Patrick J. McShay: Media Disinformation, Government Propaganda, and The Lie of A Free Press in America

“Thousand points of light, what the hell was that?  what did that mean? I know one thing, make America great again we understand. Putting America first we understand. A thousand points of light? I never quite got that one, what the hell was that?  has anyone figured that one out?” 
                                      –President Trump addressing an adoring crowd in Montana 

“It’s important that the American people realize who Barack Obama really is. He is a sleeper cell whose intent is the deliberate destruction of America’s culture, economy, and national defense. When President Obama speaks he speaking not as an American, but as a radical, Communist Muslim.” 

                                      –Mike Adams, Natural News (December2015)

Patrick J. McShay
Trump, of course, was poking fun at George H.W. Bush’s 11September 1991, “New World Order”, speech with the occult and  Masonic inspired reference to ” a thousand points of light”. The term refers to initiates.

 He gave the speech ten years to the day before the World Trade Towers were blown to smithereens on his son George Bush “The Dumber’s” watch on 911. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences.

Alex Jones said yesterday on Infowars that President Trump is prepared to expose Special Counsel Robert Mueller cover-up of 9/11. Longtime deep state fixer Mueller was hired as FBI Director on 4 September 2001, one week before 911, six days before Donald Rumsfeld announced that there was $2.3 trillion missing at the Pentagon. Coincidence? 

Jones maintains that Trump is considering the release of new information linking the Bush and Clinton crime families to the 911 attacks according to high-level sources. 

To watch, “9/11: Who was responsible and why”, click here.
The purge of corrupt princes in Saudi Arabia last year targeted friends and allies of the Bush and Clinton families. It is estimated that 20% of Hillary Clinton’s campaign funding in 2016 came from these Saudi’s.

While air traffic was ordered suspended across the country on 911, the Bush Administration allowed prominent Saudi’s, including members of the Bin Laden family, to fly out of the country. 15 of the 19 so-called perp’s that day were Saudi’s. 

Daniel Hopsicker, in his book, “Welcome To Terrorland”, shows that these terrorists in training were not just being housed and funded by our government but protected as well during their time in the US. And the Israeli Mossad had them under surveillance the entire time. 

The “Dancing Israelis”, as they were dubbed by the press, were in New Jersey across the Hudson River from the burning towers filming them from the top of a moving van in the parking lot of an apartment building. Neighbors were upset to see them loudly celebrating, dancing, and high-fiving while watching the towers burn, and called the police. 

The police found that the men worked for Urban Moving Systems which turned out to be an Israeli Mossad front company. Two of the men were known Mossad operatives that admitted prior knowledge of the attack, and the Israeli owner of the company, Dominick Suter, fled the country to, where else? Israel. 

* Evidence linking these Israeli’s and others arrested that day as suspects connected to the attacks, were hidden from the public. Why? Zionist control of the media and the opposition are strategies the Mossad uses very effectively to keep us in the dark.

In his book “Solving 9/11”, Christopher Bollyn proves there is a mountain of evidence that the State of Israel and the Neo-Con traitors in the Bush Administration were in on the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. Bollyn has been beaten and persecuted for his research but it’s never been debunked.  Many of those Neo-Con traitors from the Bush regime are “Never Trumpers” today.

Sadly, the truth about who was really behind 9/11 is banned from network news shows in America. CIA asset, Susan Lindauer, who was assigned to Iraq, says she was briefed about 9/11 by her boss in Langley four months before the attack. She was told there was no way to stop it. 

To listen to Jim Fetzer’s interview with Christopher Bollyn, click here.
Shortly after meeting with Senator John “Traitor” McCain to discuss her concerns, She was visited by a Robert Mueller SWAT team at dawn, rousted from bed, arrested and held in a military prison for nearly a year to keep her quiet. Get her book if you still love George W or Traitor McCain.

If Trump puts out any 911 truth you can bet it won’t involve Israel or his pal Bibi. Trump knows the buildings were blown up. He said as much on 911. Trump knows when a building has been demolished! 

The buildings were designed to take hits from multiple planes the size as those on 9/11. Forget the steel melting from fires that never burned hotter than 650 degrees. The tower’s steel was tested to withstand heat to 2000 degrees. 

Why are some of our smartest people so dumb?  Is it because people know what they know and little else? How can anyone in 2018 still believe the US Government’s official story about what happened on 911?

* CIA Director William Casey said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.” I think we’re there!

The U.S. was behind the coup in Ukraine and Russia didn’t invade Crimea. They were also behind the Arab Spring. There are very few real grassroots movements anymore. The recent court case placing blame on Iran for 911 is just more Zionist media misdirection. The big lie today is that Russia is interfering in Syria. 

The truth is the U.S., under Obama, fomented civil war by arming vicious, radical terrorists including ISIS and Russia stepped in to stop the slaughter of their longtime ally. 

Every critical narrative on the cable news shows is filled with provable lies. That’s why they undermine and block news sources like RT and Press TV. Way to much real news isn’t good for our controllers. 

A few other little items our government expects you to believe and is still taught to your children as real history.

* John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald- No one with a pea size brain still believes this, so if you do, find someone with a pea size brain to explain it to you.

* Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray- Long known as a patsy, the King family hasn’t believed that Ray was the killer for well over a decade.

* Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan–Bobby Kennedy was shot three times by someone standing beside him. He was shot once at close range behind his right ear and twice under his right armpit. 

The room was full of CIA Spooks identified later in photographs. Had Sirhan not been the designated patsy, any competent Public Defender should have gotten him an acquittal. Bobby Kennedy Jr doesn’t believe the official story either and just wrote a new book About his doubts. 

To watch Jim Fetzer on LBJ’s role in the death of JFK and RFK, click here.
We have a new standard being set for pundits who want to keep their mainstream media credibility. They now must agree that Russia interfered in the election. 

The dopes on the Senate Intelligence Committee just concluded, without releasing a shred of evidence, that Russia interfered and influenced the election. Just more bogus history we are forced to acknowledge.

It reminds me of last year when the media went on and on about the 17 intelligence agencies concluding that Russia was interfering in our election. Cable news hosts pressured every pundit and politician to admit they were in agreement with the network on the government approved propaganda. 

There is, of course, no evidence that Russia did any of what the committee has accused them of and they will never produce any. Every one of the Senators on that committee is a traitor, sold out to globalist and Israel or too compromised to do the right thing for our country. Most of them hate Trump so we know their motivation.

No one in Washington cares one bit about the frightful plight of the Palestinians. With Trump taking a “see no evil” approach to Israeli atrocities they have increased exponentially. 

At the urging of nutty Nikki Haley, Trump has even dropped US participation in the UN Human Rights Council because they refused to stop calling Israel out for their continued human rights abuses. 

The fact that Trump can’t say no to Israel doesn’t say much about the future of the peace process since no one in Israel really believes in the two-state solution. 

Trump’s peace envoy, Son-In-Law Jared Kushner is a member of the radical Jewish supremacist cult, Chabad Lubavitch, and is a cheerleader and financier of the illegal settlements. This would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious. What is Trump thinking?  

Israeli snipers continue to shoot at an unarmed and imprisoned populace while the rest of the Israeli military are busy throwing families out of their homes and then bulldozing them while the families watch helplessly nearby. 

Yesterday the Israeli Army began bulldozing homes in the Bedouin community of Abu Nuwar, where 200 people once lived in relative peace. 

Their world was shattered this week when hundreds of Israeli soldiers and police officers were deployed to the area to keep them in line, while fanatic settlers from nearby Jewish settlements gathered to taunt them and celebrate their ethnic cleansing. 

200 more Palestinians sentenced to a UN refugee camp by the Israeli’s who feel invincible under Trump’s permissive lack of leadership in the region. Really disgusting!

The same whining politicians and pundits who were outraged by the treatment of illegal immigrant children in America turn a blind eye to the torture, imprisonment and murder of Palestinian children.

Today there are currently hundreds of children languishing in Israeli prisons. You will never hear that reported in America.

These Jewish Settlers are U.S. created monsters, financed by rich American Jews like Jared Kushner’s family, enabled by a corrupt Israeli government, and made possible by a morally impotent and bankrupt benefactor in the United States Government. 

How can any American not be disgusted by this country’s middle east policy? Not in my name Mr. President. I supported you early and frankly, we deserve better than this!

My advice Mr. President: you need to get our troops out of Syria and stop arming the terrorists, your generals are lying to you. Distance yourself from Israel! Stop the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Do not give your blessing to Israel annexing the West Bank. Stop listening to Bibi! Declassify all of the withheld DOJ and FBI documents in the Congressional probe, and fire Rod Rosenstein. 

Nip Antifa in the bud. Arrest the losers wearing the goofy masks who are causing all of the violence at peaceful gatherings and hit those causing the violence with big fines and jail sentences. That will discourage this insane behavior.

No country has covered up greater atrocities than the United States. It’s no wonder they keep us in the dark, the more you know about real history the more disillusioned you become to the whole idea of American exceptionalism. Our controllers want happy, useful idiots who don’t ask a lot of questions.   

To watch, “Welcome  to Terrorland” with Daniel Hopsicker, click here.
In a recent court case in Detroit, the court ruled that students have no fundamental right to read and write. The student who brought the suit tried to hold the system accountable for his apparent lack of success since his indoctrination, errrr education in the American school system. 

So let me get this straight, my kids have to go to school but there is no guarantee that they will be proficient at anything? Common Core will dumb them down while they continue to teach them history that was debunked over a decade ago and you want to teach my 7th grader about butt plugs and anal sex? 

And before my kids can be admitted to this indoctrination center, I have to agree to have my healthy, happy children injected with dozens of unsafe, unproven and dangerous vaccines? Homeschooling anyone?

Obama really was a sleeper cell, and he was intent on the deliberate destruction of our national culture, our economy, and our defense. Hillary was to be the coup de gras for the globalists on our once great nation.

Alexandra Acasio-Cortez, the young 28-year-old Socialist who just beat powerful incumbent New York Congressman Joe Crowley, and, who dopey Bernie Sanders calls the future of the Democrat party, was working as a waitress at a Taco Bar just 6 months ago. 

These are the same New Yorkers who thought Trump lacked experience. Maybe she’ll be a better Congresswoman than a waitress.

Mr. Trump may be our last chance to save this country and he won’t do it fighting Bibi’s wars. Do the right thing in Palestine and Build the Wall here at home. No more excuses! 

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Patrick J. McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on over a hundred news sites around the world including,,,,,,,,,, Mr. McShay’s articles have been translated into numerous languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Dutch. 


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19 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay: Media Disinformation, Government Propaganda, and The Lie of A Free Press in America”

  1. Richard, Filled W. Chutzpah, Lies Like Only Kike Can Lie

    Sorry "Richard Holden DVM," buddy, but u're just the typical, usual Jew-friendly, Jew-serving liar, aren't u? And ur "technique" isn't really that unusual for Jew lies and lying, Jews the master satanists and liars (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    Ur purpose, Richard the Jew-serving liar, is easy to see, dis-info and confusion: first, u set urself up as critic of Jewwy establishment, noting the "zionist" wars and zionist financiers, liars, etc., pretending "zionists" are somehow different fm Jews, then to be friend of the people, eh?

    And now u un-mask urself, pretending u're all set-up now as most patriot of the patriotic, defending Jews–"leave the [kikes] alone," says the lying liar, flunky for the Jews, Richard, the lying liar who lies.

    Funniest lie u tell, above, is about the "wonderful Jews and their normal families…," ho ho oho ho–for there is no such thing as "wonderful" kike, sucker–and all u need do is to find-out about the very RELIGION and tenets of those filthy, dirty monsters, called kikes–see,, and for expo.

    Thus the Talmud is definitive for "religion" of Jews, followers, BY DEFINITION, of original Pharisees, hereticalist exponents of the "Oral Law Tradition" (see Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) and "midrash" (interpretation) of Torah, which original Torah Christ defended AGAINST Pharisees and Jews, sucker–these are the facts.

    (a) Thus Jews hold it as fundamental religious tenet that Christ was rightfully executed and killed by Jews for blasphemy and heresy–this is explicitly what Jews are all about, Richard, the liar who lies for Jews and satanists.

    (b) Jews also hold, as religious tenet that Mary, putative "mother of God," mother of Christ, Christ being God the Son, according to our dear Christianity, was a prostitute and "hair-dresser," who mated w. a Roman named "Panthera," of whom Christ was the issue.

    (c) And Jews are at war against all humanity, whom they call "goyim" and "Amalek," who must be exterminated, as religious program, Jews making themselves co-equal w. God, only the rabbis' pronouncements, as in Talmud (but also other rabbinic works too), being what is true for any subject, beginning w. Torah.


  2. ——–[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE]——–

    (d) And satanism is DEFINED as making oneself God the creator, as by means of philosophy of (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, holding mind/consciousness to being the creator of reality–as, for example, in philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

    (e) Jews then simply take control of the satanified and corrupt culture of gentiles by means of Jews' notorious and well-known collectivism, Jews most organized and "connected" for a common collective subjectivism, upon which they all co-operate and thereby DOMINATE, lead, control, and manipulate the legions of far more numerous gentile satanists, goons, scum, and suckers, who are just as notoriously, miserably isolated, dis-organized and un-organized.

    (f) That, above, is how Jews operate and soon enough taking-over the corrupted and degenerate culture of the West and Jew S A (used to be USA). Jews don't originate the corruption; rather like maggots and disease, they take advantage and take-over by means of it, leading and guiding it along, as we see.

    (g) And all HISTORY demonstrates and memorializes this Judaic disease and the way gentiles fail in their corruption, inexorably giving way to Jew disease, monstrosity, and catastrophe.

    (h) Definitive weapon/instrument of Jew disease in existential practice is rise of central-banking (see, literally legalized counterfeiting, now in the hands of Jews, this central-banking issuing nearly ENDLESS currency, not real money, by which Jews buy everyone and everything.

    (j) Beginning w. the central-banking monopoly, Jews buy and control Jews-media, "big-Pharma," the "military-Industrial-complex," etc.–thus they CONTROL EVERYTHING, sucker.

    (k) And now in accord w. Jews' Zohar (fm which we get words, "Cabal" and Kaballah), Jews work to exterminate and genocide humanity in accord w. Agenda-21 and -2030, and look, Richard, at how well it's all being done by means of the poisoning of the food, vaccines, water, etc.–even the air is being poisoned by means of "chem-trails," all in accord w. general satanism, and top satanic master-minds, the Jews, most organized and cohesive.

    There's no "good" Jew, Richard, no more than there's "good" psychopath, and u're now exposed for lying liar, dis-info agent, and defender of Jews the topmost satanists, Jews the leaders of the larger satanic movement that's presently destroying the world, civilization, and mankind. And fact is, u're probably a Jew urself, eh Richard?–ho ho ho ohoh oho–u sure do lie like only a kike can lie, I'd say, w. all ur putrid chutzpah–"wonderful kikes," ho ho ho ho.

  3. Richard, I completely agree with your point. I would emphasis who owns what and would add that the majority of the elite we observe around us are more (((Jewish))) than any of the others. Examples anyone can validate are the ownership of the media, porn, newspapers, movie studios, and sports team. Then add who make up most of the news anchors and politicians with dual citizenships.

  4. I wish I could focus on the extreme minority of Jews and solve this fiendish Agena with one stop shopping, but Occam's Razor solutions are sadly simplistic. Within ALL WALKS OF LIFE there exists the Satanic Age Old sell out to temptations of Riches and Fame in exchange for Silent Allegiance. It is true Jews are affected but they are no more than the other groups. My life long experience with wonderful Jews and their normal families heads me in the proper direction. Within wonderful men's groups, wonderful religious branches, Women's associations, everywhere I look for great programs, I find them.
    But, the Satanic Infiltration is awesome in scope. Only through a year of TransVestigation research have I begun to imagine the face of the parasite. I have seen the extent of the Agenda. Spilling out the Usual Suspects of that research would do you a disservice. I only will suggest your own similar awakening experience.
    It ain't just Jews.
    It ain't just Catholics.
    It ain't just Christian Zionists.
    It ain't just Free Masons.
    It ain't just Democrates.
    It ain't just Never Trump Republicans.
    It ain't just Mormans.
    It ain't just World Councils of Churches.
    The Puppet Eugenics Farm accepts all parents who want a leg up for their children. It does even make a little logical sense considering the Satanists run the Show Business Cabal. It is just that on the Satanic Level, every fucking thing is Show Business.
    Genital Mutilation Marking is at very high levels, the more mutilation the more Allegiance to the Cabal. Complete flipping of appearance is a ticket to the Satan Lotto.
    Step right up and see the bearded lady.
    Gawk away at the cleavages on the Red Carpet and also on the Tarmac I surmise.
    Children raised as Puppets for their own good is your Parasite Larval Incubator.
    The Cabal loves their larva and spreads them around where ever controlled opposition is needed. Learn the markers. Practice your observational skills. Leave the Jews alone as a Scape Goat and instead look the Goat God Bathomet.

  5. Right on brother – any person believing Trump will save us is completely in denial. He's sold out like all the others, a traitor to this country and fellow citizens, and a completely corrupted individual. Folks, it's time to face the ultimate reality – ALL SIDES of politics are DIRTY. Wake up and face the truth – it's out there for eyes to see.

  6. Theory And Practice Of ZOG Satanism And Dictatorship

    I. Practice–The Weapon/Instrument: The Central-Bank

    Of course Jews-media is liars who lie, working for their masters and owners, the MONOPOLISTS who issue the CURRENCY (not real money) at the central bank of Jew S A, the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "fed")–see for expo; use their search engine.

    So what's a dictatorship?–it's a MONOPOLY, right?–and what do u think the Fed is? Is it then any wonder this horrific monopoly gains evermore hold and control over everything, all politicians and judges for politics?–"big Pharma," the Jews-media; they have control of edjumacation–everything–how could they NOT control everything when they can put-out nearly ENDLESS currency?–financing anything and everything.

    So that's their practical/existential weapon, the central bank, but then what is their weapon in theory, the abstract, psychologic, "ideologic"?–that would be the SATANIC mentality/consciousness

    II: Ideology/psychology of Satanism

    Necessarily and concomitant w. the practical/existential weapon of the central-bank is the ideologic/psychologic–that satanic mentality borne of HUBRIS, esp. when a culture and society becomes mature and established, the people of that culture now corrupt and hubristic–they want to pretend they're "good" and "morally virtuous"–even though there's no such thing as "good-evil" which philosophers have yearned for but NEVER discovered for solid criterion.

    So the people are programmed by satanic masterminds at top fm the beginning and birth that they must be "good" and "politically-correct," etc., never discovering there's no such thing–that they don't have a perfectly "free" will, that they can't be "good" or "evil."

    Thus the hubristic and now over-populated people fail to grasping reality must be accepted, and that they're not God, capable of changing this reality–that they don't have a perfectly "free" will.

    Thus the corrupted culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler becomes so filled and dominated, suffused w. this gross HUBRIS, that the culture and society becomes SATANIC–all built upon (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, idea that reality is product of consciousness/mentality–ESPECIALLY in way of "good-evil" and as propounded, for example, by Immanuel Kant; Bentham's Utilitarianism is another example.


  7. ———-[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE]——

    Thus the satanists by means of this subjectivism imagine and BELEEEEEV now they're God, creator of reality, but it doesn't stop there, because the top satanists are and MUST BE collectivistic, colluding and co-operating upon a common expression of this satanist view, to making it practical and most effective–as in way of CENTRAL-BANKING, thus taking control of the whole society, exterminating any opposition, leveraging all the more isolated, "individualist" satanists among the population.

    Thus u have Jews, the leading Satanists, most integrally "connected," organized, collectivistic subjectivists–doubt it?–see,, and to finding-out about Jew "midrash" (interpretation) by which they say Torah is only what they say it means–and which logic then extends to every aspect of reality, making themselves God.

    Thus Jews rule, even though they're so few, out-numbered by goyim, yet they're far more ORGANIZED and "connected" by which such organization they absolutely DOMINATE the goyim.

    And remember, Jews couldn't do all this cultural domination by themselves–they need the greater numbers of goyim helpers and less-organized satanists to help them and enforce their rule–look at the legion of "Judeo-Christian" goons and morons among goyim who support terror-state of Israel.

    III. Conclusion

    Thus the world, and the people need the real, anti-semitic Christianity as of Gosp. JOHN 8:44, Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which upholds the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality (for how else is there such thing as TRUTH?), hence the DETERMINED reality of absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, and no "good-evil"–we're all sinners.

    But now it looks like the satanists, led by Jews, presently control things, so disaster and catastrophe must take place, removing excess, over-populated goyim, victims of this satanism–and the survivors must take heed.

    Thus humanity must REMOVE the central-banks and re-assert 10th Amendment of US Constitution and sovereignty of states, esp. in way of NULLIFICATION–there's no "good-evil" which is for children and dogs, and the real Christianity is vehicle of OBJECTIVITY of reality, hence necessarily anti-semitic (anti-satanic).

  8. To a Satan Worshiping Cult, the discussion of points of light directly refers to stars like we find commemorating the actors on HellyWeird Blvd. They are the chosen deceivers who completed the contract with the Devil and brought the PsyOp up close and personal. The Crisis Actors that can shed tears by the gallon as DragMan after DragWoman pushes the androgenous agenda of the Satan Adoring Bastards in every major production. These Fallen Angelic Points of Illuminati Agenda NEVER TELL YOU the customer. They collude in their Vatican Code of Silence, flashing signs and symbols to each other as their INSIDE JOKE on the vast majority of citizens. It is hilariously funny to them that their lies seldom get corrected and they kneel on the HellyWeird sidewalk to complete the Devil's Work. These Puppets are despicable in plain view throwing the mass mind control projects into the majority's unsuspecting consciousness. There are way way more that a thousand points of lights operating behind Deceptive plotlines and news stories.

    Journalism has long ago been destroyed, followed by teachers that teach from their deceptive script and never make an attempt to enlarge their knowledge base themselves OR tell students anything about the agenda they are constantly bombarded by as that will destroy their paycheck in short order.

    University faculties just keep their head firmly up their Administration Puppet Master's Asses. We are unable to go to a brick and mortar location and get cutting edge understanding. As a new graduate we step out onto the world stage NOT to a round of applause, but to a Roar of Laughter at the poor Dupe with NO Clue WHAT FUCK IS SO FUNNY?

    The Parasites long ago killed their host, the first No No of every parasite. Even the Parasites are stupid fucks and end their deplorable lives in TransGender Obscenity.

    The Jokers smile from Ear to Ear as their face deforms and slides down their neck.

    This Cult of Rebel's With A Clear Appocolyptic Cause are still holding their Code of Silence while paying the ghoul to TransGender the Next Generation of BullShit Artists. We actually need to stop the fucking parasites because they NEED US TO HELP THEM STOP.

    This is Irony of the Highest Order. The victim needs to first understand their victimization, their plight, their future demise, and THEN …

    Help the Perpetrator stop their Agenda.

    Jesus Christ, we are our own Savior.

  9. DBA does not mean "doing business as"….it means "dim-bulb Americans". Ultimately, when Americans choose to learn and know about the crime syndicate called America, they'll be on the road to recovery. Until then, don't expect Trump to turn against his brethren and give us the facts about 911 and other American travesties. I'm sure Trump and his family face their own Samson threats from the Tribe. The saturation of American business and government by the Zionists is a deadly fact that way too many Americans simply cannot accept in their dire ignorance. I've had scores of arguments with people who insist good, ol' sweet Israel is the answer to all their problems. Blatant stupidity will be the ultimate downfall of America. When I see politicians and their handmaidens thrown into prison, I'll start to believe Trump can hold is own against the deep state. Until that happens, it's just business as usual.

  10. Forget about converting Israel lover liar cheater con artist, bully,draft dodger, swindler and likely converted Jew Trump to see the religion. How else could he make it in Jew York if he did not join them long ago? You can put lipstick on a pig but this gangster is an embarrassment to pigs which make great animals, friends and barbecue and bacon. The late top investigative journalist Wayne Barrett in New York documented the thug Trump was and is for over 30 years. Trump first tried to bribe him into silence, then threatened him. Nothing worked. Hundreds of articles and at least one book prove Trump was and is an expletive deleted traitor criminal and gangster. There is no hope. Your article makes many good points but wrong about any possibility of Trump finding any religion other than the Jewish one. America is gone folks. It will take much more than the voting box to bring her back. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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