Can the coming Sovietizatoin of American Dissent be stopped?

The USG is now attempting to adopt and utilize Soviet tactics to suppress the new American populism which is emerging from the Internet’s Alternative Press. This emergence of American populism is from the Internet which is the world’s New Gutenberg Press. This Internet based populism is now motivating many Americans to take their country back from the City of London Zionists who hijacked it in 1913.
One of the key trademarks of the Soviet Union which fell in 1989 (thanks to the secret negotiations of VT’s own Lee Wanta) was its unwarranted detainment and persecution of dissenters in mental hospitals.
Some were arrested through mistakes and by complaints made by disgruntled neighbors, others because they spoke out even quietly against the Communist party practices or read western-published goods.
After the mass-murder of priests, Christians, doctors, lawyers and farmers, elaborate delusional rituals were concocted by the Soviet State to demonize dissenters in order to justify their frequent arrests, detainment, persecution and torture, with many sent to gulags for long sentences.
These arrests, detainments and torture pleased the twisted, sadistic, cold-blooded, soulless Khazarian Communist party officials, who ordered such arrests and satisfied their demonic, satanic blood-lust.
Many Russian non-Khazarians were murdered outright, with many later sent to the Siberian Gulags for long sentences, where many died of various causes, such as malnutrition, starvation and disease. All this has been well-documented in Solzhenitsyn’s classic book, Gulag Archipelago.
The Soviet System was founded on the promises of Marx to create equality for all and get rid of the privileged class, but ended up just the opposite.
The result was a small privileged ultra wealthy ruling class of Khazarian communist party officials, the mass-murder of many Russians, and followed by the persecution of non-Khazarian truth-tellers, other dissenters and millions of innocents.
Yes, City of London Babylonian Talmudic Khazarians (Rothschild Khazarian Zionists, proponents of secret World Satanism) were responsible for placing Khazarian Bolsheviks Cutouts in control of mother Russia in 1917 and had also been able to hijack America in 1913 using Cutouts. Both the Bolsheviks and also the American Eastern Blue-blood Ruling Cabal were assembled and supported by the COL Babylonian Talmudic Khazarians. How’s that for a common etiology?
The soulless, demonic torturers and murderers of the Khazarian Bolshevik Red Terror were appointed and financed by the City of London (COL) private central Banksters and also some Wall Street banks at the orders of the COL. These COL Banksters are known to insiders as the international set of moneychangers, but best know as the Khazarian Mafia Banksters.
This international group of COL Franchised Banksters is also called the Babylonian Talmudics or Secret World Satanists, are are known to practice pedophilia, child sacrifice and even child cannibalism in their highest occult circles.
Film metaphor where Satanists destroy bridge
Their Satanic Pedophile Network (SPN) is believed to be worldwide and especially concentrated in Washington DC, Belgium and certain key cities like the wealthy small enclaves in California including Hollywood. They like to deploy the same weapons against society over and over again in all their targeted nations when possible. Thus what was done in Soviet Russia is being progressively rolled out in America, but is a very slow process with lots of setbacks along the way. In the meantime under Putin, the New Russian Federation has broken off from the COL Banksters and is becoming more and more like the Founding Fathers’ Revolutionary America of 1976.
James Perloff has done a magnificent job describing this Satanic Ruling Cabal run out of the City of London. The worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network is now being fully exposed in the alternative media by credible witnesses such as Ronald Bernard and many others.
What does the contemporary American social climate and political system have to do with Bolshevik Russia?
They both became controlled by City of London (COL) Zionists. Russia was taken over by COL appointed and financed Khazarians in 1917 via the Bolshevik Revolution, and America was secretly hijacked by COL-appointed and -financed Khazarians in 1913, with the illegal and unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act.
Funeral of priests killed by Bolsheviks (L) and the dead lie in the street, February Revolution (R)
As soon as the Khazarian Bolsheviks took over in Russia in 1917 they began the world’s biggest genocidal slaughter in history, murdering about 100 million innocent Russians in the first round.
Those who have studied the secret history of this, (which has been cleansed from most libraries) know that it was ordered by COL Khazarian Banksters as revenge for Russia invading and destroying Khazaria in about 1050 AD for their unwillingness to stop terrorizing and parasitizing neighboring nations.
Note that the COL Satanic Khazarian Banksters have recently been doing everything they can to manipulate the USG and military into attacking and destroying Iran (formerly Persia) for the same reason, revenge for destroying their homeland in about 1050 AD.
The New Russian Federation under President Putin’s leadership will not let this happen and has used Russian Precision Air Power to defeat the CIA/Israeli mercenary ISIS et al, delivering the largest defeat for the CIA since their muffed Bay of Pigs.
Thanks to the determination of President Reagan and his personal Secret Agent Lee Wanta who was appointed and mandated under the Totten Doctrine, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989 when an Agreement of Cooperation was signed. This agreement mandated that neither the New Russian Federation of the USA would ever meddle with any country bordering either nation. Since then the US has violated this agreement and appears to be attempting to provoke the new Russian Federation into war on several fronts.
It was quite easy for the well-financed City of London Bolshevik Khazarians to infiltrate, hijack and take down mother Russia in 1917. Once they had control, they instituted their Red error and mass-murdered about 100 million innocents.
Even though it was a slam-dunk to hijack America in 1913 through their Federal Reserve Act of 1913, it has been an exceedingly difficult task to remove all individual freedoms, trash the US Constitution and confiscate guns. Every time the Zionist Banksters have attempted to get the guns, Americans have resisted at all levels and ended up just buying more.
Unfortunately, every society contains a certain percentage of Tools and useful idiots who, by their extreme reactions, serve to subvert civil freedoms and hand society over to the satanic globalists. At Murrah that morning, bomb squads were there at 7 AM looking for devices outside (they were set inside in copy paper boxes next to the pillars, just delivered. The FBI had moved out and the BATF was warned not to come to work there. The ANFO bomb in the rental truck would have done little damage, but there were hi-tech very small micro-nukes planted inside. The op was supposed to be stopped bedfore the truck reached Murrah. But the rental truck McVeigh and John doe #2 were driving had a tracker that had been turned off by John Doe #2 beforehand and John Does #2 also took off McVeigh’s getaway car’s license plate so he would be quickly apprehended. The rest is history. Many eye witnesses to the truth that decided to talk were stepped on and ignored by the media, some outright murdered. It has been claimed by LE insiders that the BATF had an undercover female informant Carol Howe in a local camp run by the controller of the op Andreas Strassmeier (German Intel), but her reports were ignored and the FBI looked the other way as did the CIA since they were in on it from the start. Allowing foreign Intel agents and ops to operate in America is usual practice due to existing exchange treaties and shared jurisdiction among many foreign Intel agencies. There were many videos of Murrah taken by surrounding office buildings’ security cameras but the FBI seized all of them and they have never been seen or acknowledged ever again. Local news first reported additional devices unexploded devices found by rescuers who were then ordered back allowing more wounded to die.
Sadly, these powerful wealthy satanic COL Babylonian Talmudic World Zionists are committed to destroying all existing societies.
The COL Babylonian Talmudic Banksters are committed to destroying all nation states, destroying the nuclear family, destroying every nations’s borders, language and reducing the world’s population by 90%.
They are referred to by astute researchers and their top Kingpins as the destroyers of nations and whole peoples. These Babylonian Talmudic Satanist Banksters carry no ancient Hebrew Blood, are often referred to as the occultic Old Black European Nobility and most are of Khazarian Blood.
When these Babylonian Talmudic secret Satanist COL Banksters hijacked America in 1913, they soon found out it was going to be tough to attain their Globalist NWO agenda here. So they formulated a well-coordinated plan that involved creating numerous USG advisory foundations and groups and numerous federal agencies, which they would control and direct to assist them in their destruction of Constitutional America.
These Babylonian Talmudics set up advisory boards and USG departments to set all public education policy, all foreign policy, all domestic policy, and all economic domestic banking policy. It is no coincidence that they started the precursor to the FBI soon after 1913 to cover up all their crimes and to protect American Banksters franchised by the City of London.
Soon under J.Edgar Hoover, the FBI began using human compromise ops to blackmail and manipulate politicians, news editors and corporate leaders for the COL “Franchise Banksters” aka the American Zionist Cutouts of the COL Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Kingpins.
The Banksters set up the illegal, unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service as the collection agency for the Federal Reserve System. The IRS was incorporated in Puerto Rico where it remains secretly based today.
Through its extreme “money power” the Federal Reserve System was able to gain control over the corporations and stack the USG with their own Zio controlled corporate cutouts (whether they realized it or not) who they gained control over through various “round-table type” groups such as the CFR, the Pilgrim Group, the Trilateral Commission and many more such as various defense policy boards.
Things have gotten so blatant that we have seen Israeli espionage group AIPAC manipulating US Politicians to sign their Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s interests first even before that of the USG, otherwise they will be redistricted or voted out of office. Representative Cynthia McKinney refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel and was redistricted and voted out of office.
Of course signing this oath is technically treason and no sitting member of the US Congress that has done this should ever be allowed to hold any office. And as President Jack Kennedy wanted, all Israeli lobbying groups should be registered as foreign agents including AIPAC, the ADL and the SPLC.
The CIA was set up after WW2 to take full control over the Major Mass Media for the COL franchise Banksters. This was called Operation Mockingbird and according to William Colby shortly after he retired from the CIA, it was completely successful.
The CIA, using the black art mind-kontrol skills of Joseph Mengele obtained during Operation Paperclip was able to gain expertise with these Babylonian Black arts of soul-murdering children to produce extreme DID/MPD disorders that can be triggered by code words.
This allowed CIA operatives to gain total control over their minds and create normal appearing folks who could be”activated” at any time to act without their knowledge. Some insiders believe that Bill Clinton was one of these victims. Here is a video of him after being activated into a trance by mistake during a session with his make up artist.
All wars are engineered by the 60+ families that own the big blocks of stock in the defense contractors and COL franchise banks.
All wars are engineered by the COL World Zionists and Israel has been their main action-agent and Cutout manipulating US Politicians while the USG has been the Zionists “main bitch” providing the unrestricted use of its military to wage wars. All American Mideast wars have been illegal and completely unconstitutional and have used good American soldiers as Israeli cannon fodder. Henry Kissinger, top Zionist stooge and Cutout referred to American soldiers one time as dumb cannon fodder.
Many mind-kontrol methodologies have been perfected by the COL Zionists for use in America and Israel to control the masses. And this has been done quite successfully too, allowing America to be taken into wars fought for Israelis-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, Israelis and COL Zionists.
Edward Bernays methodologies have been used and proved very effective to condition desired USG beliefs in the American Mass Mind to produce support for these illegal, unconstitutional wars for Israel and the Zionists.
Sandy Hook School was shut down in 2008 due to asbestos contamination. It was used for storage until DHS decided to use it on December 13, 2012 for a two day Capstone drill with Crisis Actors. This event was presented to the public via the Controlled Major Mass Media (News Cartel) as a real mass shooting, when nobody actually died and Adam Lanza, the supposed shooter, never even existed.
The deployment of Gladio false-flag terror, real and fake, has been used to successfully stimulate mass subconscious survival fear in the American masses which motivate them to give up basic God given human rights and constitutional rights for more protection by the USG.
This supposed increased protection always turns out to result in this increased USG power being turned against We The People.
The CIA was used to set up up MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled Vietnam Vets to be activated to mass-murder inside post offices. This has been called “going postal”.
This was an early big big experiment. The results were later being applied to other “gun free zones” like cities with no “shall issue” concealed carry laws, schools and universities.
The Zionist intent here was to use these false-flags to scare the masses into backing gun grabbing and the neutralization of the Second Amendment which failed miserably.
The Zionists next move was to deploy more and more MK-Ultra type “lone-nut” shooters into high schools and then grade schools to frighten and blood-shock parents as much as possible, hoping to then be able to grab more and more guns, especially large capacity automatics.
The Zios believe that unless America is disarmed they cannot complete their Agenda to destroy America’s borders, language and culture and completely Globalize America according to their secret Satanic NWO plan.
None of the Major Mass Media will ever mention the important part the CIA’s MK-Ultra has played in many of these so-called “lone-nut” shootings in gun free zones. Nor will they ever tell the truth that Oswald did not shoot JFK, but the CIA did it.
This all seems so incredulous; and most members of the public can just not fit it into their heads or believe it even when shown good photos and evidence. This provides a way for the evil occultists that do these horrendous crimes and to get away with it. Their crimes are just too horrible for most citizens to fathom.
So far these tactics have failed and resulted in even more gun sales, which confuses the Zios a great deal since this strategy worked in all European nations, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. So now the Zios have moved to a new tactic. That is more and more large scale, school mass-shootings. Some have been real; and many have been fake DHS Capstone drills using crisis actors.
Some experts believe a few may be hybrid mixtures to keep researchers confused, but it is hard to know for certain, because no one has had access to any ballistic evidence or actual autopsy videos, X-rays, photographs, DNA, fingerprints which are all required in every state by law.
The recent Valentines Day 2018 alleged mass shooting in a Parkland, Florida High School  is just another example where evidence is being withheld by authorities, so we do not yet know if it was real or not, or a hybrid case.
But here is the bottom line to all this current use of Gladio False-flag ops, whether fake or real, these are “strategies of creating societal tension”. The result Zios want is to create strong motivation in the public and the politicians to start mandating exigent police procedures which are completely unconstitutional.
These new procedures would allow the police to detain anyone who is accused by any authority, legitimate or not, appropriately trained or not, even a web service provider or any other poster. Any accusation against a person who posts dissent or whistle-blowing truth of being dangerous could then result in a call to the police, en exigent detainment in a psych ward for “observation and diagnoses”.
The desire here of the Zios is to see any dissenting author with alternative views or serious USG RICO crime disclosures, detained in a mental ward and have a full psychiatric evaluation (at their own personal cost of course, not the state).
Once this illegal, unconstitutional procedure is enacted, it will be easy to have Zio-controlled stooge psychiatrists or psychologists give the Zio-desired dangerous diagnoses, just as it was done routinely in the Soviet Union.
Here is an article that displays this new Zio motivation, since everything else they have tried has not only failed but backfired. They are getting increasingly desperate because they know their time is short. Why? Because the days of their US Petro-dollar being the world’s reserve currency are now running out and will soon end.
The new obsession of the Ruling Cabal (Zios) is now to formulate and mandate their own imaginary “pre-crime intervention strategies” based on what anyone publishes on the Internet. This would come to be accepted by LE as accepted exigent circumstances practice and would constitute a powerful weaponization of their web censors, who will closely monitor all social media and even private emails. If successfully deployed, this will be targeted at MK-Ultra patsies at first; and then alternative press researchers, many of whom have already been demonetized and adversely censored in many ways, with their websites hacked and tampered with.
Numerous alternative media Internet articles and videos have been recently censored by youtube labeling them with “violent content” or “unacceptable content” when there is absolutely neither in them. Even new, supposedly non-censored video services on the net are using extreme warnings for video when not indicated at all either.
This is exactly the kind of labeling that was done in the Soviet Union, which used extreme measures to label, detain, and persecute dissent of any kind. This all ended when the Soviet Union collapsed, thanks to Lee Wanta’s fine work and heroism, which probably prevented a nuclear WW3 at that time.
Few know about Lee Wanta’s vast fortune he made legally from money speculating at the time the Soviet Union fell, and how he is still being prevented access to a large 32 Trillion dollar trust. French Intel is now trying to help him gain access to it. In addition, few Americans they realize all the money will be used by Lee Wanta for the American taxpayer.
Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent. He is the great America Hero that took down the Soviet Monetary System and personally negotiated an end to the Cold War under top secret Operation Stillpoint. Many millions were spent by the BCC and the Ruling Cabal to keep you from ever knowing about Lee Wanta or his true story, now supported by hundreds of recovered documents. After years of successful suppression, the truth about Lee Wanta’s remarkable success has now come out.
Since the Iron Curtain fell thanks to Lee Wanta’s work on Operation Stillpoint, the New Russian Federation under President Putin has become supportive of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, raised the lifespan in Russia by about 8 years; raised the standard of living a great deal, and promoted a free press that is actually quite good and open despite all the unjustified accusation of the Zios and their Controlled Major Mass media in America.
As the new Russian Federation becomes more free and prosperous, America continues to descend into Soviet practices to stifle and oppress dissent and neutralize our Constitution.
The Zion Ruling Cabal is increasing the pressure to stifle dissent and emerging populism, largely because of the growing popularity of the Internet’s alternative media “Truther” News websites and articles and the ever decreasing believability and popularity of their News and Media Cartel.
Truly the Internet is the New Gutenberg Press, is revolutionary in its nature, and appears to be setting off a new enlightenment of populism worldwide.
And populism is the Zios’ greatest fear, because they know that once it reaches a certain threshold, they are finished and will be driven from power.


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  1. David Hogg, media star of the Parkland Florida school shootings, was shown rehearsing his lines on a recently uncovered early cut from one of his interviews [].

    Six months prior to the Parkland shooting, Hogg, a Miami, Florida high school student, was featured on a CBS news story in Redondo Beach, California. He can be seen here fighting injustice as usual:  

  2. If you believe the 7th Amendment to our Constitution guarantees a trial by jury you are sadly misinformed. Read the book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, 1992. All Carey wanted was a simple jury trial on his dispute with the computer giant. He acted as his own lawyer, pro se, and was able to penetrate the barrier of mysticism which hides the totally corrupt federal courts in the U.S. He stated clearly from the beginning, right on the cover page of his complaint he sought a jury trial. But the lying cheating federal judges and their draconian illegal internal rules raped him out of this right. The last thing any lawyer for a large powerful corporation wants is a jury trial on the issues. It is much easier to fix a case when they can deal with one corrupt judge than 12 unpredictable jurors. Carey tried every legal means but every legal means failed. He even wrote to then Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Biden with his complaints. Biden even answered him in 1990 with a meaningless hot air letter. Just think of it Biden was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Obama! What a disgrace to the meaning of that medal. Biden is one of the biggest cowards in government. And think of this: He could still become a president after Trump! Carey lists 42 federal judges by name and location who patently violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to protect! Carey even tried to have federal judges arrested by the FBI.
    Earl Carey is the courageous American who fought for his Constitutional rights like a pit bull in our corrupt federal courts; he won every argument hands down, but he lost because of lying cheating federal judges who operate outside of any scrutiny or accountability whatsoever. Lawyers are little more than whores doing anything for money. Yes there are a very few honest ones; but most are lying cheating scoundrels and most judges are former lawyers: Quote from page 318: “The futility in obtaining any legal assistance reminded me of the joke about the time God threatened to sue the Devil. The Devil merely laughed and replied, “How can you? I’ve got all the lawyers!” If you want to sue the Devil, you will have to do it as a Pro Se. Then you are faced with the predicament that the Devil will probably move the case to federal court where he has all the judges too.”
    Earl Carey is the former Industrial Engineer who should have been awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama, not gutless coward lawyer Biden. But this is our system in America corruption to the core. As Carey observes, every branch of government has been hi jacked by lying lawyers rendering the principle of “checks and balances” totally meaningless. Paul Revere should have shouted, “The lawyers are coming, the lawyers are coming.” Lawyers were even banned from the mythical society of Utopia because they “disguise” matters, which is a polite way of saying they lie and cheat and steal. This was in the year 1516! Carey also quotes John Keats: “I think we may class the lawyer in the natural history of monsters.” Ibid page 331.
    Our courts are corrupt, our Congress is bought and paid for by Israel, and our latest president even worships Israel too. Remember Israel seemed to learn nothing from Nazi, Germany other than how to copy them: They operate an open air Concentration Camp for the Palestinians, they are basically a land thief stealing lands from “neighbors”, they have illegal nukes without permitting any international inspections and they did 9/11/01 .
    Neither Israel nor the U.S. acknowledge the 1915 Holocaust of about 1.5 million Armenians by the Turks while Erdogan obstructs any responsibility for it. America is gone, bankrupt morally and fiscally. It will take much much more than hot air talk on the internet to save her from oblivion. It is only a matter of time. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics.

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