Sandy Hook: “Mother” admits she faked Emilie Parker Photo

[Editor’s note: We all remember Robbie Parker coming out of the building in a jocular, humorous mood, before he noticed the press assembled to hear him speak about the loss of his daughter, Emilie, another of the phantom 20 children allegedly massacred by Adam Lanza. The case was a stretch from the beginning, but it has evolved into one of the great cover-ups in American history, sponsored and supported by the Obama/Holder administration.]
Ha! My kid just got killed ... hardy har har !!!

Ha! My kid just got killed … hardy har har !!!
You would think Robbie “I can’t stop laughing” Parker and his evil-scowl-face wife, Alissa, would be so ashamed after being exposed as rotten liars that they would crawl under a rock and never be seen again, but unfortunately they are still out chasing dollars from the few suckers left who don’t realize what monstrous scam artists they are. I can’t imagine there is anybody left who doesn’t realize that ‘Emilie’ Parker doesn’t exist and certainly was not killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.
Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen
In fact, Sandy Hook was executed so poorly that its exposure has become a real turning point in public awareness of government deception operations, and it even damaged the credibility of much of the so-called ‘alternative media’ when it became obvious that they were actually reinforcing official narratives as if true.
These despicable Parkers set up a Facebook page called “The Emily Parker Fund” on December 14, 2014! That was the day of the alleged massacre. Nothing else needs to be said – they were so anxious for this scam to start that they jumped the gun and set up their facebook page begging sympathetic people for money BEFORE they even got to look at their fictitious daughter’s dead body.
Of course, much more can be said, there is no shortage of proof that these Parkers a just low-life grifters who participated with many people in a scam on the world, and particularly on America in an attempt to disarm us.
Currently the scowl-faced wife, Alissa, is milking her hoax by selling ‘safe school kits‘ or something crappy and fictitious along those lines. To give her the fake appearance of stay at home mom she has set up a blog and this is what it says in a recent post entitled, “Did a conspiracy theorist just make me laugh?
Okay, okay… just to be clear, conspiracy theorists aren’t funny to me in any shape or form.  I don’t engage them, listen to them or answer to them.  I have really restrained myself from watching their awful videos mostly because I just don’t care what they think.  However, a little while ago I needed a picture of our family and had to try and find a quick copy online.  In doing so, I came across this family picture below.
Posted with the picture, a conspiracy theorist writes that he now had proof that Emilie never existed!  Then he had an “expert” look over our family picture and declare that Emilie was photoshopped into the picture!  The horror!
Isn’t it rather strange that when this woman goes looking for pictures of her family, she goes to google to one?? Anyhow, she goes googling for her own family’s photos and, poor scowling thing, she runs into a “conspiracy theorist” … and not just any, this one engaged an expert who proved that Emilie was photoshopped into the picture.
Normally photo fakers just creep away into the night, but evidently these Parkers feel a little pinched by all the exposure they’ve gotten and are trying out, for the first time, whether or not some damage control will work. Along those lines, she then proceeds to admit that the photo was indeed photoshopped:
James, the family member that was looking at the picture with me at the time, scoffed at the headline and laughed about the idea that I had photoshopped her into the picture.  I turned to him and said, “Well of course I did!! Do you have any idea how hard it is to take your own family photos and get ALL your small kiddos to look at the camera?  I hacked that picture to pieces and put it back together like a puzzle!  I am proud I got anything at all!”
… Tired after running back and forth and not seeing any good pictures come out of it, I gave up the idea of my perfect shot and just tried to see if I had one picture of each kid that  could possibly work.  The end result definitely wasn’t perfect, but I am still proud that I had a picture for our Christmas cards that year.
So do people think Emilie was real or not real???   I guess that doesn’t matter much to me, because she was (and still is) my little girl and she mattered to me and my family.  I will always cherish our photos; even the ones I hacked to pieces, because they fill me with happy, silly memories.  And that is real.
So the author of this post admits that the fake image of Emilie was indeed actually a photoshop that got “hacked to pieces” and put back together. We were all wrong to think bad of it – it was just a poor anxious mother trying her darnedest to come up with a nice Christmas photo …. and used skilful photophop to do it. That is quite a talent Ms Parker has – – she almost got away with it until she got outed by an graphic art expert. Not exactly a ‘hack’ job.
Well then I guess that explains this one too:

Emilie’s giant right arm, that looks like a fiddler crab, is probably just a harmless photoshop by old scowl face who just wanted to make a nice photo – so she combined it in photoshop from two. Right? Of course right! This is their new damage control tactic that they are attempting. When the photoshop surfaces, just admit it, and claim that the victim’s family just happens to dabble in CGI as a side-hobby!
And how about this:
Robbie Parker's family photo appears to be altered. (Sandy Hook Hoax)

Robbie Parker’s family photo appears to be altered. (Sandy Hook Hoax)
Why were the daughters pasted in without legs? That was Alissa’s little photo-shop boo-boo. She meant well, why don’t we just give her the benefit of the doubt? She was only aspiring to make pretty pictures of her little blonde trio and just got carried away with the photoshop “hacking” and made a few mistakes.
I wonder if Alissa was helping out the Soto family with this one:
Model photo used for fakery was probably too tall. Notice also the flat chest in this photo.

Model photo used for fakery was probably too tall. Notice also the flat chest in this photo.
So we are suppose to believe that grimace-face Alissa took a few ‘digital editing’ classes at her local community college and then decided she would help everybody at the local Sandy Hook coven ‘improve’ their photographs. It’s all just some harmless ‘hacking to pieces’ – go back to sleep America!
Never mind Vicky Soto’s facebook RIP page also showed up before the shooting even occurred – on December 10th:
The “Emilie” kid never existed, she was created as some sort of extrapolation/combination from images of the other two daughters – particularly the one identified as “Madeline”.
But now that Alissa Parker has decided to take on the ‘conspiracy theorists’ – how about she explain to us how she managed to start her facebook page “Emilie Parker Fund” the day the shooting allegedly occurred?? And how about the crass indecency of setting up their “Emilie Parker Fund” website on December 17, just 2 days later?!?
Fakery is now morphing into pure insanity
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18 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: “Mother” admits she faked Emilie Parker Photo”

  1. This is several months old but something needs to be added. The photo that Alissa Parker admitted she photoshopped was a family photo shoot they did, on their blog, she posts the other photos that she took during the shoot.

    Tjis article should have included those pics for comparison.

    I will:

    There are many other photos in the blog of all three children together.

  2. Wow. You people are reaching. Emilie Parker was a lovely little girl who was tragically murdered one day in her school where she should have been safe. Her mom is a photographer and she knows how to use Photoshop. It's not rocket science. I photoshop my kids into family photos all the time. It's easy to do if you have any artistic skills at all, and if you know anything about how to take a picture and put it on the computer. Photoshopping a kid into a picture is a simple copy and paste job, really. All you do is erase the background from the copied picture and make it blend. Like I said, not rocket science. In fact, I can't think of one single family photo we have had in the past at least 10 years that I haven't photoshopped somebody in the picture. With 6 of us in my family, someone is ALWAYS looking away, or making a weird face, or picking their nose, or whatever!

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  4. Lenny Pozner made the mistake of going after Wolfgang Halbig then didn't show up for court. So now Wolf gets a jury trial and Pozner had to produce discovery of alot of information about him and his real identity. This should be very interesting. He sued in Florida. That scenario was not anticipated, and he did it to try and further intimidate Mr. Halbig after the whole operation had been outed in a FOIA hearing in Connecticut. HOlder and Obama cannot help him in Florida, he has to have a lawyer there.

  5. You will recall that recently Dr. Fetzer posted an indepth expose of just who "Emilie Parker" turned out to be. It is not a composite of her two daughters. It is herself, Alissa Cottle as a child. The media also used other photos of her, her younger sister Jill and a younger brother in a photo and claimed it was Emilie and her two younger sisters.

  6. yep… i just looked up the page, and it was made December 15, 2012. But never the less, it's heartless and bizarre. what I believe happened with the photos is that the daughter that supposedly died, is actually the little one, only a little bit older. The family should have many many photo's of their family, but they only have 2 or 3. It's bizarre.

  7. Can tell you from first hand experience that that is the case. Though also from first hand experience I have no idea really if its demon, giant underwater tenticale monster, lost human soul or what… but ya, something dark in control of your emotions and thoughts.

  8. Frankly, it would not surprise me if everyone involved in any way, shape or form, in the Sandy Hook Hoax, from the lowest Newtown janitor to the hundreds if not thousands of others all the way up to Malloy, have not already been provided a grant of immunity signed by Holder and possibly Obama himself, which will be pulled out if any of these criminals somehow by some miracle, end up in a courtroom somewhere in this country before one of the very few honest judges, who will read the grant of immunity and to the dismay of everyone who thought that finally this case was going to open up to the light of truth and light of day, that these criminals were dismissed from any questions and all charges dismissed forever. America is gone folks. How much more proof do you need? Our government is now a criminal enterprise not the government we were brainwashing with all that crap we learned in high school.

  9. I doubt if Alissa had the chutzpah or intelligence to make such an admission on her own. This admission was made by one who knew she had the totally corrupt authorities like FBI and Justice Dept. on her side in this. Someone there suggested this strategy to her possibly Comey himself! This is an admission only made in the full knowledge that you will never have to explain your criminal misconduct under oath in a court of law or anywhere else. Our country has degenerated to the lowest levels of moral depravity with FBI and Justice Department lawyers in bed aiding and abetting low life criminals like the Parkers and all the rest of the Sandy Hook Hoodlums. And remember Comey is a Sandy Hook birthday boy; he was 52 on his birthday December 14, 2012. It is a mathematical certainty he knows all the sordid details of Sandy Hook because all of them are fully documented in the FBI secret files all hidden from a duped gullible public by the full military force and power of government. It is difficult to find adjectives in polite English to describe the moral depravity of our government today.

  10. In the first part of the article the date is incorrect: "These despicable Parkers set up a Facebook page called “The Emily Parker Fund” on December 14, 2014! That was the day of the alleged massacre." The year should be 2012.

  11. I have observed this in the past, so I sometimes recognize it when I see it…

    That "scowl" you see on Alissa Parker's face is actually the shadow of the inner demon that possesses her mind and is manifesting on her face outwardly.

    That's the look of a demon using its human vessel to exhibit itself via her physiognomy.

    Very nice… very dark.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

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