Preston James: 21 Things the Ruling Cabal does Not Want you to Know

Preston James             

This is an intelligence briefing based on in depth “forbidden” information that every good American should be aware of but most won’t get access to and couldn’t fit into their heads even if they did.
We are not supposed to notice that the Deep State needs endless wars.
Few FBI, CIA or professional Law Enforcement Officers or Intelligence Agents have had access to this information because it has been withheld from them. Otherwise many would be completely demoralized and some would begin “sandbagging”, the practice of looking busy but accomplishing little or nothing of the organization’s goals. Even when these folks find out about the horrendously inhuman and evil high-end goals and over-all work product of the agencies they work for, most just put blinders on and drink the official Koolaide because it is just too painful to do otherwise, and makes no sense to walk away from great pay, the best benefits, and a cloak of authority and power that goes with the job.
This process by which these folks become mind-kontrolled and sold out true believers in the system they help perpetuate is best referred to as the Stockholm Syndrome. This is the phenomena where the victim identifies with the aggressor/captor in order to survive mentally and physically. For any Fed to ever openly declare opposition to his/her agency, the full weight of the USG is usually brought down on their heads one way or another. Sometimes subtly over time in a multiplicity of ways, sometimes they are just murdered upon the directive of a high-ranking USG official. That is why even when shown the evidence of agency heads committing some of the worst evil imaginable, most agents or officers just refuse to believe it.
As Feds become enmeshed and fully entrained with the subculture of their agency, they develop cognitive defenses to guard against any intrusions to their belief patterns necessary to remain fully committed to their assigned role. Their own role and the perceptions of what their agency and its role society is like becomes deeply entrenched in their thinking and belief system and is usually biased, incorrect and tilted to the amoral.
Most low to mid-level Intel must be continually fed false-narratives about what they are working on and why to keep them adequately “conned”. These false-narratives are known as “cover stories”.
Those working in deeply classified roles, especially those in deep-black and beyond-black classified roles are even more isolated from this important information because they operate on a deeply compartmented “need to know” basis.
In most cases, the higher an Intel agent’s classification, the less of this vital information and knowledge of the “big overall picture” of how we are all “being played” they can typically become aware of. Because information available to Feds is highly compartmentalized and based on “need to know” only as necessary to complete their assigned function, few ever gain a realistic view of the true evil at the top of their agencies and the myriad of inhuman abuses against Taxpayers and We The People.
As Feds become deeply engrained in their jobs, they become part of very segmented, isolated subcultures with their own expectations as to what is normal practice and how things are done. 
The media has been monopolized by the Deep State for decades now.
Regular readers of the best alternative news websites like , , , , , , and many more are typically far better informed about many of these matters than LE, Intel or government officials.
The Ruling Cabal has had control over all US money for over 100 years, control over all our public education for over 50 years, and control over our Major Mass Media for over 50 years. This has allowed the Ruling Cabal to establish an alternative fake reality in the American Mass Mind that is substantially different than what true reality is.
This briefing is an attempt to right that wrong and provide facts that will help establish a correct sense of reality. Because the synthetic artificial reality that has been created by the Ruling Cabal over the last 100 years is based on so many big lies, false narratives and propaganda, it is completely different than the true, factual reality included in this briefing.
Thus, when members of the public who have been true believers in the official Ruling Cabal Reality hear these facts for the first time, they often recoil in anger and accuse the truth teller of being nuts or a conspiracy theorist. It is very difficult to ever learn and accept the real truth when one has been bamboozled with so many lies for so long.
It is vital that all Americans, especially Law Enforcement, Judges, local politicians and Intel become fully informed of all this. DC elected politicians and appointed officials suspect some of this, those on Congressional Intel committees know some of this but are deeply afraid to cross the Ruling Cabal.
A basic Intel briefing all good Americans should have including and especially Law Enforcement Officers at all levels and Intelligence Officers, Agents and Assets at all levels:
1. The attack on America on 9-11-01 was an inside job run by the Israeli Mossad, planned by Israeli-American “Israeli first” Dual Citizens, and assisted by the Bush2 Administration, certain elements in the Pentagon, fully approved by the JCS, and involving top leadership in the USAF, NORAD, and the FAA. There is a preponderance of well-established facts that can easily demonstrate this beyond any reasonable doubt for those who want to do deep research on the Internet.
2. On 9/11, a Mini-nuke was planted in each of the basements of the Twin Towers, and micro-nukes in the elevator shafts every ten floors which were detonated successively from the top down. Conventional explosives in the basements were detonated just a second too early right before the “aircraft strike” in an attempt to disable the sprinkler systems. Thus 9/11 was a nuclear attack on America at New York City and also a cruise missile attack on the Pentagon at the Naval Intel section where Able Danger was called for an emergency meeting by Donald Rumsfeld. Afterwards, within several years approximately 39,000 first responders and locals died of various disorders caused by expose to the radiation and toxic dust of the event, with approximately 70,000 chronically ill and now hanging on to life. 
Did anyone think we were watching the COLLAPSE of the North Tower?
Famous pop singer Donna Summer developed lung cancer after 9/11 and claimed it caused her illness because she never smoked. She lived close by to the Trade Center and got sick after the attack even though EPA Director Christie Whitman claimed the air was safe for residents to return. There were hundreds of local residents as well as many thousands of first responders who were made sick by the toxic air debris of 9/11.
3. Federal Judge Hallerstein did his part to maintain the 9/11 cover-up by suppressing lawsuits, forcing settlements for surviving families and suppressing evidence, and the Major Mass Media all published and broadcast the official Ruling Cabal dictated position (which is easily proved to be all lies) that Osama bi Laden ran the attacks and 19 Islamic jihadists did it by hijacking aircraft.
4. WTC7 was demolished later in the day, but a BBC talking head announced 20 minutes before it was blown up that it had already collapsed. Later it was shown that an MI-6 agent embedded at BBC forgot about Daylight Savings time in America when he wrote and timed the script when it was to be announced.
5. The reason that Israel attacked America on 9/11 was to create a false narrative that the Middle East Islamic nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq posed a direct terror threat to America and the world and this false narrative was designed to motivate Americans to support the USG entering into years more war in the Mideast on Israel’s behalf, thus boosting the incomes of the 66 families that owned the largest blocks of stock of the major Defense Contractors and Wall Street Banks. The deeper motivation was to greatly advance the City of London Financial Districts long term Babylonian Talmudic (world Zionist) obsession with establishing a Globalist NOW, i.e. a pure Satanic world government system run by them.
6. The Pentagon was hit with a USAF provided Tomahawk cruise missile launched by an Israeli Dolphin Class Diesel sub manufactured by from a German Defense contractor. At the same time this missile entered the Pentagon aimed at the Naval Intel desk, a massive explosion was detonated inside the Pentagon and trash bins outside filled with kerosene and paper were lit to create heavy black smoke. No large passenger aircraft hit the Pentagon, but one flew over it, giving the impression to some witnesses nearby that it was an airplane strike. Numerous witnesses inside the Pentagon claimed that a large bomb was detonated first, the Major Mass Media (fully under control of the Ruling Cabal through the CIA) refused to allow these witness accounts to be broadcast.
There was no debris from a Boeing 757 strewn across the lawn
7. The reasons the Pentagon was hit are four-fold:  First, the Ruling Cabal wanted to kill as many Able Danger investigators as possible. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld called a special meeting of them in the Pentagon near the Naval Intel desk, the area targeted. Anthony Schaffer and some others did not attend. The Ruling Cabal knew that Able Danger had learned that Israeli Intel had stolen 25 Davy Crocket nukes out the backdoor and Pentax in Amarillo, Texas (with a wink and a nod from the DOD). These nukes were taken out of America, reprocessed and maintained and then brought back to be stored in Fort Lee across the River near NYC. These nukes were then moved into the Twin Towers right before the attack. Gordon Duff has meticulously documented all this in his numerous excellent Veterans Today articles and has done a marvelous job exposing all this. Second, the Pentagon was targeted was to attack the Naval Intel section as a part of a long standing internal secret conflict between the CIA infiltrated and run USAF and the USN. Third, the Pentagon was hit was to destroy the section doing the internal DOD accounting to uncover the missing 2.3 trillion USD announced by Donald Rumsfeld on 9-10-2001. Fourth, the Pentagon was hit was to motivate the American military to seek revenge on the Islamics who were wrongly blamed by the USG. This false narrative was continually broadcast and published in the Major Mass Media which are completely controlled by the CIA. The CIA’s control of the Major Mass Media was established by the very successful Operation Mockingbird according to now deceased and murdered William Colby. During Operation Mockingbird billions of US Dollars were spent buying and bribing all the
8. It has now been reported by insiders that the first Gulf war was set up by the CIA. One source deep inside the CIA leaked to friends and claimed that the CIA had a proprietary Sante Fe Drilling that specialized in high tech horizontal drilling. This cross-drilling technology was claimed to be sold to Kuwait so they could tap into Iraq’s largest oil field just past the border of Kuwait into Iraq. Soon after the horizontal well were drilled and producing Iraqi oil for Kuwait, US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein and informed him that Kuwait was cross drilling into Kuwait’s main oil field. Saddam asked Glaspie what the USG would do if Kuwait invaded Iraq for this act of theft and war. Saddam Hussein believed that Kuwait was originally Iraqi land taken away by the British earlier and should be rightfully restored to Iraq. Supposedly Glaspie remarked that the USG would consider that an inter-Arab affair and would stay out of it.
9. The Ruling Cabal’s main motivation to continue deceive the public by manipulating the six Major Mass Media through CIA channels is to keep the American public bamboozled into believing their big lies, false narratives and propaganda. This wall of lies the public is conditioned to believe by the media and News Cartel provides cover for the Ruling Cabal’s evil acts which are so horrible and unspeakable that if the American public ever truly understood what the Cabal was doing, there would be rioting in the streets and revolution overnight. If you want to do some in depth research on why the Ruling Cabal and its puppet the USG are so terribly evil, read the classic book relatively unknown Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy. Unless recently censored, it is available as a free .pdf download on the Internet. It is a fact that the Ruling Cabal’s top leaders who sit at the very top of the World Zionist Babylonian Talmudic Hierarchy believe that the more human blood (suffering, disability and death) they cause to be shed in multiple ways including engineered wars, human sacrifice, engineered disease, starvation, etc., the more power, riches and status they will receive from Lucifer (Satan) their god and the god of this world who reign is now reaching its end forever.
Download for free as a pdf (click here)
10. What does the Ruling Cabal do that if the American public knew for certain, they could never accept it and it would set off a revolt at all levels? The Ruling Cabal was described as former MI-6 Officer John Coleman as 300 Families or the Committee of 300, his well-respected book. Some experts have called the Ruling Cabal a core of 60 families (I believe it is actually 66 main Satanic families related to the core “13 Bloodline” families). These families run the world’s finances and are part of a secret Satanic and worldwide occult network.  This Satanic Network specializes in trauma-based mind-kontrol, pedophilia, human compromise and bribery of officials, child sacrifice, child torture for hormone products such as Chromatin, child cannibalism, and other sick and twisted Satanic (ancient Baal) rituals some of which were depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s last movies “Eye Wide Shut”.
11. Thanks to the Internet which is the world’s New Gutenberg Press, these secret incredibly evil acts of the Ruling Cabal and their associates (Cutouts) are now being exposed by insiders at the periphery which turned away from the Ruling Cabal. One of the best exposures is by Banker Ronald Bernard. And the bungling efforts of Hillary Clinton and the DNC which robbed Bernie Sanders of his rightful nomination and attempted to smear Donald Trump resulted in massive leaks of their emails that exposed Pizzagate and their Pedophile and Satanic lifestyles for which the FBI, Mossad and CIA ran near complete cover for them for many years. Do not think that Satanism and pedophilia are limited to the top DNC leadership. It’s a fact that many of the top Republicans are part of the same Satanic circles and also pedophiles. Three different LE investigations, one by the FBI have shown that 39%, 42% and 70% of all male members of the US Congress have been either into or entrapped by Pedophilia human compromise ops run by the CIA and Mossad. The Bohemian Grove’s dirty secrets have now been fully exposed as a Satanic playground for sexually inverted world leaders that feel empower by the “cremation of Care” child sacrifice by fire in which a live, sedated child is burned alive as an act of Baal worship, which the Ruling Cabal is based on.
12. The Internet was originally sold to the Ruling Cabal as a sophisticated means to spy on and track the masses and was promoted at the greatest spy tool ever conceived. There was a secret agenda of the folks at DARPA who were responsible and that was that they knew that once the Internet was fully established and most business became deeply dependent on it for daily business operations, it would quickly morph into the New Gutenberg Press and could easily establish a New Enlightenment. These futurists believed that like the original Gutenberg Press which exposed and somewhat neutralized the Vatican’s world expansion (which was infiltrated and run by the Ruling Cabal), the Internet would eventually deliver a lethal blow to the hegemony of the Ruling Cabal. And that is now in process with much of the world now turning against the Ruling Cabal. That is why the Ruling Cabal is staging so many false-flag terror attacks all over the world, to breed chaos and justify more centralized cabal tyranny and control. One thing is for certain however and that is that the Internet has been destroying the Ruling Cabal’s Media and News cartel which is comprised of the six international Major Mass Media and news corporations, and numerous Internet web service providers which control the social media and most searches like youtube and google search engines as well as Amazon which some researchers believe are actually operating as CIA proprietaries.
13. In America most False-flag attacks are engineered shootings (many fake shootings) in gun-free zones. The nuclear attack on America on 9/11 and the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty ship were real attacks using real weaponry with real dead victims. Gun free zones were mandated by the Ruling Cabal in order to provide areas to stage these mass-shootings in where nobody would be there to shoot back. This would allow the public to be bamboozled into believing it was the availability of guns that was the problem, not the USG agencies who were setting these False-flag operations up. In order to gain an understanding of how these mass-shootings in gun-free zones are engineered, one needs to learn about Satanic trauma conditioning used by the CIA under Operation MK-Ultra and its many sub-programs, many of which are still operational today such as “Slammer” which uses psychotronics (EMF) against targeted individuals to make them either physically ill, or to entrain thoughts and attitudes in their brains or both. It is now well-proved by a team of top experts that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
Wolfgang Halbig has a photo of eight of the Sandy Hook girls “all grown up”.
14. When Israel attacked the USS Liberty ship on 6-8-67, and later staged a nuclear attack on America at the Twin Towers on 9-11-01 and an associated attack on the Pentagon the same day, these attacks should have resulted in an official US Congressional Declaration of War by America on Israel. But this did not happen because the USG was hijacked by the Ruling Cabal in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. It is this same Ruling Cabal that also set up and runs Israel, and uses them as cutouts to do their dirty work and makes sure they are protected from exposure and sanction by the world. Now if you aren’t sure the FRS is a City of London Babylonia Talmudic (world Zionist) parasite on the American Taxpayer, just consider this. It has been estimated by experts that approximately 40% of the US Federal Taxes collected by the IRS go to service the interest on the phony FRS so-called “national debt”. This fraudulent debt is constantly accruing by the FRS charging Americans pernicious illegal, unconstitutional interest for using their fake FRS money. In 1971 Nixon under the advice of Heinz Kissinger got rid of Gold and silver backed real US currency and substituted FRS debt-notes. US dollars should be backed and exchangeable for real gold and silver owned by We The People in the first place as it was set up by our Founding Fathers. Our Founding Fathers set up the USG to be paid for by Federal Excise Taxes only. The Constitution did not allow Federal taxation, but the City of London World Zionist Ruling Cabal pushed the Sixteen Amendment, claimed they got it passed when several states needed to approve it never ratified it, so it was never actually passed and is illegitimate. Actually, the DC government became incorporated in 1867 and secretly and fraudulently imposed this on the rest of America. In 1933 the USA was declared bankrupt and all labor and assets of the US Citizens was technically but illegally repossessed by the COL World Zionist Banksters which they secret claimed to have technically cancelled the US Constitution. All US attorneys and judges are actually members of the British Bar (Barrister Registry) which is illegal under the US Constitution.
15. When analyzing the source of the Ruling Cabal’s power, several things become obvious. First, the Cabal is deeply empowered because they create and lend money at interest in any quantity they want. This provides them enormous power because they can buy, bribe and control almost every single government official. For those they can’t control with money, they resort to threats of exposure for their Cabal dictated secret sins and then drive the official from office. This is done by ordering the politician to resign in order to spend more time with his family or else certain damning photos or events will be released to the Major Mass Media (that the Cabal controls). For those that does not world on they drive them from power or if necessary hire someone to murder them, usually thinly disguised as a suicide. Some who have investigated the Ruling Cabal for many years claim that they are empowered by the ancient Babylonia Talmudic black magic passed down through Satanic bloodline families and claim that the explanation is best provided by Biblical records and history. It is a known fact that Cabal leaders have an intense hatred for Christianity and have been working hard for centuries to eradicate it or pervert it to disempower it. So far, all such actions have failed and Christianity still grows.
16. The Ruling Cabal uses Cutouts to do its dirty work. This shifts blame on the Cutout when any of their dirty work is exposed, thus usually shielding the Cabal from blame. The Cutout becomes the sacrificial lamb. The very top leadership of the Cabal likes to hide in the shadows in Europe. Some researchers have claimed that the core leaders are the Old European Black Nobility, a purely Satanic occult network that are all related by blood and they go all the way back to ancient Babylonia. Some researchers claim that it is their occult membership that makes them what they are and that they are the world’s master infiltrators who have become embedded at the very top of all world power systems. Some insiders have claimed that those who engage in child sacrifice rituals are rewarded by their own personal demon or non-corporeal entity which appears to them and provides counsel and intel and that the only power greater is that of God Almighty and His only begotten son Jesus Christ or Nazareth which many Cabal leaders greatly hate but also deeply fear.
17. The USG and all its Departments and Agencies (including Law Enforcement and Intel) are arrayed in a secret war against the American masses on behalf of the Cabal according to the principals of Babylonian Talmudism. And because Babylonian Talmudism views the American masses as Goyim (owned cattle to exploit, consume and eliminate at will), Americans are a besieged people. Part of this war is an attempt to destroy the American Republic by eliminating American borders, language and culture and by destroying male and female sex roles, instituting political correctness, diversity and affirmative action. Certainly, massive immigration, both illegal and legal has done much to destroy the basic culture of America. It is an established fact that the CIA traffics in almost all the illegal drugs and narcotics for black ops money. These illegal narcotics brought in by the CIA include very potent afghan opium in massive quantities resulting in about 50,000 needless overdose deaths a year of American youth. The CIA and the BATF have been caught distributing guns to drug gangs in urban areas along with their drugs, transforming many American urban centers into violent jungles based on the survival of the fittest and most violent only. The FBI is known beyond any shadow of a doubt to prey on retarded and mentally ill Islamic youth (especially Somali) to set them up and entrap them to become Jihadists. The top officials at the CIA and FBI are all controlled by the Cabal. Mueller covered up 9-11-01 and is an accessory to mass-murder. Some researchers claim that Comey served on the board of HSBC Bank which was charged with drug money laundering for the CIA. Nobody gets to run an agency unless they are dirty and adequately compromised, period.
Like the “Roach Motel”: You can check in but you can’t check out!
18. The Cabal’s main pastimes are creating wars for profit and major internal problems so they can massively asset-strip the American people of the fruit of their labor by use of Federal Reserve System Debt-note money fraud which fraudulently imposes interest or their phony money that should have been our own in the first place. It is well known that over 9 trillion taxpayer dollars have been secretly spent on secret Intel gathering, the 147 Deep Underground Bases (DUMBs), and on the USG’s secret Space War program. Some estimate that an additional 21 Trillion was also stolen from the American Taxpayers since WW2. No wonder the middle class lost 40%+ of its accrued wealth since the recession of 2008 which has never been adequately resolved. Right now, the Middle Class in America is being asset stripped out of existence, soon to be gone forever leaving a two-tiered feudal system of the ultra-rich and paupers living on government welfare systems. The Cabal using the CIA, the Israeli IDF and the Mossad, assembled its own private mercenary Army (ISIS, Daesh, et al) and deployed them to attack Syria and deploy terror. Syria was to be Balkanized and used as a base to attack Iran from. Because the Russian Federation is an official ally of Syria, they came to their defense and deployed precision air power to defeat ISIS. This is the first major defeat for the CIA since the Bay of Pigs which itself was due to the NSA leaking the invasion plans to Castro in advance. Castro was under the Vatican’s protection and the NSA wanted a bad boy in Cuba to justify big American defense budgets. All world terror and all tyrants are always built up in advance by Cabal Cutouts like the CIA and the Mossad in order to create new wars necessary for the profit of the 66 Cabal families.
19. The Ruling Cabal is organized as a large Hierarchy. Whenever the several top Hierarchy members decide as policy or want something done, all they have to do is issue the order. That order travels down the hierarchy to the street level through various contacts at each level like a secret army. Various political realties limit individual acts that could create unwanted blow-back so covert crime researchers are often just harassed to weaken them but not murdered. And the current cabal attitude is that it is good that some of their crimes are being exposed because they believe that the masses are too weak to do anything and this helps advance their Globalist NWO agenda by creating more chaos. The Cabal’s secret motto is “order Ab Chaos”.
20. The Cabal is now beginning to become concerned about the power of the Internet to blow their cover and displace their Controlled Major Mass Media comprised of six international news and media corporations which in reality constitute an illegal News Cartel since they are all controlled by a CIA proprietary investment house in Switzerland. They have now established various policies which they believe will eventually geld the Internet and make it powerless. These methods include demonetizing various websites, using Khazarian Cutouts to censor out posts deemed dangerous, anti-social, potentially violent, or Copyright infringing. The Cabal now realizes that the Internet has displaced their Controlled Major Mass Media from prominence and many are starting to sink financially. The popularity of smartphones that display full Internet are not helping because few watch televised major news anymore and seek their own favorite websites for any news they want to know. Internet users are responding to this by starting and joining their own social media websites and participating in paid websites. Offshore websites are being started which provide more freedom and security from snooping. Veterans Today TV is one that is deeply encrypted and provides an inexpensive alternative. Internet users are beginning to understand that there is no free lunch, American Internet social media sell their user information to corporations and USG agencies and are now deeply censoring posts. This started out as sporadic and random, but now sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms are being deployed to make this automatic and far reaching. is a great alternative for those that want to avoid being played by Internet censors and USG agencies.
The biggest secret of the Cabal: Anti-gravity ET technology
21. The biggest secret of all that the Cabal has kept from the American masses is the reality of crashed alien ET anti-gravity craft which have been recovered and back-engineered. This complete secrecy lock-down on these crashed extra-terrestrial vehicles was mandated by the Ruling Cabal because they were concerned that some of their enemies would get hold of this technology. In order to prevent this, they created very specific, small information compartments for USAF, USN and their Aerospace contractors to work in, all based on need-to-know only. This need-to-know has always been a standard practice in any government Intel agencies. The result was that even most folks working in these programs did not really know much about the total picture except those in very high management or top scientific positions. And even they did not get the full picture of secret negotiations entered into with actual Alien ET representatives of the strange treaties that resulted. It has been reported by those who were involved and are so old that their 50-year secrecy agreements have expired, that one treaty entered into allowed Alien ETs to abduct to extract eggs and biological samples and to place tracking crystals in these subjects, as long as their memories were erased and no harm was done to these subjects. Later on when several saucers crashed due to the usual cause, an intersection between strong lightning and USAF Radar, it was discovered that the Alien ETs lied and were murdering some of these subjects (and eating them too). Thus, a Secret Space War ensued but some treaties believed more beneficial were continued so that the Cabal could continue developing advanced space weapons and anti-gravity powered vehicles capable of star travel as well as inter-dimensional D-wave quantum technology. The Internet is making disclosure more and more likely because of all the older witnesses coming forth and giving their testimonies. It is likely that disclosure could be taken control of by a new up and coming Secret Space War element that wants to quickly displace the Ruling Cabal and take over. This is likely and what they eventually set up could be a whole new form of fascism which is probably best called Cosmic Fascism.
Now that the deep secrets have all been uncovered and are becoming diffused to We The People a little at a time, but advancing continually, what can be done to displace this notably evil Satanic Ruling Cabal that is a rich, powerful, totally evil Death Cult of folks that sold their solus for money, power and status?
The Cabal continually tries to provoke We The People to rebel and break the law so they can use the law to oppress us. If all the people woke up and stopped believing the Big Lies, False-narratives and Ruling Cabal Propaganda continually dispensed by the Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media, an illegal News Monopoly and Cartel, over time the Cabal would be displaced one way or another.
Years ago, award winning investigative journalist Seymore Hersch reported that Israel had a policy called The Samson Option. This option would be enacted by Israel if it was ever overrun or defeated. It is my view that under this doomsday plan, Israel would attempt to destroy the major capitals of the world using planted nukes in America, ICBM launched nukes for European capitals, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mecca, and submarine launched nuclear tipped missiles from a fleet of Israeli owned German manufactured Dolphin Class diesel submarines.
It was reported that Israel stored stolen Davy Crocket nukes from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas (after reprocessing and updating them into functional mini and micro nukes using advanced gas technology).
Nukes were placed in the embassies of every Western nation.

These devices could not initially be located because they were covered with high tech cloaking materials that stopped all gamma ray emission which has been the gold standard for detection devices used in satellites, aircraft, and ground station and truck born nuclear device detectors. Recently a new type of detector was discovered and has now been deployed. This is the Helium 3 (“moon-dust”) based detector that can sense neutrons which pass through the cloaking up to at least 1,000 feet. So, if the detector is brought within approximately 1,000 feet, the nukes can be detected and removed. It has been rumored that the super elite US Force the Nuclear Snake-eaters (NEST) has cleared out all Israeli nukes in America, some say were stored in their embassies and safe houses.

It has also been claimed by some Intel insiders that under special treaty all submarine defense contractors always install special lockout devices on launch tubes that have to be independently deactivated. This means that the Israeli subs off the East USA coast will likely not be able to launch nuclear tipped missiles on DC if the Israel Likudist regime is displaced or falls, or Israel is attacked and devastated by a major entity.
Intel insiders and defense analysts now claim that the Russian Federation electronic warfare has advanced to a very high degree and to the point where they now have a sophisticated and powerful “Dome of Protection” that will disable or even perhaps prematurely detonate soon after launch, any ICBM launched from Israel or any other European or Mideast nation toward them or one of their allies. If these disclosures are accurate that means that Israel is quickly losing its nuclear weapon power base and its ability to threaten other nations.
The only Samson Option that Israel could perhaps muster would be to manipulate America and Russia/and or China into a full-scale nuclear WWIII that would destroy most of civilization and about 1/3 of the world population on the first round. Another option remains would be for the City of London RKM Banksters (Babylonian Talmudists) to crash out the private FIAT central Banking “Debt-note based) system and bring the whole world to its knees. This option is running out because the Russians and Chinese have been working hard to set up their own alternative world monetary and exchange system based on Gold, Silver and real commodities. And they have created the BRICS development Bank, the AAIB, the Silk Road Railroad System (in process), and their own new Swift-type electronic banking transfer system.
Initially the Ruling Cabal decided to build up China and Malaysia and the future world’s economic wealth powerhouse so they could eventually asset strip them of all their new accrued wealth. This was to be done as soon as the RKM and those who run it (the Old Black European Nobility) were done asset stripping America bare and turning it to dust.
This Cabal plan is not likely to work, because the Chinese have become aware of it and are taking steps to displace the Ruling cabal and the Old Black Nobility as soon as they do not need them anymore. 
The only way We The People (e.g. Americans) can take their country back from eh evil, satanic Ruling Cabal is to take America back to its earlier healthy state the way it was before the Cabal hijacked America in 1913 with the illegal unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This means that to root out the deep infiltration and total hijacking of America by the Ruling Cabal, all their systems set up right after 1913 by all their Cutouts and agents such as John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan have to be eliminated, a Constitutional DC government and Rule of Law must be re-established.
The whole USG system has to be taken back to its basic constitutional root and all these City of London (COL) criminal and unconstitutional structures, laws and courts must be removed. The Supreme Court was set up to serve as a crooked Congressional Court. The actual highest court in the land is supposed to be the US District Court of Appeals.
The good news is that all these Cabal evildoers and enemies of We The People and Mankind who have hijacked America to fight their wars, mass-murdering many millions in the process are time limited. Each will live no more than a single lifetime of perhaps up to 100 years and then will die and stand before God Almighty and answer for all their pedophilia, child murder and mass-murder of wars for power and profit. Their system has endured all the way back from ancient Babylonia (maybe before) but will eventually end.
As a Christian believer I personally believe that God Almighty will someday, somehow right all these wrongs and restore all the dead children and innocent to immortality and happiness. And the evil Cabal members who refuse to repent will eventually be destroyed, blotted out from existence forever. Until God’s hand enacts this coming judgment, all we can do is continue to proclaim the truth to wake folks up, share our faith to those who are interested and pray continually for social justice and peace.
I have just finished a book entitled, The New Gutenberg Press, published by Moon Rock Books at .

God Bless each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my VT articles over the last 5 years and for taking the time to read this briefing report.

I pray that the information I have disclosed will help promote truth, justice, peace and good will.
Preston James, a Ph.D. social psychologist from a Big Ten University, has been a brilliant analyst of domestic politics and foreign affairs for decades.
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  1. Preston James is an Extraterrestrial who knows all about British Summer Time being equivalent to your Daylight Saving Time, but he pretends otherwise to select the most hapless humans for future leadership roles.

  2. Excellent summation of our plight.

    Ignore the state and opt out of the banking system.

    This should begin in earnest as it dawns on the former middle class that it has nothing left to lose– and desperation sets in.

  3. Basement explosions were not to disable fire sprinklers as pumps were easy to switch off. By fracturing the basement foundation, the core would settle, pulling everything into the footprint. A plasma bunker buster, firing up would have torched all material like a giant Roman candle. Asbestos abatement material, spiked with thermite sprayed in ceilings and elevator shafts aided combustion. filed NY district court for grand jury.

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