Doctor Moebius, Why I Do Not Believe the “Official Narrative” about Sandy Hook

Doctor Moebius

As it happens, I am the father of a young autistic boy. When I heard that the official story blamed an autistic Adam Lanza for the murder of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012 — from around 9:30-9:40 AM/ET — I wanted to learn everything I could, so that I might prevent, or at least recognize, the warning signs, that might lead someone to commit such a heinous act.  My only agenda is the truth.

Living in Brookfield at the time — the town adjacent to Sandy Hook — and working in Sandy Hook, 1.3 miles from the school according to Google Maps, I was in a position to try to understand the event as a member of a nearby community.  Now, over six years later, much of the public still accepts the mainstream narrative. I believe that, in time, people will come to realize we’ve been lied to for a long, long time, and that Sandy Hook is one of a number of government betrayals from time immemorial, where the human species is easily controlled through fear and greed.

Motives aside, I recall 14 December 2012 like it was yesterday. I worked no more than 10 miles from home and loved the area.  Newtown was a stodgy New England town full of “Stepford Wives” and corporate executives, but it seemed fairly typically yuppie. Sandy Hook, a “hamlet” of Newtown, was a quaint little section, where we enjoyed lunch at the local eatery from time to time.

My son was then only 2, so I was oblivious to Sandy Hook Elementary School, other than having driven by it on various occasions while sightseeing in the area on weekends.  Like most schools, it was just another empty building on weekends and, while I knew a couple of families in the area casually, I did not know anyone whose child attended there. I still have friends who tell me they “know someone whose child went there”, but every time I press for details, it fails to pan out, which I have in the past found curious.

On this cloudy, cool day, I happened to be late for work, which was rare for me. I usually arrived at 9 AM/ET at the location on Turnberry Lane, but today I was running late, so I was watching the clock in my car closely.  I could either take Exit 11, which was a shorter path if the traffic was light, or Exit 10, which I would do when the I-84 freeway was slow. On this particular day, I took Exit 10, which dumps out onto RT 34.

There’s a light at Riverside and 34, where I recall hitting the light and looking down at the car clock, which said 9:37 AM/ET.  I recall rolling down the window, as it was not that cold – mid 40’s, as I recall, which is semi-mild for December in ConnecticutT.  I noticed a number of SUV’s at the light, going down Riverside, which Dickinson connects just down the street.  The traffic seemed heavy, and I wondered if I should have stayed on 84 and exited at Exit 11. That light felt long – in fact, it was easily 9:40 or 9:41 AM/CT by the time I was headed down 34 to work – but I heard nothing out of the ordinary.

I am a firearms enthusiast and own a number of different pistols and rifles, including a shotgun and 9mm handguns. When I shoot at Wooster Mountain in Ridgefield – where I resided for 4 years – it’s pretty noisy with reports that can be heard at considerable distance. When you drive down RT 7 – an even busier RT than RT 34 — for example, you can hear the gunfire from your car with the windows closed.

The range is about 200’ from the road, according to Google Maps, behind trees and up a hill.  Google also shows Sandy Hook Elementary School to be about 600-800’ from the road I was on. There are trees, but the ground is fairly level. Being so familiar with gunfire (I’m also a musician, so I am very aware of sounds), I find it straining credulity that hundreds of rounds of .223 or 9mm ammunition could have been fired at the time alleged of 9:35-9:40 AM/ET, which was when I was in the vicinity, without my hearing it.

From State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III’s Report on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School

When I observed Dr. Wayne Carver make the statement, “I hope this doesn’t come crashing down on the residents of Newtown”, I wondered why would he say such a thing. And why would Robbie Parker be smiling the day after his daughter was allegedly shot? As a parent, I find that implausible, but perhaps he has no feelings (although the way he brought himself to tears moments later made me suspect he might be (what we now call) a “crisis actor’).

A month or so after the incident, I read an article about shady real estate deals for some of the victim’s families, so I went to Newtown zoning in February of 2013 with a list of about ten victim names.  I told the town employee I was looking to buy a property – which wasn’t far from the truth, as my wife and I had discussed living in Newtown – and I looked at about eight of the names and their house sales’ records.

What I found was that there were at least five homes valued between $300 – 600K which were sold the year or so prior, for amounts including $0, $1, $10, and $100. There was also one for $1000, as I recall.  I inquired of the town employee, who explained, “It might be a parent giving a house to their child, or an heir receiving one in a will.” But when told her there were five homes sold within the past two years for such low amounts, she admitted, “That is peculiar”. She said nothing of a new database system or any of problems with the records themselves.

Being an IT expert myself and having programmed many databases, there is a default value you can set when data is missing. I recall reading a year later that this was the explanation for these odd real estate records, but I know this is wrong, because you never use five-digit default values for missing data.  It’s just never done.  And the odds of a mere coincidence of default values, inheritances, and gifting of five of ten victims’ families is statistically extremely improbable (By the way, I’m also a certified math teacher.)

Because of these and other inconsistencies and improbabilities, I spent the next several years researching the case. I watched the police videos from when the call came in.  Newtown is small, and its police station is no more than 10 minutes from the school; yet the officer responding to the call drove around for over 20 minutes before arriving there.  Was he completely dumb or incredibly incompetent? And where were the other 469 students who had to be evacuated from the school?  There is no videotape to confirm it.

I have read that another elementary school in town – Saint Rose of Lima – was having a FEMA drill that day. A young reporter was there taking photos, who later died under mysterious circumstances while riding his bike near a reservoir. Then there is the death of Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorsky, who died of an unexplained illness. Did he grow a conscience?

When I saw the ‘sloppy sniper’ exposed by Barry Soetoro based upon media coverage of the ‘incident’, my suspicions increased. No one – especially a trained FBI agent – would ever carry a rifle upside down by the magazine. You are taught from the beginning to always handle a weapon as if it were loaded, and only point where you want to shoot. I have been struck by his uncanny resemblance to David Wheeler, another grieving father, who is an established actor and even shoots himself in the head in a film.

Still, whenever I post my suspicions about Sandy Hook, I am barraged with hate mail. Even bringing it up evokes reactions like. “How can you be so heartless about those poor children?” As soon as I hear that, I appreciate the propaganda press’s programming, because we’ve read about dead kids at Columbine, VA-Tech and now Parkland, I believe these emotional responses betray the media narrative for what it is – the destruction of America by fake news under the influence of a Deep State cabal.

When you look at the evidence (or lack of it, in the case of Sandy Hook), there is no way to believe the official story. From clearly photoshopped pictures of the Parker family and Adam Lanza, to the resemblance of Nancy Lanza and Annie Hadid, to the alleged older siblings of the victims who look just like the victims, it seems apparent that they took earlier photos of the children, then pretended they had younger brothers and sisters, when in fact, it is one and the same person.  Even the FBI today has yet to revise its Consolidated Crime Report for 2012, showing no murders in Newtown — including Sandy Hook.

The “Nancy Lanza/Annie Haddad” story: To watch, click here.

I’ve spoken with people in the south, who don’t believe the official story, because someone from North Carolina noticed the Social Security numbers were from persons who died about 20 years prior.  I doubt the SSA recycles them that fast.  I’ve spoken with people out west, who are so brainwashed by the liberal Democrats they are ready to give California to Mexico. Europeans can tell it was as much a fraud as 9/11 clearly was.

But good old caring Americans just won’t review their history books to see the high crimes committed by traitors in power.  It’s been going on since J. Edgar Hoover covered up the JFK conspiracy and had MLK murdered. Those  in power attract real perverts, like George H.W. Bush – review the Franklin Savings and Loan scandal during his presidency or his involvement in the JFK assassination – or Dick Cheney, who clearly conspired in 9/11.  Recall Joseph Goebbels, who said,

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Perhaps America never won WWII and The Third Reich remains? Only by defending the First Amendment, and speaking truth to power, can America survive.  Real Americans understand this. Compromised citizens, whether through bribery or intimidation, are pawns in The Game of Risk being played at this very moment between the Deep State and our President. There is a storm coming – a storm of truth — and we had all better defend it, even if it costs us lives, because the alternative is an endless Orwellian nightmare.

Download you own copy to your desktop: Click here to secure a copy.

Even after 6+ years, nagging questions remain, such as:

  • Why would the police threaten those who ask questions about Sandy Hook?
  • Why would coroner Carver make the statement he did?
  • Why are articles on this topic so heavily censored by Google, YouTube and Facebook?
  • Why are there no photos – none; zero – of any victims?  We’re certainly not a squeamish society, as there are plenty of gruesome pictures of other, real events on the web which aren’t censored.
  • Why does the FBI website STILL show no murders in Newtown/ Sandy Hook for 2012?
  • Why are the authorities usually coming up with a lone shooter – from Lee Harvey Oswald, to James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman, Anders Behring Breivik, Adam Lanza, Stephen Paddock, and all the rest? No doubt, because it focuses our attention AWAY from the more complex scenario in play. 

In the end, when one applies historical statistics, induction, deductive logic, human nature and common sense, it becomes obvious that the “official story” is simply a controlled narrative with scant basis in fact, because we’ve been programmed to ignore the evidence, accept the official story, and go with our gut.

The saddest epiphany is how pathetic we’ve become as a society, unwilling to question authority and speak truth to power.  We’ve become so addicted to creature comforts and the workaholic lifestyle, we don’t have the time to challenge the status quo, and that is what these deeply corrupted creatures are counting on – our apathy, our ambivalence, and/or our fatigue. Indeed, a “Truth Patriot” takes more than most of us seemingly have.  But if we don’t push for the TRUTH; if we don’t DEMAND the TRUTH; if we cannot discern the TRUTH, then how will our species ever evolve?  Only the TRUTH will set us free. So be its keeper, be its “quality control manager”, be its champion, or contribute to the end of America.


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45 thoughts on “Doctor Moebius, Why I Do Not Believe the “Official Narrative” about Sandy Hook”

  1. OF all the unanswered questions, the most nettlesome has to be “why has no citizen of Newtown broken ranks and blurted out a bunch of questions related to SH?”
    Let’s face it, a large percentage of Americans are primed to be acceptors of brain washing. We are brainwashed on a daily basis. We are ready to be true believers. The constant repetition of the same verbiage after the event reinforced the belief structures of the populace.

  2. Here is the template that was used to make the FEMA manual:

    The “Drill Site Activation Call-down Exercise Plan (ExPlan) ” Is the specific template used for the manual.

    fetzer’s manual Lists Thomas Romano as working for FEMA, he did not. He worked for the Connecticut DHS, not FEMA. it also has his email address as “.gove”, not “.gov.”

    In the Preface of the template it says “the [Exercise Name] is an unclassified exercise. In the Fetzer manual they simply removed “un” and it became a classified exercise.

    In the template is says “All communications made during the exercise will begin and end the phrase this is a drill”

    According to the claim, this was a drill made to look real. Well if that’s the case, they would not included the “this is a drill” command in the manual.

    Any drill like this would not be done by FEMA anyway, they’d be done locally or by the state.

    1. After your disgusting accusation of James Fetzer as a “valor theft”, any time spent on whatever you may present would be a waste of energy.
      Be gone, please …….and take your distractions and diversions with you.

      1. “After your disgusting accusation of James Fetzer as a “valor theft”

        That wasn’t me.

        Instead of accusing me, can you comment on what i posted?

  3. Ever notice how clearly real events such as the o.j. simpsons murders and trials are treated and covered so much differently than these staged propaganda style events, such as the Aurora theater hoax and james holms trial, or sandy hook, and so many others. Not that they will not actually kill for their cause. I think 9/11 proves that,….the SS Liberty,….and of course J.F.K., and others.

  4. “… because we’ve been programmed to ignore the evidence, accept the official story, and go with our gut.”

    By December 2012 Sandy Hook event, many of us knew well that we should “go with our guts.” Gut feelings can be quite reliable if they are followed to becoming informed with facts, just like the human conscience is trained and developed in a young child to ultimately produce an adult person of integrity.

    1. D. Lady:

      Sadly most people have never been trained to have and use ”critical thinking”.

      Most are programmed to BELIEVE unquestioningly what they are TOLD….whether it be their parents, the church , the government or their teachers. The same nonsense was followed in Nazi Germany.

  5. Thanks for your contribution to this ‘story,’ Dr. M.

    Keep digging. You’re on to something. E.g.: Since you live in that area, how about finding out details about whether the SHES was actually open at that time or not.

    Time for Truth, indeed.

  6. something I have never heard discussed on any of the many Sandy Hook videos is this: Newtown Connecticut is in a population decline for children, so they wouldn’t be eligible for assistance for unhoused students. Because the Sandy Hook school had been condemned, the elementary kids were in a 1930s school. There has not been a school bond run in decades. Now they not only have a new elementary school built on the site of the old sandy hook school, they also have a new high school… because of the “aid” for the tragedy. I have been challenged with “how do you get everyone in town to go along with the ruse?” Well, if they don’t have a school bond to pay for with their property taxes, that would be a community wide bribe.

    1. Several of the people involved in the Sandy Hook fraud are failed or part time actors. Gene Rosen was listed as a member of the local amateur theater group. He’s the creepy one who claimed he was host to a group of kids that were dropped off at his house by a bus driver [which is illegal]. Why at Rosen’s house when the Fire station was 100 feet from his driveway and surrounded by police cars and people? You have to totally suspend reality when you think about his obviously fake story.

    2. Exactly. But, so you spend a few bil and bribe everybody,what’s a few bil when the Fed can just make money out of air? Plus, there’s plenty of black money out there. Has any Newtown citizen mentioned this event in any detail at all? Are they all MK Ultra’s? Is this straight out of the pages of Tavistock? It certainly is no random event.

  7. The only people who still believe the Sandy Hoax narrative are dead asleep.
    They still think 9-11 was real too. Our government is pure evil. I believe NOTHING
    they say and NOTHING that comes out of that idiot box called a TV..

  8. Another scary fact about Sandy Hook.

    When Wolfgang Halbig began his quest to reveal numerous disturbing facts about the Sandy Hook School, a very strange thing happened.
    He was visited in his home by several Police officers. Halbig lives in Florida in a gated community. These cops told him that he should stop talking about Sandy Hook and hire a lawyer.

    You can come to your own conclusion what that was all about.

  9. Tried posting with a Youtube link, but it’s awaiting moderation.

    Anne Haddad has her own Youtube channel. Not a likely thing to do if he is supposedly to have portrayed a murder victim.

    James Tracey has his home listed four times with a sale price of $10. Search any tax assessor page in any US county and you’ll find similar results.

    They’re not going to show photos of dead six year olds, American six year olds anyway.

    The FBI shows zero murders in Newtown because the Sandy Hook murders are listed in the state totals. The image you show is table 8, listing all the towns/cities in CT. The total of those in table 8 is 108 murders. In table five, which shows all the states, it lists 146 total murders in CT in 2012. The 108 for the reported murders in each town, but that makes 38 murders not reported by the towns. The 27 murders at Sandy Hook are part of that 38.

      1. Deception, distortion and sins of omission do not equal facts and rationality.
        The SH false flag has been busted wide open and all that remains is a fair court case that will bring out all the facts.
        No amount of shilling and trolling will stop that from happening……and very unfortunately, only a compromised justice system will result in that outcome.

    1. Yeah, I saw that. My point is, besides the FBI being corrupt at the top and doing a disservice to Americans by lying to the public, is that these authorities cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Vegas clearly had multiple shooters based on forensic analysis, yet they try to sell us the single shooter. And 9/11, my god, man!


      It’s easy to contend any single point, and some may be irrelevant, but when added up, it’s statistically problematic. Answer the more suspicious points, like the behaviors of the people, the missing records, the missing students, the falsified evidence. Then, your attempt at debunking might be taken seriously.

      1. For the last six years Sandy Hook has been debunked, it’s just the Fetzer, Halbig etc do not like the answers given.

        Fetzer’s book was built on a lie. According to what Fetzer said, one of his co-authors Allen Powell, said the crime scene photos were leaked from an “inside source.” Powell later went on Fetzer’s show and said he “stumbled” upon them one day on the net. The truth is, all the crime scene photos came from the Sandy Hook final report. Why lie about where they came from? Why work with someone like Powell, when it was proven he lied to you twice?

        In the video Fetzer posted a few days ago, he talked about the broken glass and there not being glass on the school lobby floor. Yet in the video it shows an image that clearly shows glass on the floor, chairs and sofa.

        Mistakes like that are all throughout the book. The book shows what it says is a New England ID badge of Adam Lanza. Reality is it was just a prepaid Amex gift card.

        There is still no explanation from Fetzer for all the mistakes in the alleged FEMA manual.

      2. Your arrogance is breathtaking–or should I say, mind-numbing! The photos are authentic and turn out to have been taken by the CT State Police; so while William did not share the source with me initially, that does noting to invalidate the force of the evidence they provide, which confirms that the CT State Police were running the show behind the scenes.

        As for the glass, you commit an interesting fallacy. Yes, there is glass inside, but it is not ground into the floor, as would be the case had anyone entered through the blown-out hole. Even the furniture has not been moved, which would have taken place had anyone–even only Adam Lanza!–entered through the hole, which appears to have been made by a slug, not .223 rounds.

        Wolfgang has sworn affidavits from at least ten (10) CT State Police who assert they entered the school through the blown-out hole in the glass, which is absurd. No officer would have risked cutting his uniform by doing so, where the gear they were purportedly wearing would have made it extremely difficult to even fit through the hole, which we know did not take place at all.

        He (Wolfgang) has also observed that, in comparison with the sworn testimony of the CT State Police, the Three Stooges would have done better, where Curly would have entered through the opening and then walked around to open the door for Larry and Moe. Since the glass was pristine and the furniture remained in place, we know the CT State Police were lying through their teeth–just like you!

      3. Here is a better photo:

        There is something tipped over, you can see it’s legs. You don’t know if the furniture wasn’t moved in anyway, because you do not have a before photo. Just because they’re not tipped over does not mean they weren’t moved in some way.

      4. Bob, It’s great having you here. With every post, you confirm (a) that Sandy Hook was a sham and (b) that you are a fraud. Keep it up!

      5. On page 147 exhibit 24 it says this:

        “shows the school door open but no window blown out to gain access.” Including a small photo. this is the photo that you used:

        Can see the broken window and glass on the ground.

        Why does your manual say “.gove?”

      6. Yes, that angle did not show the hole. I think that was my mistake. So I grant your point inis instance.

      7. Same photo zoomed in, can see the damage done to glass, the hole and the glass on the ground:

      8. On page 144 Ex 15 it says\”

        \”The condensation drip of moisture from the exhaust pipe on to the car park surface indicates that the vehicle has only recently been driven to that location, probably within an hour.\”

        This is the photo used:

        However, here is the car from another angle:

        How does a tailpipe on the right side create a condensation puddle on the left side?

        Why does your manual say \”.gove?\”

      9. You hit the nail on the head. Bob has been exposed with your comment. Let’s hope Fetzer gets a square deal. The Connecticut FOIA court was a kangaroo job……When Wolfgang went there, he got jobbed.His lawyer knew they got jobbed but realized the circumstances would not permit them to register complaints successfully. You bite your tongue and come home.

      10. Exposed as what exactly? I can keep giving examples of the mistakes in Fetzer’s book, they’re some in every chapter.

        Allen Powell saying “There are no super hero comics”. Why does a 20 yo Adam Lanza have to have superhero comics?

        Powell again “No Spiderman, Star Wars; only a Matrix poster.”

        Powell must have missed the Star Wars DVD’s and VHS tapes that are shown in photos.

        There is a piece of paper in many photos in the crime scene photos. Powell describes these as “evaluation form for those managing the arrangement” . How does he know that? A book that is supposed to be about evidence should not have such speculation.

        According to page 9 of “00194593.pdf” in Book 4, it looks simply to be a search warrant.

      11. Are Fetzer’s mistakes all lethal? How about your mistakes? You go by the same rules, right?

      12. “Bob” has never had a course in logic, critical thinking or the philosophy of science and does not understand the difference between confirmation and falsification. The discovery of a single major fabrication in the Sandy Hook narrative blows the story apart, where we–my colleagues and I–have found dozens upon dozens upon dozens.

        “Bob” is whistling against the wind, as with a student who would produce millions of copper pennies as though they could alter the discover of a single steel penny in falsifying the hypothesis, “All pennies are made of copper”! In this case, of course, we are dealing with a single sequence of events, which has been presented as a child shooting massacre.

        Among the most important falsifiers are all the signs that this was a two-day FEMA exercise; the staged “excavation” photographs; the “Nancy Lanza” bedroom photo (with the blue moving pad); the photos of the SWAT (or Crime Scene) van on the scene before the event has taken place; Gene Rosen’s absurd tale; and much, much more, including the fake death certificate.

      13. Why does you FEMA manual say “.gove?”

        Why does the manual have the command “this is a drill?”

        Why does it give Romano the wrong job title?

        According to Tony Mead, the manual originated from someone name JB Lewis, this is supposedly his Youtube video:

        On the site where “Lewis” hosting the PDF it says this:

        “This is the only way I know of how to get this out there.
        I have been in possession of this document for more than a year but have been terrified to let it out. If anyone happens to find this website, do not try to find me. I will not respond to you. Do what you think you need to do with this information.
        I am living in secret and suspicious all the time. I wonder all the time if by the time this information finds its way into the world, will I be dead.
        But if one of you learn of my identity I ask that you do not share it with anyone. It will not do you any good to make me public. I gave the world this information at great cost to my personal life so don’t make it all in-vain for me. I wish you the best of luck. If you choose to download this information, you do it at your own risk. And if you do, trust no one, watch your back and stay safe.”

        If he were worried about his safety, why link the PDF on his Youtube channel, with his picture as the avatar? That is opposite of trying to hide yourself.

    2. “James Tracey has his home listed four times with a sale price of $10. Search any tax assessor page in any US county and you’ll find similar results. ”


      County Tax Assessor Collector records, property tax rolls, in US DO NOT SHOW “sale price.” They show appraised valuation of the property upon which tax is assessed.

      1. Southbury CT

        Real Estate listings in Southbury:

        Enter some addresses in the database and you’ll get some with the $0 like with Newtown

    1. You make it sound like Tracy’s 10 dollar house situation is exactly the same as the SH residents. Not so. Tracy is not under suspicion for being complicit in the SH event coverup. Tracy was not moved to SH a number of years before the event.

      1. But it just proves that is how real estate listings work. Search the tax assessor page in any US county and see for yourself.

  10. “The saddest epiphany is how pathetic we’ve become as a society, unwilling to question authority and speak truth to power. We’ve become so addicted to creature comforts and the workaholic lifestyle, we don’t have the time to challenge the status quo, and that is what these deeply corrupted creatures are counting on – our apathy, our ambivalence, and/or our fatigue.”

    To an Internet Pundit, everything’s a Hair-On-Fire moment. But have we really “become” pathetic? Was every citizen breathlessly involved in government in 1792, or 1843, or 1917? According to Google 2% of Americans fought in the Civil War. Let’s generously say these warriors were connected to ten times that amount of the population. That means 75% of Americans were disinvolved in the Civil War. THE FRIGGIN’ CIVIL WAR!!

    We know Mossad brought down the twin towers. We know Area 51 exists for a reason. We’re hip to the Holocaust scam and Pizzagate. But nothing changes; nothing ever will.

    I think it’s great that you’re involved in the Sandy Hood investigations, but these findings won’t affect my life in any way. I already know all governments in all nations lie to their citizens all the time, about everything. Meanwhile, life goes on in Hutchinson, Kansas and Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

    Internet Pundits usually love America, it’s just the American people who disappoint them.

    1. There will be a huge reckoning at some point, as inevitable as a math sum. That is why “being involved in Sandy Hood [sic] investigations” is important and why it will ultimately have an impact on your life. The truth matters, no matter how dodgy and ignorant most people are, no matter how perfidious the politicians remain, and no matter how much the Lie has usurped the place of simple common sense. Doctor Moebius has done you right, whether you’re a cynic, a statistician, or a benighted idiot. His eyewitness testimony proves once again that the Sandy Hook incident was a hoax – any way you look at it it, that is what it is – a hoax. Just as surely as a Mobius strip has only one side, contrary to illusion, the Sandy Hook story has only one interpretation if you look at the plethora of facts and add them all up. Thank you, Doctor Moebius, for having the courage and good sense to do that.

  11. A minor point Dr. M but you wrote something in your essay I want to correct. The Social Security Admin. never \’\’recycles\” SS numbers. A SS # is your eternal ID. If two people had the same SS# you can imagine what chaos that could lead to.

    Obama has used a stolen SS# on his Income Tax returns but that\’s a story for another day. The # btw is 042 68 4425…it was issued to a man born in 1890.

    1. Great to know, thanks. So this is more proof of corruption. Using dead people’s SSNs. The only issue is that SSNs have 8 digits, which means we can only ID up to 99,999,999 people ( that is, 100 million folks minus 1).

      So there are more people in America than there are SSNs to identify them. This means your conjecture has @ problem. Can you explain?

  12. The Key to overcoming this Luciferian Tyranny is for we, individually, to work hard to activate our Pineal Glands or Make our Halo Glow Brighter & Brighter. The Light from our ever increasing Experiences of Becoming Illuminated will expose and eliminate the “darkness” of these evil folks.

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