On Miles Mathis on “The Las Vegas Hoax” and “the controlled opposition”

Jim Fetzer

Miles Matthis is an interesting guy, who is quite intelligent and original in thought. His latest, “Las Vegas Hoax” (10 October 2017), offers quite a few important observations that contribute to understanding what really happened in (what has to be) the most complicated and confusing “false flag” of them all–with the exception of 9/11. See, for example, “9/11: Who was responsible and why”.

His analysis of the Las Vegas event

His critique of the photograph with which he begins his blog are rather brilliant and devastating to the “official narrative”, which has been falling apart since the event itself took place. He advances point after point why this appears to be a staged (or even photoshopped) image and why even the lighting does not make sense, if this had been a real event. Here are the observations he provides about it:

First of all, what’s wrong with the photo above? You have to look closely at these pictures and think them through. Almost nobody does that. It is a paste-up. How do I know? Because it makes no sense. Look at the two people climbing over the fence. That is the major clue. Isn’t it odd to find them both in the same position, within a few feet of one another? Let me ask you this: would you climb a low fence in that way? I wouldn’t. If someone was shooting at me, I would vault that sucker. But here we have a guy and a gal, both apparently young, both bellying over as if they are on a drunken treasure hunt. They look chosen and placed to me. The photo looks composed.

What else? Well, these two are scrambling over the fence, but on the other side people are just lying and sitting around. They don’t seem to be still worried by an active shooter, do they? So they don’t match the climbers in attitude. They are acting like that fence is a perfect barrier, but it is just made of mesh. Plus, it is only about four or five feet high. The shots are allegedly coming from 32 stories up, so it would be no protection at all. What else? Note the lighting, which makes no sense. We are supposed to be at 10pm here, and I assume these people have just climbed a fence on the outer edge of the concert grounds. So why are they lit like it is during the day, at about 5pm? The faces are in half-light, like in the evening. Stage lights or floods wouldn’t light them like that.

He also has astute observations about the background of Stephen Paddock, the patsy, and some of the motives that appear to have driven the event, such as promoting gun control and installing body scanners, where the Chertoff Group stands to make billions, should this staged event lead to their adaption not only in Las Vegas but at institutions (such as schools and churches) across the nation:

Other researchers have shown that prior to the fake shooting spree, Crowds on Demand placed ads in Craigslist and other places looking to hire crisis actors by the thousands. We may assume they found them.

Speaking of the Department of Homeland Security, did you know that there were other smaller shooting events that night at other Las Vegas casinos? They have been overshadowed by the Mandalay Bay event, but shots (again probably blanks) were fired at many casinos. This according to people staying at those casinos. Did you know that DHS is pushing to install expensive body scanners at all Las Vegas casinos? Of course this hoax is the perfect pretext for that, isn’t it? Do you know what company developed the body scanners currently in use? Lockheed Martin. Just a coincidence, right? The body scanner business is now owned by L-3 Technologies, which posted 10.5 billion in revenues in 2016 and expects even more profits in 2017-18.

It is now one of the top-10 government contractors. It was previously Loral Corporation, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin run by Bernard Schwartz until 2006. Loral already had 5.5 billion revenue in 1995 by itself. Remember, they don’t tell us what company “that later merged with Lockheed Martin” Stephen Paddock worked for. I suggest it was Loral. It looks like the Carlyle Group is also involved, since one of Loral’s “other acquisitions” listed at Wikipedia is LTV missiles, now known as Vought Aircraft Industries. Carlyle owned Vought until 2010, when it sold to Triumph Group, formerly Alco Standard.

He cannot possibly have won millions playing video poker (which my wife can confirm) and he may have instead have been laundering vast sums of money for his benefactors, which may or may not include the CIA but almost certainly Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn and George Soros, who had a major short on MGM, whose own executives were selling off their stock in advance of this event.

His attack on “the controlled opposition”

In spite of the excellence of most of what he reports here, he felt obligated to attack several of us whom he regards as “controlled opposition”, including, in this case, Kevin Barrett, Mike Adams and Robert David Steele, in addition to me. His reason for attacking me verges on the absurd: he thinks the death of JFK was staged (a fake event), while I take it seriously and regard it as real! He writes,

On the way out, I want to comment on a couple of “Truthers” at youtube spreading lies. The first is Kevin Barrett, using “ex-CIA” phony Robert Steele to promote the idea people were “shredded by hollow-point bullets in a massacre”. To start with, there is no such thing as ex-CIA. Once CIA, always CIA, so I don’t know why anyone trusts these guys. If I were ex-CIA, would you trust me? No, so why trust this guy? Notice that in the first moments of the interview, Steele takes the existence of ISIS as a given. That is one of the desiderata of his analysis: that you believe ISIS exists. It doesn’t. Or, it exists exactly like Osama bin Laden existed. There were and are real people getting their pictures taken and doing things. They aren’t SIMs or CGI. But they aren’t terrorists as you are told. Osama was a rich Saudi working for us mainly as an actor, and the ISIS goons are the same. They are a group of actors who look Middle-Eastern working for worldwide intelligence. They are our created enemies right now.

So, Barrett is compromised. I don’t trust him and you shouldn’t either. What about his ex-partner Jim Fetzer? Same deal. Fetzer and Barrett fall together. Notice that in Fetzer’s hour-long video, his buddyDean Ryan compares Las Vegas to the Kennedy Assasination before the two-minute mark, selling them both as real. Ryan claims his ex-girlfriend’s uncle was killed in the shooting. Sorry, Dean, I think we are going to need more than that. How about a name, so we can non-confirm it?

So I assume all these guys are planted agents. You now see why I have refused to be interviewed by either Fetzer or Barrett. Fetzer wanted to use my Charlottesville analysis for his new book and I told him no. He mentioned that he wanted to post a disclaimer on my Kennedy remarks in that paper, since of course he is still selling that event as real. I told him I didn’t want to be a part of his book, with or without the disclaimer. I want to have nothing to do with these guys, since I can see they are controlling the opposition.

Having exposed that Osama bin Laden was working for the CIA and died on 15 December 2001 but was resurrected and killed again to position Barack Obama for a triumphal reelection; and that JFK was taken out, not by Lee Oswald, but by other shooters, where my collaborative research on JFK shattered the cover-up and exposed the role of LBJ and the CIA, I find his attitude incomprehensible. See, for example,

His attacks on Kevin Barrett and on Robert David Steele strike me as equally bizarre and ill-founded. Surely different students of Las Vegas can arrive at different (tentative and provisional) findings in a convoluted and rapidly-changing information environment without therefore having to be members of the controlled opposition. Mike Adams acoustic research, for example, is obviously completely sincere. 

There is something strange about his denial of the existence of ISIS, which we know was “Made in the USA” with the complicity of Israel and Saudi Arabia. That ISIS was not an indigenous uprising but was created to bring pressure on Bashar al-Assad to drive him from power as the penultimate stage in the master plan to take out the governments of seven nations in the next five years surely does not make it unreal.

But for Miles Matthis to attack other students of Las Vegas when their information is fragmented and incomplete and authorities are changing their story to cover enormous gaps that make no sense at all does not show those he attacks–even if they are mistaken in their fallible conclusions–have done anything wrong. He simply disgraces himself and raises serious questions about his own credibility.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and the co-editor of moonrockbooks.com.

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14 thoughts on “On Miles Mathis on “The Las Vegas Hoax” and “the controlled opposition””

  1. mathis makes important contributions in identifying faked events and the incestuous people who sponsor them – overwhelmingly jews.

    I agree with fetzer's complaints that mathis is gratuitously critical of others who disagree with him which makes him a bully. I totally agree that fluid situations with shifting evidence and knowledge will lead to some faulty initial conclusions but that does not at all mean that someone is controlled opposition.

    however, even though mathis denies flat earth, I can distill valuable analysis from his writings and leave the crap on the table, but his bullying is disgraceful.

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  3. Thanks to Jim Fetzer for publishing this analysis from Miles Mathis.

    The key divide among "truthers" can be identified to be the question of Crisis Actors. Were they used or not? If so, it means there is a much larger conspiracy, involving the media, many layers of government, not just a small group causing a massacre under a "false flag". Whether some people do actually get killed, possibly accidentially, is not even that important. Alex Jones and many of his associates deny the existence of crisis actors at events such as the Boston marathon bombing, giving 90% of the official story their seal of approval, while debating endlessly over a small portion of the story, such as whether the shooter was mind controlled or not, or whether he was influenced by drugs. The concept of crisis actors and hoaxes is never even mentioned by AJ, misleading millions of honest truth seeking listeners. This is controlled opposition if there ever was one.

  4. I am a shooter & an electrician. Why is this relevant?? How could this guy shoot his rifle(s) in a confined motel room/suite without all the smoke setting of the Fire Alarm system?? I don't know if it did or not, but I regularly test & troubleshoot Fire Alarm systems & I know they are quite sensitive.

    Shooting in an indoor range creates a lot of smoke & without proper ventilation, you would be literally "smoked out" after 1 or 2 magazines. The open windows would not be enough.

    Nobody is probably thinking of this fact but because I both shoot & work on these systems, I am quite aware that the Fire Alarm system would go off because of the smoke. This may have been the case, but I never heard. Maybe someone can confirm this.

  5. This flame war is what the controllers want… divide and conquer. I follow both Jim Fetzer and Miles Mathis along with many others as they do brilliant work. I disagree with Fetzer, Mathis hasn't discredited himself, far from it. It's good that we question everything, even our pet theories. But can we all just agree: let's just ignore the Flat-Earthers!

    In this age of Hollywood special effects, the democratization of Photoshop, and a controlled corporate media, how can we trust anything we are really told? It appears the controllers are even adapting the narrative to the critiques of the independent media.

    At this point in time, it's really unimportant what really happened as Mike Rivero would say, the Deep State is targeting our gun rights!

    The Controllers are magicians, their weapon of choice is misdirection.

  6. Mathis's article was the second best thing I've read about the Las Vegas hoax, after the American Intelligence Media analysis.

    Dr Fetzer, I think Mathis was unfair to you because he failed to acknowledge that you have taken no strong position about the Vegas hoax, and simply open your airwaves to diverse opinions and insights such as Mike Adams.

    On the other hand, Mathis's critique of Adams is legitimate, since anyone that barreled into "multiple shooter" theories without first establishing that real shots were fired, which has yet to be done, was getting ahead of themselves.

    Jeff Rense, for example, is embarrassing to listen to when he blames nonexistent ISIS and insists that people really died because he saw a video of some crisis actor lying on the ground.

    Don't let yourself be played: No One Died In Las Vegas.

  7. http://blog.banditobooks.com/an-open-letter-to-miles-mathis-part-one/

    An Open Letter to Miles Mathis, Part One
    by Allan Weisbecker on March 9, 2017 i


    "Remember, they don't tell us what company “that later merged with Lockheed Martin” Stephen Paddock worked for."

    Here is the answer…


    Paddock worked for Space Shuttle booster maker Morton-Thiokol, a predecessor company of the Lockheed Martin from 1985 to 1988.

    Morton-Thiokol's O-ring component on a booster rocket was later found to be at fault for the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986.

    Also from same article…

    "Lockheed Martin are the world's biggest arms dealer, and one of the Podesta Group's biggest clients.
    "By far the largest amount of Lockheed Martin’s lobbying budget is paid out to the Podesta Group, the powerful firm headed by the super-lobbyist, Tony Podesta. Lockheed Martin paid the group $550,000 in the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. Most of the issues the Podesta Group advocated for on behalf of Lockheed Martin were defense and aerospace issues."

    Here is another interesting article regarding Las Vegas event.


    Is There A #PedoGate Connection to the 2017 Las Vegas Mass Shooting?

  8. "Mysterious Dr X says, Universe is NOT Expanding"…. in a Time magazine interview, "Shift on Shift" on Dec 14, 1936….the father of big bang said it was a hoax to fund a new 200 inch telescope.

    "Federally Funded Frankenscience" the reason the CIA forced the Big Bang hoax.

    Both in archive at CanadaFreePress

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