Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights?

Information has reached me from Italy, Germany and the UK that foreign-funded NGOs in Russia are collecting Russian DNA samples from all over Russia for the US Government. I have found English language verification of these reports.
What is the reason for the US government’s interest in studying Russian DNA samples? What immediately leaps to mind is a tailored biological weapon that only targets Russians. Washington has evaded constraints placed on biological weapons work by maintaining laboratories in Africa.
Of course, there might be an innocent explanation. But why have Western-funded NGOs collect Russian DNA samples? Why not explain the project to the Russians, if the project is innocent, and invite them to work together on the project?
Here are some additional sources:
And this from a scientist in the UK:
“Understanding DNA underlies the basis of all life and deciphering its details allows the development of cures… and weapons of course. Even in the 80s when I studied molecular biology, it was possible to use endo-nuclease restriction enzymes to recombine DNA in all possible ways, including between all animal, plant and even insect species. In Cambridge in the early 90s, I routinely used original cholera bacteria from collections of epidemic outbreaks in the 19th century for my post-grad research to cut the cholera toxin in such a way that its disease-forming molecular part was separated from the immuno-genic part. This was not original work even in the 80s and 90s. I had declined to work with another Nobel Laureate in Cambridge, because I wanted to make healing vaccines against the most common killers of humanity:  respiratory and especially gastro-intestinal vaccines that cause diarrhea. I was too naive and far too compartmentalized at the time to understand why the British military wanted to invite me to meet with them at the time…”
Following years of Washington’s false accusations and threats against Russia, this latest development is likely to elevate tensions higher.

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16 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights?”

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  2. Uncle Beefaroni says "The CIA has done more damage and destruction around the world than any other force in modern times."

    He is exactly right.

    This is what makes the curious case of Uncle Jimmy's delusions about nobody dying at Sandy Hook, Vegas, etc. difficult to diagnose.

  3. Good on you Jim. I was listening to the local news one day, and out of the blue this story came on.
    It was that in the 1960's or so a whole lot of peasants jumped off their roofs and died. It was explained away as a mold on their grain food. But the radio news item said it was now certain it was the CIA experimenting putting LSD in their water( or food,I can't remember),without their knowledge.

    Anyhow, I posted a written version the other day, here is the video, of the guy who co-founded Green Peace, he left because they became ant-human. He now says humans are saving life on earth by releasing CO2 stored in hydrocarbons. He thinks most carbon has been taken out of the atmosphere and sequested in life , most of(99.9% by memory?) it as calcium carbonate as shells making limestone. He thinks if life was left to its own devices there would not be enough CO2 left (I think below 150 of the units involved, currently I think 400) and life would die off. He thinks humans are the only life capable, and by releasing CO2 are helping stop the demise of earth on life. In his studies it appears as the sea water heats up by temperature increases and releases some CO2 (after the temperature rises). Because the release of CO2 is after the temperature rise it is not the cause.Evidentally CO2 came origonally from vocanos, but the earth's lava has cooled and there are less volcanoes now.

  4. "Only some entity as stupid, naive and sinister as the CIA could think that this would be possible." I think you have that right. The CIA has done more damage and destruction around the world than any other force in modern times. Harry S. Truman said its creation was his greatest mistake. It has to be abolished if the people are to regain control of their own government.

  5. The idea that you could target "Russian" genetic traits is ridiculous. Only some entity as stupid, naive and sinister as the CIA could think that this would be possible.
    The Russians proper are mostly Slav, but with substantial elements of Turkic/Tartar/Asiatic steppe, and some Swedish ethnicity due to the Asiatic invasions from the East and Swedish invasions from the Northeast in the Middle Ages.
    Even if the CIA/Mossad did figure out a common susceptibility, a targeted bioweapon would probably kill off all of the Western "friendly" Slavs such as the Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Lithuanians, Latvians, and Poles, and maybe the Western Slavs with stronger Alpine elements such as the Czechs and Slovaks, and the Southern Slavs, including the Serbs/Croats and Slovenes and Bulgars.
    The Russians would bottle this substance themselves and spread it all over the US, where "Slavic" genes are fairly widespread, in addition to highly contagious hepatitis.

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