Miles Mathis, Pittsburgh Shooting Hoax

Miles Mathis

First published October 27, 2018

My readers are already intuiting this was a fake, and of course they are correct. It couldn’t be much more obvious, though I am sure it will get even more obvious as more information is released.

We have seen that some in Government and the Jewish communities love nothing better than pretending to attack themselves. It has proved to be a fantastic way to generate sympathy. . . or it was in the past. I think a lot of people are starting to see through it, which is why the governors and families have had to turn up the volume. Average people yawn and change the channel, so they have to televise fakes on every channel, sometimes at a rate of two or three a week. Pretty soon they will have to hire people to come directly to your house and lecture you on these topics, to make sure you are properly propagandized. You will have to pass a test at the end.

Some will say, “Why would you just assume this one is fake, without even studying it in full?” A better question for them is “why wouldn’t I?” I have proven that every previous similar story was a fake, so the chances this one is real are vanishing. I have never studied a promoted tragedy like this and found it to be genuine. NEVER.

I have shown they are run by the same people for pretty much the same reasons, and always have been. So when a new one comes along, it isn’t hard to spot. And here again, we have the bald numerology, with aces and eights all over the place. Eleven people were killed, and it was done during brit milah, which is circumcision done on 8-day-old boys. They make sure to tell you that in the reports, in case you don’t know it. We are even told the seating capacity of the synagogue’s main sanctuary, although I don’t know what that has to do with anything. Is that crucial information here? We are told the number because it is 1250, which adds to. . . eight. The synagogue was built in 1946, and the suspect is 46. 1946 is year one of the old CIA. The suspect Bowers is sure to talk a lot about his Glock 33. Bowers posted a webpage 17 days before the event. . . 1+7=8. Although he has been posting threatening comments about Jews for weeks—including pictures of his guns—supposedly law enforcement including FBI had never heard of him. This despite the fact that online chats are known to be monitored for just this purpose. Many of them were created just for that.

At USAToday, I see they are already having a candlelight vigil. Didn’t this just happen a few hours ago? How can you organize a candlelight vigil so fast? I happen to be older than 10, so I remember that candlelight vigils used to take several days to organize. They were scheduled to coincide with burials. But now they schedule them on the same day? Why? Just for TV, of course. Besides, there will be no real burials, since they have no real bodies. So they might as well run the candlelight vigil on the same day. It is just lucky they didn’t mix up their dates and run the candlelight vigil yesterday.

Although we see footage of hundreds of SWAT team members who look like they are outfitted for war, somehow no one managed to shoot this guy? Was he wearing Ironman armor, or what? We are told Bowers was taken into custody within 20 minutes of the 911 call. That is blisteringly fast, especially since we are told he barricaded himself inside. Well, if he was taken into custody so fast, why were the streets of Pittsburgh brimming with SWAT teams and paramilitary? It couldn’t have been to create massive fear, could it? Why were schools shut down and people told to stay indoors? Because of one guy who was taken into custody within 20 minutes? It couldn’t have been to create massive fear, could it. I am just surprised they didn’t lock down the entire country.

We are told Bowers was posting on Gab five minutes before he went on this rampage. Does that sound believable? If you were going to shoot up a synagogue, would you go online five minutes before and post your thoughts? I am just surprised he didn’t send out Tweets every five minutes to keep us updated on his progress.

USAToday is admitting that active shooter drills had just occurred in Pittsburgh at the Jewish Community Center and nearby schools. These Jewish community drills had been occurring at least back to January of this year, with at least one of them being in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood, site of this event. That is the usual red flag. They are like dress rehearsals for the hoax. This is why reporters in Pittsburgh at first thought the synagogue shooting was a drill.

[Added next day: Also, one of the rabbis at the Pittsburgh synagogue, Alvin Berkun, has a son, Jonathan Berkun, who is the rabbi at a synagogue in Aventura, Florida—the same city the fake mail bomber is from. His synagogue participated in a bomb plot psyop in 2016. In addition, Jonathan Berkun’s wife Rabbi Lauren Berkun is the director of the Shalom Hartman Institute, a leading center for Jewish advocacy. On its website, we see the Institute includes the Center for Israeli-Jewish Identity, and we are told this Center includes “senior officers in the Israeli Defense Forces”. Which tells us Mossad is probably involved in coordinating these fake events in the US. Given that, we may assume Rabbi David Hartman, the founder of the Institute, likely had ties to Israeli Intelligence back to the 1970s or before. Hartman was an advisor to Zevulun Hammer, Israeli Minister of Education, and also to several Prime Ministers. He was professor at Berkeley in the 1980s—always a red flag. But you can research that more fully if you wish. However, I will remind you of this: we have seen many many times that both churches and synagogues are simply Intel fronts, going back centuries. Rabbis, priests, and other “clerics” are often little more than agents in white robes, pretending to be holy in order to more easily scam you. So having this happen in a synagogue is a red flag by itself, with nothing else said.]

[Added November 1, 2018: the youtubers have come back to life on this one (or youtube is failing to block some of them, anyhow), and we find another link there: the Berkuns are buddies with Jewish US Congresswoman from Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz. With some more digging, I found out some things on my own. Schultz was instrumental in publicizing the fake death of Daniel Wultz. He is the Jewish kid from Florida allegedly killed during the Tel Aviv suicide bombing of 2006—which also never happened. And how many people were allegedly killed there? Eight or eleven, right? Yep, eleven. Wultz allegedly died on Mother’s Day, for added effect. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, which is a continuation of the joke. Islamic Jihad is just a puppet of Israel, composed of actors. See Ramadan Shalah, who got a PhD in banking at the University of Durham in England. But that isn’t suspicious, is it? He is just another crypto-Jew in a turban, pretending to be the enemy. Don’t believe me? We also have a link to Florida, since Shalah was a professor of economics at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He left the university in 1995 to lead the Islamic Jihad. You have to laugh. Who buys this stuff? As usual, he has been on most-wanted lists worldwide for two decades, they know where he is, but he remains free to do interviews and make appearances. The media can find him whenever they need to, but worldwide Intel can’t.]

Trump said some very strange things today in response to this fake shooting. He said the guy should get the death penalty. Isn’t it a little early for that? Shouldn’t we try him first? No? Just lead him straight to the electric chair, eh? Trump also said this could have been prevented if the synagogue had armed guards. Really? Four armed policemen were allegedly wounded and Bowers wasn’t killed, but an old guy with a Colt sitting at the back of the synagogue could have prevented this? I am just surprised Trump didn’t suggest body scanners at the doors of all churches and synagogues, but maybe that is tomorrow’s script. You know it is coming to that. Trump should just cut to the chase and recommend everyone go out and buy more guns and ammunition, so that he and his buddies who own the gun companies can make more money. I guess the sales were slipping a bit last week, so someone made a few calls and set this event up pronto. [Later Trump continued the strange comments, saying this:

The Jews have endured terrible persecution, and you know that we’ve all read it: We’ve studied it. They’ve gone through a lot. And those seeking their destruction—we will seek their destruction.

Wow. So I guess we now know what this event is about. They plan to do the same thing in the US they have done in Middle East: start a fake war as an excuse for attacking. However, I beg to point out that they are fighting both sides of this fake war. I for one have never advised you to hate Jews or to attack them. I have advised you to quit listening to these lies from the top. Quit believing their stories. Quit buying their products. Quit following their regimens. Quit falling for their cons. Quit letting them lead you around by the nose. Just say no to their entire syllabus, including the New World Order —which is just the Old World Order repackaged. I am not seeking their destruction. I am seeking the end of their hegemony based on fraud. I am seeking their spiritual elevation, so that they would no longer stoop to act the way they have. I am seeking to remind them that they themselves are seeking the wrong thing. If they have desired to be nobles, they should have long ago learned to act with nobility, rather than buying titles. True nobility is not achieved through wealth, it is achieved through being a real steward of the world. That is what “Stewart” should mean, you know. Not Lord, but Steward. Someone who manages the world for its profit, not his own. These people have set themselves up against Nature and the Earth, and so they cannot win—either in the short term or the long term. So if you wish to prosper in any way, if you wish for those entities around you to prosper, you must resist them. You must attempt their re-education. This is all a test—not a drill, a test. Life is a test of character, and they are failing miserably. Don’t you fail with them.]

But although I have shown you numerology is a good first round of easy clues, a much better tool is onomastics. Who knows what that is? It is the study of names. As we have seen in my papers of the past five years, names tell us far more than numerology. And we see that again here. Note the name Bowers. Robert Bowers is the alleged shooter here. To see what I mean, I send you back to my recent paper on fake serial killer Ed Kemper. He is the one who was being promoted by Netflix last year remember? The guy who is 6’9”, and who happens to be related to the Dodges and Mellons, and thereby to the top of US Intelligence. Anyway, in that paper I also blew the cover of the Bowers family, which has been involved in these fake neo-Nazi stories for decades. Remember KKK Imperial Wizard Samuel Bowers, convicted of murdering the Jewish boys in Mississippi in 1967? Except that we found he came out of the Navy, and his grandfather had been a 4-term US Congressman and newspaper owner. Although allegedly convicted of three murders, Bowers only served eight years, after which he became a sunday school teacher! Yeah. What sunday school wouldn’t get in line to hire a famous triple-murderer? I would bet Bowers didn’t spend a minute in jail.

We now know the KKK and the American Nazi Party came out of military intelligence. See the bio of George Lincoln Rockwell, which admits it. So Samuel Bowers was obviously just an agent assigned to this longrunning project. And he isn’t the only one. See my comments in that paper on Lee Bowers, Lloyd Wheaton Bowers, Lemuel Bowers, etc.

What I didn’t tell you there is that the Bower/Bowers name comes directly out of the peerage, as usual. More than that, the name is Jewish, being a variation of Bauer/Bayer/Beyer/Beer. So the Robert Bowers in the current hoax is a cloaked Jew, claiming to hate Jews. Same-old, same-old. We have seen it a thousand times, going back many centuries. The number of similar events that have been hoaxed in the past 500 years is nearly endless. You want me to name one, you say? How about I start with the biggest: Hitler. If you aren’t following me here, read that one and get back to me.

Since I am here, I will hit something I haven’t before, just to make it worth it for both of us. These newer fakes are pretty boring, honestly, so I try to go deeper to find something that will last a bit longer. I show you the connections that you can use later again and again. See Alexandra Bowers in the peerage. Her parents married in 1968 in Lenox, Massachusetts. Lenox is the site of Tanglewood, just so you know. It was named after the Lennox, Dukes of Richmond, and was founded by Josiah Dean. I would assume he was connected to the East India Company or its precursors. Lenox was known early for its textile mills. In the 1800s, during the Gilded Age, it was taken over by executives of Barings Bank and turned into a haven for the superrich. Alexandra Bowen’s father Malcolm was from Dallas, b. 1933, but he is otherwise scrubbed. Further research discovers he was a psychiatry professor at Yale, where he wrote some books with strange titles, including Retreat from Sanity and Abetting Madness. That obituary also tells us that three of his children have been scrubbed from the peerage. Only Alexandra’s sister Nadia Lovejoy is listed, while Stephen, Andrea, and Robert are not. Her mother was Natalia von Leuchtenberg, whose grandfather was the Prince Romanovsky. He was the son of Maria Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia, daughter of Tsar Nicholas I. This Tsar’s wife was the Princess von Preußen, and we just saw that name four days ago. Anyone remember where? Well, we saw the daughter of a Princess von Preußen, great-granddaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm, marrying a Pearl in New Jersey. That was in my addendum to the paper on Marilyn Monroe. So serendipity strikes again. You would think I planned this, but I didn’t. Anyway, the Grand Duchess’ second husband was the Duc de Leuchtenberg, whose mother just happened to be. . . the Princess of Bayern. She was the daughter of Maximilian I, the King of Bayern (Bavaria). So, if you wondered how the daughter of a Bowers from Dallas married into the family of the Romanovs in 1968, there is your clue. I bet you still don’t see it. These Bowers of Texas were really Bayers from Bayern. Bowers=Bayers. They probably came to Texas with Karl Marx’s brother-in-law and those people, who we looked at in my paper on Jenny Marx. Texas was invaded by German nobility in the 1840s, remember?

And where did these Dukes of Bavaria come from? Well, go to Maximilian the Great, and check out his grandmother. . . Anne of Austria. How many times have we seen her? If she sounds familiar, she should. Her mother was Anna Jagiellon.

But back to Natalia von Leuchtenberg. Through her sisters, we link to the Spencers, Lyons and Newburghs. Through her uncle, we link to Elisabeth Muller-Himmler, scrubbed in the peerage but born in 1906 in Tutzing. Tutzing is in Bayern, and it of course link us to Heinrich Himmler. Through an aunt we link to the Mogilevskys and through them to the Russells and Potters. They also link us to the Grabbes, the Levitskys, and the Shishkoffs.

We also find a Gillian Bowers, b. 1943, in the peerage. Her mother was a Walker and she married the Prince of Isenburg in 1969. Her mother-in-law was Judith Saunders, linking us to Frances Stonor Saunders and Ben Franklin. The Prince’s great-grandfather was Karl V, Prince of IsenburgBudingen . . . whose wife was a Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. Remember, these Counts of Lowenstein had been infiltrated by Jewish lines in about 1600, explaining that Rosenberg attachment. That happened when Johann Dietrich married Josina de la Mark, an ancestor of the Marks/Marx. The de la Marks also link us to Anne of Cleves, 4th wife of Henry VIII. And if we take Anne’s maternal line straight back, we come to Alexandra of Lithuania, sister of Wladislaw II Jagiellon of Poland. So there is that name again. We can’t go anywhere without running into a Jagiellon or a Komnene, can we?

Another possible clue is found with Esme Bowers of the peerage, who married Alexander MacKenzie Gunn in 1941. Their son Michael Gunn married a Gray and their daughter is Victoria Anastasia Gunn. The name Anastasia links us to the Russians above, and the name Gunn may link us to Bob Dylan, who took the pseudonym Elston Gunnn.

It is also worth looking at the name Bower in the peerage, since there are three times as many of that name as Bowers. See for example Robert Tatton Bower, who married the daughter of the Strickland Baron in 1922. The Baron had married the daughter of a Sackville, Earl De La Warre. This links us immediately to the Drummonds, Dukes of Perth; the Manners, Dukes of Rutland; the Murrays, Marquesses of Athole; the Stewarts, Earls of Atholl; the Stanleys, Earls of Derby; the Grays, Lords of Gray; the Keiths, Earls of Marishal; and the Percevals, Earls of Egmont. As you see, the Grays link Bower to Bowers. Robert Bower’s daughter Marianna Bower married a Monkton, Viscount of Brenchley, in 1950. She was appointed an officer of the The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. She was also the director of Allied Malta Newspapers. Her sister married a Payne of the Payne Baronets.

In 1881, James Bower married Ada Butler, daughter of James Fitzgerald Butler. This links us to the Butlers, Barons of Dunboyne, and the Baronets Fitzgerald. Which links us to the Rickmans (think Alan Rickman), the Spencer-Churchills (Dukes of Marlborough), the Russells (Dukes of Bedford), the Leveson-Gowers (Dukes of Sutherland), and so on.

The Bowers are also linked to the Spearman Baronets, and through them to the Eastwoods, Greens, Mainwarings, and the Dixon Baronets. They are also related to the Maitlands, and through them to the Maxwell Baronets,the Blairs, the Shaw-Stewarts, the Fletcher-Campbells, and the Percys, Dukes of Northumberland. They are also related to the Radcliffe Baronets, and through them to the Tichborne Baronets, the Doughty Baronets, the Talbot Baronets, and the Barons Arundell. Also related to the Balfours of Burleigh and the Rosses, and through them to the Melvilles (Earls of Melville) and Leslies (Earls of Leven).

So you begin to see who the Bowers really are, and why I saw the name as a huge red flag. Either the Robert Bowers in this current faked event is an agent from this family and simply didn’t bother to pick an alias; or the scriptwriters made him up, using the name as a “we are here” marker to other agents. Remember, they have to mark these events as hoaxes for other people in Intelligence, which is mostly what the numerology is for. It is sort of a stand-down signal. Although I don’t know why they bother anymore: since every event is now fake, they only need a “this is real” signal—which they could mothball from lack of use. No doubt I will have some additions to this as more fake info is released.

Added next day: the victims list has now been released, and all 11 are between 56 and 97 years old. The average age is 74. Of course this indicates they borrowed the names from other recently deceased lists. These people—if they exist—probably died of other causes in the past few days. I say that because the odds of 11 victims having an average age of 74 are very low, especially given the fact that Bowers is alleged to have shot up a bris. Why would everyone at a bris be so old? Why would Bowers target only the elderly? If you were angry at Jews, would you target a 97-year-old lady? No, she is going to be dead soon anyway, so why waste a bullet? Also notice the name of the old lady: Rose Mallinger. You may wish to look up the meaning of the word “malinger”. It indicates another joke here. Bowers also allegedly targeted an ancient married couple, 84 and 86; an 88-year-old man named Melvin Wax; a 75-year-old woman; and a 71-year-old man.

I ran a free people search on Rose Mallinger, just for fun. I did find her at InstantCheckmate, but we have a problem. There are actually three Rose Mallingers listed in Pittsburgh, with the same location lists. She is 69, 79, and 97. Notice that 97 is the reverse of 79. And although we have a Rose M., a Rose H., and a Rose G., we see that Rose M. is also known as Rose H. So this lady, whoever she is, apparently doesn’t know what her middle name is. Intelius has a page for her, but it lists no age. I wish I could tell when that page was created. I would bet it was created in the past week. We do find that the Wayback Machine does not have that page archived, which means it has never been crawled. Geni lists yet another Rose Mallinger from Pittsburgh, but her dates are 1915 to 1984. And if we check the Social Security Death Index, we find our Rose M. Mallinger, age 79, actually died in 2012, at age 73. So we can mark off her and Rose H. On the same page, we find a Rose Mallinger who would now be 96, but she died in 2010 in Minnesota.

Added October 30: A reader from Butler, PA, just wrote in to tell me Bowers has allegedly been transferred out of Allegheny County Jail to the jail in his small town north of Pittsburgh. Why would they do that? Then he tells me the jail has no record of this prisoner, which appears to be true. Here are the screenshots he provided.

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  2. It’s extremely frustrating that nobody seems to be interested to get to the bottom of the very important
    event of pittsburgh shooting. everybody is already being carried away by this non event at borderline/ca.
    please concentrate on the important and forget the unimportant.

    1. If intuiting isn’t a word it should be. America needs all the help it can get to sort this shit out. About ten years ago I got off the freeway at the wrong exit. I tried to turn around in the parking lot of a Jewish community center and was accosted by an Israeli woman in military type garb and well armed. She spoke with a heavy accent as she ordered me off their property. These Jewish community centers are very well protected so I doubt seriously that this event ever happened.

  3. I don’t understand some of the Peerage stuff that he throws into his essays. But the rest of it in my opinion is compelling. If only 50 percent of what alleges is fact, we are firmly in the twilight zone.

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