, the populace will naturally hit the pavement, not the screens.

        Just my opinion…what the hell do I know…just struggling and frustrated like everyone.

      4. Dachsie,
        Do you mean like a site where everyone’s an admin? Facebook, which is useless now of course, can be used like that. You create a group and everyone contributes. Is that the idea?

      5. Or like a listserv?
        These aren’t public, and I always get so jealous. lol
        The thing is you’ll never reach anybody but subscribers.
        So like a public listserv maybe?

      6. Toni, I guess I do not exactly know at this time what I mean as far as the ideal forum. I guess it depends on the goal or mission of the forum. If the goal is similar to what I value, seeking facts and truth, then I can see value in paid subscription and having only subscribers commenting, but even that needs moderation. I also see paid subscriptions as a way to “harden the target” of those who censor web content. That is partially why I think is not the best place to pursue strict seeking of truth.

        If the goal is to wake up the masses, then my idea is no good.

        I guess I always see things in terms of truth and error and right conduct. The moderator would have to be a good judge in the highest sense of the term, with no involvement with money income at all. Let the subscription fee only cover cost of the having the forum with nothing left over. No paid employees, only volunteers etc…

      7. DL,
        Do you think moderation is the problem? I don’t experience it as a problem here.
        I don’t think there are bad actors in this forum, not among the regulars anyway. So they must be being held at bay somehow. I don’t pretend to understand it.

      8. Toni,

        “Do you think moderation is the problem? I don’t experience it as a problem here.
        I don’t think there are bad actors in this forum, not among the regulars anyway. So they must be being held at bay somehow. I don’t pretend to understand it.”

        I also do not understand the moderation here. It seems to be so hit or miss with no continuity or rhyme or reason to it. That is why I withdraw from commenting for extended periods.

        I have been around Dr. Fetzer comment areas for many moons, and what concerns me is that some “bad actors” like Asperterian or whatever and others get to hang around too too long.

        Dr. Morgan Reynolds allows one of these types to post on his but he does so knowingly and deliberately because Dr. Reynolds is smarter than the bad actor and it gives him an opportunity to easily put down the spurious arguments. Dr. Fetzer seems to allow these contaminators of the comments section way too long, but probably not deliberately and maybe or maybe not due to negligence or deliberate negligence on the part of his moderators.

        There are a couple of guys around here now that I am running out of patience with but I do see a few of their arguments worthy of refutation, but again this is not the place for back and forth discussion. If I determine that a person is not really interested in objective discussion, I will never engage in back and forth commentary with them. I do not think these people are wanting to truly contribute value to the discussion.

        I have noticed that you do not get straight answers to your clear questions from some of these people and I think for these, moderation and blocking is in order.

  5. Dear Dr. James Fetzer,

    I don’t know if anyone ever mentioned Lenny Pozner’s or whatever his name is Florida corporations. Ithink maybe Dr.Tracy did but I thought they should be posted again nonetheless.



    What do these Florida Corporations do? Idon’t know but I believe Florida Corporations are all too often used for some pretty awful and fraudulent purpoes.Not to forget that even 9/11 foreign alien Mohamed Atta or whatever his real name was had himself listed as some sort of executive of a Florida corporation and Israeli-Argentinian-Guatemalan Uri Roitman has run several corporate frauds out of Florida Corporations from Oscar Perez Molina a lake water cleaning fraud costing Guatemala millions of dollars to a corporation to print passports with contrcts from that same Guatemalan government.BECAUSE OF HIS DIRECT CONNECTIONS TO THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT AND EMBASSY GOING BACK TO THE TIME TIME WHEN ABRAMSON GAVE HIS BLESSINGS TO MURDER THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT INDIGENOUS MAYA ALL WITH FORENSICALLY PROVEN ISRAELI GALIL RIFLE BULLETS IN THEIR BODIES AND ENOUGH PROFIT FROM THEIR SALE FOR ISRAEL TO LITERALLY BUY GUATEMALA

  6. What they are doing is spelled out in Albert Pikes 3rd war..We are almost to the part
    of being forced to defend ourselves…This is all planned, and you can see it playing out
    in real-time right now. They’ve already unleashed the Nihilist and we are moving to
    the next stage with the END GOAL being the destruction of Christianity and the
    INTRODUCTION of satan to the world…It’s not like it’s a secret!

  7. “In my recent article… I mentioned the five-century-old Zionist plan to trick Christians and Muslims into destroying themselves in an apocalyptic war” (Kevin Barrett).

    To be sure, a war between Muslims and Christians in America would not be far-fetched. It not only would be possible, but, according to the Bible, it would be probable, whether or not God would use the Jews to instigate it.

    Such a war will be probable for the following reasons:

    First of all, God has raised up Islam specifically to be his instrument of punishment in the New Testament times upon those churches which call themselves Christian, but that have become unfaithful to the authentic, biblical creed. For instance, through Islamic armies, the Almighty punished the apostate churches in Palestine, Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, Spain, and Eastern Europe, including the cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum which the Lord cursed by name (see Matthew 11:20-23).

    Secondly, since America has fallen from its golden age of Christianity with which God had blessed it in the past, because the majority of the present day, church members have replaced the gospel with worldliness and ideology instead, God will keep his threat to send Islamic war destruction on this land also. Indeed, Muslims would not have to cross the ocean to do this. They are already here.

    1. And if you read Ezekiel 38 you will see that God said they would come to the land of unwalled villages
      that was always waste, America, but the people were gathered out of the nations i’e Europe.
      He said they would come to take a spoil, he said they would cover the land like a cloud which is why
      America has gone from 95 white European to just 60% in less than 50 years. He also said that it will take
      7 months to bury them all..If I were them, I would leave!

  8. Look up CrisisX they were having a crisis simulation conference a couple weeks before in NZ.

    “We are planning this event to be as close to the real thing as possible because when it comes to crisis, talking heads is one thing, but the only way to really train for a crisis is to go through one,”

    1. I agree with Jo on this issue. While its noble to respect all religions, when a religion threatens the Constitution of the US, that threat sounds alarm bells.

      Allowing women to wear a hijab in the halls of the Capitol building is a big mistake. Religious garb is a private matter and should be kept out of Government buildings. Is the wearing of turbans, burkas and Native American feathers next?

      Currently hijab wearing Muslims roam the floor of Congress and are speaking in a manner that is counter to US policy on long standing issues. The upshot of this is that the Speaker of the House is silenced to rebuff because of fear of being called Islamophobic. This is a trap that the Muslims have set to stop any opposition to their goals. They use the Laws of the US as a weapon against the people of the United States.

      1. I do not know the answer to this, so I ask sincerely….do the Jews in CONgress wear Yarmulkes?

      2. The ban on hats and other head gear in Congress goes back to 1837.

        A vote of 234 to 197 on Thursday, Jan 3 – 2019 Congress members will now be allowed to wear head coverings, such as kippahs, hijabs and turbans but no hats.

        This was a very imprudent and unwise change…spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi.

        Recently a Congresswoman upped her game by opening defying Pelosi.

      3. Thanks for that.
        All of which are religiously affiliated….
        What, no fedoras?
        Too bad clown hats are not allowed….they could all be wearing one.

      4. Hats are considered secular but ”religious” headgear is now considered ”inclusive”. To me the concept that having a Muslim or any other religion in Congress is inclusive is rhetorical mumbo jumbo nonsense.

      5. Typical SJW nonsense.
        Also wonder if the CONgress has THREE lavatories…maybe FOUR….Men, Women, Transgender and UNDECIDED!

  9. While the basic tenet here may be correct, this was not a real event but a Five-Eyes deep-state psy-op. The streamed video was a CGI fabrication, and the “manifesto” was an intel construct. Nobody died, and some of the Muslims of the two mosques were complicit, just as were some of the Jews of the Tree of Life synagogue in that fake attack. Please, do your research. Articles and videos are available on this site, at, and

    1. They are available right here at, including by Scott Bennett, Robert David Steele (embedding several videos exposing the hoax) and Dr. Eowyn. Should I have reiterated the obvious? Perhaps I grant too much intelligence and perceptivity to my readers, but I don’t ALWAYS reiterate what ought to be obvious to all of us by now. But thanks for pointing it out for those who missed the memo.

      1. Jim, my comment was removed somehow from this site. Could you please explain why, if it was you, or tell us who is moderating and what the rules are?
        Thank you,
        Your old friend with a new name.

      2. “This tells you everything you need to know abut “Zionism” (Rothschildism):
        Jacob Schiff sets up the Anti Defamation League (ADL) in the United States. This organisation is formed to slander anyone who questions or challenges the Rothschild global conspiracy as, ‘anti-semitic’.”

  10. I lost track of the number of issues that Sabtain Ahmed Dar tried to keep juggled into the air. He lost me when he wrote it was “carefully planned” and killed 50 people.

    Sabtain believes the NZ event was real and not a badly done hoax. That fact is never discussed or even hinted at in the above article. Sabtain’s mental state is that he’s surrounded by enemies both real and imaginary which is closer to the truth. This is what happens when people follow a cult like Islam. Everyone who is not in the cult is the enemy.

    About a billion people follow Islam. Can a billion people be deluded and bamboozled? The answer is…..yes.

    A neighbor of mine, who was born in Iran, was a Muslim for the first 30+ years of his life. Recently I talked with him at his office in Los Angeles. He told me in detail that Islam is total BS.

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