Paul Craig Roberts: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds

Dear Dr. Roberts:
This note is in response to your invitation for medical professionals to comment on the LV shootings with respect to the authenticity of the publicly available videos and whether they prove or disprove that actual victims were injured or killed. I am a retired surgeon with experience in managing patients with massive blood loss in an operating room setting and in other in-hospital cases of marked hemodynamic instability from hemorrhage.
The retired surgeon from Florida made many excellent points already and I will try not to repeat them. Here are some additional problems with the scene as presented in the publicly available videos:
1)  We do not see CPR being conducted on anyone that I am aware of. This would be extremely unusual for a massive shooting. Surely someone would have captured it on their cell phone. Even if it took a while for the EMT’s to arrive, it would be reasonable for non-medical personnel in the audience who have taken a basic CPR course to have started it.
2)  Given the alleged number of victims, we should have seen some evidence of arterial bleeding, no doubt at least several instances of massive hemorrhage (arterial bleeding is often associated with blood being ejected from the site of injury, a so-called arterial “pumper”). What is the probability that no one captured an example of it?
3)  If some of the rounds were from a fully automatic high caliber rifle or machine-gun like weapon(s), some of the victims should have had obvious massive and visible trauma to the head, neck and extremities. So far, I have seen no evidence of it.
4)  There is a complete absence of the kind of urgency one would expect from the professionals who allegedly responded on display in the videos available. Where are the EMT’s with their stretchers rushing to the victims? We see pictures of people in the audience crouching down, laying down, crawling, walking and running away but no evidence that any of them have sustained a gun shot wound(s).
5) If hundreds of people were actually injured (not counting those who allegedly died at the scene) and taken to local emergency rooms, someone should have captured evidence on their cell phones of severely injured victims being wheeled into ER trauma rooms and being taken to surgery. I have not seen any videos from emergency rooms in which victims with actual wounds are displayed. Surely some of the local media would have arrived at the local hospital ER’s to take pictures and to interview the uninjured persons accompanying their friends/relatives. No interviews have appeared in which surgeons who attended the victims have been carefully questioned for the extent of injuries sustained. Similarly, no pathologists have been interviewed about their necropsy findings.
6)  Where are the death certificates of those who died at the scene? Where are the autopsy reports which would have been mandatory? I have seen pictures of alleged deceased persons but not actual proof of death(s). Moreover, why have there been no news conferences from the hospital(s) reporting on the progress or subsequent deaths of injured patients? Surely, someone with critical injuries must have died by now if the event was not staged. The only videos I have seen depict alleged shooting victims who do not appear to have sustained a GSW.
7)  If hundreds of injuries/deaths occurred, the video evidence should have been overwhelmingly in support of it given that almost everyone has a smart phone with camera capability. Yet, we have clearly been shown videos which do not support it. That is very strange and suggests that better video evidence is lacking, as would be expected if much or all of the scene was staged.
8)  It has been reported that a mass casualty drill was taking place in LV either at or prior to the alleged mass casualty event. Many false flag events have been preceded by a drill that “went live.” It has also been reported that citizen researchers who have called the closest local hospitals have been told that they had no record of gunshot victims. These claims need to be substantiated.
9)  The fact that advertisements/requests were placed asking for “Crisis Actors” in the LV area strongly suggests that the event was either partially or totally staged.
These represent only a few of the problems that come to mind at this point.

This reader writes that there was an active shooter drill underway in Las Vegas:
There was a FEMA “active shooter” drill going on that very same week in Vegas. Look into it more. It may have overlapped with the real situation to purposefully sow confusion and throw the scent.
Based on developments in England, this reader speculates that laws are coming our way that criminalize independent citizen investigations:
In your October 11 article “More Responses to the Military Surgeon’s Letter”, you ask “Is the real conspiracy one of establishing official stories as fact regardless of evidence?”
There is a strong case for that contention. I refer you to the October 2 Guardian article titled “Amber Rudd: Viewers of Online Terrorist Material Face 15 Years in Jail”.
In the article, the Home Secretary is quoted thus: “I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions, face the full force of the law.”
The inclusion of “far-right propaganda” in her statement is ominous. It appears that the stage is being set for the thwarting of all independent investigation in the aftermath of a tragedy, with severe legal penalties for those who do not comply.
And this from England:
Regarding your question “Why then are what clearly seem to be crisis actors employed?”.
I’m going to take a wild guess. They are preparing us for war and so they don’t want the people to see blood and guts and just how horrendous the injuries are as it might cause people to think about the reality of war. The shocking images would make people fear what war will do to their friends and family and then they will object and oppose the war mongering of the politicians.

They used actors to make being shot seem not so bad – your clothes stay clean and you are soon upand about again – so “Let’s have a war, it’s nothing to worry about”.

Once again, the question that should be on our minds is why such a public event as the mass shooting of 573 people is not a completely clear transparent event?

Why the lack of hard evidence? Why instead do we have videos of non-medical personnel incorrectly carrying non-wounded people?

Some claim that the bullets were fired from too far a distance to do much serious damage. This is the answer to why none of the 500+ reported wounded have been reported to have died from complications from their wounds. So, why then did 58 or 59 people die on site from the bullets? Alternatively, how is it possible that automatic fire into a packed audience only hit 58 or 59 people and the 500+ only suffered minor injuries by wood splinters and pieces of concrete thrown up by the bullets, thus, no deaths from the injuries?

Why is it that with these terror events—Las Vegas, Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11 itself—drills reflecting the alleged events were being conducted? Why has the media, not only the US media, but also the world media, never asked this question?

How is it that almost every time that there is a terrorist event, a drill of that event is taking place?After all this time, how can this question remain unasked and unanswered?

How is it possible that 573 people can be shot in a public place, and aware people can have no confidence in the official story?

We know we were lied to about the JFK and RFK assassinations, the Martin Luther King assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gaddafi, Yemen, Somalia, Obama’s overthrow of the Honduras government, and Maduro in Venezuela still targeted for overthrow along with the governments of Ecuador and Bolivia. The lies we know about are voluminous. There are 3,000 structural engineers and high rise architects, and also physicists, nano-chemists, first responders, high placed former government officials, and military and airline pilots who challenge the official 9/11 story. And all of these experts are dismissed by the presstitute media, which in total probably doesn’t have an IQ of 100, as “conspiracy theorists.” Can you imagine a dumbshit American media talking head calling an internationally known nano-chemist at the University of Copenhagen a “conspiracy theorist” for publishing a peer-reviewed scientific article that he and his team of scientists found reacted and unreacted nano-thermite in the dust residue of the World Trade Center?

This is the American media, a collection of dumbshit whores who sell their souls to official lies. America has no greater enemy than its own media.

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25 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds”

  1. I actually looked at that video and the only I HEARD and did not see was a woman's voice that said "seriously, guys somebody is getting life support down there." also video is so dark there is nothing to see at all. I hope you have more proof than this????

  2. Oh pleeeze! Jim has more credibility than all the mainstream media but then all of the mainstream media are really only one entity….Fake News….Only On Television….all this fake news b.s. is to set up the alternative media so that people can continue to watch the "real" news as their brain cells die one by one ( well the few that they have left )from lack of exercise which I like to call….critical thinking. No one died in Las Vegas and NONE of the so called eyewitnesses are credible. This was the most blatant fake crisis act to date. I gave it a thumbs down.

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  4. I've seen that video several times to analyze and those bodies are really dead or nearly dead persons. Most of the dead were shot in the head. The ambulances' responders were picking up all the critically wounded and minor injuries out where others had brought them to the safe area on backside of event. The dead were left to lie there as they were killed instantly. Those still barely breathing had a loved one holding them or doing what they could. They didn't need CPR as they were breathing. So I discount the good doctor (apologies) on the aspects of CPR or someone walking around recording. People were in shock and staying low because they thought more shooter's were not done. I did feel bad for the dead individuals left lying there all spread eagle and not with a loved one with them. Broke my heart to see left unattended with phones and their personal belongings left there. They would of had to shoot me to because I would have NEVER left my loved one or friend all alone even if dead. I would be there to tell whomever their name and at least close their eyes and cross their arms. That's just me.

  5. I believe he had some good points and some points I disagree with. People have different prospectives on things and that's just the way it is. Just because we have these false flag events should not make you critical of everyone. Come on now, don't give in to evildoers and not believe in good innocent honesty in most, as we still do have PLENTY of good in every day people. 🙂

  6. There were a lot of people very intoxicated. That explains some. Others are like people I know who refuse to show fear, as it looks silly to them. I know of people that hear a tornado warning and go stand outside to watch instead of running for cover. But, I do believe it's mainly from intoxication and disbelief. Some also react by freezing. That what I am, I guess, because during a couple of horrific events, I have frozen in shock, which I never imagined would happen to me!

  7. I have the screen shots of Las Vegas local CBS KLAS-TV 8, had posted on their website an article regarding a massive DHS/FEMA 'Shooting Drill', that involved an additional 200 other State/Federal agencies for the 3-4 day drill to detect faults in their 'Trauma System', for Las Vegas. I worked in film and TV for many years. I have worked on countless film and TV shoots. ALL of the photos are staged that I have seen posted on google images without question. The videos are little better. All of those can be staged with no problem. Watch any Hollywood movie. In the middle of so-called 'Live Fire', people are just standing there ! Would YOU be 'just' standing there in live fire people ? Come on …

  8. Apologies. I hit the wrong buttons …

    The fact that you're a Apollo denier should
    tip people off right away that you're,
    shall we say, "quite imaginitive".
    But let's just put that inconvienent truth
    aside for just a moment.

    You say: "NO ONE DIED AT LAS VEGAS !", huh … ?
    Well then, I suppose this video is just bullshit, right ?

    Add to that, a very close friend's sister-in-law
    unfortunately lost her life there.
    My friend attended her funeral.
    No, he isn't lying.
    And no, it wasn't a fake funeral.

    You also say the Las Vegas tragedy shows "the government"
    is getting sloppy in crafting it's fake narratives.
    I think the Las Vegas tragedy shows it is you, Sir,
    who is getting sloppy in crafting fake narratives.

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  10. The media worldwide is simply the propaganda arm of the NWO, ie. our governments. That's why other news organizations don't ask questions. There have been people from other countries that speak out because they see something is not right. For example, Danny Jawenko, a Dutch controlled demolition expert, went on record saying Bldg 7 was controlled demolition and he died in a suspicious car accident.

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    One week prior to the LV Life is Beautiful concert a co-conspirator, Timothy Bates surrendered atcvthe White House. The event was postponed to the Harvest. After the Harvest, Tennessee police arrested Scott Edmisten, an expert machinist with full auto weapons. When this article first ran there was local FOX TV footage, since scrubbed. Both of these conspirators are talking.

    "Trump Springs Trap on Fake News Rats" at has the counter-intel status, expect major overthrow of our deep state traitors.

    "Big Oil Environmentalism" at will give valuable history on the ruling Demonic Warlords monopoly.

    Find and share Truth….it is your duty as an Earthling

  13. Strong, Jim; thank you. We'll see what develops as the false flags become more outrageous.

    We're seeing a polarized choice for "We the People" of either integrity for the Truth, or surrender to psychopaths.

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