Diane Cartwright: Smoke and Mirrors in Syria: How to Fake a Cruise Missile Attack

Diane Cartwright 

[Editor’s note: Like many other Americans, Diane Cartwright has become sick of the lies we are continuously being fed by our government and the “fake news” media. Unlike most Americans, she has become a citizen-journalist, with a keen eye for inconsistencies. Interestingly, what Diane has uncovered here appears to confirm the report by Robert David Steele that Trump may be pulling the wool over the eyes of the world and creating illusions to conceal realities in his efforts to defeat the Deep State. This is brilliant research.]

For a long time, I have had a terrible sickness in my soul. Only recently have I felt an absolute fury.   It seems we have been given a reality that has been made for us. Everything we see and hear is based on manipulations and fabrications. Many of us are familiar with false flag staged events. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Pulse Nightclub, Las Vegas Shooting, Parkland and too many to mention here. These staged events have a clear purpose, and that is to promote GUN CONTROL.

“How to Spot a False Flag” (with a dozen examples)

These are, to many of us obvious staged events. Who, however would have even began to fathom that  components of our military actions could possibly be similarly staged events? I have looked for many years at much of what I see on mainstream and other social media with a raised eyebrow. I have never looked at military action in that same way. Until now.

The events of 13 April 2018 shocked me into reality. Like many people I was horrified and angry at the military strikes taken against Syria under false pretenses. There were a few things that did make me raise an eyebrow.

1. I tried to find any sources outside the USA that were covering this “heineous” attack live. I could find nothing on RT, Presstv, Southfront, SANA, Sputnik or any media outside the propagandized USA, Britain, Europe or France that was covering this “strike” live. This struck me as odd. 

2. The “strike” seemed to be over almost as quickly as it had began. This also puzzled me. I did think that this would evolve into full scale war with Russia and Iran at the very least. After all, have we not been hearing this from mainstream media, social media and even the alt media have been warning the masses for a very long time. 

When the streaming news and photographs were published across the world something caught my eye with the Barzah Scientific Research and Development Center. The “bombed out” block building just did not look right to me. This building is supposedly in the greater Damascus area. What I was actually being shown as “the Barzah Scientific Research and Development Center” did not appear to be that facility at all.

The blasts left the complex standing hard against the steep, dry hills that hem in northeastern Damascus, little more than a ruin 

This photo, released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, claims to show the damage of the Syrian Scientific Research Center which was attacked by US, British and French military strikes.

I took this screenshot from a live feed from RT on 15 April 2018. The live feed was titled “Live from science center in Syria targeted by US led-strikes On Air–RT. (The live feed is no longer available.)

There may be those that are under the impression that this is the bombed out chemical weapons location. It is not. Aside from the fact that this area has been identified as “the Barzah Scientific Research Center” more than once. There are many pictures of this area with local residents who do not appear to have been affected by chemicals in the air at all.

A lone policeman stands by the pulverised research and manufacturing site (Sputnik credit piture)

I was stunned. The block stucture on the old dusty road that I had began to suspect was not the Barzah Scientific Research and Development Center was not the Barzah Scientific and Research Center. This made the entire Syrian operation suspect. I have scoured the internet for additional proof and have captured many pictures as well as articles claiming to be coverage of this “strike”. But what they actually prove that it was just one more staged event like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing!

This was a snapshot of a feed shown on The SUN with the following caption: THIS is the first footage to emerge showing a bombed out chemical plant in Syria after a night of crippling Western airstrikes in response to the poison gas attack on civilians in Douma. The video, released by Russian government-controlled but more reliable Sputnik News, shows pulverized buildings, which are reportedly the remains of a research facility in Damascus after a cruise missile blitz had reduced it to rubble. 

The Barzeh facility, which the West claims was a center for chemical weapons but which Syria claims was a medical research and teaching facility, was hit by Western airstrikes. I searched the internet for any photo of the Barzah Scientific Research and Development Center prior to the bombing. I finally located photos that were published on 14 April 2018

The caption in bold block letters was PHOTOS OF BARZAH RESEARCH CENTER BEFORE ATTACK. These are pictures of the actual Barzah Scientific Research and Development Center in Syria. The pictures are from the SMMS or the Special Monitoring Mission to Syria. It was a beautiful facility evincing no signs of chemical weapons research:

It even featured a beautiful basketball court and all purpose gymnasium
The facility boasts (what appears to be) an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
A classroom at the facility brimming with eager and enthusiastic students.
And an IT room for students to use (what appear to be) modern computers.

These are photos of the real Barzah Research Center. While it does have a science laboratory, nothing about it suggests that chemical weapons research was taking place. Most importantly, the facility was located in the greater Damascus area, which contradicts the military photos that show a facility that was destroyed in an entirely different relatively remote and mildly mountainous region:

A scientific laboratory with no apparent chemical weapons apparatus.
It was located in an urban area, not remotely resembling the area shown.

In fact if 76 Tomahawk cruise missiles had been used on a single target as he has stated, I strongly suspect there would have been nothing left to see. I have found no evidence–none at all!–that this kind of weaponry was used on the Barzah Science and Research Center or on the damaged block-stone building photos, which have been plastered to every corner of the world by every media source available to the masses. 

Lt Gen McKenzie’s briefing on the alleged Barzah facility attack (click to access)

I have transcribed the words of US Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie from the video:

“First target Barzah Research and Development which is located in the Damascus area we employed 76 missiles. 57 of these were land attack tomahawk cruise missiles and 19 were air to surface standoff missiles or JASSM. As you can see from the graphics initial assessments are that this target was destroyed. This is going to set the Syria Chemical Weapons Program back for years. And you also note that we have successfully destroyed three buildings in Metropolitan Damascus one of the most heavily defended areospace areas in the world. 

Next live please: Against the second target the Him Shinshar Chemical weapons storage facility which is located in Syria just West of Homs, 22 weapons were employed. 9 US TLAMs, 8 Storm Shadow Missiles, 3 Naval Cruise Missiles and Two SCALP LAND ATTACK Cruise Missiles. This target was attacked by all coalition forces, our Tomahawks, the British Storm Shadow, and then the French Missiles went against it as well. 

Against the third target the Him Shinshar chemical weapons bunker facility we deployed seven scalp missiles again the initial assesment is that this bunker system was successfully hit.” 

Here’s a description of Weaponry Used during the Syrian Bombing Campaign on 13 April 2018:


The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) is an all-weather, long range, subsonic cruise missile used for deep land attack warfare, launched from U. S. Navy surface ships and U.S. Navy and United Kingdom Royal Navy submarines. 

The Storm Shadow / SCALP is a long-range, air-launched, stand-off attack missile designed and developed by France-based MBDA Systems. The missile was developed primarily for the UK and French armed forces. It is derived from the MBDA Systems’ Apache anti-runway missile. 

MdCN (Missile De Croisière Naval naval cruise missile) is a long-range, sea-launched, surface attack, stand-off cruise missile being developed by MBDA systems. The MdCN is a naval variant of the air-launched Storm Shadow/ SCALP cruise missile. The missile is primarily intended for use by the French Navy. 

I have presented the photographic evidence that supports my conjecture that this attack has components that were staged. I have drawn my own conclusions based on the evidence that the media and the military have presented to the public. Each individual must consider all information that is available to make their own conclusion.

We as Americans need to seriously question what is being presented to us as news. America can be Great Again if we as a people unite and refuse to be manipulated by a government and media that do not and are not serving the interests of the American People. It has always been the PEOPLE of America that have made this nation great. We must remember this and decide ourselves what we want America to be. 

No congress, no house of representatives, no senate and certainly no president can make this nation great without the will of the people. A nation that once was a shining light to all nations is becoming a battered idea that lies in a wasteland of manipulation, fabrications and a made for media ratings reality. 

When I see daily manipulation and fabrications presented as Truth I feel deep alarm. The greatest fear does not come from our Representatives in Government or even the media, it comes from the idea that Americans believe all that is presented to them as Truth without question. We are living in an era when we must question absolutely everything. 

When we see not just the American Government and Media perpetrating falsehoods, but the Government and Media in all Nations presenting the very same falsehoods it should frighten people enough to ask themselves the very simple question: WHY? 

We must never stop asking WHY until we know the answer, and once we have that answer we have a duty and a responsibility to hold those that are the master manipulators accountable. 

The greatest freedom man has ever had or will ever have is the ability to think for himself. Only than is man truly free.

Diane Cartwright had a voracious appetite for all things political. Growing up in California during the late sixties and seventies, she was aware of the political environment of the times. The women’s liberation movement, the Vietnam War, the Kent State protests, the fall of Nixon, and the moon landing were among the many events that were headline news during those times.

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9 thoughts on “Diane Cartwright: Smoke and Mirrors in Syria: How to Fake a Cruise Missile Attack”

  1. Thank you for your support. I have for many years watched the political arena. We must understand that these events have shaped our past and our future. Vigilance at this time in our Nation is critical.

  2. It is with deep appreciation that I thank you. It is enough for me to know that there are others besides myself that choose to make sense of the events we see unfolding in this country daily. The People are America we must never forget that and our loyalties are with the People and not with a particular ideology or divisive parties. We as Americans have a duty and a responsibility to say that the emperor is naked, for indeed the emperor is naked and has been for many, many years.

  3. The destroyed building is not the Barzah building nor was the "destroyed" building hit with not even one tomahawk missile. I know only what my own eyes see and my own ears hear. The pictorial evidence speaks volumes. Since it is obviously staged it should be questioned. I question any form of media that supports an obvious lie.

  4. Thank you for your words and for considering what I have said. To know that there are those that are paying attention in these deceptive times is all that matters. One individual that can see the truth is worth more than any number of those that cannot.

  5. Thank you for this sleuthing and report, Diane. Important stuff. Yes, we MUST seek out the Truth of things. And hold all those responsible for our 'info' accountable.

    That's what makes a self-governing polity.

  6. According to this article in VeteransToday
    https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/14/us-syria-attack-here-are-the-missile-strike-numbers-from-the-russians/, the Russians have the ability to track every missile from beginning to end. Only the English and Americans participated in this attack. According to the article of 103 missiles fired, 71 were intercepted, so only 32 reached targets. This information contradicts the claims of the US Marine General of your article. I have not reviewed the other articles on VT published about this same time but some may have pictures. Many of the buildings were evacuated due to early warnings from the Russians.

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