Sandy Hook Lawsuit Discovery: Request for Admissions from Plaintiff Leonard Pozner

Jim Fetzer

The lawsuit brought by Leonard Pozner, who feigns to be the father of “Noah Pozner”, a fiction made up out of photos of his “older step brother”, Michael Vabner, as a child, proceeds to discovery. These files are public records available from the Dane County Circuit Court using the file number for the case, which is NO. 2018-CV-003122. For background to the case, here are some recent publications and interviews that should make what’s going on here easily intelligible:

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Jim Fetzer vs. The Deep State”, PENN Magazine (January 2019)

PENN Magazine (January 2019): LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Jim Fetzer vs. The Deep State

“The Sandy Hook ‘Pozner v. Fetzer’ Lawsuit for Dummies”


“FAKE NEWS about FALSE FLAG Lawsuit: Reporter Caught falsifying Story”

FAKE NEWS about FALSE FLAG Lawsuit: AP Reporter caught Falsifying Story

“Sandy Hook Lawsuit” Jim Fetzer testimony” with Scott Bennett and Michael-Jay Anderson:

Having filed my ANSWER, I am entitled to DISCOVERY. Here is my first set of REQUESTS FOR ADMISSIONS:









NO. 2018-CV-003122





DEFENDANT JAMES FETZER hereby propounds the following requests for admission from Plaintiff Leonard Pozner.
PURSUANT TO WISCONSIN STATUTE SECTION 804.11(1)(A), you are hereby required to admit the truth of the following facts:

REQUEST NO. 1: Admit that your name is not “Leonard Pozner”.

REQUEST NO. 2: Admit that you have no son by the name of “Noah Pozner”.

REQUEST NO. 3: Admit that your name is “Reuben Vabner”.

REQUEST NO. 4: Admit that you have a son by the name of “Michael Vabner”.

REQUEST NO. 5: Admit that “Noah Pozner” is a fiction made up out of photographs of Michael Vabner as a child.

REQUEST NO. 6: Admit that Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dickinson Drive in Sandy Hook, CT, was closed on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 7: Admit that Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dickinson Drive in Sandy Hook, CT, had been closed for several years prior to 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 8: Admit that you have authored articles and commentaries about the purported Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 9: Admit that you knew what you were asserting in the articles and commentaries cited in REQUEST NO. 8 were false and fabrications.

REQUEST NO. 10: Admit that you have benefitted financially from posing as the parent of a child who died during the purported Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

REQUEST NO. 11: Admit that the purported Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on 14 December 2012 was the second day of a two-day FEMA exercise.

REQUEST NO. 12: Admit that the portable sign “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN” was part of a two-day FEMA exercise.

REQUEST NO. 13: Admit that Porta-Potties were present in the vicinity of the Sandy Hook Elementary School on 13 December 2012 as part of a two-day FEMA exercise.

REQUEST NO. 14: Admit that bottled water and pizza was at the firehouse in the vicinity of the Sandy Hook Elementary School on 13 December 2012 as part of a two-day FEMA exercise

REQUEST NO. 15: Admit that many persons were wearing name tags on lanyards because they were participants in that two-day FEMA exercise.

REQUEST NO. 16: Admit that parents were bringing children to the scene in the vicinity of the Sandy Hook Elementary School on 13 December 2012, because it was FEMA exercise

REQUEST NO. 17: Admit that there was no surge of EMTs into Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012 to render emergency assistance to the purported victims.

REQUEST NO. 18: Admit that EMTs who rushed to Sandy Hook Elementary School from the firehouse on 14 December 2012 were denied access to the building.

REQUEST NO. 19: Admit that there was no string of ambulances to Sandy Hook Elementary School to rush the victim’s bodies to hospitals on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 20: Admit that no Med-Evac helicopter was call to Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 21: Admit that no bodies were placed on any of the triage tarps that were laid out in the parking lot of Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 22: Admit that Sandy Hook Elementary School was not wheel-chair accessible on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO 23: Admit that Sandy Hook Elementary School was in deplorable condition, both inside and out, on 14 December 2012.

REQUEST NO. 24: Admit that the death certificate attached as Exhibit A is a fabrication.

REQUEST NO. 25: Admit that the death certificate attached as Exhibit B is a fabrication.

REQUEST NO. 26: Admit that the death certificate attached as Exhibit C is a fabrication.

REQUEST NO. 27: Admit that the death certificate attached as Exhibit D is a fabrication.

REQUEST NO. 28: Admit that the death certificate attached as Exhibit E is a fabrication.

REQUEST NO. 29: Admit that the death certificate attached as Exhibit F is a fabrication.

REQUEST NO. 30: Admit that the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 13-14 December 2012 was a two-day FEMA exercise in which nobody died.

Dated:   24 January 2019


800 Violet Lane

Oregon, WI 53575

(h): (608) 835-2707

(c): (608) 354-4280

Exhibit A:
Death Certificate Lenny Pozner sent to Kelley Watt

Exhibit B:
Death Certificate Certified by the State of Connecticut

Exhibit C:

Death Certificate (

Exhibit D:
Second Copy of Noah Pozner Death Certification (

Exhibit E:
Another Copy with the Same Partial File Number as Exhibit D

Exhibit F:
Adam Lanza Death Certification (



“Dave Gahary: The Moon Rock Books Lawsuit” with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock












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67 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Lawsuit Discovery: Request for Admissions from Plaintiff Leonard Pozner”

  1. I cannot tell if this posted or not, so I’ll try again.

    As with troll/shill attacks on James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig’s treatment by the “courts”, authorities and MSM is outrageous, immoral, corrupt, bias and illegal.
    But one thing you can take to the bank (IF you believe in taking anything to the bank), is that these courageous men will NEVER surrender…..and in Halbig’s case, even after threats to him and his family. We the People owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

  2. As a collective group, the Sandy Hook ”parents” are way older than they should be statistically. Worldwide, there are many thousands of 6 year old’s parents. Why were the Sandy Hook parents so old on the date of the hoax?

    Its well known that the hoaxers used old photos to construct the population of the class.

    Why have hundreds of FaceBook and YouTube truther accounts of this event been deleted by FB and YT? Why did Amazon ban a book about the Sandy Hook Hoax? Why is the MSM on a desperate crusade to silence anyone who states that the event at Sandy Hook was a hoax about gun~control and very poorly done?

  3. On Pozner’s Youtube channel, there is a video of what looks like a four or five year old talking about a Spiderman movie. if that is not Noah, who is it?

    Vabner was born in 1995, no Spiderman movie to talk about in ’99 or 2000

  4. \”Old, moldy, asbestos filled Sandy Hook Elementary School

    Now a different Sandy Hook Elementary School is listed.
    Why use the same name for a new school in a different place?
    If the ground was not hazardous, why not use the original place?

    41°25\’12\”N 73°16\’43\”W
    12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 is no longer labeled \” on Google Earth
    New \”Sandy Hook Elementary School\” at 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe CT 06468
    which is 8.5 miles SE from the original location.\”

    1. Shocking, someone saying the Google Earth photos were faked. Check out the photos at, are those fake too?

      They used the same name for the new school, so what? They are no longer at Chalk Hill

  5. Professor Fetzer, the only possible reason for failing to record a DD-214 is not having one. That, combined with a remarkable absence of anybody who seems to remember serving with you, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you never served in the USMC.

    I had hoped that you would come clean after this revelation. It is disappointing to see you that you have not.

    1. The depth of corruption of someone making such a grotesque allegation dumbfounds me. If I have a copy of my DD-214, obviously the DOD has a copy of my DD-214. Since I have already cited where anyone can find photographs of me in uniform (in my whites at graduation from Princeton; in khakis as a member of the staff of the Recruit Training Regiment, USMC Recruit Depot, San Diego; and in greens where my first wife is pinning on my bars when I was promoted to Captain, USMC), there is no room for doubt that you are lying through your teeth and represent a low form of life–especially by making this scurrilous charge using my son’s name! But then this represents the kind of response we expect from the Deep State when its malfeasance and incompetence are exposed to the public by students who actually care about truth and justice! Disgusting!

    2. Look at what he has written here: “Professor Fetzer, the only possible reason for failing to record a DD-214 is not having one. That, combined with a remarkable absence of anybody who seems to remember serving with you, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you never served in the USMC.”

      A DD-214 records your history of service in the military. He claims he can’t find mine, which is absurd. But if he can’t find mine, how would he know where I had served and who would have remembered me? Do you think he has interviewed every Marine in the Corps from 1962-66 when I was in?

      What that means is that the government, which is desperate to cover up Sandy Hook, has sunk to relying upon morons who don’t know their a-hole from their elbow to trash truth seekers. This post is self-refuting. Bear in mind that the perps will sink to any level in their desperation to cover this up.

      1. Apparently some of the “dead” students have been reaching out to Wolgang. They are scared as you can imagine. We appreciate you Jim

    3. I remember CPT Fetzer from our ol’ battle days. We took Suribachi, the two of us marched up the right flanks of the Japanese battalion.Saying nobody knew Jim Fetzer is a filthy lie, I knew him then and any mendacity on your part is just disgusting and unwelcome. I’m calling for you to stop your shilling right this minute.

    1. I’m from Connecticut and even for southern Connecticut, this photo shows leaves fully out on the trees! For this date, this is simply not the way things are in this state. There’s way too much greenery for the date. I’m calling “foul” here. That’s OK with you, right, Bob?

      1. Evergreen trees would be green year round. There are other trees nearer the playground that look bare

      2. With today’s technical capabilities, it’s possible to fake any photo….and the date, too….
        That said, I would challenge you to enlarge that photo and prove beyond any doubt those are children in the playground.
        I would also challenge you to identify the strange painted-in figures in the courtyard that could very well be someone’s way of saying, “the jokes on you”. Those figures are obviously cartoonish in nature and may be revealing more than you wanted the reader to see, eh?

        Please cease and desist…you are not wanted here with your distorted facts and blatant lies.

      3. You can also got to a site named and view images of the school to see any changes done to the grounds. You have to pay for the photos without their watermark, but even the free images are good enough too what changes were made to the area around the school.

      4. I am replying to my own comment, since there is no reply \”button\” below your response, \”Bob\”. This is in regard to your response of January 29, 2019 at 9:39 pm …
        Tellingly enough, you failed to address the concerns in my post of January 29, 2019 at 7:00 pm.
        Seems that because of your inability to present facts, deterrence is your strategy.

      5. I addressed the animation in the photo, but I posted links so that post is “awaiting moderation”. the animation was added by Crisisactorsguild in their post of the photo.

        You can see similar photos with no animation at Just put in 12 Dickinson Dr Sandy Hook in the search engine on that site and you’ll see the photos.

  6. The license plates of most of the cars in the SH parking lot reveal that these cars most recent location was a police impound lot in a nearby city. It appears that these cars were mere props for the hoax. Videos of this report have been deleted from YouTube.

    Nearby neighbors of the SH school were interviewed by independent researchers. Several said that the school had not been used for the previous 4 years. Others opened their doors about 3 inches and said that they were told to not say anything.

    The event was 2 weeks before Christmas yet there are no winter or holiday decorations in the school. Rather odd for a grade school.

      1. Don, Bob’s a shill. Nothing could convince him otherwise, because he is on a mission which has nothing to do what the truth about Sandy Hook and everything to do with its concealment.

      2. If you make a post and say there are interviews with locals that say the school was closed, it would make sense to offer links to such interviews as evidence of such a claim.

        There are Google Earth images of the school from march 2012 that show the school very much open.

      3. Can you provide me with photos of the open school in March, 2012? I think you’re on to something. It’s called mental illness.

      4. Get this Jim. A government shill tried to convince me that the plane crash on 911 in Shanksville had ”vaporized”. {first time that has happened in world history}…..hahahahaha…sure.

    1. Some writers put quotes around words they want to distance themselves from. Quotation marks used this way are commonly called scare quotes or shudder quotes. It’s a way of implying that you’re using a term in an unusual way or that you don’t necessarily approve of it:

      Example…….This article was written by a “professional” writer.

      From Grammarly.

  7. Having checked on Wiki to define this “Request for Admissions” (not that I trust Wiki in many case, but in legal definitions of this type, it would seem they must be on target), I found this:
    ((Under Rule 36(a)(5) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,[2] the answering party may also object to the request, and state the reason for his or her objection, so long as the objection is not solely because the request would present a genuine issue of fact for trial.))
    Not to be a naysayer, as I wish James the best in this courageous endeavor, but who knows how the “appointed” judge will rule when presented with Pozner’s objections. And one may bet the farm the judge will be the “right” judge to stymie Mr. Fetzer’s efforts. Empire will go all out to make damn sure this never sees the light of a courtroom.
    Further, I would not be surprised at all if Pozner disappears or is found “suicided” because he could not handle the stress.
    I love to dream and would revel to see the government damaged beyond repair when this goes to court.
    Reality tells me otherwise.
    Let us pray.

    1. This civil action was filed in Wisconsin state court, where burden of proof is preponderance of evidence. The 30 Requests in the Fetzer reply will provide prima facie evidence of either current Posner perjury, or provable past deception. Best guess is Posner expected to bully summary judgment and defendant cave, like Alex Jones did. All crooked rulings by a kangaroo court will be appealed to higher court. Dr Fetzer has more experience in minefields than this FEMA crisis actor from Sandy Hoax.

      1. JO, I would be elated to see this go the course, in which case anyone involved from day one would be held to account…including the illegal and unconstitutional Obama admin. Of course, my higher self sees this happening. BUT, my SELF that unfortunately finds itself in this seeming “purgatory” (as an example, today we had the CONgress voting for endless WAR by staying in NATO) cannot imagine a result that would hold all these criminals feet to the fire. Man, would I love to be wrong!!
        And where the hell is the Trump on all this? Being advised to pay no attention to the conspiracy theorists?

  8. It strikes me that Putative Poz has had a tremendous amount of help in fabricating charges against Jim Fetzer. As in legal help, financial help, etc. It also strikes me that should this individual admit or be forced to admit he is dead wrong in just one of these categories of contention, game’s over.
    The deep state/government absolutely cannot afford to get keelhauled on this Sandy Hook whitewash job. Admission of a coverup would require Herculean efforts on the part of the MSM to carry on with denial efforts. By the way, has anybody seen notifications of this upcoming case in the mainline press/TV, etc? One might well expect hubris to predominate on the part of the Poz whereby publicity far and wide would herald an expected “victory”. However, I have not seen mention of this case at all in any major media broadcasts or articles.

    1. I really hope there is an answer for this because it’s been my belief for a long time that SH seemed like a fabrication but the debunking groups showing Noah in shirts that reflect shows released in 2011 make me wonder how these could be old photos unless someone is really good at photo shop. Hopefully someone has an answer.

      1. Fetzer’s answer to that is the same as it is to many other questions, Photoshop When he has no real answer, he just uses the Photoshop excuse.

      2. When have I used “the photoshop excuse”? Of course, those photos ARE shopped. But plenty of others are not, including 50 of furnishing an empty house to serve as the Adam Lanza residence and 50 more of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage for a shooting massacre. Shannon Hicks’ photos are not shopped, but they prove it was a staged event, nonetheless. I am sorry, but aren’t you the same guy who, when confronted with the FEMA Manual for the 2-day exercise, claims that it’s a fabrication? I am sorry, but your stooge credential are showing here–BIG TIME!

  9. What if he denies everything in your request for admissions? You will have to prove the falsity of each one of those denials, which proof in essence consists of the same facts you have to prove for your case in chief. A well-drafted set of interrogatories and request for production of documents prior to the request for admissions would give you the basis to draft the requests, knowing that the hard evidence you have in hand from the discovery responses will make the request for admissions impossible to deny.

      1. You’re digging your own grave?

        James Fetzer knows what the facts are. He’s just harassing Mr. Pozner for some other purpose than his true belief. It’s a crime for a citizen to lie to the government or its members. James Fetzer has repeatedly claimed that “nobody died” at Sandy Hook, EXCEPT when he was in front of the school board. In front of the school board, he acknowledged that the school was occupied and that children died there that day. Now, why would he change his story ONLY to the school board, and then switch back after that meeting? Perhaps it has something to do with his lawyer’s advice or his personal knowledge to not lie to government employees?

        Minutes of the Board of Education meeting on May 6, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 3 Primrose Street.

        See Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which prohibits knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information:

        (1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact;
        (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or
        (3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement.

      2. Like virtually everything else we hear from this source, it is complete and utter nonsense. When Wolfgang and I appeared before the Newtown School Board, we had 3 minutes to ask questions, where we knew in advance that the members would remain silent on advice of their attorney.

        Knowing the report coming from The Newtown Bee that the condition of the school building, which was loaded with asbestos and other biohazards, would make it difficult and prohibitively expensive to refurbish (which I was certain they had known when it was closed by 2008), I asked:

        “When were the parents notified that their children were attending school in a toxic waste dump?”

        How anyone–even as demented and malevolent as this source–could turn that into an admission that children had died there is beyond me. Like others who want to defend the indefensible, this appears to be one more effort to distort history and undermine Sandy Hook Truth seekers.

        Another good question for the Newtown School Board would have been why the contractors who were hired to demolish the old building were required to sign life-time gag orders about what they did nor did not see, such as no blood on the floors and no pock marks in the walls. SIMPLY PATHETIC!

      3. Potter…I would appreciate any explanation of what those links have to do with this discussion. Thank you.

      4. There is no DD-214 Fetzer’s name filed in any US jurisdiction. This proves, categorically, that James Fetzer could NEVER served in the US Marines. He’s a common valor thief.

      5. This is bizarre on multiple counts. I not only have my official records from my service in the US Marine Corps, including my DD-214, but I still have my old uniforms in a trunk. And using my son’s name for a trash post like this shows the corruption of those attacking me with no basis or foundation. You can find photographs of me in my uniform and my life history in Mike Palecek’s book, WHITE ROSE BLOOMS IN WISCONSIN (Moon Rock Books Edition, 2016, This reflects the utter absence of scruples by those who want to conceal the truth about Sandy Hook.

        On page 440, for example, there are photographs at the time I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, USMC, at graduation from Princeton in 1962; another of the officers of the Recruit Training Regiment, USMC Recruit Depot, where I served from 1964-66; and a third of my first wife putting on my bars when I was promoted to Captain, US Marine Corps, which I resigned in 1966 to enter graduate school and pursue my Ph.D. in history and philosophy of science. Ask yourself, what kind of scoundrel would so unjustly assail a former officer in the US Marine Corps? This provides profound insight into the lengths they will go on behalf of the Deep State.

  10. Wouldn’t there be government records of a FEMA exercise conducted at Sandy Hook subject to FOIA request?
    Who funded the exercise?
    Is the alleged father a dual Israeli citizen?
    I personally believe Sandy Hook is a complete and total fraud in which the Obama administration
    committed treason in an attempt to subvert the very constitution he swore an oath to uphold.

      1. Not only is the document authentic, but events on the ground at the time confirmed it:

        (1) The sign, “Everyone must check in!”, as the FEMA manual for the event requires;
        (2) Porta-Potties, pizza and bottled water available, in conformity with FEMA practice;
        (3) key players present with color-coded name tags to identify their role in the exercise.
        (4) parents brining children to the exercise, since it was a rehearsal and festive occasion.

        Those were taking place on the 13th. Further confirmation it was a drill came on the 14th:

        (5) no surge of EMTs into the building to assist the wounded, because there weren’t any;
        (6) no string of ambulances to rush the victims to hospitals to be declared dead or alive;
        (7) no Med Evac choppers called, even though that is standard practice even for drills;
        (8) no bodies placed on the triage tarps, which were more theatrical window-dressing;
        (9) parents not allowed to see the bodies but asked to identify them based on photos.

        Bob knows all of this. He has outed himself as a shill, again and again, which is obvious.

      2. The template for the FEMA manual is online and easily found. So anyone can make their own. Why does it say “.gove” and not “.gov” for Thomas Ramano’s email? Have you or anyone else tried to contact Mr. Ramano? Your manual also had Ramano job listed wrong. he didn’t work for FEMA has your manual stated, he is Region 5 Training Coordinator” for the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

        The kids were at school, the parents came to the school after the shooting. Like any parent would. If all the key players were wearing lanyards, why ween’t any of the children wearing them? Weren’t they actors as well? Adults had ID badges,those adults came from their work. Most work places have their employees wear ID badges, you might even wear one or have in the past.

        In the template and in your manual it says at the beginning and end they will say “this is a drill.” Is there any evidence at all that anyone said this?

        Show a photo of the check in sign up before the morning of the shooting.

      3. Bob, I know you are doing your best with a bad hand, but give us a break! The school was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards. It had been closed by 2008. There were no students there. It was a 2-day FEMA Mass Casualty Exercise involving Children. You know this to be true. Patricia Llorda, the First Selectman of Newtown–a position equivalent to Mayor–acknowledged UNDER OATH during a formal hearing on Wolfgang’s suit against Connecticut for failing to fulfill its obligations under FOIA, that it had been place there by the DHS. According to your scenario, neither FEMA nor DHS should have been there. But they were! And I have already explained how events on the ground were in conformity with the FEMA exercise plan and thereby confirm it. You can’t be this dumb. You have to know better. Stunning!

      4. Whoever created your manual used the ” Drill Site Activation Call-down Exercise Plan (ExPlan)” as the template. just search that and your manual template will appear.

        FEMA would not have done the drill anyway. It would been done locally or by the state, not Federal.

      5. Bob, you have demonstrated that you are not a truth seeker but a pervasive purveyor of falsehoods and fantasies. Even when the evidence is overwhelming–as in the case of Shannon Hicks’ two photographs–you are willing to prevaricate to coverup the blunders that were made during this–the first in a long sequence of–staged shooting and other fake events, such as the Boston bombing. You have done your part on behalf of the Deep State. With every post, you expose yourself as a shill. You might as well be Lenny Pozner, who is a kindred spirit. You are both perpetrating a huge scam on the public.

      6. Why were Port-a-Potties trucked in to the school parking lot? Don’t active schools have restrooms? [Since the school was not operational maybe the water was turned off and the toilets lacked toilet paper.]

        Why do local phone records show that the school did not have active service for phone and internet for the previous 4 years?

        Dylan Hockley, one of the ”dead” kids, is clearly shown attending his own funeral. Plus, we see him in a 2017 photo of him hanging out with other ”dead” kids.

        The famous Noah was listed as dead. A couple months later we see him and other ”dead’ kids singing in a choir at a TV sports event with a lot of other “dead” kids. What?

        A certain blond woman, Sally, with long hair is seen on CBS News saying she’s at the school ”to help”. Six hours later CBS News shows the same woman with short hair, tons of makeup saying that she’s the ”school nurse, Sarah Cox”. She claims to have hid in a closet during the mayhem. A crisis actor?

        A couple appear on TV news saying their name is Phelps and that they are at the school because they know people from the school and live in the area. Later its discovered that their name is Sexton and they actually live in Florida. Since they live in FL, why are they in CT?

        A black Honda car was , said to be the car “Adam” drove to the school. The cops did an ID on the license plate 870 YEO…it was owned by a local drug dealer Christopher Rodia.

        Why are there no photos of Ryan and brother ”Adam” shown in a single photo? Was ”Adam” a fictional psyop creation for the hoax?

        Dec 16, 2012 President Obama attended a Sandy Hook memorial service. Ten minutes after the service he is photographed with several of the ”dead” kids….laughing his head off.

        Just a few of the hundreds of strange things about that day.

      7. The Connecticut DHS was there, that was never hidden. It’s mentioned in the report. The local DHS was there, not Federal.

        You’re still ignoring the “.gove”.

        Is it a coincidence that your manual and the template are exactly the same?

        Have you ever tried to contact Thomas Romano?

      8. SO DHS was there? “It was never hidden”. The government fakes lots of evidence and attempts to make these events look real, needless to add. You have to look for FALSIFYING EVIDENCE, not CONFIRMING. There will be lots of images, testimony, and other staged elements, as we have documented. You cannot be serious and ignore the overwhelming proof that this was a staged event. Egad! The kids are still ALIVE AND WELL, which shows the extent to which you are willing to go in support of a hoax. Watch my vide, “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins”, for proof.

      9. Why does your manual say “.gove.”

        You didn’t answer another question, who is the little boy in Pozner’s video talking about Spiderman?

      10. Of course, like other images that have gone round the world, they are supposed to be “Lenny Pozner” and “Noah Pozner”, but we know that “Noah” was a fiction made up out of photographs of Michael Vabner as a child and that “Lenny” appears to be his father, Reuben Vabner.

      11. I will ask again, why does your FEMA manual say “,gove”?

        For it to be Michael Vabner in that video it would the video was made in ’99 or 2000. Vabner was was seven in 2002 when the Spiderman movie came out. the boy in that video is four or five at the most.

        Let’s forget your theory that Noah was really Michael, what other reason is there that it could not be Noah in the video?

      12. Is this a joke? I demonstrate it in the video, “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wofgang wins”. You can see that “Noah Pozner” was a fiction made up out of photos of Michael Vabner in the four-stage image with which this blog begins. We will settle this in court, but your running interference has become tedious beyond belief. You are OBVIOUSLY someone who is going to deny even the most conclusive proof, which tells me all I need to know about you and your presence here. You are confirming that you are a shill with every post. Enough of this nonsense!

      13. I have seen it, your photos of Nah and Michael clearly show theirs ears do not match. Go watch the video on Pozner’s Youtube channel. Michael was over seven when the Spiderman movie came out, so no way it’s him in the video.

        Post clear photos of Michael and Noah and let everyone here compare their features, not the superposition you did, but two separate photos.

        Why does you manual say “.gove?”

    1. First of all, the USA is a corporation since the 30s,
      Second, Common law is the only way to shut this Pozner looser down,
      Require him to put up a bond in the amount that he is sueing you for, when he looses you get his money.
      For more info see Karl lentz on youtube, dont give him money! Just search his videos, you will be amazed how easy it is to win in common law,, your journey starts now.
      Good luck, kick their buts.

    2. People choose their presidents like they choose their dogs. Some like the vicious types, some like the little puffballs, the dog is a reflection of the inner person.That’s why impostors like Obama were so popular. Peoples’ inner voices bought into the lies and supported a pompous fool communist and those same people are ready to vote a straight communist ticket.Americans are collectively the poorest informed bunch on the planet. 9 out of 10 people whom I talk to regarding Sandy Hook believe the story hook, line, and sinker.Ditto all the rest of the false flags. As long as they are plunking their latest electronic gadgetry, they are happy and not likely to think things out before making statements of support for fools like Ocasio/Cortez. Lazy people are gullible people.

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