Alex Jones and Robert Barnes blow it BIG TIME with absurd deposition bereft of available evidence

Mr. Barnes,

While you enjoy an exceptional reputation, your client’s performance during his deposition was beyond ridiculous. He mentioned me a couple of times, but did not cite the massive evidence I have compiled that proves Sandy Hook WAS the hoax he had originally described it as being.


My edited book, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015; 2nd edition, 2016), for example has thirteen contributors, including six (current or retired) Ph.D. professors, who concluded that the school had been closed by 2008 and there were no students there. He didn’t even mention it!


Moreover, the book can be downloaded for free as a pdf. You could have introduced the book and I could have lined up experts, including myself. to testify on his behalf, instead of making him out to be a “conspiracy nut”, where he even absurdly claims to have suffered from a psychosis!


We have even proven (in subsequent research) that the kids were fictions made up out of photos of older kids when they were children. The case of “Noah Pozner” is notable, because I even entered an amicus curiae brief in this case to aid and abet your defense (attached). Did you miss it?


When I go to the trouble of lending a hand in defense of a completely innocent man and you do not bother to introduce the evidence, I have to suspect that this is a set-up. Not to impugn your integrity, but you are not providing your client with a zealous defenses consistent with truth!


The transcript of the deposition stunned me. It was completely superficial. I don’t expect Alex Jones to have the knowledge of experts on Sandy Hook, such as I have brought together in the book and in the SH-POTUS Memorandum (also attached), but you don’t appear to want to win this case.


There is supposed to be a list of references that Alex relied upon in his research on Sandy Hook, but I cannot find it. I hereby request that you provide it. I am myself now the target of an equally absurd and indefensible lawsuit by the fake Sandy Hook parent, who calls himself “Lenny Pozner”.


Kindly send the list of references, but I am not going to be surprised if none of those he could have effortlessly cited are going to appear there. I could have given a more adequate defense of Alex in my sleep than he provided for himself during that interrogation. This is quite embarrassing.


In a state of dismay,




James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth



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61 thoughts on “Alex Jones and Robert Barnes blow it BIG TIME with absurd deposition bereft of available evidence”

  1. Quote: Martin E. ComasContact ReporterOrlando Sentinel
    April 4, 2019 11:35 am
    “A Lake County man who gained notoriety for his dark fixation on whether the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary actually happened — or was the result of a nefarious conspiracy — has been thrust into the national spotlight as he is named in several defamation lawsuits filed by the victims’ families.
    According to a deposition and court records released last week from one of the lawsuits, right-wing radio host Alex Jones said he was fed conspiracy theories — including through more than 4,000 emails over several years — by Wolfgang Halbig of Sorrento that the killings in Newtown, Conn., may have been staged by the government as a way of bringing forth more gun-control laws.
    Halbig’s obsession about the massacre that left 20 first-graders and six adults dead has been the subject of stories in recent days by the New York Times, Washington Post and other publications. He also is mentioned in an NPR radio show last month about “the upside-down world where conspiracy theorists dwell.”

    Wolfgang Halbig is named in several lawsuits by parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims for his conspiracy theories about the mass shooting. (Wolfgang Halbig)
    “I can’t tell whether they died or they did not,” Halbig told the Orlando Sentinel this week. “But for six years I have made public records requests to prove whether this happened or not. And they have refused to give me those documents….I wanted, for once and for all, to know whether Sandy Hook happened.”
    Jones even invited Halbig, 72, several times to be a guest on his radio and online show Infowars to talk about the “supposed tragedy” Dec. 14, 2012.
    For Jones, Halbig was a source of fodder for his hard-edged program that spouts bizarre conspiracy theories across the Internet. For Halbig, Jones provided him with a national stage to talk about his preoccupation with Sandy Hook.”
    Top management for the Orlando Sentinel:
    • Nancy A. Meyer, Publisher and General Manager
    • Julie Anderson, Editor-in-Chief
    • Roger Simmons, Managing Editor
    • Hey Publisher and Manager Nancy A. Meyer: Instead of approving this unenlightening hit piece on Wolfgang Halbig and Alex Jones, why haven’t YOU sent some reporters and lawyers to Newtown, CT to seek public records of the alleged shooting there on December 14, 2012 as Mr. Halbig has done now for years and at great cost to him without success? Don’t you believe in free open access to public records? They could have simply placed all the records in a public room or library for all to see and read without having to go to the expense of hiring lawyers couldn’t they? Why haven’t you written an editorial suggesting exactly this proposal? What journalism school did you graduate from? Is this what they taught you to do, to obstruct truth and information? Is this what they taught you to do to write hit pieces on Professor James Tracy, Ph.D. who was one of the few professors at the cesspool FAU with the guts and intelligence to question this massive scam on America that day? The best thing which could happen to the piece of journalist garbage called the Orlando Sentinel would be for a rich billionaire to buy it and burn it down forever. The dupes who run it learned their lessons well from their idols Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, the masters of propaganda and lying to the population. I challenge you so called experts in journalism: Nancy A. Meyer, Publisher and General Manager
    • Julie Anderson, Editor-in-Chief
    • Roger Simmons, Managing Editor
    • Prove, with evidence and facts, available to any citizen, that anyone died at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012, not fake hot air lies from the lying media like you. All of you should have flunked out of the respective schools who certified you as professional liars.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. I’ll repeat my comment since you repeated yours.

      All due respect, Dr. Abbe, you had me till the obligatory Hitler reference.

      The controllers of official history are delighted when their imagery creeps unquestioned into every argument.

  2. Right.!!..Sandy Hook was a Hoax… … No doubt about it….I followed it when it happened and the aftermath….They must have the tumbscrews on A.Jones now…I think He has been thretened with losing His children (Murder)…Because as We know thats Modus Operandi for the circles We are talking about…He will never have the same credibility after this..What was overall plan by the Criminal cabal..To destroy His name..He now literaly shot Himself in the foot…He will loose more now on this than have stuck to His opinion…

  3. Jones is a coward and traitor. Recently he was a guest on the Joe Rogan”s show and he said that he believes in mass shootings and Sandy Hook happened. He is a bold faced liar to 20 million young people who watched this broadcast. He has done tremendous damage to the second amendment. I’m sure much of Joe Rogan”s audience believe the official narrative reported by MSM and believe Jones is truthful. I’m very disappointed in Robert Barnes and thought he’d take a honest approach to this phony lawsuit.

  4. Looking for something depressing to do this evening?
    Listen to Lenny Pozner get the sympathetic treatment from his confederates at NPR.
    Learn all about how Alex Jones harassed poor, shy, retiring Lenny into defending himself.
    Witness the Pozner Hit Parade of Targets, including Wolfgang Halbig as well as Professor-in-Exile James Tracy.

    They don’t mention J. Fetzer, though. Hmmm…

    Beware the Jabberwock: Stories from the upside-down world where conspiracy theorists dwell.

    1. I listened for 5 minutes…that was all I could handle…
      NPR is now a bottom feeder. And to think I listened to them years ago…along with Democracy Now….
      Very depressing.
      The march to fascism continues.

    1. This is behind the point I have been making. There can be no normal judicial action against all these false flags because nothing ILLEGAL has been perpetrated….as hard as that is to understand. Propaganda such as false flags are legal therefore no action from that perspective can yield a positive result. It must come from another way…someplace outside the box. It would seem to me, even if these events are deemed to be staged, no one can be prosecuted.

  5. There are many that affirm that Alex Jones is actually the ”dead” comedian Bill Hicks.
    They share many of the same:

    Same: State, Producer: Kevin Booth, Radio Station,

    Alex has stated several times on-air TV that he is Bill Hicks. I agree.

    1. Bill Hicks died around the age of 35. He did not have the deep, gravelly voice that AJ has. Hicks was slim whereas Jones is a heavy cruiser wearing shoes. If Jones said he was Hicks, I kinda think it was in pure jest.

  6. I wonder if it’s a deal where he can’t expose sandy hook for some reason. A deal with higher ups/handlers… Zionism… he has done a lot of good work, however I have seen some strange performances over the years that make me wonder if he is an agent. And if so what role is he playing?

    1. I used to follow Jones fairly regularly. Then something started to smell. I remember a court hearing in which he was fighting for the custody of his children in which his lawyer told the court Jones was an actor…a performer. It’s been obvious from the beginning that his ranting was just an attention-getter.

      In any case, backing down in this fight has lost him many followers. The only excuse could well be they threatened his family….as they did with Halbig. In that case, he had little or no choice. The animals behind this have no limits to which they will stoop.

    2. He’s just following the path of least resistance. JewTube has already censored his videos, and he doesn’t want another shoe to drop. Alex is used to making huge money and he wants to keep on doing it. In order to stay in the big money infowars must have mass distribution. Who controls that pipeline?

  7. Each so-called family that was a part of the SH hoax received about one million dollars from Go Fund Me and other sources.

    There have been some ugly things happen in the past 5000 years of recorded earth history but this and other frauds are at the top of the list for disgusting.

    The entire state of CT should secede from the USA.

  8. I find it a difficult to speculate on how much money (or other form of consideration) each of the “parents” or “grieving relatives” received.

    The ENTIRE EVENT is false in every respect. We have to idea of anyone’s true identity nor do we have any idea who is living or dead or who ever was a real person. We most certainly have no way to follow the money trail. No doubt the actors were remunerated for their services, but ultimately, we the people are footing the bill for these false events.

    What is odd is that no one ever seems to report seeing or hearing from of these “parents” and other actors in a real, one-to-one personal encounter, ever again.

    For example, Michael Vabner may be a real living person today, but he is an actor who participated in the deception. The more people grasp the depth of the deception, these actors cannot just walk around free on the streets in the USA. This observation applies to relatives of the “plane pilots” and “passengers” of 9-11 as well as applies to other false events.

    Maybe the suicides reported for false event actors of late are a device to help real people leave the USA permanently and establish a normal existence and new identity somewhere where they will be free and never be found or recognized. I can think of other “maybes” for these entities including their being real people who had to be taken out because maybe they were going to tell all and admit their complicity in the deception. Whatever the reality is, the people will swallow any story told to them and the plotters always win.

    1. One thing positive is that NDA’s are becoming as common as credit card agreements. Would love to see the CONgress take that up and outlaw such ridiculous documents as totally contrary to freedom of speech…..not to mention the detriment to the signers SOUL! Of course, no CONgress-critter will, since I would almost bet the farm they all have such agreements with numerous lobbyists…especially AIPAC.

      Even if one works for some corporation and signs such an agreement, they must understand they are swearing an oath to a fictional entity/false god called a corporation.

    2. Simple exhumation would determine if anybody was killed at Sandy Hoax. But, the clever complicits in Connecticut passed various “laws” to prohibit discovery of key facts. Since when does a medical examiner determine that the children were too shot up and their parents would not want to see their children in this condition? When said examiner was blathering on while describing the guns used by Lanza, one of the high ranking state troopers standing near the examiner had a sly grin on his face. A grin following a putative major disaster??? Connecticut will henceforth be known forever for its duplicity and total contempt for the citizenry.

      1. And what parent would not DEMAND to see their child? I have been through the accidental death of my child and there was nothing that would have kept me from seeing her.
        That very idea alone means no one died at SH!

      1. If Hollywood movie companies were presented with a script of some of these frauds and hoaxes they would laugh theirs heads off because most of them are so preposterous, ludicrous and farcical.

        The most sickly laughable one is the fake life of Obama…..the biggest fraud ever to see daylight in modern world history.

        Such as the implausible script….”Indonesian man who despises the US….pretends to be black and becomes the Muslim gay President of the USA for 8 years’…..btw he’s also married to a cross dressed female [or male, no one knows for sure.] with 2 adopted daughters she claims as her own”. No one in their right mind would buy it. But stupid Americans did and STILL do.

  9. We now enter a new phase of the SH hoax. There will be movies and TV dramas about it. The message that it was ”real” must be force-fed to the gullible public, over and over, again and again. The State of CT must keep this fraud ALIVE…..ALIVE….ALIVE. Its become the Frankenstein of Hoaxes.

    The Rabbit Hole gets deeper and deeper. Before long they will find the Exit in China.

    People, somehow associated with it, are committing suicide.[?]

    There are even Beneficiaries of the hoax besides the ”parents”. How about all the people in the town who got their home mortgages paid-in-full? Surely they will keep their mouths shut.

    Now even AJ, the manic, whacked-out commentator, says he’s gone ”psychotic” over the veracity of SH.

    For the first week back in 2012 I thought it was real. Then I called someone who lives not too far from Sandy Hook….he told me he knew for sure it was all a fraud. The rest is a very sad story.

    The USA is a very sick society. Can millions and millions of people be deluded? You bet they can.

  10. AJ has had Wolfgang on his show numerous times. Perhaps AJ is all bark and no bite?
    His 1999 new years false flag was quite the spectacular failure as well.

    3rd time trying to post this? censorship on the comments?

    1. A couple of the Sandy Hook kids and /or the parents should submit to a subpoena, be brought before a Judge, put under oath and identified/cross examined.

      In case you were wondering:>>>>>>

      The State can compel anyone to testify by way of a subpoena. However, in order for the State to properly force the child, they would actually need to serve the subpoena on a parent or legal guardian to bring the child to court.

      In the Circuit and Central Criminal Courts, there is a judge and a jury. If a witness is 14 years of age or older, **they have to give evidence on oath or affirmation**. Children under 14 years of age do not have to swear an oath or make an affirmation before giving evidence.

  11. A.J. needs to get down to the gym and lose some weight. That needs to be his first step. He now looks like he’s a heavy boozer. I mean a he married a Jew and she took his kids away, so he’s got no escape from the pain. What did he expect? Then, after that, his best bet is to GET THE BOOK ‘Nobody died at Sandy Hook.’ Keep his mouth shut for a bit, until he’s read it.

    1. Sure. I still have my old uniforms. You can find photos of me in uniform in WHITE ROSE BLOOMS IN WISCONSIN (Moon Rock Books, 2017). I will find the video on-line where you can see photos of me in whites at my commission as a 2nd Lt. upon graduation from Princeton in 1962, with the USMC Recruit Depot Regimental Staff and when my (first) wife pinned on my bars when I was promoted to Captain, USMC. I am very glad you have made this extraordinary offer, because it will make carrying this lawsuit forward immensely easier. Write to me at and I will provide additional proof.

      1. James, I just checked online in regard to obtaining a DD-214…..according to the following site, the requester must be the actual veteran requesting the info or the next of kin.


        So, from that, anyone else requesting a DD-214 will not get it.

    2. Hey Mikey….

      “Fetzer has been overweight for years, and today is clearly obese. It would be extraordinary for a US Marine, known for physical fitness, to permit their physical condition to decline to this extent.”

      … You totally destroyed the credibility of your absolutely child-like page right there!!

      James might not be a spring chicken anymore but it’s my guess is that you aren’t even SLIGHTLY man enough to handle a well-deserved instant ass-whipping from some former spec ops guys in their 50’s that I know that can appreciate the massive heart in Jim’s ocean-size quantity of investigative/referenced work over the years. 😉

      And it’s my guess is that after observing and enjoying Jim’s pattern of efforts for some years now… that he does more credible work in a week (or even a day) than you’ve probably done in the last 5 years…

      Even if he is 10% wrong sometimes (which I believe often hovers near 0%)… he’s still 90% more accurate than all the bought and paid for CNN/FOX fake news… right?

      “There are no photographs in existence of Fetzer in military dress”

      How do you know?

      And while you are recklessly running your mouth/accusations… how about you show us the proof of funds of your $20,000?… dadnabit…

    3. Does anybody take this guy seriously? Here you can see me commissioned as a 2nd Lt., USMC, at graduation from Princeton; with the Regimental Staff at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego; and having my bars put on by my first wife when I was promoted to Captain. This are old photographs and obviously genuine. What is fake is this guy feigning sincerity. What a joke! As George Burns observed, “If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made!”In whites at Princeton; khakis in San Diego; greens at promotion

      1. Professor Fetzer, the photo in the top left is you. The rest are digitally manipulated photos of John McCain. You are a liar who never served in the Marines.

        Failing to take me seriously may very costly for you, as my offer to help with your legal fees is now withdrawn. In all likelihood your pension will be garnished and you will lose your home to foreclosure. Neither Bret nor Sara is going to take you in. The straitened circumstances will take an enormous toll on Jan’s heart. Your hubris is truly shocking.

        1. You are lower than pond scum. Good riddance. You were fake from the start. Everyone knew it. I have my old uniforms in a trunk. I am not playing games. You like to make sadistic insults in the course of attempting to discredit those of us who are exposing the hoax. You are a very sick and inhumane being.

  12. Alex Jones is in the tank for the Jew World Order who”s first priority is to disarm the American populace. You don’t need any more evidence than this. Alex is in it for the money. Which is a shame because he has done a lot of good work in the past.

  13. Jones, if I was you, I would start wrapping up things on Infowars and start auditioning for some new position…maybe some new soap opera . Do they still have those?
    Actually, they will likely be looking for a replacement for Rachael Maddow…, there’s a good fit.

    YOU are an insult to REAL investigators like Dr. Fetzer.


    1. AJ started out way back when as a truth seeker and what I thought looked like true patriotism. That was in my old patriot phase of life.
      In the early days, he put out a lot of truth, truth in relation to the questionable foundations of the USA being founded on Christian principles yadda yadda.
      He was personally generous to people.
      He was seriously entertaining and providing lots of good laughs.
      All that in light of his having been raised in a millionaire CIA family in the dispensationalist/Cyrus Scofield, Judeo-Masonic millieu of the Dallas area of Texas.
      Unfortunately, he got messed up with a witch and lost his soul because of money.

      I think the kindest wisest next career move for AJ is early retirement. That also might offer the best future for his eternal soul.

      Prayers for AJ.

      1. Not too impress, all the time with Jones,,you sound like the babbling leftist idiots, that continue the Sandy Hoax lie. Please show PROOF that AJ came from a millionaire CIA family. Facts tell the truth, prove you’re facts.

    2. Could not have said it better myself! I am embarrassed to say that Alex was the one that woke me up
      to the powers that be back in 2001. However, I knew he had sold out, or turned to the dark side when he refused to back up Dr. Fetzer! We love you Jimbo!! You’re the only one I trust anymore. God bless you and keep you safe! I wish I would’ve had you for a professor!

  14. InfoWimp was given two choices, fight the Sandy Hoax phantom costing half a million….OR….roll over for $10K and a retraction. At the time he was still in the family kangaroo court, in lefty Travis County. His Cease & Desist Order keeps him quiet for ever. Sadly, he operates a limited hangout, half truth site.

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