PENN Magazine (January 2019): LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Jim Fetzer vs. The Deep State

Penn Magazine

January 2019

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If Gene Rosen is a fake.
… then the whole chain breaks …Then we know that the Bush administration did 9/11 themselves.

Then we know that Karl Rove and George Bush cheated
and Bush was never a real President.
Then we know that Dick Cheney and the FBI killed Paul Wellstone.
Then we know that Oklahoma City was done by the FBI
and the Clinton administration.

Then we know that Clinton and Reno burned men, women
and children alive on purpose at Waco.
Then we know we never went to the moon.
Then we know that the CIA killed John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and John Jr.

If Gene Rosen is a fake. …
… then we know that the FBI killed Martin Luther King Jr.

We know that Sandy Hook and Aurora and Boston and a dozen
other so-called terror events were faked.
The weakest link.
If Gene Rosen is a fake.
… then the whole chain breaks …

This is where it starts and ends.
Right here.
If Lenny Pozner is right then I am wrong.

If his son Noah was murdered by Adam Lanza

at Sandy Hook School on Dec. 14, 2012, then this book is a bust,

worse than that, much worse.

But I do not think that is the case.

We are saying that Sandy Hook did not happen as we have been told.

We also think the Boston Marathon bombing did not happen

as we have been told.

We think these events are part of a pattern that stretches at least as far back as the murder of John F. Kennedy, likely farther.
These “false flag” events are part of a conspiracy, a vast conspiracy.
You have been taught to laugh now.
But there is nothing funny here.

This is the opening to the preface I wrote in 2015 to

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook.

And now it’s a few years and we are headed to court to find out who is right and who is wrong.
I think Sandy Hook was a government exercise, one of many. I think it is tied together with the JFK assassination, RFK, MLK, Boston,

etc. etc. etc.

I think this lawsuit is the most important thing happening anywhere.

We can prove that Sandy Hook did not happen as the government and media says it did.

And if we can prove that then the dam breaks. “Our” media and “our” government will be shown as the crooks and liars we know them to be.

And the people get their country back.

Please stay tuned.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., one of the first
researchers into the John F. Kennedy murder,
an honest newsman, who did not lie to us.

Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher

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12 thoughts on “PENN Magazine (January 2019): LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Jim Fetzer vs. The Deep State”

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  2. Agree with Spoonful. You do need a counterclaim to prevent the action from being dismissed voluntarily. This guy knows he has no claim and will do the same thing to you as he did to Wolfgang Halbig. Love your stuff and your videos on Goldfish report.

  3. Will NOT see the light of day, much less the inside of any “public” or ‘honest’ so called Courtroom. Sorry that’s my
    take and I’ll be sticking to it until I eat my words. If by some strange chance it does ‘proceed’ down the legal garden
    path, rest assured it will be a farce akin to the phony Manson trial, the phony Boston bombing hoax trial, the phony
    Aurora, Colorado ‘James Holmes’ “trial”, and the nearly innumerable show-biz / intel fake “trials” that are about as
    real as Gilligan being stranded on a tropical isle with the Skipper. If it is somehow publicized, ‘televised’ or receives
    any significant mainstream press at all, which they won’t chance, that”ll be the tip-off – it’ll be tightly managed. My
    humble opinion: Zero chance the honorable Professor makes his case ON AND FOR THE RECORD. Book it.

    1. Will the REAL Pozner attend, a body double, an impostor? Agreed that Wolf had a mighty rough time in the kangaroo style FOIA farce in Hartford. I think this case will be followed by more sharp tacks and hence be held to a higher standard. The “government” has a lot to lose here and I”m certain that there is no limit to the finances they are willing to put into this case. But that doesn’t make truth from lies.

      Fetzer wins by a knockout in the 5th round, Pozner goes down from an uppercut followed by a right cross. Fetzer is crowned champion to wild cheering from the crowd.

  4. Hey, Fetzal! Still pretending not to know who Craig “Killtown” Lazo is? There’s at least one video Lazo’s Nazi ex-girlfriend Jennifer Wynhausen has failed to get pulled reminding everyone how you rushed to his aid online:

    Hmm…if only they’d been smart enough to remove all their lies and information about people, then maybe you wouldn’t be getting sued right now….

  5. I have two words to say about this lawsuit: “Happy Chanukah!!!” You need to file a counterclaim for defamation, abuse of process, tortious interference with contractual relations, §1983 violation of your civil rights, etc. This should be done ASAP, or the plaintiff could file a motion to voluntarily dismiss like he did with Wolfgang. If you have a counterclaim pending, the case cannot be dismissed without your assent.

    1. That’s a great point to follow upon; thank you, spoonful. Yes, Wolf should have had access to “his day in court” for the facts to be made objectively clear for a jury of our peers. Jim likely is already on this to make sure he has the optimal “gameplan” for this high-stakes competition in a court where all we want is fair rules for Truth.

      This is a huge deal. We all wish Jim and team the best, and protection from whatever Divine sources might find Earth’s future of interest: either Jim and Patriots, or ongoing psychopathic .01% lying-looting rogue state empire.

      1. Carl Herman blaming the generalized generalizations as ever. Individuals and specific groups of connected nameable identity do all the stuff Herman blames on \’looters\’.

  6. Locked and loaded,

    Ready for battle,

    Now America will see,

    What’s truth and what’s prattle.

    Best of luck, America will soon get to know somebody we all know as a hero.
    Behind you all the way, Jim. This is your moment.

    1. lol
      this is his “moment” all right. the moment karma kicks him up the backside.
      ask him what happened to his internet mobs of yester year.
      in particular ask him what happened to his buddy craig lazo aka killtown.
      what lazo/killtown went through will be a cake walk compared to this.
      lazo was allowed to fade away after his exposure and humiliation.
      they’re going to bankrupt this fetzer fraud.
      but that’s not the worst.
      the worst will be what they find in discovery.
      how he used his minnesota uni email addy to start internet mobs…just like the ones attacking the sandy hook families.
      how he egged on capt may to hunt down their critics…just like harasser hunted down gene rosen.
      how creeps made disturbing videos to harass their critics as agents….oh yeah, this is going to be a golden moment.
      time to buy shares in popcorn, baby…

      1. Killtown did brilliant work on 9/11, completely brilliant. This is silly beyond belief.

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