Mona Alexis Pressley: CONFIRMED: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert

The explanation is obvious: They don’t have any death certificates or autopsy reports

If by now you are not asking questions about the Las Vegas shooting it is clear the masters that own you have done a great job at the PSYOP they continue to perpetrate on you and most Americans.  The entire aftermath of events demonstrate that if the police, FBI, and MSM were telling the truth, there would not be all the confusion. To clarify:

*The police and FBI have changed the timeline a few times while totally ignoring witnesses seeing 2 shooters.

 *We have not seen any casino and hotel footage of the shooter “Stephen Paddock” which would probably clear up so much.

  *The 2 security guards have no licence for the state of Nevada which should have made it impossible to work at any event or casino and the representative of the casino lied on a MSM news report saying he did not need one.

   *Photos that were shown on the news and videos were staged.

  *Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are deleting videos that have evidence of a hoax, which violates freedom of speech and sends a message they have something they are hiding.

 *The FBI collected witness phones and scrubbed everything off the phones that pertained to the shooting.

   *A couple of weeks before the event a person from 4chan warned others to stay out of Vegas for the next few weeks due to an event that will bring in body scanners to casinos.        

  *A group, “Crowds on Demand” were advertising on Craigslist for Crisis Actors needed in Las Vegas for an event a few weeks before the shooting drill.

    *There were videos of shootings at other casinos the same night as the concert and the police have continued to deny it happened.

    *Last but not least the obituaries and grave sites of the victims should clear up the confusion for people as to why these issues have not been addressed.
The police, FBI, and MSM however are not concerned about these issues due to what they think about the American people.  “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” -George Carlin  They believe that Americans have short attention spans and will forget or really not care about the story after a week or two.  Researchers or conspiracy realists will be shamed, harassed, or ignored by mostly everyone, therefore, doing the job for the officials who are deceiving the masses.  The PSYOP that has been perpetrated on the public these last few years is expressing outrage to anyone that would consider shootings a false flags or worse a hoax.  This has been rolled out by the MSM and the gullible American people, have fallen for it each time. This should, at this point in time, bring up a red flag for everyone. The officials that fool us with every false flag or hoax get away with it continually, because Americans let themselves think with their hearts and emotions versus rational thought.  If Americans would step back and think without the emotional manipulation they would see there is plenty of evidence supporting no deaths and no concrete evidence that there were.  The evidence in this blog should be the smoking gun needed to make everyone stand up and take notice.
The initial blog from last week presented 19 “victims” of the shooting with evidence that the obituary records were changed and that the people who died did not die at the concert, but in the state they were from. Some died on different dates of the shooting and different causes of death.  Out of the 19 “victims” further research show only 6 have a grave site. There are also 5 additional “victims” that have a grave site and were added to the list of “real people”.  Three of them have an obituary prior to the shooting obituary that confirm the “real people” that died, just not at the concert.  The other 2 results which is the smoking gun evidence will be listed below with pictures of proof. The rest of the “victims” are either alive and are using an alias or really did not exist and were created. Cremation may be a factor with these results especially the “victims” that had separate obituaries from family before the shooting obituaries.  Those victims were listed in the initial report.   Overall, there are 11 maybe a few others that are the “real people’s” identities used in the shooting


The 11 victims out of 58 that have a grave are:


Heather Alvardo, Carrie Barnette, Sandra Casey, Charleston Hartfield, Carly Kreibaum, Lisa Patterson, Tara Roe, Christopher Roybal, Bailey Scweitzer, Erick Silver, and William Wolfe Jr.  Listed below are 4 people from this list with additional conflicting evidence with the official narrative.


Charleston Hartfield is the first. In the pictures that were used by the media and the family show there are 2 different Charleston’s and it was unclear as to which one would be the one that was buried.  Charleston #1 the older one:


CharlestonHatfield-NSC_Studio0517R.jpgScreenshot 2017-10-23 at 7.26.07 PM - Edited.png


Or Charleston #2 the younger one. Similar looks probably father and son but different men.




Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 9.41.51 AM - Edited.pngScreenshot 2017-10-24 at 6.41.23 PM.png




A LVRJ newspaper article layed out the events of October 20th, 2017 when the funeral and burial would take place. 
Screenshot 2017-11-01 at 11.25.09 PM - Edited.png


Upon a search for the grave site at that cemetery two results came up. The first was at listing the cemetery he was laid to rest. In this memorial it states his birthday is 05/16/1983 when it is actually 05/06/1983. Done purposely?
Screenshot 2017-10-31 at 4.37.29 AM.png


The second search was completed directly from the National Military Cemetery website and produced these results:
Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 6.51.00 AM - Edited.png
So to verify which one was accurate a fellow investigator that lives in Las Vegas visited the cemetery in Boulder City and discovered there was no grave, and only a tiny marker with his name on it, a week after he was supposed to have been buried. The first listing was a memorial that was purchased by a friend to have his name attached the the cemetery without a grave. So, there is no gravesite.  Therefore, neither Charleston #1 or #2 was buried at the cemetery proofing lies, deception, and no death.  Also, a current LVRJ newspaper article stated his mother had a heart attack a day after his funeral in Las Vegas. There is no evidence that she died anywhere.


Furthermore there is a search on a military website the lists him as still active duty to this day. This was checked 11/01/2017 on
Screenshot 2017-11-02 at 12.57.55 AM - Edited.png


Second “victim” Tara Ann Roe born 9/1/1983. Here is the memorial and information of where the gravesite is.  It looks like Tara did die in Nevada but not on the 1st of October. It looks like her family changed the wording in the obituary area but forgot to change the day she really died 09/27/2017. Oops!
Screenshot 2017-10-31 at 5.28.27 AM - Edited.png


The third person is Carrie Rae Burnette born 12/16/1982. It shows in this memorial the cemetery she was buried, Redondo Beach, and where she died, Garden Grove, California.
Screenshot 2017-10-31 at 4.00.10 AM.png


The fourth and final “victim” is Lisa Marie Patterson born on the 26th of June 1971. It states in the memorial she died in California.
Screenshot 2017-10-31 at 5.12.56 AM - Edited.png
The thought of the government (LVPD, FBI,) and/or “Crowds on Demand”, actually getting people who died in other places and/or dates, is a new technique implemented in these false flag events.  It makes one wonder how in the world they talked the families into that.  It seems money made defrauding the American people cheapens the loved ones death and is not something very many people would do if they had that choice.


Crisis actors at Hooters waiting to be carried out as victims to waiting ambulances

Stephen Paddock Update

The Stephen/Bruce Paddock update since the new information that “Bruce” has been booked in and LA jail for looking at child porn. There are very interesting issues in this booking to look at. The picture to the left is “Bruce Paddock” and the one on the right is Stephen. The two photos are the same photo used to create two different men. Both photos have been run through a website called, Foto Forensics, that clearly find that photoshop has been done to both pictures.  On Bruce’s photo his entire face is blurred and shows has been changed especially in the ears and the lips.  Stephen’s photo has photoshopped out the eyebrows and forehead wrinkles.  ON Bruce’s photo eye color changed/widened, face tanned and filled out to make it look like a different man.


brucepaddock.jpg  stevenpaddock.jpg


Bruce Paddock’s birthday that the LAPD listed in his booking show an almost nonexistent presence for online information. Nothing about him and his birthdate at all. The only evidence online is where he has lived which is in the exact same many places that Stephen has and their names are connected in almost every search.  Below is his booking information. His booking compared to many other inmates were different in that there is no charge after the words Charge level. In other inmate bookings there was always the charge. Also, he was released with no bond on the 28th without any bail money.  The newspaper stated that he had prior charges. This was his first charge and there were no others when doing a nationwide search.




Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 3.03.42 PM - Edited.png



Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 3.10.35 PM - Edited.png


In addition below is a list of his charges. Now look at the date he was supposedly looking at child porn, 01/01/2014, and the date they put out the warrant for his arrest 10/24/2017. This is totally absurd and makes it obvious they are using Stephen in this dual role to make the public happy with finding a motive for the shootings while making him look like a bad guy.  This screams CRISIS ACTING to the extreme.
screencapture-lacourt-org-criminalcasesummary-ui-InfoPanel-aspx-1509531358383 - Edited.png


Finally a picture of Stephen Paddock (probably not his real name anyway) without the photoshop of the other two pictures. Yes, he is Eric also. This is using as few people as possible for the event.


So the moral of the story is never trust the government and always, when it comes to mass shootings, look for the evidence of death first and not the other way around.  Everyone running around with all these second shooter ideas thinking everyone including Paddock died. Question and doubt everything and it will eventually lead to the truth. A total show/production put on by the LVPD, FBI, MSM including LVRJ owned by Sheldon Adelson, and yes Trump had to be in on it, visiting his friend Adelson and the non-injured people in the hospital.

Mona Alexis Pressly, Conspiracy Realist and M.A. in psychology, has conducted extensive research into the identities and causes of death of those who have been listed as “victims” of the Las Vegas event.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. His show, “The Raw Deal”, is back on Revolution Radio, Studio B, T/Th from 4-6 PM/ET. Listen LIVE

For more on conspiracy realism, see “Conspiracy Realists: The Archenemy of the CIA”,


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146 thoughts on “Mona Alexis Pressley: CONFIRMED: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert”

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  6. Dear People of the United States: Dr. James Fetzer is a brilliant man, a former US Marine and a Patriot of the highest order who knows, understands and respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Dr. Fetter is courageously exposing these Government staged false mass shootings. Dr. Fetter uses the evidence at hand and then researches background facts and then runs a comparative analysis to draw reasonable inferences, just like a good attorney does during a trial. I know because I am an experienced trial attorney for twenty years. Thank God for Dr James Fetzer and his methodical, logical, thoughtful and verifiable work.

  7. There is no logical reason to trust Chicken Little Government and Boy Who Cries Wolf News Media.
    The source has means, motive and opportunity to lie and a long history of doing so. I know we all have grown up in the electronic media environment and assume the News all real as advertised. The reality, which is discoverable with a little online Google search box, elbow grease, is that the real weapon of mass destruction of governmental might is the electronic screen and radio media. The News and Government are run from the top down with Hollywood as one big propaganda weapon and always has been. This too is easily confirmed. There is no logical reason to ever think stories presented on screens are anything but allegations and claims. Logically all these edited products can ever be are claims not evidence. I hope that distinction is clear. The media and government rely on blurring that important distinction. This is why all we can do is use News media accounts as evidence of fakery. We can point out obvious problems with mainstream narratives that the News media and government clearly ignore. But even were we to have believable shooting presented to us, complete with real tears and running noses, we'd be most unwise to buy into the reality presented by screen. Even to most believable News story is not evidence and even the most believable victim interview is not proof of anything but a propaganda campaign. Media promoted allegations are not evidence of anything no matter how realistically presented.

  8. OK, since your memory is obviously impaired- possibly from living so close to the dump and train tracks- again, I am a shill (your use the the term, again, used incorrectly)
    So I guess that rules out me being an idiot, thank goodness.
    How does that change anything?

    Complain to USA Today that they didn't list the law firm's name. USA Today was citing court filings, not running ads for a law firm.

    The whole thing is stupid anyways because the idea of lawsuits being in any way germane to whether or not people where killed is your fantasy, not mine.

    I would expect private settlements to be made with non-disclosures because no one- not Vegas nor the government- would want discovery about what went on that day.

  9. Aristides you sent an article proving there are more Vegas law suits but the law firm bringing them isn't provided. That's not how it works. That law firm should be shouting out their services from the mountain tops.

    Either you're a shill or a complete fucking idiot.


  10. Stale like beefaroni from Carny Jim's Y2K bunker.

    Yes, my heart is not in it- too few people here and the ones who are here are only here because it allows them to continue to believe in dragons.

    Some people are here for entertainment, some stop by for insight until they figure out what a loony bin this place is, and some people are truly deranged.
    Oh, and some of us are government operatives. Got to throw that in for the truly deranged….

  11. Who is pretending? I've said I'm a shill all along (using your incorrect use of term)

    Let's keep the charade going that you are not living on a dirty sofa in a trailer of an ex girlfriend whose career dealing blackjack and doing bachelor parties allows her to be charitable enough to let you crash on her sofa and eat beefaroni every day.

  12. "A Chicago law firm helped to prepare the filings"

    Hhhmmm, they didn't mention the NAME of the law firm. With 500+ victims a law firm would be falling all over themselves to bring on more plaintiffs. Yet they don't provide the name of the law firm. That's odd.

    "Romanucci has also filed a lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting"



    Can we stop pretending you're not a shill or do I have to keep on going with this charade?

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  14. OK, hold on right there. This is Beefaroni land, a place where REASONABLE isn't even in the dictionary.

    Personally I think the Smith-Mundt act was modernized because with the ease of access to news all over the world, it only makes sense to make sure the lies we tell abroad match up to the lies we tell domestically.

    Nah, that sounds too benign… it must be the unicorn thing.

  15. I knew you would jump all over that. Allow me to correct the error:

    1) believe your theory Smith-Mundt was "Modernized" to give people "something to needlessly obsess over."


    2) any other REASONABLE explanation.

    Unless you can come up with a reasonable explanation then "2)" takes it by a mile.

    Sorry, I don't make the rules.


  16. Ok, we'll go with
    2) any other explanation
    Which includes
    To allow the government to obfuscate the truth around terror attacks caused by unicorns.
    Not only do I not make the rules; I don't understand the rules. Welcome to Beefaroni Land.

  17. Sorry Aristides but there are only two choices here:

    1) believe your theory Smith-Mundt was "Modernized" to give people "something to needlessly obsess over."


    2) any other explanation.

    Unless you can come up with a reasonable explanation then "2)" takes it by a mile.

    Sorry, I don't make the rules.


  18. Barrack Obama (and Clinton, and the Bushes) risk spending time in jail
    for about 10,000 things they have done and I bet not one of them loses any sleep over it. For someone who is so distrustful of the government, you sure don't understand how the game is played.
    Maybe that's because you are so smart. I'm just a novice in Beefaroni Land.

  19. "Perhaps to give you something to needlessly obsess over."

    Maybe. Or maybe Constitutional Law Professor Barrack Obama didn't want to risk spending the rest of his life in jail for passing off FEMA mass casualty drills as real in the MSM so as to get stricter gun control passed.

    I'm going with the latter and so should you being as I'm smarter than you.


  20. I am seriously displeased to see that my two or possibly three comments on this article have now been deleted.

    I thought Dr. Fetzer was above such action.

    I stand by my comments about Ms. Pressley's article. While my criticism was much more charitable and objective than Aristides', his comments survived and mine were killed.

  21. Don't be so obtuse. The government does whatever it wants to with or without a stupid act.
    The likelihood that even our evil, plotting government would be able to pull off such a massive fake is nill- especially because they are evil and don't care about killing people.

  22. " That doesn't mean that they do these things."

    Aristides you referred to the probability of these things happening with terms like "millions of times higher than the liklihood that…"

    We're talking what's the liklihood Vegas was a FEMA mass casualty drill. When you consider Smith-Mundt is one possible explanation the chances it was real are reduced. You would be dishonest to deny that.


  23. Yes, but there are all kinds of horrible things that, by literal reading of statute/act/whatever, the government can do. That doesn't mean that they do these things.

    Ironically enough, there are all sorts of awful things the government can NOT do by statute/act/whatever and they do it anyway, so I'm not sure why you are so worked up about a particular act. (But then, you are smarter than me….)
    Smith-Mundt would also allow the Government to report that a unicorn shot all the people in Vegas (but we know that is true, so lookie there, the government would be telling the truth)
    Beefaroni land is a very confusing place.

  24. "millions of times higher than the liklihood that no one died."

    Not if you acknowledge the Smith-Mundt "Modernization" Act of 2012 allows the US Government to pass off FEMA drills as real in the MSM.

    Do you agree Smith-Mundt 2012 allows the government to legally do that?

  25. Tucker has an attorney on right now discussing new footage that shows bodies, and her lawsuit.
    Shooty golly gosh, those crisis actors are good.
    I'm sure everyone wants to know if the unicorn was in the footage. Sadly no; it was digitally erased.

  26. I'm not conceding that I'm conceding the point. That said, thanks for conceding that you think I am conceding the point.
    I have always maintained that people died, and Paddock most likely did not do it. But the liklihood that Paddock killed people is thousands if not millions of times higher than the liklihood that no one died.

  27. "You have not proven that the unicorn wasn't there."

    Yes that's true. But I did prove Stephen Paddock didn't kill anyone as no M240 was found in his room.

    And that my idiot friend is check-mate with respect to the official story.


  28. My ex-spouse thinks s(he) is smarter than me, so I am not convinced you aren't mocking Carny Beefaroni and punking me at the same time.

    Neil Young had a guitar. Well, a holographic image of a guitar. The unicorn had the weapon, and for all I know it was a M240.

    But your fogic is alarmingly similar to Beefaroni Jim's; the presence of an M240 has nothing to do with whether or not the unicorn was there. There could have been other (fake) shooters, or other shooters shooting (fake) people (still a metaphysical mystery if there is a difference) along with the unicorn.

    You have not proven that the unicorn wasn't there.

    Which means, of course, that Mr. Green did it in the library using the candlestick.


  29. "Prove to me that scenario didn't happen."

    Paddock didn't bring an M240 machine gun:

    (whispering as if talking to a four year old, "But the US Army owns thousands of M240 machine guns.)

    Unless Neil Young brought an M240 you're still a complete fucking idiot.


    P.S. No I'm not your ex-wife. I'm just someone who's smarter than you.

  30. And my apologies to Neil Young. It wasn't Neil Young, it was holographic projection of him. And to be clear, the unicorn was doing the fake shooting. Or was it real shooting of fake people?
    That's one for Carny boy to consider: Is there any difference between fake shooting real people and really shooting fake people?
    This might be the key to breaking this thing wide open…..

  31. And by calling me an idiot you are joining ranks with my ex-spouse, who ironically enough is a mathematician and dark (personality, not complected) so methinks you are my ex-spouse trying to punk me. Well done.

  32. Ha ha. That is the same argument I use on Uncle Beefaroni- Its better to be a disinfo agent than someone who is serious. So stop using my arguments.
    You haven't refuted my Neil Young scenario so who's the idiot now?
    Prove to me that scenario didn't happen. Because I claim it did.
    I'm getting better at thinking like Carny Jim. Maybe that's why you think I'm an idiot.

  33. "Well, if I was standing next to the Army simulators"

    I can assure you this cab wasn't anywhere near those trailers:

    And when you compare the audio it's identical to the sound of an M240 machine gun:

    So there goes that argument. How many of your arguments have I dropped kicked so far? As for you not being a shill that's not a good thing. It's not. It means you're a complete fucking idiot.


  34. I keep telling you. I am not a shill. I am a deep undercover agent of a secret agency based out of the submarine base in Nevada. (Google John Lear and Nevada Submarine Base)
    We were able to extract the fake shooters by surfacing in the sub-basement under Hooters. (Not exactly under, by accessible by unicorn trails) There is a pool there that has a DEEP deep end.

  35. Well, if I was standing next to the Army simulators, and I heard gunshots from the trailers, and someone asked me if I heard gunshots, I'd say I heard gunshots from the trailers.
    I realize Fetzer's Club does not allow for such simple cause and effect.
    So I guess Fetzer's Club would conclude that a unicorn appeared from pixie dust with Neil Young sitting on its back singing "After the Gold Rush" and (fake) shot up a bunch of people and then implanted the memory of the Army simulator in my brain.
    Something like that.

  36. "So perhaps someone near to them at the time did hear gunshots from the trailers." LOL. You're saying the shooting sounds may have come from an arcade game. It's priceless. Am I allowed to include the fact you're a paid shill to the list of evidence Vegas was a drill or do we have to keep pretending?


  37. Wouldn't it be easier to conclude that 1 guy (your shots-came-from-the-speaker-guy) is in on a fraud rather than concluding thousands of concert goers, doctors, police, etc etc are in on a fraud?

    What logical fallacy is this?

    I think I was right about you sharing beefaroni with Jimjim. You are Carny jim…

  38. So one guy not seeing bullet impacts negates the hundreds (thousands) who did? One guy who thinks he heard shots from the speakers negates those who heard shots from other sources? Including footage that suggests the same?
    Why in God's name, if the shots were blanks, would they not make noise? Why would speakers be involved? You are not, can not be, this stupid.
    Why would anyone think it is a good idea to fake shots by putting it through a sound system?
    They same people that had the brilliance to put Smart boards, magazine racks full of current magazines, recently published books (as of the date of sandy Hook) in order to make it look like the school was operating?
    Such attention to detail, and yet you'd suggest they would fake shootings by putting sound through the PA? Based on one guy's observations?
    And yet the observations of thousands of others are invalid.
    And this is science?

    You are using a logical fallacy called being illogical.

    I hope you are just messing with me, because otherwise I wonder whose sofa you are living on because you surely can't support yourself.
    Or is Uncle Jimmy letting you share his Beefaroni with himself and the trauma surgeon?

  39. You are more stupid than Uncle Beefaroni. Which explains why you are here, no doubt. Can't find anyone else to listen to your pathetic drivel.
    Don't you understand that Uncle Carny knows he's full of shit? That is what makes this more hilarious in a sadly dark way….

  40. Nobody Died at Sandy Hook
    It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control
    Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek
    Copyright, 2015 by Moon Rock Books
    Jim Fetzer was blocked by Amazon and others from distributing this definitive book so he released it to the public domain. The book is excellent!

  41. "Not one person who was there (that I am aware of) has said is was staged"

    This guy heard the sound of gunfire coming out of the speakers and didn't see any bullet impacts:

    He's also an indication that not everyone at the venue was in on it. So there goes your theory too many people were there to have been in on it.

    In fact you're using a logical fallacy called "Argument from Authority". Facts aren't based on who says them, how much money they have or who they know. Facts are facts and can come from anywhere.

    And the biggest fact standing in your way Aristides is only 1.5 people are officially suing Mandalay Bay.

    Let's review some more science:

    “Science is the Belief in the Ignorance of Experts” — Richard Feynman


  42. I shouldn't say "hats off", because in the grand scheme of thing Uncle Jimmy has convinced maybe 40 people; otherwise he is a complete laughingstock and thoroughly discredited.
    And why am I here? Well, I'm a paid shill (incorrect use of shill, but I know it gets you guys excited to see it)

  43. The problem with you lunatics is that you don't know what you are observing. Unless you were there and paying close attention, you have no idea. Looking at pictures and being led like Beefaroni Jim's little bitches into parroting whatever he wants to see is not observation.

    But you are exactly right about
    Bad: Conclusion> Observation. That is exactly what Carny Jim does.

    Again, go to
    to see exactly how outrageous Uncle Carny's observations are.

    What we CAN observe from Vegas is this: Thousands of people were there. Not one person who was there (that I am aware of) has said is was staged. Hundreds of police and medical personnel were involved. Not one has said it was staged. Mandalay Bay has a huge incentive for no one to have died. They are not challenging the story.
    Every person who works in Vegas, all of the politicians, etc. have similar incentive to show that Vegas is safe. They have not challenged the story.

    So we basically have an entire city saying one thing with respect to whether or not people died, and Beefaroni Jim and a "trauma surgeon" who is probably sitting across from Jim eating from the same pot of Beefaroni, saying another.

    The ability to not see the obvious here suggests something, and maybe that something is different for each person. It like "Hoarders"; there is some underlying trigger that explains how each person got to be a hoarder.

    For Jimbo, it is probably too much Beefaroni, because it seems to have been a late-onset situation.

    Personally I believe the true story is far worse and more sinister than a lone gunman gone crazy scenario. But people sure as heck died. And while you may not know it, Carny Jim does. That's what makes him so good at the despicable thing that he does. Hats off to Uncle Beefaroni Jim for being able to convince lunatics to believe whatever he says.
    Next stop: Line up and drink this kool aid…..

  44. "if you can come up with a question that I can't answer"

    Lets review some basic science:

    Bad: Conclusion->Observation
    Good: Observation->Conclusion

    We come across as "lunatics" to you because we're making Observations with no regard for what they means. So if we observe "bodies" being loaded into the back of a van the next day we get suspicious.

    Or as in my case I observed there's no more than 2 law suits pending for an event that "killed" or "injured" 500+ people through gross negligence of the Mandalay Bay hotel. In today's over-litigious America that's essentially impossible.

    We may sound like "tin foil hats" but that's just were the evidence takes us.


  45. 1) No plaintiff mentioned.

    2) Plaintiff mentioned but no name provided, could be Paige Gasper

    3) Page Gasper

    4) Page Gasper

    5) Law firm, no plaintiffs listed.

    6) Law firm, no plaintiffs listed.

    Just as I thought there are between 1 and 2 confirmed law suits. There were 500+ killed or wounded. My point still stands. Until there are at least 10 plaintiffs this isn't even debatable. The lack of lawsuits suggests a hoax.

    And your tin eared response suggests you're a shill.

    Sorry, I don't make the rules.


  46. I don't know. Why should I know? You lunatics seem to think if you can come up with a question that I can't answer (although I'm sure someone can) then you have somehow proved that no one died. It is the strangest twist of logic; I guess its Fogic at work.
    Maybe the FBI wanted to delay picking up bodies so they could concoct a story. Maybe the bodies were picked up right away. You are operating under "your impression", which is a pretty shitty standard of proof.

  47. When and how many bodies removed from the venue. If 26 died in hospital, then 32 died at the venue.
    My impression is that up to several days went by until the bodies were removed.
    The standard of care would be to remove and transport to the coroner all of the bodies asap, which would easily be completed before dawn. This is both the humanitarian and the forensic standard.

    When and where and by whom were the bodies identified?

    -Peter Ross CSTT facebook

  48. If you purchased Nobody Died… then you are probably one of about 2 people to do so. I read it (for free), and yes, at first blush it seems to make good points. It turns out we are all easily led, especially when we agree with an underlying idea, like "the government lies to us/ wants our guns etc." We see that idea in jimmy's work and think "Hey this is a guy like us".
    But he isn't, at least not like me. He is a bloated carny hanging on to whatever following he can after being shunned by all but the extreme loony fringe of conspiracy work.

    How about going to the following address and give it a serious read. It shows just how dishonest, yes dishonest, Uncle Jimmy is when trying to spin a yarn…

  49. James is in my opinion right on target, I was one of the first to purchase his book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, and have challenged all sceptics to read that book in its entirety, it absolutely proves sandy hook was staged

  50. OK let's think about this statement from DarkMath:
    "The biggest evidence no one died in Vegas are the lack of families suing Mandalay Bay and George Soros."

    Well there are lots of lawsuits, and I'm sure we will see more as families get done burying the dead and grieve a while. Otherwise it is unseemly, don't you think.
    So once this "biggest" piece of evidence evaporates, what will be left?
    And, as much as I detest George Soros, I don't think even the lowest form of ambulance chasing attorney would think there is a case against George Soros. But apparently Fogic (Fezter logic) allows for such insanity.

  51. Aristedes "What they are NOT lying about is that people died." There's FAR more evidence no one died. Besides the lack of blood and fake wound where are all the families suing Mandalay Bay? There should be MASSIVE law suits in the works just like 9/11. There is ONE law suit. That's impossible.

  52. OK, go back and read my comments. What I have said all along is:
    1) The government lies a lot.
    2) They are lying about Vegas
    3) WHAT they are lying about in Vegas is the circumstances by which this occurred.
    4) What they are NOT lying about is that people died.
    5) People dying in no way exonerates the government for lying about the rest of the story.
    6) Uncle Jimmy is a fool, because he doesn't understand you can have a conspiracy, false flag, whatever you want to call it, without every thing being faked.
    To jim's credit (and my amazement), he does believe people died at 911. Ironically enough, I do think there were "crisis interviewees" at 911. You know they guy who said, "and then the tower fell, mostly due to the overwhelming heat from the jet fuel…" (paraphrasing) . So we can have crisis actors and real deaths!

  53. So in your Fogic world, if you can find a flaw (And I'll grant that you are correct about the gun thing for the sake of argument) then nothing else is real?
    So by this argument, JFK was not shot. The World Trade Center did not collapse. Etcetera.
    What you super sleuths have to understand (and I know this is asking a lot) is that when you find a mistake, flaw, misstatement, etc., you need to establish an connection between that mistake and a direct implication that it refutes the question in claim.

    Back to the window thing. I'm no gun expert, but I bet I (or Perry Mason) could make a scene look pretty similar to that scene with a Bushmaster .223 . Not that it matters…

  54. Best thing Jim has ever posted, and it was to me!
    "No one here is taking your (sic) seriously because your posts are beyond belief."
    – Carny Jim

    Now, go stand in front of a mirror and read this out loud 5 times….if it helps you can wear your ruby slippers and click your heels while you do it.

  55. Jim, great work as always. A few days ago I was told by wife whom thinks I'm a "conspiracy nut" that one of her friend's ex-boyfriend died at the alleged Vegas shooting. While I don't have a specific name yet by laws of subtraction I have zeroed on either Chris Hazencomb or Brian Fraser whom are both from CA, where my wife's friend used to live. Does anyone know anything in regards to their alleged deaths?

  56. Dr. Fetzer,

    I want to apologize for the recent postings from Aristides. "Aristides" is really my 14 year-old son, Brian Dade. I thought he was doing his AP Chemistry but I guess he has been spending lots of time on your blog.

    His father and I have just been through an ugly divorce, and one of the main reasons we got divorced was we disagreed on Dr. Fetzer's work.
    I think James Fetzer is a brilliant, misunderstood man. And SEXY, too. So I guess we should all understand that Brian naturally has issues with Dr. Fetzer.
    I can't wait to hear what Dr. James (as I like to say around the house) has to say about the fake truck attack in NYC.

    Dr. James- check me out on Ourtime, I am FetzerLover55. I have some awesome "secretarial" skills 😉

    Lula Jean Dade

  57. "people were killed" People were "killed" at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon as well. We only found out later no one died. The biggest evidence no one died in Vegas are the lack of families suing Mandalay Bay and George Soros. There's one token law suit but that's it. This was another 9/11. There should be AT LEAST 100 plaintiffs suing the fuck out of anyone involved. Wouldn't you sue if a relative was "killed". It's an easy case to win. It's gross negligence on the part of Mandalay Bay, hands down, no contest.

  58. "How does believing that people were killed equate to trusting the goverment?" Because the official story keeps changing. Not to mention there's evidence George Soros had foreknowledge of the "shooting". Those are red flags and justify skepticism of the official story. You make it seems like there are no loose ends and every i is dotted and t crossed. That's hardly the case.

  59. How does believing that people were killed equate to trusting the goverment? If I distrust the government does that mean that I believe nothing they ssy is true?
    I do have a tin ear for Fogic, or Fetzer logic, which goes "what supports my theory is real, and what refutes my theory is fake" That how the carny keeps a perfect track record.

  60. "was where you called me a phony" You're not a phony. You come across more as a toddler with a wet diaper. And I gotta be honest you've got a tin ear for logic. You say don't trust the government one sentence and trust them in the next. You're all over the place.

  61. OK, in the spirit of Donna Brazile, I will come clean. I am a shill. You caught me. As such, Jim arranged with me to come on here and cast as much doubt as I can. As he told me, "these idiots that read my stuff live for the contentious back and forth. It always makes me (Jim) come out looking better in the end."
    So, in a moment of weakness, and given that I enjoy posing as a rational person, I agreed to become a shill.
    But in reality, Jim doesn't need me. His arguments are air tight, and I'm certain he will be vindicated and be shown to be the supreme genius of scientific investigation that he clearly is.

  62. PLEASE, don't use shill incorrectly. At least get SOMETHING right.
    Sadly, my hourly rate probably exceeds what Jim makes on all of his books in a year. And my yearly income probably exceeds what all of Uncle Jimmy's followers combined make in a year*.

    *not including government subsidies; somehow I think there are a lot of net receivers defending Jim. Despite their distrust of the government (justified), I'm sure they cash their checks each week and throw a couple of six-packs on the filthy sofa that they managed to toss into their buddies's pick-up from a garage heap and somehow wedged through the front door of their trailers (do trailers even have back doors? On COPS people always use a window to go out the back….) Haven't slummed enough to find out for myself.
    But Jim would understand that; to do so would be to do real research. I doubt Jimmy ever pushes himself away from his desk- other than to warm up his Beef-a-roni, which by the way it looks like he does quite often.

  63. Jim Jim,
    You don't have to tell you you weren't wrong. I know you think you weren't wrong. You are never wrong. That is what gives you away as a SEVERE case of narcissistic personality disorder.
    Just google "James Fetzer insane" and go to town.
    Although you are not insane. And to give you credit where credit is due, I see you believe Judyth Vary Baker is credible, as do I.
    But maybe this is dumb luck on your part, as certainly from my experience, and as almost any researcher who comments on your work agrees, you employ a very unscientific, non-evidence based method.
    But I know you are right. We all know you are right. Now, take your medicine…

  64. What free time? I have been employed by a major intelligence group to keep tabs on you. They are terrified that you are on to the truth and once people realize that this and Sandy Hook were just crisis actors, all hell will break loose.

  65. This is classic disinformation: making attacks with no evidence at all in support, where they play upon credulous saps who have never studied the case and are vulnerable to the presentation of false claims as though they were true, which, like the force, can have a powerful effect on the weak-minded.

  66. As for DiEugenio, I spent seven hours explaining in detail presenting proof that his fantastic allegations had no substance at all. They were meant for gullible saps to distract attention from how much we know about JFK. He dealt with many issues about which he has no knowledge whatsoever. For those who want to witness a complete and total demolition job, check out "JFK: Jim Fetzer replies to Jim DiEugenio's Attack on his research", which demonstrates how easy it is to lie and how complex and time consuming it can be to refute them.

  67. By any name, Aristides is a phony who has no serious interest in the truth about Las Vegas. I only post using my own name, so he is being silly. When the Clark County Corner's Office is on lock-down and we have proof of crisis actors with sheets waiting their turn to be carried out of Hooters on stretchers to be taken away in ambulances as fake victims, anyone who continues to believe this story is either cognitively impaired or disseminating disinformation. Take your pick.

  68. From

    "These two incidents at that forum—with Baker and Doorway Man—showed that Fetzer simply could not admit he was wrong. No matter what the arguments against him were, no matter how powerful the evidence arrayed against him was. And all of this led some to elevate his name into a pejorative term which has gained online notice (for instance, in the Wiktionary)."

  69. Super-sleuth Andres,
    Just what would constitute proof to you tools? Death benefits paid out by an insurance company? No, they are in on it. A funeral? No, its faked. A picture of a dead body? No, its faked. Death certificates? No, the government is in on it. You see (but you don't) a theory is no good if there is no way to disprove it. It is by definition true.
    So sit back on that filthy sofa and wait for Carny Jim to come up with his take on how no one died in NYC.

  70. I am only here to hold Jimmy accountable for his bullshit. Why oh why oh why does Jim-of-litttle-brains equate "false flag" with "no deaths"?

    Why oh why oh why can't we have a false flag with real deaths?

  71. OK, first of all, as I've pointed before, you nutjobs use shill incorrectly. A shill is someone who is prearranged to support the carny. Like the guy who jumps up to buy the first jar of snake oil and turns out to be the salesman's partner.

    If you morons want to make sense, then call me an agent of disinformation, or psyop, or whatever it is you need to believe in order to achieve orgasm during your wet dreams on the sofa in your trailer.

    Or, since most of you are really thick, I'll give you another example. The anonymous poster who calls me a shill is probably Jimmy boy himself, acting as a shill. That is the proper use of the term.

    But I'm not a shill. Just a rational person who wants to hold the government accountable for its evil deeds. Uncle Jim just makes everyone who thinks the government runs operations against the interests of its people look stupid. Because his arguments are pathetic.

  72. Yes, Aristides is a shill. That has been apparent from the start. They are going bananas because this was such a shoddy "false flag" staged attack that only the most gullible are still taking it seriously. It is waking up the American public. He is here to pretend it was real.

  73. They were faking multiple shooters. Why is that difficult to wrap your mind around? In previous blogs, I pointed out we had the image of shots being fired from the 4th floor (machine gun) and above (three-shot bursts) and a video in which we see a man in the crowd turn to fire (using blanks). You need to give this more thought. The whole thing was faked!

  74. Aristides is either a shill or ignorant. I'm going to say Aristides is both spreading misinformation and disinformation no matter what evidence is presented that refutes the 'official' hoax. It's obvious folks!

  75. Aristides is either a shill or ignorant. I'm going to say Aristides is both spreading misinformation and disinformation no matter what evidence is presented that refutes the 'official' hoax. It's obvious folks!

  76. I suspect that Rense is now a paid shill because his commentary can no longer be taken seriously.

    By the same token, Aristedes either enjoys making a fool of himself, or perhaps is a shill as well.

    In any event, there is no doubt that Aristedes' comments at this point mostly go unread.

  77. To repeat, for those new to Jim's bullshit- Yes, there is some kind of back story regarding Vegas that is not at all what we are being told. Do not trust the government. But people died in Vegas. Just as people have died all over the world at the hands of the US- and nearly every time we have been lied to about it. Nothing new here.

  78. I guess reality is relative and jimmy's reality is one best addressed by lithium.
    Jimmy's garbage used to be a good source of jokes and amazement for me but I can't stomach it any more.
    For anyone you wants to see a point by point refutation of Jimbo's "banned" piece of garbage, go to

    If Jim is mentally ill, I apologize and hopes he gets help. If he is, as I suspect, a carny looking to claim a following (albeit a following of complete morons), then I want to expose him as such.

  79. Where do you come up with this rubbish? You must be talking about NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK, which I released to the public for free as a pdf when it was banned by Everyone ought to download it to see how we know that the school was closed by 2008 and there were no children there, that it was a two-day FEMA drill and that nobody died. We even included the FEMA manual as an appendix to the book–and another showing that when guns are banned, homicides go up, which of course makes sense since the area becomes a gun-free zone where only criminals have guns. as the NRA observed long ago. You are wasting time and making yourself look foolish by posting comments that bear such a scant relationship to reality.

  80. You cannot have read and understood the multiple blogs that report the observations of the military surgeon, the trauma surgeon, the study of the 33 videos and the rest and make these comments. If you want to shill, you need to show you have some basic grasp of the evidence, including that this was a made-for-TV production with a pre-recorded sound track and special visual effects, where lots of crisis actors were hired to respond on cue and act as if they were really being shot at. You can't even respond to the absurdity at Hooters, where dozens of crisis actors with sheets were bored waiting for their turn to be carried out on stretchers to waiting ambulances to become additional "victims" of a shooting in which no one was really shot.

  81. Thanks for posting this article, Jim.

    We need all the info we can get our hands on, from the independent media, to complete the picture on this false flag op. Please keep it up. And keep up the good work in general.

  82. Uncle Jim is such a fricking idiot, I can't even make jokes about it any more. I'd love to play games of logic against the bloated carny for big bucks. Sadly since he has to give away his books to get anyone to read them, I doubt he has any funds with which to play.

  83. Double down -to use a Vegas term- on your (calculated ?) insanity. None of the inconsistencies you state (but I must admit I skimmed through them because your arguments are so predictable) imply that people weren't killed. How in the universe did you ever teach philosophy of science? I guess in this upside down world where good is bad and right is wrong it all makes sense.

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