PENN Magazine for March (2018)

 Because we have lived in The United States of America for years and years and decades we realize that when something like the Parkland school shooting occurs we must inherently question the account given of the event by our government and our media because they have demonstrated time and time again they are totally untrustworthy  

 But TODAY we are talking about Bigfoot (and aliens), and at least we know 
 are real
Welcome to the March Edition of Penn Magazine
Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher
Also here in flip-page format:
Chuck Gregory and I, on The New American Dream Radio Show, try to keep to our premise that there are no wrong questions.
I came up with that. I’m not sure it’s very profound, but to me it says it all.
We should be able to ask questions about everything, but we are not.
If I were allowed to sit with George W. Bush or Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, whomever I wanted to — or, not me, but someone, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, James Tracy, Bill From Brainerd, anyone — and ask all the questions on our mind and if these people would answer, then that’s how the world would go. 
It would be a big deal and a good deal, I think. We would then know what these people know, which I believe is a great deal more than they tell us, and then we would understand our world and our world would be a great deal better off for it. That is what I believe.
But we are not allowed to do that. 
If you are intrepid you stealthily attend a press conference or a speech, for certain uninvited. 
You stand up, unwelcome, and you hurriedly blurt out a few words you have rehearsed over and over, some few people around you hear what you tried to say and the speaker smirks because you are obviously insane and you are hauled out of there in a huge hurry.
That’s how it goes.
And so we don’t learn too much because that is how things are set up.
Well, that is to welcome you to our Bigfoot & Aliens Issue of Penn Magazine, named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., perhaps the first real researcher into the John F. Kennedy massacre in Dealey Plaza that kicked off The American Project Gladio that is in full bloom yet today.
There are no wrong questions.
And even though we are not supposed to know, we still have managed to learn a lot about our world, largely through “unofficial” channels.
Bigfoot is real.
Aliens and UFOs are real.
And that is why Chuck and I talk about Bigfoot and UFOs during the course of our regular schedule, along with the military, peace, terror, poverty, prison, race issues, because it is all a part of our world. 
We know that if we were allowed to ask those questions of people in high places we could change the world. But even if we are not really allowed, we do it anyway.
Join us.
We are changing the world anyway, even though we are not authorized.
We’ll never know what the real truth is.”
That’s what “they” want us to believe, that the truth is amorphous, forever ambiguous, unknowable.
But that is simply untrue.
We know.
We know.
The CIA and Cass Sunstein and Karl Rove and thirteen other numchucks want us to label real ideas and real, good people as conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists.
We already know. We know the truth about the alleged moon landings, about Bigfoot, about aliens.
Also about 9/11, Aurora, Oklahoma City, Waco, Wellstone, San
Bernardino, Las Vegas, Orlando, Charlottesville, Sandy Hook, Boston …
We know.
There is so much proof that we do know the truth. 
Take a day, a week, a month, a year to read and listen to the work of Dr. James Fetzer, Dr. Kevin Barrett, Dr. James Tracy, for just a start.
Take a look … The Dancing Israelis, Building 7, the “burial of Osama bin Laden at sea,” the hole in the Pentagon, the “crash site” at Shanksville, the photos outside of the Sandy Hook school BEFORE the event, the weird testimony of H. Wayne Carver, Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, the photos showing the “victims” at Boston waiting for their turn to go on stage.
Read Fetzer’s book on the Wellstone murder, “American Assassination.”
Read the work of Dr. William Pepper on the Martin King assassination, see the movie “RFK Must Die.”
It doesn’t have to be this way, with military spending taking up everything that could be for good, for taxes for war, the destruction of ancient cities.
In this world there are millions and millions of beautiful, smart, funny, kind, creative genius people out there who would be able to create a wonderful world if not for the ones who rule by muscle for greed.
When someone like Dan Rather says that he has not been shown any credible evidence showing the truth about the JFK murder he is lying and so far those sorts of people have ruled the day.
UFO’s … of course there are UFO’s, aliens, but WHAT does that really mean … lets try to think about it. I don’t think it’s scary at all. 
It allows you to imagine your real world, which is far beyond what you see on your TV on Saturday afternoon, golf and someone cooking and someone else searching for the kitchen of their dreams.
Speaking of evidence, please go to Bitchute, it’s an alternative to YouTube, and watch the presentation at the University Branch Seattle Public Library on Feb. 4, 2018 by James Fetzer, PhD. You will see plenty of evidence, but the one part that stood out to me is the film showing a director of the Las Vegas hoax moving an actor into place. Wow.
It is a shame that we and this beautiful world can possibly be on the verge of nuclear destruction when we don’t even understand what’s going on around us.
We could overthrow the destroyers with the truth about bigfoot, aliens, 9/11, Las Vegas, as we should.

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