Allen William Powell: In Solidarity with Alex Jones — Connecticut State Police Behind the Scenes at Sandy Hook

Allen William Powell: In Solidarity with Alex Jones—Connecticut State Police Behind the Scenes at Sandy Hook

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Allen William Powell: In Solidarity with Alex Jones—Connecticut State Police Behind the Scenes at Sandy Hook
Mr. President,
The book amazon.combanned after having been on sale for less than a month and selling nearly 500 copies, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015), includes two chapters of mine where I present 50 photographs of furnishing an empty house to serve as the Adam Lanza residence  and 50 photographs of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage for this elaborate fraud. What is most disconcerting is that they come from the files of the Connecticut State Police, who were running the show behind the scenes on behalf of FEMA and the Obama administration.
The photos are simply devastating. Exhibit 17 of Chapter 7, for example, shows “The Nancy Lanza Bedroom”, where Adam is alleged to have shot his mother with a .22 caliber rifle. There is some red stuff on the bed, but it looks more like raspberry jam than blood; beneath the leg is a blue moving pad, which, in their haste, they forgot to remove. Chapter 8, Exhibit 26, by itself proves the entire event was staged. We have a SWAT vehicle on the scene before the shooting has taken place, note that the string of four windows in Classroom 10 are undamaged.
After the event, they would be shot out: compare top left with top right. We even have the perps studying the window frame to fake bullet holes, where the pink rods are all 90* to the window panes and parallel with one another.  We initially believed Exhibit 26 was taken the morning of the 14th, but we have now determined it was instead taken the evening of the 13th. Either way, it was taken before the shooting, where in the foreground you can see crime scene tape up before the crime has been committed. What could be more powerful proof of fraud?
Very respectfully,
Allan William Powell
When Allan William Powell appeared on “The Real Deal Ep. #81: Explosive New Revelations about Sandy Hook”, it became apparent that one of the leading experts on this mischief in Connecticut resided half-way around the world in Canberra, Australia. He appeared in many other episodes.  His chapters are going to qualify as among the most brilliant studies published on Sandy Hook, which provide unexpected but decisive proof that this was a staged event.
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10 thoughts on “Allen William Powell: In Solidarity with Alex Jones — Connecticut State Police Behind the Scenes at Sandy Hook”

  1. Irony Lost On Such Genius

    If it walks, talks, acts like, looks like, etc., then it probably is–called INDUCTIVE logic–look it up. Induction is how science is done, also legal investigations. Next step is to prove u're NOT what induction indicates; such is science, investigations–get a clue. I thought u Jews were supposed to be "smart"?

    Actually, of course, u Jews are just highly organized, w. most effective "group-think." And if u WERE kike, then u might well continue ur lying, and deny u were kike, right?–yet more inductive evidence, right?

    Another thing u miss is saying the photos were "leaked" is called "irony," like calling the corrupt cops "inside source," but irony is lost on genius like urself, eh? Do u need a few brain-cells?

  2. Powell said the photos were leaked to him, from an "inside source". that is a total lie. The state released the photos in the Sandy Hook report. Publicly releasing photos would not be leaking them.

    ""jjis," the kike". That's so nice of you to call me a jew. Bet my mother will be surprised to hear that.

  3. We Can't All Be "God's Chosen," After All

    But "jjis": the pictures show and showed the still-intact classroom windows, didn't it?–and it showed Dr. Carver sitting, waiting patiently, didn't it?–so isn't this most important for exposing the hoax?

    Morning or evening is mere after-thought and detail in comparison, isn't it? Not everyone is perfect like u Jews, eh?

    And wasn't it indeed an "inside source," hoho ho ho ho hoh oho?–fm the very corrupt state cops themselves, headed as spokesman the lieutenant who threatened the public w. harassment for "un-authorized info," then lied as he mixed-up the details about the hoax story-line as to location of bodies.

    And isn't it the simple fact, Powell DID indeed "stumble upon them," which anyone else might have done too?

    So what's actual problem, "jjis," the kike?–after all, we can't all be God's chosen, eh? Cut humanity a little slack, eh? Hoh o ho ho ho oho

  4. Typical tripe from Sandy Hook apologists. What difference does it make where it was taken the evening of the 13th or the morning of the 14th? Either way, it prove the event was a scam and the CTSP were in on it–actually, running the show!

    When Allen first presented, I wasn't sure I wanted to know the source because it didn't matter. The proof he adduced was so powerful, I was impresses he had found it. But it's all there in the CTSP files.

    1. Jim Fetzer, I’ve commented all over the place at you regarding Allan. Do you have the ability to get me in contact with him? I just want to see the full size photos he talks about. I haven’t been able to find them on the CTSP site where all the info was released. BTW did you mean this site:
      I’ve read the entire book and have downloaded a ton of videos and even watched the video that was produced.
      The images are always way too small in the book or the video I’m watching as I write this (well, listening to atm)
      So please let me know if there’s a way to talk to Allan.
      Thank you.

  5. Allen Powell, the man who didn't know sunset from sunrise. Allen Powell, the mam who claimed he was leaked the crime scene photos from an "inside source". Then claimed he "stumbled" upon on them on the internet.

  6. I would hope Mr Powell contacts the Hartford Courant and makes a very generous offer to the paper with a gift of this information to the paper. The Courant has resisted all 43 offers from me to contact the luminaries of research like Dr Fetzer and probe along with these sleuths in hopes of realizing that Sandy Hook was a total hoax. But, I have been rebuffed, sometimes with absurd blather from the paper, and sometimes with the sounds of silence from one of America's oldest papers. The Courant wants nothing to do with the truth, nor do other state and federal agencies that are in joint obfuscation of this event aka fraud. To the Courant, generous offers from Fetzer et all have been treated as if a gift from hell awaits the Courant from these renowned investigators. One can only hope the Courant, a strong globalist agency, would someday have use for the truth. Don't hold your breath, Americans.

  7. Is It Really All About Ajax Jewns?–Or Big Kike Monopoly (As Usual)?
    (Apollonian, 10 Aug 18)

    WHAT?–"in solidarity" w. Ajax Jewns (, lying, babbling Jewwy flack and psychotic, hysterical hill-billy? Afer all, it's just more "good kike vs. bad kikes" ("left vs. right"). Ajax is simply paid shill for Israeli terror-state and Jews, all truth be told.

    I suspect "left" kikes don't like Ajax as he too very well demonstrates socialism = GENOCIDE, as of Agenda-21 and -2030, w. all the GMO poisons and poison vaccines and drugs by big Jew Pharma.

    It's all just the continuing power-play and consolidation of MONOPOLY, beginning w. the central banks (see; use their search engine), legalized counterfeiting, literally, now increasing the censoring and suppressing speech and expression on totally idiot and subjectivist grounds, "community-guidelines," etc.–quite insulting to intelligence of the over-populated goons and "people."

    But regarding Sandy hoax, golly but WHAT DO U WANT?–there u have it fm Conn. St. police, no less, the classroom windows are all still there–absolute eye-witness PROOF, suckers. And those pictures of the classroom windows are ASIDE fm lots of other proof and inductive evidence, like "sloppy sniper," Dave Wheeler, playing TWO ROLES, etc.

    Observe now, the stupid hill-billy, Ajax, is trying to make it all about him, and he's "demanding" a Congressional hearing, hoh o ho ho ho ho ho–is this a psycho, moron, hill-billy, or what?–ho ho ho ho ho.

    So, in a way, it's interesting that big kike monopolists have such a brainless buffoon like Ajax making such a hubris-filled fool of himself, but then on the other hand, people will say, geeeeeeeeeeee, but what real "HARM" could such a stupid hill-billy moron be to the real rational discourse of political/cultural issues?

    Regardless: it's IMPOSSIBLE people don't see the huge, big punk power-play the kike filth at the "tech" monopolistic top are pulling against the people and against freedom of speech and expression, regardless a scummy, lying Jew-flack and buffoon like Ajax Jewns.

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