Dr. Eowyn: Normalizing pedophilia: German academic says pedophiles should be respected

Normalizing pedophilia: German academic says pedophiles should be respected

[Editor’s note: The case against pedophilia has two principal elements: (1) children are unable to grant consent to activities of which they have no grasp or understanding; and, (2)  which means that they are being used as means to the sexual gratification of those who exploit them, where those who violate children’s rights deserve prosecution and punishment before forfeiting their life, property or liberty.

The argument that pedophilia is “a natural sexual orientation” presents a faulty analogy, because animals in the natural world display multiple forms of predatory behavior. Hence, it might as well be argued that  gang rape, murder and robbery are acceptable forms of behavior because they occur in the animal kingdom, missing the moral dimension that elevates human beings above other animal species.

There appears to be no way to defeat these points, where the second (2) derives from the basic principle of morality, which is to never treat other persons merely as means but always as worthy of respect, which I address in “Are Corporations Inherently Immoral?” and other places, including The Evolution of Intelligence (2005) and Render Unto Darwin (2007). I admire Dr. Eowyn for her focus upon this issue.]

There’s a systematic effort to normalize (to make acceptable) pedophilia — the sexual predation of children by adults — as just another “sexual orientation”. Spearheading that systematic effort are politicos, academics, and Hollywood. See:

The latest academic “normalizing” pedophilia is a young woman named Mirjam Heine, who describes herself as a medical school student at the University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

In a TEDx Talk in June 2018, Mirjam Heine claimed “pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality,” and that we must “respect” pedophiles.

Note: Founded in 1984 and headquartered in New York City and Vancouver, B.C., TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conferences LLC is a media organization that posts talks online (TedX Talks) for free distribution under the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” Although TED’s early emphasis was on technology and design, consistent with its Silicon Valley origins, it has since broadened its repertoire to include talks on many scientific, cultural, and academic topics. In 2015, TED’s revenue was $66.2 million.

Netizen Chip Kipperly posted the TEDx video of Heine’s speech on YouTube with this warning:

TedX is trying to hide their most recent video from YouTube due to the excessive negative feedback. They’ve been actively issuing copyright notices to any uploads of this video, even though it is licensed under Creative Commons. Not only are they trying to shove this down the memory hole, YouTube algorithms are automatically blocking the original video before it can even be published. I had to edit this video and re-encode it in order to get past the algorithms.

Click here to watch “Pedophilia is a Natural Sexual Orientation”

In a sickening, soft-spoken voice, Mirjam Heine begins by trying to make pedophiles sympathetic in the person of a 19-year-old man named Jonas, who must hide his pedophile appetites from his parents and friends in fear of their “anger” and “rejection”. Poor Jonas!
Heine preaches:

“According to current research, pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation. Just like, for example, heterosexuality. No one chooses to be a pedophile. No one can cease being one. The difference between pedophilia and other sexual orientations is that, living out this sexual orientation will end in a disaster…. It is our responsibility toover come our negative feelings about pedophiles. And to treat them with the same respect we treat other people with. We should accept that pedophiles are people who have not chosen their sexuality…. We shouldn’t increase the suffering of pedophiles by excluding them, by blaming and mocking them.”

Hey, Mirjam Heine. Should we “over come our negative feelings” about bestialists and treat them with “respect” also? After all, isn’t bestiality just another “sexual orientation”?

Meanwhile, as part of the systematic effort to normalize pedophilia, KATU News reports on July 27, 2018, that man-boy love postershave appeared in neighborhoods and parks near schools in West Linn and Oregon City, near Portland, Oregon.

See also “Homosexuals are more narcissistic and more prone to pedophilia and murder“.


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