Mike Adams: “The Most Dangerous Mind in America” interviewed about false flags and extreme censorship

Mike Adams

(Natural News) When YouTube banned my entire channel two months ago, they were putting strikes on my account for years-old interviews I had conducted with a conspiracy analyst and author named “Jim Fetzer.”
Fetzer, who I’m now calling, “The Most Dangerous Mind in America,” is the author of a book that was literally banned by Amazon.com. Yes, the some e-commerce retailer that gladly sells books promoting Nazi fascism, deadly communism and weird sex indoctrination of children went out of its way to ban a book about Sandy Hook.
His book is entitled, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” and it lays out the case for why Fetzer believes the entire Sandy Hook shooting was a staged false flag event held in an abandoned school that had no real teachers or students at the time of the shooting. (You can download the entire book at this link if you’re curious.) Notably, I disagree with many of Fetzer’s conclusions, but I agree with the right of people like Fetzer to be able to speak.
Fetzer also believes that nobody was actually shot at the Mandalay Bay event in Las Vegas. He says it was all “crowds for hire” and fake blood theatrics. I find that conclusion to be bizarre and inaccurate, but even as much as I disagree with Fetzer’s conclusions, I believe Fetzer has a right to be heard so that others can decide for themselves whether the things he says make sense. I also find it highly suspicious that companies like Amazon would go out of their way to ban Fetzer’s books when so many other obviously false books aren’t banned at all (such as books espousing the Flat Earth theory).
In an age where Pulitzer prizes are handed out to fake news media for publishing blatantly fake stories, I find it highly suspicious that Fetzer is being singled out for “extreme censorship.”

The fact that Fetzer is being banned and censored everywhere shows the authoritarianism of modern society

Even if you think Fetzer’s conclusions are nonsense, the banning of his books is nothing sort of authoritarian. It’s also fairly obvious that if his books were filled with total nonsense, they wouldn’t have to be banned at all because their lack of credibility would be self-evident. Yet the banning of Fetzer’s books and videos has been coordinated, aggressive and merciless.
That’s probably because his book contains a vast array of photographic evidence that many people find convincing enough to at least start questioning the official narrative we’ve all been fed on events like Sandy Hook. Perhaps Fetzer isn’t 100% correct, people might say, but he does raise some very big questions the media has been glossing over. (For example: Why is one of the supposed SWAT team police officers later interviewed as one of the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim? And if he’s really a SWAT guy, why was he photographed carrying his sniper rifle by the ammo magazine? No legitimate rifleman would ever carry a rifle that way…)
Here’s a popular video meme that highlights some of the huge, gaping mistakes of this “fake SWAT” actor who was widely publicized by CNN during the Sandy Hook video coverage. No legitimate SWAT member walks around slinging a rifle like this (the guy is obviously an actor):

Here’s another video that fully covers the total fakery of the SWAT team actor, who has since been identified as David Wheeler:
To watch this video expose, NEWTOWN SCAM, click on the title here.
I believe in free speech, and “free speech” includes unpopular speech. So I’ve posted Fetzer’s entire book as a PDF document so that you can read it for yourself. I don’t endorse all the findings in the book, but I do think the public shouldn’t be told what they can and cannot read. Thus, I’m posting this mostly as an act of rebellion against censorship.
Remember, the entire establishment says Fetzer is so dangerous that all his books and videos MUST be censored by everyone, from Amazon to YouTube. Don’t you find that intriguing? What information in his books is so “dangerous” that the public must not even be allowed to see what Fetzer wrote for themselves?
Note that I don’t endorse all the views and opinions of Jim Fetzer found in his videos, books and articles, but I do agree with his right to speak. Do we really live in a society where Amazon.com engages in online book burnings? The answer is, “Yes!”

Now YouTube is banning ANYONE who talks to Fetzer

Fast forwarding to today, YouTube is rapidly banning all accounts of anyone who dares talk to Jim Fetzer. In fact, YouTube is going back in time and finding videos posted years ago that might involve Fetzer, and they are banning all videos that provide Fetzer any sort of voice whatsoever.
That’s why I recently reached out to Fetzer to have a conversation about censorship, false flags and the banning of his books and videos. Here’s our lengthy conversation, which has been slightly edited for length and clarity:
To listen to the interview, click here: Mike Adams interviews Jim Fetzer

You may find Fetzer’s conclusions to be bizarre, but don’t you have a right to hear him speak and decide for yourself?

I’m listing a few links to more of Fetzer’s videos below. This is not an endorsement of these videos but rather an invitation to explore the “most dangerous mind in America” and see why the establishment thinks he’s so dangerous.
Like I said earlier, if Fetzer’s conclusions were obviously total nonsense, why wouldn’t the establishment simply ignore him and allow his own words to prove how wrong he is? Instead, they ban his books, his videos and his speech, then they tell us, “There’s nothing to see here.” So why ban Fetzer in the first place, then?
To see more of Fetzer’s work, take a look at 
“The Parkland Puzzle: How the Pieces Fit Together”
“Sandy Hook Update: Tracy Loses, Wolfgang Wins. The Deep State Strikes Back”
“Fake News on Five Fronts”
About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.
Mike Adams serves as the founding editor of NaturalNews.com and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation. He has also achieved numerous laboratory breakthroughs in the programming of automated liquid handling robots for sample preparation and external standards prep

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11 thoughts on “Mike Adams: “The Most Dangerous Mind in America” interviewed about false flags and extreme censorship”

  1. It looks like the deep state is closing down all channel on youtube that have any snady hook videos. I copied and re-uploaded two videos on sandy hook, One was called sandy Hook was a hoax and one of James Fetzer's videos. Can't remember what it was call but it was five years ago.

    Two video 5 years ago. I get a email from youtube telling my my channel had been suspended for harassment and bullying, three weeks later I have my channel back. then yesterday I get a email on gmail. They have now linked my gmail account to my youtube accounts. I have been channel as been terminated for copy right.

    This was on my Zider Party channel where I have interviewed Field McConnell from able danger and Diamond and Silk. All gone.

    I have a 2nd youtube channel called Country Sports TV where I do short videos on hunting, shooting and fishing. Youtube are playing with the viewing figures.

    I copied the Youtube window onto my web site ianthegun.webs.com, some of the video have 300-400 hits on the web site yet when you go onto my youtube channel the views are only counted as 30 or 40 views. This proves youtube are playing with the viewing figures.

    My video where monetized to start with it took me six months to get my first payment off youtube. They then changed the rules saying the figures had to be with in 3 months. If they are fixing the viewing figures how do I now if I'm every going to hit the target for payment?

    I then get told I can not monetize my video, on both channels, the zider party and country sports TV. Every odd just checked my Country Sports TV channel and it say in the manage video page "not monetized" work that out?

    If anyone has a class action lawsuit against youtube please count add my name.

    I'm writing this under my old youtube channel which is now using for the zider party channel.

  2. Adams was threatened successfully by You Tube. His business depends on the Internet. His First Amendment protections were stolen from him, what could he do?
    I, too, find his quixotic uncertainties about Dr. Fetzer's work and conclusions to be peculiar. I think the question we all have is if Adams is now controlled by evil social media. If that's the case, it demands our considerations as to what Adams has gone through and we've got to be understanding and realize he's a victim of the deep state. I just got thrown off FaceBook for comments not in line with Zuck's political views, am I a victim, too? Adams has been brave following many of his comments over the past year or so and even before. I absolutely do not think he is gutless, no way, Jose'. He's shown meritorious bravery in the line of duty and for that, we've got to give him proper credit and respect. It's easy to potshot a public figure but that doesn't mean it's right. Adams and Fetzer deserve voluminous kudos for huge volumes of work well done. I know they've both got my respect.

  3. America's radio-man, Rush Limbaugh, has taken hyperbole and hot air to new levels. Why? Some years ago, the real and original Rush Limbaugh had a free mind and spoke it. Now, listen to him and ask yourself why he always gives Israel a pass as they merrily genocide the Middle East. It's blatant, it's obvious, it's sickening. He totally supports the transshipment of native peoples from their original living areas, feeling that society and the American capitalistic prowess much rather preferred industry on that land that could make money rather than allowing native Americans to remain on their land. Being the friend of mega-industrialists has turned Limbaugh into a pro-genocidal dollar chasing sycophant and it sounds terrible on L's daily radio show. Limbaugh was given great riches by the stations that he stumps for, but he sold his soul and has become nothing but a mercenary for long green. I find the man odious. He's no friend of truth, freedom, or peace in the Middle East. Pretty sad and he's the hero of millions…..

  4. I like mike Adams, but he must not have done his homework on sandy hook, et.al., that you handed to him on a silver platter after having done all the heavy lifting.

    Has he gone the way of Alex Jones?

  5. Mike Adams overstates his education and his "commitment" to free speech as he spikes as SPAM all of my comments on his multiple errors in science, history and current events. His "ballistic" analysis of the Vegas Harvest was sophomoric.

    I again challenge Mike Adams to debate his support for Lukewarmist climate propaganda.

    "Spencer Sorcery on Magic Gas" at FauxScienceSlayer website

  6. This column represents progress because Mike Adams accurately describes a Founding idea of America: Freedom of Speech.

    The Founders leveraged Enlightenment ideals to literally "enlighten" the public of their option for human dignity and progress against dictatorial tyranny of so-called "royal" families claiming "God" placed them in charge, they own everything, and the public serves at their whim.

    Freedom of Speech allows the public to be informed about anything they wish, and exercise their education to discern between objective and independently verifiable facts from bullshit spin. "Official" censorship is on the side of dictatorial control to prevent public discovery of the loooooooooong history of .01% lies, looting, and constant colonial (now neo-colonial) warfare.

    I also like Mike's articulation of initial DENIAL that Jim Fetzer's factual claims could possibly be true because DENIAL in a stage almost all people first meet from not being able to connect such outrageous lies and crimes to "leaders" they believed with initial good faith. DENIAL is the first reaction most people express when confronted with factual claims beyond their ability to imagine, and is also the first tactic of .01% criminals to spin their way out of public inquiry because "nobody would do such a thing."

    The facts always show what happened.

    True leaders like Jim Fetzer apply professional documentation of objective facts to form hypotheses of what happened, and are always excited to debate these claims for best understanding of the comprehensive facts.

    People like Fetzer are "Re-Founders" of America because they stand for factual freedom within a nation captured by .01% rogue state empire, and I have yet to find professional disagreement with any of Fetzer's areas of factual proof. The most I can find of counter-argument is exactly what Fetzer would most want: curious apparent contradictions between areas of evidence and "official story" that would therefore REQUIRE greater factual discovery (and always met by "official" silence or non-professional denial for full factual disclosure).

    Thanks, Mike and Jim!

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