Mona Alexis Pressley: Las Vegas Shooting: Was it Real or a Government Drill?

At the end of reading this article and reading the links and videos attached, it should be easy to decide for yourself if the Las Vegas shooting was for real or if it was a Government drill. There have been many false flags since 9/11 including 9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora movie theatre shooting, Boston Bombing, Orlando nightclub shooting, and now the Las Vegas shooting. 

The PSYOP that has been perpetrated on the public these last few years is if anyone questions the official narrative the MSM and everyone else begin expressing outrage to anyone that would consider shootings a false flags or worse a hoax. This has been rolled out by the MSM and the gullible American people, have fallen for it each time. This should, at this point in time, bring up a red flag for everyone. The officials that fool us with every false flag or hoax get away with it continually, because Americans let themselves think with their hearts and emotions versus rational thought. If Americans would step back and think without the emotional manipulation they would see there is plenty of evidence supporting no deaths and no concrete evidence that there were. These are the purported “victims” of the shooting:

The place to begin a journey to the truth is at the time of the shooting. The link below is to Dr. Jim Fetzer’s blog with an attached must see YouTube video by “The Friendly Flipper” who was in Las Vegas staying at a hotel down the road. The shots woke him up and he began live streaming on Facebook and caught the entire police scanner conversation along with his narrative and things that happened to him along the way in the 2 hour journey. Pay attention in this video to the timeline of events which will proof the entire Las Vegas Police Department narrative is false. It will also show you how corrupt the Main Stream Media is and how they will continue to lie to the American people day after day helping the government push an agenda.
Next, is a video after the shooting a truth seeker spying on the FBI in the concert areas for clean-up with a high powered camera taking a look at what was going on. The first thing noticed is that no where at all are there any bullet holes. Now think about it. NO bullet holes anywhere after the shooter shot and killed 58 people and injured another 500 more and not one bullet hole anywhere. The probability of this occurring has to be approximately zero. The FBI is also not cleaning up any blood; instead, they are planting:

Tucker Carlson just interviewed an attorney from California “Catherine Lombardo” and I checked her credentials, which do not look right to me. She and Tucker talk about new footage of shooting “just discovered” with the wrong date intended to plug some of the holes that have sprung in the dike by having video camera footage of the attack with a body shown and wind and debris being blown around by a helicopter, which is one of the more creative variations on how the shooting was done. Their dialog sounded scripted. The footage says it is 2 October 2017, when the shooting took place on 1 October 2017. Give me a break! It supposedly shows a dead body lying in a parking lot for 45 minutes. All of it strikes me as very phony.

To determine if the shooting was a drill or real, one has to look at the victims and find out a few things about them that may give clues to the shooting. The two links below are again to Dr. Jim Fetzer’s blog about current false flags and news events, articles that cover all the victims and where they are from, what there age is, any discrepancies in the obituary and where they are buried. The research lead to contradictions of where the people died, what day they died, what the causes of death were and there being no graves for a majority of the 58 victims.
Furthermore, Dr. Jim Fetzer’s blog republishes a report from a military surgeon, who wrote to Paul Craig Roberts stating, 
“I have now viewed most of the mainstream media reports on YouTube of the victims in hospital and I can assure you they are all actors and not one of these people is a legitimate patient. Being shot with a high-powered weapon and struck with a high velocity bullet is a very traumatic experience and indeed more patients routinely die from the trauma rather than the wound itself. Yet all these patients being interviewed in bed are not surrounded with emergency care diagnostic equipment at all, are looking completely normal, relaxed and comfortable. This is not how patients feel one or two days after being shot with a high-powered assault weapon I can assure you and even if its only in the leg it is still serious.”
In the article Roberts also includes a YouTube video that shows an actual surgery of a person shot with a weapon like Paddocks. It is obvious that the victims on news interviews are completely fake. They are people that state they were shot in the head, neck, leg, etc. with no bandage or area that looks injured. Also most of the victims are up and around a few days after being shot. This is fantasy! The MSM and government obviously think the American people are too dumbed-down to notice something so important.
The area to always look at when investigating a possible false flag is who profits. Follow the money. End Times News Report on YouTube does an excellent job finding out the players in the stock market that made a good amount of money due to the shooting. The reason this should be a smoking gun or red flag is that these people bet against the casino without any reason, which obviously shows prior knowledge that something is going to happen to bring down stock in the casino.

Last but not least, a video done by ex CIA member Dr. Steve Pieczenik who knows who was responsible for this shooting and blasts it on this video. Dr. Pieczenik has been consistent with information he has posted. Furthermore, he is a person whom is trustworthy showing sincerity that he wants the U.S to survive and be OK from the corruption we have endured for generations. His words will sum up the entire false flags and the people involved.

Americans need to wake up before all freedom, wealth, and land is stolen.
Mona Alexis PressleyConspiracy Realist and M.A. in psychology, has also authored “Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert” (24 October 2017) and “CONFIRMED: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert” (2 November 2017). 
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16 thoughts on “Mona Alexis Pressley: Las Vegas Shooting: Was it Real or a Government Drill?”

  1. Art thank-you for taking the time to put together your list. I have been doing more extensive research and the evidence keeps piling up that there were no deaths. Who was the woman you knew that was killed?

  2. Funny how a 4 second video is hard to put into context, but for Uncle Carny, a 0 second video (a still photo) can reveal swarms of crisis actors, fake shooters, non-existent bullet holes, etc etc.
    You just need more Beefaroni in your diet to be able to conjure such things…..

  3. Thanks Art. I have seen a couple of these attorneys on cable news. Each of them were soliciting evidence…video, cell phone pics, audio etc., to support their claims. It appeared in the interviews that they did not have enough supporting evidence.

    The "shot paper cup" I do concede looks and sounds like a bullet striking a cup
    However, since the video is only 4 seconds long, it's hard to put it in context. Why is there just a snippet?

    The girl falling to the ground grabbing her leg. Just not clear enough to tell if she was shot. She's kind of in the background. Sorry. I can't tell for sure.

  4. Don't be fooled by the official story. The number of victims, the type of weapons and the shooter's location are just a story. The audio from the taxi, the police scanner and eyewitness accounts all indicate that the shooter was inside the paddock with the victims.

  5. Yes Andrew, grainy. When he zoomed in on the FBI agents, even the large "FBI" letters were blurry. Even if it was shot with 4k at half the distance, it would be difficult to see bullet holes without knowing the trajectories of the bullets. Anyone that thinks that video is proof that there was no shooting in Vegas is fooling themselves.

    Anonymous, it was a staged event with a real shooting like Columbine and many other events.

    The Girl shot in the leg at 18 seconds has her leg jerk back from the shot before she sits down. And it is very clear that the plastic cup was shot. I personally know of a woman that was killed and another that had shrapnel removed from her arm.

  6. I'm glad you reminded me of the "real killing" at Columbine. I watched a documentry on that recently. And there was very real school surveillance footage which showed the massive pools of blood in the library and the cafeteria. Carpet soaked. And no immediate clean up was even possible.
    And yes it is very curious the lack of vegas lawsuits

  7. This was no doubt an 'operation' of some sort by the usual suspects and NOT a lone nut for sure. One reason that would lead the 'usual suspects' to use crisis actors in a operation such as this, has to do with 'real lawsuits'.

    The usual suspects learned this lesson during the Columbine operation that really did kill a lot of high school kids. Lawsuits were flying on every direction and some of these lawsuits led to the DISCOVERY that men either dressed as sheriffs, or the sheriffs themselves actually killed many of the kids.

    If all these people had truly been killed lawsuits would be flying in every direction as it did in Columbine.

    Who are suspiciously absent from facing civil litigation is not only the city of Las Vegas itself, but the 'mystery' security company (Gs4?) who barricaded all the exits and funneled concert goes to the 'kill zones' where they turned the spot light onto the crowd, making it easier for the shooter(s) to pick people off. No lawsuits against a company that made the biggest blunder in security history getting 50+ killed and hundreds injured?

  8. I don't think people take in to account what a shooting like this would TRULY look like. How could we? We haven't ever experienced it. So when we're told this is what it looks like, by "authorities" and such, well…we just believe it.
    But really wrap your head around 58 dead and 500 wounded by high powered rifles. Carnage, blood…EVERYWHERE..not a few smears, I mean it's unimaginable except to war vets.
    The scenes in all these events are just too clean. Sterile. Almost pristine
    Doesn't add up

  9. Art…I appreciate you compiling these videos…I really do. It took some effort and time. And I think most of us are seeking truth.
    I watched all of the videos you posted, and I was actually hoping for some corroboration that this was a real shooting. I know that sounds horrible, but for it to be real is, shockingly, less terrifying than if its staged.
    Unfortunately, Im further convinced no one was shot. The density of the crowds under rapid gunfire, yet not one video captured anyone falling to the ground, actually shot, and many other anomalies.
    I don't claim to know what happened. But I'm confident what DIDN'T happen.

  10. Art,

    Believe it or not, the Distinguished Retired Professor of logic, scientific reasoning, and critical thinking doesn't actually care about evidence that disproves his pet theories. He only seeks corroborating evidence of HIS side.

  11. Art,
    Welcome to Beefaroni Land, where Carny Jim's logic rules the day. Any evidence that goes against Slippery Jim's narative is fake, planted, or ignored. Any sorry to say, the person who suggests otherwise is an op or shill.
    No one in Beefaroni Land is interested in the truth. Welcome, and enjoy.

  12. Because she can't see bullet holes in a grainy video and that there were actors on TV telling the official story is evidence that no one was shot? Yet there were real funerals of real people, some with viewings. Below are a few of hundreds of videos showing real victims, blood and horrific injuries that were not shown on TV.
    Towards the end of the video above, a girl runs past the camera screaming with her side bleeding. She later posted on snapchat that her and her 4 friends were watching the show when she heard the gunfire, she stated "I didn't realize what was happening until a man not to far beside me, fell to the ground, blood spurting from his neck." At the end of this video, you see a girl who was shot in the head. @9:40 shot in the ribs/chest) Bodies being carried out. @:05 girl on the ground and not moving Girl shot in the leg at 18 seconds lady shot in the head @1:25 Lady in the cowboy boots is motionless on the ground. Bodies on the ground Plastic cup being hit by a bullet

  13. conclusions seem good. I just question the video references. The jake morph guy has put out some dubious stuff. I think he is a crisis actor hiree. He might put out some good stuff, but that is the red herring. Piecenic you gotta put in the alex jones cat as well. He says some good stuff but u gotta to assume he still an operative. I heard him say to back jeb bush for prez one time.

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