Jack Mullen: All Eyes on Alex Jones

    “The first casualty of War is Truth” – Attributed to Hiram Johnson, US Senator
    There is a raging war in our media created meta-reality; the political reality which protects secrets, camouflages deception, and protects criminals and the mentally ill.
    The war has been escalating from early skirmishes where lies were inserted in the narrative of our collective reality experience; lies like those created to facilitate the creation of Israel, the continually defended lies about the murder of John F. Kennedy,  and the events surrounding the mass murder of thousands of people and destruction of buildings during 9/11
    Recently, since 9/11, the number of fake events happening in the United States and Europe has grown to nearly one a month. Fabricated shootings like the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, The Orlando night club shooting, the Parkland school shooting, the shooting at San Bernardino, the Las Vegas Massacre, and others have been forced fed to Americans as reality in an never ending stream of lying media perception management working to achieving greater long-term control and permanent disarmament of the American people.
In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. — George Orwell.
    In April, two people claiming to be parents of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting filed a law suit against Alex Jones for Defamation.
Neil Heslin, the father of a 6-year-old boy killed in the shooting, and Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, who lost their own little boy, filed the suits in Austin, Texas, where Jones’ conspiracy-minded media outlet is based. Each suit is seeking more than $1 million in damages from Jones, Infowars and a related company, Free Speech Systems LLC. Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer is also named in one of the suits
    Since that time 6 others have come forward with charges against Jones regarding the Sandy Hook shooting.  According to the lawsuit,
Jones is the chief amplifier for a group that has worked in concert to create and propagate loathsome, false narratives about the Sandy Hook shooting and its victims, and promote their harassment and abuse,” 
    All Eyes are now on Jones to see whether he fights these charges, as they are easily dismissed by just going through with discovery, or whether he supports the Sandy Hook School shooting lie and the mentally ill criminals who created the lie and by induction the life threatening agenda to disarm Americans.
    Wolfgang Halbig attacked by a man who calls himself “Lenny Pozner”
    Recently, Wolfgang Halbig was attacked by rabid Sandy Hook lie defender Lenny Pozner (it’s now thought Pozner is not even a real person but he is actually Rubein Vabner) in a lawsuit “for posting his personal information online, which consists of his name, business address, email address and phone number.” According to Halbig,
    “This [Pozner] man has five, six different names,” said Mr. Halbig at one point, in reference to various aliases he found in public documents. “That’s why I think that question is relevant to my discovery. I want to know who this man really is, who’s filed a lawsuit against me.”
    Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.20.04 PM
    Since“Noah Pozner” was a fiction made up out of photos of Michael Vabner, why should it come as a surprise that “Lenny Pozner” could also be Rubein Vabner, Michael’s father?  Sandy Hook: Not only is “Noah Pozner” a fiction, but his father, “Lenny”, is also a fake
    The case was withdrawn by Pozner just as discovery was about to require Pozner to file a video deposition.
“In a stunning move, father of Noah Pozner, and alleged Sandy Hook victim, has dropped his civil lawsuit against investigator and school security expert Wolfgang Halbig just as he was about to have to provide a video deposition in the case.”
James Fetzer, Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus,University of Minnesota Duluth with an impressive list of achievements and credentials, has offered to help Jones with his defense against Pozner.
    Fetzer also offers these links as evidence the Sandy Hook shootings were faked and that Noah Pozner does not even exist.
    What are the implications if Jones fails to fight the lawsuits, fails to do discovery, and otherwise capitulates and pays?
    If Jones “Prays and Pays” instead of properly fighting this lawsuit, it can mean only one thing.  Jones has agreed to give The Sandy Hook School shooting credibility while disgracing and selling out his audience.
    The Sandy Hook shooting is easily seen, beyond a reasonable doubt, to have been a FEMA drill organized at a school which had been previously closed.  The ‘for-television’ presentation, Sandy Hook shooting, was poorly produced, including shoddy and weak-minded crisis acting and included an implausible narrative which was offered as testimony for the events of that day.
    Should Jones sell out his constituency and offers his credibility as a sacrifice to the egregious lies of the Sandy Hook shooting, it will be a major setback to those fighting for a return to Law and Justice, for those fighting for Truth and integrity of media.  If Jones sells out to these extremely dangerous, and capable of any act-of-evil controllers of serial staged shootings for gun confiscation in America, it will mean his career was for nothing and Americans have reached the Rubicon of grave danger where their lives are no longer safe and they cannot be protected by any pillars of American Justice, Law or exposure by any media.
    Will Jones sell out his audience and followers?
    If Jones sells out his audience and followers it means the most horrendously brutal and bloody attack by mentally ill, psychopaths, will have no means of being opposed without weapons,  and this is the very reason they are lustfully harming American children and terrorizing the American people to get those weapons.
    In support of Jones we find a defamation lawsuit in this case would have tenuous ground to cover. By definition, defamation cannot only occur if the statements made are false (lies), we believe the statements are true – second, statements of opinion are not considered false.
    In this case, Jones could begin detailed discovery including requesting information from the medical examiners, reviewing autopsy reports, investigating the conditions of the school at the time and much more.  This is what should happen now given the opening made available by Pozner and the others to finally have an investigation into the events, people and situation surrounding the Sandy Hook shootings.
    The Sandy Hook Hoax is highly defended and money is no object.
    The worst case results would be if Jones did fight the charges and bring the discovery only to be thwarted and have to face a criminal court system, something James Tracy experienced when he filed suit against Florida Atlantic University for reinstatement after his firing in 2016. Tracy was fired after he began writing articles about the Sandy Hook shooting which were questioning the official narrative of the event.
    Tracy filed an amended lawsuit which included six individual counts that would be used to show that Tracy’s work on exposing Sandy Hook was the primary reason he was fired from a tenured position. According to Global Research:
Although the Second Amended Complaint shows clear evidence supporting every count, Judge Rosenberg eliminated all but the first count in her order on pending motions for summary judgment of October 31, 2017.[5] This reduced the case to a matter of why Tracy was fired— whether because of his blog posts or for not submitting his outside activities forms—and the decision was left up to a jury. This arguably suggests that the judge was aiding Defendant FAU in reducing the complaint to one of simple intent without reference to the complexities of the case and the large amount of evidence against the university. All this evidence was disregarded by the jury and ignored by the press.”
    Since 9/11, the American Justice system has been increasingly used against truth by powerful groups controlling American governments (States and Federal,) while government agency has been set loose as death squads, killing the truth before it reaches the light day.
    Behind these faked shootings, which is the work of a mentally-ill control system terrorizing people in the name of safety and the reduction of terrorism, is a deadly evil cooperative employing deviants, sadists, Satanists and mercenaries to carry forward, without concern or even interest in the political motivations, the missions of the malevolent agenda to disarm and do further harm to Americans.
    Faked shootings have led to real deaths–of witnesses!
    Underneath the Sandy Hook shooting, the Parkland shooting, the Las Vegas Massacre are real deaths and disappearances which one must consider as collateral losses. People murdered or removed to silence the truth and maintain the integrity of a lie once expressed, must be forever policed. Follow any of these false flag shootings and you will find the real deaths and disappearances underneath.
    Sandy Hook is just another link in a chain of events which has been created to facilitate events in the United States that can be used do disarm Americans. Americans can, after feeling the endless guilt of faked school shootings, voluntarily hand over their guns like was done in Scotland and Australia, or Americans can face Americans as the media-mind-control propaganda machines are used to pit American against American and American against police–A Civil War–or Americans can stand now against a government lost to hostile usurpation and began the process of trials and jail time and hangings for people and persons committing treason against the United States Constitution.
Worldwide, gun ownership and homicide rates are inversely related. We can have more guns and fewer homicides or fewer guns and more homicides.
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8 thoughts on “Jack Mullen: All Eyes on Alex Jones”

  1. On your own map, there low gun ownership (green and pink countries) that have low homicides (green countries). Guns not the only way. I like it without guns. The trouble is getting good and honest leaders. Maybe the people of the countries cared enough, we would not have this problem. It is a lot to do with complacency.

  2. The Talud is not the prblem, the verses are OK in context. Just say some of every religion (and race) are being bad. Look at the crime not the origin, don't blame the father for the son's crime

  3. This is a fine article Jack. I am not trying to defend Alex Jones. But this is where evil lying lawyers enter the picture, all in secret, behind closed doors. The lawyers for the insurance companies who will provide the money to settle these claims will make the decisions, not Alex Jones. He does not pay this money, the insurance companies do and these lawyers can and are corrupted behind the scenes. This is what gives the "oldest profession" such a bad name. Read the book "IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America" by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992 before the internet came on line. Earl Carey was an engineer who had a labor dispute with the computer giant. All he wanted was a simple jury trial as "guaranteed" by the 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments to our Constitution. He clearly wrote this demand on the front page of his action against IBM right at the outset; yet the corrupt lawyers for IBM and the corrupt federal judges denied him this basic constitutional right! He acted as his own lawyer pro se. He dotted every i and crossed every t. He won, but he lost due to total corruption in our Federal Courts. He lists 42 federal judges by name and location, from Anchorage to Phoenix, from Pasadena to St. Paul, who willfully and deliberately violated the rules and law and meaningless oaths they took. He even tried to have them arrested by the FBI! How many folks do you know with that kind of chutzpah? Earl Carey was an engineer. He spent four years of his life on this and the seminal 354 page book which resulted from it. He never worked again in his field. This was the price he paid to inform America of how corrupt their basic judicial system is. Lawyers have hi jacked all three branches of our government. There is no checks and balances in reality at all period. Paul Revere should have shouted, "The lawyers are coming, the lawyers are coming." Even in the mythical "perfect" society of Utopia, lawyers were banned because they "disguise matters". This was in the year 1516! This is a polite way of saying they lie and cheat and steal in secret behind closed doors as we all know they do every day, or at least a large majority of them do. Yes, there are a very small handful of honest lawyers, but they are few and far between. I predict your worst fear, that Alex Jones will sell out, but the detailed reasons why will be hidden because lying lawyers will make this decision behind closed doors and Alex Jones will have to keep his big mouth shut on this one or they won't pay the large sum of money for settlement for him. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
    P.S. Professor Jim Fetzer is showing his usual great courage and personal integrity in offering to aid in this sham lawsuit but you can bet it will be of no avail because this will never see the inside of a courtroom.

  4. These great expose's confirm what we thought from the get-go. It became quite obvious that all the spurious lawsuits and petty aggravations were funded and enacted by a group that had money to spend on the project, unlimited money and unlimited ability to be lauded in the main street media.The fortress is guarded with thick walls and shock troops throughout the media and nation. We've all hoped for a breakthrough on these issues, perhaps these verbal salvos from Fetzer et al can start the ball rolling. Expect hard slugging the rest of the way.

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