Santa Fe School Shooting an Arch-Zionist Distraction and Total Absolute Fake

While the Zionists have perpetrated in April and May 2018 mass slaughter in Gaza they, now, orchestrate a hoax shooting at a high school in Texas some 35 miles outside of Houston.
Brother of protester killed in Gaza hugs body in morgue

This explains the basis of the Santa Fe school ‘shooting’ distraction. The fact is it is was a drill, and the Sheriff spokesperson proves it, saying, “Uh, we have a multi-agency response out here at a little bit before 8:00.” Now, how could all such coordinated agencies do so, unless this was planned well in advance? The fact is it is patently impossible, and everyone knows it.
That drill, by the way, was used in order to ‘prep’ the students and teachers for their acting roles.
See this image of the woman in grey with the cropped blonde hair. She is surely a coordinator, and can be seen in other images carrying a mobile communication device.
See the coordinator, here, operating in regard to the bus, which is a component of the staging:
It’s the same woman, make no mistake. She is a mole working on the taxpayer largess on behalf of the DHS.
Nevertheless, there is not a single legitimate image of an actual wounded person, suffering in pain, shock; or of anyone who is bleeding or seriously wounded.
There are countless emergency vehicles found about and many life-flight helicopters, at least three of them, none of them operating on behalf of any seriously wounded. The ambulances are empty. Nothing is going on, here.
It is obvious that all the witnesses are actors. No one is in shock. There is no adrenaline running, here, because nothing of any significance happened. Yet, despite this, people are speaking all sorts of nonsense, such as ‘Something has to be done’ and ‘Guns are the problem’ and ‘Nothing will happen until something is done,’ as well as ‘This is a standard day in America,’ and all manner of other gibberish.
He’s right, it was a drill, and these fake grievers know it as well:
See the smirk of this woman after being asked a leading question by the reporter. She had no option but to represent, visibly, the elements within her subconscious mind, as is true of all those who fabricate such wild stories:

The staging is obvious in this video. No one can dispute it. This is a hoax, no other possibility. The fact is this youth is the front face of the phony, complete with her psyops-related shirt complete with the Batman logo:
Student gives prepared statement to press: To watch, click here
While the Zionists and their willing cohorts perpetrate this fraud, people throughout the Middle East are being systematically slaughtered: such as this man, shot in the chest by the thieves, hoodlums, and gangsters of the illicit Zionist strip:
Image result for images; wounded; gaza; violence; nakba
Where are the dead and wounded from the school shooting hoax? They cannot be found anywhere.
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8 thoughts on “Santa Fe School Shooting an Arch-Zionist Distraction and Total Absolute Fake”

  1. Hello Doc, thanks for bringing up the thing about the Pakistani exchange dad genuinely ended up believing that she was killed and was havign a difficult time beleiving it was a hoax. I have wakened him up to believing Sandy Hook (which I like to call Sandy Hoax) was a hoax. BtwI would be careful in calling Pakistanis Middle Eastern..however Pakistan does come within the Greater Middle East area, however South Asian is a better and safer term to use. I think you should phrased the sentence in this way instead:

    Just too convenient that a Muslim kid gets killed.

    Anyways thanks for the article and also I was wondering if you could let us know when your boon on Las Vegas is going to get released.

  2. Egad! Christopher, I do many shows every week in which I rake Trump, Pompeo and Bolton, among others, over the coals. I also do a great many interviews with Press TV. Check out "The Raw Deal", "The Goldfish Report", and "Truth vs. NEW$", which I do EVERY WEEK. It's a pity that you don't get out more.

  3. wow, Fetzer actually said something about Gaza. You do know that as Palestinians were being slaughtered, your lord and savior from the evil deep state was having his gold plaque namesake unveiled about 30 miles away in Jerusalem? Make Israel great again Fetzer! John Bolton all the way! Drain the swamp! U should have stayed on the path of truth. Once a leader in the truth movement has become absolutely pathetic and irrelevant.Sad.

  4. From a research colleague about Santa Fe:

    I am sure you are suspecting by now that this is another deep state operation, and it has all the qualities of it. This is in my neck of the woods down here in Houston. There was a "beta test" back in February, someone callled 911 and said shots had been fired at the school. Then the lawyers for the so called gunman said "We didn't see this coming." Oh really? Then what was that about back in February? Here is a link to that story. And how convenient that this happens during the NBA finals and the Houston Rockets happen to be playing, and a big deal was made of it before their game with the GS Warriors the other night.

    I am also highly suspect of this "Pakistani exchange student" story! Just too convenient that a Middle Eastern kid gets killed.

    I cannot find a trace of either of these "teachers" they say was killed. And the stories about them keep changing and even one of the names was changed. And they were not even teachers, one is a teacher's aide and the other is a substitute according to the press reports. Neither has any teaching credentials with the state of Texas. Teacher aides are supposed to have a certificate. And even that has changed they said Tisdale was the aide then they said she was the sub. They cannot get their numbers or their names straight. Neither is listed as a staff member for the school.

    As the story was unfolding last Friday morning some of the employees said they were told not to talk to the press, and the students were told the same thing. So as they were putting them on busses and taking them to other schools, the local Houston reporters were trying to find out where they were being taken and no one would even talk to them. How else could a parent know where to pick up their kid except from the press. Many had cell phones but not all of them.

    Alot of these people being interviewed appeared to me to be crisis actors.

  5. Tell us more. What was her name? How do you know she was killed? Be specific. We have found the obituaries in Las Vegas were based on people who died in different states or on different dates for from different causes of death, for example; and that they forgot to post obituaries for the Parkland victims until after we had discovered none could be found over a month after the event.

  6. This is great story/article: I knew it was surely just another ZOG hoax, the necessary default conclusion, given all the other hoaxes, lies, censorship, etc.

    Unfortunately, I ck'd the Jew-tube and there don't seem to be ANY vids there on the hoax for this (Sante Fe, Tx) incident, ZOG so careful to have installed gross censorship–the price paid, evidently for Trump beating hitlery in 2016.

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