Sandy Hook: Gravesite study Reveals further Photographic Deception


I do a lot of work on and have found it an invaluable source of info for family history.  I was reading the other day about grave sites on the kids supposedly killed at Sandy Hook and was interested to read that Emilie Parker is supposedly buried near her maternal grandfather in a cemetary in Ogden, Utah. 

I found the cemetary and the page for Douglas Cottle, her maternal grandfather. Emilie’s page is also on that same cemetary site. The grandfather died in an accident in September of 2012.  

There are several photos of him on the memorial page but two of them struck me as odd. There is one labeled as Douglas Cottle holding his grandaughter, Emilie Parker (she looked to be about 2).  

Then there is another photo of him taken sometime recently before he died.  But the age difference in the two photos was striking, the older one looked to be at least 20 years older than the man in the photo holding Emilie.  

Since Emilie had only supposedly died about 4 years after the other photo, I knew there was no way the man could have aged that much in 4 years. The younger one he appears to be around late 30s to 40s. The recent one clearly he is in his 60s. In looking at the gravestone I saw that all 5 children’s names were listed, they have 2 girls Jill and Alissa and 3 boys.  

The child he was holding in the photo was his daughter Alissa not Emilie. So in examining all the other photos I have come across, they are using deception in all of them. Any of those photos of Robbie and Alissa Parker that have 3 daughters are frauds, the oldest one is a photoshopped in photo of Alissa as a child. The facial features match exactly. 

I am including several photos and the cemetary memorial page for you to see.  There is also a photo of 3 children on a sofa that they say is Emilie with her 2 sisters, there again it is Alissa; and one of the children is a baby boy–you can tell because he is wearing a boy’s onesie.  

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6 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: Gravesite study Reveals further Photographic Deception”

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  2. Agreed on all the physics, math, and logic necessity, but when you look at our government and our nation's capitol, the Illuminati and Masonic numerology and symbology just jump out at you. Clearly many of these so called leaders are obsessed with occultism, numerology, and freemasonry, the antithesis of logic and order.

  3. As you might expect, Comey's educational training is that of another lying lawyer. So his unconscionable behavior is consistent with this training to lie, cheat and steal from others as all lawyers are so trained and taught in law schools all over the world and have been for centuries. He is "honoring"his "profession" the second oldest on the planet.

  4. By the way, for what it is worth, James Comey, who also lives in Connecticut, and has been retained as FBI director by Trumpty Dumpty, is a Sandy Hook Birthday Boy. He was born December 14, 1960. It is a certainty that due to his high position in the FBI, he has first hand knowledge of every detail of this scam on America but he sits idly by and does nothing in the service of Justice in patent violation of his meaningless oath he took to retain his underserved job as FBI Director. Comey is an obstructor of justice, and as such, should be sitting in a jail cell for life, not running the FBI. Obviously the inmates have taken over the asylum in America as dramatized in the old film, "One Flew Over the Ku Ku's Nest" with Jack Nicholson many years ago. Nothing ever really changes in America except more fools being produced to be fleeced and scammed and fooled but don't even know they were had. You might as well laugh about it all because it won't do any good to cry.

  5. This is a good article. It is consistent with all the rest of this fake event. These people are all liars and con artists while none of the authorities who have the responsibility and power to challenge their lies, lift a finger to demand proof. In other words, the FBI and so called Justice Dept. are aiding and abetting them and therefore are in cahoots with them so they are just as guilty or more than the perps themselves. Americans are so ignorant and easily fooled they don't know the difference anyway. Remember most Americans hated mathematics, physics and science and logic classes in high school and college and avoided them like the plague for other types of relatively non demanding ones which do not challenge the brain cells and therefore do not develop them. Most Americans hate physics and mathematics and science but love astrology, religion and superstition garbage. But Americans better thank their lucky stars that engineers are required to rigorously study physics and mathematics instead of astrology and religion lest everyone's safety would be placed at risk; buildings would be falling down, planes crashing and cars crashing and people would be getting electrocuted in homes, etc. if engineers were not required to follow the laws of physics, mathematics and logic. America is a cesspool of ignorance. This is why most Americans are nothing but easily fooled saps. Frankly all engineers, physicists and mathematicians and logicians should go on strike. The consequences of such a strike might make people realize what they take for granted every day and appreciate it rather than worshiping a bunch of superstition and astrology nonsense which is of no value in the design and construction of all the cars, homes and electronic devices which make up our lives and make them safely every day by engineers.

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