Michael Rivero blows his cover as a 9/11 gatekeeper

Jim Fetzer

When governmentslaves.com published a recent piece on the importance of the alternative on-line media, highlighting the contributions of Matt Drudge, Steve Quayle, Michael Rivero and Jeff Rense, I anticipated that it would not be long before they would come under attack by the truth suppressors:

I did not have long to wait because Media Matters, which is run by David Brock–reported to be the boyfriend of James Alifantis, notorious as the owner of Comet Ping-Pong Pizza and central to the PizzaGate scandal–launched an attack upon Drudge as an instrument of Russian propaganda:

where serious students of current affairs know that RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik News are among the most accurate and reliable news sources in the world today, unlike The Washington Post and The New York Times, which have long since been absorbed as instruments of propaganda by the CIA.

Rivero attacks Me over 9/11

I anticipated that other attacks on Rivero and on Rense, where my show, “The Raw Deal”, is broadcast over renseradio.com, would be forthcoming. But imagine my surprise when I received the following from one of my followers who was reporting that Rivero had been attacking me instead:

Indeed, between 46:40 and 48:40, in response to what I believe to have been a prearranged call, he attacks me in a 2-minute exchange for my positions on the use of holograms and mini nukes in New York, that no plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11 and even (surprisingly) that we did not land on the moon:

The caller had no problem with the towers having been destroyed by plane impacts and jet-fuel based fires, which is physically impossible. They were too robust for any real plane to penetrate them, which was why they had to be faked. He called in for expert advice, but Rivero reinforced his ignorance.

The Use of Mini Nukes

The observable destruction sequence, for example, where the towers are being blown apart in every direction–from the top down–and converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust–which is a signature of nuclear events–would be confirmed by USGS dust studies, as I explain in detail:

Because the use of mini nukes and of holograms to fake the planes is difficult for many students of 9/11 to understand, I have spelled it out in clear and accessibly ways on many occasions, as I did during the first “Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference” (2013). Apparently, Michael Rivero didn’t get the memo:

During the second “Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference” (2016), Dennis Cimino focused on what did and did not happen at the Pentagon. (For more, see “Reflections on the Pentagon: A 9/11 Photographic Review’.) We know that no plane hit the Pentagon, something Michael also seems not to understand.

“The Kookification Squad”

According to Rivero, I am part of “that kookifcation squad and their job is to make anybody that’s questioning the official story look bad . . . this idea of no plane at the Pentagon was ginned up out of thin air in order to tarnish the truth movement.” But that’s a tough case to make on several grounds:

First, I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth (2005), gave the keynote at Alex Jones’ 9/11 American Scholars Conference in LA (2006), was flown to Athens for a 3.5 hour television interview on 9/11 that was broadcast worldwide by satellite (2006); organized the first 9/11 Scholars conference in Madison (2007); published THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY (2007) with 11 contributors; was flown to Buenos Aires for lectures on JFK and 9/11 (2008); was flown back to give the keynote for An International Symposium on 9/11 Truth and Justice (2009) held at The National Library of the Republic of Argentina; organized “Debunking the War on Terror” in London (2010); organized The Vancouver 9/11 Hearings (2012); organized The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference (2013); organized the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II (2016) with 12 participants; and published AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11 (2017) with 14 contributors; while maintaining Scholars for 9/11 Truth website and its discussion forum.

Second, that no plane hit the Pentagon has been apparent since Thierry Meyssan published “Hunt the Boeing”; there is no sign of any plane having hit anywhere near the Pentagon, as Jamie McIntyre of CNN reported on 9/11; there is no massive pile of aluminum debris from a 100-ton airliner at the hit point on the ground floor; no bodies, no seats, no luggage, no wings, no engines; civilian lime-green firetrucks extinguish the modest fires at the hit point, where the Pentagon lawn is clear, green and unblemished; the large section of the Pentagon did not collapse until 45 minutes after the plane had allegedly hit; there is no debris on the lawn until after that section collapses, where a piece of debris from a Boeing 757 shows up that has been tracked to a crash near Cali, Columbia, in 1995; black, billowing clouds later visible across the Potomac from the Capitol came from a series of enormous dumpsters as a Hollywood-style special effect; and the official trajectory of a 757 flying at over 500 mph barely skimming the ground, taking out a series of lampposts, is not even aerodynamically possible.

Third, the “serious scholars of 9/11” he appears to have in mind are Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan, Steven Jones and those who publish in The Journal of 9/11 Studies; but who are committed to nanothermite as responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers, which T. Mark Hightower and I have demonstrated to be impossible; they are publishing articles that claim a plane really did hit the Pentagon; and they are unwilling to address who was responsible and why, where Richard Gage left 9/11 Truth in a time-warp on C-SPAN; where a nice overview of the differences between the key groups in 9/1l research–A&E911, Judy Wood and DEWs and Scholars for 9/11 Truth–recently appeared in The Millennium Report (12 September 2017) providing a summary of the differences between the three and why A&E911 and Judy Wood appear to be limited hangouts, which allow some of the truth about 9/11 to be revealed but conceal, obfuscate or suppress crucial aspects, which include the use of mini or micro nukes, the role of holograms and that no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon.

When Rivero claims that “the serious researchers all know that a plane hit the Pentagon”, therefore, he could not be more wrong. Serious researchers have been questioning that claim for 15 years, since “Hunt the Boeing” first appeared (2002). We know for a certainty that no plane hit the Pentagon.

Michael Rivero as Limited Hangout

More proof that Michael Rivero is a 9/11 gatekeeper includes: that the use of holograms explains the impossible speed of Flight 175 as it approaches the South Tower, which Pilots for 9/11 Truth has shown would have caused a Boeing 767 to disintegrate at that speed and altitude; its impossible entry into a massive, 500,000-ton building with no collision effects (including no debris beneath the towers’ facades), even though it was intersecting with eight floors (consisting of an acre of concrete on a steel truss apiece), and why it did not explode external to the building. Indeed, a recent interview of a pilot by James Perloff has confirmed why they had to fake the planes using holograms rather than depend upon real pilots: “What’s better than planes flying into buildings? The illusion of planes flying into buildings. Especially if it’s a high explosive/incendiary guided missile with some sort of holographic projection device strapped to its back.” There’s nothing “kooky” about invoking holograms to explain the evidence and the use of nukes, which are the only hypotheses that fit the data, including the USGS’s findings of elements that would not have been present had this not been a nuclear event. It’s called “science”.

Not only does Rivero attack me for advancing the best-supported hypotheses about how the towers were destroyed and how the planes were projected (when the speed in flight was aerodynamically impossible and the entry absent collision effects was physically impossible) for real planes but his defense of a Boeing 757 having hit the Pentagon was immediate and an addition to the objection being raised by the caller. Once you review the evidence, how can those of us who have concluded that no plane hit the Pentagon possibly be “poisoning the well” or “promoting propaganda”? All the evidence is on our side, where the only alternative arises if TRUTH is envisioned as POISON, which of course it is for those who want to suppress it. I have challenged Rivero to debate these issues on his show, on “The Power Hour” or on “Infowars”. He and I have now been invited to appear on “The Power Hour” this Monday, 25 September 2017, from 10-11 AM/ET (9-10 AM/CT). I will be there; he may or may not. The clincher, if one were needed, came when he threw in my denial that we landed men on the moon.

The proof that we did not go to the moon is abundant and compelling. My interest was awakened during a visit to London where, when we turned on the TV, one of the BBC channels was playing, “Conspiracy Theory: Did we land on the moon?”, which offers one scientific proof after another that we did not go. Because of my background in the history and the philosophy of science, I was hooked and have since done further research on the matter, including publishing AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015) and subsequent interviews with Dennis Cimino, “The Great Moon Landing Hoax” and “The Real Deal: More on the Moon Landing Hoax”. Indeed, I have been amused by recent developments, where NASA has admitted that the greatest obstacle to a manned mission to Mars is the Van Allen Radiation Belt; where NASA has destroyed a priceless collection of video of the moon landing; and where NASA has sought the assistance of the public to solve its “space poop” problem. Rivero appears to have done no more research on the moon landings than he has on the Pentagon. His effort to trash me has instead unintentionally revealed his role in the media today.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.


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80 thoughts on “Michael Rivero blows his cover as a 9/11 gatekeeper”

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  9. Rivera is an arrogant, know it all. It's amazing how caller's with differing views are always cut short by commercial breaks. His "imaginary playmate in the sky" quip is disgusting. His past ties to NASA and Hollyweird are major red flags. Stadtmiller blew a gasket in his on-air defense of his boy today too.

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  11. Hi, Jim, about a year ago you said multiple times that if Hillary wasn't already dead then she certainly will be in less than a year. Well, I just saw her last night in seemingly good health on MSNBC. Can you admit you were 100% wrong and just whipping up disinformation in order to elect Trump?

  12. SIR

    9/11. What can be known has been known. What can be done has been done. The US agencies responsible for the protection of life – the lives of people, either (a) let it happen, or(b) planned it along with other secret agencies for ends we can only speculate. Usually, it boils down to power or control, wealth preservation or accumulation, or some furtherance of a grand plan. No matter the two options. a or b. What is obvious – the cover up after the event by a range of agencies and agents, including the mass engineering of public opinion via internet and Corp media. No one has observed so many falsifications hammering the rational mind, so pervasive it is serious work simply to maintain a sound mind. Thank you for standing up and stating "I smell a rat." The fact is – you do. Keep up the fight and use reason to bring truth to light. Even trolls cannot destroy truth. Poor blind bastards.
    Nothing is as it appears to the eye of the mind. Trolls aim to quell the asking of questions, the finding that comes through them.

    Scientists take a different path. They ignore anything important and focus on serious shit. Name three: other planets light years distant. The red shift of stars at the fringe of visible space. And my favorite – the measure of gravity waves caused by two black holes colliding(entities they have not even seen). So much for logical physicalism. HA. Empirical observation as only basis of verification. HA. Materialism and mathematical formalism. What is the sound of one black hole colliding? – They cannot say.

    As a young man, I had the strong desire to learn science. Now I prefer to be a clown. It is the same work but the pay is far more honest.

    I cannot envision anything other than a snake oil salesman spinning words interlocking SYMPTOMS to CONDITIONS to CURES and listing credentials a mile long without meaning.

    How can we trust any government agency to look at the evidence and give a truthful report? No scientist experiments any more outside the walls of the DOD.

    Nevertheless, may the Father in Heaven be with you, protect you and guide you.

    Robert Temple

  13. After skimming the NIST response to Dr. Wood's submitted evidence, it appears that the Court will dismiss any evident findings which may contradict to the original NIST Report.

    Well, I was wrong. This Case did see the light inside a Court of Law. The general judicial ending to this type of suit will most likely be a Summary Judgement against the Plaintiff Wood, in favor of Defendant NIST because: Plaintiff Wood failed to prove her claims. I realize this Ruling would be bullshit and, Wood's only recourse will be to Appeal… and this will go on for many, many years. There is no Balance of Justice.

    The NIST's rhetoric sounds like our National Intelligence Gathering Services which claimed that Saddam Hussein had WMD's, and that Syria's Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people.

  14. Their credibility still exists, and it is upheld in the "Court of Public Opinion". However, you cannot expect another appointed Government Commission to investigate itself again, and render different findings.

    Findings of accredited independent investigators (Domestic or International) will not be accepted nor will their evidence see the Light in a Court of Law.

    The definition of "Illegal" is now: a sick bird, and Justice is generally served to the highest bidder. But in the case of 911, if the Truth is exposed, it would destroy what is left of our Republic. I'm still debating in my mind if the Fall and Rise of our Republic would be a good or a bad circumstance? It would depend on what replaced our current system of Government (Military Rule?).

  15. Where is the evidence for your claims? No hard evidence = hearsay and it's simply your opinion!
    ALSO why are my replies being deleted?? I've had 4 of my replies deleted so far. does some one have a problem with requests for evidence of claims?!

  16. The original demolition plan was the use of an underground (50 meters below the basement bottom) nuclear device with a yield of probably 150 kilotons. Their most probable deployment was from Bldg 7, with the 150 kt nuke under it destroying the evidence.

    Jim is pretty much on the money except that he's stuck on MINInukes. You can't use multiple mininukes because the first to detonate will kill all the others unless they're far enough away. A mininuke was probably used in the 2/26/1993 "truck bomb" attack on the North Tower basement.

    Were the "planes" holograms or just carefully managed CGI news footage on a very few broadcast outlets?

    Thermite/thermate was used to cut "realistic" holes in the bldgs. where the "planes" entered.

    Where's the radiation? Try looking at the vapor that kept drifting out of the underground cavities made by the nukes and see if you can figure out how responders got multiple myelomas, delayed thyroid cancer, etc.

  17. is there a reason my reply's are being deleted?
    I'll reply again and see if it's deleted again.

    My apologies, I did not watch the video before posting, I should correct myself; The material found by Dr. Steven Jones was Thermate “nano thermite”.
    I wonder what Steven Jones would think of the micro-nuke hypothesis, and the isotopes found in the USGS study. I should email him and find out his thoughts on the subject, I've only heard him speak of Thermate, which was evidenced by his tests of the samples from the WTC with a Scanning Electron Microscope
    Professor Niels Harrit was asked if he believed there was Nuclear explosives used, he replied:
    “where is the evidence”
    IE: Results from a gamma mass spectrometer that conclusively showed nuclear isotopes indicative of nuclear events.
    Just as in the court of law, something must be evidenced with hard evidence or it is hearsay.
    If people got sick as if there was ionizing radiation, are there bio-tests to show this radio-active contamination? or was it the toxic nature of the heated pyroclastic flow of highly concentrated nano/micro particulate composed of asbestos, heavy metals, etc?

    Nuclear detonations are no simple thing, and I find it hard to imagine synchronizing 1000's of micro-nukes in controlled demolition… Thermite is conventionally used in demolition, mini nukes would be something rather “unproven” per say, for such a critical event.
    I still, after watching hours of HD video of the WTC demolitions, find it hard to come to words of how to describe the forces at work that day, if nuclear was involved, I suppose I would not be surprised…
    Would you think a hybrid-demolition is a possibility? How else explain the presence of Thermate?
    Plain Thermite leaves pools of molten metal, I imagine Thermate + the core columns would leave massive amounts of molten steel.
    Underground fires of molten steel for months even after large rain showers, I don't know how to explain that.. would nuclear have such an enduring effect?
    I wonder how the gold survived almost untouched, was this planned or coincidence? I think not!

    Thank you for your amazing efforts in illuminating the world to the truth of NWO.

  18. Tritium 55 times background level. Do you know how much water was at ground zero? Lakes of it. Tritium is a rare radioactive isotope found in the atmosphere. Tritium found at ground zero is sine quo non mini-nukes were used.

  19. James: The two greatest proofs NASA never sent people to the moon are the Van Allen radiation belts you have mentioned and the lack of stars in the background when seeing half of the Earth in the distance from Armstrong's view. The sky should have been littered with stars.

    Keep up the great work, James.

  20. 1. No one is writing only one has the truth. Avoid strawman arguments.

    2. You write you some diagreements with Rivero. Name them or you continue to be hot air.

    3. I soncerely think you are naive. Rivero has ties to Hollywood and NASA and telling the unvarnished truth has economic consequences for him. When telling the truth is a conflict of interest, your voice is useless.

  21. When the building permits for the Towers and building 7 were submitted (back in the late 70's), did they not also submit a Demolition Plan, as part of the building permits?

    If they DID NOT, then, one must ask, why not? Wasn't that required for all new building permits in Manhattan by the New York Port Authority? When you request permission to erect a building in any major population center (such as Manhattan), you must also instruct the building authorities (for their review and approval) as to how you intend to demolish your building after its normal life-span.

    If they DID, then why not acquire a copy of the original Demolition Plan and tell us all what it said – wouldn't it make sense for anyone (eg Larry "Pull It" Silverstein) who might want to demolish the two towers and Building 7 to acquire, study, and then follow, the original demolition plan?

    I have yet to see any public discussion as per the original demolition plan, which, if you think about it, is the most likely method used to demolish those buildings. It should be available for review in plain English on file with the Port Authority, which would go a long way towards confirming, or denying, various theories as to how the buildings were demolished – the original building designers would have told us the best demolition method after spending a small fortune designing, and submitting for approval, the original demolition plans.

    Disregarding the original demolition plan is like attempting to figure out a complicated musical piece without taking the time to read the composer's music score, on sheet music, for that piece.

  22. DM: As far as is known, Larry Silverstein et al are not part of the US Government. Of course, the evil entity it has become makes this point almost moot. Direction for the 911 travesty came from both outside and inside, foreign and domestic.

  23. The iron-clad case of WTC-7 was more than enough for any honest legal system to issue indictments. There were no planes, and the method of controlled demolition would have been fleshed out in court.

    But that would mean no obfuscation through argumentation!

    The Controlled Demolition
    of World Trade Center Seven
    is the Smoking Gun of Nine Eleven

  24. https://vgy.me/Z76sXY.jpg

    Popular theories about what destroyed the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001 are:

    1 Fires from jet fuel and office materials weakened steel in the upper floors and the buildings collapsed

    2 Conventional controlled demolition blew out supports at the base and the buildings collapsed

    3 Thermite cut steel columns on virtually every floor and the buildings collapsed

    4 Conventional explosives blew the buildings up

    5 Mini-nukes blew the buildings up

    Theories 1, 2 and 3 rely on gravity to bring the buildings down while the last two blow them up. Popular theories, yes, and dead wrong.
    Five facts scientifically documented in Ph.D. engineer Judy Wood’s comprehensive textbook (Where Did The Towers Go?) prove the popular theories false beyond any doubt whatsoever. Yes, I know it’s amazing. Who’d a thunk it’d be this easy?


    1. DEBRIS: What debris? There was so little debris from each 110-story building that there was no “pile” or “stack.” Rubble totaled less than a story. It was a football field as a survivor who emerged from Stairwell B, North Tower, exclaimed. No computers, toilets, and only one small piece from one Steelcase file cabinet were found. Some steel and mostly dust remained. Lack of debris on the ground from quarter-mile-high twin towers whispers “no collapse.” See Chapter 9.

    2. BATHTUB: A bathtub or slurry wall surrounded 70 feet of WTC subbasements to prevent the Hudson River from flooding the WTC and downtown. If each 500,000-ton tower had slammed into the bathtub in 10 seconds or less, the protective wall would collapse. Did not happen. Upshot? Collapses did not happen. See Chapter 5.

    3. SEISMIC IMPACT: “Had the towers collapsed, foundation bedrock would have experienced tremendous force hammering on it throughout the ‘collapse,’” writes Dr. Wood. Seismic instruments registered disturbances far too short in duration and far too small to record tower collapses. This was true of both the twin towers and 47-story WTC7. Again, no evidence of collapses. See Chapter 6.

    4. SOUND: There were no loud explosions, as established by videos, witnesses, and the official report of NIST. Nor were there loud screeches and screams from massive metal falling, colliding, scraping and collapsing on metal. See Chapter 6.

    5. DUST: Photos, videos and witness testimony show the towers turned to powder in mid-air. Tim McGinn, NYPD, said, “I was standing there for a couple of seconds thinking where the f**k is the tower? I simply couldn’t comprehend it.” The dust rollout was so enormous and thick it blocked out sunlight and left an inch or more of dust covering downtown. Much of it wafted into the upper atmosphere. The volume was incredible. Particles from dust samples were smaller than red blood cells and about the size of DNA. As for toxicity, researchers said the dust “recorded the highest levels we have ever seen in over 7,000 measurements we have made of very fine air pollution throughout the world, including Kuwait and China.” See Chapters 8, 9, 14-16.

  25. Not agreeing with your hologram theory doesn't mean you're with 'them'. I think your nuts, and I KNOW I'm not with them. In fact, I think anyone that puts more importance on how it was done rather than why it was done, is with 'them'. The ultra rich care nothing to outfit two 767s for this task and kamikaze them into the buildings than to save the jets and go through hell to make holograms look real.

  26. I find treachery of any kind a sad matter. Prof. Fetzer, his friends and his associates take heart life will not always be this way. Something reliable, better is ahead for all who seek it. Faithful friends will one day be your reward if you endure the darkness never losing hope in what is real. Even the Real Deal.

  27. Rivero worked for NASA and in Holywood. Do you think he has a vested interest in the moon landings? What retirement payments does he receive from NASA? Chemtrails – he reeks of arrogance when every other host at his radio station (RBN) believes in them. He is an intellectually gifted gate keeper.

  28. What scientific evidence do you bring to the table Mr. Goldstein? Can you provide evidence which controverts Dr. Fetzer's findings, or anyone else's findings?

    I never really required a person with a Doctorates Degree to explain Basic Logic or the Fundamentals of Newton's Laws of Motion, nor do we need a bullshit detector to detect incessant trolls such as yourself.

    A conspiracy remains a conspiracy, until it is show to be fact. BTW: As it is with any International Criminal Perp, the guilty and their chosen representative trolls always scream and whine the loudest.

  29. DM- When fired, a hollow-point 22-bullet will average ~ 1500 FPS. Even with its small impact surface area, this bullet still would not be able to penetrate a steel reinforced concrete wall. If someone throws a passenger jet at you, it also has no chance of penetrating your skin.

    The alleged passenger jets were claimed to have been traveling @ 510 knots = 861 FPS, or approximately 1/2 the velocity of a 22-bullet. Please note that it is impossible for a 757 passenger jet to travel at this velocity, near sea level, because the maximum operating low altitude velocity of the 757 passenger jet is 360 knots, and maximum dive velocity is 410 knots (speed = 140-knots at take-off).


    Furthermore, the 757 fuselage has an aluminum alloy frame construction with a hollow-point nose which would have been crushed on impact, and fallen to the street below along with the separated wings, giant engines, luggage, passengers, black boxes, and the jet fuel.

    "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

    ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

  30. James H. "Uncle" Fetzer is a retired philosopher and all-around conspiracy theorist. From the 1970s into the 1990s, he published a number of well-regarded works on the philosophy of science, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. By the late 1990s, however, he had morphed into a full-time conspiracy theorist. He has authored three entire collections of John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory books, co-authored a book that claims Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crash was actually a political assassination, promoted moon landing hoax conspiracy theories, and bolstered his support of holocaust denial with claims that Israel was secretly involved in everything from the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre to 9/11.[1] Naturally, TV shows hosted by intellectual giants such as Jerry Springer, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Jesse Ventura have given Fetzer and his views a comfy guest chair.

  31. Michael Rivero exposed himself as being a gatekeeper with his latest interview with Richie Allen. For years I had my suspicions but his comments on weather manipulation and when pushed a little by Richie, his response being that Richie was trying to accuse Russia and Iran of attacking the US was bizarre to the extreme. Especially so coming from someone who claims to have such a high IQ. That settled the issue in my mind.

  32. I see that I don't explain the use of mini nukes in the text, so I should have said instead, WATCH THE VIDEOS. Please watch the last 20 minutes of "9/11: Who was responsible and why" and let me know if I present sufficient proof for you to better judge the matter for yourself. The USGS dust studies are of special importance. Remember that a vast quantity of the towers was vaporized and completely disappeared and there were pools of molten metal than endured for months. I think the nanothermite theory was to explain that away and that I need to give that data greater emphasis.

  33. What has been taken to be nanothermite is found in dust samples taken from an apartment near "Ground Zero". Did you read the article? The towers were blown apart from the top down; they were converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust; there was no stack of debris in their footprint; the USGS dust studies revealed elements that, in their quantities and correlations, are indicative of the use of nukes; the medical maladies of first responders and residents of the area are ones associated with exposure to ionizing radiation. DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE? Go back and read it again. And watch the two embedded videos, which lay out the evidence that it was done with nukes.

  34. Anonymous seems oblivious of the point that Michael Rivero attacked me over my research on 9/11 and called me out for "kookifying" the 9/11 Truth movement. Under those circumstances, that we have differences is irrelevant. Give the evidence I have amassed and reported here, there is no room for doubt that he is suppressing 9/11 Truth regarding the use of nukes, faking the planes in New York and that no plane crashed into the Pentagon–where he tosses in the moon landing for good measure. He might has well have come out and said, "I am a disinfo op!"

  35. Easy,and you don't need a degree in advanced statistical analysis to figure out WHO is responsible. %2-3 of the population has its hands all over it.Aside from the fact that the George W. administration was infested with Jews galore..
    911 KEY PLAYERS…………
    *Larry Silverstein (JEW) owned buildings,insured them against terror attack for billions.Buddies with Bibi
    partner Maurice Greenberg(JEW) AIG
    first plane struck MMC headed by his son
    *Rabbi Doug Zakheim(JEW) Comptroller at Pentagon(missing 2 trillion)
    *LEW EISENBERG(JEW) Commisioner of Port Authority of NY and NJ ,oversaw transfer to Silverstein
    *RONALD LAUDER(JEW) Director of NY privatization scheme allowed Silverstrein to purchase Twin Towers
    *FRANK LOWY(JEW) former Israeli commando,CEO of Westfield and partner of LARRY SILVERSTEIN
    *MICHAEL CHERTOFF(JEW) assistant to Attorney General John Ashcroft,and to become head of newly formed DHS.Responsible for criminal investigation of 911,..there was none.
    *PHILIP ZEILIKOW(JEW)Executive Director of 911 Commission Report…a fairytale
    *KENNETH FEINBERG(JEW) Special Master of the 911 Compensation Fund
    *SHELIA BIRNBAUM(JEW) Oversaw settlements of the 96 families that did not accept govt compensation from Feinberg
    *ALVIN K HELLERSTEIN(JEW) Federal Judge who oversaw 911 litigation…his son is an Israeli attorney who represented the primary defendant ICTS(Zionist owned) ,the airport security in charge of airports on 911. We also have FBI documents of Mossad arrests,and the interview of the officer that arrested some of these rats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-B2J7tp8eg

    Missing Links is the best documentary out there on WHO is responsible.

    As far as nukes go,there is no evidence they exist. No one that believes in them can come up with an answer to how it is that the streets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely clean and free of debris right after the "explosions" ,also all the film footage of nukes going of ,as seen in the documentary "NUKES ARE A HOAX",can be seen as poor cgi trickery. The damage is consistent with fire bombing,like they did to many other cities in Japan. The paper and wooden homes had burnt to the ground ,while brick and steel structures remained standing,even at ground zero…

  36. No. Think of it this way. If the plane were stationary and the building were in motion, would the effect of it hitting the plane be significantly different if it had been moving at 500 mph instead of 400? The plane would have been crushed external to the building. The relativity of motion puts exposes your mistake.

  37. My problem with the "no planes" theory is it is based on the erroneous assumption that an airliner couldn't fly through the steel "skin" of the WTC 1 and 2.

    That's easily debunked with the analogy of a bullet piercing human skin. If someone throws a bullet at you it has no chance of penetrating your skin. But if you get the bullet moving at around 1200 ft/s it'll puncture skin every time. In fact the bullet will go straight through to the other side.


  38. "No one has all of the pieces"

    Hear, hear! I agree. We all know 9/11 was an inside job to usher in the NWO. That's all that matters. The specifics of which explosive/nuke/nanothermite/DEW are immaterial. The U.S. Government killed 3500 of its own citizens on 9/11/2001 and we must never forget.

  39. I have been reading Rivero and Fetzer for years and have recently come to the conclusion that Rivero has changed his entire political views. I do believe he is a phony…all one needs to do is compare his on site articles to those of years ago to discern his present government shill website. Don't believe most of what Rivero and WRH spouts as truth.

  40. There has been, and there will be continued efforts to totally discredit the research of many patriots seeking to uncover the truth behind 9/11.
    In my review of thousands of scattered papers upon 9/11, none stand up to the outstanding collective body of work offered by Jim Fetzer.
    No one has all of the pieces in the attempt to reconstruct the crime scene and speculation therefore is used to complete the picture. It is this injection of speculation, as well as directed disinformation attacks by others that sets many within the "Truther" community at odds. Knowing of Jim Fetzer's keen abilities in both deductive and inductive logic, my compass is inclined to point at those scenario's fashioned by "Fetzer Logic" as very close to the truth, while awaiting a new investigation.

  41. I have had more than one 911-run-around with Mike Rivero, and told him that you do not require a Physics 101 Course to know that the fragile aluminum alloy wings of a Boeing passenger jet cannot cut through steel reinforced concrete walls. Rivero claims that the "No-Planes" theory places 911-Truther's in the tin foil hat category.

    Mike Rivero needs to understand that if he continues to peddle the Official 911 Commission Report's lies, we will never get any closer to the truth.

    Mike Rivero is not ignorant — he is an intentional opportunist & information gatekeeper, and he is discrediting the Truther Movement.

  42. Exterior columns were 14" square OD, steel box columns with 1/2" wall thickness on each side, separated by 18" window openings, joined at each floor with 1/2" plate spandrels sections, welded top and bottom cords to steel floor joists on 24" centers. The core of the building had massive steel W-section beams, with stiffener plates. The elevator and three stair shafts had reinforced concrete fire wall. Airliners did not vaporize WTC-1 or 2.

    "Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes" on YouTube

  43. This is the sensible answer. The perpetrators must be laughing right now as they've got the 911 truth movements arguing with each other. About five years ago I realised that it doesn't matter how it was done but who did it. We need an enquiry.

  44. Rivero has been pegged as a gatekeeper for quite a few years, but his constant, "I am under ddos attack send me money" routine pretty much screams gatekeeper, for all to see…….easily.

    About 1998ish if people remember…..they don't….the the secretary of defense was on either history channel or discovery channel and said something to the effect…….

    There are no terrorist organizations in the world capable of pulling off an air attack with anything bigger than a small Cessna type plane.

    Which basically said anything bigger would be us the united states.

    And here we are post 911 with a new universal math formula……

    Ready boys and girls???

    One plane equals terrorist planning.

    Two planes equal government planning.

    Class risk seed.

  45. Rivero may be wrong about some things, but that doesn't mean he is wrong about everything. (sadly, the same applies to Fetzer) But I know for a fact that Fetzer is a complete idiot. If you want details, I have the emails….

  46. "Their part of the kookification squad"? That does not sound like a rebuttal. It sounds like CNN calling somebody names cause they can't refute what they are saying. I am surprised at Mike but the real point that can be agreed on is that we don't have the truth about 911. It doesn't matter how it was exactly done. The world needs a real open source public investigation.

  47. There is no one with all of the information or the truth. I disagree with some things Rivero says but that doesn't make him a gatekeeper. It seems as though he sincerely believes what he says and yes he has an ego but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

  48. Dr. Fetzer, I've been listening to your various shows for two years now and I have found all your DOCUMENTED RESEARCH on each of your undertakings to be serious and trustworthy.

    I have also been listening to M. Rivero over the past year and I have quit. I absolutely can longer tolerate his believing HE ALONE is omniscient, which only GOD can be, so that should tell anyone plenty! He appears to be a crypto Jew, but he doesn’t want anyone to know it or realize it. However, he has said that one (possibly both) of his parents was a Jew, and his ex-wife was. The only time that that enters the equation is when it is prejudiced against the TRUTH, regardless of the subject. This is where he FAILS but he is so full of himself, he does not even realize that he’s a loser of the first class. It is clear that he is the “paid opposition” and we know who is making the payments! Perhaps he thinks that after losing 80 pounds and getting his face all botoxed up and filled with fillers that that will improve him somehow. I am always amazed at how VERY LITTLE IMPROVEMENT is attainable for those that are naturally born ugly and intellectually deficient.

    Thank you very much for continuing to do a FABULOUS JOB for Americans and the World. Don’t let someone who brags about being a “magician” think he can pull off his deception on those of us who are not amused but enlightened.

    Blessings to you!
    ~ Seekingtruth

  49. Thank you, Jim. More hard-hitting stuff getting 'out there'. Keep it up.

    There are going to be plenty of red faces when ALL of the truth about ALL of these false flag ops come out. And as in a telltale sign of a Marxist, in many such cases. And simply embarrassed dupes in others.

  50. "All Wars Are Bankers Wars" by Rivero was commendable summary of "Creature from Jekyll Island" by G Edward Griffin.

    As a trained structural engineer, I attended the A & E Truth DVD premier, Austin, May 2009 with Alex Jones and three DVD premiers in Houston.

    Massive evidence for 9/11 Nukes has been produced by Veterans Today, and is footnoted in….

    "The B-61, the More Usable Nuke"

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