Jack Mullen: Hacked Minds Mobilized to Disarm America

The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth.   – Jean de La Bruyere (1645-1696)

“If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it.”  Edward Bernays – ‘Propaganda

“Cultural Marxism, now called ‘Political Correctness’ is a loaded gun that one puts to their own head. The narrative illusion normalizes the abnormal and is an elitist weapon over minions for citizen vs. citizen policing for establishment control”. Information Warfare: The Meme is the Embryo of the Narrative – James Scott

    We are nearing the end of the American experience, as we know it now.

    Societal forces, including the insidious infiltrations of anti-civilization secret-societies such as the Freemasons, B’nai B’rith (also Freemasonry), the Knights Templar (Masons), Jesuits (related to Freemasonry), Rosicrucian (Masonic) and many others along with their multitudes of sub-orders, and the conditioning of the masses via propaganda and emotional hijacking of thought with subsequent insertion of viral and weaponized memes -have all nearly destroyed the pillars and foundation of American culture and civilization.

    The recent fake shootings at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Florida Night Club, Las Vegas and now Santa Fe are being used to generate armies of programmed civilization destroyers – people who’s minds have been hacked and thoughts, like computer code, inserted.

“First and foremost, the most profound weapon a nation or special interest can possess is ‘control’ over information. This contributes to control over the narrative and the meme is the embryo of the narrative. Information warfare begins and ends with the meme.” (IBID)

    One such group is the subversive communist political front organization created by Zionist Billionaire Michael Bloomberg called, “EveryTown For Gun Safety.” The title is a meme designed to deceive, conveying a sense of community approval bundled with the easy to understand and accept ‘For Gun Safety’, really who is not for gun safety?
    This group presents itself as being concerned with safe gun use, but actually works obsessively toward removal of rights of Americans to own a gun at all, and ultimately disarming all Americans through escalation of “gun removal” tactics placing all Americans in legal categories that are denied gun use. Note:  reasons for trying to disarm Americans can be seen in the results of disarmament in the Soviet Union before tens of millions were murdered by Communist (the flip side of Talmudic Political System Zionism) Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin or present day South Africans, who were disarmed after the communist African National Congress (ANC) took control of the South African Government and now face genocide.

    To facilitate this Zionist Organization’s goals (call it ‘EveryTown’), sub groups are organized using psychological operations tailored to the targeted minds. Tactics used to collect actors-members involve emotion and thought misdirection, the careful use of weaponized memes, targeting vulnerable and weak minds. One such group is  “Moms Demand Action,” an organization funded by Bloomberg via “EveryTown.” Note: Bloomberg alone has spent dozens of millions in the past decade to destabilize America and change the American form of government including taking down the Constitution. Spending which includes funding of political left candidates and more recently millions spent by on behalf of “EveryTown”.

“In all, ‘Everytown’ spent $12.1 million on the 2014 election battles, including the Washington ballot initiative and legislative contests in states such as Colorado and Oregon, said spokeswoman Erika Soto Lamb. It’s part of a $50 million election-year commitment Bloomberg made to gun-violence prevention. USA Today
    Working with vulnerable minds and highly advanced (cost, no object) weaponized mind propaganda which packages generalized deception; this organization animates foot soldiers that carry out the plans and operations of the primary subversive political group.

‘The mind is the new war space, and the meme is both a subliminal hand grenade and the new nuclear weapon. Psychographic targeting renders the expedience of parasitically embedding the meme within the vast labyrinth of ABSTRACT “Your ideas are bound to forces of which you have no control due to the fact that you’ve voluntarily submitted your freedom of thought to the perception steering censorship of dragnet surveillance capitalists.” “First and foremost, the most profound weapon a nation or special interest can possess is ‘control’ over information. This contributes to control over the narrative and the meme is the embryo of the narrative. Information warfare begins and ends with the meme.” … 2 the mind.

Psychographic targeting is made easy via big data analytics, the treasure troves of readily available metadata curated by dragnet surveillance capitalists, and a legislative body that lacks the understanding of the dangers of its weaponization. Metadata layered with the weaponization of other digital vectors, such as search engine results, social media, banner placement, blogs, and bots infused with machine learning and artificial intelligence, can introduce, mutate, and expand memes and conversations out of thin air that can instantaneously become part of the mainstream narrative’ –Information Warfare – James Scott [Author Added Underline]

    The Video Below is powerful example of how carefully chosen, and lying, psychological operatives are employed to promote organizations like ‘Mom’s Demand Action‘ to weak and vulnerable minds; minds who have already been pre-softened by Trauma and Violence based theatre of the mind attacks which do not need real violence, only simulated real violence – in this video, it is the Fake School Shooting, staged at an already closed and abandoned school building in Newtown Connecticut (closed years earlier,) which provides the psychological opening through trauma; Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.

    Because these vulnerable people are already predisposed to accept the words of perceived ‘authorities,’ without independent thought or research, they are already receptive to being potential carriers of the virulent and civilization destroying memes.

    Caution, the video below uses live-active memes to modify your thinking processes. Please view with critical thinking skills as a firewall to these dangerous memes.  
    The only work remaining for the “Moms Demand Action” Psychological Operation is to tap into already hacked consciousness (hooking the vulnerable false trauma-based violence ‘wound’ of a fake school shooting) and deliver the package of meme-laden, emotionally charged presentations. After which a certain percentage of the affected will drop what they are doing and download the package of memes and fall in line to begin the work they are being programmed to do.

    In this case, the hacked-mind-warriors have been programmed to be activists agitating legislators and government bodies to disarm Americans. These agitators will also dump (proselytizing) their implanted memes, much in the same way a virus will regenerate and shed itself after infecting a host, further infecting other minds.

    In the video, above, we are immediately brought back to the traumatizing memories of the Faked Sandy Hook school shooting when the narrator, Erica Lafferty, explains her mom was killed at Sandy Hook School. From there, the viewer is subjected to sappy sad music, crying people, and words like ‘slaughtered’ and ‘terrifying’ – these words useful for trauma based mind control programming. 

    This is a very dangerous use of occulted technology, which has been used repeatedly over centuries, but has been recently improved in the schools of modern psychological warfare for purposes of causing civilization change.

“The infowar and psyops game has been transformed & we are no longer dropping leaflets from helicopters over Vietnam saying ‘America Is Your Friend’. This is now a battle to defend the psychological core of the population in order to save this fledgling democracy.” Information Warfare – James Scott

    Because of the Internet and its ability to quickly reach millions of people, the dangers of sophisticated techniques of manipulation and mass mind control are more dangerous now than any other time in history.

    Large populations of Americans have been primed for use as meme-actors and meme-shedders.  With the mainstream media completely under control of the enemy of America, the media has been precisely tuned as a trusted client with unrestricted (no firewall,) access to the human central nervous system (processing unit,) the mind and brain.

    And, to make matters worse, Americans have been taught since birth to respect, trust and believe in ‘authority,’ and to forgo critical thinking skills when presented with information by ‘trusted’ ‘authorities.’

‘We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions. From our leaders and the media they use to reach the public, we accept the evidence and the demarcation of issues bearing upon public questions; from some ethical teacher, be it a minister, a favorite essayist, or merely prevailing opinion, we accept a standardized code of social conduct to which we conform most of the time.’  Edward Bernays, ‘Propaganda’

“Information Control By clever manipulation, people can be led to believe something that is not true when such information is carefully timed and presented by an accepted and respected authority. Information is processed by the brain in a very specific way. At the base of the brain, there is a “check valve” called the Reticular Activating System that screens information. What seems to happen is this: when new information is introduced, it is compared with previously acquired information and then catalogued. When the information is required, it is retrieved and brought into conscious awareness according to need. Now if there is no “file” for the piece of information, a file is begun and added to when related information is acquired. If you accept the information as true, it is catalogued that way. And if you reject the information as false, it is catalogued that way. 

However, if you don’t know if the information is true or not, your trust in the source of information determines whether or not you accept it ,even if you are not sure or don’t understand it. Secret knowledge is the basis of all power. Your source of information depends upon who you are and what position you hold in society. Your source of information determines the reliability of what you know. What you know and the reliability of what you know determines everything that happens to you. And information can be controlled. Words can inform or misinform. What people think can be controlled by controlling information.  Mind Control in the United States, Steven Jacobson. [Author Added Bold]

    This ‘programming’ has primed many Americans as candidates for greater roles in the continuing movements to change the American political system and to take down the present paradigm of civilization. These programmed individuals think according to the idea of hive-mind rather than individual evaluators of data and information, leaving the heavy lifting to others and selecting a group which best represents their feelings regarding the first impressions made about any issue or topic of importance.

‘Groupthink is a mode of thinking that people engage in when concurrence-seeking becomes so dominant in a cohesive in-group that it overrides realistic appraisals of alternative courses of action [10]. It is vital to maintaining an already collected and controlled population. If one has control over all forms of information, such as books media and the web, then a cohesive group consciousness is all that remains.’ (Information Warfare – James Scott)

    For these “Moms” the abundance of evidence, and proof “beyond reasonable doubt,” available to understand how and why the Sandy Hook School Shooting was FAKE, does not matter. Further it does not matter to these “Moms” the consequences for their children – if it turns out the school shooting was FAKE. 

    If these school shootings are FAKE (Sandy Hook and beyond) the implication is these “Moms” are being used as zombie-servants for an agenda that has no empathy and NO CONCERN for the damage it does by subjecting children and their parents to the trauma and mental abuse of a FAKED SCHOOL SHOOTING

    Further these “Moms,” if they could think, would then realize this agenda is so evil it would be just a matter of simple induction to deduce they plan on hurting everyone after they have removed the tools of self defense from the people – leaving them DEFENSELESS against whatever may come. 

    For those who might want to join the other side, that is, those of us on the side of critical thinking and reasoning; those of us seeing reality, I offer these resources for learning about what really happened at Sandy Hook School.  From there take this information and educate others before it is way-too-late. 

    The book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, edited by Dr. James H. Fetzer with contributions from 13 contributors, including 6 (current or retired) Ph.D. professors, established through their research the school had been abandoned by 2008. The second edition is available here, Moon Rock Books. The first edition is available for free download here: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

    As a video introduction and detailed discussion of the faked school shooting this video is among the best. 

    The primary issues facing Americans is the law of nature.  It is a universal axiom people are safer when they can defend themselves against any possible harm. You are safer if you have a tourniquet at home after a terrible cut, than you are waiting for ambulance to come and stop the bleeding.  It’s a law of nature that making third parties responsible for your safety and well-being will result in unacceptable outcomes. All people must take care of their own well-being before they can divide their time for the well-being of another.

    In the case of an emergency, there will always be a hierarchy of choices made before the next person can be served.  In the case of self-protection against violent attack, being able to defend yourself has the highest probability of survival.  Further, it can be shown (see my article There is No Such Thing as A Gun Free Zone) that people are overall safer in the presence of expanding populations of people who can take care of themselves.  

    The Gun Agenda today is not about safer gun use, but rather disarming Americans. Being disarmed forces people into a state of having the lowest probability of survival when facing violent attacks, and the least possible choices facing violent provocation or authoritarian demands.  When everyone is armed, a person or group or gang or even an army attempting violence against people has less probability of being successful – inversely proportion to the number people armed and nearby – simple logic. An armed society is a polite society and armed people are not easily susceptible to mass humiliation or extermination.

    Therefore, we have only ONE conclusion to draw regarding the motivations of those attempting to disarm Americans – It is not about making people safer – it’s about making violent aggressors safer.

    The time has come for those people who can think enough to understand this a war against Constitutional and European culture loving Americans and the enemy is winning. Winning, because there are so many subversive groups working simultaneously both externally and visible like “EveryTown” and anti-American organizations like SPLC, pretending to be protecting rights, while others are working internally, including the deeply imbedded secret societies with oaths of loyalties that require service to the agenda of the secret society above all loyalties and Nation States.

    It is no accident the disarm America agenda and the memes of their Zombie Army are focused on so-called Assault Rifles and in particular the AR-15.  This weapon, however, is involved in statistically insignificant cases of homicide by a firearm.  This should be telling – because the AR-15 is one of the best tools people could use to defend themselves against an organized violent attack (say from their government or hostile invading force.) 

    Keep this chart in mind:

    So, with just 15 million AR-15s, and 100 rounds of ammo per operator, American’s could resist an Army of millions of soldiers. If the controllers of the American people were planning to do harm to the citizens of United States, disarming the people would clearly be one of the first signs. 

    Be actually responsible: do something real for children – WAKE UP

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