FAKE NEWS about FALSE FLAG Lawsuit: AP Reporter caught Falsifying Story

Jim Fetzer

Lenoard Pozner, who claims to be the father of one of the children alleged to have died during the mass murder of 20 kids and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012, filed a lawsuit against me, Mike Palecek and the company on 27 November 2018 for defamation by denying that his son, “Noah”, had died at Sandy Hook, and I was served on 29 November 2018 at my home.

It was therefore unsurprising when I received a call from an AP reporter, Pat Eaton-Ross, who hangs his hat with The Hartford Courant in Connecticut, on 4 December 2018 about the suit. His call was dropped almost immediately, so I called him back. I reviewed basic facts about the book at the core of the case, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which includes contributions from thirteen experts, including six (current or retired) Ph.D. professors, which amazon.com had promptly banned.

I explained to him that we had discovered that the school had been closed since 2008, that there were no students there, and that it had been a 2-day FEMA drill presented to the public as a mass murder. We even discovered the FEMA manual for the exercise, which we included in the book as Appendix A, where anyone can download the book for free as a pdf by entering its title in their browser and verify what we found for themselves. He even told me, “I’ve read all your stuff on-line”.  

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when the story appeared and he declared that Mike Palecek and I were the AUTHORS rather than the EDITORS of the book, which was a gross falsification of the facts of the matter, which I had even summarized for him immediately before he published the story–which, as an AP syndicated article, has been published worldwide, including in the Wisconsin State Journal.

So I have dutifully written to the paper, which is by far the largest in Wisconsin, where I reside, explaining that this appears to have been done because, once you know there were thirteen contributors, including six Ph.D.s, the likelihood that we would be wrong in our conclusions becomes exceedingly remote–not impossible, of course, but with a probability approaching zero as its limit.

Here’s my letter to The Wisconsin State Journal, which I submitted on 9 December 2018:

Fake News about Sandy Hook Suit

Fake News about Sandy Hook Suit
The AP reporter who sent out the story about a Sandy Hook father suing me and Mike Palecek falsified the most basic facts of the matter. We did not author the book but edited the book, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which has thirteen contributors.
The book was produced by Create Space, a subsidiary of amazon, and went on sale 22 October 2015. After selling nearly 500 copies in less than a month, it was banned by amazon.com on 19 November, no doubt because it blows the case apart and exposes the scam.
Six of the thirteen are current or retired Ph.D. professors, one of whom had published 80 articles about Sandy Hook before I edited the book. I myself had published 30. We discovered that the school was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards and had been closed by 2008.
It was a 2-day FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control, with a rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th. Some participants became confused about the dates and put up donation web sites the day before the shooting is alleged to have taken place.
I explained this to the AP reporter before he published, but it would have defeated the purpose of his fake news story. The pdf of the book can be downloaded for free using the title. You can verify what we discovered for yourself. The FEMA manual for the drill appears as Appendix A. Nobody died at Sandy Hook
James H. Fetzer,
800 Violet Lane
Oregon, WI 53575


Surely, no responsible reporter could have so grossly misrepresent the book, which is available on-line, unless it was for the purpose of deliberately disseminating fake news. We know it happens all the time, but in this case, he was caught with his pants down–because, knowing that I might be misquoted, I recorded our call. Here is the transcript, which confirms that we have here a sterling example of “fake news” about a “false flag” staged event, which the government wants to conceal.

I have written to the Ombudsman for The Hartford Courant about the dereliction of duty of this reporter, Pat Eaton-Robb, including a copy of the recording I made of our conversation. Here is what I wrote to them on 5 December 2018, included specific request to publish a clarification:

Formal Complaint against Pat Eaton-Robb for falsifying story

To Whom it May Concern,
The reporter, Pat Eaton-Robb, called me about the lawsuit filed by the man who calls himself “Lenny Pozner” for my response to his lawsuit. During a conversation of around five minutes duration, I explained that we edited the book with thirteen contributors, including six (current or retired) Ph.D. professors, where the lawsuit has no merit whatsoever, where we know that the school was closed by 2008, that there were no students there and that it was done to promote gun control. I explained that Obama nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 precluding the use of the same techniques of disinformation and propaganda within the United States that were being used without by the Smith-Mundt Moderization Act of 2012, which allowed these fabricated events to be staged. I spelled out much more, as you can hear for yourself in the attached recording. He nevertheless deliberately and falsely claimed that we had AUTHORED the book rather than EDITED IT, which was inconsistent with the propagandistic line that he wanted to promote.
The story has now been republished all over the world, creating a completely false impression of the situation, where acknowledging that there were 13 contributors would undermine the idea that we are off the wall. The fact of the matter is that our research is scrupulous and detailed, including the publication of the FEMA manual for the two-day exercise as Appendix A of the book, which anyone can download for free as a pdf by entering its title in a browser. He told me that he knew my work. Surely he has to have the book and knows that it was CO-EDITED, not CO-AUTHORED, where this is more than offensive by distorting our role in exposing the truth to the public. I request–at the minimum–a correction be published stating that, “The book, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK, co-edited by Mike Palecek and Jim Fetzer, published the research of thirteen (13) experts, including six (6) current or retired Ph.D. professors, and can be downloaded for free as a pdf. Simply enter the book’s title in a browser. Be sure to check Appendix A, which is the FEMA manual for the two-day exercise, which was reported to the public as though it had been mass murder. The book provides evidence that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students there and that it was done to promote gun control”.
Thanks very much.
James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth


While I have no serious expectation that The Hartford Courant will take corrective action, there could hardly be a more blatant example of “fake news” about a matter of enormous importance to the American people. Ironically, just a few weeks ago, I made a Powerpoint presentation during a JFK conference in Dallas on 18 November 2018 on the CIA’s program to infiltrate the media, which began in the 1950s and remains alive and well today. You can review what’s going on in my earlier video recording, “Operation Mockingbird”, of which this appears to be a sterling example.


Transcription:  5 minute 45 second audio.

Transcribed by Jeannon Kralj

MS Word   File Name:  Transcription December 5 2018 James Fetzer and …

Jim Fetzer:  This is Jim Fetzer and I just had a phone call from AP in Connecticut and the phone cut off.  I didn’t cut it off.

And I wanted to record…

[Two people speaking at once  …]

Other person said…

Phone rings…

“…[unclear ?] A P / Hartford   …. How can I help you?”

Jim Fetzer:  This is Jim Fetzer returning your call.  I did not cut you off.  I don’t know what has happened.

A P / Hartford:  O K   I thought you hung up.

So, I’m just trying to get your response to Lenny Pozner’s law suit.

Jim Fetzer:  Right, there’s a piece…I just published two pieces on my blog at JamesFetzer.org that are related to this.  If you want to know the background on this, I did a very extended discussion about …

Sandy Hook Update  Tracy Loses Wolfgang Wins  The Deep State Strikes Back

Is on Bitchute*.  You can watch that to get the background.

The law suit has no merit whatsoever.  It’s another effort to suppress the exposure of the Sandy Hook hoax where we know that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students there, that it was a two-day FEMA drill to promote gun control.

This is all thoroughly documented in a book I published back in 2015 with thirteen contributors, including six current or retired Ph.D. professors.  We have no axe to grind.  We only care about the truth.

The government has been perpetrating these frauds on the American people since Obama nullified the Smith Mundt Act of 1948 in the Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which was clearly intended to lay the foundation for a whole series of phony events including Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, San Bernadino, Charlottesville, Parkland, Las Vegas, where I am bringing together experts on this and publishing books about them at MoonRockBooks.com, which I had to found after Amazon banned the first book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which went on sale on 22 October 2015 and was banned on 19 November after an intervention from First Edition which claimed they wanted to put me on their television program to discuss our Sandy Hook research, but I had to do a pre-interview first, and I find myself in what I am convinced was a basement operation at Langley where I was being subjected to a professional interrogation about..


First Edition Interrogator:  What ‘ya got?

Jim Fetzer:  And I said

Well, we got fifteen [sic: thirteen] contributors, including six current or retired Ph.D. professors.

First Edition Interrogator:  What ‘ya got?

Jim Fetzer:  Well, we got fifty photographs showing that the … used an empty house, furnished an empty house to be the Adam Lanza home.

First Edition Interrogator:  What ‘ya got?

Jim Fetzer:  Well, we got fifty more photographs of refurbishing the school, including a classic where the SWAT team is already there.  You can tell this is before the event occurred because you can see four windows just above the roof of the vehicle in Classroom 10 that are undamaged.  After the event, they would be damaged.  The second, in particular, would be shot out.  You come down the flag pole and there is a familiar figure reclining against the wall with his arms folded, Wayne Carver, awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent.

There is crime scene tape up for a crime that is yet to be committed.

We initially thought at the time of the book that it had been taken on the morning of the fourteenth.  It had actually turns out, from shadow analysis, had been taken the evening of the thirteenth.

We have the FEMA manual for the drill which I published in the book.  You can find it in Appendix A.

We prove they closed the school by 2008 because it was loaded with asbestos and other biohazards, damaged by a hurricane.

There was even a major flood in the area in 2007, and it was not habitable.

Wolfgang Halbig has now established that they were actually using Chalk Hill for the students at Sandy Hook surreptitiously in order to preserve the illusion that Sandy Hook was still an operating school.

But it is even easy to demonstrate that it was not even based upon an aerial photograph of the parking lot, where you can see…


A P / Hartford:   Yes, I’ve read all your stuff online..

Jim Fetzer:  Good.

A P / Hartford I have also lived in Connecticut for several years.  I was at Sandy Hook that day.

Unclear – Both Jim Fetzer and Penn Hartford speaking at same time.

A P / Hartford Are you alleging that they had kept all these families, so-called actors, eight years on the payroll somewhere cause they’re all still living and they’re all still in Sandy Hook.  And their homes are there and you can visit them, and their  ______  are all still there…

Jim Fetzer:  Laughter

Jim Fetzer:  I would hate to think you have been played by this, but look, we are going to have a very vigorous legal defense against Leonard Pozner who appears to have been assigned the role of taking down research that would expose the hoax.

If you can read my book and still believe it was real, I would suggest that there is something problematic about your cognitive function because it is overwhelming that this was an elaborate scheme.

In fact, Wolfgang even has photographs of eight of the Sandy Hook girls alive and well.  You ought to take a closer look at the evidence because you are being played.

A P / Hartford All right.  Thank you very much.

Jim Fetzer:  You got it.

For those who would like to view the evidence, the vast majority of which turns out to be photographic, view the overview, which was published on 14 January 2018:

Video reference

Sandy Hook Update- Tracy Loses Wolfgang Wins. The Deep State Strikes Back. Jim Fetzer Ph.D.


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10 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS about FALSE FLAG Lawsuit: AP Reporter caught Falsifying Story”

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  2. The Hartford Courant and madison.com…THANKS! Those can be the next people to be gifted a treasure trove of documentation about your activities is both inventing and spreading fraudulent conspiracies going back over 10 YEARS (9/11 conspiracies- Craig Lazo aka “Killtown”, Space Beams- Judy Wood, Holograms- Rosalee Grable aka Webfairy, vicsims – “Simon Shack) AND your role in instigating Internet Mobs against anyone who comes close to exposing your multiple frauds(archived radio shows) .

    Holocaust deniers and Nazi collaborators like yourself are only getting what you deserve…

    Guess I need to go dig up the archives….it’s getting close to 80 G. Good thing they can be put to use now!

    Oh almost forgot about Ozzy’s pedo ridden stalking videos …. that will keep things interesting…

    Stay Classy, Nazi Trash!

    1. Oh poor baby, can’t handle the truth?
      CIA got you so confused you still think jet fuel turns
      steel and concrete sky scrapers into clouds of dust?
      No one died at Sandy Hoax. No 757 hit the Pentagon.
      No 757 crashed in Shankesville. Sandy Hoax and 9/11
      are the two false flags that will unravel the rest.
      It’s only a matter of time.

    2. It’s funny when liberal socialists call you “nazi” because they disagree with you. You can only laugh at the irony.
      If you are looking for neo-nasi’s, look to the Aryan nations and actual socialist groups.
      You are probably far to much a coward to go after actual neo-nasi’s…those (scary)guys would hack your ip and make you sorry you ever messed with them.

      Those whom favor a constitutional republic are against communism, fascism and socialism: for they are totalitarian regimes that ultimately lead to the fomentation of the new world order.

      Engaging in name calling and ad-homonym logical fallacy, because you disagree with some one, only proves your own ignorance. not to mention libel and defamation.
      The whole calling every one you disagree with a “nazi” is so played out “boy calling wolf” it’s ridiculous.

      *eye roll* Your rant is absolutely deranged and insane, it reads like you have a brain eating virus. One to many vaccines maybe? 😉

      Take a look at James Corbett’s: 9/11 trillions follow the money. Very good documentary filled with primary sources.

      Take care James Fetzer.
      Have you seen the interview with the Parkland high teacher: Stacey Lippel ?
      Whom described the shooter as wearing full metal garb, gas mask, bullet proof armor, exotic rifle.
      “i saw the shooter 20 feet from me and I’m thinking why is the police here? this is strange.”

  3. My entire family hails from Connecticut, from towns very close to Newtown. As a youngster I was always amazed at how clean and aboveboard the state agencies were in the performance of their various duties. But as I grew older I began to vividly observe the horrible cracks in that perception. It appears that every state or region has its own brand of corruption. Nowadays just thinking about how subtly the Connecticut institutions insert knives in the backs of the common people gives me the chills! Southwest (and even northwest) Connecticut is deeply tied in with the Wall Street players, and many of them are worse than the mafia. I would never trust them at all in any serious matter. And most all “news” reporters are psychopathic compulsive liars. Never turn you back on those people.

    My relatives in the Newtown region simply do not have any option to deny the official narrative, of course. Else they would be skinned alive.

    Always remember that human beings are at their most creative when they are concocting false narratives!

  4. Florida Atlantic University should lose its accreditation. The administrators of Florida Atlantic University acted fraudulently against Dr. James Tracy demonstrating total lack of personal and institutional integrity. Never in the history of U S academia have the administrators of any university searched for and seized upon one small innocent breaking of a minor bureaucratic form-filing rule for the sole purpose of carrying out the commands of the owners and operators of the false entity going under the name of Florida Atlantic University, which owners and operators also appear to own and operate the perennial plaintiff, an entity going under the unverified name of “Leonard Pozner.”

    Dr. James Tracy and Dr. James Fetzer are courageous upholders of the First Amendment of the U S Constitution and USA patriots in the truest sense of the term. It is my hope and prayer that these patriot scholars of the first order are victors in all of these traitorous and corrupt actions brought against them by these disgusting degraded “Americans” intent upon destroying our once great nation.

    Romans 8:28

  5. Doesn’t it seem odd that a careful inspection of the Lanza home interior photos reveals that the closets of that home show what appear to be CT State police uniform shirts….uniform jackets and other police paraphernalia?

    Telephone records of the Sandy Hook School show that in the preceding four years before the ”massacre” day, there was no telephone or Internet traffic at that location.

    The school parking lot was filled with cars on that fateful day. One researcher looked carefully at the license plates and discovered that those cars had been located at a police car impound lot the days before the event. Were those cars merely props? That researcher’s videos on this topic have since been scrubbed from You
    Tube. I looked and could not find them.

    The fact that Amazon had the nerve to ban Prof. Fetzer’s edited book on this subject is scary and telling in the extreme. Amazon’s foolish decision only served to put a bright laser beam on the book.

    1. I posted on a FB Group a new photo of the fake dead kids of Sandy Hook taken in 2017….very much grown up, alive and well.

      Today FB blocked that photo and gave me a 72 hour no-post strike….and threatened me with further FB police action if I persisted in flouting ”community standards”. I guess telling the truth on FB is a big no-no.

      Mr. Fetzer found out that telling the truth in a book about Sandy Hook will get you banned on Amazon.

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