New York Times article attacking attorneys for Alex Jones in (absurd) Sandy Hook lawsuit

  • Lawyers for Neo-Nazi to Defend Alex Jones in Sandy Hook Case

Alex Jones, target of malicious lawsuits by fake Sandy Hook parents

By Elizabeth Williamson

[Editor’s note: This case has no descernible merit other than as an exercise in disinformation. The hoax was blown apart with the publication of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), where 13 contributors (including 6 current or retired Ph.D. professors) proved that the school had been closed and there were no students there. See, for example, “Sandy Hook: How we Know the Lawsuits against Alex Jones are Malicious”.]

Alex Jones, an online conspiracy theorist who claims the Sandy Hook massacre that killed 20 children and six adults was a hoax, has hired lawyers representing a founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website to defend him against defamation claims brought in Connecticut by families of seven Sandy Hook victims.

Since days after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Mr. Jones has spread bogus theories that the families were “crisis actors” in a government plot to confiscate Americans’ firearms. The families have endured online abuse, physical confrontations and death threats from Mr. Jones’s devotees.
Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman of the Las Vegas-based Randazza Legal Group are defending Mr. Jones in Connecticut. The lawyers also represent Andrew Anglin, the co-founder of the Daily Stormer, who is being sued for harassment by a Montana woman after Daily Stormer followers subjected her to a torrent of anti-Semitic slurs and threats. Mr. Anglin has cited Mr. Jones as an early influence.
Mr. Jones is also facing lawsuits filed in Texas by the families of two other Sandy Hook victims, but he has different lawyers there. Together, the lawsuits pose a significant legal threat to his InfoWars empire, First Amendment lawyers say.
Mr. Jones, who has been using his InfoWars radio show and YouTube channels to broadcast the false claim, is seeking to have all of the lawsuits dismissed.
Marc Randazza, one of the attorneys representing Alex Jones

Mr. Randazza has appeared on Mr. Jones’s radio show and in InfoWars videos. In a brief telephone interview, he acknowledged opinions by First Amendment lawyers not involved in the cases that the Sandy Hook families have a strong claim against Mr. Jones. “I think if you look at the allegations in the complaint, that’s an easy conclusion to make,” Mr. Randazza said. “But as these cases progress sometimes things turn in the other direction.”
“We are going to be mounting a strong First Amendment defense and look forward to this being resolved in a civil and collegial manner,” he said, asserting that Mr. Jones has “a great deal of compassion for these parents.”
On his website, Mr. Jones has suggested that the victims’ parents took part in an elaborate hoax, saying, “I’ve watched a lot of soap operas, and I’ve seen actors before.”
Since founding InfoWars in 1999, Mr. Jones has drawn a vast audience with bizarre theories, including that American terrorist attacks and mass shootings are “inside jobs,” and that the government lines juice boxes with hormones that make children gay.
“Alex Jones has built an opportunistic empire on the backs of families trying to pick up the pieces from shattering loss,” Joshua Koskoff, a partner at Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder of Bridgeport, Conn., the firm representing Sandy Hook families in the Connecticut lawsuits, said in a statement.
Mr. Jones did not respond to requests for comment.
Last week a District Court judge in Travis County, Tex., set Aug. 1 as a hearing date for the first of the Texas lawsuits. That one was filed in April by the parents of Noah Pozner, who was 6 when he was killed at Sandy Hook.

[Editor’s note: But, as we have explained again and again, Noah Pozner cannot have been killed at Sandy Hook because “Noah Pozner” was a fiction made up out of photographs of Michael Vabner when he was a child, as Kelley Watt was the first to surmise. Consider:

The first obligation of the prosecution in this case, it would appear, is to prove that anyone died at Sandy Hook. We have a prima facie proof that the children were fabricated out of photos of older kids when they were younger, which means that Alex Jones was right to imply that Sandy Hook was “a hoax” and that the parents are themselves guilty of fraud.]

Mark Bankston of Farrar & Ball, the Houston-based firm representing the Sandy Hook parents in the Texas lawsuits, said in an email that the firm was eager to “finally hold Mr. Jones accountable for his malicious lies,” adding, “There are no more excuses for Mr. Jones to hide behind. Now he must answer to the law.”
[Editor’s note: Absolutely, someone ought to answer to the law. The New York Times has been publishing nonsense about Sandy Hook since 15 December 2012, when it has to know better. The fake parents have split between $27-130,000,000 in donations from sympathetic but gullible Americans. That’s more than $1,000,000 per family for faking the loss of a child. And they are perpetrating frauds upon the Court by pretending to be “Sandy Hook survivors”.]
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23 thoughts on “New York Times article attacking attorneys for Alex Jones in (absurd) Sandy Hook lawsuit”

  1. "Albert" Sure Talks, Walks, Acts Like One

    But albert, if u were kike, then u'd lie–as u obviously do. And is it "insanely implausible" King and Parliament would conspire against American colonists, as Jefferson noted?–typical Jew, u just ignore reality, eh?–like u ignore the obvious criminal conspiracy of central bank. U're Jew, albert, and if u weren't, u should be.

  2. I'm an American of Scottish descent who was raised Fundamentalist Baptist.
    Hopefully you "borderline" delusionals who buy into these insanely implausible boogeyman conspiracies get a good feel of the company you are keeping when you read comments by the likes of asspertain here.

  3. Poor "Albert": Goyim Won't Play His Game

    What?–but albert, what about MY "analysis," sucker?–which u just ignore–typical of u Jews, eh?–not wanting to give attn. to the big scam u're running, legalized counterfeiting, literally, by means of ur central-banking criminal enterprise, whereby entire country is in thrall to criminals like u, organized by top satanists and Jews.

    And u can ck out the numerous exposings of central-banking, as at (use their search-engine), also in works, like "The Creature from Jekyll Island," by G.E. Griffin, and "The Mystery of Banking," by Rothbard.

    Then there's New Test. which relates the story of Jew conspiracy to kill Truth and Christ. And don't forget US Declaration of Independence in which Jefferson noted the conspiracy by King and Parliament against American colonies, colonists–do u think that was wide-ranging "conspiracy"? Ho ho o ho hohoho

  4. Elizabeth Williamson obviously writes articles without doing any research. She represents all the sheeple that follow along blindly or are part of the sociopaths/order-followers that are helping with the disarmament agenda.

  5. There is to much hope that Alex Jones or the judicial system will expose the truth. Alex Jones admitted in what looked like a not for public viewing interview where he stated he has CIA ties and his radio show was created as a distraction, controlled opposition campaign. The system is corrupt to the core. To think anything good will come from the government investigating and punishing itself is absurd. There will be no justice in this rotten to the core system. All of these hearings, lawsuits, etc. are Hollywood to keep us fooled that something big is about to happen as far as arrests and exposing any of the false flags. I say BS!

  6. Alex Jones and the The Sandy Hook Hoaxers have produced real life consequences:

    In April 2016, Matthew Mills, a 32-year old man from Brooklyn, accepted a plea agreement with prosecutors on one count of interfering with police arising from an incident in November 2015, when Mills angrily approached the sister of murdered teacher Victoria Soto (who is regarded as a heroine for her attempt to protect her students from the shooter in the Sandy Hook attack), shoved a photograph in her face, “and began angrily charging that not only did the Sandy Hook tragedy not take place, but that Victoria Soto never existed”. Mills entered a no contest plea and was given a suspended sentence of one year in jail and two years’ probation.

    On December 5, 2016, Lucy Richards, a 57-year old woman from Tampa, was arrested after being indicted by a grand jury on four counts of transmitting threats in interstate commerce. Each count carries a maximum of five years in prison. The judge sentenced her to five months in federal prison, followed by five months of house arrest with electronic monitoring and three years of supervised release.

    In May 2014, 28-year-old Andrew David Truelove stole a memorial sign from playgrounds dedicated to Sandy Hook victims Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, and called the parents of Grace McDonnell, admitting that he stole the sign and that he believed their deaths were a “hoax”. He was eventually arrested and the signs were found in his home. Truelove was eventually convicted of the theft and sentenced to 12 months in prison with four months suspended.

  7. I'm real. Anonymous. I like how none of my analysis of all the logical impediments is addressed . Just Ad hominem and even MORE idiotic conspiracies about "who he really is". Way to make my points.

  8. It is hoped a Jury Trial is in order, if not the Corporation will make a mockery of this case like 9/11. Repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act should count for something along with the idea of the Capstone Event.

  9. Has Mather been living in a cave? I released the book for free as a pdf the day it was banned by on 19 November 2015! It was banned because it is chock full of proof that the school was closed by 2008, that there were no students there and that it was a drill to promote gun control.

    So how am I "hawking a book" that I've given away for free? We even have the FEMA manual for two-day exercise, with a rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th. I included the manual in the book as Appendix A. Get it and read it.

    I cannot abide someone so massively ignorant making absurd arguments that have no foundation in logic or in evidence. He appears to be more more example of the power of propaganda, like the power of The Force, upon the weak-minded.

  10. So, Mather, tell us how 105,000 workers at Los Alamos worked on the atomic bomb for years prior to Teller's taking over of the hydrogen bomb research with nary a turncoat blabbermouth fouling matters. Sandy Hook did not exceed the sum total of the Los Alamos workers. You are trying to answer Fetzer with questions….how you do that? You figure that by calling him some conspiracy theorist that you automatically become some sort of hero? Say what? Are you impersonating some other individual here? Hmmm. Who might that be? C'mon, you can tell us. We won't rat on you.

  11. Were many thousands of first responders gagged right after 911 was pulled off? As in, tens of thousands of first responders? So why is Fetzer labeled as some sort of fictional nincompoop just because you have a very bad memory and paltry command of your subject matter? You're preposterous, were you connected with falsification of Sandy Hook??? I've studied handwriting methodology and something is rotten in Denmark here.
    You're stalling. I know…'re Brian Ross! Well pat me on my back, I cracked this case wide open!!

  12. Sandy Hoax Covered-Up By Lots Of Lies, Liars, Like "Albert Mather"

    Yet ANOTHER large, crucial factor that "albert mather," the lying shill, leaves out is the incredible, tremendous power of central-banking which pumps-out whatever masses of "currency"–not REAL MONEY, needed by criminals–legalized counterfeiting (see for expo on central-banking). Hence the country, USA, is dominated, controlled, and ruled by CRIMINALS running a criminal enterprise, central-banking.

    Running hoaxes like Sandy hoax is easy–all u need is FINANCING, given by central-bank. Look how criminals killed JFK and then covered it up–look at 9/11 conspiracy run by Zionists and Jews–see for 9/11 expo.

    Observe now how the Congress, Pres., and Sup. Ct. have all been corrupted and affected by masses of legally counterfeited currency, bribery, and extortion. Look at present DOJ (Justice) and FBI have been corrupted, covering-up gross crimes of traitor hitlery Clinton, working to frame Trump.

    "Albert" the Jewwy liar doesn't tell u how EASY it is to bribe, extort, and THREATEN most players to STFU and just not say anything, like the EMTs, neighbors, et al. Police, state cops, state bureaucrats are well known to be easily bribed and extorted–we saw this happen when the corrupt state cop, Paul Vance, publicly THREATENED anyone giving info on the hoax, Vance a known and proven liar. And there have been more than one mysterious death having taken place, not to mention gross destruction of evidence.

    It isn't "wild, fantastic conjecture" to see Dave Wheeler playing two roles in Sandy hoax, including "sloppy sniper"–and there are MANY, many other slips and anomalies indicating the hoax, evermore obvious and glaring–just ck Fetzer's outstanding work, "Nobody Died at Sandy…," hoax.

  13. Jim, are you concerned that Alex won't mount a very strong defense against this lawsuit? When Wolfgang was sued, a part of me was happy, just because I knew that he'd fight for the truth, and we saw how they dropped the suit eventually. But with Alex, sometimes I don't understand him. I'm grateful that he's popularized 9-11 conspiracy theories, but why can't he learn from guys like you and actually dig deep on Sandy Hook? I'm worried he'll just claim he didn't know one way or the other, and has a First Amendment claim. What are your thoughts?

  14. "Albert Mather" may not exist. This letter of his sounds like some stuff written by bogus phonies in past communications on this site. His tone is mocking, is he Leonard number 2? This interrogative of his is tainted, he's not looking for answers, he's looking to impress us with his distractions so we can be led astray. Won't happen, this Mather schlub or schlubbess is probably not the real thing, but some fictional jab at Jim Fetzer. Fetzer is like Sonny Liston, he rarely leaves his feet when attacked.

  15. "There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened." — Mark Twain

    Mark Twain (1835-1910) was an American Genius, perhaps the greatest American writer. In 15 simple and easy to understand words he magnificently describes the sympathy scam which has fooled nearly all the millions of fools in the United States of America today!
    Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. is one of the very few American citizens intelligent enough to see through this massive con on America to fool them into surrendering their basic rights to own and possess guns for self defense and other purposes as provided in our Constitution defended with the blood of Americans for over 200 years.

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  16. Incredible! Here we have proof that one "Noah Pozner" was a fiction made up out of photographs of his (alleged) older step-brother, Michael Vabner, when he was a child–right in the blog!–and I am being accused of having an "implausible conspiracy" when it's existence is the subject of proof? Absolutely amazing how many will go so far out of their way to deny the truth when its smacks them right between the eyes! You have lost your way, Read the book or watch the video, "Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins. The Deep State Strikes Back!", which is on BitChute.

  17. Riddle me this Mr. Fetzer. How do you reconcile the implausibility of your theory. Let's just stop and consider WHO would have to be "in on it" to pull of something like what you imagine…
    The Newtown Cops
    State Cops
    The State of Connecticut
    Doctors and Hospitals
    Morgue workers and Morticians
    Board of Education
    Facilities committee
    The Mayors office & most Municipal employees
    Dozens and dozens of "crisis actors"
    All those kids in the pictures
    The families and friends of all those kids in the pics that went nationwide!
    The crisis actor that had to show up at funerals as family
    The Newtown Bee
    The people who planned and orchestrated the entire thing.

    (realizing many of these people like the police ,mayor,neighbors had been in place for years and years…. like sleeper cells!!!)

    Of course there would be more ….but you get the point.ALL would have to be IN ON the fact that this was a hoax… and NOT ONE EVER TALKS ….for years.

    It is such an incredibly implausible conspiracy with nothing but wild fantastic conjecture and easily debunked memes like many for propose as fact… To my mind only a delusional child could deny all these glaring inconsistencies & buy into this BS .

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