Dan Cromer: Jonestown: Nobody Drank the Kool-Aid

By Dan Cromer
This year, November 18th will mark the 40th anniversary of the “Jonestown massacre”.  It was the largest such event in modern history and resulted in the largest single loss of American civilian life in a deliberate act until the state-sponsored staged events on September 11 in 2001.
9/11 was the event responsible for waking up many people to government deception by way of official narratives, investigations, reports and so on.  9/11 has also been responsible for motivating woke people to reexamine and often unlearn the official accounts of historical events.  The Jonestown massacre is such an event that needs to be unlearned.
Drink the Flavor Aid

First off, nobody drank Kool-Aid at the behest of Jim Jones, cult leader of the Peoples Temple at their agricultural commune known as “Jonestown” in the South American country of Guyana.  It was Flavor Aid—not Kool-Aid that was laced with cyanide poison and according to the Guyana government’s top pathologist, it was murder—not “revolutionary suicide” that claimed the lives of 911 of his “followers”.  [Yes, you read correctly.  911 deaths were reported by the Washington Post on December 17, 1978  Add another one to the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up file.]
Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo found that 90 percent of the victims had fresh needle marks at the back of their left shoulder blades.  Obviously, someone else would have had to inject them there.  He also observed that other people were found shot or strangled to death and others had cyanide poison forcefully squirted into their throats.  Surviving eyewitnesses said that anyone who resisted drinking was killed by armed guards.  Furthermore, a U.S. Army spokesperson declared, “no autopsies were needed as the cause of death was not an issue”.  [Haven’t we seen this movie before?]
The Jonestown Death Tape

To listen to “The Jonestown Death Tape”, click here.

Initial media reports claimed that Jones convinced 408 of his followers to drink the deadly Kool-Aid.  Over the next week, the media continued to report 408 deaths but also began reporting that 700 followers survived and ran off into the Guyanese jungle and U.S. army teams had arrived on site.  Inexplicably, the death toll increased to 700 then 800 and finally 911 just one week after the initial reports of 408.
“All the Fake News That’s Fit to Print”

The New York Times reported on November 25th the additional 500 deaths were discovered because the Guyanese officials “could not count”.  Following reports claimed the new dead bodies were discovered hiding underneath the original bodies even though not one photograph of the hundreds taken showed any hidden bodies.
There’s always TIME for more propaganda

At the time, there were people who speculated that the seven hundred survivors that fled for the jungle were hunted down and killed by U.S. Military, Guyanese troops and British commandos who happened to be in the neighborhood for “training exercises”.  But it was Dr. Peter David Beter that revealed the truth about what really happened for those who subscribed his “audio letters”.
In Dr. Beter’s audio letter #40 from November 30, 1978, he disclosed that the Jonestown massacre was in fact staged by the U.S. military.  This mass casualty event allowed the military to take-out a nearby Soviet missile base and remove the bodies and warheads in coffins that were reportedly carrying the victims of the massacre.  He explained this is why the military brought sixteen C-131 aircraft, allegedly just to remove the bodies with only thirty-six caskets allotted for each plane.  This was despite the fact that this aircraft was commonly used for transporting tanks, trucks, troops and ammunition all in a single plane.
Operation Guyana

To watch “The Battle of Guyana”, click here.
So, add the Jonestown massacre to ever increasing list of historical events that one must unlearn in order to uncover the truth.  The new revised editions of our history books should read, “The government staged events on November 18, 1978 resulted in the largest loss of American civilian life in a deliberate covert act until the government staged events on September 11, 2001.
Dan Cromer is an information specialist, is a regular guest on The Raw Deal and The Power Hour. His research on Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Parkland has been published by numerous media outlets.
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5 thoughts on “Dan Cromer: Jonestown: Nobody Drank the Kool-Aid”

  1. I’m sorry but I simply do not believe many of the assertions that Dan Cromer has made in this article.
    One, the argument that the US Army staged the massacre was originally made by Peter David Beter. Beter was a right wing nut who made many strange assertions. A few were correct (LBJ was involved in JFK assassination; chemtrails weather modification), but most were not (David Rockefeller, Henry Kissenger,, and Jimmy Carter are actually dead, and are being impersonated by organic robotoids; Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the CIA). So Beter is not a reliable source.
    Two, the NYT article cited does not mention a 90% shoulder injection rate. The account of Dr. Mootoo (the Guyanese examiner first on site) in the article is actually very consistent with the standard accounts of the event. It was well-know from the start that some were injected, some drank the poison, and that many had to be forced by Jones’ guards.
    Third, the anomalies in the number of victims and the evacuating airplanes and the failure to do autopsies is due to the extreme heat of the area and the slowness in response to the scene. Bodies deteriorate very quickly in jungle conditions and US teams did not show up for several days. The Guyanese government wanted nothing to do with the massacre. It seems plausible enough that bodies were stacked – or fell – on one another. The bodies had deteriorated very quickly and snow shovels were needed to extract them for identification.
    Dan appeared on the Raw Deal radio show on Thursday and several readers already corrected his views.

  2. Cultural Corruption, satanism, All Part Of Necessary, CYCLIC "Decline Of The West"

    Gotta remember it's actually predictable part of CYCLIC history in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Late sociologist, Pitirim Sorokin, also has/had similar (cyclic) theory.

    Thus an originally strong, vital, and healthy culture/civilization/society, like Romans, eventually becomes "mature" and then past "mature" and even decadent as the society ages and proceeds, breeding-up following generations fm original founders, but which followers are now enmired in gross HUBRIS, as pretending to non-existent "good-evil" virtue-signaling, as we see. Note follower generations didn't have to fight and produce as the original did, and followers now indulge in corruption, as in socialism, imperialism, and dictatorship.

    So I submit we (our culture) have now gone well past the hubristic stage and have fallen into outright satanism and (extreme) subjectivism which is pretext for "good-evil" to which these fools and corrupt scum are addicted.

    Thus in such satanistic/subjectivist condition, and Spenglerian "decline," it's then easy for "professional" satanists, so to speak, to come in like a disease and take-over, these "professionals" more collectivistic, organized, cohesive, and "connected," providing now a leadership cadre and "group-think" to the more isolated, individualistic satanists among the more numerous goyim.

    And if u ck the basic religion of these "professional" satanists, u see it explicitly features SUBJECTIVISM, in guise of "midrash" (interpretation), for sense of reality, thus a collectivistic subjectivism and group-think which is now dominant and dominating over even the larger masses/population of gentiles. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, and Come-and-hear.com.

    Thus for example, Talmud consists of two large parts, "Mishnah" and "Gemara," the Mishnah being "interpretation" (midrash) of original Torah (which Christ defended as definitive by itself), and THEN, the Gemara which is literally the interpretation of the Mishnah, the interpretation of the interpretation, as it were–and this is the actual fact–ck it out for urself.

    Thus it's no wonder Jew Zohar ("Cabala"–mysticism) explicitly admits Jews worship satan which, they hold, is just another emanation of God.

    Thus Jews and satanists took decisive control of central-banking in old USA, now Jew S A, parasitized by Israeli-terror state, and make use of (nearly) infinite currency issues to dominate, manipulate, owning and controlling everybody and everything. Even establishment Christianity, originally meant to opposing satanism/subjectivism, is now completely taken-over by satanism, these idiots pretending what they "beleeeeeeeeeeev" is what then exists BECAUSE they "beleeeeeeeev," the hereticalist fools. Satanic "Vatican" is good example.

  3. I heard a couple cars annihilate each other in Camarillo two early evenings back as I was walking Jack, the Iowa perfect dog. I peaked over the bluff edge as a 10 year old boy stumbled off the street onto the grass with Mom near behind. I ditched the dog, grabbed a pillow, sleeping bag, and headed for a human HouseCall. The boy's right arm and hand hurt badly and their was lingering dust and chaos. The boy started his awakening with crying which soon became the statements of, "I want to wake up." Repeating and repeating. I told him and his mother I was Dr. Richard Holden the Santa Barbara dog and cat veterinarian and we then got the full discussion of their two dogs, their breeds, and the wanting to wake up wishes disappeared as he started telling the other family members what to do. He became a man just then for a short time before he started worrying about whether there would be a needle in his future. I told him I spent my life around needles and they were not that scary. I spent my HouseCall on the grass talking and helping the resolution and they went off to the hospital. My last words were to Mom …
    You just had a close call, you are very lucky, everything will now be ok.
    Now, why tell that story ?
    You my dear reader are the boy. You are finding out you were hit by an unexpected assault, you just want to wake up to the life you had before. I am lying on the grass looking at your behavior, your color, your body features, and talking about Dogs and cats. Your life will return someday, just not right this moment. You need to face some sharp realizations. Face them.
    We have been attacked. You are wounded but not terminally. You need to just stay the course. Stay on point. Figure it all out. Don't forget to feed and water the animals.

  4. Lemmings do not run into the sea?
    Kool-Aid, or Tangy Tangerine as we currently know it, does not taste like cyanide?
    Jumpers do not end up on the ground in New York?
    Sandy Hook parents go after the Straw Man instead of the Big Dogs?
    Hitler was born a baby girl?
    Ivanka is the prettiest Ivan the Terrible the Eugenics world ever created?
    Honey is Corn Syrup?
    Olive Oil is Corn Oil?
    Police are Vatican Agents?
    Taxes are paid to the IMF?
    Doctors will cut the dick off of your baby boy and inject repositol estrogens and pump fat into their ass?
    American Tennagers join the army because they hate working at McDeath?
    Say it isn't so.

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