Dr. Eowny: Remarkable resemblance of mothers of Charlottesville and Sandy Hook victims

Dr. Eowyn

Rearranging the kids to get a better shot during the Sandy Hook “evacuation”
Alert Americans found out about crisis actors because of the Sandy Hook false flag of December 14, 2012 — professional actors who simulate, i.e., pretend to be victims or bystanders or even perpetrators in mass casualty events.

Not only are there crisis actors, there are even amputee crisis actors!

We also know that there “public relations” firms that solicit actors for events, including rallies and protests. Below is a Craig’s List ad by Los Angeles public relations firm Crowds on Demand, soliciting “actors and photographers” in Charlotte, NC, to “participate” in “events” including rallies and protests.

Earlier this morning, FOTM reader jim alerted us to a video uploaded to YouTube by Joecol Flyer, on the remarkable similarities between the mothers of two victims in two separate incidents. The two mothers are:

  1. Susan Bro: the mother of Heather D. Heyer, 32, a paralegal who was killed on August 12, 2017 at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, by a car allegedly driven by James A. Fields Jr.
  2. Donna Fagan-Soto: the mother of Victoria Soto, 27, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, who allegedly was shot to death, along with 25 other victims, by Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012.

About two hours after I watched the YouTube video, it was removed “for violating YouTube‘s policy on harassment and bullying”. Fortunately, I had taken notes from the video and viewers’ comments, which enable me to conduct my own research.

Let’s compare Susan Bro and Donna Soto!

(1) Susan Bro

According to Spokeo people search, Heather D. Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville, VA, had a relative named Susan Heyer with two ages, 60 and 68, both at the same address in Ruckersville, VA:

Here’s a video interview of Susan Bro on Aug. 14, 2017, one day after her daughter Heather Heyer was killed. Pay close attention to Bro’s voice.

(2) Donna Soto

According to Wikipedia, Victoria Leigh Soto, born in November 1985, was 27 years old when she was gunned down by Adam Lanza while trying to protect her students. She was awarded posthumously the Presidential Citizens Medal. Victoria’s parents are Carlos Soto and Donna Fagan-Soto. Her obituary says Victoria’s siblings are Jillian, Carlee and Carlos Matthew Soto.

I found the right Donna Soto on Spokeo: Donna L. Soto of Stratford, CT, age 58. Strangely, among Donna’s relatives is Victoria Soto, who has been dead for almost 5 years:

  • Carlos Soto, 57.
  • Carlee Soto, 24.
  • Jillian Soto, 28.
  • Victoria Soto, 31, born November 1985, of Willimantic, CT. Here’s the link to her Spokeo page.

Here’s a video interview of Donna Soto on Dec. 19, 2012, five days after her daughter Victoria had been brutally gunned down.

(3) Comparison

Below are screenshots of Susan Bro and Donna Soto which I’d taken from their respective video interviews. Bear in mind that if they are the same person, Susan Bro would be a 5-year older version of Donna Soto, with undyed hair and no makeup.

↓ Click to enlarge ↓

Since people can look different in different photographs, I found some other images of the two women for another side-by-side comparison that is even more striking in their similarities. The source of the Susan Bro image is an ABC TV interview (video here); the source of the Soto image is a Getty photo of Donna Soto leaving Lordship Community Church after a funeral for her daughter Victoria on December 19, 2012, in Stratford, Connecticut.

Here are the similarities that I see:

  • Same egg-shaped face.
  • Same eyebrow shape, although Bro’s eyebrows are lighter in color.
  • Same deep lines, called lasolabial folds, along the sides of their mouths (see the yellow arrows I painted on the first side-by-side pics); same dimple-indentations at the corners of their mouths (see light blue arrows).
  • Both wear rectangular-shaped spectacles.
  • Same pudgy chin; same horizontal fold across their fat necks.
  • Same voice.
  • Both women punctuate their speech with “And” and “Um”.
  • Both said “And um”: 
    • Susan Bro said “And um” at the 1:47 mark in her video.
    • Donna Soto said “And um” at the 0:35 and 1:04 marks in her video.
  • Both Bro and Soto used the word “passion/passionate” to describe their respective daughters: 
    • Bro said, “Heather, her entire life has been passionate about justice” (0:01 mark).
    • Soto said, “that was her [Victoria’s] passion” (0:33 mark).
  • Both Bro and Soto flick their tongues out when they speak.

The dissimilarities are:

  • Soto’s eyes are larger (because of makeup)?
  • Their noses are slightly different, but that may be because of the angles of their heads.
  • Soto seems to have a larger mouth.

What do you think?
Speaking of the Soto family, I had noted in my post, “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors,” that Victoria Soto’s brother and sister, Carlos Matthew and Carlee, look remarkably like the children of a professional (though obscure) actress, Jennifer Greenberg Sexton.

Also, there is an interesting video, “Car Attack Victim Heather Heyer – Where is She Now?,” which was first uploaded to YouTube, but was taken down/censored by YouTube. Thankfully, the video was re-uploaded to Vimeo.


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22 thoughts on “Dr. Eowny: Remarkable resemblance of mothers of Charlottesville and Sandy Hook victims”

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  2. I was thinking along the same lines except I though Emilie Parker never existed and her picture is of one of the two sisters. The Sandy Hook parents didn't seem to be upset all. Mr Parker looked absolutely gleeful. Watching SH families being interviewed with the volume down you get the impression they won the lottery instead of having just lost a child.

    Hmm. Maybe they were paid a huge sum of money and that's why they can hardly hide their joy.

  3. Mugwort: it does appear that DS eyes are larger with glasses on but check out my latest video here: https:

    the triangle should help to keep the focal point clear to reveal their similarities. yogi

  4. Great work Dr. Eowyn! As always. The TRUTH never lies. All the TRUTHs exposed point to a singularity! They expose the LIES the (((sewer rats))) spin and the complicity of all who perpetrate these events. It's totally obvious.
    Thank you Jim for posting.

  5. You could very well be correct, it could be " Donna Soto" or whatever her real name is at 27, unfortunately we have no photos of her at age 27. I believe Emilie Parker was really her mother Alyissa. By doing it that way the public would never be the wiser.

  6. A convincing argument was made, also I believe by Dr. Eowyn, that the Posner kid was represented by a picture of the "older' brother as a child. In other words the alleged deceased child never actually existed as a kid in the class at all because there was no class that day. Suppose we extend this concept to all 20 alleged deceased kids and all 6 deceased adults allegedly killed that day. How do we know, for example, that the alleged person called Victoria Soto was not a myth represented by an earlier photograph of her alleged Mother Donna Soto just like the Posner kid was represented by an image of his brother at an earlier age? Of course other possibilities are possible but isn't this a good place to start? Does anyone have any earlier pictures of Donna Soto at about age 27 before she gained weight? This would be the ultimate con wouldn't it? Not only was the school closed and the event faked but none of the alleged dead kids or adults ever existed in reality at Sandy Hook School.

  7. New York Post today Aug.31, 2017
    Both pictures of the Bro woman are there.
    In talking about Sandy Hook turn the argument around: It is the GOVERNMENT lies
    which are the real Conspiracy Theory; while the scenario of Professor Fetzer, et al and the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" are the truth not Conspiracy Theory. All the media are liars on this.

  8. All the adult criminals involved in this mass conspiracy crime against all Americans should think hard and long about the possible consequences to you in a few years. It would be much better for you to come forward now, today, and admit your guilt in this massive scam on America, in the hope that the judge would give you leniency and reduce your sentence from say 30 years in jail to say 20 years in jail. This includes everyone involved, members of the Newtown government, police, state police, district attorneys, Governor, anyone who aided and abetted this scam will be culpable.

  9. As a post script to the above comment since all 26 "victims" of the Sandy Hook Hoax Shooting were not killed, all of them are very likely still alive somewhere only about 5 years older. I believe pictures of them at the time all exist. Therefore with enough effort every one of them can be found and discovered and exposed to the light of truth and light of day. All it would take is the discovery of a single one of them to unequivocally prove the scam was fake. This is the type of research which must receive focus and money rather than convincing a duped ignorant brainwashed public that the event was a hoax. In fact if some of these "victims" were found it is likely one could finally go to a court somewhere and get an order to prove with forensic evidence they were indeed the scammers of this massive government hoax on its people. In fact even an 8 or 9 year old kid knew then and knows now and even later when he or she becomes an adult if they were at that school that day or not! When these kids become of age, usually 18 in most states, researchers must contact them about this. They will likely gladly cooperate with researchers and quickly spill the beans on this massive swindle of America. For example suppose a kid was 10 in 2012. Today that kid is 5 years older or 15. So we have only to wait another 3 years until that kid is 18 to question him or her without fear of reprisal because they will be an adult. Even if the age were 21, that would mean only 3 more years to wait to blow this scam wide open.

  10. This is excellent research and likely true. It also likely would not take long for a good private investigator to document contacts of this individual with her "deceased" daughter Victoria, both by home visits and telephone conversations with her Mother since no one died at Sandy Hook and it is likely she is still alive some 5 years later. Someone should put up the money to hire such an investigator to prove she is still alive. After all who is the most likely person she would want to talk to frequently? Her Mother.

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