Sandy Hook “Collateral Damage”? Lawyer found in overturned car, bullet in head, declared “sucide”

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A lawyer named Gugsa Abraham (Abe) Dabela was found in his overturned car on a lonely country road close to his home in small, upscale Redding, CT. The local police, including chief Douglas Fuchs, determined right away that the car had crashed and overturned because Mr. Dabela had been drinking. Dabela was so embarrassed that he shot himself in the back of the head inside the car, they said. A shoe print was found on his back. Perhaps he trampled on himself too?
Attorney Dabela, a bachelor, used to frequent a couple of local establishments where also Redding police and firemen could be found on a regular basis. Were tongues being let loose there? Did Mr. Dabela hear something that he found troubling? [Editor’s note: His background appears impeccable:

The reason I ask is because Redding police chief Douglas Fuchs bragged during the Sandy Hook event that he was on speed dial with then Newtown police chief Michael Kehoe. He also bragged about how he and his men were the first on the SH scene, even before Newtown police showed up and he had to take command of the situation. OK.
Another actor covering up Mr. Dabela’s death is Danbury State Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky who had star billing in the Sandy Hook saga. He became a master in cover ups. [Editor’s note: Sedensky acknowledged in his “official report” on Sandy Hook that they had been unable to connect the AR-15 is he alleged to have used with any of the slugs recovered and that the rifle he was supposed to have used to shot his mother did not have his fingerprints, which means that his investigation was unable to connect the weapons to the victims or the purported shooter, as a complete forensic failure.]
A third person, a sort of decent guy who was tangled up in the SH web, is now retired Connecticut State Police Commissioner Reuben F. Bradford. Attorney Dabela wrote to Bradford for help when Redding police chief Fuchs sat and sat on a gun permission Dabela had submitted. Bradford intervened on Dabela’s behalf and that must have ticked off the ‘heroic’ police chief. [Editor’s note: Here’s a link to the story broadcast by CBS/AP:
Newtown is surrounded by small, affluent towns with their own police and fire departments. Perhaps Mr. Dabela did run his car off the lonely road, shot himself in the back of the head and trampled himself on his own back. It’s as likely a story as the Sandy Hook saga with some of the same actors involved. Dabela’s family lives in Maryland and I’m not sure how familiar they are with the Sandy Hook saga. They probably have no way of connecting the dots here. It may be nothing, but then again there is never smoke without fire.
When first coming across the Dabela story I wrote about it on the now defunct Memory Hole Blog. James Tracy devoted much time and space to Sandy Hook on this blog. As a result he lost his job and the blog was taken down [Editor’s note: is back up.] thanks to Lenny (Leonid) Pozner who must be an agent of a three letter agency since he never shows his face, just his nefarious actions.
[Editor’s note: The death of Gugsa Dabela would not be the first associated with Sandy Hook. Tony Mead, who has done exceptional work on the charade, has noted a growing list of “disappearing witnesses” related to the case, which was published by James Tracy on his on 10 July 2014. The complete article can be accessed here and in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2nd ed., 2016):

Does anyone seriously believe that an attorney with a background in neurobiology and physiology from the University of Maryland-College Park, a Master’s in public health and a law degree from Cardozo School of Law would contemplate suicide because he had had an accident? that he was drunk enough to have the accident and then formed the intention to take his own life in despair? and stomped on his own back? Just how dumb are we supposed to be?]
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  1. Sandy Hook is a colossal liability case. A Newtown officer accidentally struck a child who popped out into the hallway; in the resultant chaos and delay, children bled to death from wounds which were in almost every case, survivable. This is the true story of Sandy Hook, and the reason the state of Connecticut continues to commit felonies and shell out money to cover up a disastrous emergency response.

  2. #Sandy Hook


    This should be on the front page of every publication and a congressional investigation:

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  3. I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against. Malcolm X
    I have tremendous respect and admiration for your perseverance and intelligent journalism something that is rare indeed!

  4. The entire state of CT ought to be forced out of the union and written off as a total loss! They do not deserve to get federal money for anything. They are liars, thieves and from the looks of things murderers! The SH event may have been a false flag but I don't think these collateral witnesses and others are. They are being killed off for real.

  5. Sedensky prosecuted a strange 'ritual abuse' case involving a schoolbus driver who was a practicing witch accused of molesting a boy. She and her friends allege the accusation was false and occurred after the boy was banned from her home for molesting her young daughter.

    Among the evidence produced in court were letters from the woman to the boy that had been written in blood and included occult symbolism.

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