01 Oct, 2020

CIVIL WAR ALERT: Leftists openly plot mass executions of conservatives as Democrats release home addresses of Republican Senators

Mike Adams

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(Natural News) As Leftists continue to lose political power in America due to elections (President Trump) and Supreme Court nominations (Brett Kavanaugh), their activists are becoming more militant and extremist. Now, we’ve learned that left-wing groups are openly discussing mass executions and planned murders of prominent conservatives, and they’re using Twitter to carry out the attacks. (See details and links, below.)

Twitter is just one of several tech giants that selectively bans conservative speech but refuses to remove radical left-wing users who openly call for violence and murder. For political reasons, tech giants have decided to protect left-wing terrorist groups in America, becoming complicit in the escalation of the coming civil war. As just one example among hundreds, see this article from InfoWars: “KILL TRUMP, HANG HIM, HUNT HIM” FACEBOOK PAGE DOESN’T VIOLATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

Now, The Daily Caller reports that someone in the House of Representatives has “doxxed” conservative U.S. Senators by using a congressional computer to publish their home addresses and phone numbers to Wikipedia. “Doxxing” means publishing someone’s personal, private information such as the location where they live, their social security number or their private phone number.

Importantly, doxxing members of the U.S. Senate allows left-wing “kill teams” to physically locate where those Senators live. Armed with this information — and driven to violent hysteria by a complicit, lying media — left-wing kill teams can assault the homes of U.S. Senators while they sleep and attempt to executive those Senators and their families. As this article shows below, left-wing activists are openly and explicitly discussing such plans on Twitter, and they are not being banned by Twitter or other tech giants.

The doxxed Senators include Sens. Lindsey Graham (who gave a roaring speech yesterday, condemning the dirty tactics of Democrats like Sen. (((((((((Feinstein)))))))))), Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch. The Daily Caller reports:

“They appear to be targeting Republican members of the committee after they question Judge Kavanaugh,” a Hatch spokesman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Lee staffer confirmed the senator’s home address in Utah and personal cell phone number were posted to the public page.

This “doxxing” took place immediately after Sen. Graham ripped into the Democrats at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, yesterday. It was timed, in other words, to target those who are arguing for the defense of Brett Kavanaugh.

While doxxing alone is not a call for mass executions, there’s more to this story…

Radical left-wing thought leaders plot executions and murder strategies on Twitter… and Twitter won’t ban them

The full extent of the planned violence and mass executions becomes apparent when you see what’s being openly discussed on Twitter. Writer Debra Heine has uncovered truly shocking details that she describes in a September 27th article on PJ Media. It begins:

Communist agitators took to Twitter this week to brainstorm strategies for a violent armed insurrection against their perceived enemies.

“Dr. Bones,” the co-host of the far-left podcast The Guillotine, started the conversation going with his 5,000-plus Twitter followers. Bones (@Ole_Bonsey on Twitter) asked: “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a ‘insurgent’ focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more ‘militia’ structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

As PJ Media reports, this left-wing group, with over 15,000 Facebook followers, calls for “ambushes and assassinations” against conservatives. The two hosts go by the handles @Ole_Bonsey and @DeadIrishRebe. As PJ Media explains, “the pair seem to be huge fans of mass-murdering Communist dictators and “revolutionaries” like Mao Zedong and Che Guevera.”

Here are some of the suggestions from “Dr. Bones,” the apparent leader of the left-wing group now calling for execution squads to murder prominent conservatives:

“Organize as hidden cells, unknown even to the population… bleed them dry once they take control.”

“Instead of a full size AR which is pretty goddamn obvious I’m thinking having people prioritize compact and easily concealable platforms, something you could keep under a jacket and never tip any one off to.”

An apparent follower of the radical left-wing group, @The_Einzige adds:

“Having a common language and tactics is unbelievably important in future situations where your 5 person cell has an opportunity for a big kill and can group up with 4 other cells to get the needed firepower.”

Another member of the group, going by the handle @Bored_Anterieur, adds:

“Like a boyscout, be prepared:

Pistol-caliber SBR
Rifle-caliber SBR
AR15 / AK47
with this, you’re prepared for a very wide range of tactical scenarios. different loadouts for different members of squad will provide flexibility for specific applications of force”

Another user, named @MutualRevolt, chimes in about the terror cell structure that Leftists will adopt to carry out maximum violence and carnage:

“…the less information one person has on EVERYONE in the group defends against one person being caught and spilling everything on the network. A network of distributed/only necessary information/ gives more flexibility and safety to the movements to disrupt.”

Another user, going by the handle “Captain Howdy” (@jackherer20) has been covered by PJ Media before. As PJ Media reports:

@JackHerer20 (Captain Howdy) is a particularly nasty St. Louis antifa who has been featured at PJ Media and Far Left Watch before. In January of 2018, he encouraged his followers to dox GOP officials and show up at their homes.  He also offered to pay someone to assassinate President Trump. Incredibly, he still maintains a Twitter account.

Anti-Trump “resistors” inside the DOJ use government computers to find and share home addresses of conservatives

PJ Media also correctly points out that a recent Project Veritas video caught a DOJ “resistance” employee admitted to using government computers to discover and share the license plates and home addresses of targeted conservatives. This means that left-wing operatives inside the DOJ, FBI and other anti-Trump organizations are using government resources to set up conservatives for left-wing kill teams.

The DOJ employee caught on tape is named Allison Hraber. She’s a member of the so-called “Democratic Socialists of America,” a radical left-wing terrorist group with strong ties to Marxist and Communist ideologies. She used government resources to discover the home address of a conservative Trump supporter, then “doxxed” that information to her DSA conspirators who waged a stalking episode at the personal home of the target in order to intimidate that person. It won’t be long before this escalates to sending “kill teams” to such homes to carry out murder plots and political assassinations.

My warning for all conservatives is that it won’t be long before conservative Supreme Court justices like Brett Kavanaugh are targeted for political assassinations by the radical left-wing kill teams. They openly talk about such plans, and they are clearly driven to mass mental illness by a complicit, anti-America media cartel that continues to indoctrinate left-wing masses with hatred and lies about America and its political leaders.

Many DSA members already see themselves as waging a “resistance” campaign against the United States government, and they are engaging in daily sabotage to destroy the U.S. government infrastructure from within, all while using government tools to target their political opponents, all of whom happen to be conservatives and Trump supporters.

Hraber is caught on tape via Project Veritas saying, “what’s kind of lucky is at the DOJ, we can’t really get fired.” She also admits, “so we ran the license plate… we cannot do it officially,” but admits they run license plates on their intended targets “unofficially.”

Notably, even after being caught on video admitted to these felony crimes, Hraber has not yet been arrested or charged with anything, proving once again that even when left-wing radicals are caught confessing to their crimes, they are never held accountable.

We must all be ready for the rapid escalation of violence by deranged, lawless Leftists who are committed to taking over America and murdering all prominent conservatives

It’s not difficult to see where this is all headed. The desperate, lawless Left — now apparently led by deep state treasonous criminals like Sen. — is willing to do anything they think might be required to destroy their political opponents. Complicit in all this are the tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter, all of which have selectively silenced conservative channels while protecting and even promoting left-wing terrorism groups that are openly calling for violence against conservatives. This, the tech companies tell us, is their campaign to combat “hate speech.” But in their minds, “hate speech” is defined as anything uttered by a conservative.

It’s also clear now that left-wing terrorists are deeply embedded in the U.S. Congress, where they managed to use House computers to doxx U.S. Senators, as reported above. They have also infiltrated and now occupy many positions inside the DOJ, IRS and other government agencies. This is on top of what we already know about James Comey, Andrew McCabe and the treasonous actions of anti-Trump traitors inside the FBI, none of whom have yet faced anything resembling real justice for their obstruction of justice (covering up the crimes of Hillary Clinton) and acts of open insurrection against Trump campaign officials via the FISA warrant fraud. (This fraud also involved criminal actions carried out by Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok and many others).

The upshot is that the more political power Leftists lose, the more they turn to desperate tactics like doxxing and calling for executions and mass murder. This is not conjecture. They openly admit this in their own words. You can see the videos, read the tweets and confirm it all for yourself. Should they fail to take the House in the upcoming mid-term elections, I fear they will unleash open insurrection in the streets of America, launching a nationwide campaign of “kill teams” and terror cells to attempt a sweeping political coup and mass murder takeover.

Notably, all this is playing out exactly as myself and Alex Jones have warned over the last two years. EXACTLY. We have both accurately reported on what’s coming, and we have repeatedly warned informed Americans to get ready to defend America, defend the President and defend the Republic against the deranged, lawless violence of increasingly unhinged Leftists. The conventional media, for their part, has only fed the hysteria by deliberately publishing deep state lies and false accusations from anonymous (fictitious) sources.

If the escalation stays on its current trajectory, civil war violence seems inevitable. Remember the other day when a group of deranged Leftists confronted Sen. Ted Cruz at that public restaurant in Washington D.C.? It won’t be long, I fear, before the next similar confrontation involves the stabbing of a conservative U.S. Senator (or the shooting). I share this urgent warning because U.S. Senators like Ted Cruz need to take real measures to protect themselves and their family members. (It’s also crucial that Ted Cruz win in Texas, as we cannot survive the open borders policies of “Beto” who is another left-wing lunatic running for office by promising to overrun and destroy America.)

The Left’s plans, importantly, are not mere conjecture or theory. Their “kill team” desires are being open discussed, encouraged and even supported by a complicit media that, for the last two years, has knowingly carried out a malicious campaign to overthrow the results of the 2016 election and rip this country apart.

How to stay informed: Crucial information resources you need to follow

The complicit, lying media refuses to report any real truth to the American people. It’s only the independent media that now dares to carry out legitimate journalism and publish the real stories of what’s going down.

Here are some resources you need to follow daily:

Censored.news – A replacement for Google News, this site aggregates real-time headlines from 20+ independent media websites, including PJ Media, Daily Caller, Breitbart, Trump.news and others.

REAL.video – A replacement for YouTube, this platform features thousands of video channels, including many news channels that cover daily news events in near-real time.

GoodGopher.com – A search engine covering independent media. Allows you to easily search thousands of indy media websites to get the true story on current events.

Lastly, if you’re interested in my own forward-looking analysis of current events, follow my channel on REAL.video:


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3 thoughts on “CIVIL WAR ALERT: Leftists openly plot mass executions of conservatives as Democrats release home addresses of Republican Senators”

  1. I love the Health Ranger. His videos exposing food and supplement fraud are hard hitting. I would love to see him test big Organic brands like Simple Truth to see if even the name is a lie. This article’s information is tough to swallow Mike, that these threats on Conservatives are real and not just smoke blowing by basement dwelling arm chair radicals who seldom leave their couch but enjoy stirring up Conservative ire. That these threats go unchallenged by law enforcement and even encouraged by Mass Media Mind Control Inc; I guess nothing should surprise us after the Catholic Church is exposed for moving serial child raping Priests around like they are pieces on a chess board. And paying out Billions to shut up their victims, yet they are still collecting billions in donations from people barely surviving. And it just goes on and on without end.

  2. I have been watching for clues that explain the insanity of the escalating public circus playing out in the hyperbolic two-party paradigm clash “viewers” can find on mainstream media.

    This article (and the Infowars article referenced) explain the explosive pattern we are witnessing — most recently the Kavanaugh nomination.

    No one in the 1950s-60s American public would tolerate the actions of the democratic party we see today manufacturing the comedy of lies and trotted out political prostitutes attempting to delay the confirmation.

    But today’s Left, however, has been groomed for decades: the product of Cultural Marxism projected by the mainstream propaganda media and its love child – the public education system, which was fully usurped and converted into Communist indoctrination camps beginning in the 1950s.

    This massively calculated plan has been slow and painstakingly drawn out — over dozens of decades.

    Here is the alway undetected and almost always successful Dialectic working to destroy Organic America. The Civil War — Something I have been writing about for 5 years – Its the only way to break down the American system of government — Bolshevism rises in the ashes of orchestrated violence.

  3. Every day Network News loses another thousand people who finally catch on to the scam and agenda to tear down the US. You can’t even trust the weather people nowadays. They will talk about climate change but never say weather is engineered for disaster. The only thing left credible on the NEWS is the sports scores and highlights. Every day the PTB are losing more control over our perceptions. Every year another million people switch to the alternatives. People don’t want News anymore, they want the truth. I trust average citizen reporters who aren’t getting paid, I don’t trust the NEWS. Concerned Citizens report because they have a sense of duty to expose bad things they see. Network News has no such motivation. Like reporting on the million plastic coffins stored down in Georgia that hold 3 or 4 bodies each. The Coffins belong to Homeland Security and a farmer was getting paid to store them there; conveniently next to a railroad. The special three floor railroad cars that join in the middle. The shackles without seats might alarm some old Japanese folks who can’t forget those nice internment camps they lived in during world war two, even though they were US Citizens.The endless trains of armored vehicles seen all over the place. The UN armored division stationed near Hagerstown, Maryland. Yes Dorothy there are FEMA Camps all over the US with barbed wire facing in and security that will run you off when you get close. You can see the funding for them buried inside other legislation. When the Senator that sponsored the bill was asked about the camps, he acted like the camps and the funding for them didn’t exist but you can look it up. You can also see many videos of the camps made by many different people. None of them are with the NEWS. I love the way people fill in the gaps in logic when I point out the engineered fires in California and elsewhere around the World in Portugal, China, Greece, Canada, Australia and right now Italy. We also had engineered fires in Waldo Canyon, Colorado and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Houses are turned to light gray dust while nearby trees surrounding the subdivision are untouched. There’s no explaining it with wild fires that skip the forest and devastate homes and melt cars engine blocks and wheels. It’s engineered displacement of thousands of people with the highly implausible deniability of natural wild fires. 60 fires erupted all over California one night last fall without a single lightning strike recorded. Wind came from nowhere and disappeared as fast they showed up. The small death toll is a savage lie, many thousands of people were incinerated in their homes and cars. The enormous homeless population this created has been chased away nightly from temporary camps. This is no accident or failure. It was planned. It ties directly in with UN Agenda 21’s plan for the US. Also not a theory, you can see it on their web site. Re-wild semi-rural and rural areas, cut out large swaths of Suburbia and move everyone in to a SMART City close to mass transit. The units will be tiny, parking will be scarce. It’s all to save the planet. Right? Sustainability … who could be against that? Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are not theories, they are the UN’s proud blueprint to remake life as we know it. The average man on the street never heard about it. That’s no accident either. Trump gave lip service to halting the UN’s plans for world government at his last UN speech. I guess we will see if it’s all talk, Trump has obviously seen the plans to destroy our lifestyles and bring us down to a third world shit hole. Will he stop it? Can he stop it might be a better question.

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