Penn Magazine
August 2018

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Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., 
one of the first honest researchers 
into the John F. Kennedy murder.
Mike Palecek

We believe that if you look through the pages of this issue and also the other issues of Penn Magazine you will find there is a substantial amount of real evidence that our leaders have betrayed us. We put our trust in them by voting for them.

And they lie to us, steal from us, in cases murder us. And yet, we wave and applaud like wrestling fans as they approach the podium, smirk psychotically from the front row seats at the baseball game, all the while knowing so well what they are doing, what they have succeeded in pulling off, like gangsters, feeling themselves giants among little people.

If we might generate just a bit of courage, perhaps inspired by the little boy pointing at the naked king, we might yet pull ourselves from our own ignominius gutter and allow our children and grandchildren to live in America and become the kind of people we always thought we were.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., one of the first researchers into the John F. Kennedy murder, an honest newsman, who did not lie to us.

Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher

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15 thoughts on “PENN MAGAZINE (August 2018): GOT THEM!”



    Da Mag is up to 22 channels as fucking YouTube Wacks the Mole. All religion is Division. All comment sections struggle with infighting from nameless, faceless writers who ad hominem attack anyone and everyone instead of trying to blend and strengthen.
    We face a rediculous cult of centuries of violence on innocents especially the children. World Wars are no fucking joke and follow the bloody horns of a damn Tit Dick Goat Free Masonic Vatican Insanity.
    Go ahead attack me. Tell me it is one or the other religion that is the worst when it is ALL RELIGIONS THAT SPELL THE DEVIL'S WORK. WE CREATE THE DEVIL IN OUR BRAIN STEM. THE GOD WE SEEK IS OUR CEREBRAL CORTEX. Absolutely no fucking person knows how we got here, or why, or for what reason. It is obvious though that if we destroy what we have together on this paradise earth, we deserve our demise.


    Q Anon July 25 – From Sea To Shining Sea

    I am waiting for the " Big Drop ".

    No one even guesses what that will be.

    The Q process is assuming we have a functioning government to deal with a dysfunctioning government. A parasite in the host requires killing one animal inside another one. Tricky and dangerous.

    Q just wants the reader to ENJOY THE SHOW.

    I am not.

  3. Seeing false flags, false news, false sexual identities, Vatican code hand signs and symbols everywhere including Trump's hands, it appears the parasite is coming into the open with Trump leading the show.

    Q sure does not talk about Trump stopping the false flags as just a sign he is on the job. He could pick up the phone and call Department of Homeland Security and tell them to stop with the crisis actors and the " EveryOne Must Check In " signs. That would give us tangible evidence of a pittance of Presidential Power remains.


    Bootney v7

    Da Mag showing you IVANKA in his future after following Donna onto the world stage and letting time go by. They are trying to manufacture another family dynasty with Ivanka. Time is his enemy because no malpracticing cosmetic surgeon can save his pretty face from disaster.

    You GOT EM ?

    NO, FUCK NO.

  5. Free 9-11 PDF book along with hard copy book is the way to go.

    The idea is to saturate the narative, the people remaining silent and acting like they just didn't know become less and less believable.

    Show the link between the LGBT and pedophilia, pedo abuse, transgenerational Satanism, and the world wide government and media attack.

    DRAG …

    The Goat has the double serpent sucking his dick.

    The Pope stands in the Serpant.

  6. Victoria's Secret is the same fucking secret as the Secret Societies.

    The bottom rung of the society is the cover story for the top rung butt fuckers. You wanna move up fast ? Bend over. Take it up the ass. Keep the secret and you can make your house payment. A power structure based on Anal Prostitution and Child Abuse. Flip your So Called Kids and you place them on the highway to Hell. Have them flashing the horns at 3 years old. Sandy Hook, Captain Hook, both the same HOOK.

  7. Got them ?

    Where ya got them ?

    You would need to fill the prisons with the complete bunch involved before, during, and after.

    I can watch TV again ?
    Read books,
    Watch movies,
    Fly on planes without someone's hands on my balls ?

    Where ya got them ?



    I'll tell da Mag his 22 channels on YouTube are safe and sound now.

    We got the bastards. The invading force of Secret Satanic Trannies have been taken off their assult on minds worldwide. The Red Shield fuckers were jerked from their London Offices. The BIS is now rubble. Whew. Just in time. That was a close call.

    WakeUp Call …

    You might nab a puppet or two, but you ain't got the Tit Dick Goat. Turn on the radio … the bastard is still singing.



    Commenter …

    The Wingless Phoenix
    It appears he was making a "star in a circle". Not a car sign. Idk…… Also, ALL doctors know what's going on in this world. They ALL know what the mission is overall irrespective to their original views or human/save the world morale. Not just in this t-gender instance. It all ties into the same. But particularly in this instance, they know. This is a way for them to earn permanent spots on the t.p.t.b.'s team. Precises & near flawless docs are needed by the conveyor belts. Constant & never ending supply. Big Prarma, has its finger on the pulse of everything medical which is a direct connection to the t.p.t.b. Those doctors of the "ALL" who don't know the agenda, are eventually brought up to speed. In summation, the majority (if not all) of them know.

    I said the same thing about all the false flags … the first people who know are the doctors. To not diagnose is malpractice.

    The prisons must now be clear full of doctors, since ya got them and all. Complicity through silence.

    I ain't been silent.

  10. Penn Mag Must Discover Necessity Of Basic Principles, Like Original Anti-Semitic Christianity

    Penn Magazine is largely worthless and irrelevant as it totally lacks necessary cultural analysis, USA now become Jew S A, the "dog" now being wagged by Israeli terror-state "tail."

    Further, Penn can't even ID Israeli terror-state as mere part of the "deep-state" establishment consisting of pretend "right" and "left" factions, Jews in general dominating, guiding, manipulating, and ruling this satanic deep-state.

    Thus for practical purposes, Jew-dominated, satanic deep-state rules first and most by means of the CENTRAL-BANK criminal enterprise instrument/weapon, literally legalized counterfeiting, which issues forth w. nearly INFINITE currency, not real money, commodity-based. See for expo on central-bank.

    Penn Mag doesn't grasp, for further example, the satanic nature as basically extreme SUBJECTIVISM, idea mind/consciousness creates reality, making oneself God (a), and then (b) how then Jews naturally dominate these satanic circumstances, Jews being highly organized and COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists, w. most effective "group-think," naturally then dominating less connected/organized goyim satanists. See,, and for expo on Jews and their filthy satanic religion.

    At best, Penn merely supplies some details which Penn yet is incapable of generalizing and integrating for necessary inductive conclusions to the CYCLIC nature of history and "Decline of the West" (by Oswald Spengler) in hubris and satanism.

    So what then, if the "leaders" are corrupt and traitors?–for what diff. does it make when the people, so many of them, are just brainless, stupid goons, morons, suckers, and utterly corrupt addicts for TV and poison GMO foods ("bread and circuses") to be munched as these scum watch their cheap entertainment and idiot football games?

    Thus the people must re-discover the real, hence the ANTI-SEMITIC, nature of original Christianity, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which is necessarily founded upon objective reality, against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44) and subjectivism.

    Thus Penn is so irrelevant as it fails to grasp basic principles and then crucial significance of that central-bank instrument/weapon which destroys the people by means of currency which steadily loses value w. the continuing issuances of more and new currency, that currency soon to becoming totally worthless.

    People must immediately get back to using only REAL MONEY, not currency, to saving their very lives. Further, US Constitution, states-rights and -sovereignty, nullification and primacy of local gov. must be heeded, observed, and undertaken.

    These then, above-noted general principles, are what must be emphasized and featured which Penn knows too little, featuring dis-connected details, telling us little we don't already know.

  11. First you see the camel nose under the tent and soon the camel toe is a plastic underwear for the Tit Dick Goat.
    Sexplanations' A You Tube Channel Trans-Investigation
    Trans Investigator
    The Tit dick goat jumped into child abuse on a grand scale with an agenda to tack on the T.
    Donna and Manlandia and Ivana and Marla and Michelle and Barry and Hitlery and Bill and …
    You got all those child flippers ?
    JUST BECAUSE THE TIT DICK GOAT FLIPPED THEM does not clear their crime to another generation.
    You GOT THEM ?

  12. The power behind the puppet is the SST. Red Shield and Euro Monarchy SSTs now blend their flipped children into the power structure. Hitler was a woman. Trump is a woman. We head down an old path. The path up to receive the Vine and the Body. Communion with the Tit Dick Goat.

    If you do not see the vast corporate logo Satanic Symbols, get a look. We face a fucking Goat.

    The snake chapel is now displayed on the news, talking trannies without even an acknowledgment.

    The dead Christ on the cross in front of all Catholic churches in Europe is Satanic. Focus on the tragic death, the tortured killing, and the dead body is to scare away the people who follow Christ's message. Truth and Love.

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