A “False Flag” for Valentine’s Day: Suppressing “False Flags on Five Fronts”

Jim Fetzer

It was bad enough when the purported Douglas High School shooter showed up wearing a MAGA hat to create a cartoon simple enough for most American’s to “get it”: This is what Trump means by “Making America Great Again”! But State of the Nation (14 February 2018) has done the nation a valuable service by exposing the most ludicrous elements of another in a seemingly endless series of fabricated shootings, this time, like Sandy Hook, at another school, only not a CT elementary but a FL high school, where the shooter has been reported to have been speaking with another student at the time the shooting was taking place:

State of the Nation has saved the video, which you can watch here. Notice the location could not have been more appropriate to put Trump in a political box, where the chorus of Democratic lawmakers calling for more gun control was as massive as it was predictable. This is reminiscent of the body of a federal prosecutor washing up on the beaches of Sarasota in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ district not far from the residence of the judge overseeing the DNC investigation: there is nothing subtle about this!

And the timing adds yet another element to (what appears to be yet one more) staged scenario, where assault weapons are the weapons of choice for staging these attacks to keep the attention of the public focused on the most important weapons that an armed citizenry needs to have to protect itself from the tyranny of a despotic regime, which, in this instance, appears to be dominated by Hillary partisans and embedded hold-overs from the Obama administration, which has been running point against the democratically elected administration of Donald J. Trump in contravention of the principles on which this country was founded, which, of course, include the public’s rights under the 2nd Amendment:

But the Deep State not only continues to perpetrate frauds on the American people but to deny them information that would enable them to see through these on-going deceptions, as in the case of Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and the latest on JFK! On 3 February and 5 February 2018, I presented “False Flags on Five Fronts”, initially in Portland, OR, and subsequently in Seattle, WA. The first video of the Seattle presentation was posted by Don Grahn, who hosts “Truth vs. NEW$”, a weekly review of domestic politics and foreign affairs co-produced with Scott Bennett, Michael-Jay Anderson and myself. It was up and down already on the 5th with a notification from YouTube that it was in violation of YouTube’s standards for “graphic and violent content”:
SEATTLE #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhgTCXzAK3g

PORTLAND: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oStVfus9n3DJ/

SEATTLE #2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YpsQm6dGmlON/

The greater the familiarity of the public with “false flags” across the nation, the less likely they are to be played again. Laura Loomer has observed that the students were informed that an active-shooter drill would be conducted at the high school, which left most students believing that this was it–which may have been the intended effect to avoid mass panic for a public relations exercise.

But, as in the case of covert operations generally, the Deep State does not want the people to appreciate how these things are done; hence, banning “False Flags on Five Fronts” by YouTube and then, when it manages to make it onto BitChute (which has now rebranded itself “SPKOUT”), adding warning labels as though the contents of my presentation were harmful to your mental health instead of emancipating you from Deep State propaganda.

And, as also occurred at Sandy Hook, we have premature announcements on the 12th and the 13th for an event that would only take place on the 14th, where donation web sites were in place on the internet the day before the shooting in Newtown and where even Adam Lanza’s death was initially recorded as having taking place on the 13th, making his feat in shooting 20 children and 6 adults the following day all the more remarkable!

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of moonrockbooks.com.

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63 thoughts on “A “False Flag” for Valentine’s Day: Suppressing “False Flags on Five Fronts””

  1. Sorry, Jim, although I keep an open mind to digest the stories on both sides,in this case I'm not convinced that the Parkland FL shootings were staged or fake.

    Emma Gonzalez is not an actor. David Hogg is a real student.

    Also the fact that Emma may have a Cuban flag sewed on her clothing( to honor her ethnic background) is not offensive, but unlike the NRA and the rightwing extremists which are assassinating Emma's character, this is not offensive to me, and also it's no different than Puerto Ricans (who are also US citizens) sticking their island flag on the bumpers of their cars. Get over that, and quit attacking Emma's good intentions to help our society advance away from rampant gun violence, please Mr. Fetzer.

    I'm just not persuaded by your allegations that they are pretending and therefore it's all an elaborate charade.

    People get killed by gun-wielding, unstable individuals in America, and it's an epidemic.

    Next are you going to say that the March 16, 2018 S. Florida FIU bridge collapse was also staged? Real people died, cars were crushed. It sure looked real to me, although I didn't see any blood or crushed, dead bodies.

  2. Even if you want to live in a dream world and refuse to believe in all the "fake" statistics of gun violence, what's wrong with just going along with the moral narrative? It's not offensive to ban assault rifles altogether.

    I think it's reasonable to keep assault rifles off-limits in a civil society and especially from being openly carried around in America. Also, just because I'm against assault rifle ownership, that doesn't make me a communist, sorry, Jim.

    BTW I know for a fact that Fidel Castro let some of his guerrilla fighters keep handguns in Havana after 1959 as souvenirs but that was the rare exception. And besides there is no gun violence in Cuban schools and Cuban educational standards are the highest in the world.

    Also Switzerland as one example has liberal but restrictive gun laws but they don't have any gun violence like we do.

  3. There were 19 genocides during the 20th century and all followed gun confiscations. I'm sure Connecticut's lame brain senatorial delegation is not aware of this fact but why should they be concerned with facts, anyway? They are NWO'ers and have one goal….to get us to the Heaven on Earth called the New World Order. I think I'll send 'em both a thank you card.

  4. The staggering truth about SH and 911 is only too obvious. Should the truth come out on both these events, the country would finally have to deal with the truth behind the US government lies and corruption. Yes, the country is loaded with ignoramuses, but enough would be able to lead the rest toward a rejection of our government and its policies. As it stands now, we are in very dire straits. I think we can turn this mess around but something has to allow us to get the truth out and accepted.

  5. Some of the people in these comments clearly just don't get it. How can I simplify this for them?

    First mass "school shooting" in U.S. history April 9, 1891. Add exactly 44,444 days. Then you have Sandy Hook.
    December 14, 2012…

    So to put it simply, someone either plans these staged events down to the last detail or… "someone" is trying to tell us something about these meticulously staged events.

    FLORIDA 'PULSE' STAGED Shooting June 12, 2016 (a.k.a. 6/12)
    Add exactly 612 days. Then you have FLORIDA 'Parkland' STAGED Shooting.

    If you think these types of numbers are a coincidence of some sort then maybe I cannot personally help you. There are plenty more to go around.

  6. Interesting that Cruz, when arrested ( I assume he was arrested) was wearing a nice, golf-style Stoneman Douglas High School shirt, with the eagle's head logo on the right arm and the insignia on or above the pocket.

    Where was he going when arrested?

    Were most, or even ALL, of the accusations about Cruz's past violent behavior, including 911 calls, made by Rocxanne Deschamps or son?

    How is it that the lawyer Cruz had obtained to protect his inheritance rights in 2017 is now representing Deschamps?

    IF Deschamps was a long-time friend and neighbor of Mrs Cruz as she claims and lived on that well-to-do street, what reversal of fortune has she suffered that she now lives in a dump, 20 or more miles away?

    Deschamps had in no way any legal custody of the boys, correct?

    Deschamps did not place either Cruz boy in school, correct?

    After the Cruz house on NW 80th Terrace was sold (short sale) in Jan 2017, where did they live until her death?

    Does Deschamps and/or Paul Gold have a "record"?

    Israel lives in Parkland, his kids went to that high school, he attends synagogue in town; IOW he is in tight with that high school.

  7. Now, several websites including Henry Makow are saying that little Davey Hogg and his daddy were partners with CIA and Mossad to pull off this false flag. It's a remarkable story about this father/son combo, remarkably disgusting. More traitors in our midst.

  8. The dark forces of incalculable evil readily resort to murder to further their agendas. Not a big deal for them. False flags can lead to murder and maiming, our definition has to be fluid enough to realize that. I find it bizarro that the people beind Sandy Hook on one hand refuse to follow FOIA laws and turn over information when told to do so, yet they insist on dragging the Sandy Hook carcass before all Americans with frequent meetings, parades, etc. Does that not give away their intentions? It does, but Ignorant Americans simply are not analytically astute and they cannot see this because it's too close to their eyes. Living in the Nutmeg state, SH is a great testament to our lousy schools and rotting society. You can fool 'em all in this state and we have a government that was involved in this event but it is protected by two complicit senators who are likely hovering over the event while they show us their sanctimony. Hypocrisy is alive and well in Connecticut.

  9. Ultimately, the Ignorant American will get his way. The forces directed against alternate media are increasing. Articles are being written as we speak regarding the tactics being used against the voices of truth. Companies are apparently dropping their policy discounts for NRA members. Sure, NRA has many members and is a financial as well as an ideologic force, but even Rush Limbaugh had problems in the past as he was boycotted by many of his sponsors for his viewpoints, i.e. freedom for Americans. We are up against strong headwinds and they will continue profiting from the abject ignorance shown by the majority of zombified Americans.
    Obviously, with no MSM, there'd be no NWO. The problem with America is Americans…we are being outflanked by the Bolsheviks as they are trying many and varied attacks on the planks of our platform. It's all coming together for them. Poorly educated Americans produced in our lousy schools are cannon fodder for their attacks. I don't think we as patriotic Americans are flexible enough to meet the many challenges of those attacking us from all angles. There's far, far more to Sandy Hook than meets the eye. These gun issues are too often bizarre, but they are directed toward a very susceptible group of shallow thinking Americans. And, let's not kid ourselves. Trump is dirty, very dirty, and sooner or later a chink in his armor will predispose him to the kill shot of adverse public opinion. We are getting to the point where truth is becoming drowned out by the Alinskyite full court press. Ignorant Americans will be our undoing whether or not we have guns. I feel a change of momentum and this does not bode well.

  10. Bizarre things are happening in the Sheriff’s department in Florida where the school shooting happened on St. Valentine’s Day. The top Sheriff Scott Israel is criticizing a deputy Scot Peterson, who was stationed as a security guard at the school that day, for “failing” to engage the shooter and kill him at the scene. He is even being labeled a coward but now received police protection at his home! Here are two articles:


    First, it is very unusual for a senior member of a police department to criticize a junior member or any other member in public. Usually they close ranks.

    Second, what is the efficacy or intelligence of the local security guard to begin shooting at the perpetrator in the presence of many innocent students and teachers? A bullet could easily reach one of them possibly even killing an innocent person couldn’t it?

    I think Scott Israel is abusing his position and using this as an opportunity to divert attention from his own incompetence and failure to aid Peterson at the scene. No one should have expected Peterson to begin shooting in such a situation as if it were the OK Corral. Israel is also totally negligent for continuing to keep the crime scene secret instead of allowing members of the public and press to observe it before all evidence is destroyed. Even this school is slated for demolition like Sandy Hook, to destroy all the evidence of the crime scene from public inspection and evaluation. By keeping the crime scene secret, they appear to be hiding things as they did at Sandy Hook. This is a shameful disgrace. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics.

  11. Four star generals did lift a finger…..to stop fighter jets from timely arrival on the scene at the WTC brouhaha.
    Everybody needs to see as many Ken O'Keefe You Tubes as possible. Ken lays the cards on the table for all to see. Love his raging anger, very surprised he is not selected for FEMA camp member of the year very soon. Why aren't the really gunning for him? Or, does he just know how to get under their skin?
    If you want something to hate, start with the Congress. The system no longer works, traitors are at the gates.
    Kudos to Win Abbe, PhD, physics. Keep up the great work, Ab. You're getting around the talk show circuit pretty good these days. Onward.

  12. Great suggestion with just one caveat. The vast majority of American support farces like CNN and other major media outlets and they don't have the time or inclination to dig for the truth. The NWO'ers know that Americans are too often poorly educated, lazy, and gullible, so why not try to throw the fast ball by 'em? They're stupid, they can be had, let's give 'em the business. The ultimate insult to truthers everywhere is when these lies are transformed into state and federal laws by the process of fast talking. Connecticut and it's two rabid anti-gunners in the Senate have already passed some laws as a result of the lies foisted on people as well as getting ready to go to Step 2. First, attack peoples' first amendment rights, then attack their 2nd amendment rights, then, send 'em to FEMA camps to be reeducated. That's the one way ticket to a totalitarian government. Our Senators are ready and willing to sell us down the river in favor of NWO diktat. Traitors in our midst.

  13. Kathy McGeehan, everyone pays for sex if "pay" is not defined as literal, tangible currency. Are you more likely to have sex with your significant other if they are a complete ass during the day as opposed to the opposite? Think about it.

  14. I would have a hard time explaining to my friend and former co-worker, whose step-daughter was killed at Sandy Hook, that the person in the casket at the funeral was an impostor (yet clearly dead) and that his real step-daughter just decided not to return home from work on the day of the shootings that were faked for the media.

    I know the facts. Saw them up close. I don't need a book or news report to tell me what my eyes and ears could plainly see and hear.

    You can hang on to your beliefs as you wish. It makes no difference to me and will not change the facts. Please forgive me, however, if I decline to promote a totally batshit concept just because someone who needs attention wants people to believe that the world is flat and the moon is made of cheese.

    Please don't write to me again.

    (This is what I received recently from an online writer who writes for the website)
    Is this note typical of those who have legitimate concerns, or is this some pure baloney?

    Fetz, kindly chime in on this.
    thanks for all,

  15. I took a break from false flags because they were becoming so obvious. And the fact they were still doing them and getting away with them is terribly annoying. But when I seen this one on the news, and how they were repeating some scenes over and over, and heard of the scheduled drill in place… well, we just know when it's looking like a false flag now. Anyways, I tried to google false flag in parkland, fl and almost impossible to find info, and of course the blackout as you said on youtube has begun also. All my favorite posts I saved, from prev false flags on you tube videos, that had undeniable proofs have also been removed. I want to thank you Jim for your dedication. I bought your book on Sandy Hook and it was my first eye-opener on how insane it is that they are getting away with this. But, I believe the blackouts are because MANY more people are aware and they know it. So, first I would like a video/DVD of all the best deleted clips YouTube has removed of all the false flags/evidence that had been gathered. Yes, I will buy that DVD. Second, I signed up for a Vimeo account and I am hoping that people willing and able to expose the False Flags can start posting on there.?

  16. Excellent article Jim, thanks for staying on the cutting edge, when enough Americans understand the concept of False Flag Shootings a threshold will be reached and there is going to be hell to pay for the TRAITORS involved in these heinous crimes

  17. Don't agree with you, Pete. Americans need something to hang on to. To bolster their belief that there is hope for America.All they hear is lies and convincing liars on TV and social media. They need a piece of the truth and WE have to give it to them. We are not hopeless now, if we don't believe, who does? If we lead, they will follow but we have not, yet, done our jobs successfully. Cheers,

  18. Does anyone know what statements the various "authorities" investigating the FLA school shooting have made re. the condition and disposition of the bodies of the 17 dead and those wounded? Have any photos been released? Have the bodies been released to next-of-kin? Have any medical records and death certificates been released? Are there photos of bodies lying in hallways or other places where dead and wounded were found? Any details on the nature of and location of Nikolas injuries? Was it a self-inflicted wound? Links, anyone?

  19. Yes, this is a false flag for sure. Did anyone die? Maybe, maybe not. However, there still has been no credible evidence (proof) proving any deaths. Until then, based on my knowledge of how governments operate, no one died. Just watch the eyewitness accounts on TV and the net – actions/behavior/emotion speak volumes. My interpretation can change, of course, based on new and credible details. Everyone on this forum by now should realize MSM worldwide continues to perpetuate big lies on just about every topic and subject imaginable – science, history, healthcare, human antiquity, chemtrails, wars… the list is endless. This is no different.

  20. Whoa! Let's go back to the correct definition of "false flag" before we excoriate peoples' labeling of this event as a false flag. People may have been killed in Parkland, is this the sole rationale for calling/not calling it a false flag? I say not. The essential core of this event follows the previous and obvious false flags we have seen before. On that basis, is it not clear to you that somebody is living rent free in our heads?

  21. Jim Stone, Henry Makow and others have already called this a false flag. My question for the group is "why are we so effete in getting the word out to Americans"? After years of false flags, despite the fact we know the CIA owns big media, why have we not been more successful at turning the tide? Do we have any traction, do we have reasonable numbers of believers in government treachery, and could we be more effective in the future? It just seems like we are stuck in the mud and we should be doing much better.

  22. This is one of the worst false flags of all time,not even believable why was secret service at the school 3 weeks before teaching the teachers what to do,not one picture of blood or a body,plus one lady was looking for her daughter she could not find but she had time to stop and talk to wolf CIA blitzer for a good ten minutes .what mother would do that you would kick down doors to find your kid.People wake up just watch the videos and you will see for your self

  23. Let us consider your reasoning. No body died at

    1. Sandy Hook

    2. the Boston bombing

    3. San Bernardino

    4. Umpqua College

    5. Orlando

    6. Dallas

    7. Charleston

    8. Charlottesville

    9. Las Vegas

    10. Texas church

    where I have books on most of these. But according to you, we should be taken out if we don't buy your theory that real people were really killed at this absurd event in FL which is near the Trump compound and where were have announcements on the days before it occurred? One of us has lost their mental faculties, but that would not be me.

  24. Really, show us some evidence of shots fired or shots hitting anyone or something from inside the school – but to say there were real victims is a bit too bold of you, no? A list of names from MSM doesn't mean anything without proof. Authority doesn't equal truth – far from it.

    Human emotions and behaviors speak for themselves during times like this. Watch the interviews closely, that's the big 'tell' of the charade.

    Here is an interview with the alleged mother of an alleged deceased victim. No tears here my friend – Brook from CNN does a bit better at conjuring up some fake tears for her shitty performance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cmaeYG3EIE

    Folks – This is another false flag under the cover of an active shooter drill.

    And how about this phony storyteller about seeing teachers get shot in the head even! Not one ounce of fear or any emotion except trying to keep herself composed from laughing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoNM6ovPgeM&feature=youtu.be

  25. Here we go. Only one day from the 2nd St. Valentines Day Massacre after the first in Chicago in 1929, and the editors of the NY Post are giving Trump a sermon on how to end school violence by controlling guns:
    https://nypost.com/2018/02/15/mr-president-its-time-to-do-something-about-guns/. Do strict gun control laws prevent almost daily massacres of journalists in the cesspool below the border Mexico? Millions of Americans own billions of guns right now. Are they shooting up Dodge? Obviously not. These gun owners are responsible citizens who own guns for self defense, or duck or deer hunting or hopefully, use in the unlikely conversion of the U.S. into an armed police camp, gang raping the Constitution like the TSA does every day in our airports and airport "security": "feel safer"? Have you got cancer yet from being forced through the body scanner against your will and against the Constitution too? If all the billions of guns held right now by honest, law abiding citizens, are threatened to be confiscated by government, all H will break loose and that alone will initiate a Civil War the likes of which this country has never seen. If the government is smart, they will not attempt to go house to house confiscating existing guns from responsible citizens. If they decide to do this, be sure to bring every member of Congress along for the ride in the swat team military vehicles. Instruct them to wear body armour. Winfield J.Abbe Ph.D.,Physics.
    Watch and listen to former Marine Ken O'keefe rant about TSA, FDA and the downfall of America by Israel:

  26. The first Saint Valentines day massacre occurred February 14, 1929 in Chicago. While most people speculated Al Capone was behind it, he claimed he was in Florida, probably Miami, at the time. This alleged massacre happened February 14, 2018, 89 years later in Florida only about 50 miles North of Miami. If any natural causes affected the alleged shooter (Cruz) I believe it was his family relationship as reported. Two parents adopted him. But his step father reportedly died in 2005. His step Mother died last November of Pneumonia complications from the flu. Reports from responsible sounding friends say his Mother did everything possible to bring him up right. They loved each other very much. Her death would have been devastating to him after the earlier one of his Dad. It is early to say but the drums were quickly beating for the usual gun controls like they did after Sandy Hook. And recall Sandy Hook also happened on Dec. 14, 2012, 5 years, 2 months ago. Coincidence? And this happened close to Boca Raton where FAU just fired professor Tracy for speaking up about Sandy Hook. Coincidence? It is early in the game but this already stinks very bad. Read this fascinating article:
    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/autopsy-reports-found-from-1929-valentines-day-massacre/ Quote:
    “CHICAGO — Written by hand, the autopsies on the seven bullet-riddled bodies vividly describe why the Valentine's Day massacre of 1929 is still considered Chicago's most infamous gangland killing.
    The reports were recently unearthed with inquest transcripts from a warehouse after eight decades, and the Cook County medical examiner's office is now considering how best to preserve and display them.
    Executive officer James Sledge, a local history fan and a Chicago native, said he felt a chill down his back when he first read the documents outlining the attack at a Lincoln Park garage that left seven men dead and more than 160 machine gun casings littering the scene….”
    Note: They didn’t try to fake autopsies then like the goofy medical examiner Wayne Carver did at Sandy Hook! Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  27. The names of all of the 17 people killed in the Parkland shooting have been released
    Local News Broward News
    Sun Sentinel Editor Howard Saltz named publisher, editor-in-chief
    March 2, 2016

    — Victims list: The 17 victims ranged in age from 14 to 49.
    Their names: Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, Parkland; Scott Beigel, 35, Coral Springs; Martin Duque Anguiano, 14, Parkland; Nicholas Dworet, 17, Coral Springs; Aaron Feis, 37, Coral Springs; Jamie Guttenberg, 14, Parkland; Chris Brent Hixon, 49, Hollywood; Luke Hoyer, 15, Parkland; Cara Loughran, 14, Coral Springs; Gina Montalto, 14, Parkland; Joaquin Oliver, 17, Coral Springs; Alaina Petty, 14, Parkland; Meadow Pollack, 18, Parkland; Helena Ramsay, 17, Coral Springs; Alex Schachter, 14, Coral Springs; Carmen Marie Schentrup ,16, Parkland; and Peter Wang,15, Parkland.
    Everyone must now help Jim discover if any Go Fund Me sites were up before February 14, 2018 the Shooting Day like they were at Sandy Hook. Alert Jim immediately if you find any.
    Keep this great quotation from the greatest Founder of our country:
    “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.”
    Thomas Jefferson
    Jim: If you discover Nobody Died at Parkland either don’t be too hard on Editor in Chief Howard Saltz above who authorized the hit pieces on professor James Tracy.
    Best, Winfield

  28. Another home run for professor Jim Fetzer. The latest talk from the lunatics in Congress is about mental health checks instead of gun control. Well who needs mental health checks the most? Just think of this: Congress demands new members take a pledge to Israel! And if they refuse they sic the money of AIPAC on them to put them on the street at the next election. They kiss the boots of Netanyahu, the current petty criminal of Israel who is being considered for a criminal indictment there. This Congress blows money it does not have like it was going out of style. The debt has become so vast they no longer pay any attention to it at all. They wink at wars all over the planet, killing innocent civilians and children but none are even declared! Who needs mental evaluations? Wouldn’t it be every insane member of Congress.? And ditto for the Supreme Court which picks and chooses the cases it will do us the favor of considering while allowing new laws to be enforced for up to a century or more before these insolent arrogant hypocrites may decide to consider if they are “Constitutional” or not! Wouldn’t it make sense to rule on every new law BEFORE it is enforced not after innocent people have been shafted for a century or more by an “illegal” new law? And how many more centuries must we lowly citizens and taxpayers wait until the insolent arrogant elitists on the Supreme Court will do us the favor of defining the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” in the Constitution? Do not all these insane folks need a good mental evaluation first, before any lowly citizens are forced to submit to them to remove their guns so it will be easier for these criminals to turn the U.S. into the military armed camp they so eagerly desire?
    A mountain of evidence indicates Israel did 9/11/01 with the aid of traitors Bush and Cheney and the four star generals who didn’t lift a finger to defend the country that day. Silverstein is in his 90’s. We are all waiting for some action among the insane asylum Congress and the Injustice Department.
    https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it Here is what a former Marine thinks about America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqPofDjY0og
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph. D., Physics

  29. How the hell do we stop this shit from the 'infamous deep state' devils from happening again. Even if half of our dumbed down population believe it, the devils have won a point in their favor for stealing our guns away. I'd like to see Holder, Feinstein, etc without their bodyguards all armed to the teeth, the damn hypocrites. Keep up your good work, Dr. Fetzer.

  30. I called this immediately as a staged event, after all the perp was gun obsessed which is the gov’s favorite script, and now others have posted videos of the actors.

    This crisis actress knew the perp – notice she’s smiling, as a friend pointed out in these situations, because of her big payday.


    Best comment here – "how the hell did she know cruz had just fired some shots when he had no gun on him? how did she know sure there were 2 shooters when they could actually be more? why wasnt she scared if she knew cruz was the shooter? this whole thing makes no sense.”

    Another crisis actress getting interviewed – comical. She’d rather be interviewed then go find her daughter.


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