Steve De’ak: Taboo Truths: Clues Avoided by the 9/11 Truth Movement

Steve De’ak    

All and only buildings with a “WTC” designation were demolished on 9/11

The destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 was used to justify war without end and a burgeoning global Police State. I for one do not want to leave this world as my legacy without putting my name on the list of people who called ‘bullshit;’ I owe it to future generations to help chronicle the events that brought us to a place where they can be sent to war believing impossible lies told before they were born. I am what you might call a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, but what I call a concerned grandfather. I believe the fastest way to end the wars is by exposing the lies that spawned them. So I joined the 9/11 Truth movement, hoping for a dose of reality, but after bouncing around from one truther hypothesis to another, I realized most of them have been avoiding the most critical clue, which is quite simply that the World Trade Center was never the fully occupied city within the city it was advertised to be, that at the time of destruction it was gutted and empty of contents as all controlled demolitions are. I know this will be a shock to read for those of you who still believe what you see and hear on television, but to learn the truth about anything these days requires a commitment of attention that most people aren’t prepared for; even my intended audience, the 9/11 Truth Community, which is allegedly already familiar with the popular 9/11 hypotheses, rejects this information as too outrageous to be considered.

The connotations are mind-numbing; if the towers were empty of contents and prepared for demolition then all those big “one-percenter” firms like Marsh and McLennan and Cantor Fitzgerald couldn’t have lost employees there, implicating their leadership and any others that received government money from the Victims’ Compensation Fund. It means the media stories about the towers being “modern marvels” can’t be true either, doing more than just implicating the leadership of the media; it exposes them as the propaganda arm of the military. It means that the FDNY leadership knew and that the NYPD leadership knew, and that the Port Authority police certainly knew that the complex was empty and gutted and it also means that the people we saw hanging out the windows couldn’t have been real office workers either. The implications roll in like a tsunami that leaves the observer drowning in a sea of apocalypse. Taken together it’s no wonder why 9/11 Truthers would retreat from this information and instead embrace exotic weapons as the answer (or even kerosene) because at least then they can avoid the paradigm shift that inevitably comes with losing faith in the rule of law. And it’s also no wonder why when confronted with evidence that can’t be denied, the reaction has been silence.

There can be only one right answer to 9/11 but there’s no guarantee we’ll like it. The most-likely suspects behind the destruction of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon and that odd-shaped crater in Shanksville, are the leaders of most of the world’s nations, media, businesses, law enforcement, and what passes for academia. This is the only conclusion that can be reached once one examines all the evidence, so it is of utmost importance to the cover-up efforts that certain clues are avoided. For many years the leadership of the popular truth movement groups have been purposefully ignoring critical evidence while duping the rank and file into believing and repeating hypotheses that only make the truth movement look silly, and/or Anti-Semitic to the outside world; the very people we need to reach in order to stop the wars. The apparent goal of the misnamed movement is to provide a safe, discredited sandbox for truthers to play in while the war machine grinds on, and after 16 years the proof is in the pudding. If the easiest way to control the opposition is to lead it, then deliberately or not, the truth movement’s efforts have served to prevent an open dialogue of the facts, which only helps the perpetrators. I have noticed that most truthers will avoid, or be angered by, these clues:  

  • Evidence of dismantling (Hollow Towers)
  • Evidence of planted dust and missing windows
  • Evidence of missile damage

Hollow Towers

    A while back some folks over at Lets Roll forums discovered what I consider to be the holy grail of 9/11 Truth. Their research had led them to the revelation that the towers and their contents were not turned to dust, not at all; they contended that the WTC had been gutted of all contents and had been prepared for destruction by controlled demolition as buildings always are when they are demolished; by removing anything that is not required to support the structure. All plumbing and fixtures (and the water therein) are removed and recycled. The same goes for the HVAC, electrical system, elevators (including the miles of cables and hundreds of stainless-steel doors,) carpets, non-load-bearing walls and floors, etc.    

    Removing the interior contents and finishes allows access to the support structure for the placement of explosives, as well as it minimizes the cleanup afterwards not to mention the fact that anything that hasn’t been removed will become shrapnel when the explosives go off, but all we saw was dust and paper, sometimes catapulted out by the ream:   When I first heard the idea I knew immediately that this was the most rational explanation out there. Of course! Buildings don’t turn to dust in the real world! Obviously this concept, although fitting all the observable video and photographic evidence of the demolition sequences perfectly, comes with some pretty mind-blowing implications; namely that to be prepared for demolition in such a manner means that the WTC could not have been occupied, that the media stories about how the WTC was a city within the city with 50,000 people in there at any given time could not have been true, that 9/11 was a gigantic lie, sure, but it started long before 9/11.

    If as the evidence indicates the towers weren’t occupied then that would implicate leaders of the media, government, military, Port Authority, NYPD and FDNY, and the list of official complicity goes on, but it doesn’t stop with the USA. Any national leader, “friend” or “foe” not calling foul on the war on terror is likely involved at some level. Now we know what they talk about at Bilderberg, eh? When confronted with such challenges to one’s worldview the reaction from most people is to disregard it as too outrageous to be considered, which I can’t help but notice is a textbook response to the Big Lie, one that would have been counted on by the Big Liars. Big Liars are a class of people with generations’ worth of experience that proves the bigger and more outrageous the lie, the more likely it will be believed. It ought to go without saying that if the Big Liars are the authorities, then the 9/11 truth movement was probably written into the story from the beginning; the coverup would be at least as important as the event.

    Every truther knows that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it – that is until it comes to the truth movement itself, where they confuse popularity with ‘the truth,’ and almost no one challenges their own convictions. Obviously the powers that be knew exactly what they were doing on 9/11; I have met many a truther that assumes they would recognize propaganda when they see it, but me, I assume it will be compelling, else who would believe it. There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn’t true, and the other is to disbelieve what is. Guess which way most truthers lean? Proof that the truth movement was written into the 9/11 script can be seen in the dismal results of their activism, and more can be seen in the way the rank and file of the truth movement will reject the clues that can lead to the truth, while embracing clues that only reinforce whatever camp they already belong to. The average 9/11 Truther doesn’t notice that 16 years have passed without the leaders of the movement getting anywhere closer to a consensus about what happened, but they do want everyone to agree that the government’s story is false, which is silly because that’s what we all have in common to begin with. One shared red-flag that flies high above the popular truth groups is that they all avoid step one in any investigation, namely recreating the scene of the crime, or attempting to use the evidence to explain what happened. They prefer to keep us divided and conquered, finding it beneficial for us to agree to disagree rather than to eliminate those theories that can’t account for the evidence.

    As the leaders of the movement they control its direction, the topics of conversation, what clues will and will not get attention and what lines of investigation to follow, if any. To hear these groups demand that someone somewhere should conduct a “new” investigation, which they should have been doing all along, is surreal, but to see them scatter like cockroaches to light when confronted with photographs they should have examined a decade ago exposes them for what they are. If they were genuinely interested in the truth they would correct their hypotheses and move on, but don’t do that. With the amount of money the big name groups have collected they could have solved this case in the first two years if they wanted to, but apparently it would put them out of a job. I shouldn’t need to point out that IF there are elements in the 9/11 Truth movement that ARE controlled opposition, then it can be assumed that whatever the correct conclusion is, they will certainly not be leading anyone to it, and it should be also be assumed that if confronted with the correct conclusion the controlled elements would be forced to ignore it, or distract away from it, or try to discredit the messenger of it, rather than address the evidence that leads to that conclusion.

    The fact of the matter is what we know as perception management, controlled opposition, and false flags are the rules in our world, not the exceptions. Governments and people of power have been manipulating opinions like this since the dawn of so called civilization, so it is hopelessly naïve to believe the truth movement wasn’t included in the very first planning stages of 9/11. With that in mind, I set out to conduct my own independent investigation, with special focus on those clues that the truth movement won’t touch with a ten-foot pole, clues like planted dust, missing windows, hollow towers and the evidence at the scene of the crime; the impact holes. The bottom line is none of us can be sure about anyone except ourselves. I know I’m not on anyone’s payroll but when it comes to other truthers I use the litmus test of these clues. If they refuse to even address the evidence, I can assume they are either lying or duped. Jim Fetzer is one of the only truthers I have met outside of Lets Roll Forums who has had the guts to talk about these details, so whether or not Jim and I agree on anything, at least we’re on the same page talking about it, something you won’t get from Judy Wood, Richard D. Hall, Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Rob Basalmo, David Griscom, Christopher Bollyn, Simon Shack, Gordon Duff, etc. My conclusions are based on these clues, but I could be wrong, but the fact that they won’t even acknowledge that this evidence exists is a clue that the “truth” isn’t at the top of their to-do lists.

    False Fronts for a False Flag

    We are told that the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers had 110 floors of one-acre each, totaling 220 acres of rent-able space. Each floor was allegedly constructed of a 4-6 inch thick concrete slab poured over a steel deck supported by steel trusses.


    In addition to the gusset plates and bolts that connected the truss ends to the walls, these truss straps were installed. Here you can see they were attached to the spandrels and to the knuckle of the truss that protruded through the floor deck. Allegedly the straps were then encased in poured concrete, thereby creating a diaphragm of lightweight but reinforced concrete that stretched from the exterior walls to the interior core columns, providing an acre of usable space. So what’s so special about the straps?


    When looking at the images of the debris field it can be seen that at least for the floors that were directly above the lobby area, there was never any concrete poured; the straps are still hanging from the walls of the lobby where they were not encased in concrete, yet there is evidence of where the lobby ceiling met the wall. I would expect to see the same evidence on every single level above the lobby ceiling, but it isn’t there. Almost as if it was a false front building. Now, the straps seen here would have been part of the ceiling for the lobby and never were encased in concrete anyway, however where’s the ceiling? Where are the i-beams that those straps were once attached to? For perspective, here is what the lobby used to look like:


    The truth movement wants us to believe the contents and people who allegedly died at the WTC were turned to dust by directed energy weapons, or by mini nukes but these straps are proof positive that at least on these levels the floors were not “dustified,”or vaporized, they were dismantled.   Furthermore there isn’t any hint of interior finishes, all the way down to the lobby floor, and as far up as you can see.


    The interior finishes of the columns were removed – leaving aluminum cladding on the three exterior sides of the wall columns. Some super-secret weapon? Or just a gigantic prop for a staged false-flag operation of epic proportions intended to gain public support for a long-planned globalist’s never-ending war on terror?

    Also note that above the lobby there isn’t any sign of floor material at all. No truss straps, no concrete floors, no trusses, no floor deck – no sign of any of the infrastructure, actually. If they were there at the time and were destroyed in the collapse, shouldn’t chunks of floor material be seen on the walls in the same way that the straps can be seen where the lobby ceiling once met the wall? Whether they were ever installed to begin with it certainly doesn’t look like they were there at the time of the demolition, almost as if all the interior finishes were removed to reveal the structural members and gain access to bolts. So maybe the good people over at LetsRoll were on to something when they labeled the Twin Towers “Hollow.” The debris field has more than just a few examples of removed bolts, but very few examples of the 220 acres of concrete slabs, floor decks or floor trusses.
    In the upper right of the below image is an example of a single sheared off bolt; that makes one bent bolt out of six. But most of the column connections in the debris field show no bolts at all, bent or not, everywhere you look.

    Every column connection was bolted together and these bolts were accessed by hand holes in the ends of the columns.
    The interior finishes would need to be removed in order to access those bolts, which is what appears to be what happened.   The perpetrators removed strategic bolts, keeping enough in place to keep the towers straight, but removing enough so that they would blow apart at the seams easier. This explains the phenomenon we all witnessed on the Television, with the walls peeling away from the core like the peel a big dust-filled banana.


    In the lower left of this shot can be seen two bolts that were bent and two bolts were missing. By removing the two interior bolts, the wall panel was assured of falling away from the tower with a little push from the interior explosives. Exotic weapons may be good, but I doubt they’re good enough to target the bolts while ignoring the straps. Directed energy does sound sexy, I’ll give you that, but good, old fashioned corruption fits the available evidence; after lying about everything they deployed the truth movement to throw sand in our eyes and lead us in circles.   Here is a view of the debris left from the demolition of the South Tower, and what can be found are plenty of columns with missing bolts, plenty of dust and paper and only spotty fires burning. There was no “fuming,” no super-hot fires that would melt concrete in its path, but you can see firefighters strolling about on ground that was allegedly recently filled with molten steel.  

    Perhaps those stories of super-hot fires are a bit embellished. Maybe the tales of molten metal and steel turning to dust in mid-air are propaganda intended to confuse the public that was bound to be asking questions and looking for answers. If the truth movement is controlled then the most popular hypotheses are the ones that should be the most suspect, and following that logic they should be easy to identify by what they refuse to talk about. The missing bolts are a key clue to solving 9/11, as are the not-missing truss straps, as well as the complete absence of 220 floors’ worth of trusses, concrete floors and floor decks. But don’t forget the hundreds of sinks and toilets and the plumbing pipes and fixtures and the water therein.


    The industrial kitchens, tile floors, stainless steel work tables and steam kettles.


    The hundreds of elevator doors should have been seen somewhere in the rubble.


    Each tower allegedly had several mechanical floors that housed the car-sized elevator motors, electrical panels and the other heavy equipment required to keep a modern skyscraper operational.


    To support the heavy loads of the mechanical floors, the builders used I-Beams, not the lightweight trusses allegedly used on the other floors. This is tough stuff that in reality cannot easily be turned to dust; but if they could have, then so would the relatively flimsy steel straps still hanging neatly in the lobby.     

    Rather that reaching for exotic explanations for the missing floors and missing contents, why not just follow the evidence where it leads? Apparently the towers were dismantled, therefore the dust must have been in dust form at the time of the first explosions. Proof of this can be seen in the dust and paper boiling in the shock and awe fireball: It can also be seen in the dust and paper all around the ground of the WTC immediately after the first explosions, long before the demolition.   This video is damning indeed, but you won’t find many truthers willing to talk about it, or accept it for what it is.

    Glazed and Confused

    Removing glass is a standard step in a demolition; obviously no one wants a bunch of shattered glass spread around the neighborhood.

    The NYPD created a museum exhibit to indoctrinate school children into believing the official story. They stressed “Glass Was a Rare Find.” We were told the Twin Towers used high strength glass meant to withstand winds as high as 150 mph, but perhaps they were something more along the lines of plexiglass panes, which would explain why whole panes are popped out. Notice in this closeup of the impact hole how there is no sign of broken glass, but there is a white fabric over the windows. It isn’t a shade because it is attached to the frame. Were these floors occupied?


    However now when I look at the old photos from the 1993 bombing, the windows do appear to be more like cut out plastic than broken glass. Supposedly the real glass panes weighed about 80 lbs, so I can tell you that if I had a big chunk of broken glass hanging over me I wouldn’t be poking my head out the window.   But on 9/11 there was even more evidence of missing glass – in this image we can see a large chunk of WTC2 not only missing windows, but there are added screens. Screens are often used in demolitions, and could have been installed during the renovations from the 1993 bombing, or during any of the remodeling that had occurred since. Screens installed over windows and spandrels would allow the windows to be removed surreptitiously, so as wild as it may sound – the evidence supports the Lets Roll forums conclusion that the WTC was a gutted shell that was used as a prop in a fake terrorist attack.

    Glass may have been a rare find in the rubble but the dust was everywhere, and both were advertised by the authorities. It was the authorities who first wanted us to be baffled by by all that dust. Right off the bat the Media and the Mayor, the FDNY, the NYPD and Governor Pataki began talking about all that concrete being pulverized, about fires so intense the concrete melted in its path, about foundry-like fires and the ground so hot it would melt the soles of the firefighters’ boots. They wanted us to wonder what was up with all that missing glass, and how could concrete, steel and people be turned to dust like that? They wanted curious people ask, “Where Did the Towers Go?” And when they did, Judy Wood would be waiting for them. This is the big lie, after all so hiding a couple of empty buildings in plain sight and ensuring no one would discover the truth until everyone involved is safely dead, would be all part of the script. In fact, all it would have taken for the residents of the City of New York to assume the towers WERE fully occupied would have been the news articles about the tenants or the complex, published by the same media that were about to broadcast fake planes on live television, and the lighting system. A little known tidbit of information is that the twin towers were built without light switches. The lights were centrally controlled; something that annoyed the tenants because at a time when the country was trying to save energy by turning off unneeded lights, they had to pay extra for the light switches that would allow them to do so.


    Not only were the towers built with centrally controlled lights, but shortly before 9/11 Ogden International beat-out Time Warner for the entertainment contract for the WTC, and promptly invested millions in updated light shows. In this way the empty complex could be gutted in plain sight and no one would be the wiser. Ogden is more than just an entertainment firm though, conveniently enough they also do hazardous waste cleanup for the DoD.  
         Image result for old WTC path station and mall

    The PATH station and the Mall ensured that the WTC would always have the appearance of a bustling metropolis, but the locals reported that after 6 PM the place was deserted. Creative lighting made it appear occupied.

    I know people who have been to the Windows on the World restaurant, and to the observation decks, and they will insist that the complex was everything the authorities say it was, a clue as to how complete the magic trick was. But in reality, unoccupied floors are always locked in any office building, so the whole place could have been empty and they never would have known it. Elevators won’t stop at empty floors any more than one could be accessed from a stairwell, so it’s not like tourists would ever have a clue the towers were deserted and in the process of being prepared for demolition.


    They would go to the lobby, hang out in the courtyard, get filled up with statistics that even the tour guides providing them wouldn’t know were bogus, maybe go to a show-floor that any office building would have to show prospective tenants, head up to the observation deck to take a bunch of snapshots, hear the usual stories about all the stunts performed there, all the movies filmed there, and what modern marvels they were, then they would head over to the Windows on the World restaurant to cap off their visit to the City Within the City. No one would inspect every floor –they would see the top, the bottom and only select places in between.    


    The WTC had dozens of armed guards stationed there in the form of the Port Authority Police so there was no chance anyone would wander down the wrong hallway or into the wrong elevator. The lights were a key component, and over the years it can be seen how much they changed. Back when King Kong was filmed there, they appeared to be back-lit white windows. But over time they changed – having centrally controlled lights would allow them to turn lights on and off at will which would work perfectly for making the towers appear to be fully occupied.   For context it is important to know a little history about the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the PANYNJ or ‘PA’ for short. The PA was formed in the 20’s after a bitter rivalry between the States of New York and New Jersey. As with any community the people with the most money and the most muscle made the rules and generally called the shots, and you can bet that those people also controlled the shipping lanes.

    If art imitates life then there is a reason why every gangster movie I’ve ever seen has the docks being run by the Mob. What passes for civilization in the western world is entirely based on naval laws and jargon, from courts to physiology so it would make sense that the earliest struggle for power in these young states was between the people who controlled the shipping lanes. From the book “Twin Towers, The Life of New York City’s World Trade Center”

    “The Port Authority was founded in the 1920s in an unusual burst of cooperation between two age-old rivals, the states of New York and New Jersey. From colonial days, there had been boundary disputes between the two states. At one point, things got so bitter that state policemen actually exchanged shots in the middle of the Hudson River. Early mapmakers chose the Hudson River as an easy-to-find boundary line, but that decision did not settle things. The two states kept arguing because each wanted to push the line to the other’s shore. Finally, in 1834 they did the commonsense thing: they signed a treaty drawing the line down the middle of the river. On April 30, 1921, the Port of New York Authority was officially established. It was the first interstate agency ever created under a clause in the U.S. Constitution that permits compacts between the states, with congressional approval. The Port Authority’s area of jurisdiction was called “The Port District,” a seventeen-county bi-state region within a twenty-five-mile radius of the Statue of Liberty. The compact between the two states gave the new agency sweeping potential power: “The port authority shall constitute a body, both corporate and politic, with full power and authority to purchase, construct, lease and/or operate any terminal or transportation facility within said district.”

    That sounds like a history of organized crime, and I’m not alone in thinking that. (Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] ) They are a quasi-autonomous government group of engineers, industrialists, master builders and lawyers with vast wealth and almost unlimited power over their local domain. They have a reputation as a paramilitary engineering agency, one that is chock-full of ex-military personnel, especially from the Navy – it is a port, after all. They don’t have the ability to tax, but they do control one of the largest ports in the world. All of their projects are required to pay for themselves, which means they operate like a private, for-profit business but considering they have a stranglehold on transportation (bridges, tunnels) they have a very large captive market. They put themselves into a “passive” mode, where they are open to private ideas that can generate income. The Port Authority can secure unlimited credit, seize land, and build structures designed to make them money. Furthermore the PA does not have to answer to the public and only reports to two people on the planet – the governors of New York and New Jersey.

    At the time of the construction of the WTC, a project driven by David Rockefeller, David’s brother Nelson was the governor of the State of New York, which explains a lot. It is good to be the king. New York is and always has been the corruption capital of the country. Corruption has been legendary there for generations and it has been making headlines for decades, but few industries are as corrupt as the construction industry. (Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] ) Despite their fancy titles, university degrees and military backgrounds, they were still just a bunch of contractors, and I assume everyone has a contractor horror story; I have several. One of the more common themes in contractor horror stories is the inevitable “cost overrun”; the contractor bids low, gets the job, begins work and then runs into ‘unforeseen’ costs, transferred of course to the client who has no choice but to pay because they’re mid-construction. Ray Monti, the Port Authority’s construction manager for the World Trade Center candidly discussed this unspoken rule of construction back in 1994: “There’s a natural tendency in all government projects to want to convince others to authorize you to proceed. One puts a favorable interpretation of the facts. If you reveal all the problems, you are never going to get the thing going. Besides, there’s another basic principle here.

    Once I’m started, what are you going to do to me? Stop the building in the middle? We’re now rolling!(source) This was the sleazy underbelly in which the Port Authority thrived; every single building, bridge and tunnel was built with Mob-controlled labor, and when factoring in the PA’s own shady background, a private police force and no accountability, you’d have to be a barking lunatic to believe them when they say they were able to lease 10 million square feet of unsafe gloomy, non-standard office space without light switches or sprinklers when the rest of New York was facing a severe commercial real estate glut with office buildings experiencing vacancies at a rate approaching the 1930’s. There were legitimate fears that to add that much new space would crash an already unstable real estate market.

    The WTC was conceived during the euphoria of the post-World War II years, with negotiations beginning during the “Camelot” period of the Kennedy administration; a time of growth and optimism. Nonetheless it was fiercely fought by local businesses from the beginning. International trade organizations already had well-established infrastructure and besides, international trade accounted for only a small percentage of the Gross Domestic Product. It wasn’t wanted, it wasn’t needed and the legal battles dragged on for years. (Sources: [1] [2] [3]) You know what they say; “Be careful what you ask for”. The Rockefellers and the fellas from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA) were demanding New York City embrace their vision, and after enough money had traded hands they got what they wanted. They won the court contest, forcing-out all the small-time businesses and residents in the construction zone, but the public outcry had cost them years in delays. By the time construction began in 1966 their window of opportunity was closing, and thanks to the war in Vietnam, corruption in Washington, and a slipping economy, the national mood was turning sour too.

    History has shown that not long after the first jackhammers began rattling the streets of Manhattan back in ’66, the New York City commercial construction industry took a nose dive. Largely blamed on over building in the 60s and early 70s, by 1974 the market in New York was near depression levels. Earlier in the game, Rockefeller clout had landed a couple big “anchor tenants” in the form of the New York State offices and the Customs Service, but that would still leave many millions of square feet of space to rent – below the 40-60 percent mark most lenders want to see when a builder seeks a permanent mortgage. But the PA isn’t your average builder. Even so after the NY State offices moved in, it didn’t take long for auditors to disclose the fact that the State could save 4.2 million dollars a year simply by moving out of the WTC. It seems Governor Nelson Rockefeller was willing to waste a few million of the State’s money to prop-up his brother’s project. It is good to be the king; but the fact remains that these tenants were barely enough to save a faltering project and after the news came out that they were being bilked on rent, the State threatened to not extend the lease, exacerbating the already poor reputation of the WTC and the PA.

    The WTC was in trouble and the PA must have known it before construction began. But after raising such a stink in the courts and after evicting so many residents and businesses they couldn’t very well say “never mind” and walk away. They were already committed to building the tallest buildings in the world, so there would be no turning back now. So in a culture of labor rackets, political payoffs and extortion the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was faced with the dilemma of either building-out all 10 million square feet, or not building it out. If it was me, I would have canceled at least one of the Towers, or built a smaller building, but I would not have spent hundreds of millions of dollars building-out space that couldn’t be rented, that would be stupid. But these guys aren’t stupid; they’re smart guys, wise guys.

    Smoke and Mirrors

    How does all this tie into the those truss-straps? Well, the truss straps are a clue that there was no concrete poured on the floors above the lobby. We were told every floor had poured concrete, thereby providing the famed “10,000,000 square feet,” but not according to the still standing lobby walls. According to the evidence at the scene of the crime quite a few floors weren’t there at the time of destruction, so it follows to ask whether they were there at the time of construction? Which brings me to this quote:

    “During construction, I heard a rumor, which I dismissed at the time as being absurd, that they were using sheetrock instead of concrete in the floors in the upper levels of the buildings. However, if they had used two layers of 2 inch gypsum board over the steel pan floor and covered it with carpeting it probably would support the office loads. This substitution, or lack of reinforcing steel in the concrete itself, if it happened, would have compromised the structural strength, and possibly provided openings at the edges of the panels for fire and smoke spread through the floor. I never heard of a floor made of gypsum board passing any fire endurance test. According to structural engineer Charles Clifton (p.c.) “If the concrete was substandard over large regions this would have caused the effects [I mentioned above] as well as reducing the potential for slab panel action in the deforming floor. The result- ‘of a substitution of concrete with gypsum board’— would have been a more flexible floor in service with unacceptable deflection and vibration problems. If there were any levels in which this was reported to have been an issue then that would provide the best indication of substandard concrete.” – I did read a report that, at a topping out party, the rhythmic dancing to the Mexican hat dance produced such alarming deflection in the floor on an upper area that a building engineer was consulted. (The New York Times, “The Height of Ambition,” Part 5 Sept. 8, 2002). According to Clifton – ‘floor vibration in a party on a lively office floor can be alarming however this could also be an indication of weak concrete’ There were also numerous reports from the top floors of the building about swaying and rotating in high winds.”

    As it turns out, gypsum panels were an inexpensive option available to the builders, and one that would be much easier to dismantle than poured concrete, which brings me to the very colorful pope family.  


    Page 60 in the book “Twin Towers, The Life of New York City’s World Trade Center” can be found this quote about “Colonial Sand and Stone:”

    Officially, then, Tishman was in charge of negotiating contracts. But in actual fact, contracts that really mattered were handled by the Port Authority. Guy Tozzoli, with his staff, personally conducted the contracts. His principal assistants were Malcolm Levy and Ray Monti. Take, for example, the matter of concrete contracts. Tozzoli sat in a room with the concrete suppliers of Manhattan and negotiated the price. It was done competitively, one after another. They took prices and proposals, but they also had the right to negotiate with a contractor. An auditor and an attorney were present to keep everything aboveboard, but there was latitude to negotiate. The most suitable bid came from Fortune Pope, the neatly dressed head of Colonial Concrete. Guy Tozzoli called him in to get the best possible price. Fortune Pope tugged at his beautiful cuff links as he listened to Tozzoli’s arguments. The negotiations wore on. At one point, Pope tugged once again on his cuff links and said in a low, soft voice, ”Mr. Tozzoli, I think you better go into the concrete business yourself because I’m finished with reducing my price. Thank you very much.” He shut his briefcase and calmly said, “I’m leaving.””

    Unfortunately there is no record of it on their website, and very few images of their trucks at the WTC. In normal skyscraper construction pumping concrete to those heights is a challenge, so mixing stations, trucks and lift buckets are a common sight.

    But not at the WTC, and they should have been easy to spot because Colonial Sand and Stone was owned by the Pope family, the wealthiest Italian-American immigrants in the history of Italian-American immigrants. The Popes are very proud of their heritage as can be seen with their trucks, which sported the colors of the Italian flag. The Popes had ties to the CIA the Mafia and the media with Generoso Junior officially joining the CIA before quitting and spearheading the National Enquirer. When he died he was known as the Godfather of Tabloid journalism.    

    The Pope Family weren’t your average concrete contractors; they were part of the elite. Here Fortune visits Presidents and goes to church with Frank Sinatra


    If anyone would be able to keep their mouths shut about say, 5 million feet of concrete that never got poured, it would be those fellas. And if part of the plan included using the Twin Towers as props in a terrorist attack hoax where in 30 years they would disappear into a cloud of dust and smoke, they had a source for the dust when they needed it. Magicians and con artists are cut from the same cloth and they both use the power of suggestion to dupe their targets. The only difference is that we give permission to the magician to pull the wool over our eyes, but deep down we know at some point he planted that rabbit in the hat. In the case of 9/11 the magicians were a cabal of globalists bent on coning the world into supporting long-planned aggressive wars. The dust accomplished the following, it:

    • Masked the empty towers
    • Camouflaged the means of demolition
    • Forced away any curious onlookers (at a dead run)
    • Gave Manhattan that “war zone” look
    • Gave the truth movement something to talk about

    The dust ties the truth movement in with the official story and exposes Judy Wood as incompetent at best. Judy is an establishment trained, establishment published leader of the truth movement that wields her establishment credentials like a bludgeon and turns to the establishment for redress. Her “work” ignores the evidence at the scene of the crime and instead turns to fantastical explanations that give godlike prowess to the establishment military, something military propagandists have been doing since before Hammurabi. I’m sorry Truthers, but her work should be taken with a bucket of salt, a bushel of limes and a case of tequila. Thus far the evidence I’ve seen supports the conclusion that the towers were dismantled. If the conclusions reached from the evidence discussed in this article are incorrect please explain how and why in the comment section, or send me an email at Thank you for reading,  

    Steve De’ak   

    To be continued with, Taboo Truths: The Missiles of 9/11   ___________________________________________________ *City in the Sky” by James Glanz and Eric Lipton, 2003, Times Books, pg. 108-109          
    Taboo Truths Cl … th Movement.txt Open with Google Docs Displaying Taboo Truths Clues Avoiided by the 911 Truth Movement.txt.

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    21 thoughts on “Steve De’ak: Taboo Truths: Clues Avoided by the 9/11 Truth Movement”

    1. Where's the profit in building a huge building with so many unoccupiable floors?

      Where are the people who worked on the construction?

      Like any tall building WTC was build to sway in the wind.

      The elevators would have been parked below ground.

      Most of the people who visited the building would realize that there were a lot of inaccessible floors.

      "No light switches" can't be code for a commercial building. Where are all the building inspectors who would have had to be present during construction?

    2. I think Ol' Carney Jim published this so he wouldn't look like the craziest loon around. I must say it worked. Now Uncle Jimmy is the second craziest loon. Keep finding more nuts Jimbo and someday you might present as sane. Its all relative, you know.

    3. Couldn't have said it any better than Anonymous@Feb.9-7:42pm and agree with the direction baiyuantongbei is going – the POINT being it was a purposeful demolition no matter how you look at it. Therefore, most governments were and STILL are 'in on it' with the US, Israel and Britain being the top bastards of them all.

      Here below I read the following, apparently not written by Jim Fetzer but someone else, who listed me, David Griscom, as “something you won’t get from” a flock of names, some of which I believe are good 9/11 researchers.
      The fact of the matter is what we know as perception management, controlled opposition, and false flags are the rules in our world, not the exceptions. Governments and people of power have been manipulating opinions like this since the dawn of so called civilization, so it is hopelessly naïve to believe the truth movement wasn't included in the very first planning stages of 9/11. With that in mind, I set out to conduct my own independent investigation, with special focus on those clues that the truth movement won’t touch with a ten-foot pole, clues like planted dust, missing windows, hollow towers and the evidence at the scene of the crime; the impact holes. The bottom line is none of us can be sure about anyone except ourselves. I know I'm not on anyone's payroll but when it comes to other truthers I use the litmus test of these clues. If they refuse to even address the evidence, I can assume they are either lying or duped. Jim Fetzer is one of the only truthers I have met outside of Lets Roll Forums who has had the guts to talk about these details, so whether or not Jim and I agree on anything, at least we're on the same page talking about it, something you won't get from Judy Wood, Richard D. Hall, Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Rob Basalmo, David Griscom, Christopher Bollyn, Simon Shack, Gordon Duff, etc. My conclusions are based on these clues, but I could be wrong, but the fact that they won't even acknowledge that this evidence exists is a clue that the "truth" isn't at the top of their to-do lists.
      I am materials-science researcher carried out at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC for 34 years before taking up invited professors in France and Tokyo where I published 16 more papers to bring my total of 203. Because of the importance of my work I have been raised to Fellows the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Physical Society, both of which were given only to the best of the best. I also won the Otto Schott Research Award 1995, Carl-Zeiss-Stifung (Germany) which including a large cash award. So I am not someone who would do a bad job of finding out how the 9/11 attracts were carried out and put them into four PowerPoints, which I probably cannot attach here. But if you are interested, you me reach me at

    5. No. But I believe in letting each side present its best case. Steve De'ak is a serious guy and lays out a serious case. It was done using a sophisticated arrangement of mini or micro nukes where they were blown apart in every direction from the top down, converted into millions of cubic yards of very find dust and, when it was over, there was nothing in their footprints. But there is always the chance we can learning something new from reviewing an alternative hypothesis, which I therefore republished here.

    6. In addition to the reasoning above, the no-plane revelation is a test-golden to discern government ops.

      James Corbett, for example, is a 'glorious' example.
      This guy established his credit in the alt-media by scolding 9/11 official narrative while emphasizing "Flight 77 hit the Pentagon!" at the same time – Like a good linguistics from the psy-op division of the military.

      Oh yeah, Corbett recently earned a prestigious check-mark approval from YouTube.

    7. Forensic reconstruction of the crime reveals how much resources and power were involved in staging 9/11.
      The no-plane revelation was particularly important in psychological warfare against the deceitful mind of the state because it forces people to think abstractly and critically with rigor.

      At this point the people, including U.S. citizens, who suffered tremendous torment under the criminal 'justice' system the U.S. 'offered' worldwide should only be more outraged if their family, friends have been jailed maimed or even killed by the U.S. "War on Terror" starting magic show where possibly few died at the towers.

    8. As much as I appreciate someone else weighing in, I'm still looking for the "woohoo!" in this story. Sorry – any "controlled demolition" explanation of events for 9/11 shows clear conspiracy among national leaders against the public -period. It really matters not how they did it. The outward behavior of the buildings in collapse says all that needs to be said: 12.5 seconds and 6.5 seconds into their own footprint. We come upon a scene – our family has been murdered – blood every where. Among the scattered objects on the floor, a bloody baseball bat. There is a knife too, and there are bullet holes.
      Please explain to me in this scenario, why I would care to focus in on the bullet holes over the bat or the knife? What I really care about is rule of law – that the perpetrators are caught and jailed. The forensic details matter only in light of the court case. Whether or not the buildings were gutted? I don't care. So what? And if no one died, that's great news, but then it seems difficult to prove and irrelevant to catching and jailing the perpetrators.

    9. Has Fetzer changed his opinion on the hollow towers theory? I know a few years back he interviewed Phil Jayhan and was very skeptical of the idea of hollow towers. Because the implication of hollow towers, as Jayhan explained, is that the people hanging and jumping out the windows were actually automated dummies. The evidence of the jumpers guts all over the sidewalks would seems to disprove this…

    10. Hi Mr. Steve, what is your public communication channel?
      I'm applying for grad school mathematics. Granted it will take a few years of built-up (in theoretical PDEs and mathematical physics) till I could comfortably read finite-element-analysis, it would nontheless be worthwhile to stay in touch since the professors are only using this powerful engineering analytical tool for Building-7 (Yes, I am talking about Dr. Leroy Hulsey).

    11. pierre said …
      wow, worth consideration.
      then one wonders, as a trick is easier than the real thing (if you own the media)… then could fukushima be baloney?
      I doubt it , but that is worth considering too…. lots a cheap sea side real estate to be had when the "truth" comes out… you kill the coast with something else, blame Fuku. (see Kevin Blanch tide pools for the death part. that is real, Dana Durnford too).
      if sprinklers had gone off, would that gypsum have melted (like the bad witch in Oz).
      george carlin said it's a big club, and we are not in it… I am starting to think that everyone is in on it just about.
      what about asbestos? how much mesotholemia in NY NY by now?
      what was written on those papers everywhere? 1950's memos or something?
      we don;t know about advanced weaponry or the alien technology, we do know history and the lies.

    12. This is a massive effort and apparently quite earnest. Does it help the truth movement?

      It's logical that there would be extensive preparations prior to demolition. That doesn't discredit nuclear technology. We need witnesses who worked there.

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