Open Letter to POTUS: The Parkland Shooting and Other Mass Illusions

Jim Fetzer


Mr. President,

As a former Marine Corps officer and retired university professor with 40 published books and hundreds of articles and blogs, I have become one of your strongest supporters. As an expert in conspiracy research, I am, however, completely stunned that you are allowing yourself to be played by fake shootings staged to promote the Democrats’ political agenda.


In my post-retirement research (after 35 years offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning), I have brought together groups of experts to dissect Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando, Dallas, San Bernardino, Charlottesville and Parkland, among others. ALL OF THEM WERE STAGED. NONE OF THEM WAS REAL.


They were staged with fake deaths using (what are known as) “crisis actors”, in Boston, crisis actors who were amputees! I know that you are a busy man, so let me offer some videos that substantiate what I am telling you. Here’s one on Sandy Hook:


Here’s one on Parkland, where the kids were sent home at 1 PM because it was a holiday:



And here’s one in which I cover a dozen+ of these “false flag” events:


“How to Spot a ‘False Flag’: A Sampler of Representative Cases” 


Please have a staff member review these on your behalf to verify what I am telling you. It pains me to have to tell someone whom I admire beyond words that he has been played. You are doing the Democrats’ bidding by falling for these charades. The 2nd Amendment and the future of our nation are at stake.


I would be willing to travel to the White House to brief you or your assistants on these crucial issues. Frankly, if you don’t stand up for the American people, the country will be disarmed and we will become slaves of the state. There were 19 democides during the 20th C, all preceded by gun confiscation. Don’t let us be the 20th!






James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth


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15 thoughts on “Open Letter to POTUS: The Parkland Shooting and Other Mass Illusions”

  1. Sadly I fear that the Republic has less than a decade to survive. It will take a civil war, and subsequent removal of certain citizens from the land. There are too many subversives, traitors, and nation wrecking forces to make it stop peacefully. They are hell bent on the destruction of this great nation and the white people which inhabit it. Twiddling thumbs will surely lead to our demise and extinction. I don’t want this to be the problem of my grandchildren. They will suffer enough.

    1. Jim, this comment is slightly off topic here but it is related. I am commenting here as an experiment to see if I can get the system to actually accept and post this comment that failed for acceptance under another article today.

      One most important field of battle is saving the Internet and Internet privacy and security and freedom of speech. Its preservation is the only way we can share and work together, and having done all, to stand.

      There can be no increase in facts and truth and knowledge without a truly secure First Amendment Internet.

      I think, to some degree, “alternative facts” websites like this one have exposed the censorship of those who want to destroy our republic and hasten the One World Death and Slavery System for ALL.

      Here is a positive bit of news from Michael Hoffman

      April 5, 2019

      Attempt to Censor Michael Hoffman Online Fails

      Good news! As many of you know, our scholarship is repeatedly targeted for censorship and deplatforming online by the enemies of knowledge and freedom.

      With all the complaints about Twitter in this regard, let’s give Twitter credit for declining today to suppress our April 2 tweet or deplatform us, because we dared to publish an accurate citation from the Talmud.

      Today Twitter e-mailed us as follows:

      “We have received a complaint regarding your account, HofmanMichaelA, for the following content.

      Tweet ID: 1113143468514205696
      Tweet Text: How much truth can you handle?
      TALMUDIC DOCTRINE “If a grown man has intercourse with a little girl less than three years old, all agree that it is not a significant sexual act…”
      “The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition,” Ketubot 11b, vol. 7 (NY: Random House, 1991), p. 145. #metoo

      We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules (xxxxx or applicable law. Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time.”



      Our enemies endeavor to instill in us despair, defeatism and paralysis, with the objective of removing us from the field of spiritual and intellectual battle. To succumb to this psychological warfare is a sin against the virtue of Hope. God is in charge, not the powers of darkness. If we have faith in Him, then we will sit tall in the saddle and continue to charge, trusting in His Sovereign Will.

  2. The alleged 2018 Valentines Day Massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FLA : Nikolas Cruz and the US Constitution

    Recapitulated from this thread & post :

    Thomas Muller, Observations on the Squirrel Hill Synagogue Shooting (Updated)

    Which also shows these kabbalistic relationships :

    The 3119 day ( P444 ) sequence from GHW Bush, DCI CIA to WTC-1993 and 9/11

    Dylann Storm Roof : The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre, Charleston, SC and the Turner Diaries.


    That’s how they put the scripts / narratives together. It is always thus.

    The same kabbalistic method is used to select perps for their roles :

    An exemplar of kabbalistic perp selection is the Parkland, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School event in Florida.

    All shooting events target the US Constitutio, and the Bill of Rights – 2nd Amendment.

    Unsurprisingly, this targeting can also be seen in the kabbalism used to construct the scripts …


    The alleged Parkland perp : Nikolas Cruz and the US Constitution

    The US Constitution was Ratified on June 21, 1788

    Created – September 17, 1787
    Presented – September 28, 1787
    Ratified -June 21, 1788
    Date effective -March 4, 1789


    The alleged parkland perp, Nikolas Cruz is reported to have been born on September 24, 1998


    Nikolas Jacob Cruz ( born September 24, 1998 in Margate, Florida )


    From the US Constitution Ratified on June 21, 1788

    to the birth of the alleged Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz on September 24, 1998 is :

    INClusive =

    = 666 + 666 + 666 months
    + 666 + 666 + 666 weeks
    + 666 + 666 + 666 days


    Note :

    The US Constitution Ratified date, March 4, 1789 was also the date that POTUS #4, Founding Father, James Madison, was In Office as the Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 5th district.

    It was James Madison who introduced the Bill of Rights.

    James Madison

    After studying over two hundred amendments that had been proposed at the state ratifying conventions, [ 78 ] Madison introduced the Bill of Rights on June 8, 1789.


    Primary Documents in American History

    The Bill of Rights

    Portrait of James Madison.

    On June 8, 1789, James Madison introduced his proposed amendments to the Constitution, which would eventually become known as the Bill of Rights.


    It is therefore no surprise, that James Madison features so frequently in shooting event scripts.


    1. Correction : The above post should have read :

      Note :

      The US Constitution Date Effective, March 4, 1789 was also the date that POTUS #4, Founding Father, James Madison, was In Office as the Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 5th district.


    1. Well Willy, Mr Trump has so far indicated that ALL of the Hoaxes that Jim’s lists were REAL events.

      Mr. Trump is either very dull minded or he’s pretending. I suspect he is completely unaware that ALL the events on the list are hoaxes.

      I hope you are correct, Willy, but I have serious doubts that it will ever happen. Basically the USA is toast.

      The USA is a mere ghost of its former self that the Founders envisioned. As Thomas Jefferson said in 1776….the new nation is very vulnerable to being taken down by internal enemies.

      1. I appreciate your response.
        I prefer hope (opiate that it may be) over resignation. IF all this is legit….and I have my doubts…one must admit Trump is really up against it….even from his own party. Realistically (as tuned in as he seems to be to the alternative media), I cannot imagine he has somehow avoided at least glancing at the possibility of these “events” being staged. No bubble can be that impermeable. I like to think the same of this “romance” with Israel. Let us hope it’s all a dance …and not a waltz, but a tango.

  3. The population of the USA is 328M people. Less than 1M of that population has any idea what’s going on…much less. Yes, many do have a vague notion that something is not quite right but cannot do anything about it. About one person in 400 has any critical thinking ability….Jim Fetzer is one of those very few people. At this time, 1 out of 400 is not enough to get us out of this pickle. But occasionally in world history, miracles do happen.

    President Trump is a fixer and entrepreneur. He appears to have no ”critical thinking” abilities. I like Trump but sadly he’s rather simple minded.

    Thanks to rogue CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, the nation’s MSM is in the ash heap and has been for 60+ years.
    JFK was aware of this and as a result his head was blown off in front of his wife in broad daylight. That was a slow motion blood coup d’etat that was successful over time. Blood coups are a feature of 3rd world countries. The USA is a 3rd world country….but its a rich and powerful one and most people smell nice.

    The USA is still in a state of coup d’etat and has yet to come to grips with any of it. These many years of hoax shootings are a continuation of that coup in November 1963.

    Unless a President or someone high in power reveals the fact that all of the hoax shoots are false-contrived they will continue for the next 50 to 100 years.

    1. Sadly, I concur with your post. And let the record show that Trump is very, very kosher. He has been bailed out of several real estate deals by Jewish bankers, he is thick with Sheldon Adelson, Netanyahu, Look at how he has populated his administration. I think Trump is a lost cause———. and he was our last chance.

      1. R.S. Here’s what’s very wrong with the US……

        FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,188,000
        MSNBC MADDOW 3,156,000
        FOXNEWS TUCKER 3,115,000
        MSNBC O’DONNELL 2,711,000
        FOXNEWS THE FIVE 2,594,000
        FOXNEWS INGRAHAM 2,428,000
        FOXNEWS BAIER 2,381,000
        MSNBC HAYES 2,289,000
        FOXNEWS FRIENDS 1,826,000
        MSNBC HARDBALL 1,760,000
        CNN CUOMO 1,486,000
        FOXNEWS SHEP 1,440,000
        CNN COOPER 1,332,000
        MSNBC MORNING JOE 1,138,000
        CMDY DAILY SHOW 651,000

        These millions of people are being fed pure CIA Operation Mockingbird propaganda.

        The USA hasn’t got a chance with this many misinformed and then deluded people.

        I never watch TV news and haven’t for almost 20 years. Even Anderson Cooper of CNN admitted he was trained at the CIA. CNN is secretly owned and funded by the CIA.

        I also pray that Mr. Fetzer’s information can get to the President.

      2. Same here….for about 13 years. When I stumble across a broadcast now, it almost makes me physically ill. Thing is, I see no way of getting the MSM into the hands of We the People. It seems to be a lost cause. NOW, there is something I would love to see Trump put some energy into.

      3. It would maybe be an improvement for Trump to create an independent Truth Channel for truth news. But there is a problem with even that. Trump is constantly remembering all of the hoax shootings as ”real” events. I agree with Willy….at this juncture in time it appears to be a lost cause.
        The MSM is infected with CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which spells death to America.

        “About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations… We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year just for that… close to a billion dollars are being spent every year by the United States on secret propaganda.” – Testimony of William Schapp to Congress … Quote from the 1970s

        “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media” – attributed to Former CIA director, William Colby.

        We have been taught a lie from birth that the U.S. press is free from government meddling, when the exact opposite is the fact. In a situation where the manipulation is completely covert, the American public has been left unaware of the propaganda they have been ingesting for decades.

        Yes Willy, the MSM is sickening.

      4. In reply to Don says:
        February 16, 2019 at 9:59 am …It would certainly be possible with Trump’s money and position, creating an Independent Truth Channel would be more than feasible. All his complaining and Tweeting about fake news is going no where. I have seen nothing substantial and material that would at least put somewhat of a damper on what I consider to be a totally out of control, lying and propagandized MSM. No doubt the viewers would out number anything on the MSM right now. WHY this is not being done gives me great pause and many misgivings as to Trumps true motives as POTUS.
        The 5 or 6D chess excuse is turning opaque, if not totally transparent.
        I know it’s only been two years..but geez, throw us a bone!
        I remain optimistic…and have no idea why.

      5. Hi Don. I think you can add to that number the millions of people that listen to National Public Radio. Even the game shows they air on Saturdays are nothing but CIA propaganda.

      6. Yes, Dutch….NPR is far Left clap trap. What could be more obvious.

        JFK tried to disband the CIA and look what they did to him in Dallas.

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