Three Massive Blunders in the Independent Report on Charlottesville by Timothy Heaphy

Jim Fetzer

No doubt, the 220-page Independent Review of the 2017 Protest Events in Charlottesville, Virginia, conducted by Former U.S. Attorney, Timothy Heaphy, (which you can download and read yourself) sounds very plausible on its face. In its preface, it claims to have made an exhaustive effort to put together a coherent narrative of the events that took place in Charlottesville, VA, especially the violent confrontations that occurred 11-12 August 2017, which led to “tragic manifestations”:

No one will dispute that it provides a “coherent narrative”, where the coherence of available evidence serves as a criterion (or measure) of the truth of an account. Unfortunately, this narrative, in spite of its coherence, does not provide an account of the Charlottesville events that is true. This appears to be the case because it has not taken into consideration all of the available evidence, which means that it qualifies as an example of the fallacy known as “special pleading” by citing only evidence favorable to your side. 

According to the report, the most “tragic manifestations” of these events were: (1) the car wreck that took place at 4th and Waters Streets involving a vehicle driven by James Fields; which (2) collided with a large group of counter-protesters and killed Heather Heyer; and where (3) the subsequent crash of a Virginia State Police helicopter lead to the death of two Virginia State Police Troopers. Few will deny that, if the report is wrong about these three crucial claims, as I shall demonstrate here and now, then its credibility will have been demolished.

(1) James Alex Fields was not the driver 

The Washington Post, “Charlottesville response to white supremacist rally is sharply criticized in report” (1 December 2017), includes the classic photo of the vehicular assault that appeared on the front pages of The New York Times and other newspapers around the world, but does not observe that it was a fabricated photograph that was photo-shopped using resources from as many as three takes of the staged crash. Notice, in particular, that there is a black Toyota pickup to its right:

It makes a dramatic image, but does not correspond to real events that took place in real time, where we have no less than three video studies showing multiple takes: one with one car (and the black Toyota pick-up at its side); one with one car (but no black Toyota pick-up at its side); and one with three cars, including a maroon van (which had been left at the intersection for about five minutes prior to the staged collision to insure they did not suffer whiplash or other harm to their bodies):

The driver was identified by The New York Times, “What we know about James Alex Fields, Driver Charged in Charlottesville Killing” (13 August 2017), as James Fields, yet the man driving the vehicle is obviously not him. How can an “independent review of Charlottesville” be taken seriously when it does not even properly identify the actual driver of the Dodge Challenger that was used in a staged even at 4th and Waters Street? And this blunder does not stand alone in Timothy Heaphy’s report. 

(2) Heather Heyer did not die in the car crash 

The perpetrators of these deceptions have made it a practice of asserting deaths that did not occur or did not occur as they allege. We have proven, for example, that the Sandy Hook children were photo-fictions made up of older children when they were younger. And Mona Alexis Pressly has established that, in case after case, the alleged “victims” of the Las Vegas massacre died in other states or on other dates or from different causes of death. According to Timothy Heaphy, a bystander, Heather Heyer died in the car crash in Charlottesville:

Her death is cited four times in the report: on page 6 (twice), on page 7, on page 163, and in the timeline on page 193 (shown here). According to The Los Angeles Times, “Charlottesville honors Heather Heyer at Memorial Service” (16 August 2017), “Heather Heyer, 32, was killed when a car rammed into a crowd of people protesting a white nationalist rally in Chaerlottesville, VA”, where this photo appears:

Heather Heyer has been difficult to track down, but Mona has discovered that she died the following day, 13 August 2017 from a heart attack, as her mother admits, rather than on 12 August 2017, the day she is said to have been hit by a car, which is consistent with her prior findings about the Las Vegas “victims”. A new listing has her dying on 8 December 2017, which (as of today) has not yet even arrived.

(3) State Troopers did not die in a Helicopter Crash

Once again, according to Timothy Heaphy, two Virginia State Troopers were killed that afternoon during a crash of the helicopter they were using to conduct surveillance related to the events taking place in Charlottesville. This case is especially striking because Heaphy cites a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released on 5 September 2017 that does not identify the cause of the crash but confirms that Lt. H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot J.M. Bates were both killed in the crash:

That is very surprising, since we have photographs of the troopers departing the scene of the crash wearing their flight uniforms and very much alive. That the NTSB should be participating in this event does not surprise me, since they covered up the causes of the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter and three aides and their two pilots on 25 October 2002, as John P. Costella, Ph.D., and I explained in “The NTSB Failed Wellstone”, We have proven that government agencies are participants in these events to promote a political agenda or cover up crimes.

Just to reinforce the point, here’s the video that captured their survival and recovery:

Concluding Reflections

We have seen this movie before. The government convenes a commission to investigate an event of enormous political consequences for the future of the nation, where the result is an elaborate cover up, even with the citation of massive documentation in its support. We saw that with The Warren Report (1964) and again with The 9/11 Commission Report (2004), neither of which can withstand critical scrutiny. (See, for example, “JFK: Who was responsible and why” and “9/11: Who was responsible and why”.) So we should not be surprised that this “independent review” is a farce.

In its introduction, the report asserts its objective of “making sense of the tragic events of 2017” by reviewing “hundreds of thousands of documents” and viewing “many hours of videos and thousands of photographs”; but they cannot have reviewed the right ones and have missed that James Alex Field was not the driver; that Heather Heyer did not die during the car crash; and that the two state troopers survived their crash. How can we learn “how this community and other small cities can better handle large protest events” when then don’t even have the most basic facts straight?

When the alternative media, with its minuscule resources and limited powers, can solve cases that state and federal governments, with their vast powers and resources, cannot, the proof that we are in the grip of a fascist state can no longer be denied. As this case exemplifies, the mainstream can no longer be trusted to provide accurate information about even relatively uncomplicated events like those that occurred in Charlottesville. And it pains me to be forced to conclude that even that once-great institution of higher learning, Mr. Jefferson’s University, no longer serves as a beacon of light toward the attainment of truth and justice in America.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of, which has just published: 

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15 thoughts on “Three Massive Blunders in the Independent Report on Charlottesville by Timothy Heaphy”

  1. I published an earlier post about this report in which I included three (3) video studies of the car crash takes. I suggest you review them. There really is no doubt about it. And I appreciate your comments. Here's the title: "Missing the Boat on Charlottesville: An Open Letter to Attorney Timothy Heaphy", Watch them and get back. Thanks.

  2. A larger selection of photos – of the man in the car, the man at top right and the man at bottom right – would help no end in identifying who is who, if they're obtainable. I'm guessing you've had access to more photos of these people than you've posted here, and have come to your conclusion based on that, but on the basis of the four small photos posted here I'm unable to agree with your identification. You may be right, but at the moment I can't see it. I'm speaking as an admirer of your work, too. – HW

  3. STILL not responding specifically to the 10 criticisms of your book posted in that link. Are you still pushing the fairy tale that because the Wayback Machine shows no internet activity that the Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed? Well ALL the other schools must have been closed too in Sandy Hook at that time based on the wayback machine as they are all missing for that time period.

  4. Surely you jest. The eyebrows, the line of the face, the shape and size of the skull are consistent with the man at the top right, not the bottom. I will see if we have enough to do an overlay, but I don't think you have a case–even remotely. Check out the videos in my earlier blog as well.

  5. Anyone can read NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) for themselves, since I hae made it available for free as a pdf. Just enter the title and it's yours.

    For conclusive proof that the kids were fictions fabricated of photos of older children when they were younger, see "Sandy Hook Charade: 'Noah Pozner' WAS Michael Vabner as a Child", here on my blog.

    The nonsense in attempting to defend the indefensible is ALMOST beyond belief, but the government has legions of shills who do their best to create diversions and confusions about what did and did not happen as, in this case, at Sandy Hook.

  6. To be perfectly honest, the man in the car (presumably shown in the two photos on the left, above) looks to me more like the man at bottom right and in the (presumed) mugshot – same small, down-turned mouth and same eyebrows – than the man at top right, yet if I understand you correctly, you believe the man at top right to be the man shown in the car (top and bottom photos on the left). Based solely on this evidence, I'm assuming this identification is a matter of opinion. Of course, you may have cited additional evidence in your book, which I haven't read yet. – HW

  7. I second all the good comments about Jim above. We both grew up in Pasadena, California, he in the SouthWest end called South Pasadena while I in the NorthEast end called Sierra Madre. I didn't arrive there until 1943 having been born in Cleveland, Ohio 1939. I first met Jim about 4 years ago when he invited me to give a talk at a Conference on Academic Freedom he organized at the University of Illinois, Urbana. Jim is a much truer scientist than many physicists and others I have known over the years. He is remarkable for his intelligence, honesty, openmindedness and true devotion to the rules of the Scientific Method. He changed my life. We both delivered the Pasadena Star News on our bikes. I was written up there in a 1959 article describing my first place award in a contest for the best scientific explanation of how the Dunking Bird works by Dr. Harper W. Frantz, Chairman of the Physical Sciences Dept. at Pasadena City College. Happy Birthday Jim. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  8. I second the motion. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Jim, and thanks for all your amazing accomplishments and leadership in getting the Truth out for all of us, no holds barred! You're the first one I look to for that, now and always. Best Regards, Carol C.

  9. Jim, Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the writing you've done on these controversial topics. It's really opened my mind on a number of topics I would never have considered otherwise. Hope to meet you some day.

  10. "Case for War with Israel over 9/11"

    at VeteransToday has massive bibliography of evidence on mini Thermobaric Nukes and Arrest of Urban Moving Systems demolition teams at the Geo Washington bridge and the Holland Tunnel on 9/11. That so many in the government, MSM and UNIPARTY puppet show have supported this fraud for sixteen years is staggering.

    End this feudal nightmare….share Truth.

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