Mona Alexis Pressly: Las Vegas Police Scanner for Mass Casualty Drill

Mona Alexis Pressley
Conspiracy Realist

[Editor’s note: Mona has verified the transcription of the scanner by Jeremy Rubin (aka The Friendly Flipper!) to make it auditorily apparent that this was a drill. I have added several images to make it visually apparent that this was a drill. How much proof do we need to demonstrate that this was a complete and total hoax–a staged event?]

I found another smoking gun video. This guy video taped the entire drill. There were so many shootings in different hotels Mandalay Bay was just one of them and they said nothing about mass killings. They didn’t say anything about shooting of security guard when they found Paddock–and they sounded like they had practiced finding Paddock: “No big deal” is how cop sounded and I also had the impression that it was only one cop. This police scanner tells the story of the Police Department’s BIG LIE!  I downloaded this video also just in case they erase it from YouTube.  

Video from FaceBook Live:

Here is the time line:
00:01 – Shooting occurred less than 15 minutes ago – No first responders on scene yet 01:43 – “several subjects down at New York New York and (zoomanity?) 01:49 – First audible sirens from emergency vehicles 03:50 – Dispatcher says they are getting information about an active shooter at Tropicana 04:16 – Dispatcher getting multiple reports of multiple shooters at multiple locations 06:27 – Helicopter appears on screen 08:05 – Stressed sounding officer comes on radio (sounds like they have not caught the guy yet) 8:26 – People running in parking lot 8:58 – People hiding behind container in parking lot 9:10 – Officer on radio reports shots fired at New York New York

Moving bodies from funeral home to waiting ambulance

11:41 – Dispatcher “One suspect down inside the room” 12:28 – Officer reporting negative on shots fired at Tropicana 13:09 – One down, 32nd floor at Mandalay Bay, 13:16 – Dispatcher confirms room 135 14:29 – Officer states that there are no shots being fired at Tropicana 14:55 – New York New York security states that there were not shots fired 17:11 – Dispatcher – Reports of shots fired at Ceasar’s and Bellagio 19:28 – Male with a gun reported, 413 at Paris 20:16 – Dispatcher – Shots fired at Bellagio 21:52 – People running through parking lot 26:10 – Officer states negative shots fired at New York New York 26:47 – One suspect down, in custody per SWAT 27:48 – Officer states there was a player’s card near the suspect, with the name Mary Lou Danly 28:55 – Officer states he found address 1372 Battling Brook Court, Mesquite Nevada 29:24 – Dispatcher “Code 4 McHaren” 30:19 – Dispatcher “Male walking into Bellagio employee entrance with a rifle”

Crisis actors with sheets at Hooters waiting to be carried out on stretchers

36:53 – Dispatcher states there is a female with a gunshot wound to the head at Tropicana 38:51 – People squeezing through the fence 50:46 – Number on bus is 777 1:00:32 – Officer – Making entrance into Route 91 festival through gate 1 1:01:32 – Hotel employee #1 approaches me aka Toothy 1:01:50 – Hotel employee #2 starts cursing at me 1:02:33 – Hotel employee #1 says he just took 9 people to the hospital 1:05:19 – Hotel security telling me “you need to leave sir” 1:05:43 – Hotel employee #1 says he just to 7 people to the hospital, personally, all gunshot 1:06:41 – Numbers 777 clearly visible on bus 1:08:41 – Gathering my belongings 1:10:32 – Finish gathering my stuff 1:12:04 – Officer states that he has 1000-1200 people in the Michael Jackson theatre 1:17:08 – I drive on to Tropicana Boulevard

1:22:50 – Dispatcher “I just had a _____ approach me from the Flamingo hotel saying that their surveillance shows a WMA and two WFAs get out of a cab, grab a silver extinguisher and place it behind a slot machine about 23:__ hours” 1:23:30 – Officer (15 civilians barricaded inside a restaurant inside of Mandalay Bay?) 1:24:15 – Officer requests to have strike team check VIP stage area 1:25:14 – Officer “we’re getting information from one of the _____ lieutenants. 1:26:48 – North Las Vegas S.W.A.T. (got reports of?) shots fired at (Harrahs?) confirmation from strike team requested 1:27:06 – Strike team 7 at the Cromwell replies 1:27:17 – Strike team 7 states that they haven’t heard anything 1:29:41 – Unknown Voice – “Confirming officers out in the field know, that uh, there are victims who are injured at the scene, the original scene who have gone back to their hotels, this could be accounting for some of the __________” voice gets cut off 1:30:01 – Dispatcher “Re-advising that no units should be entering the Mandalay Bay unless they are reliving S.W.A.T. 1:30:40 – 419s and some people on the 15 freeway, in front of town square mall NB lanes, people standing around who looked injured 1:36:16 – Dispatcher – Someone hiding at Desert Rose Resort

Lest it be besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports

1:37:06 – Chopper flys by overhead 1:40:28 – Officer? Asks if there are any casualties at Tropicana and if so how many 1:40:33 – No casualties to report at Tropicana, just minor injuries 1:40:42 – Dispatcher – Possibly another suspect on the 4th floor of Mandalay Bay per ____ Lieutenant 1:42:40 – Unknown Voice “Can you divert media please, we don’t have all suspects accounted for” 1:45:53 – I walk over to Hooters 1:46:40 – Reports of gunshot wound victims at Reno and (Giles?) 1:47:41 – 100 more civilians being ushered into Michael Jackson theatre 1:52:07 – Officer confirms with dispatcher regarding 413 at Motel 6. [413 is person with a gun] 1:52:44 – 4th floor of Mandalay Bay has been cleared, there should not be anybody up there 2:01:42 – Bally’s security called and said that they’ve got one detained, who says he was involved 2:02:45 – No injures reported at Circus Circus 2:02:51 – White male in custody in holding room at Bally’s, no weapons were found on him 2:03:27 – Guy with pellet gun is custody 2:05:15 – I did not hear a gun shot, it was something else

Mona Alexis Pressley, Conspiracy Realist and M.A. in psychology, has also authored “Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert” (24 October 2017) and “CONFIRMED: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert” (2 November 2017).

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  7. Here is what happens when real victims really die in a false flag attack and why false flag perpetrators elect to use fake deaths of unverifiable crisis actors:

    1. 'All at once, the cell phones started ringing and the e-mail started flying and ''the Jersey girls,'' as the four women are known in Washington, were getting credit for chalking up another victory in the nation's capital. Americans just tuning in to the work of the commission investigating the attacks may not have heard of Ms. Breitweiser and the rest. But on Capitol Hill, these suburban women are gaining prominence as savvy World Trade Center widows who came to Washington, as part of a core group of politically active relatives of Sept. 11 victims, and prodded Congress and a recalcitrant White House to create the panel that this week brought official Washington to its knees.'

    2. 'Navy widow first to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11, hundreds more set to follow'
    Oct 1, 2016

  8. 'Five weeks after being a victim of a mass shooting at concert in Las Vegas, Tina Frost is now walking the halls of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Her family and friends said her recovery is nothing short of amazing.'
    And amazing it is. The transformation over the five weeks since a bullet shattered her face and skull, destroying her right eye and damaging part of her brain is nothing short of phenomenal. She's like a completely different person than then the horribly injured tragic soul who laid on the operating table that gruesome night clinging to life. Even her hair has changed. When viewed from behind, as in this video, its even hard to tell that it's actually the same Tina Frost who was mortally wounded in Las Vegas.
    Get well soon Tina.

  9. Small world.
    Dr. Keith Blum looks a lot like Keith Blum the artist:

    'Dr. Keith Blum, a neurosurgeon with the Las Vegas Neurosurgery Associates, PC, operated on Tina Frost. Frost was shot in the head on the night of Oct. 1. (Gabriella Benavidez/Las Vegas Review-Journal)'
    This 'doctor' has difficulty accurately describing the injury and treatment of his 'patient'. He's struggles to identify the various parts of the wounded anatomy. He can't find the correct medical terms or suitable layman's terms. Accurately describing the anatomy and the wounds would be second nature to a surgeon.

    Keith Blum artist:


    Dr. Keith Blum appears to have a pierced left ear. Keith Blum the artist has an earring in his left ear.Doppelganger. What are the odds. Right?

    Dr. Keith Blum's 'patient', Tina Frost, is doing very well:

    GoFundMe Tina Frost

    Video: Tina Frost has a long way to recovery
    Published on Oct 5, 2017 A Maryland native shot in the Las Vegas mass shooting remains in a coma Thursday.

    Video: Tina Frost wakes from coma, takes first steps
    Published on Oct 14, 2017 The Maryland native who was in a coma for more than a week has woken up and taken her first steps. An update posted Friday on the GoFundMe page set up for Arundel High School graduate Tina Frost said she is responsive and has taken three steps to a chair and three steps back to the bed with the assistance of nurses.

  10. The fact that Carny Jim gets things right occasionally in no way exonerates him from being a complete fraud on other things.
    In fact, as I have tirelessly tried to point out, it just MAKES THINGS WORSE because his credibility is so compromised.
    To claim that no one died at Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Charleston, etc is sheer lunacy, and it causes the objective observer to to disbelieve anything with Fetzer's name on it.

    Fetzer needs to re-set (maybe claim he was on strong medication or something this last sorry stretch of his career) and acknowledge that people died, and then get to the real story behind these events.

  11. The Decline and Fall of James DiEugenio

    James DiEugenio wrote 'The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer'. DiEugenio attributes Fetzer's Decline and Fall mainly to Fetzer's advocacy of Judyth Vary Baker:

    'Fetzer had Baker on his podcast and was vouching for her as a new, late-arriving witness who was absolutely imperative to the JFK case. No matter how many people pointed out good reasons not to buy into Baker, Fetzer would not backtrack. Others, like myself [DiEugenio], privately e-mailed him and advised him to desist since he was dealing with aspects of the case he was not familiar with.'

    DiEugenio also maligns Fetzer's 'obsession' that the Zapruder film had been altered:

    '[A letter to a Justice Department attorney about the Zapruder film] revealed a growing obsession of Professor Fetzer’s: namely that the Zapruder film had been altered. And not by a little, but by a lot. Fetzer’s argument is for wholesale alteration of the film. In fact, it was this strong belief by the former professor that led to a bitter and personal feud with author and private investigator Josiah Thompson. Thompson had based his 1967 book, Six Seconds in Dallas, largely on an analysis of the Zapruder film, which he was allowed to view at the headquarters of Life magazine. No author at that time had anywhere near his exposure to the film. It is not unfair to claim that Thompson had a vested interest in the film being genuine. Fetzer had no such vested interest. Thompson represented a more conservative, considered, traditional approach. Fetzer, who seemed to be radicalized … seemed intent on picking up on almost any offbeat novelty in the field to further his self-styled role as the brave, bold, iconoclast.'

    But then:

    'Top CIA photo analyst, Dino Brugioni, talks about the original Zapruder film which he watched on November 23, 1963. The film he watched differs in many important respects from the film that was ultimately presented to the public [in Life magazine]. The deletions and alterations made to the film after it left Brugioni’s possession serve to cover up evidence, captured on the original film, that contradicts the Warren commission's "lone gunman" theory'.

    'Dino Brugioni & Doug Horne along with David Lifton, John Costella, & James Fetzer have all done a great job in arguing that the Zapruder film has been altered – Brugioni’s statements are by far the “best evidence” as to the altering of the Zapruder film.'

    James DiEugenio smugly 'falls' on the wrong side of the facts.

  12. Good line from the "What Happened to Carny Jim" blog:

    "The pity is that people like Fetzer makes all of us CTers look like crackpots when in reality only about half of us are."

    I'm actually starting to feel bad for Jim. I just wish he didn't back Judyth Baker because I think she is extremely credible and I worry about the impact of having Jim's "endorsement" (With friends like that….)

  13. 'Anonymous: here's what real researchers think of the Fetz: 'The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer by James DiEugenio '

    DiEugenio refers to several points of disagreement he has with Fetzer regarding JFK as follow:

    '1.Fetzer …was dealing with aspects of the case regarding Oswald's girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker, he [Fetzer] was not familiar with. 2.Fetzer had a growing obsession that the Zapruder film had been altered that led to a bitter and personal feud with author and private investigator Josiah Thompson. 3.Fetzer asserts that the famous Altgens photo was altered to make the figure in the Texas School Book Depository doorway look like Billy Lovelady in an attempt to hide its, i.e., Oswald’s, identity. 4.Fetzer’s lack of due diligence—as exposed in both the Gregory Douglas and Judyth Vary Baker cases'

    Scholars and researchers often disagree. It should be mentioned that various 'real' researchers weigh in on both sides of the above issues. Why should Fetzer's views be questioned more than any of the other's? Bias? And in light of the following information, it is very difficult for 'real' researchers to argue against the Zapruder film having been altered:

    'Top CIA photo analyst, Dino Brugioni, talks about the original Zapruder film which he watched on November 23, 1963. The film he watched differs in many important respects from the film that was ultimately presented to the public. The alterations made to the film after it left Brugioni’s possession serve to cover up evidence, captured on the original film, that contradicts the Warren commission's "lone gunman" theory'.

    'Dino Brugioni & Doug Horne along with David Lifton, John Costella, & James Fetzer have all done a great job in arguing that the Zapruder film has been altered – Brugioni’s statements are by far the “best evidence” as to the altering of the Zapruder film.'

  14. 'Wendell, here's what real researchers think of the Fetz:'

    OK. Let's see what 'real' researchers think of Fetzer:

    'He [Fetzer] now believes the Charleston shooting never happened and is a false flag just like Sandy Hook. I guess all those grieving families are faking it. I truly hate this crap- it detracts in a major way from legitimate conspiracy issues. It makes us look like the tin foil hat brigade. 9/11 ruined Jim- "conspiracies-in-your-soup" syndrome. Actually, 9/11 started to infect everyone's thinking- every major event is now seen as fake, staged, false flags, etc. Silly…and sad.
    June 25, 2015 by 'real' researcher Vince Palamara'

    'Real' researcher Vince Palamara exposes the flaw in Fetzer's 'not so real' research which is that: 'every major event is now seen as fake' by non 'legitimate conspiracy' researchers. This is wrong of course because logic dictates that a certain amount of major events must be real and conversely there is a certain limit to the amount of major events allowed to be fake.

    Palamara rightly regards Fetzer's attempt to violate this fundamental precept as 'Silly'.

  15. 'Is that better or worse than being a Sunstein shill? '

    The url '' leads to a website called: 'Jim Fetzer and Friends are Sunstein Shills' in which an anonymous author makes the following claims:

    'Fetzer…is a highly intelligent man who simply cannot believe that the government could be involved in massive conspiracies such as 9/11. Sunstein can hardly fail to be aware that Israel did 9/11. In order to obscure that fact Sunstein recommends a policy of "cognitive infiltration" of truth seekers by disinformation agents such as Fetzer to promote preposterous theories such as no-planes-hit-the-WTC, WTC-was-nuked, and no-one-died-at-Sandy-Hook.'

    Since Fetzer is a foremost proponent of the US and Israeli government's complicity in 9/11, it is pretty dense headed and/or dishonest of the anonymous author of that website to claim that Fetzer is spreading disinformation to the contrary.

    The following was published by Jim Fetzer November 13, 2017:

    'Years later it is now clear that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was an inside job done by the Mossad and assisted by traitors in the US Administration, the Pentagon, the USAF, NORTHCOM, and the FAA.' – By Preston James, Ph.D. Published by Jim Fetzer

  16. Experts say that Las Vegas is the best place in US to get shot
    Compare Las Vegas bullet wounds to average US bullet wound
    Statistics show Bullets are safer in Las Vegas

    Surgery for a gunshot wound to the leg at the University of Maryland's Shock trauma Center.

    Here is President Trump actually visiting a patient in a Las Vegas hospital who was shot through the leg and others:

    Gunshot wound to the chest 2007

    Gianna and Natalia Baca were both attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when the mass shooting took place on Sunday evening. Both girls were shot and wounded.

    Gianna and Natalia Baca suffering in hospital

  17. 'Just not ready to debate'

    Exactly right. You have nothing useful to say because, as you previously admitted, you don't know anything. But by continually extending this conversation here in the comment section you invite more input in support of Fetzer's case. And that's fun. Thanks.

  18. Wendell, I realize that for simple wounds Beefaroni sauce is not realistic, but for a mass shooting incident it is remarkably close to real wound material. And when one lick's one's wounds, they are eating the Breakfast of Carny Jim, guaranteed to provided great insight and wisdom!

  19. 'nobody died? That's Fetzer's, strange, conclusion (even after funerals, etc).'

    'April 23, 2013 UPDATED: September 6, 2017
    LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles woman who created bogus death certificates, bought a burial plot, buried an empty casket, and staged a phony funeral to lend credibility to an insurance fraud scheme was sentenced today to a year and a half in federal prison.
    Jean Crump, 70, was found guilty last year of federal mail and wire fraud charges stemming from the scam in which she and others purchased insurance policies for non-existent people, killed them off on paper and then staged their funerals.'

    Go fund me charity fraud scheme – no death certificate required:

    Rhonda LeRocque $59,370

    Las Vegas Victims Fund $11,455,479

  20. I don't know Jim or anything about him. I stumbled on this blog looking around for evidence to corroborate the vegas "shooting"
    So I've got nothing in the Jim game
    I came to my own conclusion the events are staged.

  21. 'Is that better or worse than being a Sunstein shill?'

    I don't know. Will a 'Sunstein shill' point the finger at Zion where it belongs? A gate keeper won't. A genuine truth seeker will. This is how we know Fetzer is real.

  22. I believe you are sincere Wendell. If you thought Carny Jim was anything but a fraudulent buffoon prior to my posts, and are incapable of seeing the analogy between the unicorn and what Beefaroni Jim does, then of course you will think I'm stupid. There is no hope for you. I tried.
    Just remember, Jim knows he is full of shit and he privately laughs at you.

  23. If there was audio and video evidence, one would THINK that would prove that the thing in question (in this case unicorn et al) happened. But not in Beefaroni Land. The video would have been faked, digitally altered or some such thing.

    But my question is different. Given that there is no video (yet…), prove that it didn't happen. I know it happened, but no one is corroborating my claim because they are all crisis actors and they are trying to hide the existence of unicorn attacks in order to protect the NWO. (Come to think of it, it might have been Dick Cheney on the unicorn lip-syncing "After the GOld Rush")

  24. You can't. And you never will be able to. But you can say "No one there reported seeing the unicorn." And I will say "They are all actors." And you will say "There is no footage of it." And I will say "It was all erased by the NWO".
    See how this game is played?
    Welcome to BeefaroniLand, with your host Uncle Jimmy "Carny" Fetzer.

  25. In the video mentioned below with a fellow visiting fallen victims, no one screams in pain when touched, and there are no relatives or friends screaming for help. Also why is there only one jughead with a cellphone filming? There should be more phones filming the bad actors, and even toward the end, his phone is held sideways for effect, another bad actor.


    They provoked the Japanese to attack America. They knew the when and where the Japanese would attack. The president
    would not tell his own men. The president (Roosevelt) wanted his own men dead.
    So too another president (LBJ) in the USS Liberty. Both getting their own men killed, to start wars.

    Note Alex Jones is showing it was an american president (LBJ) who said he wanted the ship sunk and the men dead.
    Alex Jones is accused of covering up for Israel when he points out the president gave the orders to not protect his own men and so kill his own men. This I think proves it is not one country like Israel or America etc. It is as Alex Jones says people used by the elite, this is not religious or states, this is simply people working for the "elite".

  27. And as for critical thinking, I have perfect math and quantitative reasoning scores on the GRE. Anyone want to contest that? For money?
    I realize that makes me an idiot in Beefaroni land because it prevents me from being led into believing utter bullshit like all of Carny Jim 's little bitches. (Both of them)

  28. I can't explain it, because I am not there and I am not talking to people there. But it is amazing that the burden is on me to have an explanation and short of that, again, the most unlikely of explanations is assumed to be true.
    I know, from Beefaroni's Sandy Hook debacle, that seemingly decisive insights are easily explained- if you actually look for evidence.

  29. Thank you, Wendell, for your contributions to this thread. You have done precisely what needed to be done: respond to the critics with some homework. Ultimately, the WHOLE truth will out; in this matter, as in other such false flag ops. Which can consist of: total bs, or some bs & some truth. The Operation Gladio 'exercises' actually killed people, as did 9/11, e.g.. Good sleuthing, by Prof. Fetzer and others, have pretty much blown both the Sandy Hook 'FEMA Exercise' and the Boston Marathon Bombing 'Drill' as the total bs variety. So it pays to look more closely at such other 'actions' as Las Vegas and the Texas church ones, and not just take the MSM's take on them. The MSM is, after all, off good evidence by now, full of fake news – the NWO crowd at work. But even sleuths like Prof. Fetzer could get carried away with their hypotheses, and start assuming the 'worst' – i.e., total bs – to start with. So; discrimination, folks. Discrimination.

    We need both 'Prof. Fetzer' and 'Aristides' in looking at these sorts of events in our time.

  30. 'Either raspberry jam, or Beefaroni sauce'

    Wake up and stop being ignorant. Here is how they stage fake massacres:

     'Casualty Role Players' will be moulaged (injury make-up and fake blood)'
    'Now Hiring Role Players to Support Upcoming Oklahoma VIGILANT GUARD Disaster Preparedness Exercise Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring ​Casualty Role Players (CRP)​ to participate in an Oklahoma Vigilant Guard training event October 30 thru November 2, 2017 at Warr Acres Fire Training Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    Exercise will be conducted by the Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas National Guard as an emergency response to simulated incidents. CRPs will be moulaged (injury make-up and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional conditions and will go through decontamination several times during each day of the exercise.
    PAY for the exercise ranges from $275 to $500. Lunch, Snacks, and water/soft drinks will be provided.’
    Human Domain Solutions (HDS)




  31. 'let's plan a huge fake shooting, get all of law enforcement to play along, as well as EMTs, doctors, hospitals, not to mention…'

    Keep your eyes open and get with the program Aristides. We aren't in Kansas anymore.

    FEMA crisis drill manual:
    'intended to mirror a real incident'
    'actions are performed as if a real incident had occurred'
    Homeland Security Exercise And Evaluation Program HSEEP

    'Full Scale Exercises are typically the most complex and resource intensive type of exercise. They involve multiple agencies, organizations, and jurisdictions and validate many facets of preparedness. FSEs often include many players operating under cooperative systems.
    In an FSE, events are projected through an exercise scenario with event updates that drive activity at the operational level. FSEs are usually conducted in a real time, stressful environment that is intended to mirror a real incident. Personnel and resources may be mobilized and deployed to the scene, where actions are performed as if a real incident had occurred. The FSE simulates reality by presenting complex and realistic problems that require critical thinking, rapid problem solving, and effective responses by trained personnel. The level of support needed to conduct an FSE is greater than that needed for other types of exercises. The exercise site for an FSE is usually large, and site logistics require close monitoring. Safety issues, particularly regarding the use of props and special effects, must be monitored. Throughout the duration of the exercise, many activities occur simultaneously.

    Actors are volunteers who simulate specific roles, such as disaster casualty victims, in order to add realism to an exercise. An Actor Briefing is generally conducted before the exercise and provides actors with an overview of the exercise, including: exercise overview, safety, real emergency procedures, symptomatology, acting instructions, and schedule. Identification badges and symptomatology cards are distributed before or during this briefing'

  32. 'How exactly does that work, when a person is fake killed and they have a funeral? Are the loved ones in on it, or do they think the person actually died?'

    See? Now you're catching on. Don't focus on the skeptics. Be skeptical of the spectacle on MSM. Question the ones who lie in front of green screen about everything every day:

    'We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false' – Zionistic-Jesuit trained CIA Director William Casey in 1981.

    Operation Mockingbird
    The CIA and the Media – Carl Bernstein

  33. Oh I forgot about all of the fake funerals that are taking place all over the country, which involves funeral homes playing along, and I guess all the friends and families that went to the funerals and now have to pretend that their crisis actor friend is dead.
    How exactly does that work, when a person is fake killed and they have a funeral? Are the loved ones in on it, or do they think the person actually died?

  34. Yeah, let's plan a huge fake shooting, get all of law enforcement to play along, as well as EMTs, doctors, hospitals, not to mention the thousands of people who were there to see the concert (or was that fake as well?)

    BUT we will leave the Army truck command center right there for everyone to see.

    By Fetzer's Club, I declare that to be the explanation for the trucks.

  35. That is my working hypothesis.

    There are too many eyewitness accounts that are at odds with the official report.

    There has been a suspicious silence for quite a long time from the authorities (and no one seems to be bothered by it).
    Paddock had all the markings of a CIA pilot.
    There is no motive.
    This Campos guy on Ellen and then off limits.

    Unlike Beefaroni Jim, I am clear about what I am assuming and don't make wild ass leaps into lala land.

  36. Uncle Jimmy, (this is obviously from you) I agree that my delivery is amusing but my message is accurate and serious.
    Why can't I make pointing out what a clown you are entertaining as well as informative?

  37. Either raspberry jam, or Beefaroni sauce.
    Uncle Jimmy doesn't respond well to suggestions that he is wrong about anything.
    And he doesn't respond to all to anyone who sounds like they have an IQ in the triple digits.

  38. I don't know it was a false flag. I am pretty positive it is far more than what we are being told. My point is that if you are someone who believes it was a false flag, you don't have to automatically assume the whole thing was faked by crisis actors.
    This is where Beefaroni Jim goes off the rails.

  39. Jim I am not sure if this was mentioned before, but did you already see the video shot by a gentlemen walking around the front of the route 91 stage area to all the people laying on the ground who were apparently shot? He goes around to about 7 individuals who are apparently dead, or seriously wounded.

  40. per last radio show 8Nov2017
    The good God conundrum.
    You left out: all present =omnipresent, the others are omniscient =all knowing, omnipotent=all powerful, and good=benevolent. They cannot all exist in a logical sense and faith is the key to beloieving. As you said making a decision of no God=athiest, is god=theist.
    I personally have had it with organised religion as such, but still like much of the teachings of Christianity without the only way stuff. Jesus never wrote anything down. Others wrote the New Testament.the gospels don't match etc,I guess they didn't know which was right at the differences, the Bible was hand copied leaving room for errors and deliberate changes, etc. The basis is the golden rule "do to others what you want done to you".
    I think everything needs a mind behind it,every design needs a designer, that is God.
    As for the Old Testament, God did forgive and have mercy, sometimes. eg. Jonah (of whale fame) wanted Nineveh to perish but God had mercy.
    And God said to Jonah: "Art thou greatly angry for the Kikayon?" And he said: "I am greatly angry, even unto death."
    And the LORD said: "Thou hast had pity on the gourd, for which thou hast not laboured, neither madest it grow, which came up in a night, and perished in a night;
    and should not I have pity on Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand, and also much cattle?"

    — Book of Jonah, chapter 4, verses 9-11

  41. Jim will probably argue that the "church" was only permitted to hold 40 people, and since there were more than 40 people shot, the "church" couldn't have been having a real service. So it must have been a drill.
    Sorry, this is no good, I try but fail to sound as stupid as Fetzer does.

  42. I do not want to lend any credibility whatsoever to this site. I want people to understand that they believe what they want to believe, and Beefaroni Jim knows this and plays into it. I think this does a huge disservice to many people in many ways, and I want it to stop.
    I don't even bother anymore to point out what I find stupid; it is pointless.
    Anyone who is interested in comparing Beffaroni Jimaroni's work to real research (on Sandy Hook) please visit:
    (It is not my site)

    Actually, fist read "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by Uncle Beefaroni. You may be pretty convinced. I was. The read the above site. It will make your head spin and you will feel stupid for having believed anything Jim said. Then hopefully you'll come back here and help destroy this clown.

  43. Comments on this site sure do get so convoluted and personal that, unfortunately it distracts to why, (I assume) we are all here in the first place. We seek TRUTH
    Please, please, put aside all the clutter and just OPEN YOUR EYES. Look out your window. What do you see? With your own eyes. Not someone else telling you what you see. Is it sunny? Raining?
    Now, what do you SEE in the Las Vegas and Texas church events? Any bodies? Any blood? 58 people gunned down would produce carnage almost none of us has ever seen. Blood. Lots of blood. Tissue and bone fragments blown all over the place. Have we seen amy of that in Vegas or the church? Any bullet holes in the tents? In the church building? Any chaos, crying, panic, horror around that church?
    Just what do you see?
    There's a picture of the Texas killer. Look at it. He has no ears. Whats up with that?
    The young cowboy who ran him off the road looks like he's in a Halloween costume. Look at his hat. His shirt.
    Just LOOK!

  44. Channeling my best Fetzer: Of course no body died in Texas. What kind of sap believes people actually died? I have 35 years teaching logic, critical thinking, scientific reasoning so how could I be wrong about these things? I graduated Magna Cum Laude at Princeton in philosophy when they were the best philosophy department in the world! I have studied the foundations of mentality and computer science–how could I be wrong?

  45. The article I cited did a find job of documenting the data point they were bringing forward. They were quite objective and from looking at many of their articles, it looks like a good site to me. A few of the articles looked no good to me.

    Aristides, it would be nice if you contributed something positive in our search for facts.

  46. There are already some who are claiming Sutherland Church is a false event.

    Here's one data point that looks good to me.

    I would like to know many more details attesting to the "multiple casualties." It can still be a "false flag" even if there were casualities and the shooting was real, but if there are zero records about deaths and hospitalizations, I would doubt this one twoo.

    Al Jazerra newspaper had the article announcing this Church "shooting" all written and ready for publication about 24 hours BEFORE the event.…lse-flag-event…

    Texas Church Shooting Massacre Confirmed as False Flag Event Evidence emerges that mainstream media had advance knowledge of the attack By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 6th November 2017 @ 12.20pm

    Read more at:…lse-flag-event
    © Neon Nettle

  47. Ms. Pressley has apparently dropped her other at first impressive but clearly incomplete inquiry as to whether there is valid appearing documentation of a death that happened at Las Vegas Oct 1 concert event.

    Ms. Pressley has now moved on to establishing that it was a mass casualty drill and not a real "active shooter" event with real injuries and and deaths.
    That is certainly her prerogative and I appreciate any good information any time that is derived from quality research methods we can get and in any order.

    I do not care though to look in to the "evidence" of a mass casualty drill at this time.

    I am still focused on finding quality information substantiating real deaths of real people at the concert. I also want to find what ought to be a large body of data, if it were true, relating to gunshot wound injuries and treatment of approximately 500 concert attendees.

    I just skimmed this latest article by Ms. Pressley but I noticed a glaring difference between the caption under the white van and white truck with wrapped bundles on stretchers.

    "Moving bodies from funeral home to waiting ambulance"

    The earlier article on this blog that gave first mention of this same photograph (but with different jpg for exact same photograph) did not have a caption but did have a paragraph with several unanswered questions.

    Sunday, October 8, 2017


    “In the picture below, a van marked “Davis” which seems to have a logo from a Las Vegas funeral home is moving bodies into a white truck. Really? Bodies just laid around all night until a funeral home van arrived to pick them up without any sight of a coroner, police, EMT, or other official? Why aren’t official vehicles being used? And where is crime scene tape? Who is the person taking the picture and why are they so close to a crime scene?”

    The first article by aim for truth makes some unsubstantiated assumptions about the photo, e.g. "bodies", but far fewer assumptions than the caption under the same photo is this current article.

    I think the "nobody died" phrase was appropriately researched and applied by Dr. Fetzer for Sandy Hook and Boston, but not for other events, and I am not sure that Dr. Fetzer has used that phrase at all on Las Vegas or any false event other than those two.

    If I am correct about that, I do not appreciate Ms. Pressley muddying the waters of "nobody died" when Dr. Fetzer has worked very hard to make those waters quite clear.

    By the way, it was Simon Shack of September Clues video fame, who first used the phrase…
    "“nobody died on September eleventh.”
    but unfortunately that was a totally unsubstantiated assertion.

    Let's keep our fact finding honest and true.

  48. Here is the rule: If something tends to confirm Jimmy's hypothesis, then it is included in his work. So to the extent that things that really happen support his hypothesis, they will be here. But there are lots of things (most things) that are totally made up, usually by looking at a still photo, blurring it if necessary, and making bizarre assessments. Then there are the things that did happen but Jimmy magically ignores, and never addresses, or declares as fake.

    I know how Jimmy operates, so at this point I don't care to refute his garbage. It is pointless. I try to understand what really happened, period. Coming here is a way to find out what didn't happen.
    If you really care to understand how Jimmy thinks, goto
    and see how, point by point, almost everything Jimmy says is pretty much dead wrong. And always pay attention to how much that is there, for everyone to see, is conveniently ignored.
    That is not to say that Jimmy hasn't been right in his past. He seems to be on a long slow skid right now, but at one time he seemed to get things right. But he has been kicked out of nearly every group he has worked with (this is hearsay so take it with a grain of salt) and I have seen firsthand here how he deals with even the most gentle criticism.

  49. Aristides, so does anything he says here (for example the video time line) correspond with reality, or are you only criticizing his conclusions here?

    Is there anything of value on this page? What's your opinion of the video he has posted? What do you think it shows?

    Are you able to provide this information?

  50. MrTuvok,
    You are clearly a well-intended truth seeker. Please understand that Jimmy doesn't care about the truth; he cares about holding on to his tiny niche of fringe lunatics. I am absolutely serious about this. Don't try to reason, or gently suggest to little jimmy that he is wrong. You will just be called a shill (an incorrect use of the term, but they love using it), or an agent of disinformation.
    Save your breath, and your sanity. Don't try to understand Uncle Jimmy.

  51. Thank you for this research both Mona and professor Fetzer. Other citizen reporters who appear to have investigated the massacre claim that they know people died. Jake Morphonios of End Time News Report claims this, and also there is a lady who lives in Las Vegas who claims she knows of someone who died that evening. She was interviewed by the couple at Victurus Libertas
    At the same time this lady points out that it was difficult to find traces of the hundreds of bullets that must have left traces in the surroundings of the concert venue.

    Are you adamant that no one died? I am sure you agree that if anyone can produce proof that at least one person died, this statement must logically be changed. Are you open to this possibility or have you exhausted the official list of deceased that night?

    Many have pointed out that survivors have died mysteriously after the massacre. It seems odd that they would go after the survivors if nobody died at the concert.


  52. I finally get it. We all know Occam's razor, or the law of parsimony. Jimmy boy is jealous of Occam, because he wants his name associated with a philosophical "law".
    Thus I present "Fetzer's Club": when trying to explain unknown events, take the most convoluted, improbable explanation; the one requiring the most assumptions of cooperation of co-opted citizens (doctors, nurses, witnesses, first responders, etc), and insist it is the truth. Not only that but declare anything that works against said explanation to be fake, phony, or fraud.
    This, my friends, is Fetzer's Club. Once you understand this, then everything here makes sense.
    "Club" in this context means blunt instrument, just like Jimjim. But there is another "Fetzer's Club", which is the collection of imbeciles that think Jim is anything but a deranged carny.

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