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PENN Magazine

December 2018

Vol. II

No.  2

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Maybe tomorrow.
But for sure by next Wednesday.
No, wait, that’s not good for me.
Can you do Thursday?
Thursday’s good.
The Revolution Is Thursday.
See you there.
Will it be streamed?
Didn’t we already cover this decades ago?
It will not be streamed.
[What is Friday looking like for you?]

In 2008, when Chuck Gregory and I started The New American Dream website and in 2011 the radio show, the premise has always been that there are no wrong questions … and what that meant was nobody is talking about things that are important, nobody asking any questions, PLEASE question this bull-shit. And we should not feel we are doing anything wrong by asking questions, those should be allowed, even encouraged, and if we are allowed to ask all the questions we have and if there were someone willing to listen and provide answers there would be no need for despair or dysfunction.

We have the proof.
Of course Sandy Hook, Boston, Oklahoma City, JFK, RFK, King, Las Vegas,
Parkland, were operations set up by the U.S. Government and others, and by
inference, every single one of the others … San Bernardino, LAX, Charlottesville, Orlando, the Wellstone murder and at least a dozen others.

Have you read William Blum and John Perkins and Douglas Valentine re: the
incredible dirty trick psy-ops the CIA and FBI have done over decades around the world to undermine any leader who tries to work for his or her people.
Of course they would do the same thing here, especially here.

The things we accept as real are fake and the things we think are
ridiculous myths are real …

We give mountains of money to the military, to expand the empire and to kill and to gain even more wealth for the already filthy rich.

We don’t even know we are living as part of an empire … Good Americans, Good Romans, as we do all we can to scratch and survive and live our lives,
while meanwhile …
It’s a big deal. It’s the whole enchilada. It’s your parents lives, your lives, your children and grandchildren. …

We must pay half of our tax dollars to the military while our bridges and roads collapse under our feet, while we worry and whisper, why can’t we have health care while … or don’t think about it, get busy as usual with your day in a dozen routine ways and not think about what all this means, what is the true reality of your life, your world. I do that all the time, try to escape, but there is nowhere to go. I’ve looked.

“And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either,” says Uncle Bob lounging in the big chair after Thanksgiving dinner, pointing the clicker at the TV.
“No, Bob, we didn’t.”

And yet … we believe in football.
We will sit for hours and through hundreds of brain melting commercials …

The New American Dream, not of new homes and toasters, but of becoming the kind of people we always thought we were.

That is what the world needs, that is what the world is demanding of us.
Right here. Right now. We are the ones.

But again the question.
Hangs in the air, despite the zeitgeist waltzing without worry down the middle of Aneurysm Avenue.
Resist What?
Things are good.
Wouldn’t mind if the Twins would have done a litter better, maybe next year.
And if that is how you are viewing each morning, then probably we don’t have too much to talk about, at least until next spring.

But what we were thinking about was things like actual fascism, American fascism, the police, the military, poverty, taxes, the national media being directly, massively, obviously controlled by the CIA, all the false flag shooting events.
The world in rubble, everything except Times Square.
Things like 9/11, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, Boston, that whole laundry list
Mostly some people getting so rich it’s cartoonish and the rest of us living a gigantic lie, subsisting on lies, but it’s not really living.
Stuff like that, is what we were thinking about.

… “We cannot figure out what’s really going on unless we consider alternative hypotheses, theories and conjectures.
“That is a crucial stage in thinking things through. When something puzzling takes place that does not fit into our background knowledge but appears anomalous instead, we need to have the opportunity to kick ideas around to sort things out.”
— Dr. Jim Fetzer

Wouldn’t that be something?

It seems so reasonable, but how could it ever happen here? It can’t happen here.
… Because poverty is not the problem. It is the solution. I know, right?

And that’s where everything begins and ends and is headed.

But, we still want to do something. We feel we must do something.
Maybe hold a different viewpoint within our heads. Maybe say something. Maybe vote. Maybe fight?

The Resistance.

I have never understood whether A Disturbance In The Force was supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.

But, anyway, the resistance.

Kind of romantic, right?
You are The One. The One we’ve been waiting for and your time is now.

Or, maybe it’s Your Group that is The One we’ve been waiting for and your time is now. You are underground, with only a bit of wine left and a big-ass radio.

Everyone around you is gulping all your goddamned wine and speaking French in hushed tones, but somehow, you understand.
That big-ass radio just happened to be here next to the cigarettes when you got here, but thank God for it. Because with it you found there were others.

Or, maybe you are Albert Schaeffer or Monika Schaeffer and you are in Germany and it’s all very real.

Or maybe you are Sophie and Hans Scholl and you have been dead for a long time, lying in caskets underground in Munich, and did they bother to lay your head atop your shoulders before they put you away for-fucking-ever.

Or maybe you have been in a United States prison since the 1960s.

During much of the 1980s my family lived uneasily with a bunch of other people in a home in North Omaha that we called a Resistance Community.

Greenfields Resistance Community, named after the anti-war song “The Greenfields Of France.”

We did some odd construction jobs, some people had regular jobs, and we protested, held signs, went to meetings, committed civil disobedience mostly at Offutt Air Force Base, and went to county jail and sometimes federal prison.

So, we were resisting. We were fighting against the United States military, also sometimes the Omaha Catholic Church, which was in support of the targeting of nuclear weapons by Offutt, the deterrence strategy.

In this century I have gone away from that, not because I came to think it was wrong, but because, for one thing, it was super tough to keep going back to jail and have a family, the stress and stretch and terror of living that life, though I think what we did in those years was absolutely the right thing to do.

Since we got the internet, ever since Gary Webb put out his “Dark Alliance” series on the San Jose Mercury News, since that time, I have been on the computer, practically, pretty near true. And I have been studying, reading, listening.
And I guess, for what it’s worth, I have become a “conspiracy theorist,” researcher, while what I was actually trying to do was to find out the truth. Who wouldn’t?

And it’s not that I don’t believe in fighting the way we used to and the way many people still do, it’s just that for my own reasons I had to find another way, and I do believe that the information war is the biggest battle being fought.

I have told others how I feel and got a response back from someone in Omaha that my “new friends,” are his enemies, that he is surprised I am now a “holocaust denier, conspiracy theorist,” a lot of so-called right-wing stuff.

I do believe we are allowed to ask questions about anything, including the so-called Holocaust, and we do need to know what the CIA and our media and our government are doing, or at least try to know.

I do not understand how those who are fighting against the military and the government have missed something they should have seen right in front of their faces, to ask questions about 9/11, Boston, Sandy Hook, because to go on, to push on without at least trying to study these events leaves you unable to understand practically anything, in my opinion.

If you read F. William Engdahl’s “Manifest Destiny,” you will see that he believes our CIA engineered the fall of the Soviet Union, and that the so-called color revolutions in Czechoslovakia and Egypt were also done by U.S., the CIA.

Even goddamned Tienenman Square. WTF?
You cannot even believe in a photo of a guy standing in front of a tank anymore.

And, so, we come to today, to JFK, RFK, MLK, Oklahoma City, Aurora, Parkland, Boston, Sandy Hook, the mail bomber, and there are at least two dozen more that go here. And by now, nope. I was going to say, that by now we have come to understand that we have to understand that our media and government are straight out of U.S.S.R. central casting, but that’s not true.

We do not understand.
Everything is so confusing.
And that’s the point.

Our CIA has done nothing but interfere in the lives of the people of the world for, what, 70-some years. They kill, torture, manipulate, deceive, really big-time on deceiving, in order to run the world, make money, for someone.

Do you think they would not do the same to us here?
Especially here.

CIA Director William Casey said in 1981, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”?
Confusion is not the problem.
It is the solution.

After what we have seen …
You have the list in your head already: the Kennedy’s, King, Wellstone, Gulf of Tonkin, fake phoney fixed elections, CIA dirty tricks, FBI dirty tricks, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, Parkland, the fake anthrax letters, all the bad awful things that life is not supposed to be about, that government is not supposed to be inherently about, but apparently inherently it is.

After having lived through all of that. …
… And now comes the fake bombs, the Khashoggi something-something, the immigrant caravan and who knows what happens by the time this goes to publication, well …

[Okay, here they come, later same day, Pittsburgh  synagogue shooting … and next? … and… how do you spell Tallahasee? I spell it C.I.A. … And there we have the band forming in the middle of the field to play the national anthem of The United States Of America … “White Rabbit” … what is happening in America? Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know. …)

The next time there is a bombing or a threat of a bombing or a bunch of baby blue backpacks found on a birch bench in Bemidji – the healthy American, the true American, the real American – thinks “CIA, FBI, the police” – the real patriot refuses to stand for the national anthem, and rather than another knee-jerk reciting of the pledge of allegiance he says – not until I get some questions answered, because …
This is important stuff.
What happens to influence the lives of my children is important stuff.

Some say that Trump is The Resistance.

That was the hope of many on Election Day.

... [Thousand Oaks] …

That’s not happening. Trump isn’t going to tell what he knows about 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obama’s, the CIA, the FBI.
I don’t know why. Maybe he’s just no good.

Today there are many who call themselves The Resistance.

We used to think it was Jon Stewart, and that was easy, because we just had to watch and smile, but he turned out to be, well, not such a much. Do you remember his 9/11 Truth Show?

Same with Michael Moore, of course. His new film has lots of good stuff, but also features the Parkland School actors, and you have to admit, identifying what’s going on with the crisis actor, shooting hoax phenomenon has got to be a large part of the resistance, I would think.
At least being able to see that it exists.

There are so many people resisting, doing good things: Common Dreams website, Jimmy Dore, Redacted Tonight, all those resisting the pipeline, The Plowshares movement, etc. It really goes on and on.

But what?
But … well. But well you have to … [it’s just like a “liberal” to find fault with others. I know, right?] 

“You’re not a liberal.”
“But, well, kind of. Yes I am. I’m not sure you are, though.”

… “They” are not doing enough. “Those” don’t believe in the right things. “Them” drive fancy cars and have homes. How can they be in the resistance?

It’s complicated.
But, well … it’s not.
In order to resist what’s going on, first you have to understand what’s going on — at least as much as you are able.

So, that means, to try to understand 9/11, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City, that whole list of C.I.A / F.B.I. Obama, Bush, Clinton shenanigans, lies, felonies, murders, traitorous activities, hanging, firing squad sort of stuff.

You can oppose war. That’s easy. You are on solid footing.
Oppose spending money for killer drones and fighter planes and people starving.

Yes, do that.
Resist your heart out. We need you. The low-hanging fruit is valuable as well, of course it is. But then you call the folks asking you to look at 9/11 — and the reason for the war — you call them “conspiracy theorists,” as if spending years on the internet studying because you want to know what’s going on, is below you.


[This is required reading. Revolution College. Every Tuesday, underground in the abandoned Humanities Building.]

And so, to really resist, we need to understand.

We need to feel with our hearts, but also do the work to understand.

Because the folks in the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. are full-time.

They are smart and yes, evil, does that describe them? and should be in prison or worse, but the fuckers are smart and they have made this super-complicated for some reason.

It’s not just about bombs anymore.

This isn’t your Daddy’s Resistance.

It is yours.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., one of the first
researchers into the John F. Kennedy murder, an honest newsman, who did not lie to us.

Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher


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5 thoughts on “PENN Magazine (December 2018): The Resistance”

  1. Those alert to the advent/development of the Franklin School realize who’s been creating waves over the past few centuries (although that history is much longer). Agitating both sides of every war and financing them. One of their big ops was WWII, and the US needs to get over it. Important to understand is that the Nazi movement – the upper echelons – was international not strictly German. Germany was their widget, and WWII was essentially a merger. Proof: Nuremberg was a farce. Only Germans were tried, underlings mostly. The biggest proponents of Nazi eugenics were the medical/psychiatric bastion. Notice Swiss archvillain Ernst Rudin – who wrote Hitler’s racial purity laws, and who was a figurehead of the eugenics movement in the US as well as Germany – was not even mentioned at Nuremberg. Please scrounge around, learn who Rudin was and what he did. When his native Switzerland revoked his citizenship in 1945, he was interned in the US. The following year he was released to “practice psychiatry” in the US until his putative death in 1952. This is the one Mengele called his ‘beloved professor’ whom the Rockefellers sponsored at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (they financed the eugenics movement from the get-go). Probably they brought Rudin stateside to continue just what he did for them at KWI in Germany. Which would make him a founder of the so-called US medical system. The continuation of the true holocaust, killing untold millions via torture with non-infectious disease like Cancer and diabetes. This is mass murder. Performed by white-smocked eugenecists who do not believe men have souls. The Nazi movement – at the upper echelons – never skipped a beat. It is what we face today in all the forms described by this excellent editorial.

  2. @JF

    not really intended for publication…..

    general comment on your Raw Deal podcasts.

    These are quite long and fact dense. The pace is unrelenting. A musician extemporising conveys his message in phrases, with breaks; the audience’s minds need time to catch up, integrate input, absorb and reflect on it.
    Even if it’s just a matter of a 30 second nonverbal jingle separating main subjects that would imo immeasurably assist reception of the message, or at least its evaluation.
    This sensation is probably more pronounced among introverts. Whether that is the case or not the sensory overload tempts to switch off, which would be a thousand pities…

  3. Take for instance the state of CT and Sandy Hook. The entire state government is rogue. You can’t complain about Sandy Hook to the Governor of CT. Why? He was deeply involved with the Sandy Hook Hoax.

    Multiply this times the entire United States. Got it? The USA is currently on a roller coaster of death and doom.

    Thomas Jefferson in 1775 predicted this would eventually happen to the new country. He stated many times that the only real dangerous enemies the USA has are “internal enemies”. What could be more clear in 2018? eh?

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