Sandy Hook: The James Tracy Trial is going to the Jury: Here’s what you need to know

Jim Fetzer

According to FAU, “FAU prof wasn’t fired because of Sandy Hook blog”, Sun Sentinel (4 December 2017), James Tracy was fired as a tenured associate professor because he did not submit forms about his outside activities. But the University was under pressure from the local community and donors to remove him because they objected to the content of his blog. After 35 years as a faculty member in institutions of higher learning, I have never heard of such an absurdity. If he failed to submit forms, he might have deserved a reprimand, but not removal from his position. I and others are convinced that FAU has committed a major violation of his freedom of research and of his freedom of speech.

They rearranged the kids to get “a better shot”.

The Sun Sentinel, Forward and other news and opinion venues have been active in attacking James Tracy for his efforts to expose the Sandy Hook scam, especially via thinly-veiled assaults by Lenny Pozner, who claims to be the parent of Noah, one of the alleged victims at Sandy Hook. But the alleged parents, like Lenny Poznen, have become richly rewarded for the loss of fictitious children, who were made up out of photos of other kids when they were older–which means that the Sun Sentinel, Forward et al., like the rest of us, have been played for saps to promote a political agenda. As Wolfgang Halbig has shown, it wasn’t even an operating school.

“Noah Pozner” was a fiction made up of photos of Michael Vabner as a child.

This sounds outrageous until you actually look at the evidence, where I have produced several videos that lay out the proof. For an introduction, see “The Real Deal must see Sandy Hook Update” and especially “SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner”. No EMTs were allowed into the building. No string of ambulances took their little bodies to hospitals where doctors could pronounce them dead or alive. They were identified using photographs, because they only existed as photographs, which we have now been able to prove in the case of Noah Pozner, whose fake father, Lenny, has been featured in the Sun Sentinel, Forward and other publications he has played.

Check out, for example, “The Sandy Hook Scam: Why the mothers’ ages matter”, The Millennium Report, or “Sandy Hook Charade: ‘Noah Pozner’ WAS Michael Vabner as a Child”,, where we prove that Noah–who was a most unusual little boy, having died in Newtown on 14 December 2012 and again in Pakistan on 16 December 2014, was made up of photos of his older step-brother, Michael Vabner, when he was six-years old. It’s not that difficult, when you think about it. That’s how they did it and explains why there was no genuine grief from the “parents” at interviews and press conferences. It was a two-day FEMA exercise that went LIVE to promote gun control.

From the FEMA manual for the Sandy Hook drill 13-14 December 2012

If you want to read the manual for yourself, download the book I edited, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which banned after it had been up for less than a month and sold nearly 500 copies. I could see it was a political move to suppress research that exposed the hoax by proving the school had been closed since 2008, that there were no students there, and that it had been done to promote gun control. We have 50 photos of an empty house being furnished to serve as the Lanza home–including of the Nancy Lanza bedroom, where in their haste they left behind a blue movie pad beneath the leg of the bed–and 50 more of them refurbishing the school to serves as the stage.

The SWAT team was there the night before the crime had been committed

It includes a classic photo of the SWAT team already present the night before, which you can tell because the windows of Classroom 10 are not yet shot out. We have photos of the windows before and after and of perps drilling holes in the window frames to simulate gunshot trajectories. We have another with pink rods extending from the holes, which are all exactly 90* to the window panes and exactly parallel with each other. As a former Marine Corps officer, who one served as a Series Commander with 15 DIs and 300 recruits under my command through basic training, including rifle and marksmanship, I can assure you this is a fantasy with no resemblance to actual shooting by a real shooter.

The perps were photographed drilling holes to simulate bullet trajectories

As an illustration of how James Tracy was using his blog to expose the sham, he published one about two Sandy Hook parents, Francine and David Wheeler. She turns out to have been personal assistant to Maureen White, leading fundraiser for the Democratic Party. He and she are both B-grade actors, where she was even the voice of a character in an animated porn movie. He played two roles at Sandy Hook, both a grieving parent and a SWAT team member, where he walked up and down Dickinson Drive carrying a weapon upside down by the magazine. Even the the lowest private in the Marine Corps would not commit such a blunder. But Barack Obama flew them to Washington, D.C., and put them on national television to promote gun control.

I republished the blog on my own, where you can read it at “James Tracy: Francine Wheeler was Personal Assistant to DNC National Finance Chair”. Exposing corruption in high places ought to be the duty of every faculty member at every institution of higher learning, but instead–as the case of James Tracy so brutally illustrates–they are pilloried and attacked and may even lose their jobs after having secured tenure, which is supposed to create a buffer to enable faculty to take on complex and controversial cases without feat of being sacked. That’s not how it has played out here–where the Sun Sentinel, Forward and other venues haves contributed to distorting his efforts to protect the public from an elaborate scam.

According to the FBI, there were no murders in Newtown during 2012

Between $27-130,000,000 has been contributed by sympathetic but gullible Americans, which has been split by the 26 families, which have received more than $1,000,000 apiece for participating in a staged act of terrorism, intended to instill fear into the heart of every parent in American to promote gun control. Lenny, no doubt, has been fighting so hard because he fears that, if the hoax is exposed, he may have to give back his $1,000,000 and might even be prosecuted for fraud and theft by deception. So while the evil prosper, the one man with the courage and conviction to stand up and expose the fraud has been fired from his position and deprived of his livelihood. These are the facts of the matter, but you are not going to read them in the mainstream media or from any local sources. We live in an era where the truth is labeled “fake news” and the few with the courage to speak it are punished severely.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of

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49 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: The James Tracy Trial is going to the Jury: Here’s what you need to know”

  1. The Americans with Disabilities Act only applied to construction after the act was passed in 1992. You and Halbig need to collaborate on your theories as he claims to have seen the photos of the school on Memorial Day 2011 and offers $1,000 for a photo of Memorial Day 2012. It is commentary on your lack of ability to use logic and critical thinking and resort to name-calling and marginalizing individuals who disagree or question your thoroughly debunked claims.

  2. How can the parents now be the most striking thing about this photograph? You said the kids being rearranged was the smoking gun but now you consider the parents more striking?

    Their arms are folded and their hands are in their pockets? What a smoking gun! Maybe they had their hands in their pockets or arms folded because it was a December day in a northern state.

    "What were they doing there?"

    Well, assuming they are parents, probably looking for their kids to come out? If they are journalists or administrators or something else, probably observing the events?

    "Why aren't they rushing off with their kids to safety?"

    Because their kids hadn't come out yet?

  3. The difference isn't a "small spot"! The second window is completely shot out. I guess I should not be surprised that liars are here lying about an enormous lie to the people of the United States. Those who perpetrated this hoax had nothing but contempt for the public–and those who are here as stooges on their behalf have the same depth of character and integrity.

  4. When I edited the book, I did not know the source of the photos. What astounds me is that, since they prove that this was a staged event, the fact that they were taken by the CT State Police proves that they were complicit in the fraud. I think someone needs to brush up on logic and critical thinking because they are incompetent at reasoning.

  5. This is Judy Wood, who has long since discredited herself as a serious student of 9/11 by ignoring the USGS dust studies, which show element after element that would not have been there had this not been a nuclear event. She can't cope with the evidence, so she simply ignores it and spends her copious free time in moronic activities such as authoring poses like those you find from her here.

  6. But I have never studied the VT event and don't have a well-founded opinion about it. If the FBI reported zero deaths in the vicinity of its location, however, that would be a good reason to suspect something was wrong there, too. But I haven't looked at it–and there are too many new ones to go back to review it at this time.

  7. So you think parents are standing around with their arms folded and their hands in their pockets while a police woman rearranges the kids to get a better shot? Embarrassing. They are the same kids in both of these photos. Egad! How many kids do you think they needed to stage this shot? It's such an obviously stage photograph that only a shill would attempt to dispute it.

  8. Of course they are the same (unless you are looking a other photos that have been tweaked)! More strikingly, notice the parents standing around with their arms folded and hands in their pockets. What are they doing there? And why aren't they rushing off with their kids to safety? Because Shannon was taking a staged photo and asked them to bring their kids for the shoot. What could be more obvious than that this is not an emergency and that she is rearranging the kids to get a better shot!

  9. This is the quality of thought we have come to expect from Judy Wood and her minions. Many of us have long since concluded that Judy herself is the author of these comments, where she proclaims herself to be an expert on 9/11 but will not address who was responsible and why. Some expert!

  10. This would be humorous were it not so sick. The school was closed by 2008 and there were no students there. You can tell it was not a legally operating school, because there is no designated parking for handicapped and none of the familiar blue-and-white signage that laws implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act require. So it is probable that it cannot have been legally open from photos of the parking lot alone. I recommend downloading the book to review what we lay out there in spades. The trolls are at work BIG TIME in their efforts to mislead the unwary.

  11. Win, the government is desperate to conceal the hoax known as "Sandy Hook". We continue to find new proof (from a listener in Boston to a show on PRN hosted by Emily Rooney, the daughter of Andy, for example, where the Mayor was guest and bragged that he was a buddy of Joe Biden, who had told him that gun control would be a done deal by January 2013. When she asked how it could happen so fast, he wouldn't say, but the explanation is prior knowledge of what was to come at an abandoned school in Connecticut).

  12. That's good! Yes, the CT State Police were running the psyop, including furnishing an empty house to serve as the Adam Lanza residence as well as refurbishing the school to function as the stage. Thanks for acknowledging that key point. The state police were running the scam on the people of Connecticut and of the USA.

  13. I already told you that we agree Hicks took the photographs. It is a straw man to say we deny that. What we contend is that the children you identify as being the same in the two photographs are clearly different students with different shirts, hair, shoes, and facial shape.

  14. Fetzer states that Wolfgang Halbig has shown that the school was closed in 2008. I think that actually came from Fetzer and his claims about the WayBack machine that he pretends not to understand. Halbig said on June 8, 2016 that he was “so tired of seeing pictures from 2011-2012 school years at Sandy Hook Elementary School showing Veterans eating the the cafeteria on Memorial Day. Show us the 2012-2013 pictures of Veterans eating in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Cafeteria and here goes another $1000.00 thousand dollars.” Halbig knew from the pictures of 2011-2012 that the school was open and then offered money for pictures from the following year. Halbig apparently knows the school was NOT closed.

  15. I'm not sure I follow Winfield. If someone who happens to be anonymous shows conclusively (with photographic evidence) that Jim Fetzer is lying, should we discount that just because he is anonymous. It doesn't seem to bother you that Fetzer gets so many obvious things wrong.

  16. “Fools can ask questions angels can’t answer.” Professor Dr. Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. is a top scholar, professor, scientist, investigator, intellectual, …. He is a busy man when most others at his age have long retired or virtually died in nursing homes. He and many others have studied the Sandy Hook Hoax perpetuated by our corrupt government on 9/11/01, in detail very carefully and extensively. Like any complex analysis or conclusions about physical problems of the world, such as the question of whether the Earth is flat or curved, or whether a perpetual motion machine is possible or not possible ( a perpetual motion machine is one which produces more energy than it consumes) all these problems have been carefully resolved today by top scholars in the field, mainly physics. Fools can nit pick and waste lifetimes with irrelevant meaningless questions which lead one astray from the basic issues of these questions. Moreover when the person raising questions does not even identify themselves, they have zero risk of embarrassment, an unfair relationship with the top scholars who have come to the correct conclusions. Professor Fetzer has bent over backwards to elucidate every aspect of his claims and made every effort to answer all questions to the best of his ability. The time is now for you to do your homework and answer your own questions. You are free to believe anything you want: If you believe up is down you are free to so believe. If you believe 3 is 5 you are free to so believe. But violate the laws of physics at your peril. Try to ask a top professor of physics about whether the Earth is flat or whether perpetual motion machines are possible. You will not even receive a reply. So stop wasting protessor Fetzer’s valuable time and shut the H up. Fools can ask questions angels can’t answer.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics


    James H. "Uncle" Fetzer is a retired philosopher and all-around conspiracy theorist. From the 1970s into the 1990s, he published a number of well-regarded works on the philosophy of science, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. By the late 1990s, however, he had morphed into a full-time conspiracy theorist. He has authored three entire collections of John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory books, co-authored a book that claims Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crash was actually a political assassination, promoted moon landing hoax conspiracy theories, and bolstered his support of holocaust denial with claims that Israel was secretly involved in everything from the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre to 9/11. Naturally, TV shows hosted by intellectual giants such as Jerry Springer, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Jesse Ventura have given Fetzer and his views a comfy guest chair.

    Yes, he's the guy who co-founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth. But before going completely batshit insane in the late 1990s, Fetzer was an acclaimed professor who specialized in the philosophy of science, artificial intelligence and computer science, at one point receiving a fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Arguing that these earlier academic accomplishments lend weight to his present views, he dislikes being called a conspiracy theorist. To this end, Fetzer has tried to hijack Wikipedia's 9/11 article and even his own Wikipedia bio — sometimes successfully.

  18. I can't think of a more honourable role. I am truly impressed and very respectful of Prof. Tracy and his efforts. Thank you, Jim Fetzer for your brave and courageous support of a true, worldwide-respected American.

  19. Okay, let's study the photos closer. The boy #1 is a different kid in each photo and the boy #2 is a different kid in each photo. Let's have a closer look at boy #1 here:

    He has a different logo on his shirt, a different haircut (one has bangs, one has his hair spiked), different shoes, and a different face.

    Let's look at the Boy #2 in each photo in isolation here:

    Different hair is apparent, different color shoes are apparent, different color jeans are apparent, and different face.

  20. The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, the FBI report shows zero murders in Blacksburg in 2007. Just like they do for Newtown in 2012. the data was part of the state totals. Whatever dept has jurisdiction over the case is where the crime stats come from.

    There were not there before, the only evidence you believe you have is the undamaged room 10 window. Look at the original hi-res photos in the report, not the ones in your book.

    The Farr exterior photos is what you need to see. You can zoom in on the photos and see a small spot in the one, the window you claim in undamaged. The spot is in the exact same location that later shows a bullet hole.

    BTW, why did you lie about where the crime scene photos in your book came from? First you said the were leaked to Allen Powell from an inside source. Powell said he stumbled upon them one day on the net.

    Truth is, the photos are all from the Sandy Hook final report. What purpose was there for you and Powell to mislead people?

  21. Moronic drivel! Study the photo and you will see proof that refutes your ridiculous claims, including Boy #1 in different places and Boy #2 in different places. I predicted that you would continue to make a fool of yourself here, as you are doing now. And I expect more of this kind of nonsense from you.

  22. How can proof from Shannon Hicks that she took both photos possibly count as misleading/false lead as you are not suggesting? I dare say that, having been caught with your pants down, you are desperately trying to cover you own stupidity. We know what happened in Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA drill to promote gun control. But you are welcome to continue to make a fool of yourself. I am counting on it.

  23. It's all there in the book. What are you talking about 2007 VT shooting? Unless this is the fake TV shooting, which as I recall was in VA, I cannot recall what you are talking about. That it was a Crime Squad Truck works fine, because they are there before the crime has been committed. I hope you will do more research, because there is cast-iron proof here of the Sandy Hook hoax. Give me more data.

  24. Mr Fetzer, I believe you have said you think the 2007 VT shooting was real. Are you aware that the 2007 FBI report shows zero murders in Blacksburg? Just like they do for Newtown in 2012. If the state police has jurisdiction, that's where the crime stats come from. the Sandy Hook murders are listed in the state totals of the 2012 CT crime report, and are included in the state totals of the FBI report. This has been explained over and over.

    Vabner and Noah have the same mother, sharing some facial features is not odd at all.

    The SWAT vehicle you keep referring to is not SWAT, it's just a CT major crime squad truck. It's for investigating major crimes, that's not what SWAT does. Just search "Connecticut major crime squad" and you'll photos of the truck at various crime scenes. Including a search for a missing college student. SWAT would not be at something like that.

    Why you keep using that small photo for Room 10. Why not use the original from the report?

    Zoom in on the original and you can see a mall spot, exactly where in later photos you see a bullet hole.

  25. The debunking is of the claim that they "rearranged the children". Our claim isn't that Hicks didn't take both pictures, our claim is that they didn't rearrange the children "to get a better shot" as you claim. The children weren't rearranged in the two photographs because (if you use a clear photograph instead of the blurry one) they are different children! They have the same color shirt but that is where the differences end if you look at the clear photos. Different hair, shoes, and face! Do you not even read the links I send? No one claimed she didn't take the photos, RED HERRING!

  26. Here's one of numerous places where anyone can read Shannon Hick's email to William Shanley, in which she (Shannon Hicks) admits taking both of those photos: How can anyone come here and make such a whopper of lie? But of course they do so behind the cloak of anonymity, but there are few who are so completely corrupt as to even make such an attempt! Such as those who do what they can to attack those of us exposing the truth about Sandy Hook, which was a staged terrorist attack upon the American people. What nerve! What liars! What traitors to the American people!

  27. Preposterous. Shannon Hicks wrote to confirm that she took both photos. How could they have been debunked? I am sorry, but coming here to lie through your teeth does nothing for your attempts to defend the indefensible. I am fairly stunned you would even try to pull this. The photos were OBVIOUSLY taken at approximately the same time–and the one with the girl in the pink sweater was taken before the second with the little boy in a blue sweater and blue jeans. You have a lot of gaul to make such blatant false claims here.

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