BostonTruthSeeker, Further Reflections on Another Staged Event


[Editor’s note: While I regard “BostonTruthSeeker” as a serious student of the Boston bombing and agree that his candidate for “Mastermind” appears to have the right background and credentials for having fulfilled that role, his candidate represents a conjecture (or “best guess”) and is not offered as a definitive assertion but rather as a tantalizing prospect. Should anyone have more reasons to think his hypothesis to be well-founded (or mistaken), please comment here with data about how to make contact. And, of course, you can also reach out to me via]

Hi Dr. Fetzer,  I have been a citizen researcher (for lack of a better moniker) of the events of SHES and Patriots Day 2013 and recently called into the Rick Adams show mentioning Niclolas Cruz and his role as the patsy at Parkland.   I used to have numerous successful  YouTube channels, had close contact with QKUltra, Namesnot Mary, Kate Slate and even Kelly from Tulsa. I am listed in the ending credits of We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook. Anyway, I have since had a baby daughter and no longer stay up until 4 AM sifting through the Connecticut crime scene photos of the obvious hoax in Newtown.

My research turned to Boston for a while after that. I don’t bother making videos of either event because, as you well know, they only last so long before being sucked down the memory hole by YouTube and it’s Alphabet parent octopus. My wife has also gotten used to living with a husband who no longer chases endless rabbit holes. The possibility of getting the Dr. James Tracy doxxing treatment always made her uneasy. Regardless,as a Canadian, I am proud of what I did post on YouTube trying to wake up members of your republic. I did what I could. If you saw five Boston bombing videos in 2013, you would have seen my work. I had hundreds of thousands of views in the first week of that event alone.

I made the very first YouTube video of alleged double amputee Jeff Bauman noting the lack of blood trailing from his severed legs. Almost 500K views before it was flagged for violating YouTube’s policy against gory images, etc.  I also found out that a former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) doctor, Kevin Tabb, ran the triage unit at Beth Israel Medical Center for the overwhelming majority of the “victims” and Boston patsy, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose throat was cut, making him unable-to-speak, among other seldom known details.  The triage unit was flooded with Israeli medical staff. No wonder they were able to control the amputee crisis actors.Here he is boasting about his management of the “crisis center:

I did have some interesting finds recently and would love for someone like yourself to take over the reigns or at the very least add it to their file. It is literally gathering dust. I emailed Paul Craig Roberts with the following and he suggested I post it on a website or similar. The truth is, I simply don’t have the time for any of that. I would have mentioned it on Rick Adams show, but it is simply too long.  Anyways, here’s what I did find. Whether it matters is up to the reader I suppose. You have better research skills and might dig way deeper than I ever could.


Boston Bombing Witnesses

We know from many witnesses who have attended numerous Boston marathons the one difference they noticed is that there was an obvious militarized police presence that particular day, bomb sniffing dogs, men on roofs with radios and, as  The Boston Globe tweeted, a demonstration bomb would be set off during the marathon “for the benefit of bomb squad activities”. So it’s safe to say we know this drill certainly was coinciding with as an integral element of the day’s events. One longtime Boston marathon participant from Australia knew something was going on. The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs published an article affirming the Boston marathon had previously been used for DHS training of major civil emergency scenarios for public events during the marathon conducted in 2008. 

I feel after studying the Boston bombing I’ve identified an individual whom I strongly believe was behind staging the Boston bombing drill, which was carried out under the DHS moniker of “Operation Urban Shield”. I strongly believe that a crucial key to stopping these “false flags” and hoax events is by naming names.

This person was a legal advisor to Janet Reno. She ran for Massachusetts Governor in 2013. She  has a background in law enforcement as a former trial attorney at the Department of Justice and an expert on terrorism, counter-terrorism, security strategy and also oversaw security and emergency response in Boston that day, as the head of the Massachusetts division of the Department of Homeland security as Governor Deval Patrick’s homeland security advisor. If anyone knew about any drills that day, this person would have been directing it.  I have absolutely no doubt.


Who was running the hoax?

She is a leading figure in The National Commission on Terrorism and headed the Massachusetts National Guardand oversaw it’s Civil Support Teams (or CST’s), such as Craft International, which is especially striking since it was personnel of Craft International–wearing their khaki trousers, black jacket and black baseball caps with a skull insignia, where the motto of Craft is, “Violence does solve problems!”, who were captured in photos and videos planting the backpacks that exploded during the marathon:

This person is married to judge David Barron, who came onto CNN to explain to America why SWAT teams and militarized police had to lock down the entire Boston area, businesses, schools, transit EVERYTHING!! and search homes door to door, bedroom to bedroom in a de facto martial law state, searching for a 19 year old college student who had nothing to do with the bombing. Indeed, the perps blundered when the brothers were photoshopped into the marathon footage, because they did not have the right backpacks!

This individual is a CNN contributor and, much to my surprise, a virtual expert on both Dzokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and their alleged radicalization in Chechnya. She is also a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission. It was discovering that she was an expert on the brothers, who clearly did not commit the crime, that convinced me I was on the right track and that I had pieced together the strongest candidate for having managed the Boston Marathon bombing hoax on behalf of (what we have become accustom to call) “The Deep State”, of which she is a prominent member.

My Candidate for the Boston Charade

She is also a “Mega Event Planner” and played a pivotal role in major operations including handling of the H1N1 pandemic and the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill response and is a key member of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs with other shady characters, such as John M. Duetch, the former Director of the CIA;  Paul Volker, the former Chair of the FED; leading patron, Nathanael Rothschild; and Robert Taubman, billionaire real estate mogul, who just happens to own a mall in which the FBI recently thwarted a pressure cooker bomb plot that they helped the ISIS sympathizer construct and deliver to that very same mall.  What are the odds?

Her name is Juliette Kayyem. Like other prominent figures in public and political affairs, you can read her entry in Wikipedia. As the editor of this blog, James Fetzer, Ph.D., can certify, my conclusion is tentative and fallible in the sense of science: “fallible”, insofar as it might be false, even though it appears to be the best supported conclusion among the alternatives; “tentative”, insofar as the acquisition of new evidence or better alternatives may require the rejection of hypotheses previously accepted, the acceptance of hypotheses previously rejected, and leaving others in suspense. Dr. Fetzer has assumed me that she would be welcome to submit a rebuttal for publication here.

Concluding Reflections

The Belfer Center was involved recently in a Wikipedia editing scandal of sorts engaged in a pay-for-play editing scheme with the Stanton Foundation. They made a $3.6 million donation to Wikimedia, the largest one-time gift in the non-profit’s history. About $53,000 of that money in turn was used to pay a Wikipedia editor at the Belfer Center of Harvard University, which lists Hillary’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook, as an expect and, even more interestingly, features articles by none other than Juliette Kayyem. The rationale was to improve Wikipedia articles related to “international security”. All this is made even more suspect by the fact that the director of the Belfer Center, and the head of the Stanton Foundation are married!

I next spent weeks on  Wikipedia noting dozens of edits, mostly omissions specifically for “Boston Bombing” and the two Tsarnaev brothers. I found the most edits were done by the same person, who had also edited the subject “Israeli apartheid” the most. Combined with the role of Kevin Tabb and Beth Israel Medical Center, when they used amputee crisis actors and there appear to have been no real victims, it looks like this was a Zionist opThe Stanton Foundation was endowed by the late longtime CBS President, Frank Stanton. Coincidently, the somewhat  recent Hollywood movie starring Mark Walberg, “Patriots Day”, about the Boston bombing, was produced by CBS. When’s the last time you saw “Produced by CBS” in the opening credits of a major Hollywood feature film?

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15 thoughts on “BostonTruthSeeker, Further Reflections on Another Staged Event”

  1. We have all heard Jeff/Carlos’ outright lies as to what Carlos didn’t do that day.Yeah sure they made changes to reflct Carlos tear down barriers but riddle me this ; who in their right mind would allow anyone who tore at rusty/dirty barriers to lay their bare hands on any victim?Especially one missing both legs and bleeding profusely?Anywho, here is blue baseball cap guy pointing Carlos in the direction of Jeff.


  2. Here is blue baseball cap guy letting authorities know he’s got things under control… I was sure the police were going to escort him away from the carnage but I guess having a V.I.P. lanyard truly means you’re a very important person.


  3. Survivor from site two of the Boston bombing has a Freudian slip and reveals what truly detonated.
    Remember she was right beside the explosion, suffered injuries, had friends injured and has heard the news of the event many times over.
    Somebody told me it’s irrelevant what she’s called it, I believe the opposite.She was there after all.
    Link to the interview –
    I had made a short video but couldn’t upload it here, I checked to verify the link is good as of 5/24/2019 3:37PM C.S.T..

    1. If the explosions were real bombs, windows on the opposite side of the street would be broken….none were.
      The explosions were flash bang theatrical-police effects. They produce a loud noise and some smoke but they do not injure.
      Chris-204, you can believe what you want but the facts tell a different story.

      1. I didn’t realize my previous comments led anyone to believe I think the event was real.I do not.I firmly believe the Boston marathon bombing was a hoax.No bombs involved, no injuries and zero deaths occurred.The video link I provided showed one of the “survivors” calling what we’ve been told was a “bomb” what it really was – a “flash bang.”
        I’ve also mentioned in another post that the person somebody claimed was Suzanne Bump was actually high ranking Anti Defamation League member Esta Gordon Epstein.I thought it was more than odd the media hasn’t mentioned her or her husband Robert Epstein at that time.Both live in Boston, are very well known and high profile.The only coverage they received came nearly two years after the event and that was by sports station ESPN.Only this year, after becoming only the 2nd woman in the org’s 105 yr history, has Esta or the ADL mentioned Esta being at the marathon at the time of the “bombing.”
        I’ve found the footage showing Erika Brannock missing her leg while she’s on a stretcher on Boylston.Her story said she was injured on Boylston and had to have her leg amputated at a hospital, not that it was blown off.
        Link to that –
        Before my sudden YT channel termination, I was ydafckdoihave2have1 and all but two of my video presentations were on Boston.
        Link to Social Blade showing my previous channel and stats –
        And in yet another post, I pointed out Boston bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet is sister of Boston Athletic Association CEO Thomas Grilk and wondered why we’ve never seen the headline “B.A.A. Family Injured At Bombing.” Link to that story –
        Lastly, we’ve (Boston researchers) have been trying to put names to faces.The latest person I’ve outed was Joe Duncan (a Marine), he’s the man in the red tee who was the first to tend to Sydney Corcoran.
        Link to that – (11th photo down)
        And I left this comment concerning Joe Duncan’s action on Aaron Tang’s Flickr account –

        I guess my comments here are being lost in translation.Sorry about that.
        I continue looking for ways to try expose this hoax.

  4. “… mentioning Niclolas Cruz and his role as the patsy at Parkland.”

    The Parkland patsy, Nikolas Cruz, was selected for his role using the usual method, which relies on the Kabbalistic relationships between events.

    This post sublimely illustrates the Kabbalistic method, featuring the Charleston patsy, Dylann Storm Roof and the alleged Nikolas Cruz Valentines Day Massacre at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland.

    Jim Fetzer : Thomas Muller, Observations on the Squirrel Hill Synagogue Shooting (Updated)

    It is always thus.


  5. I showed my Doctor [ 35 years experience as a Dr. ] the photo of the double amputee in a wheelchair …Jeff Bauman. He looked carefully at the photo and said “this man is faking it. Any person with double leg amputations would be passed out and most likely dead within 5 or 6 minutes of such a situation. A person could not survive the bleed out. ….especially sitting upright.”

    There are several photos of Jeff attending parties years before the Marathon. They all show he has no lower legs.

    1. I think the average man would tend to think that even doctors would be right about having half your legs blown off leading inevitably to massive blood loss and death absent remedial care. But with regard to Jeff\’s party photos, you must post em and if they don\’t have good citations provide them. And please in future always provide a link to the info you say you saw – it\’s very frustrating to deal with people online who are dumb.

      1. Six years ago, at the time of the Boston Hoax, many people were searching on the Internet for old photos of Jeff. Less than 6 were found. These were random photos of Jeff at home and various other places. The photos are no longer found on the Internet. Why have they been removed?
        I ignore people online who are dumb. Lots of people want me to spoon feed them.

        Why were Suzanne Bump and Richard Serino at the site of the 1st flash bang? They appear to be directing the actions of the crisis actors. Both are state of MA officials.

        A battery operated smoke machine was found at the site of the 1st blast.

        The supposed double amputee Jeff is seen being hauled around in a wheelchair. I guess they have no ambulances in Boston for the severely injured. All it takes is one photo to blow the whole charade out of the water.

  6. As a kid growing up in Boston, I used to watch the marathoners come by every year. As I got older and stronger, I decided if I could do 13 miles, I could do 26.2, so I did. Each year after that I would either run the marathon as a bandit or cheer on a fast friend or colleague. The events of that Patriots day, however, and the daze that followed, gave people around here a glimpse of what life in a rabbit hole truly looks like.

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