Mona Alexis Pressley: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert

Mona Alexis Pressley
Conspiracy Realist

Touching: Except that they died at different times or different dates or in different states or from different causes of death

Those who have been publicly identified as “victims” of the 1 October 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, it turns out, died at other times and other locations and of other causes. Some of them do not even exist but were created through a photo-shop program that produces the illusion of an entirely different person. If this seem initially unbelievable, when you finish this article, look back at the photos of the victims and see if you can find the same person in many of the others. This study will uncover the beginning of the research conducted to this date, with new findings to follow. 

 It is important that Americans pay attention, stand-up and demand answers and not relinquish until the entire truth comes out. If Americans remain apathetic, in denial, or just plain lazy, we run the risk of losing all freedom, including whats left of the right to bear arms. It is difficult to wrap one’s mind around a government so corrupt that it could orchestrate afalse flag” event this elaborate, until you reflect upon “Operation Northwoods” of 1962. This unclassified document should be read by every American to teach them the lengths the US government will go to to fund its wars and continue to enslave its own people.


There’s a segment of the world wide web that has been calling the mass shooting in Las Vegas on 1 October a “staged event” or afalse flag”. The brave souls who have been going with their gut feelings after watching the production unfold on television have been getting blasted by the Mainstream Media and the Social Media, which at one time, but no longer, used to be the place to voice daring opinions. Even one’s own peers have put the pressure on “conspiracy theorists”, who are preferably called “conspiracy realists” or “conspiracy analysts”.  

This shooting was strikinglysimilar to the event in Newtown, CT, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 in the manner in which it was presented by the media. For those unfamiliar with the Sandy Hook school shooting, the book NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) edited by Dr. James Fetzer (from in its 2nd edition but available for free as a pdf in its first) is the best way to catch up onfalse flags” and hoaxes that our government conducts in collaboration with state and local authorities. Following that event, which turned out to be a two-day FEMA drill, conspiracy realists went to work and have effectively eviscerated the official account. Let this be true of Las Vegas, too.

The Las Vegas “Victims”

The first victim, Christopher Louis Roybal, born 10/09/1988 was listed as one of the victims of the shooting. However, after searching obituaries there was a discrepancy in the date listed as to when this person died. Both obituaries were found on and listed two different obituaries for Roybal with two different dates of death. The dates were 1 and 2 October 2017. A pattern was emerging that appeared to warrant more investigation.

After a closer look on the internet about Mr. Roybal’s death, this heading and description (“christopher roybal dies on october 2, 2017 in california”) was found on the search engine page:

It was either missed by the production company that put together the shooting (Crowds on Demand) or else the title initially listed cannot be changed. The content was changed but the search engine link, which was created first, tells the entire story. Mr. Roybal passed away, not in Las Vegas, NV, but in Corona, CA. The obituary, but not the searchengine heading for the obituary, was changed, a pattern that we will see emerge again and again. 

The second victim, Heather Alvarado, born 9/20/82 had a similar discrepancy in her two obituary notices. An earlier listing places her death in Enoch, UT:

There was an error in the actual obituary where they must have tried to take out the real place she died, which was not Las Vegas, NV, but Enoch, UT. Instead they kept the name of the city, “Enoch”, in between her twicelisted name.

Susan Smith, 53, was the third victim found to have not died at the concert in Las Vegas. The obituary was changed to say she died in Las Vegas, but the rest of the obituary does not talk about any shooting death and also requests donations to the Cancer Society:

As with other examples examined here, the same problem occurs the obituary and search engine pageheadline, where the link to the obituary is not the same. 

Sandra Casey, born 11/1/1982 was the fourth victim that wasn’t a victim but did die. The search engine in regard to her death listed Sandra passing away in Vermont (below):

Brennan Stewart is the fifth victim to have died at a different location and also a different date. The search engine produced  title that Stewart passed away in North Las Vegas which is on the opposite side of where the Las Vegas shooting took place. It also states in the search engine heading that he died on 2 October 2017, not 1 October 2017. 

Angela Gomez was the sixth in the long line of mistakes made in obituary notices in regard to places and dates. In the search engine in regard to her death she was listed to have died in Riverside, CA, rather than Las Vegas, NV, on 1 October 2017. 

Jennifer Parks, 35, 1/18/81, was the seventh victim to have died in Lancaster, CA, not Las Vegas, NV:


The eight victim, Carrie Rae Banette, passed away in California, not in Nevada, as listed below in the obits. 

The ninth victim, Rocio Guille also passed away in California rather than Nevada: 

The obituary that followed the link listed above: 1 October 2017 – Anaheim, California:

The tenth victim, Christopher Hazencomb, passed away 2 October 2017 in Camarillo, CA:

The funeral home wrote up a tribute for him with the information about his passing and other information. Everything but his name was erased but the page remains. Pretty fishy.

The eleventh victim, Victor Link, passed away on 1 October 2017 but again in California: 

According to this blog post by his mother, twelfth victim, Jordan McLldoom, committed suicide:

The thirteenth victim, Patricia Mestas, passed away in California:

Jordyn Rivera, the fourteenth victim, also passed away in California on 1 October 2017:

Michelle Vo, the fifteenth victim, passed away in California on 1 October 2017 in both the search engine title and the obit: 

The sixteenth victim, Hannah Ahlers passed away in California on 1 October 2017:

The seventeenth victim, Adrian Murfitt, died, not in Nevada but in Alaska on 1 October 2017:

The eighteenth victim was Denise Burditus, who did die in Las Vegas, Nevada, but at a hospital on 2 October and not at the concert in her husband’s arms as he stated in an interview. She passed away at Spring Valley hospital with no mention of having been shot.

The nineteenth victim is the last person even though there are more victims who died in their home state, but the proof will have to be presented at a later date when evidence is available. The nineteenth victim is the most confusing and took a minute to figure out.

Charleston Hartfield, there are two of them. One was born in 1965 that worked for the LVMPD, retired from the military (82nd Airborne) and wrote the book about his experiences on the street. This man is much older then Charleston #2 and the one who died in his home in Henderson, NV. He is also Charleston #2’s father. These pictures are of older Charleston at different ages. The banner Charleston and wife, Denita, are wearing was photo-shopped from 88 to 98: 

Here is the search engine title to tell you where the older Charleston died. He is the one buried at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City. 

Denita is the one in the pics that appears to be the children’s mother but she is really their grandmother. The woman standing with her is the children’s mother, Veronica, and they are mourning their grandfather, thank God, not their Dad. 

The younger Charleston is still alive and working in San Bernardino, since they are the ones that listed his picture as a cop or he could be in the military in another state. He is also the one that is in the National Guard or could now be active duty someplace other than Las Vegas.

Where do things stand?
We should also look at the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, and his brother, Eric Paddock. My suspicion is that Stephen and Eric probably work for the FBI, where they, as a team, brought the crime scene props, including 23 assault weapons, to the Mandalay Bay suite room and staged the scene there. That is why the police and the FBI do not want to look for a second or a third shooter, in spite of overwhelming evidence that multiple shooters were simulated by video special effects that accompanied the audio special effects: the sounds of automatic weapons firing. According to the official narrative, Stephen is the one and only shooter–and they want to stick with the script!

[Editor’s note: Scott Bennett has done a nice critique of the arrangement in the suite after the event had drawn to a conclusion, where we have a body lying on its back with blood coming from the back of his head. But there are too few shell casing for what would have to have been the expenditure of thousands of rounds, if the audio and visual effects had been produce by real shooting. Not only are they not present, but some shell casings are on top of the blood, when they should be under it; and others are for blanks and CO2s, which are used for pellet guns. Even the suicide weapon is not in an appropriate location, which means that the death scene, like the rest of the Las Vegs event, was also staged:

Las Vegas Update with Dr. James Fetzer and Scott Bennett

All big one big happy drill that the American public were not in on. The crowd at the concert were not in the know and that is why they ran to get away at the sound of gun shots. After everyone was gone, the stage lights went on and the actors got to work setting up the crime scene. There were people who were hurt running away, but no one appears to have been actually shotand if someone claims they were, then it requires proof by showing the gun wound and medical records (which, alas, can also be faked). The expert analyses of a military surgeon and by an American trauma surgeon, who confirmed that all of the patients shown in hospital rooms are acting, where none of their alleged wounds is real, the presumption should be that the other “victims” are also fake. 

Overall, it should be evident that all of these errors in the obituaries are not just just a coincidence along with the rest of the puzzle being added to this article. With the police changing their story, the FBI deleting video recordings on witness phones and laptops, the review of alleged “victims” presented here shows that, time and time again, they were using person who had died in different places or on different dates or in different states and from different causes of death. The Clark County Coroner’s Office is on lock-down, no doubt because it would have been besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports–and they don’t have any! We even have a photograph showing bodies being moved from a funeral home hearse for transport to be used as additional “victims” of the Las Vegas shooting. 

Apparently delivering bodies for use as props in the Las Vegas movie

This study has reviewed twenty of the purported “victims” of the Las Vegas event (counting Paddock among the victims, which appears to be appropriate. Twenty is less that the fifty-eight who are alleged to have died. But it establishes a prima facie case in support of the conclusion that the “victims” were fabricated and that nobody died at the concert. In the absence of authentic evidence sufficient to overcome that presumption, that inference deserves acceptance in the tentative and fallible fashion of science. The proof of fakery appears to increase by the day. 

With access to additional evidence, we have the prospect of confirming or disconfirming the best supported hypothesis, which is that the Las Vegas event was not real but was a movie: a made-for-television production. So much has emerged about those who benefit by selling their stock (only to buy it back at a vastly reduced price), by putting shorts on MGM/Mandalay Bay (to make vast sums if the stock should drop) and even the prediction that scanners will now be required at every hotel and casino. There are other fringe benefits, but it certainly looks as though buying extras via CrowdsonDemand was a cost-effective expenditure. 

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. His show, “The Raw Deal”, is back on Revolution Radio, Studio B, T/Th from 4-6 PM/ET. Listen LIVE

For more on conspiracy realism, see “Conspiracy Realists: The Archenemy of the CIA”,

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207 thoughts on “Mona Alexis Pressley: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert”

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  2. and do not actually report the place of death. They report the location of the mortuary. Check 1000 random people on those sites and you will never find one where the place of death is different than the mortuary, or celebration of life city.

  3. I was going to say the same. All anyone has to do is find the link above & click into it, and you can see right away that Jordan didn't commit suicide as implied in this article. I have no doubt the media uses people recently deceased by other means for their false flags, as well as GFM actors. There may also be real victims in at least some of the events, which I think happened in Vegas.

  4. The FBI, CIA and local police are corrupt
    ISIS is bogus
    But the Vegas story is true. The massive casualties and their invisible disposition are definitely real. Only disinfo agents are skeptical

    'Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide.  ISIS was created by the very forces that are fighting it. Vigilant Citizen 10 oct. 2014). 
    That the ISIS (Islamic State) is a construction by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia Qatar, Turkey with the participation of NATO states. That they are financing, training and delivering ISIS equipment is common knowledge. The surprise is that Veterans Today  – supported by the US Council on Foreign Relation´s “Foreign Affairs” (below) – can inform us that ISIS de facto does not exist. It is a cover name for the  evil  Mafia of the above countries.
    Veterans Today 2016:  Recent revelations have shown us that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh has never really existed and what we have really been seeing happen in Syria and Iraq has been the work of mercenaries paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the faction of Kurds lead by Barzani; both being strongly supported by Turkey.'

  5. Why read it? Reading this blog makes me feel really smart. Well, I feel smart anyways- but I guess this blog reminds me that not everyone has even a basic capacity to reason; some of these people have PhDs, and taught at second rate universities…

  6. Not really.

    Although it is true that ISIS does actually kill people and probably hates the US for obvious reasons, they are really just useful idiots with a religious agenda who are funded by the US et. al.

    View them as wind-up toys set loose where ever the US wants to intervene.

  7. I looked up the verses people criticize the Talmud, the verses are OK taken in context. The Talmud is like a commentary on the Old Testament with people's opinions. It is just another religion. I used to think only Christianity was right, and I like it the best,there is some truth there.But I think God loves everyone and we are all going to the next life.The people perpetrating these crime are of all religions, a lot of them seem to be called Jews (they may be not actually, depending on your definition). It is possible the Zionist may be being used,evidently Kissinger was supposed to have predicted their demise.The Rothchilds are supposedly not practicing Jews, I am only going on what I have read/heard.

  8. Most people here believe that what happened in Las Vegas was a crime perpetrated against the American people by agents of the new world order to create a climate of fear they need to further advance their agenda for fascist control of this country. However, maybe we're missing the trees for the forest and should set our sights a little lower. The real story behind this event maybe as simple as a corrupt federal agency at war with a corrupt administration both at war with a corrupt group of Islamic terrorists.

    The possibility that Stephen Paddock was an undercover federal operative or informant in a scheme that backfired cannot be ruled out. He may have been either set up or used by ISIS and/or a federal agency. The feds may have thought they were going to catch ISIS in the act of preparing a major terrorist attack. ISIS terrorists may have thought Paddock was one of them but realized at the last minute that it was a set-up. So they killed him. Then they carried out the deadly assault on the concert goers resulting in over 500 casualties with 58 dead.

    Perhaps that is why the White House is pandering to the “gun control” crowd with talk of banning so-called “bump stocks” for semi-automatics. This is how Washington avoids the topic of corruption in federal agencies. The involvement of the FBI and other federal agencies in the ongoing “investigation” means that they will take command and control and be in a position to engineer a cover-up regarding any ties Paddock may have had with them. This is how the Swamp works.

    Of course ISIS really does exist and really does kill people. So the notion that there were no real casualties leaves terrorism out of the equation and diverts truth seekers away from the real enemy of the American people: ISIS. Am I on the right track now?

  9. I first called the funeral home to see if I could find any info about Rhonda Laroque death in Vegas shooting.i spoke to woman of the record and I ask her if she new if Rhonda died from gunshots or not I said you can just say yes or no. She said it's not what it seems.later that day I got call from family member

  10. I love how Jim responds to people who have no clue but as soon as some informed critics come here he doesn't say a word. Listen to his latest interview, he was one of the leading philosophers of science which is the most difficult branch of philosophy so obviously he is a genius on any subject. lol

  11. Also, Jim loves to shout people down, but he has gone completely silent here ever since I started posting. He knows he can't win this one and is staying out of it in order to not look worse than he already does. (although one could argue it would be impossible to look worse than he already does)

  12. Jimbo is not an op. An op tries to mislead while maintaining credibility. Uncle Jim has no credibility. He went off the rails at some point- probably Sandy Hook- dug himself in and at this point he can't turn back. So at this point don't bother trying to convince him. By definition, if you disagree with Jimmy, you are disinformation. And to think he taught philosophy of science. Some scientific method, right?

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  14. This "research" is pathetic. What is most disturbing is Jim's staunch defense of it. I went to Chris Roybal's funeral personally 2 weeks ago! If Mona had done even the slightest bit of real investigating, she could have easily verified his death. I spoke to 4 witnesses and Roybals own brother. As for some of the deaths being listed as "Oct. 2nd", that's because many were not declared dead until Oct. 2nd. Remember the shooting happened 90 minutes before midnight. Also, many who died at the concert venue were not even discovered until sun up on Oct. 2nd! As for the descrepancy with where Roybal died..He didn't die in Corona, he was FROM Corona. These are the type of common errors Mona & Jim overlooked. It's obvious they have a pre-conceived notion of "nobody died". At this point I must conclude that Fetzer is an op of some sort. Very disappointing. I emailed him this info the day he did his show with Mona. Of course I was accused of being a shill despite the fact I'm very well-versed in hoaxes beginning with Gabby Giffords.

  15. I live in mass.i have checked on victem named Rhonda leroque .i spoke to women at funeral home and to family member.My conclusion is she didn't die by gunshots in Vegas lady told me of the record it's not what it seams to be

  16. Well, I think even Uncle Jimmy has called "uncle" on this one. He hasn't taken any of my bait! I at least expected to be called psyop or Rense, or both. I guess I beat him to the punch by declaring myself to be all of those things. Or am I none… maybe I'm a disgruntled emeritus of a second rate university.

  17. A doctor buried her nurse husband on the property of their new home. I saw the grave. Stop with this actor BS and instead, focus on the fact that "Officials also believe he had help because of the amount of guns in his hotel room, and because some of the ammo was bought under someone else's name." Dinner receipts don't lie… 2 or 3 people were getting room service. And of course why were there multiple cell phone chargers? now saying all the cell phones and chargers were matched up (plural?) and were his. Earlier reports traced one charger to an FBI agent.

    There were also two or three broken windows in the OTHER ML hotel building to the right of the one we saw with the two. Also the audio of two different kinds of guns being shot. Even the MSM on 20/20 had a ballistics expert who attested to that!

    PEOPLE DIED, but THOSE are the things that are the lies.

  18. Here is an ad for Crises Actors for training event October 30 thru November 2, 2017 in Oklahoma City.
    Let's see if there is another fake shooting event next week:

    Human Domain Solutions (HDS)

    'Now Hiring Role Players to Support Upcoming Oklahoma VIGILANT GUARD Disaster Preparedness Exercise
    Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring ​Casualty Role Players (CRP)​ to participate in an Oklahoma Vigilant Guard training event October 30 thru November 2, 2017 at Warr Acres Fire Training Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    Exercise will be conducted by the Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas National Guard as an emergency response to simulated incidents. CRPs will be moulaged (injury make-up and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional conditions and will go through decontamination several times during each day of the exercise.
    PAY for the exercise ranges from $275 to $500. Lunch, Snacks, and water/soft drinks will be provided.
    HOW TO APPLY:  Interested individuals may apply at  If you have worked for HDS in the past 12 months as a CRP – or have applied to HDS to work as a CRP – and wish to participate in this exercise, visit

    Investigator “Hangman1128” uses High resolution zoom camera to reveal (1) No divots or trace of bullet strikes  detected on lawn, buildings, tents or infrastructure presumed to be sprayed with high power automatic weapons fire. (2) FBI caught using paint roller and liquid in a bucket to obscure evidence that could be theatrical blood used by actors at the scene. (3) No DNA lab collection kit visible as expected. (4) FBI fails to place a single flag marker at even one divot or suspected bullet strike.

  20. Is it possible that victims would have been transported back to their home towns on life support, for families to have last good-byes, before being declared dead? That may explain the date discrepancies…

  21. I don't know. I suspect Paddock was a pilot for the CIA, and was running guns as part of an FBI sting, and something went bad. The shooting may have been designed to send a message to the FBI/CIA.
    I suspect the FBI is involved because they have been pretty silent. They can't come up with a story that will withstand scrutiny.

  22. How about another option? There are now the required number of states [34] who have petitioned for a constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution. We could rewrite the constitution to restore individual freedoms eliminated by the recent national security acts and make foreign wars, the Federal Reserve and income tax unconstitutional. Once a convention starts, the sky is the limit All that is lacking is the political will.

  23. In my experience people who throw around the word shill are SHILLS! Very typical of phd's. Their egos get in their way. Allah forbid someone disagree with him. I mean he has a phd everyone else is below him. Especially the guy who has helped elevate his status in the "conspiracy world". Throw him under the bus! I mean Fetzer is a "distinguished" emeritus for fucks sake!

  24. Maybe this is Rense's way of signaling that he agrees that the event was staged. After all, he is smart enough to understand how ludicrous it is to have such an improbable survival…
    Oh wait, I'm Rense. Never mind.
    Maybe this guy was just lucky. After all, if he wasn't lucky, he'd be dead, and dead men don't give good interviews.

  25. Oh my. 58 people being dead is just PART of the official story, which also includes a lone gunman, with no clear motive. So maybe, just maybe, the other parts of the official story is where the focus should be.

  26. Ok, but I think that civil disobedience is more suited to slaves than free citizens. Except in the case of the Viet Nam anti-war movement, which was massive and relentless, public demonstration and civil disobedience doesn’t accomplish anything. As long as the opposition is out on the streets and not in the halls of power, the criminals in control of this country can rest easy and maintain their grip.

    How about instead of civil disobedience we get lawyers? Lots of lawyers. Their first order of business could be to use the courts to expel from the U.S. certain subversive politically active entities of foreign sovereignty who masquerade as legally entitled religious organizations. And then lawsuits. Lots of lawsuits.

  27. I disagree. Keep in mind complete media control. The public is dumbed down, mind-controlled and entrained. Almost everyone believes the people are dead anyway. (Most people still believe planes hit the towers!) Real victims families are too difficult to control and there are too many unknowns. 911 was a bit different as I believe people did die – families paid millions to not sue. Few lawsuits that occurred were shut down (accept for the phony one blaming Iran). They really don't care about killing people at all, it just generally makes things too complicated. These things are incredibly compartmentalized. If you have an unlimited budget,total media control, and cover things with an over lapping drill it's doable. They have had a lot of practice on other events over the last 5 years or so.

  28. The official story being false does not imply that no one was killed.
    How does stating that people were killed in any way endorse the official story? (that would be the contrapositive, which is logically equivalent, for those following along from home) Why is this basic concept so hard for some to grasp?

  29. Any fool (or even a small child) can see the official story is a fiction, and you clowns, and Rense apparently, believe it?

    You also believe JFK files are sealed to "protect sources and methods" of CIA. Right?

  30. After the event people who know too much and may speak out will be killed, so realize there will be some who die related to this event but not directly due to what happened at the event. Paddock's chauffeur first on the Vegas Dead Witnesses list.

    Definitely would have preferred this article with Ms. Pressley had not included the term "nobody died." That was not responsible thing to do, especially when the entire research of the death records is not anywhere near complete nor are other potentially damning areas of inquiry completed yet.

  31. I hope you crack sleuths realize is just some kind of data aggregator that collects info off of the internet. And it doe a crappy job; the funeral home on Allan Murfitt's obit is in Texas. There is a standard obit template and anyone can submit an edit. Geez Louise.

  32. To be fair, our government does kill people- all over the world. But for some strange reason, here in the USA they prefer to hire huge numbers of crisis actors and demand the silence of massive numbers of police, hospital staff, bystanders, etc etc. Its so much easier to orchestrate a staged event where no one gets killed 🙂

  33. David- I have some hilarious emails from Jim that go beyond anything you see here. I stopped emailing him because a) he asked me to, in not so polite language and b) I thought he was going to stroke out. Seriously.
    And the funny thing is, I originally contacted him to help fix some glaringly bad (as in embarrassingly basic) errors involving statistics. So save your energy trying to understand Jim.

  34. Why would Jim risk discovering something that refutes his narrative? Remember, he decides what the narrative is first, then discovers (using lots of creativity and Fogic- Fetzer logic) only those things that contribute to the narrative. ("Contribute" is being generous) Everything else is ignored, a psyop plant, etc. Its a whole new dimension in story telling.

  35. It's okay to ask questions but have been taken back by the boorish behavior of Fetzer. Such as hit and run name calling. It's to spot the shills but to call people dumb, stupid and frauds is not the ethical behavior of a scientist.

  36. Silly me, given that the title of the article is "Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert" I took some crazy liberties and assumed that was the point of the article. But I'm new to this Fetzer logic, which I will call Fogic (Fog-ic, get it?), so go easy on me.

  37. My question is why the rush to consensus thought. It's become the camps of people who think no one died at LV vs. some people died at LV. It creates dissonance within the larger truth community. Who was the gov agent who intended to create dissonance in the truth community? Was his name Cass Sus….? Hmmm.

  38. Yes, war has been declared. All we have to do is get ten percent to accept this supposition and things will start to change. What we need to prepare for is to say no in a larger voice and non-violent civil disobedience eventually. Getting unplugged from systems of control.

  39. "The hypothesis in this case is: No one died at Las Vegas"


    Not for me and not for many of us.

    That there was total or overwhelming major distortion and tampering and anomalous data connected with the "58 deaths" strongly supports the questioning of some or all of the purported deaths.

    Why would there be strong evidence of faked death records if there were real deaths. That is the logical question, one among many unfolding now.

  40. 'we still are tax slaves and with the FRS still in operation, people are vulnerable to elective aggressive wars on behalf of Israel. we need to also look telescopically about what the real agenda is.'

    I think we know their agenda and we know who's behind it. But what can we do about it? Call the police?

  41. Just because we are constantly lied to (and clearly we are about Las Vegas) doesn't mean everything is a lie. How about trying to tease out the lies from the truths? The only ones who want to intermingle truth and lies are those who commit the crimes- like the CIA, NSA, DEA, FDA, etc. So why is Jim helping them out. Is it his intention, or is he just plain stupid? I think we all know where I stand on this question….

  42. There is no single piece of evidence, including the bodies themselves that could convince Fetzer and his pathetic followers that people died. In Vegas, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Boston or any other scenes of mass shootings.

  43. So because Susan Smith's obit said that she died in Las Vegas, but didn't mention the shooting, it is a fabrication? Just what are the rules of logic involved? After all, if the obit had said that she was shot at the concert, then I'm sure that would have been a fabrication as well. There is no value in a hypothesis that can't be rejected. The hypothesis in this case is: No one died at Las Vegas, and nothing (among Uncle Jim's true believers) can cause rejection of that hypothesis. So the test is meaningless.
    Jim has written (or claims to have written) articles on the philosophy of science. Hypothesis testing is a vital component of scientific endeavor, and either Jim didn't understand his own work or he has forgotten it.

  44. Also Wendell and others: There is enough data to held our captives without getting into absolute declarations about if people died or not in LV. If researchers convince enough people no one died without all the data, then the people cannot know if our captives have declared war on us. If it is shown with all the data presented that people died, then the 'we the people' are aware war has been declared upon us. Perhaps this is the reason for such a push to get to consensus thought so early into this investigation. Think about this folks.

  45. Jim even attending Princeton should give pause to anyone who is considering plopping down a small fortune to send a kid there. I wonder how the admissions folks at Princeton feel about how such a "distinguished" alum is spending his time. That is, if he really went there.

  46. This article and comments so well demonstrate humanity's position:

    1. Facts overwhelmingly prove "official" voices in government and corporate media are lying by commission and omission (committing lies and leaving out facts that refute their narratives).

    2. Alternative media presents enough of the available public data to cause any reasonable citizen to demand arrests of those orchestrating the lies.

    3. Alternative media also documents literally ~100 such game-changers that offer choice to humanity: lick the heels of psychopathic wanna-be "masters" of evil, OR stand for Truth for a world that can become unrecognizably beautiful for all inhabitants.

    Life is just, and will provide in abundance that which we care to build. Up to now, those of us making theses choices clear are relatively powerless beyond being humble messengers making choices as clear as we can.

    This will change, sooner or later, whenever Life is ready to close this window of choice.

    Choose wisely.

  47. last night he interviewed a guy that states he was shot and his wife. The guy was saying the fbi didn't interview him cause he really had no info, knew nothing valuble. Rense gave him only softball vague questions and accepted vague answers. Plus rense had an assistant intervewwer who did the same, It seems rense has been co opted.

  48. Special thanks to belilu belilu for short clear presentation of his independent search of one of the people on the USA Today deaths list.
    We need that to happen on each of 58 names and let that be presented in brief standard form as belilu belilu has done.

    Also thank you to Sherman71 for his independent search contribution here.

    I heard somewhere that Jesus Campos was not even on the official employee roster of the Mandalay Bay Cassino but have not proof of that but do know he had no state license to be a security guard at a casino as state of Nevada requires.

    Now there are rumors Campos has "fled the country" to Mexico because of a recent show on Fox of host, Tucker Carlson. But listening to that show indicated Campos left the country to Mexico recently and then re-entered the US indicated Campos is now in the US. Hate it when things get so twisted and staying on the path of finding the most solid data we can gets, perhaps deliberately, sidetracked.

    There are many reasons why THEY avoid actually killing people in these drills gone live, just as there were many reasons THEY did not crash real jetliners into the World Trade Center twin towers on 9-11.

    It is much less risky to falsify death records and proceed with fake deaths as THEY did in 9-11 (though there were some real deaths, but not "3000" in 9-11) and THEY did for Sandy Hook, and as THEY faked multiple (some "15" or "16" cases) amputee cases with Boston event.

    But big fakeries of large numbers of people or big boom actions seem to always eventually crumble as we now see.

    It there are any independent researchers who want to take a much closer look at the death records for Las Vegas concert event, THEY have the demonstrated capability to derail that investigation into a disorderly mess.

    Cling to seeking truth in the most honorable way possible.

  49. Wendell: Researchers making an absolute assertion nobody died in LV is like when some truthers claim a plane hit the pentagon. It's about divide and conquer the truth community. It's premature to state unequivocally no one died in LV. And while people banter about on this topic, we still are tax slaves and with the FRS still in operation, people are vulnerable to elective aggressive wars on behalf of Israel. Focusing on these events are microscopic; we need to also look telescopically about what the real agenda is.

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  51. It would be nice to have an airtight case to back up of the notion that nobody died. But is it necessary? There is no case to be made in support the official version. Why should the burden of proof be on doubters to disprove the official story which itself has no proof? The days of giving the authorities the benefit of doubt are long gone. Everything they say is a lie. They're the ones who need to prove what they say.

  52. Before reaching the end of this article & before even reading ppl's comments here, I'd decided to check for my self & put to the test just one of the names mentioned here by running my own search & seeing the results I get. I chose Patricia Mestas' name & I'd decided to start by looking into her as the victim of the LV shooting(s) & to do so, by first running a search for just her name, without the inclusion of any additional info.

    What i got (& the link I decided to go with) first said this:
    "At 67, Patricia Mestas was the oldest person to die in Sunday's massacre in Las Vegas [……..] A lover of country music, Mestas traveled from her home in Menifee, Calif., [….] Mestas used to work as a deli manager at a convenience store in Corona, Calif……". Included in this article was a picture of the red headed, 67 yr. old looking 'victim'.

    The Link: shootin/739610001/

    Next, I ran a search for the same name ‘Patricia Mestas’ along with the term ''.
    The 1st link I clicked on ( from gave me the very same picture of the 67 yr. old red-headed Patricia Mestas AKA 'victim of the LV shooting' along with the following msg. on that ’Patricia Mestas’s Obituary:

    “July 25, 1950 – October 1, 2017 – Services By Acheson & Graham Garden of Prayer Mortuary <—( The same name found on the result’s screen shot provide by Mr. Fetzer )

    From the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s tributes to those who died in the Oct. 1, 2017 music […..] Sunday’s shooting"

    The link:

    The 2nd link I clicked on was from the site ‘’ stating the following:

    "ACHESON & GRAHAM GARDEN OF PRAYER MORTUARY" <– (The same name found on the result’s screen shot provided by Mr. Fetzer )

    "In Memory of Patricia Mestas
    July 25, 1950 – October 1, 2017
    Arrangements under the direction of Acheson & Graham Garden of Prayer Mortuary, Riverside, CA." <–( The same 'Riverside, CA.' found on the result’s screen shot provide by Mr. Fetzer )

    The Link:

    Conclusion: The ‘Victim of LV Shooting’s Patricia Mestas is the same Patricia Mestas who’d died in Riverside (NOT in Las Vegas as claimed by the MSM article about the same woman) & this, according to the Mortuary where she will be laid to rest on ‘October 28, 2017’.

    The very SAME Mortuary cited on the (as seen on the screen shot of the link/result provided by Mr. Fetzer) which also contained the very same photo (along with some of the same details as seen on the MSM article) of Patricia Mestas AKA ‘LV Shooting Victim’.

    The one random name I decided to pick & look into ended up proving that there are no discrepancies between what Mr. Fetzer is saying & the facts that I was able to find on my own. While, on the other hand, there are BIG discrepancies between the MSM’s claims (about their ‘victim’) & the fact that I was able to find on my own. Pretty sure the same will be proven with the rest of the ‘victims’ names.

    So, what or where is the problem??? And, even if Mr. Fetzer & his colleagues had made a few mistakes, why do people get more upset with them, than they do with the establishments who’ve been making billions of dollars to systematically tell ridiculous, lies & made up stories to billions of gullible people, day in & day out, for nearly a 100 yrs.???

  53. Markus Allen…good find…wow! im in alaska and have fisherman friends that knew murfett. that aside, doesn' t explain the obit from davis funeral home. i add, that funeral homes are required to have a certified death certificate to publish a death. so….i say it all smells fishy…pun intended.

  54. Good point. Most likely Fetzer is the latter. This "No one ever dies" is a cottage industry of absolute bullshit. I guess there's enough low IQ people out there that will pay for stuff like this and make it worthwhile for con artists like Fetzer to make some money off of it.

  55. Conspiracists are constantly harping about how evil the government is but apparently the govt/cia/mossad/rothschilds/etc don't want to kill people at these orchestrated events and employ crisis actors? Makes no sense as it is much easier to just kill people than employ fickle actors.

  56. Bill Rowell, you out yourself as a shill. You have no good reason to believe that anyone really died, but you are willing to attach those who provide proof that nobody did! That's a stunning achievement. You must be proud of yourself for demonstrating your incompetence here in a public arena.

  57. Jeff Fenske….sounds a lot like Jeff Rense….. you must be pysop.
    Just kidding, please understand Fetzer isn't interested in doing good research, he is interested in creating a narrative that supports his wet dreams.

  58. I meant to say "We should strive to search for more evidence to solidify our beliefs and convictions, and more research needs to be done to confirm everything, but I applaud the work done here and take it with a grain of salt until more evidence is given in the coming weeks."

  59. Obituaries should be taken with a grain of salt, even those that are factually inaccurate. We cannot say that obituaries do not mean someone has died and then say they are proof that no one died since they contain errors. Granted, you can argue that the volume of incorrect obituaries that Miss Pressley has reported is very odd. I also looked up the information that she has presented on the blog, and I have found it to be consistent, within the searches. That being said people do die with similar names in different parts of the country, but when you combine this article with others, we get closer to the truth. We should not strive to search for more evidence to solidify our beliefs and convictions, and more research needs to be done to confirm everything, but I applaud the work done here and take it with a grain of salt until more evidence is given in the coming weeks. Jim is trying to get to the truth and report as such; the jury is still out in my mind if this is a stage entirely event or a hybrid but I am not going to degrade anyone's work who believes it is a staged event as long as it is factual, which has been presented here.

  60. But maybe he wasn't shooting. Maybe someone else was. Just because the scene was staged doesn't mean real people were not killed. So since you are so stupid, Jim, you have no business posting about anything.

  61. Solid point Jim. There could be NO other explanation. None at all. Characteristic of all your "research"- you find a piece of information that is neither
    necessary nor sufficient and turn it into "proof". What a buffoon you are.
    And yes, since I'm pysop my comments now prove you are correct, because why else would I be so adamant?

  62. If you want to advance gun control, why not have a real massacre? Why does it have to be fake? Just becuse someone says people were killed in Vegas does not mean ANYTHING else about what we were told is true? Can you even fathom that, or do you need Uncle Jim to tell you every ounce of what you claim to understand?

  63. If I wanted to put out disinformation, I'd hire someone who could sound credible once in a while- not a bloated carny, as I've seen him so wonderfully described elsewhere. He is either mentally unstable or an outright fraud.

  64. You'd think if someone was going to go to the effort of faking something on this scale, someone would have made sure there were (fake) screams of agony. But why even bother with that? Why not actually shoot people? After all, we are talking about evil folks behind this fakery, right? Why even risk the possibility of being exposed as fake? I'm sure this line of argument requires at least low triple digit IQs, something Fetzer and his ilk clearly lack.

  65. The article is a good start but it's very preliminary – a lot more work would have to be done in researching this to draw any substantial conclusions. In my life experience, most young women cry hard when they witness something very, very traumatic in person. The type of crying that can't be faked. I don't really see or hear any women crying hard. What gives? Even some men would cry also. Both men and women would be really freaking out. No one looks truly terrified. Am I wrong on this? Can someone more knowledgeable than I explain this? By the way this incident is not really about gun control. That is very superficial. Nothing really will become of it regarding gun control legislation. That issue is used to distract the low hanging fruit. What has been accomplished since SH event in 2012 regarding gun control – a big nothing burger.

  66. For Activist Angel, who has been unable to post (for reasons we do not understand): With over 60 comments (so far) it looks like the adage that you only get flak when you are over the target is true for Jim. Some of these comments are as laughable as this phony event ought to be. Thank heavens for research like this and for Jim’s tireless efforts to bring together people of Ms. Pressley’s quality. I still think that a huge, overlooked element of the contrived audio is the absolute lack of anyone “screaming in agony.” If the “multiple shooters” were real instead of a theatrical sound track, at least one of those “500” wounded people would have been letting us know in no uncertain terms that their bodies had been torn into by machine gun fire.

  67. If all 58 names are looked up on the web and every single one of them show one or more GLARING, BLATANT irregularity or anomaly, that it a strong sign to me that we are dealing with fakery of death records.

  68. If my loved one was killed in Las Vegas I would want a little privacy.. The best way to keep the local news off your front step would be to lie about the orgin of death.. I have a good friend who works for a small newspaper in WNY and he was told to search the obituary for any locals who died in LV.. That’s a good way to disturb a family who may be coping with some very difficult times.. Still a fan Jim however you may be wrong on this one..

  69. No, Bill isn't Jeff Rense. I am Jeff Rense. I'm also pysop. As is Bill, and David Norton. We are so concerned about the incredible influence Fetzer has over a tiny slice of complete morons that we have been assigned to add these silly comments.
    Jim hasn't lost his mind; he has found an audience. Everything seeks its own level, and in this case it is pathetic and disgusting.

  70. So the premise here is that anything someone finds on the internet is factual, and if it contradicts something else found on the internet and other media, (ie the claims that these people died in Vegas) ,then (help me here….) the latter is false and the former is true.
    This is the same sort of pathetic "research" that has caused Fetzer to look like a complete idiot regarding Sandy Hook.
    But hey, if it pays his bills… (and I'm not sure it does, since he has to give away his book to get people to laugh about it, er, read it)

  71. Why is this article obviously edited with different sized font as in paragraph 4? Throughout this article different sized font is used within the same paragraphs showing that it was edited. Why edited with a different font?

    Before Sandy Hook, the public was generally believers that the mass shootings were real. That is before we started paying attention to the defects in the stories that the media presented. They got more sloppy as time has gone along. What we now have for news is really nothing more than political entertainment. Unfortunately it is no where near the perfection like "House of Cards" but sloppy productions probably being by low level unemployed Hollywood scriptwriters and bottom of the barrel producer/directors hired by our crooked FBI and CIA.
    Another aspect of the psychology behind these events being so sloppy could be deliberate. The government just may want to have the public eventually not bother to see the flaws in their productions and not believe that they are true. That way down the road when a major event is real, the public will be perfectly positioned mentally to brush it aside as another fraud. That one event may then really change our lives for good. Something is very sinister in what that cabal in D.C. is cooking up for sure.

  72. Bill: A orbituary entry is not evidence of a death. What confuses me as my comment actually fits his narrative but he starts the name calling which is fruitless and unproductive. I think it is premature to say no one died from this fake event but to bring up dispute, challenge narratives is not fraudulent. And at the same time, I cannot be a fraud because I am not claiming to be someone I am not. Further, his claim that I publish trope is subjective and is counter to my professional work. He should heed the lessons of Oprah who believed her own press clippings to her detriment and cancellation of a once top rated show. Calling people stupid and dumb tarnishes his reputation but for some reason he is inested in it. Attack the argument, not the person.

  73. Thank you. Found it now. This source is important, it is the object of this investigation and it should have been posted in print front and center, not in an easy-to-overlook hyperlink. I do not think this USA Today list was widely known about at all. In fact the full URL should have been printed, along with the date and original article title and a short excerpt.

    That sourced USA Today article today only shows an updated date of
    "Last updated on: 10/4/2017.” I wonder if the list Ms. Pressley is working from has the original date on it and if more names have been added since then.

    That 10-4 update tells me the original date of publication of this article and list was closer to the event date of October 1, perhaps much closer. That is a big tell in and of itself, not to mention the "official narrative" is delivered to the U S public via a fake news commercial media outlet, as CNN released the passenger manifest lists for the 9-11 four subject planes.
    This way of telling us who died in the event is the same old garbage way of 9-11 and Sandy Hook. It is so sloppy and unprofessional that it is insulting to the average American who is trying to stay informed on current events.

    It is right and good that the object of your and Ms. Pressley's investigation be these official but unofficial "official narrative" publications regarding the event. This USA Today published list is all we have to work with, but these fake media lists, not to be termed "disclosures", work very well as a way to demonstrate the dirty tricks employed by the perpetrators of this false event.

    The more dirty tricks we uncover, the more we have shown the entire event was a planned orchestrated deception.

    Nevertheless, if every single name listed on the USA Today list is investigated in the best way we have at our disposal searching the Internet, and each name is investigated the same way for each name and every one of the names, or a large percentage of the names investigated shows some glaring anomaly, then these independent researchers have given us the most solid kind of “proof” of a false faked event that we can possibly have.
    Though the complete and standard and high quality research has not yet been completed or published on all the (58, but now ?) names on whatever dated list Ms. Pressley is working with, then the corruption of the perpetrators of this false event will be exposed in the best most enduring way we have at our command.

    Your investigations, Dr. Fetzer, of similar fake-
    media articles and lists of deaths connected with past false events are some of the most enduring parts of your work over the years.

    (I personally have no problem with research relying solely on searches and gleaning of data from good Internet cites and sources. I do not get hung up on formal legal definitions of terms like “prove proves proof” or “evidence”
    We are unfunded independent citizen researchers who do not have access to governmental entity data and we are doing the best we can with what we have. Suggestions to go out and interview friends and families of purported dead people is not what this particular research effort is about. Someone else may want to do that kind of study. )

    Thank you again, Dr. Fetzer and Ms. Pressley, for undertaking this important research.

  74. And by the way, I think something other than a plane hit the Pentagon and we certainly did not land on the moon but I publish trope. If so accused, I stand guilty. I also think there are chemtrails and vaccines are dangerous but now I am a fraud. A fraud Jim is someone who is not who they claim to be. So can you tell better than I who I am?

  75. Jim: You might be a competetive man but it appears during conflict you let your emotions come out. I am neither troll or shill but because a view of mine runs counter to you, I am a fraud.
    I think 9/11 was a false flag, no one died at Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing was a fake event as a pretext to run martial law drills but now I am a fraud. Perhaps it would behoove you to point out factual errors of others if they do indeed exist other than calling people names. Hardly not the ethical conduct of a scientist.
    You let people babble on about their promotion of the CC without so much as a challenge because it appears their views are in sync with you in other matters. Please avoid marginalizing people and just make arguments. The truth will shine through eventually.

  76. Jim: Geez, I could call in my own death to a newspaper. Unless said paper verifies by calling nursing home or the coroner, it isn't evidence. Calling people frauds doesn't make it so and isn't an argument that makes a position any righter. A know methodology as well as anyone here; something you should appreciate.

  77. She apparently has a Facebook page, Mona Pressley. On October 8 there is a post linking a YouTube video of an interview of Robert David Steele that ends, "Continuing my investigation and will send my Steemit link when I complete my investigation/article." It is confusing because it's hard to tell whether that is Mona talking there or a copy and paste of the original YouTube video Description. Does Mona post on Steemit?

  78. I was not suggesting that there is anything wrong with that. Usually when the author of an article is linked, the link is to the original source of the article. I like to read the biographies of my sources. Your biography is listed on this blog. I'm curious about hers. What is wrong with that?

  79. Mona was responsible at her research. You are all free to make up your own minds. Stop relying on others to make it up for you. There is plenty enough here presented to provide a basis to allow anyone that is able to critically think just so nobody here is suffering from cognitive dissonance or is a shill. This isn't a courtroom. It's a blog.

  80. What is your problem? Once he is dead, he stops shooting. They were so careless about staging the scene that they made elementary blunders. If you are too dumb to see through this, you have no business posting about Las Vegas.

  81. Yes. The footage includes crisis actors with sheets, who are waiting to be taken out as additional deaths. It looks to me as though Hooters was the staging area. So we have 16 or more other fake deaths to support the conclusion that his was a fraud.

  82. What motivates this kind of stupidity? You come across as a shill for Jeff Rense. Maybe you even ARE Jeff Rense. Your post is pointless. You offer no evidenced to overcome what Mona has published here and included in her article.

  83. This is silly and contrived. The data she has uncovered is THERE IN THE BLOG! It makes her points. I am sorry, but your making a long post that has no substantive content–given that she presents her proof in the article itself–tells me that you are insincere and making a fraudulent post to promote false beliefs. I find it embarrassing.

  84. And what justifies your claim? Have you read the posts by a military surgeon? by an American trauma doctor? about the 33 videos that show no one being shot? about the FBI wiping the cell phones and laptops of witnesses? And now we have proof that they were faking the dead by using other people who died in different states on different dates and from different causes. How dumb are we supposed to be? Get serious.

  85. Yes–because she was working from that list, which has been widely publicized. What in the world is wrong with that? I made the link. There it is. What does it matter who she is? She happens to hold an M.A. degree, but her work speaks for itself.

  86. This is a bit much. Mona present what she has found. The evidence on which she bases her inferences is given in the article itself. Surely you can see that her reasoning is spot-on. I don't like second-hand or third-hard reports. What Mona has is obviously more credible than you written word.

  87. Mona is going by public sources, which anyone can access unless they have been taken down. She presents her proof for you to review. I posted this and looked at every one of them. I cannot see any basis for faulting her.

  88. Although she hasn't proved her claim neither has the government proved its claim. Who has the burden of proof? Let's put the shoe on the other foot:

    The mere presence of apparently conflicting information is evidence that one of the versions is wrong.
    Which one if any do we believe?

    Is the report of a person's death from the notoriously unreliable data on the internet wrong in each of 20 cases where it disagrees with the official version?
    Are the notoriously unreliable official versions of the persons' deaths correct in each of 20 cases where another report disagrees with them?

    We need to be very careful in choosing what "data" to believe. Do we believe the notoriously unreliable official version without one jot of documented corroborating evidence?

  89. 1. blood on bullet casing, blood draining from a wound wouldn't cover a casing laying near by it would run under and around
    2. date of deaths and location, is irrelevant, obit are created by family who can list any way they want. I wouldn't want to say my family member died at the hands of a mad man
    3. photoshop, most of the info here is photoshopped to make it appear to prove what is being said, and details that would change ones response excluded from entry here. If your gonna try and portray a belief show all the information.
    4. ask the 600 people that where there, and have given accounts of that evening if its false. bet ya get a different story
    5. spare us your rhetoric, its disgusting, and despicable to a logically thinking human

  90. Nobody died. Period.
    In the past I have been skeptical about believing Sandy Hook, etc were staged.
    However, it just so happened I was home sick, all day, every day for a week, and I watched and read every bit of news coverage non stop. When you are able to do that, it is blatantly, even LAUGHABLY obvious no one died! There was NO evidence of death whatsoever! ZERO And if anyone has some evidence, please provide it.
    The masses have been desensitized to TRUTH due to "reality tv", etc.
    Open your eyes! This wasn't even sophisticated deceit.

  91. Agree with most but not all of
    AnonymousOctober 25, 2017 at 9:00 AM


    This show is where Dr. Fetzer introducted Mona Pressley and her work.

    It is very worthwhile to listen to that show in its entirety though Mona comes on only at 28:05.

    I still cannot find that Mona or Dr. Fetzer has supplied us the source of the list of the names that Mona is working from. We must have that source and link to where the list was originally published.

    Mona explained that she has just looked at a few of the names of the 58 names on the list.

    Dr. Fetzer explains his approach to dealing with the kind of "evidence" we have to deal with in this case.

    Agree this is important and it needs to be completed and set in print in the most objective scholarly way possible and Dr. Fetzer can do that.

  92. Pressley's "research" and reporting are neither, and she fails in her mission to demonstrate prima facie evidence of the false flag operation that my gut tells me was actually carried out in Vegas. This extremely important issue deserves better than what Pressley gave it. IMO she does nothing to advance the case and in fact may even have tainted future efforts by others who actually do the research and report FACTS instead of loosely stitched together personal theories. When one is calling out the federal government it behooves one to do so methodically and thoroughly then present well documented and carefully juried facts to support the allegations. What Miss Pressley calls "research" really is just casual speculation. Her opening paragraph sets the stage, and the very low bar for accuracy and thoroughness in this piece. I quote: "Those who have been publicly identified as 'victims' of the 1 October 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, it turns out, died at other times and other locations and of other causes." Really? Where is the evidence to support that blanket statement? She then talks about just 20 out of 58 alleged victims to support her conclusions, all "researched" from the notoriously unreliable data on the internet without one jot of documented corroborating evidence. She further asserts: "Some of them [the victims] do not even exist but were created through a photo-shop program that produces the illusion of an entirely different person. …look back at the photos of the victims and see if you can find the same person in many of the others." I think I know what she is saying here, but why didn't she just say it so we wouldn't have to guess? She presents no explanation, no analysis, and again, not one iota of evidence. She goes on to refer to Christopher Roybal as the "first victim." Does she mean first on her list? Or is she saying that officials identified him as the alleged first to be shot and/or die? This is an important distinction. First on her list is believable. But if authorities claim he was the first shot I'd have to question how they know that and why it matters. Her finding on of what she says is evidence of tampering with the truth about his date of death is unsupported. Errors occur in online date entry all the time, and attempts to correct same can end up making things worse. The mere presence of apparently conflicting information is NOT evidence of anything except that we need to be very careful in choosing what online "data" to believe. Maybe Pressley is right about Roybal's case, and maybe not. What she "reports" simply doesn't rise to the level of "proof" of anything. Some actual old school research e.g. going to where he lived and worked and talking with those who knew him may have supported her conclusions. Or maybe not. Same goes for the other 19 people on her list. Pressley doesn't even address the obvious, i.e. that there are often two or more people of the same name born on the same day, and that could explain what appears to be deliberately altered accounts of some of the deaths. When one is calling out the federal government and alleging a false flag operation, and asking her readers to believe her claims, it behooves one to actually provide some fact-checked evidence. I suggest she go back and invest the time to do her homework. Closely examine the lives and deaths of several of the victims by personally interviewing family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc instead of trying to scope things out on the internet. Include photos, birth and death certificates, medical records where available, copies of correspondence with officials and acquaintances, etc. Until professional quality research is done on these alleged false deaths, I remain suspicious but unconvinced that this was a false flag where not one single person (as Pressley alleges) died.

  93. If you had a modicum of research skills you wouldn't even be pimping the Catholic Church. You were asked a question directed to you that you chose to ignore because you can't defend your position. You're not a scientist but a polemic.

  94. If we click on Mona Alexis Pressley's name, it takes us to the USA Today website article on the alleged victims, not the piece by her that you've posted. Who is Mona Aexis Pressley? I previously asked a similar question about Anastasia Smith of "Heroes were in abundance at the Las Vegas Massacre," but I didn't get an answer, and now I can't even locate the Comment. Was it deleted?

  95. This work by Mona Pressley and Dr. Fetzer is a giant step toward showing that the perpetrators invented death records on a manufactured list of names of Las Vegas death victims.

    It is important to document the source of the list, considered the "official narrative", as the sole subjects of this research effort. Please supply a link.

    With the source of the original list supplying the subjects of investigation, I can more readily accept the title,
    Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert. Then we have the definition of "nobody."

    There is already at least one death that falls outside the subject death cases of this "nobody died" effort and this death is also associated with the Las Vegas Concert and is a case that falls into the "dead witnesses" category of people who meet mysterious deaths after the event because they knew too much. Colonel Craig Roberts published a book titled The Dead Witnesses listing the over 100 deaths associated with the JFK assassination.

    Paddock's Valet Chad Nishimura Assassinated 5 Days Ago
    urban moving
    Published on Oct 21, 2017

    For all the people negatively criticizing this important effort of Ms. Pressley and Dr. Fetzer, may I suggest you pitch in and make it better with your superior research skills.

    Again this is a great step forward on solving Las Vegas Concert event and I say a big thank you to Mona Pressley and Dr. Fetzer.

  96. I agree with Jeff Fenske above. Mona Pressley has not done careful research and leapt to conclusions.
    Michelle Vo lives in my area and was a friend (1) of a friend (2). The friend (1) had dinner several times with Michelle N. Vo with friend (2), which indicates that she was a real person, as does internet research. She was 32-34 so there is no reason to suggest that she died in San Jose.
    The anecdote in the press about Michelle Vo and how she died at the concert in the arms of her new redneck buddy sounds completely phony to me and friend (1) too.
    I would suggest that she was was one of these Sandy Hook type of fake victims (like Victoria Soto) who traded in her identity for Gofundme donations (yes, she has a GFM account).
    Michelle Vo in the past few days had a service on her behalf held by the Vietnamese community in the area and featuring her fake redneck buddy in the first several rows (!).
    From this I surmise that the perpetrators have swept into the death column both recently deceased from elsewhere, in addition to Sandy Hook GFM money-grabbers. There may be other categories that we don't know about, e.g. government or military industrial workers, kidnappees, whatever.
    The responsible researcher should keep this in mind and research each and every deceased carefully before drawing any conclusions, unlike Mona Pressley has done.

  97. Mona Pressley isn't doing careful enough research. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and no one doubts what happened to Adrian Murfett. It's big news here. She posts a search engine screen shot instead of the Legacy post. Maybe they had a typo, but this story is completely legit. To make such significant claims about people, research needs to be thorough. People won't even listen to us anymore unless we carefully vet our claims. And truthers are publicly maligning other truthers — exactly what the Talmudists want — divide and conquer.

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